Two Temple Students Seriously Injured In Falling From Roof After Trying To Take Selfies

Two Temple University students were hospitalized after falling four stories while they were allegedly trying to take a selfie at a rooftop party.  The students were at a party around  2 a.m. on Saturday when they fell from the rooftop and landed in an alley.  The management company insisted that there is an ample barrier, but the case could raise some challenging questions in a tort action for both sides.

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      1. I don’t know what he has in mind but there is a rumor–denied–that she is thinking of retiring.

        1. she’s been a functional alcoholic for many decades. and yet. most non-alcoholics would do quite well to accomplish the orderly and productive life that she has


    The principals were negligent.

    The principals are victims only of their own actions and misbehaviors.

    The building took no willful kinetic action against the principals.

    Caveat emptor.

    The function of a building is to shelter.

    It is not the function of a building to provide security.

    It is not the function of a building to conduct any aspect or facet of the life of any human being.

    The gross negligence of the principals was aggravated by Apple and/or Samsung; both of which willfully, wittingly and deliberately market distracting and addictive phones.

    “It’s the [I-phone], stupid!”

    – James Carville

  2. Jonathan: There is an update about those who attended Trump’s Rose Garden celebration for Supreme Court nominee Judge Barrett. Kellyanne Conway has tested positive for Covid-19 after attending the event. Now Claudia Conway, the daughter of the former WH advisor, has also tested positive and in a post said: “Update my mom has covid…I’m furious. Wear your face masks. don’t listen to our idiot f——president piece of s—protect yourself and those around you”. How disrespectful! Claudia has been critical of her mother and Trump for some time. Can you imagine the conversation around the dinner table at the Conway residence with Gorge having to referee? No wonder Kellyanne resigned. She was having enough problems at home. Claudia says her mother told her “masks are stupid”. Do you think Kellyanne thinks the same thing now?

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  3. “Big Dirty Money” by J. Taub

    Too close to home for Jonathan Turley.

  4. Jonathan: It can’t be because it’s a slow news day that you are giving us a a lesson in tort law. Trump is in the hospital–apparently very ill form the coronavirus. We don’t know his exact condition because the WH and Trump’s doctors are putting out so much contradictory information. Trump wants everyone one to think he will be fine in a few days and back on the campaign trail.

    Now if you want to talk about the law of “negligence” let’s consider how Trump handled the COVID-19. From the very beginning he denied the virus was a serious problem. He has obstructed efforts to deal with the crisis. He has refused to wear a face mask and told his WH House staff and those that visit not to wear them. WH staff have been very worried for months about contracting the virus but were told they could not get tested because that would make their boss look “weak”. At the WH ceremony last week for Supreme Court nominee Judge Barret none of the attendees wore face masks, including your buddy AG Barr. I wouldn’t want to have those long lunches with your mentor any time soon. I guess those present thought they were safe inside Trump’s make believe “bubble” of denial. That bubble was burst when a number tested positive. Now everyone in the WH and those who attended the ceremony are running around with their hair on fire! If Trump were a private citizen (he may soon be) there would be a lot of attorneys signing up people who attended the soiree last Saturday. The causes of action would be based on Trump’s gross negligence in intentionally exposing people to the coronavirus. Now Trump might have a number of defenses. At his rally’s people who signed up had to sign coronavirus waivers. Maybe attendees at the Barrett ceremony also had to sign waivers. But waivers often don’t hold up in the courts. Trump could also point out the tort element of “causation” that is required for a negligence action. How could someone prove they contracted the virus at the ceremony last week. Then you have the defense of “assumption of the risk”. No doubt many if not all of the attendees at the ceremony knew or should have known they were exposing themselves to a known risk. This seems to be the best defense since anyone who is around Trump should know bad things happen!

    The accident at Temple University may be interesting as a case study for law students. But you missed a golden opportunity to discuss the much more serious gross negligence, not to mention criminal conduct, of the President of the United States. But if you did this you might be accused by your conservative minded students and followers of “liberal bias”–and you wouldn’t want that.

  5. Maybe Turley should be more concerned about the trump supporters that are going to fall off their edge of the flat earth in November.

    1. Maybe you should keep the 800 n;umber for your local suicide hotline handy.

    2. Maybe the concern should be that we all learn to speak Mandarin.

      President Donald J. Trump will KICK A– and TAKE NAMES.

