Two Women Arrested In Delaware After Attacking Family and Stealing 7-Year-Old Boy’s MAGA Hat

amy-winslowWe have previously discussed rising cases of politically motivated violence, including attacks on people wearing MAGA hats. In Delaware, two women reached a particular low point by stealing the hat of a 7-year-old and then screaming profanities, ripping up signs, and one assaulting an individual in a parking lot near the Democratic National Convention on Thursday. The Delaware police hit Olivia Winslow, 21, and Camryn Amy, 21, with an array of well-earned charges, though one charge remains unclear in terms of the relevant conduct. What is remarkable about the videotape is the sense of utter entitlement to attack those with opposing views.

I have been critical of professors who have declared any MAGA displays as proof of white supremacism or fascism. Such views have fueled a type of license to assault and abuse people for their political views. MAGA hats have been banned from some college coffee shops or stolen by fellow students on campuses. Even journalists have declared anyone wearing a MAGA hat to be a per se racist.

Such voices of intolerance reinforce those who claim the right to take violent action as shown in the video taken near the Democratic National Convention. The video is available here.

Winslow and Amy were charged with robbery, conspiracy and endangering the welfare of a child. Amy was also charged with offensive touching.

The endangering charge is the interesting one from a criminal defense perspective. It is true that the women take the hat into the parking lot and the boy follows.  However, the mother is bizarrely telling her son to get his hat back from two clearly violent women and to follow them into the parking lot. One of the women eventually throws the hat over the fence.  The question is whether the endangerment charge is due to the boy following them, the later violence of the women, or the original attack. If they plead down to misdemeanors, the endangerment charge could fall out.

The law itself includes a child witnessing certain felonies:

(4) The person commits any violent felony, or reckless endangering second degree, assault third degree, terroristic threatening, unlawful imprisonment second degree, or child abuse third degree against a victim, knowing that such felony or misdemeanor was witnessed, either by sight or sound, by a child less than 18 years of age who is a member of the person’s family or the victim’s family…

In any case, the videotape leaves no obvious defense and no course other than a plea.  A defense attorney might seek a plea to a single count each. The priority would be to drop the endangering of a child count, which could have the longest lasting impacts on the women in terms of future employment.

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  1. What is our country coming to when you cannot express your political views without getting harassed and violated. Regardless of your Political or social views many many people have died to protect these rights!I for one will not sit by and let a bunch of entitled children and thugs take it away by calling me a racist for not holding their views. The media just in-forces this by not condemning the riots and jumping to conclusions without first getting the facts. We need law and order in our country and the vast majority of police do an excellent job in a vary fluid environment were social values are constantly changing and we have cameras everywhere. A picture does not mean anything without context.

  2. In the video, Camryn Amy can be seen kicking or stomping on the boys hands as he tries to pick up the hat from the parking lot pavement. Then she throws it over the construction fence.
    Those who do not live in Delaware must understand the phrase, The Delaware Way that here would apply to a politically sensitive case.. So many things quietly go away so as to not embarrass those in power. I trust this will not happen, but it is Delaware.

    1. Good to hear that the State of Delaware operates the LAWS against the citizens, never knew this. So, I will not seek a new home in Delaware! And VP Biden, as also DEL. CUMMINGS OF BALTIMORE,(JUST DECEASED ) has FAILED TO PROTECT YOU.
      These men r charletons. Democrats who have failed at their jobs.I voted 4 these dems for 68 yrs. ..then I began to open my eyes 2 their failures in my counties. Astounding.
      It IS VIP that we hold these officials responsible 4 failures 4 the country.
      These yng females r directly the rotten products of a corrupt Party’s goals: to brainwash & propagandize their thoughts so that these ‘robots’ will be this political party’s Bolshivics(sp?). Antifi, BLM, same same. In the end it’s these ROBOTIC CITIZENS who will suffer the indignities put upon them.

      1. The press did not cover the previous confrontation. The two women threw coffee from their car at a protestor on their way into the parking lot, That woman posted a video after the coffee throwing of their trash talk to her. One said Trump was a child molester. They clearly were looking for trouble.

        Since Delaware is so small, Biden was never really vetted. He was only a county councilman for 2 years before becoming a US Senator. In his 40 years there, got money for Wilmington train station re-do that he used every day and the crime bill which he now disavows. Recent stories of how he met Jill raises questions of veracity about that. Jill’s first husband claims they were campaign workers on his Senatorial campaign and knew the first wife doing mailings from the kitchen table. No one will confront him because of the terrible auto accident and the mystique built up over it. It’s an untouchable subject.

        1. Ohhhhh, horrors! I never heard of the psb connection of 1st &2nd wives!! . So there seemed to be some legal questions that were not addressed on accident deaths? Brrrr.
          Well Hunter briefly married his deceased BROTHERS widow. Brrrr

          1. The official story is a blind date. Book by first husband says otherwise. Excerpts out but no one dare ask.

  3. Mr. Turley says, “The priority would be to drop the endangering of a child count, which could have the longest lasting impacts on the women in terms of future employment.”

    I would argue that in leftist circles that charge would have the longest-lasting positive impact on their employment prospects. A badge of honor, as it were. At a minimum, they are laying the groundwork to become contributors to dozens of media outlets.

    1. REALLY! You think that these 2 obnoxious 20yr olds are, or could even presuppose, their bad actions as a HIRING incentive? WOW.
      This then, would be proof positive of self absorbed, selfish, brutal upbringing; since SOCIETY influences their UPBRINGING & civil actions…then it’s SCHOOLS/UNIVERSITIES that r the culprits. All led down garden path by DEMOCRATIC org.
      I’m married 2 a faculty “intellectual”, however he is conservative & not the democratic lefty that has created this global change.
      We must change this diabolical LEFT takeover

      1. Ach! Come on now, no real trauma there. The lesson to this boy should be near to Nicholas Sandman’s situation, it strengthened him…& this will be more of a problem to the 2 20 yr old who r BULLIES. Ugly mouthed yng girls who NEED TO BE TAUGHT BY SOCIETY THEIR BEHAVIOR IS NOT GONNA GO WELL FOR THEM!
        THE HILLARY’S & PELOSI’S, OMARS, R these girls TEACHERS.
        pick better role models gals

  4. It was very interesting reading through the comments. So many focused on public education I forgot the article was about two women who assaulted a little boy. They obviously expected no consequenses for their actions. Indeed they seemed arrogant and secure in the righteousness of their leftist ideology. Now they’re experiencing real world results and it is unlikely they have the skills to cope with it. Let this happen moire often and spread the news far and wide. When these leftist indoctrinated students start seeing the world does not tolerate such actions they will challenge their teachers about it. That would fix the indoctrination aspect virtually overnight. I think the little boy will be getting a signed by Trump MAGA hat. That should send these leftist running for their safe spaces and coloring books.

    1. It is extremely important for the law to be enforced with little or no discretion.

      It is important to punish those who violate legitimate law – as that builds confidence in the rule of law.

      It is important to punish those who violate illegitimate law – as that builds opposition to bad law and drives us to within the legitmate process remove such laws.

      Discretion in enforcing law – good law or bad errodes the rule of law.

      1. I agree. Most r seeing the particular incident here in larger ways, & that’s very good. But the law must not be bent to excuse the individuals crimes.

        1. The morality of the law is an independent issue.

          I do not presume all law is good. In fact I presume most is not.

          We enforce the law – without discretion – good law and bad law alike.

          Because even bending bad law to excuse the moral acts of good people is WRONG.

          If you allow good people to violate bad law – you elimate to most potent force to get rid of bad law, and you subject less perfect people to bad law.

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