Court Orders President Trump To Pay Stormy Daniels’ Attorneys Fees

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedThere is an interesting ruling in the ongoing saga over Stormy Daniels and the Trump Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). A California court ordered President Donald Trump to pay $44,100 to Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, to cover her legal fees regarding her nondisclosure agreement.   The amount is trivial but the symbolism could not be greater. The decision is based on the view that not only was Daniels the prevailing party in the dispute but that President Trump cannot claim that he was a non-party to the NDA or by extension the controversy.

Many years ago, I criticized then Trump attorney Michael Cohen for his moves in the Daniels matter. While I maintained from the outset that the Russian investigation was unlikely to find crimes of collusion or conspiracy with the Russian, I believed that this dispute could ultimately prove costly and even lead to criminal charges. The possible campaign violations are still being addressed, including a recent loss before a New York court.

California Superior Court Judge Robert Broadbelt ruled that, because Trump ultimately agreed not to enforce the NDA, Daniels prevailed in her lawsuit. It is an additional cost to the ill-conceived legal strategy in this and other cases.  Trump instinctively litigates such issues, which tends to only multiply the political and legal costs with little chance of success.

Notably, the ruling came with an added bite.  The court rejected the claim that President Trump was not personally responsible for covering the fees because he did not sign the NDA.  This reaffirms that it was his NDA which will be likely used to reinforce the position of investigators that he was the driving force not only behind the payments but also the effort to cover up the payments.

These payments seem to be ping-ponging across courts. A court previously ordered Daniels to pay Trump’s legal team nearly $300,000 when her libel suit against the president was tossed.

Once again, Trump’s scorched-earth approach to litigation has only served to undermine him legally and politically.  He has long described himself as a counterpuncher, but these are blows that not only missed their mark but often produced self-inflicted wounds.

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  1. Just a random thought on how Trump could handle this judgment. Since he holds a judgment against her for a greater amount he could assign a portion of that judgment to her in payment for her judgment. There would be a merger of title and her judgment would vanish, paid in full.

    A more attractive and fun approach would be for Trump to obtain a Writ of Execution and levy on her judgment (it is property) sell it at sheriff’s auction and buy it, probably for a lot less since she isn’t likely to have the funds to bid.

    Meanwhile, Trump has learned to sue on these NDAs and that might be useful in dealing with the viper who secretly recorded his wife.

  2. I wouldn’t expect any president to be humble.

    Trump is a superb president, Mt Rushmore level, who has done wonders for the country.

    Meanwhile Democrats have unleashed vicious mobs who are destroyers of cities when they aren’t crapping in the streets. Your people Commit.

    1. Anonymous, these riots have all occurred ‘while’ Trump was president. So this idea that we’re safer with Trump ignores reality. If we’re safer with Trump, none of this should have happened.

  3. Commit– I am betting your relatives are none too fond of you. I would baptize you with the gravy at Thanksgiving.

  4. Steve Vladeck (UT Austin law prof):
    “Today is the *500th* straight day that there’s no Secretary of Homeland Security—the longest Cabinet vacancy … ever. Nor has there been a nominee. As I wrote on Wednesday, Trump is abusing vacancies—but only because Senate Republicans are letting him”

    And a reminder that the GAO determined that neither Chad Wolf nor Ken Cucinelli are legally in their DHS positions, which also has implications for things like lawsuits challenging the deployment of federal LE to places like Portland.

    Trump is unfit as President to refuse to nominate people. But as Vladeck argues, “the real culprit for these abuses, and the principal obstacle to any meaningful reform, is the Senate — which has simply rolled over in the name of Republican Party unity as the president has run roughshod over its constitutional role.”

    1. On the other hand Trump has done a great job appointing judges.

      Your comment is the usual extremist babble Miss Brooks.

  5. New Book Says Oswald Shot Kennedy And America Did Not Land On The Moon.

    Film At Eleven!!!

  6. When is “the court” going to declare early voting illegal and order that the election be held, not early by corrupted mail-in-voting, but on the legal election day which is:

    “The Tuesday next after the 1st Monday in November,…,” November 3, 2020.