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  6. There was a tv interview of the Trump medical team a minute ago. They were terrible at discussing things.

  7. C’mon, let’s do Trump. This pablum of Turley’s is thin and needs to be spiked. I’m taking bets that Trump comes out of this even worse than he went in; if that’s possible.

    1. You just couldn’t help yourself, could you? You really are a despicable human being.

      1. Trump gets better-comes out of this-and chest puffed out starts in again about how he saved millions. You can’t see that, despicable Trump making lemonade out of his lemons. And his base drinking the Kool-Aid.

        1. And yet here we are, you and your pathetic ilk believing you have any credibility after being proven wrong for 4 years. Until you admit your failures, nothing you have to say deserves a response beyond: Apologize to President Trump and the American people for supporting the Democrat/Russia collusion coup.

  8. Whoever owns that building (off campus apartment) just needs to settle. Agree or not, juries now do not take into account personal responsibility. So if the roof top was open for social gatherings, then the jury would find the responsibility would rest on the building owner to insure one could not easily fall over the railing. The reports seem to describe a barrier one could set on, not one like required around porches more than a couple ft off the ground.

    1. So the owner of property with a cliff over looking a river is responsible for drunks falling over?
      It’s not like the building owner had a kindergarten class up on the roof.

      1. Liberty, if you read my comment, you will see I do not agree that they are liable. What I am saying is juries today will find them liable, just like the one that awarded millions to the person placing a coffee cup in their lap while driving, spilled the coffee, burned their privates and found McDonalds liable for coffee being too hot.

        Most likely the students were drunk, were standing or sitting on the railing, screwing around trying to get some selfie they wanted to go far and wide with their friends, one lost their balance and pulled the other over with them.

        Do you think personal responsibility will even be considered in any court case? I do not.

        In our country any tort case is productive because the loser does not have to pay for court costs of the winner. So one can sue, run up cost, take it to court for any issue that has a small chance of success and the defendant has to pay huge amounts to win a case. That is why many settle. It is cheaper than defending and winning.

    2. I’ll give you a hint about who owns nearby “off campus apartments”

      usually people with ties to the board of directors who can get early access to development plans and schedules and pick the winning nearby ghettoes for “gentrification” before the rest

      universities are wicked criminal rackets, i tell you, if you only knew but they pay the reporters and editors off to cover so much stuff up it’s almost unbelievable

      our socalled “free press” isnt worth a bucket of warm spit, they’re ever and always complicit

  9. There has been a song out for many years. Some of the lyrics can be changed so as to make two songs to fit two catagories of colleges which should be boycotted.

    1). Good ol boys from LSU. Went in dumb come out dumb too. Hustling round Atlanta in their allegator shoes. Keeping the …
    2). Snotty dogs from Harvard U. Went in snide, cone out snide too. Drunk on the weekends at their bar b ques. Spend hundreds of thousands to think their poop don’t stink.

  10. I went to Temple. Seem to recall that someone fell off a roof at a party back in the 80s as well. But, it was the 80s.

  11. Trump created an environment of ‘anti-masks’. People working in the government were doing so, theoretically, in the best interests of the people of the US. Trump chided to demanded that those around him ‘take that thing off’. So, can those that caught the virus in this atmosphere sue the buffoon? Now, when you visualize your champion, visualize Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Newman, ‘What me worry?’

  12. Seems the school should just close access to the roof of all buildings. That said, if the university is sued to bankruptcy, no great loss since that’s one fewer indoctrination camp.

    1. universities are generally self insured and Temple can easily chuck out $20 million for a 2 victim wrongful death suit.

      drunk kids die at these “temples” of alcoholism year after year and they pay the papers to keep the coverage low key

      nothing advances alcoholism in America more than higher mis-education

      the budgets for major universities are measured in spends over a billion a year. people have no idea how big these creatures are. supposed nonprofits which pay jack squat in taxes.

      they run minor league football franchises too and somehow the player’s cant even form unions

      worst racket in America going right now and deserve RICO prosecutions across the board

      1. From all indications I have seen, this was not campus property. It was an off campus apartment building.

  13. It sounds as if Temple might be in the lead for the number of Darwin Award winners.

    1. It sounds to me as yet another example that Gen Z are by and large the fruit of the people that have won every other other year.

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