Rochester Case Raises New Questions About Police Abuse and “Spit Hoods”

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 9.13.44 AMIn the criminal justice system, most of us have seen the use of “spit hoods” when a suspect or defendant spits at officers or others.  During the pandemic, such behavior is viewed as particularly dangerous. However, for years, the hoods have been associated with breathing and medical issues. The death of Daniel Prude in Rochester is spotlighting this controversy after a shocking video of a group of officers laughing as Prude, who was running nude in the area, complained about his breathing. He died on March 30 after being taken off life support.

Prude, who is black, is seen in a videotape sitting naked on the street as officers laugh at the scene on March 30th. One officer is shown pressing Prude’s face into the asphalt. While at points compliant, Prude is also shown shouting and at one point asking for an officer’s gun. He is obviously mentally unstable.  He asks for the hood to be removed at one point but officers respond by telling him to “calm down” and “stop spitting.” Prude sounds increasingly in distress and says that the officers are trying to kill him.

Here is another video angle:


A medical examiner concluded that Prude’s death was a homicide caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint.”

As with the death of George Floyd, the officers’ lawyers are likely to point to a finding that lists excited delirium and acute intoxication by phencyclidine, or PCP, as listed contributing factors.

However, as I previously noted with the George Floyd case, officers have to anticipate such complications from drug use in conducting arrests and must respond to clear medical emergencies.

In addition to the police abuse allegations in the Prude case, there needs to be greater attention to the use of these hoods and the impact on the breathing of suspects. A spitting suspect is the most likely to have drugs in their systems that might affect breathing. It is not simply the material used in the hoods but the protocols used by police that have to be addressed after this terrible case.

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  1. In one of the press’s new stories I read that the victim claimed he had COVID-19. He also was doing a lot of spitting at the police. What I need to know is what other options the police had to protect themselves from this besides the hood. Or are they expected to allow the spit to hit them?

  2. I get this funny feeling, reading between the lines and all, that it might not be such a great idea to ingest PCP and/or other drugs purchased illegally on the black market that have a high likelihood of being contaminated differently than advertised.

    Unless you crave running around naked in a violent and completely uncontrolled and unsavory fashion in a way that might end up with you taking your dirt nap.


    1. What’s there to say about a real travesty of Justice denied or hopefully delayed, the real perps will get theirs. We only pray!

  3. Senator Ryan had a good idea.

    End Home Rule for Washington D.C.

    It’s a crime-ridden mess. Now they want to remove the Washington Monument and other Founder monuments.

    Replace them with statues of Al Sharpton and Don Lemon, I suppose.

    End the pain now.

    1. 1. Make the police department a federal agency reporting to the President, not to the mayor.

      2. Have a division within the police department that provides security guards to schools in return for a capitation and operates day detention centers for incorrigibles no school wants.

      3. Close UDC. Sign a compact with Maryland which allows district residents to attend Maryland state schools as if they were residents in return for a tribute payment from the District government to a dedicated fund for Maryland higher education.

      4. Place all public schools under the government of stakeholder boards elected for four year terms. The stakeholders of each school would be anyone who attended the school for a critical mass of years who is registered to vote in the District, one of two counties in Maryland, one of four counties in Virginia or one of five stand-alone municipalities in Virginia. The critical mass would be four years of attendance at an elementary school, two years at a middle school, and one year at a junior high school. In re senior high schools, one would have to have a regents’ diploma from the school to qualify as a stakeholder. A bipartisan board of elections could assemble a stakeholder register for each school using voter registration rolls and school records, and anyone missed could register if they could prove their attendance. Any stakeholder wishing to run for a board seat could place a deposit at the board of elections along with a 600 word statement of candidacy. The board would mail the appropriate prospectus and ballot to everyone on the stakeholder register of each school. For each contest, the candidates would not be in an invariant order on the ballot; there would be as many stereotypes as candidates who qualified to run, with equal numbers of each stereotype printed and with each candidate having an equal chance of occupying the top position on the ballot and an equal chance of occupying every other position in the line-up. The election would be conducted according to the principles of ranked-choice voting. (Rotation in office requirements would require certain persons depart the board every four years).

      5. Grant all such schools charters as philanthropic corporations. They would be henceforth private, but subject to certain conditions and regulations to contain self-dealing by trustees (especially in contracting and hiring) and to limit the compensation that may be paid to executives.