    1. “corrupted mail-in-voting”

      All of the following people have voted by mail:

      Donald Trump
      Melania Trump
      Ivanka Trump
      Jared Kushner
      Mike Pence
      Bill Barr
      Wilbur Ross
      Betsy DeVos
      Kayleigh McEnany
      Brad Parscale
      Ronna McDaniel
      Alex Azar
      Kellyanne Conway

      I agree that they’re corrupt — but not for voting by mail.

      Our military overseas vote by mail.
      The GOP encourages Republicans to vote by mail. IOKIYAR.
      I don’t consider them corrupt for voting by mail either.

      1. Non sequitur. You combine supercliousness with error.

        You still haven’t explained your pretend distinction between “without biological meaning’ and ‘no basis in biology’.”

      2. Needs to be Committed has yet to realize that there is a difference between absentee ballots and the rest of mail in voting. She will parse the meanings of words to death until she wishes the meanings of words to be vague so they can mean anything. That is the format many liars use.

        1. Allan– “She will parse the meanings of words to death until she wishes the meanings of words to be vague so they can mean anything. That is the format many liars use.”

          That is her method.

            1. At least twice now I have looked at some of the stuff she cites and found they did not support her claim.

              I suspect she looks at titles, scans a line or two, and throws it in. Either that or someone is handing it to her.

              Typical that someone dishonest would begin with a tag of ‘honest’.

              Did you notice how she darts away to other subjects when cornered?

                  1. Remember Secretariat, the racehorse. Horses like carrots. When I first learned to ride a horse I did so on a farm that on occasion would let people ride for a fee. They told me the horse would push its chest out like Commit (making the saddle loose like her thoughts) so I would give her a carrot and then tighten the saddle.

                    In a way that is what you did.

                    Not a bad idea to lace the carrot with Li.

            2. A devout leftist, you say?

              How about a slavering, rabid, extremist, radical, incendiary, anarchic, dictatorial, totalitarian, die-hard, anti-constitutionalist, anti-American, I-can-never-make-it-on-my-own, merit-be-damned, affirmative action beneficiary and communistic Feminazi White Shirt?

              1. George,
                There you go stuffing your true feelings again! (sarc font)


      3. What is the legal date of election day, 2020 – what is the date when voting for the president in 2020 is legal and, before which, illegal?

        ANSWER: “The Tuesday next after the 1st Monday in November,…,” November 3, 2020.

        Now, I gave you a clue. Let’s see if you can get this one right…and no affirmative action assistance on this test, K, Sweetie?

      4. Extreme exceptions, such as military personnel stationed overseas, must be kept to an absolute minimum for fair accommodation and the maintenance of control over the process. Were the Founders here, they would tell you about control of the voting process – that the turnout they allowed by design in the 1788 election of President George Washington was a mere 11.6%. The vote was restricted by the men who created and established the country. Never did they intend for a one man, one vote democrazy and never did they intend for the import and sanctity of the vote to be entirely lost; expunged. That is the work of the communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs). Think about it – many colonists fought in the Revolutionary War and could not qualify to vote; somewhat akin to being in the military – the commanding officers don’t allow the troops to vote. The vote was not diluted and was maximally important when the Constitution was adopted and “original intent” was extant.

  7. We ALL know that Donald Trump is not perfect (and he has a lot of company in that regard), which means that he is only about a gazillion times better than corrupt liar (Charlottesville lie, Tara lies, Ukraine lies, CCP lies, etc.etc.etc.), seditious quisling, and serial young girl groping fraud Joe Biden ….. and the totally corrupt propaganda merchant “media” toadies that cover for him 100% every single day!

  8. Every effort should have slogan. The last time it was Shut It Down knowing the left or the right could do no such thing. This time how about N9 1200 No 2. Thinking about the citizens who only wanted to feed their children while they looked for a job or waited for an opening and while the Socialists played games with their childrens well being. And for what. Not one item on the Pelosi Schumer list and not on the Trump list is important or necessaary.

