Woman Sues EasyJet After Being Told To Switch Seats To Accommodate Ultra-Orthodox Men

440px-Easyjet_orangeWe have previously discussed the practice on some airlines to ask women move to accommodate ultra-Orthodox Jewish men who refuse to sit next to women.  Now, Melanie Wolfson, 38, a British-Israeli woman, is suing EasyJet after she was asked her to change seats on a flight from Tel Aviv to London.

Wolfson is asking for 66,438 shekels compensation in a lawsuit filed by the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC).  She wants the airline to bar future demands or requests for women to move. She noted that she paid extra for an aisle seat on her flight last October, but an ultra-Orthodox man and his son were sitting in the row when she arrived. According to Haaretz, she claims that the request was insulting and humiliating.

What is interesting about the lawsuit is that Wolfson was not told to switch, was offered the incentive of a free hot drink, and ultimately agreed to move.  However, two months later, she was again asked to move for the same reason.  She then refused but two other female passengers agreed to move.

I am still unsure how a request can be the basis for a legal action. Nevertheless, I do not believe that this is an appropriate basis for flight staff to ask for women to move. We have discussed cases where women feel enormous pressure to move because of a refusal of these men to take their seats. The delaying of the flights increases the tension and embarrassment for these women.  In my view, the men should be asked to leave the plane if they are delaying the flight. If they want to ensure that no women sit next to them, they can pay extra to have the entire row.

The question is whether the airline should be subject to legal penalties or public pressure.  The only reason that I do not rule out such lawsuit entirely is that there is still the element of public embarrassment.  Moreover, how would we react if EasyJet asked an African American to move because someone did not want to sit next to a person of a different race or Jewish person because someone is anti-Semitic? An important distinction can be drawn on this being an article of faith and that other religions like Islam separate people of different genders under other circumstances. Yet, these men are following religious beliefs that many women and men view as sexist and offensive.  For women to be pressured to move (as a flight is delayed) is in my view unreasonable.

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  2. Two Jewish guys want to sit with each other. Big whoop. This woman could have been more accommodating. Maybe these guys should have flown on an airline that would allow them to buy tickets for seating that would let them be together. Actually, who cares.

    1. The problem had nothing to do with them sitting together. They had the window and center seat. The problem is that they demanded that the woman who had paid extra for the aisle seat not be allowed to sit there next to them. If they have a problem sitting next to a woman, then they should be the ones to move to other seats. They have no right to demand control over a seat that they do not hold a ticket for.

      1. The problem is that they demanded that the woman who had paid extra for the aisle seat not be allowed to sit there next to them.

        They asked her to switch with someone else. It shouldn’t have been difficult to persuade another aisle seat holder to change rows.

        1. “It shouldn’t have been difficult to persuade another aisle seat holder to change rows.”

          You weren’t there, obviously, but as usual you’re the one with all the answers.

      2. +10

        If they want control of a row of three seats, then they should purchase a ticket for the third seat.

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  4. When all men are finally brothers, women will still be second class citizens. This is what’s really at the heart of the trans movement. Men dressed as women still have more rights than women. They can come into our restrooms, take our scholarships, even be awarded the coveted (heavy sarcasm) woman of the year award from a news magazine that used to matter. And back to the subject at hand, it would seem that in the age of technology, it would be easy enough for an airline to provide an option for orthodox Jews to specify no women in the row. It ain’t rocket science. But I would put them in the back row up against the restrooms.

  5. Easy Jet may do whatever the —- it wants in America under the “manifest tenor” of the Constitution in the “land of the free,” one presumes.

    5th Amendment

    “No person shall be…deprived of…property,…”

    Easy Jet is private property.

    The right to private property is absolute.

    Congress has no power to “claim or exercise dominion over” the private property of individuals.

    The judicial branch has no power to legislate and no power to legislate regulation.

    Congress has the power to regulate only “money,” “commerce” and “land and naval Forces.”

    Regulation of free enterprises and industries is done naturally by free markets, and it is done deliberately and voluntarily through agreements by the owners of private property.

    People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom, understanding that statutes and laws against property damage and bodily injury are extant and constitutional.

    Freedom does not adapt to people, dictatorship does.

    1. You’re really a DH sometimes. She bought the seat, idiot. By your own rule, it’s her seat, not under the control any more of the airline. They gave up their control of her seat when they received her money.

      The airline does not get to take her seat back because she has a vagina instead of penis DB.

      1. No, she bought services from them, not real property. The specific seat isn’t hers.

        1. She bought, and the airline sold her occupation of the seat for that flight. I can play your stupid word games all day.

          1. We idiots enjoy life. God gave us an exemption from perceiving our own idiocy. We’re too dumb to know how dumb we are. Ain’t it great?

            You are simply brilliant; would that I have thought of that.

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            Oh, and was “Individual-1” provided a grant deed, or a stipulation otherwise describing an irregular mode of possession or was he/she simply provided transportation from point A to point B?

            Also, may I make future use of and give attribution to you for the phrase you coined, as the very definition of a savage, vituperative ad hominem onslaught?

            And the latter, let me guess, Deutsche Bank, decibel or database.

            Am I right, come on, maaaann, I’m right aren’t I?

          2. Trohar This is a load of blather-scribe jabberwokey coming from a dratsab islamists? I have seen on many flights the attendants ask a passenger to relocate and never seen one turn it down. They even request you to reseat if you believe or have a reason you can not carry out duties at the exit door. I am SBC and most members do believe in Jesus Christ as God’s son and redeemer. Most do believe that Israel has a stated spiritual and historical place. If you want to believe in Mohammed and think that women are chattel that is your prerogative. For the record if she occupied a seat and made the flight destination, and seats were comparable, there are no damages to her. “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no GOD. Selah

    2. This didn’t happen in the US. It happened on a flight from Tel Aviv to London.

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