      6. Grant the trustees a franchise to classify their school a tuition-funded school or a voucher-funded school (the latter being debarred from imposing any mandatory charges on clients or on extorting donations from them, under pain of criminal prosecution of the corporation and its officers).

      7. Issue vouchers to all custodial parents in the District. You’d have a general voucher for each youngster. Parents could apply for a supplementary voucher as well. The child on behave of whom the application was made would have to be assessed by a set of school psychologists and assigned points. He would then be placed in a queue ordered according to the number of points received. The supplementary vouchers would be rationed to the first x youngsters in the queue.

      8. Have parents register their children for school at the municipal clerk’s office. They could register him at any school that would take him, and if none would, they’d have a choice of homeschooling him (provided they hadn’t lost their franchise to home school) or registering him at the police department’s school. If the parent is reduced to the police department school, their voucher has to be turned over to the department, which will turn it in to the District school fund in return for cash to finance the variable costs of schooling their charges. If the youth is accepted at a voucher-funded school, the parent turns the voucher over to the school, who turn it in to the District school fund in return for cash at face value (returnable pro-rata if the student is expelled in mid year). If the parent wishes to home school or make use of a tuition funded school, he can turn it into the school fund in return for compensation calculated by formula which will approximates the household’s tax payments to the school fund divided by the number of vouchers they were issued.

      9. Require all youngsters to sit for District regent’s examinations once a year. The examinations would be proctored by employees of the board of regents. Each youngster would be registered for a particular examination series. There would be 15 series for elementary school students (3 subjects, five different paces), about 20-odd series for vocational secondary students (20-odd subjects, one pace), and about 40 academic series series (20 subjects, two paces).

      10. Institute a new regime in labor discipline for public employees in the District. In essence, any employee could be terminated if three people in his chain of command counter-sign a letter of dismissal. The employee would be due a post-dismissal hearing where he could present evidence he was terminated for one of a half-dozen impermissible reasons. If the hearing examiner determined that there was some reason to think so, the employee could have a full dress hearing in front of a panel of examiners where he would (represented by a union lawyer) have a chance to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that he had been terminated for an impermissible reason. The contrary view would be presented by agency counsel, who would not have a burden of proof. Should the panel find in favor of the employee, he’d receive an indemnity and be in good standing to apply for other jobs (but not be re-instated); also, a referral would be made to an outside ombudsman to bring charges against those signing his order of dismissal (who could be terminated and debarred from public employment for a term of years if a panel of examiners so determined). NB, these are post-termination hearings. A terminated employee departs government service upon termination, not after his options are exhausted.

      11. Impose a federal civil service commission on the District and it’s affiliated corporate bodies; require that a civil service examination be held within 120 days of any vacancy or the position disappears. Strip the federal courts of any franchise to second-guess the psychologists preparing the examinations. Require that the job go to one of the top three performers on the examinations. Allow few discretionary appointments.

      12. Subject the district governments to financial audits, engineering audits, and general performance audits. Sanctions would include the placement of of agencies under trusteeship.

      13. Limit the mean compensation of District employees to no more than 110% of employee compensation per worker in the Washington commuter belt. Require each compensation packages whose value exceeds a particular multiple of mean compensation per worker in the commuter belt be voted on in a public hearing by the District council – with the yeas and nays recorded.

      14. Require that all legislation and appropriations and special contracts approved by the council receive the support of a majority of the elected members in a roll-call vote. Limit voice votes and show-of-hands to intramural procedural votes.

      15. Require the tax assessor for the District be on appointment someone who has worked in property assessment f/t for at least four years and be 55 years of age on appointment, serving until retirement.

      16. Provide for the District payment in lieu of taxes for all federal property in the District, Have the General Services Administrator contest any assessments he deems in error in front of a disinterested panel.

      17. Rank order all Census block groups in the Washington commuter belt by personal income per capita, lowest to highest. Run down this list calculating a running balance of the population in them until the running balance equals 15% of the commuter belt’s population. Then run down the list again calculated a running balance until the running balance encompasses another 5%. Identify which block groups of each category are found within District lines, understanding them as Category A and Category B. All other block groups are Category C. Structure your property tax levies thus: x% of assessed valuation in Category C block groups, 0.5x in Category B block groups, and 0% in category A block groups. No abatements and no exceptions would be permitted the District government. Everyone in each category pays the same rate on their assessment.

      18. Enfranchise the district to lay and collect a value-added tax on business transactions, exempting only real-estate sales, rent, and sales of donated, salvaged, and discarded property. Require they impose a uniform rate on all parties.