    No !200 No 2 And No =Vote for You.

    signed by the Independent self governing citizens of our Constitutional Republic

  9. Phyllis, Biden has not bee accused of criminal conduct by anyone not a Trump stooge, or Trump himself.

    Bernie lost the primary – again – and it wasn’t close – again. Your statement is nonsensical. Did you elect Bush or Rubio when you elected Trump?

    1. You vote independent unless you are a chicken spit who has to be pre programmed. But are the socialists especially the millennials brave enough to that sort of challenge or are they just chicken spits.Don’t have to vote for Trump or Biden they have choices without sucking up to Pelosi.

      1. Michael, if you don’t believe in something, then you probably don’t believe in anything.

  10. Off topic. Who to vote for in the Senate in this election. If your candidates did not vote for or if not in office do not support the postal service revenue Bill passed by the House, the vote against them. Let em know now!

  11. ‘I maintained from the outset that the Russian investigation was unlikely to find crimes of collusion or conspiracy with the Russian, I believed that this dispute could ultimately prove costs and even lead to criminal charges.’

    Turley the lawyer ‘maintained’ no collusion or conspiracy. Mueller, backed up by a bipartisan Republican held Senate committee found that Trump, as Mueller stated, ‘Was not innocent’ and that the Trump campaign willingly accepted Russian influence. If there ever was a BS run of legal mumbo jumbo to avoid calling a spade a spade, this is an example.

    Trump allowed the Russians to assist him in the 2016 election, knowingly, willingly; but he never made any provable overtures, can’t be proven that he asked for help, was careful enough to cover his tracks… And, he will do it again, but not provable. Lawyers love this sort of stuff.

    “That’s not me on the recording talking about ‘grabbing you know whats’.” “That’s not me asking the President of Ukraine to get the dirt on Biden so I can win the election.” At least Clinton tried, however feebly, to get out of admitting that he boinked a clerk. Trump is a far, far, far, more practiced liar.

    1. All that PC-Rap and you still can’t admit you are nothing but bought and paid for Pelosi Shill with no mind of your own and only respond to your programming Ad Machina machine part and who really wrote that tripe with your phony name at the top.

    2. Criminal charges should be brought up against those who wasted 3 years and cost us millions of dollars going down this false rat hole!

  12. I did notice that Ocasio came out and showed true colors waving La Bandera Rosa for Sanders while Harris is still denying she is not a socialist regressive.

    1. Given Biden’s Age a vote for that team means a Communist in the White House before the next election. Really want to to take that chance?

          1. Mensheviks were like the POUM of Spain not beaten as in voted but murdered by the Bolsheviks who in turn were murdered by the Communists. There is no other side to The Party.

            There is only Communist or a Corpse. Mensheviks means losers and Bolsheviks mean winners but in the end they were just dead bodies. Until 1990 or so when the Oligarchs and grupa semma took over using the GRU and the KGB. No socialist fascists ever left any of their agents alive as after all they are trained and experienced. revolutionaries. Why take the chance?

            Even George Orwell who tried hard to keep the idea of Socialism alive turned against the Communists never figuring out they were one and the same. What he wanted was not socialism but a Consicous Social Conscience. He didn’t get it from the Pigs on the farm either. But he hit a home run with 1984. So remember Pelosi and Schumer are part of another group called neo aristocrats and the establishment and the socialist fascist communists have not got one of their own in line to take over. Barring they get rejected or the quite likely reaction of the US Military upholding their oath of office.

            1. The Mensheviks and Bolsheviks were of the same party with different ideas. They split and the Bolsheviks adopted their name based on the majority even though at that time they were in the minority. The other group that included Trotsky adopted the name Mensheviks, the minority. Eventually there was a complete break away and then Stalin gained control and killed many of them.

              One could liken the Democratic party of today as two parts, the violent Bosheviks, most of the leaders of the democrat party, and the Mensheviks, the Biden faction. Should Biden get elected history tells us what happens next.

