“Anonymous” Revealed and Retained: CNN Keeps Contributor Who Lied On The Air To Anderson Cooper

Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, came forward this week to confirm that he is “Anonymous,” the author of the bombshell opinion column published in The New York Times two years ago and the subsequent book “A Warning.” What is most notable is that Taylor is now a CNN contributor who will remain in that role despite lying to Anderson Cooper and CNN viewers on the air. CNN sees no problem or conflict in a contributor who knowingly lied on the air while others were being hammered as the suspected source. Indeed, this is fast becoming a curious credential for CNN contributors.

In August, Taylor appeared with Cooper in an interview slamming Trump. Cooper asked him point blank if he was the author.

Taylor responded with a repeated denial:  “I’m not. Look, that was a parlor game that happened in Washington, DC, of a lot of folks trying to think of who might that be. I’ve got my own thoughts about who that might be.”

Cooper asked again: “You’re not ‘anonymous.'”

“I wear a mask for two things, Anderson. Halloweens and pandemics. So, no.”

Well, three things, Halloweens, pandemics, and lying to my future employer.

What is incredible is that Taylor insists in the interview that he wants to focus on Trump “and his character” while knowingly and repeatedly lying to Cooper and viewers:

As Taylor was holding forth on good character and making huge amounts of money from his book, others were being investigated as the possible source including longtime national security aide Victoria Coates, who was  reassigned to the Department of Energy. On Twitter, Taylor acknowledged that he might owe Coates an apology. Not the viewers however.

CNN however distinguishes between lies that undermine Trump and those other lies. It will keep Taylor as a contributor. That leaves the network with a rogue’s gallery of accused liars.  CNN hired former intelligence chief James Clapper after he lied under oath.  It hired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe after he alleged lied to federal investigators.  Now it has retained Taylor who not only lied but lied to CNN and its viewers. The only common denominator is that they may be liars but they are anti-Trump liars. It is like a media version of being a “made man,” where you earn your bones by showing a willingness to do anything to protect a narrative — whether it is true or not.

It is worth noting Anderson Cooper has repeatedly denounced Trump and his aides for lying and CNN maintains that “facts matter.” Indeed, it was Copper who stated in one prior show: “What kind of person hires someone who promises never to lie to us, as Kayleigh McEnany did on her first day on the job, and then breaks that promise repeatedly?”


It was a good question then and it is a good question now: “What kind of [network] hires someone who promises never to lie to us… and then breaks that promise repeatedly?”

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    1. Wow, that is really bad pandering and platitudes shite ad. He’s been hanging around Washington for nearly 50 years and NOW he’s going to do something big if elected? Come on, man!

      1. The difference is that Joe Biden panders to blacks to get their vote. “You ain’t black if you don’t vote for me!”

        Trump does not pander. He simply asks for a chance to make a difference in our lives. “What have you got to lose?” Give me a shot. See if I come through for you. If not, go back to voting for Democrats…who actually take your vote for granted, as Joe Biden said: he expects you to vote for him BECAUSE Black people always vote for Democrats. That is called being taken for granted. Trump simply asks for a shot at winning over your vote.

        1. People have a lot to lose voting for Trump, sometimes including their lives. He already had a shot, and he should be voted out of office.

          1. People have WAY more to lose with Biden.

            Let’s talk about Biden’s awful policies. Raising taxes? Killing jobs and entire industries? Doing away with fracking, oil, natural gas, fossil fuels? Come on, man!

            I know I would not feel *at all* comfortable putting someone like Joe Biden in the White House with his hands on the levers of that kind of power. Talk about putting lives and livlihoods at risk. The man is not only going senile, he is thoroughly corrupt! and compromised and owned lock, stock and barrel by China. Bad policies and a corrupt old man clearly not up to the job? Dangerous combo for America? Hell yes.

            And who wants Hunter Biden (have you seen his sex tapes and drug filled orgies?)…or Jim Biden, Valerie Biden, Frank Biden, and the rest of the Biden Crime Family anywhere near the White House? Hell no.

            Plus the idea of Kamala Harris being a heartbeat away from that kind of power? Did you pay attention to how she wielded her power as AG in Calif? She is exactly the type of person who should never have that kind of power. Have you watched her laugh inappropriately like a giggling moron each time she is asked a serious question? She is a cackling lefty from San Francisco, with Hillary-levels-of-unlikeability, who has no business being elevated to the presidency through the back door in this Trojan horse deceitful sham of a presidential campaign.