      19. Define by law the tax base the District could use for any local income tax thus: all income less Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment compensation, SSI, and certain types of private retirement and disability benefits (with judgements, indemnities, gifts, bequests, and capital gains understood to be adjustments to assets, not income). Require that any specialty income tax due for a dedicated fund be structured in one of three ways: as a flat rate, as a flat rate over an exemption for each person in the household, or as a flat rate not exceeded a $ value adjusted each year. Require that any general income tax be structured thus: (r x income) – ($ value credit x members of household). The $ value would adjusted each year in accordance with changes in nominal personal income per capita. Any rebates for persons with a negative liability would be capped at a particular % of earned income or a particular % of personal income per capita in the district, depending on whether or not the taxpayer is elderly or disabled).

      20. Grant the district no special subsidies from the federal Treasury.

      1. I am amazed. You have given this an enormous amount of thought and come up with ideas that need to be implemented in part or whole.

        It might be possible though you know it would be fought by the many whose hands are in the honey pot.

        During the reign of Louis XVI reform efforts were often thwarted by groups whose special interests would be diminished even though the country would be helped. Internal tolls were one of those, I think. I imagine similar problems would come up with this project and they would have to be anticipated and overcome. Home rule has been a disgraceful failure. Senator Ryan has begun by raising the possibility.

      1. Says the person who wants federally mandated flashing light warning signs on the stove, screaming “HOT! DANGER! DO NOT TOUCH!”

  4. “Pasco’s sheriff created a futuristic program to stop crime before it happens.”

    “It monitors and harasses families across the county.”


    Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco took office in 2011 with a bold plan: to create a cutting-edge intelligence program that could stop crime before it happened.

    What he actually built was a system to continuously monitor and harass Pasco County residents, a Tampa Bay Times investigation has found.

    First the Sheriff’s Office generates lists of people it considers likely to break the law, based on arrest histories, unspecified intelligence and arbitrary decisions by police analysts.

    Then it sends deputies to find and interrogate anyone whose name appears, often without probable cause, a search warrant or evidence of a specific crime.

    They swarm homes in the middle of the night, waking families and embarrassing people in front of their neighbors. They write tickets for missing mailbox numbers and overgrown grass, saddling residents with court dates and fines. They come again and again, making arrests for any reason they can.

    One former deputy described the directive like this: “Make their lives miserable until they move or sue.” …and the article continues.

  5. Mentally ill, high, drunk, or otherwise aggressive people spit on cops or all over the cop car. Human saliva has numerous transmissible diseases, including Covid-19 and herpes. It is not reasonable to expect law enforcement, or anyone else, to be spat upon with infectious human body fluids in the course of their work. That is an unsafe work environment. OSHA would not approve.

    The solution was spit hoods, a breathable mesh fabric.

    People who would spit on cops may be high, and drugs may interfere with respiration. Even if mesh reduces respiration by the smallest fraction, someone in respiratory distress or having a panic attack will still experience a reduction in breathing that is already labored.

    So what’s the solution? Someone simply having a panic attack won’t spit on cops. That requires either mental illness, intoxication, or just plain low character.

    Demanding that cops be spat upon without protection during a pandemic is not reasonable. They should simply quit and leave us to the rule of the club if that’s the case. A face shield wouldn’t work if placed on the arrestee, because they could just bash their head against the car, and then the plastic could injure their face or eyes.

    The only solution I can think of is to innovate an improved spit hood that increases breathability. When that technology comes out, use it. But this is the tool that is available, today, to the cops.

    The message should be that doing drugs is dangerous, not that dangerous people high on PCP should be allowed to run naked through the streets or spit on cops unfettered.

    Doing drugs is so dangerous. I don’t know how to make arresting someone high out of their minds and possibly violent or spitting any safer for the arrestee. They injected poison into their bodies and are struggling with the effects.

  6. No worries. In Joe Biden’s America they will send social workers to deal with situations like this and that will fix everything.

