Two Women Arrested In Delaware After Attacking Family and Stealing 7-Year-Old Boy’s MAGA Hat

amy-winslowWe have previously discussed rising cases of politically motivated violence, including attacks on people wearing MAGA hats. In Delaware, two women reached a particular low point by stealing the hat of a 7-year-old and then screaming profanities, ripping up signs, and one assaulting an individual in a parking lot near the Democratic National Convention on Thursday. The Delaware police hit Olivia Winslow, 21, and Camryn Amy, 21, with an array of well-earned charges, though one charge remains unclear in terms of the relevant conduct. What is remarkable about the videotape is the sense of utter entitlement to attack those with opposing views.

I have been critical of professors who have declared any MAGA displays as proof of white supremacism or fascism. Such views have fueled a type of license to assault and abuse people for their political views. MAGA hats have been banned from some college coffee shops or stolen by fellow students on campuses. Even journalists have declared anyone wearing a MAGA hat to be a per se racist.

Such voices of intolerance reinforce those who claim the right to take violent action as shown in the video taken near the Democratic National Convention. The video is available here.

Winslow and Amy were charged with robbery, conspiracy and endangering the welfare of a child. Amy was also charged with offensive touching.

The endangering charge is the interesting one from a criminal defense perspective. It is true that the women take the hat into the parking lot and the boy follows.  However, the mother is bizarrely telling her son to get his hat back from two clearly violent women and to follow them into the parking lot. One of the women eventually throws the hat over the fence.  The question is whether the endangerment charge is due to the boy following them, the later violence of the women, or the original attack. If they plead down to misdemeanors, the endangerment charge could fall out.

The law itself includes a child witnessing certain felonies:

(4) The person commits any violent felony, or reckless endangering second degree, assault third degree, terroristic threatening, unlawful imprisonment second degree, or child abuse third degree against a victim, knowing that such felony or misdemeanor was witnessed, either by sight or sound, by a child less than 18 years of age who is a member of the person’s family or the victim’s family…

In any case, the videotape leaves no obvious defense and no course other than a plea.  A defense attorney might seek a plea to a single count each. The priority would be to drop the endangering of a child count, which could have the longest lasting impacts on the women in terms of future employment.

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  1. Oh! So, this video was real, I was 99 % sure it was fake and a set-up bc I couldn’t believe my own eyes.

    I was like ladies, ladies, and then I heard this other voice tell me, “those ain’t no ladies, gf.”

    Poor baby, those non-ladies are so focused and obsessive they couldn’t even seen they took a hat from a child.

    Poor baby, to the little boy.

    They even dropped f bombs around the mom of the child and within ear shot of the child.

    Although, in all honesty, i don’t think if I was that kids mom, I would have told him to run after, I think I would have just handled it, adult to adult. But thats just me….idk.

    I saw 2 men get in on it later, and they had much more common sense than the 2 gals. Both the white dude and the black dude.

    Glad they got the young ladies. Geezzz….childish behavior.

  2. It would be nice if these two got convicted of felonies so they would lose their right to vote.

    This was from the article from JT’s link.
    “Wilmington police said they identified Winslow and Amy after reviewing the video footage.”

    I am not a cop and I’m glad that these two got identified, but does anyone find it disturbing that from a crappy phone video, two unknown people can be identified?

    1. The mother has the license plate of the vehicle and they are still up for another assault charge later in the day. They keep doing stuff on video.

    2. No, not disturbing that videos were used to I.d. these CRIMINAL YOUNG FEMALES. If the LEFT uses videos to create public problems or to “expose’ them then it will be that same system that will be used against criminals.
      If employers were smart the THEY’D USe PICS to ID future non-employees!!
      Sooo, act CIVIL IN PUBLIC

  3. This and other assaults on law-abiding citizens are the result of at least two conspiracies. Rep. Maxine Waters is the author of the first conspiracy, when she called for people to violate 42 USC 1985. The second conspiracy created a black-masked terror corps whose goals just happen to align with those of the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party.

    1. I’m not an attorney but your reference to Maxine Waters CONSPIRACY is welcome. I’ve always said that waters instigated these riots. WHY ISN’T SHE CHARGED WITH SEDITION? WHY? WHEN WILL THE DOJ GET OFF THEIR FAT, SOMNULENT LEGAL ASSES TO BRING SEDITION CHARGES??????