              A bit fanciful but that is what the left is fantasy supported by militancy. Theft is a third arm but not mentioned much.

        1. That’s your choice as a citizen. As a Consttitutional Centrist I have no argument with that stance.

      1. You do know that Trump is only three years younger, and far less healthy – right? And Kamala is no Communist. Take your tin foil hat off. You are in for a great disappointment, and ought to try to get comfortable with the outcome of this election.

        1. P:assed his physicals with no probems. Motor Mouth is a socialist one one kindi or another and it all leads back to La Bandera Rosa.

  13. Also keep in mind that Trump failed to report his debt to Cohen on his 2017 financial disclosure form:$FILE/Trump,%20Donald%20J.%20%20final278.pdf
    Trump attempted to avoid certifying the form as ” true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge,” but eventually did so, despite it not being complete and correct — since it omits his debt to Cohen, which the form requires be reported.

    The AG can bring civil or criminal actions against someone who lies on that form:
    But of course Barr is not going to pursue any illegal lying on Trump’s part.

    I only hope that Trump is charged with his crimes once out of office.

    1. One would have to at the same time indict the IRS who oversaw and approved Trumps tax for that year as they do for ALL people of that status and level. Really want to take on the IRS Comrade whomever you are. Nothing can be done since you didn’t identify yourself. Noiw whose the loser?

      1. Michael, if you’d bothered to look at the form instead of reacting without knowing what you’re talking about, you’d see that the OGE financial disclosure form is not a tax form. You didn’t even have to click on the link to see that it’s an OGE link, not an IRS link.

        In other news, yesterday, Judge Marrero “rejected President Donald Trump’s attempt to quash a subpoena for his tax returns as part of an investigation into hush payments to women who alleged affairs, which Trump long has denied” (quoting ABC News). Trump has appealed to the Second Circuit for an emergency stay, but they don’t have to grant it, and Vance doesn’t have to wait for a ruling before enforcing the subpoena, since there is no stay in effect right now.
        More info:

        As for your silly claim that “Nothing can be done since you didn’t identify yourself,” I don’t play a role in any of these legal issues.

        1. Try to distance your self from your own words and claim you don’t play a role? too late for that Comrade. You provided no verifiable acceptable source and no facts just the same old crap as usual. Whatever your name is or how many you use. The Nuremberg Defense won’t work no matter how twisted since you wrote what you wrote and that is an admission of guilt and then tried to make a case for clemency. Didn’t work. What makes you think you will be facing judges, juries, and have a lawyer? Did you ever read The Patriot Act and the section on committing or supporting those acts? No you just assume it will be a New York Defense. Your in it all right and no doubt about it.

          1. “You provided no verifiable acceptable source”

            Source for *what*? I linked to a copy of Trump’s filing and the rules for making a false filing, both from the Office of Government Ethics, which is part of our government. If the U.S. government isn’t a “verifiable acceptable source” to you, then the problem is with your assessment, not with the source. And the CNN article links to the

            “you wrote what you wrote and that is an admission of guilt and then tried to make a case for clemency.”

            I have no idea what you’re referring to. Presumably you’re confusing me with someone else.

            1. Commit to an ‘Honest Discussion’ will not present an honest discussion.

              In “Does Mandatory Mask Enforcement Violate The American Disability Act?” she said [and this is copied and pasted from her remarks]:

              COMMIT on August 21 at 12:39
              “Young, no one here said “Race is a social construct and has no basis in biology.”


              COMMIT on August 12, 11:41 pm
              “Race is social construct, not a biological one.”

              Confronted with her disparate statements she then went on about ‘biological constructs’ as if her earlier statement was not essentially equivalent to ‘no basis in biology’.

              HOWEVER, the Scientific American article she cited for authority says:

              “Today, the mainstream belief among scientists is that race is a social construct without biological meaning.”

              I am looking forward to seeing her distinguish between ‘without biological meaning’ and ‘no basis in biology’.