    1. Well, Mofo, at least social workers wouldn’t laugh at a mentally ill man in distress. Yes, he was running amok while naked and high on drugs, but he posed no threat to anyone. He had no weapon. It was so cold outside that it was snowing, and he would have eventually calmed down without the police doing anything other than waiting until he settled down and confining him to a limited area. The most-disgusting thing about you Trumpsters is that you refuse to consider or, more likely, don’t care that people like this victim take drugs because it is the only way they know how to deal with emotional pain. You prefer to believe their conduct is the product of bad character or evil intentions, instead of untreated mental illness. Just like you don’t care when your hero calls service men and women “suckers” and “losers”, or when he tries to discredit the sacrifices of people like John McCain and George H.W. Bush because their aircraft got shot down. Never forget that he dodged the draft and threatened to disinherit Don, Jr. if he enlisted in the military, plus he refused to visit French cemeteries on Memorial Day because the Aqua Net hairspray wouldn’t hold his pompadour in place, and he just couldn’t be seen in his natural state, with the scalp reduction scar and bald spot visible. You don’t find his arrogant use of the White House and National Mall as a backdrop for his vainglory rally problematic, either, and yet, you want to wave the American flag and call yourselves patriots. The number of former and current members of the military who commit suicide probably doesn’t faze you, either. And, it’s certainly OK with you that Trump stole funds earmarked for military housing and schools for military dependents to construct his wall.

      1. “Well, Mofo, at least social workers wouldn’t laugh at a mentally ill man in distress”

        news flash: we laugh at you every time you comment on here

        1. These cops were laughing at him while he was dying. And, like true Trumpsters, you insult anyone who says something that makes your hero look bad, instead of any sort of substantive response because there isn’t any substantive response. You apparently think it is amusing to asphyxiate a man having a mental health crisis, or a fake POTUS who cheated to get into the White House, who dodged the draft, who mocks service men and women, insults war heroes and who uses the White House and National mall as props for his vainglory rally. You really aren’t a licensed social worker, are you? If you are, you should be reported because these things transcend politics and go to your own mental health.

          1. It’s hard NOT to laugh while being paid to witness a Darwin Awards finalist working as hard as he can to win the 2020 Championship. “C’mon, man!” PCP? Really? In 2020? NOBODY TOLD THIS GUY TO USE DRUGS OTHER THAN PCP?

      2. Former press sec and others who were there said that DT did not say that and that was not a good description of whatever happen there in that event. You quoting Atlantic sycophant author Goldberg; said article quotes 4 anonymous phantoms. Why don’t you smart asses for just one week; ride a weeks night shift, with one of the code responding police and then form another judgment. Why doesn’t most parents of black males “have the talk”. They are not taught to respect the law or the law enforcer. If they do wrong and are challenged most go ballistic citing dissed,etc. I have been stopped for speeding several times. I know I was speeding and when the officer writes the ticket, hey I did it. These cops are called on domestic violence cases etc., and anytime all hell can break out. You liberals put Biden in office and turn it over to Kam Harris and you can pull the drawstring on America. As a prosecutor it is reported she selectively choose who and why she would prosecute based on her status of the occasions. She darn well did not prosecute on a Equal basis Statistically who – what profile commits most of the crime in America? Hey you know, but hey you will not accept that. By the way. Donald Trump did the right thing pressing and building the wall. You endogenous Trump haters really are putrid pathetic.

      3. All drugs must be decriminalized. Transfer all funds now spent for law enforcement including courts and lawyers to prevention and treatment. At least drug doses can and must be pure and known by those using them.

        Whatever LEOs lose in funding and personnel in the short term, they gain a thousand fold in public perception and good will in the long and medium term.

        At this point I know of nothing that could convince me otherwise. Earlier I went back and forth. The so-called “war on drugs” is one of this nation’s all time worst scams. How many innocents including police has this war killed?

        Another thing: get rid of cash. Almost all criminal activity except bank crimes involve cash. I’m less attached to this but that’s my current thinking. I personally know of 2 persons who use cash to avoid paying taxes (not me nor anyone in my family).

        1. This may be a surprise, but not all crime is related to drug use. What are you going to do about rapists? What about Ted Bundy who liked to kill women and play with their dead bodies till they got ripe? What about Dahmer who liked to catch and cook and eat young men? What about criminals who think anything you have is theirs? Are you really anxious to capture the good will of people like that? Don’t give them your address.

          1. I respectfully request you list all the great things that resulted since Nancy’s Reagan promoted the so-called “War On Drugs.” While Nans was ingesting a chite load of legal Rx mind altering drugs, taking big gulps of Cognac @ $250 per bottle, and paying high end psychics to comfort her…

            A neighbor LEO left a wife and several kids behind when another neighbor, a veteran who loved to grow and smoke his own pot, shot and killed the LEO performing a no-nock warrant because the vet/pot head had a bad breakup with his ex-girlfriend who subsequently finked on his pot garden.