  4. The saddest thing reading this is that Dr. T seems to try to find a way to rationalize the behavior of these horrid women. As if there is some particular way to justify their behavior because the mother said something… kind of like blame the victim ??? No one who watched this thinks these Democratic Joe Biden supporters are anything more than the violent rest of the liberal Democrat Left – they are the foot soldiers who will harm men, women and children.

  5. TRULY, there is something terribly wrong here.
    Now, I understand that these young “ladies” are, in fact, young — each aged 20. So youthfulness and inexperience, in and of themselves, are properly to be considered factors. But the behavior itself, in contrast to the provocation — wearing a friggin’ hat, after all, is nothing less than astonishing. Take it from gramps . . .
    I graduated college in 1970, during a period of severe civil unrest. During the late 60’s, men in my age cohort were being drafted left and right. And off they went to the rice paddies of Viet Nam where many faced death. Death for fighting in a war they did not support. I knew many who did not make it back.
    Acts of civil disobedience were rampant. The Chaplain at our University, Fr. Daniel Berrigan, was arrested along with six others (including his brother Philip, also a Priest) for breaking into a draft center and symbolically smearing the walls with lamb’s blood. They proudly owned up to their acts, and each was convicted and served sentences for what was, essentially, “non-violent” protest. (I use “non-violent” to differentiate crimes against persons from crimes against property.) These protestors were people of integrity, acting in the best tradition of non-violent protest engaged in by such giants as Gandhi and Dr. King.
    Never in the many protests I observed in my four years at Cornell did I see any acts of violence. This remained the case in my subsequent three years of graduate study in Ann Arbor, an even more radical locale than relatively sleepy Ithaca.
    In the case reported here, Misses Winslowe and Amy were charged with crimes against persons (assault, child endangerment) and against property (theft). As Prof. Turley is fond of the Latin phrase “Res Ipsa Loquitur” (“the thing speaks for itself), the videos that taped the events in question demonstrate guilt but, more importantly, an entire lack of provocation.
    I strongly hope that the women arrested in this incident will receive serious sentences, not for the nature of their beliefs (Trump is the Devil Incarnate — yeah, we get it) but because of the total inappropriateness of their conduct. Trumps critics attack him as a low-grade Fascist, but in fact too many of these opponents are themselves true enemies of a democratic society.
    Arthur J. Maurello,
    Cornell 1970

    1. I agree with your insights. I would point out that these 2 young 21 yr Olds are acting just like THE BROWNSHIRTS in 1930’s Berlin. These Brownshirts were empowered by the Hitler people to do EXACTLY as these 2 girls did: take their own evil biases out on other citizens with the approval of their ruling party. This is a tactic approved by the Democratic party, also by many University professors which the Deans, chairs et al promote. As a Faculty wife I’ve seen it. As a late in life student I’ve ‘HEARD’some faculty teach this brainwashing to students. As an adult businesswoman I spoke up to some of them, I saw a lower grade as a result. Cie la vie.
      But it’s going to kill the universities. These highly intellectuals are hateful, biased & neglectful of their mandate TO EDUCATe on ALL SIDES.
      there’s going to be lawsuits . Good

    2. I was very young during the time you are speaking, but you seem to have forgotten about the spitting on and mistreatment of our service men when they returned. I don’t think it was as civil for them as you think in your bubble of upstate NY.

  6. Saw the vid. You know when your chances of dating are nil, you have lots of time to get into trouble. Given that, these two vixens ought to be followed around by the cops.

  7. This is a crime motivated by HATE. They should be charged as such..

    1. It is.

      And you have it perfect – Hate is a MOTIVE.
      It is not a crime.
      There is no such thing as a “hate crime”.

      There is no such thing as “hate theft” or “hate asualt” or “hate murder”.

      Hate crime laws were a mistake.

      Judges and juries are allowed to find factors such as motive to be an agrevating factor in a crime.

      But is it wrong to talk of hate crimes.

      Theft is theft.

    1. I do not think he will need to “grow up much”.
      He is about to get a personal life lesson in what happens to people who steal from others.

