Two Temple Students Seriously Injured In Falling From Roof After Trying To Take Selfies

Two Temple University students were hospitalized after falling four stories while they were allegedly trying to take a selfie at a rooftop party.  The students were at a party around  2 a.m. on Saturday when they fell from the rooftop and landed in an alley.  The management company insisted that there is an ample barrier, but the case could raise some challenging questions in a tort action for both sides.

41 thoughts on “Two Temple Students Seriously Injured In Falling From Roof After Trying To Take Selfies”

  1. It seems contrary to evolutionary fitness to risk your life for a selfie. There was recently a case where a man in his 40s fell to his death when he climbed a tree at a cliff’s edge for a selfie.

    Comparative negligence seems the most fair way to judge such cases. If she did anything like lean over a barrier for a selfie, then they were tragically irresponsible. People often learn from dumb mistakes. I hope they survive and get that chance. Most of us have had close calls where we learn a lesson.

    That said, it seems as obvious as equipping every passenger cruise ship with sufficient lifeboats, that every rooftop accessible to humans in any capacity should have a safety railing. I have known of too many people who fell off roofs, off ladders, or even off of hay bales during work not to take heights seriously. I know of 2 people who died from such accidents within the past year or so. When heights are involved, don’t do the bare minimum to be compliant. Put up a barrier or railing which you would trust to keep a loved one safe on a windy, dark night on that roof.

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