            IIRC the vet never sold pot, he just loved to grow and smoke it. He later hung himself and died in prison.


            If you meet the parents of the vet, you gonna tell them their son got what he deserved? Are you effin’ kidding me?

            One of my friends died of an OD. Do you have gee dee idea how much of the “Fire Dept.” and paramedic public budget is spent tending to ODs? Our family friend’s son lost the ability to walk from an OD.

            And yes, the makers of some of these legal opiates should be executed for pumping lies Re. safety when they knew the drugs were deadly addicting.

            American thirst for illegal drugs is more intense now since the war started. The war can not reasonably be justified IMO.

            Local and State police in some Southern State have almost killed each other waiting to bust trucks carrying drugs.

            My closest friend at the time was a LEO in a major US city. He was the primary “collar” on a big drug bust, a car trunk filled with drugs. His fellow LEOs made the most serious threats to him for turning in all the drugs rather than sharing the appropriate ratio with his fellow officer.

            How’d prohibition work out? Do have any idea how many LEOs distributed booze during prohibition? I know several personally by name.

            Every single independent professional licensed medical researcher who studied this agrees with me that decriminalization is mandatory. If you found an exception, post a link. I’d like to read it.

            1. Missing: those State and local LEOs wanted to shoot each other over the funds each department gets for drug busts on the freeway, 18 wheel trucks filled with a lot of drugs. The cops spot a truck, follow it till they can justify a stop, game over, ka-ching to LEO coffers. Enough money to cause cops to want to kill each other over it.

              The war on drugs is corrupt from top to bottom.

              I worked for years with someone who was an ex-LEO. 25 years ago a police man was shot execution style in his car as he was just about to start the engine and drive to work early in the morning; an ex-coworker of my then-coworker. The ex-LEO told me that execution was related to that LEO being involved in an illegal drug trade within the PD. That murder is still unsolved. The deceased officer may have turned State’s evidence.

              Absolutely SOP within the LE business.

  7. Hello 911, Hello, Hello!!! If you have called 911 for an emergency please hold an operator will be with you shortly. Our current wait time is approximately 30 minutes. If you are calling for police assistance please be advised they will no longer assist in any drug related problems, please call your local mental health professional for further advice in the proper course of action. Our current wait time is now 45 minutes, please continue to hold.
    For those that blame the Police what would you do upon arriving at an emergency call out? There stands a naked person in a delirious state. You approach and they start spitting and yelling. You attempt to calm the situation to no avail. Quick you have no time to waste, what is the delirious person’s intent or next action? Are they going to hurt someone, themselves, or you? What if that person is Black? Now the officer is in a damned position, taking action or not they are damned. This reminds me of my return from Viet Nam and being accused of Malice and spit on for no other reason than I was a soldier. Those that cast Malice or contempt for an individual without knowing their true intent or facts should be rebuked.

  8. Body Cam Captures Moment Officer Fires At Subject Brandishing Gun

    Yesterday, in Washington D C, police responded to a housing project where a young man with a gun was allegedly sitting in a parked car. When police arrive a chaotic chase breaks out in open space between the project buildings.

    One officer runs full speed towards the main suspect who clutches a small handgun. Said gun, however, is not apparent to viewers. Yet the officer fires, while running full speed, and manages to take down the suspect with one shot. Only when the video is seen in slow motion is the handgun clearly visible in suspect’s right hand.

    The video dramatically illustrates how incredibly brief the response time is for officers reacting in these situations. Had the officer missed, the suspect could have returned deadly fire, killing the cop instead. Interestingly the suspect had a so-called ‘ghost gun’ assembled from a kit presumably marketed to nefarious buyers.

    Link below contains the full video produced by the Metro Police.

    1. this story does illustrate why a lot of officers like the idea of body cams. in this instance it helps establish precisely what happened. but, it may not always capture the relevant context of a police encounter, which is a 360 degree view for the people involved, not just a narrow look that can be grasped by a bodycam. so they are perhaps good tools in use now, but not the only evidence.

      1. Yeah, Kurtz, it seems like body coms are kind of double-edged sword for cops. In this video, the cam captures what is either an incredibly lucky shot or display of expert marksmanship.