      Hopefully that lesson is not “nothing”

  8. One thing seems certain if these people continue to have these Pavlovian responses to hats, flags and national anthems not one of us is safe. It seems the more you turn the cheek the harder they slap. Being civil seems to embolden these people, might be time to stop being civil. Punishment for the conduct we’ve experienced the last several months has disappeared. What then is our choices?

  9. Deport them to a country without the freedom of political expression. Oh wait, they already in one.

    1. No every crime does not deserve leniency. nor is every crime a capital offense. Nor should we make a crime more than it is juwt because we can get away with it. Charge under the law NARROWLY as the law was intended.

      Just because the left is constantly arguing trying to stretch the law to convert the legal acts of those they disagree with into crimems – does not mean the rest of use should follow.

      These women clearly committed a crime. They did not however endanger a child. Prosecute them for the crime they comitted and punsh them for that when convicted.

      Do not use the law as a weapon – like the left does.
      Stick to the facts and the law – even if they does not provide political vengeance.
      Even if the left is still hypocritical.

    2. I most certainly did not use the “F” word.

      This is the work of a nefarious and fraudulent interloper.

  10. The two were obviously suffering from ‘ Trump Derangement Syndrome ‘ and were temporarily out of control. Sadly we can anticipate more lapses of common decency in the coming weeks.

  11. The trend is for the Left to feel entitled to engage in harassment, bigotry, and sometimes violence against Republicans. This is what happens when Democrats took over schools, and brought their personal politics into the K-grad school classrooms. Children as young as preschool are taught that Republicans are racist Neo Nazis. By the time they are 21, they see a MAGA hat, and respond like it’s a KKK hood. It’s irrational, brainwashing.

    But the fault lies in everyone who stood by and did nothing but complain as education morphed into a Democrat madrassa, turning out students unable to reason.

    “It is absurd to hold that a man should e ashamed of inability to defend himself with his limbs, but not ashamed of an inability to defend himself with speech and reason; for the use of rational speech is more distinctive of a human being than the use of his limbs.” Aristotle.

    These two women, who attacked a child and punched a man in the face who is proscribed by society from punching them back, are on the rational level of howler monkeys who throw feces at encroachers. There are unthinking. Unable to reason.

    It should be noted that the Liberals appear not to feel threatened by the conservatives. They bullied them, destroyed their signs, and grabbed a hat from a child. If they thought Republicans were unhinged and violent, they would not attack them, because it would be dangerous.

    I also take issue with the mother who told her child to “get your hat back, baby.” She just watched them behave violently. She must have thought her child’s age was some sort of protection, but why? That would assume some semblance of civilized society in a pair of women behaving like brutes.

    Vote responsibly, or this will spread.

    1. When schools begin to become breeding grounds for political brainwashing, it fulfills one step in the socialist/communist manifesto, but the real problem goes back to parents. They either do not know what schools are teaching, dont care or agree. If the majority if parents cared, then education administrators would be pressured to make changes.

      1. I would be less hard on parents than you.

        We are FORCED to send our kids to school.
        It is quite difficult to avoid sending them to the local public school – few can afford the time or cost to do otherwise.
        The control of parents over local schools is quite narrow, nuch of what is wrong with our public schools today could not be changed by parents if they tried.

        Absolutely parents should seek to change their schools.
        But the best method to accomplish that is NOT to have parents come to school board meetings and rant.
        It is to make it easier for them to take their kids out of their current school and move them to another.

        In most of those european social democracies the left adores, parents are free to send their kids to the school they choose.

        Nothing gives a parents voice more weight than the power to remove their child and that child’s tuition from a school and go elsewhere.

        1. Tuition following the student as directed by parents?

          Oh, my!

          You can hear the lazy, greedy, parasitic teachers union apologists caterwauling all the way to Washington D.C.

          As Karl Marx decreed, thou shalt never diminish the compensation packages, including summer vacations at full pay (what?) and Range Rovers in the parking lots, of high-upon-the-pedestal, holier-than-thou union, haughty and untouchable teachers, no matter what level of deficient and defective product they deliver.