              She often contradicts herself depending on the tides of a given discussion but she is rarely called on it.

              She does not deserve trust in an open discussion.

              1. Wow, Young, you seem pretty triggered that today you’re copying my comments from one article ( into multiple other articles that are totally unrelated.

                “I am looking forward to seeing her distinguish between ‘without biological meaning’ and ‘no basis in biology’.”

                Don’t hold your breath, since I didn’t say either of the phrases in inner quotation marks. Meanwhile, you continue to run away from listing the multiple human subspecies you insist exist.

                You say things like “race is a genuine way of sorting different biological varieties of people and that the concept of race is cognate with the more precise term ‘sub-species,’” and “We can classify humanity into four major races …, but it will not cover every contingency …” So go ahead: identify the four or more subspecies of H. sapiens corresponding to the races you “classify humanity into,” and explain why biologists say that all living humans belong to a single subspecies, H. sapiens sapiens.

                “Confronted with her disparate statements…”

                Nope. You haven’t quoted “disparate statements” from *me*. Rather, what you keep doing is presenting other people’s statements that *you* think are equivalent to what I wrote, and pretending that I must think the same as you. But I didn’t write *your* words (“no basis in biology”), I didn’t write the words in the NYT article you quoted (“Race is not biological”), and I didn’t write the words in the SciAm article (“without biological meaning”).

                What a sad little man you are, that you cannot deal honestly with what I did and didn’t actually say and also cannot deal honestly with the fact that biologists believe that there’s a single extant human subspecies. You seem increasingly desperate.

                1. The race is “without biological meaning” is a direct quote from the article you cited for authority to support your statement that race is a social construct.

                  Do you even read the loads of crap you cite?

                  You said my paraphrase ‘no basis in biology’ is different from your position that race “is without biological meaning.’

                  This is why Allan and I refer to your secretarial skills. You will chew endlessly over trivia and not actually think about the concepts. You do it all the time. That is why so many say you should be committed. I don’t. I just think you are dishonest.

                  1. Young, Secretariat runs around and around the track without a thought in her head. She cites articles in the same way and then responds. If only she could remember what she wrote or quoted earlier.

                  2. LOL that you think you need to specify where the quote is from.

                    It seems you believe that if I link to something, it means that I have to agree with everything in it, down to the wording of every phrase. If that’s what you think, you’re nuts.

                    “I just think you are dishonest.”

                    And I think the same of you.

                    I also think you need to learn more biology.

                    At least there’s a bit of humor in this: you and Allan are ignorant enough to think that distinctions which are significant to researchers are “trivia” and “secretarial.” It’s a lovely Dunning-Kruger example.


                    1. Commit – “It seems you believe that if I link to something, it means that I have to agree with everything in it,”

                      Not at all, but I would expect you to agree with the main point of an article you cite or explain that you are referring to lesser statements, dicta, in the article.

                      As it is, it appears that when you cite a lengthy article it is left to us to shift through it and decide which portions you believe and which you do not.

                      In a rational world things do not work that way.

                2. Commit said– (quoting me) I am looking forward to seeing her distinguish between ‘without biological meaning’ and ‘no basis in biology’.” then saying:

                  Don’t hold your breath, since I didn’t say either of the phrases in inner quotation marks.”
                  Not quite. One is my paraphrase of your position. The other is a copy and paste from an article you cited for authority and, therefore, is yours. You said it by citation. It was the Sci. Am article if you are having trouble finding what you said.

                  Fun to see you wriggle on the hook you fashioned for yourself.

    2. There were a lot of inaccurate numbers or lies in that report also – no wonder the liar in the white house did not want to sign the report – that report by itself should have sent him to jail.

      1. But no charges preferred, no arrests, no trial no judge no jury, Not one,.

  14. You are scared to death he will be re-elected but Biden and 5 members of his family have all been accused of criminal conduct. Besides that you know electing Biden is electing Bernie.

    1. Biden isn’t Sanders.

      If you want to talk about accusations of criminal conduct, include Trump too.