  9. When will black America stop blaming the police, white America and look to themselves for answers? Your problems are in your own house. All we read and hear are black men on drugs, breaking the law, resisting arrest. Stop taking drugs, stop breaking the law, don’t resist arrest, stay at home with your family, help your children with homework, build a solid family, no more kids with different fathers and get yourself off government assistance, it’s time to change your life style. What exactly have you gained from rioting, looting and burning? You got a new TV, a pair of Nike’s, Apple cellphones you can’t use, destroyed community business and I can guarantee 60% of Americans think the worse of you. If you think Joe Hiden and the Dems is the answer think again. Stop blaming the police, there’s no white supremacy, there’s no white privilege. You are your problem, you are your answer, it’s time to wake up to that.

    1. “All we read and hear are black men on drugs, breaking the law, resisting arrest.”

      “there’s no white privilege”


  10. There is an ongoing tragic lack of mental health services in this country including IN PATIENT BEDS.

    There is also a decades long trend away from providing necessary IN PATIENT CARE because of reluctance to ask for and give INVOLUNTARY COMMITTMENT

    families of people with severe mental health issue suffer the most. one might argue, even more than the sick persons themselves, as families are often the subjects of abuse and crime committed by persons with grave mental illness

    Many good resources HERE:

    cops are in an unenviable position and should not take the blame for a lack of proper resource allocation by the medical establishments and bureacrats

  11. For a long time, I have been so sympathetic to members of law enforcement responding to domestic relations calls and calls from families about their family members; law enforcement is asked to do what the callers cannot do or will not do. Now … I suggest that, if the call for assistance is about a person who is black, law enforcement should NOT respond at all – lest law enforcement not perform their job to the satisfaction of the callers and the callers’ attorneys. BTW: Hats off to the Oregon law enforcement agencies that will NOT provide assistance in Portland!

  12. Just think. All those riots for nothing except ripping off the liquor shops, gun stores, and barby doll racks.

  13. OK, here is more info:

    Reports on Prude’s arrest surfaced Wednesday for the first time since he died in March, when his family held a press conference and released police body camera footage and reports they obtained through a public records request.

    The medical examiner concluded that Prude’s manner of death was homicide and caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint,” with excited delirium and intoxication by the drug PCP as contributing factors.

    Excited delirium, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “is characterized by agitation, aggression, acute distress and sudden death, often in the pre-hospital care setting,” typically associated with drug use and sometimes with the death of the “person in the custody of law enforcement.”

    Excited delirium is not an accepted diagnosis or syndrome by the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association or the World Health Organization, nor is it listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, according to Harvard University’s Civil Liberties Law Review.”*

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    *However, from wiki:

    “EXD has been accepted by the American College of Emergency Physicians, who argue in a 2009 white paper that “excited delirium” may be described by several codes within the ICD-9.[5] A November 2012 The Journal of Emergency Medicine literature review says that the American College of Emergency Physicians Task Force reached consensus, based on “available evidence, that Excited Delirium Syndrome (EDS) is a “real syndrome with uncertain, likely multiple, etiologies.”[1]

    According to the 2020 publication, “excited delirium syndrome” is a “clinical diagnosis” with symptoms including delirium, psychomotor agitation, and hyperadrenergic autonomic dysfunction.[6]

  14. We shouldn’t evaluate decisions based on their outcomes, but rather whether or not they were sound decisions at the time they were made. I don’t see where Prof. Turley offers any constructive alternatives. Perhaps, instead of using a spit hood, the police should have let the man continue to spit and bite at them. Perhaps when the man attempted to get up, the police should have let him take off running down the street rather than holding him down. Of course, if he had been hit by a car while fleeing, Prof. Turley would no doubt blame the police for that too (in that case, at least, he would be right). Prof. Turley indicated that the police needed to be better trained. But, trained to do what? As soon as someone starts acting unbalanced, should the police just let him go?

    1. Al B – that’s the problem right there. Better trained in what way? If someone is spitting at them, they are supposed to apply a spit hood. Otherwise, they could get Herpes in their eyes, Covid-19, etc.

      With the tools at their disposal today, I’m not sure what they were supposed to do differently.

      Let the politicians calling for charges go on a ride along to respond to such a call. Don’t put on the spit hood, and then have the politician load them up, getting spat on right in the face.

  15. BeeEss this was a homicide. I am waiting for it to be come the “in” thing for ME’s to put “Cause of Death – Racism” in the near future. What kind of drugs did Prude have in his system??? Inquiring Minds want to know.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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