        2. Re-elect President Trump and a Republican congress, get rid of the RINO’s, and maybe just maybe we will see more charter schools financed by the goobermint and no teacher’s unions. As long as the unions are padding Pelosi and pals pockets with fat cash we will see the results we have now. Reagan did it with Air Traffic Controllers, why can’t Trump fire all the teachers and replace them with those who want to work. Screw their union and let ’em sue. The
          Republicans can keep it in court for years just like the Dems do.

          1. Teachers Unions, and other unions, pay to play. They donate millions to Democrat politicians, who then write legislation that favors them, and beneficial contracts.

            That’s how unions wrote the legislation that killed gig jobs in CA.

            If Biden wins, he will get rid of charter schools and homeschools. We’ll all be stuck with the poor education in public schools. If you live near a low performance school, you’re out of luck.

            1. Charter schools were a significant factor in DeSantos victory over Gilliam in Florida over 300,000 single black women voted for DeSantos because Gillium vowed to close the Charters that were their kids best hope of a future.

              Trump won in 2016 by targeting Blue collar workers in swing states – these are overwhelmingly union voters.
              They voted red in 2016 and are highly likely to do so again in 2020. It is likely that Democrats have lost this voting block for the foreseable future.

              Trump did better than Romney with minorities in 2016 and appears to be on track to do much better with them in 2020 than in 2016.

              Democrats are slowly losing the argument that their policies are in the best interests of minorities. School Choice is a key part of that change.
              Even in the midst of the current faux race war Trump is still doing better with minorities than in 2016.

              Democrats have also just sacrificed not just police unions, but related groups other first responders, prison guards, much of law enforcement.

              The only area they appear to be doing well with is suburban white women – and even that group Democrats are actively trying to alienate.

              Regardless, I am mostly not concerened about unions – I am concerned about Government. In a free market unions serve a purpose and are naturally regulated by the market itself. Unions become too powerful when government tilts the playing field.

              We do not have a union problem – we have a government problem.

            1. The military isn’t.

              And the military is every country’s first and most essential work force.

          1. That is the next best thing to getting rid of school taxes entirely and letting parents educate their kids as they please.

            Regardless, you want to fix education – let parents control the funds for their child.

            How many parents do you think are going to favor more diversity and inclusion education over more Math, Science, reading, writing and history.

            Poor parents who F’d up themselves in school STILL know what their kids need.

            My kids were cyber chartered. About half their classmates were inner city minorities from shitty schools and single parent families with badly educated mothers. Mothers who were seeking to make damn sure their kids did better than they did.

        3. I am not particularly looking to diagnose the specific failures of modern education.

          There is zero doubt that as we have spent ever more money we have failed ever worse – from K12 through college.

          I am not looking to dictate how to change curicula etc to fix it – though I actually have a fair amount of knowledge in the area.

          What I am looking to address is correcting the structure of education so that it will not only fix itself but will STAY fixed.

          I trust the crappiest parents in the country to demand and ultimately get a better education for their kids – if schools must compete for students and parents make the choices.

          I am libertarian – I am not particularly anti-union. Though i would agree with FDR that unions have no place in the public sector.

          I want schools as close to private as I can get them – after that whether they are union or not is not all that important.

          Absolutely powerful unions have wreaked havoc through the country. But in the private sector unions do not thrive except when employers fail.

          The role of government in employer employee relations is simple – the same as the rest of the market.
          To preclude the parties from using force against each other and to assure that they keep agreements with each other.
          It is not governments business to determine what those agreements should be.
          It is not governments business to “balance the scales”. To make things “fair”

        4. My kids were cyberchartered after 4th grade.

          Both are adopted, but my daughter came from a really bad orphanage in china were she was for 2 years.
          She has to this day a collection of learning disabilities. But she also has a strong will and determination to learn.
          She is jealous of her younger brother – for whom everything comes easy.

          WE started in what turned out to be a poor and corrupt cyber charter – it was far better than their public school. As we learned we moved to a much better cyber charter. At the same time there were all kinds of state politics going on involving cybercharters.

          Overtime the State damaged cyber charters by making them increasingly similar to traditional schools.

          When we started our kids had a learn at your own pace arrangement, no attendance, no fixed schedule, teachers checking on students regularly.
          It took my daughter two full years to get fully caught up – and she had to work over the summer to do that. But we all liked the learn at your own pace and do not move on until you have mastered the material approach.