      Here’s some of the criminal conduct Trump’s been accused of:
      * multiple accusations of rape and sexual abuse
      * tax fraud
      * campaign finance violations
      * obstruction of justice
      * conspiracy
      * And just this week, the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee indicated that Trump had committed perjury in his written responses to Mueller’s questions (which Trump signed under penalty of perjury).

      (And if you’re going to say that Trump hasn’t been convicted, I agree. Biden hasn’t either.)

      I am indeed worried that Trump will be reelected. He is a danger to the country. His ignorant choices and shrugging off of responsibility has directly contributed to the loss of tens of thousands of lives in the pandemic, along with longterm health and economic problems for even more people.

      Trump is a pathological liar. A couple of recent examples:
      * Today, he lied that “The Democrats took the word GOD out of the Pledge of Allegiance at the Democrat National Convention.” All of the video from the Dem. Convention shows people pledging allegiance “under God.”
      * On Monday, Trump lied “big surge [in coronavirus cases] in New Zealand.” But there is no “big surge” in NZ. They reported 9 new cases on Monday. The U.S. reported over 42,000 new cases on Monday. NZ has had no COVID-19 deaths in months and the total # of deaths is only 22. Over 175,000 deaths in the U.S. Those are your fellow citizens whose deaths Trump is shrugging off.

      1. Needs to be Committed needs to research a bit before drawing definitive conclusions. You are not a credible person and though one can have differences of opinion on these two claims of yours you call Trump a liar. Using the same type of thinking one is forced to call you a liar. Your lie is worse because you didn’t bother checking your facts. Trump did and therefore was correct to draw such conclusions.

        God was left out in portions of the convention and New Zealand is delaying an election because of the surge.

        Your record to date is abysmal. Documentation follows:

        “Today, he lied that “The Democrats took the word GOD…”

        “Democratic convention caucuses omit ‘under God’ while reciting Pledge of Allegiance

        At least two caucuses during the Democratic National Convention omitted the words “under God” while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, according to the Washington Times.”
        * On Monday, Trump lied “big surge [in coronavirus cases] in New Zealand.”

        “New Zealand to delay election by four weeks amid Covid-19 surge: PM
        Jacinda Ardern, who is seeking re-election, has announced that now election would be held on October 17.”

        1. Alan, are you aware that multiple each day you accuse the liberals on this blog of being ‘liars’..?? It’s just a reflex action on your part. We could ‘all’ do that if so inclined.

          1. “Alan, are you aware that multiple each day you accuse the liberals on this blog of being ‘liars’..??”

            Yes, I recognize it and if I were really good I would be doing so more than I do. Did you notice how often you say things that aren’t true? Do you realize you draw conclusions withouot proof?

            Did you not note that when I call Needs to be Committed not credible I provide evidence? Do you know what evidence is? Apparently not.

            I can’t help it that most of the ‘Liberals’ that post are pretty stupid. There are some that I believe to be intelligent and I have never called any of them liars.

        2. CTHD correctly quoted Trump saying:

          “The Democrats took the word GOD out of the Pledge of Allegiance at the Democrat National Convention.”

          That’s false and Biden himself mentioned God 5 times in his acceptance speech. 2 caucuses do not equal “the Democratic National Convention”.

          From Allan’s link on New Zealand:

          “New Zealand’s government on Friday extended a lockdown of its largest city Auckland for another 12 days which is witnessing the rise in coronavirus cases.

          On Sunday, 12 new cases were reported in the community, taking the caseload of active infection cases to 49..

          If only we had 12 new cases per day. That is not a big surge. Trump is lying again.

          On average, you might at best believe 1/2 the things he says are true since he doesn’t care and therefore 50/50 is about right.

          1. “That’s false and Biden himself mentioned God 5 times”

            Trump said (quoting from above): “The Democrats took the word GOD out of the Pledge of Allegiance at the Democrat National Convention.” Democrats did take the word God out of the Pledge, just not all Democrats. That is far more accurate than what Needs to be Committed says and far more accurate than you because Trump said nothing about Biden not mentioning God. Again, your logic is all screwed up.