          State rules preclude that now – unless you home school.

          To those parents facing online education this fall. Get into a cyber charter – they know how to do online learning well. Local schools are clueless.
          This is not even close,

      2. Ron:

        I agree with you.

        My son never brought home any Social Studies homework or tests. Ever. It’s all done at school. I volunteered, and got a chance to look at that day’s curriculum. There were some subtle anti-Western messages. For instance, it was claimed that a downside to Europeans exploring the New World was the they brought slavery. Apparently, the author did not trouble to crack open an anthropology book. Slavery was practiced by many tribes, including the sexual slavery and even gang rape of women captured from other tribes.

        School bias is one of the reasons why I have always supplemented my kid’s public school education at home.

        One of the aspects that I prefer about the Classical education approach is that world history is taught from Ancient, Medieval/Renaissance, Early Modern, too Modern. By the time you get to US history, you have some idea how the idea of America evolved. There is also the opportunity to learn about the idea of individual rights forming in Western thought. If you rely on public schools to teach history, your child will learn that Native Americans were all pacifists who never invaded any other tribal lands, including the Aztecs, until Europeans came and ruined it all.

        I’m glad that due to our public school’s inability to create a distance learning program for students with limited internet, and California’s SB98 capping charter school enrollment at February levels, that I ended up homeschooling my son this year. We are covering far more than he ever did at school. It’s too bad that this pandemic is going around. With my asthma, I’ve been very careful. If there wasn’t a pandemic, we’d be going to museums, traveling to historical sites, and having even more fun learning.

        1. My kids were cyber chartered. This is not perfect, and it is not for everyone – though it is aparently what most of the country will do in a few days.

          Though there is a huge difference between traditional public schools trying to impliment an online curiculum in a few months and cyber charters with decades of experience with online learning.

          I am actually distressed that so many republicans are ranting about online education – while it is NOT a one size fits all solution, the spring failures of online education were specific to public schools without experience.

          The cybercharters my kids attended were not perfect. But they were significantly free from the nonsense that effects most of our public schools today. They taught the things that most parents think of as the core to education – not abunch of leftist crap that has no place in education.

          In a perfect world my wife and I would have home schooled. But that was a great deal of work for a small improvement. We are happy with the cyber charter education of our kids, who are both now adults and were very well prepared for college.

          Regardless the left is trying to make education a political issue right now. LET THEM. Instead of fixating on re-opening public schools, republicans should do exactly as Dems are doing and focus on using this as an opportunity to reshape education. Pass federal legislation to attached school finds to the child – not the school or school district, give PARENTS the choice as to where to send their kids. Democrats want billions of federal dollars for public education – FINE – give it directly to parents, and let them use it to take their kids to whatever school they want.
          Charter schools, private schools, catholic schools, cyber charters, and public schools will be 1000 times more responsive to the needs of parents, if those parents control a portion of the education funding for their child.

          We could fix out public schools almost instantly.

          1. John Say:

            I wholeheartedly agree with you.

            The teachers unions have been trying to destroy parent choice, opposing charters and homeschooling, for decades. Yet, when the pandemic hit, many public schools were incapable of throwing together a distance learning course at the last minute.

            When the pandemic was declared, my son’s 4th grade switched to distance learning. All this was amounted to zoom meetings, and an online question and answer for parents. We have satellite internet, so the Zoom attempts kept crashing. We never knew what we were supposed to be doing. There were literally around 35 different passwords for different websites, but if you couldn’t tune in to the Zoom meeting, you had to comb through pages and pages of comments to find out what site, and how to log on. It was a total waste of time. I always taught him extra topics on the side. All he learned was from those extra tasks.

            This year, for 5th grade, the public school is doing all Zoom, all day. The kids just have to stare at their computer screens for 6 hours a day, trying to see what the teacher is doing. They just zone out. I can’t do that much streaming video. The option for parents like us is packets, which have zero instruction.

            So I decided to go with a local charter school. They already had a distance learning/homeschool option, in addition to regular school. They had long perfected it, and had education resource facilitators who regularly meet with the kids and conduct tests to ensure they are meeting education goals.

            We were all set but then CA SB98 passed. A few days before the politicians voted on it, they added a cap to charter schools at February 2020 limits…before the pandemic was declared. All those waves of parents who enrolled their kids in charter schools, often because their public schools were completely unprepared for distance learning, were told that their enrollment was nullified by the Democrat politicians of CA. The Teachers Unions donate massive amounts of money to Democrat politicians, who in turn write legislation designed to stymie parent choice. The teachers union did not want charter schools to bleed off students from the public schools. By their actions, they do not believe they can compete on a fair playing field.

            It’s pay to play. Democrats took my choice away. After all, they do believe in strong government at the expense of individual rights.

            Now we are homeschooling. I would have preferred to work with a trained educator, following up to ensure my son maintains academic excellence. But instead, I’m on my own because of the actions of Democrats.

            The goal of many Democrat politicians is to do away with homeschooling altogether. That’s where we are headed. Instead of teaching my kid advanced math, The Iliad, The Odyssey, and the evolution of Western Civilization, my kid would be stuck trying to Zoom all day, having our internet crash every 10 minutes, and we’d have to pay thousands of dollars for the overages.

            1. Most of the cyber charters use Curiculum and tools provided by national rather than state charters.

              As an example the first cyber charter we went with “Agora” used a system called K12. Agora was better than our local public schools, but eventually we found and even better cyber charter – Connections Accademy.

              I beleive CCA’s curiculum is better for HS students. But K12’s is excellent for elementary schools.

              If you are not part of a cyber charter you have to BUY K12. But I beleive it is affordable. Your lose the teachers from the Cyber Charter – who are often good. but you gain a much better curiculum than public schools.

              Kahn Accademy purportedly has a fantastic curriculum too.

              Essentially you still have the choice of “home schooling” your kid using the same resources that cyber charters do.

              You can get together with other parents and create one of these Pods That allows you to use one of the excellent online curiculums while circumventing the states stupid rules. But it requires more work. And possibly more money.

              I would also suggest a legal challenge to the CA law. I do not know if it would win – but it would bring attention to the issue.

              Maybe the institute for Justice would take interest. They have an excellent track records against stupid state rules and laws.

        2. One of the aspects that I prefer about the Classical education approach is that world history is taught from Ancient, Medieval/Renaissance, Early Modern, too Modern. By the time you get to US history, you have some idea how the idea of America evolved.

          That’s appropriate for secondary school students following an academic curriculum. Your limited quantum of time in primary school should be allocated to the fundamentals of American history, geography, and civics. It’s go out the other ear for most of them, but a critical mass might maintain enough to enhance their capability as civic actors. In secondary school, most students should be enrolled in basic education and life skills (if they’re slow) or VoTech. About 2% of our teaching manpower is devoted to VoTech as we speak when it should be about 15%. We waste a lot of time in high school on half-assed academic instruction (often by poorly trained teachers) on youngsters for whom it is unsuitable.

          1. to This is Absurd I invite you to look closer a classical education. Most of our classically educated students are able to move into a running start program through our local community college or a vocational school by the time they enter the 11th grade.

          2. TIA:

            Currently, public schools teach children a very disjointed idea of history. It usually starts with the child, their family, their city, their state, and their country. Curriculum is biased against Western civilization. Various time periods are taught, often with Westerners figuring as conquerers destroying peaceful civilizations in their greed. There is no continuous time line.

            The idea behind teaching a chronological history, is that children can learn how America formed in the first place. The world does not revolve around them. They learn age appropriate progressions from ancient times, Medieval/early Renaissance, late Renaissance/early Modern, and Modern. They get an idea of how all peoples around the world behaved at any given time, and can see progressions. By the time they seriously study the classics in high school, they already are familiar with them because they have already heard children’s versions.

            I will add that while we do the classical progression of world history, I do provide brief, basic coverage of American history. For instance, with the election coming up, we’ve watched children’s videos on how elections work.

            You are absolutely right that we need more vocational tech at schools. People can make a good living at blue color jobs, much better than they could with a degree in gender studies that comes with a $100,000 debt.