            New Zealand shut the nation down based on those infections. They consider it a surge. You don’t but who would ask you? You don’t know anything.

            Surge definition: Sudden increase, rise, growth; New Zealand was clean and suddenly there was a surge in cases.

            Of course with your mathematical skills you don’t recognize that the word is based on one thing being relative to another. That is why you are so confused all the time. That is why you thought Florida would end up with a catastrophic number of cases and be like NY. when its cases were already falling and when the *surge* in Florida was so much smaller than the *surge* in NY. Didn’t any of you graduate from high school?

            1. New Zealand shut the nation down based on those infections
              That is why they have a tiny number of cases. They take action whenever there are any new cases.
              As a result of being diligent, your article reports that New Zealand has only 49 active cases instead of the millions of active cases there are in the US

              1. They are a relatively small island with a relatively small population. If they permit travel outside their borders they will continuously have breakouts and continuously have to shut the nation down under present conditions.

                Remember Trump tried to seal off the US from China and then Europe and of course you remember the Wall for Trump wanted to seal us off from the south. No way he could stop the virus. Under present conditions he could only temporarily reduce the spread. Biden opposed all these actions so based on your arguments one would expect that you will be voting for Trump. Congratulations.

                Based on these fact if you are not voting for Trump then we have to assume you are Anonymous the Stupid.

            2. ““The Democrats …. at the Democrat National Convention.” clearly means either an official action by the party, or an act by most if not all Democrats.”

              That is one interpretation. Since interpretation is permitted I didn’t call Needs to be Committed an outright liar, but close to it. The other interpretation is that Democrats took the word God out. What is disputeable is whether or not the word “The” should have been used. That is a value judgement. However what you are accusing Trump of is an integral part of the way the Washington Post creates their list of Trump lies and the entire left acts.

              As a constitutional conservative / libertarian I am used to the way the left lies but apparently when it comes to those lies you are deaf dumb and blind.

              Regarding Covid and New Zealand, first deal with the definition of the word surge and remember how each case spreads. That the country was shut down at least in part and elections stalled it is a big deal.

              John Say has explained to you the important characteristics of a respiratory virus. Everything he said needs ot be incorporated into this discussion. The virus controls mosst of the game plan though in NY and some other democrat states Cuomo and other governors unecessarily boosted the death rate. If De Santis of Florida was as stupid as Cuomo the death rate in Florida likely would have been much higher.

              You don’t even understand the meaning of words, so your statement “Let’s keep this going.” tells us that your lack of critical thinking skills makes you want to prove you are more of an a$$ then you have already proven.

      2. Needs to be Committed draws additional concludions without an adequate factual basis to make sure if we didn’t find her to be not credible just a couple of posts ago we find her not credible now.

        She sounds more and more like Natacha with better punctuation.

      3. shrugged off according to who? again no sources no facts just PCRap

      4. Been accused of. Hogwash. Never charged, never arrested, never brought before a judge and as for collusion the famous PCrap word which means ‘not a crime’ How many used that word and came up empty.

      5. No charges, no arrests, no allegations except from the far left biased media, no lltrial, Judge, Jury, or conviction. Just a lot of PC-Rap repeated over and over again. The only real change is he got us out the the multiple obama wars and gained near four years of successful military experience, Take heed we did not find an 0utsider who would do everything by your rules but by the rules of the Constitution. Oh yes and let’s not forget the claim of a robust economy by Obama happened AFTER; the last election based on a Trump Bump AND the amount of this one is easily done away with by repealing every one of the Pelosi Schumer bills. Nothing difficult about that.

      6. I don’t think Biden knows who he is at this point. That’s why his wife does most of the talking.

    2. Phyllis, Biden has not been accused of criminal conduct by anyone not a Trump stooge, or by Trump himself.

      Bernie lost the primary – again – and it wasn’t close – again. Your statement is nonsensical. Did you elect Bush or Rubio when you elected Trump?

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