            A person destined for vocational school could also benefit from a classical education. After all, world history is taught age appropriate, and at grade level. While students with an interest in history or literature can explore more convoluted texts, any average-ability student can benefit from the trivium. It teaches how to think, progressing from grammar/facts, logic, to rhetoric. Learning how to reason, and persuade, can benefit everyone. In particular, it would benefit future voters. Many current voters seem little better than sheep, bleating propaganda and instantly forgetting negative consequences.

            The very foundation of the trivium begins in grammar school. Young children at that stage are best at absorbing facts. The later logic and rhetoric stages cannot form if the grammar stage is neglected. It most certainly is neglected in public schools.

            1. The most important part of history is that it is the history of IDEAS.

              The big deal about the history of western civilization is that for the last 500 years the West is were the cutting edge of IDEAS have been.
              That has NOT been true of the entirety of human history.

              Just following the history of math we can watch as the center of thought moves from Mesopotamia – the cradle of civilization, through to Egypt, india, China, Greece, Rome, the Arab Empire, and then Europe.

              It is not the race of the people that matter it is the evolution of IDEAS.

              There is a path from Hamurabli through the ten commandments, to Plato, Rome, the magna carte, the scottish enlightenment and then the american revolution.

              It is also important to study the French revolution, The russian Revolution the Chinese revolution – to understand what worked and what did not.

              Why did the american revolution produce the results it did, and why did the french revolution (and every subsequent similar revolution) lead to copious bloodshed ?

              This is not the history of old white men . It is the history ot ideas, those that worked those thet did not and how they were improved or wrecked over time.

          3. “We waste a lot of time in high school on half-assed academic instruction (often by poorly trained teachers) on youngsters for whom it is unsuitable.”

            I think you are being unduly kind in this case.

        3. Karen, with the current status of online learning, I hope many parents find the same thing you found when you volunteered. So many do not pay attention to the information their children are learning that the schools can just about teach anything and no one knows. My daughter had to take our grand daughter out of public schools because she was have difficulties, home schooled for a year and she is now in a private school. She has made great progress.

          As for history, one just needs to spend some time in historic sites like Williamsburg, V.A. The colonial interpreters will make an effort to ask the kids questions about history and one gets high school kids that can’t even answer who the first president was. Last time I was there is happened more than once. If people do not understand history, they can not manage to keep from repeating mistakes in the future.

          It is just like BLM movement. If current “leaders” would look to the past to see how MLK handled the improvements that he was able to achieve, the Black community would be ahdnling the issues very differently and would not have colin Kaepernick as one of its faces.

          1. Ron P, this is true. My mother was shocked when she discovered one of the young children of our family members trying to guess a word in a book by looking at a picture. She came up with a word that used entirely different letters. She hadn’t learned even the most basic concept of decoding words. The mother said her daughter hates reading and schoolwork. Color me surprised.

            This is how they do it now, which is why we have around 60% of our nation’s kids not reading at grade level. We can shovel billions of dollars at this, but as long as public schools continue to use a failed method, there will not be improvement, only more debt.

    2. “The ends justify the means.”

      – Sergey Nechayev

      The communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) have no concern or esteem for the United States or its Constitution and Bill of Rights, 1789.

      The superior communist intellectuals (many on this blog) know best how to manage the lives of the supposed ignoble proletarians.

      Freedom and self-reliance give way to slavery and state-subsistence.

      The end, the acquisition of personal power through the brutal imposition of the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” justifies any and all means.

  12. They should be charged and tried. But this is not about politics regardless of ones political position and a MAGA hat. This is not about Trump or Biden. These women ( not girls!) were 17 when Trump was elected. These womens morals were developed years before Trump. They area result of a generation that has either been raised expecting a trophy for doing little, being given anything they through a tantrum over if they did not get what they wanted and were never disciplined when doing something socially unacceptable. Or, if they were not part of the elitist social class, then the expectations created by social programs creating fatherless families, handouts and no one demanding discipline. Under both situations, people created as bullies with no regard to how their actions impact others.

    Maybe when we all stop debating which politician is worse and addressing the real issues developed over geraation+, we might bet n to make positive changes.

    1. Amen.

      Politics MAY be the motive for this crime.
      But it is a crime regardless of motive.

  13. Always remember 42,USC 1985 when someone uses or threatens violence because of support for a political candidate.

    1. This should qualify for Federal civil rights charges as well. #AG Barr #Operation Legend

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