            And…Trump’s approval numbers with blacks and minorities in something in the mid 40s or higher. We are paying attention. We know what’s going on.

              1. “Did you know that Biden, in 47 years of politics has only been a racist, said racist things about you and me, personally, as black people, and made a bill to incarcerate black people? … The man just said, you ain’t black unless you vote for him. … He also said he didn’t want his children going to school in a “racial jungle,” didn’t want integration. He was for segregation. … He also said that poor kids can be just as bright, and just as intelligent as white kids — meaning that black, brown, red, yellow, are poor. … The dude ain’t did nothing but hurt black people.”

            1. Trump has the rappers coming on board….

              ‘Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done.’

              Lil Wayne WEEZY F
              6:28 PM · Oct 29, 2020

    2. i dont know about all that gibberish from biden but here was some good translating done by Seamus:

      So. The Spear-Danes in days gone by
      and the kings who ruled them had courage and greatness.
      We have heard of those princes’ heroic campaigns.
      There was Shield Sheafson, scourge of many tribes,
      a wrecker of mead-benches, rampaging among foes.
      This terror of the hall-troops had come far.
      A foundling to start with, he would flourish later on
      as his powers waxed and his worth was proved.
      In the end each clan on the outlying coasts
      beyond the whale-road had to yield to him
      and begin to pay tribute. That was one good king.

      1. What you call “gibberish from Biden” is Biden reading part of Seamus Heany’s translation of Sophocles.

  1. CNN has a curious concept of “reliable source.” If the anonymous source hurts Trump, then he’s “reliable.” If such a source helps Trump, then he’s “unreliable” (and not worth investigating). If a named-source is a proven liar who hurts Trump, then we hire him. If such a source helps Trump, then we arbitrarily damn him as a tool of “disinformation” (and thus rationalize a failure to investigate).

    Apparently, the heads of that “news” organization never learned the lessons dramatized in Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus.”

  2. The irony is that Taylor is a nobody. He’s a former Obama supporter who claims he’s a Republican. He was chief of staff of the DHS and wasn’t even in the White House. He’s a fraud.

  3. This is a curious post to me. Facts matter, that is true. However, a guest lying about being the source is not new nor particularly egregious. It is what they do. I wonder if Professor Turley is pointing out the hypocrisy of one side lying for “good” reasons and the other side lying for ”bad” reasons. He does a nice job of pointing out Anderson Cooper’s comments on fact, but then being quiet on the new hire. It does put him in a bad light, but it probably is not his choice and maybe he is not able to offer a response to the hire.

    1. Quiet, this is typical Turley focus on his enemies – CNN wont have him on and he’s a Fox regular now – about nothing (gee, an unnamed source lied to keep under cover! Outrageous!) but the President lies about dying Americans, asks his AG to arrest his political opponent, and tries to weaken and discredit our election tprocess o cover his expected loss? no comment! Turley lacks principle, all pretense to the side.

      1. “Turley lacks principle”

        I see how you don’t deal with the proven lies of Biden along with Biden’s corruption. If investigated there are numerous charges that could be made against him. If the democrats weren’t so corrupt themselves (along with corruption of a lot of others) I think Biden would be heading for jail instead of peaking out from his basement.

        Nothing but Biden’s corruption that is documented should be discussed with JF. He doesn’t seem any better than Hunter.

        1. “Turley lacks principle”

          What’s amusing about this is that Turley seldom says anything unpredictable. He’s a conventional academic whose understanding of the way things ought to be was…perfectly conventional in his young adult years. The decay in the political culture and in the quality of political discourse since the Dukakis campaign is something he hardly seems to notice.

          Gainesville’s an adept at saying things which suggest some sort of pathology.

      2. You know it’s a shame too because it didn’t used to be this way. I’ve followed this blog since around 2007/8 when I first met Prof Turley when he came to speak to my students (he was fantastic BTW the kids loved him). He used to be a real middle of the aisle commentator, who even when I disagreed with his conclusions nevertheless backed them up with strong reasoning. It was thought provoking stuff. By the end of his coverage of the Sister Wives case he almost had me convinced to come around on polygamy.

        But something changed around Obama’s 2nd term. Everything was suddenly about “executive overreach,” and Congress’ abdication of its authority. This type of content disappeared immediately once Trump was elected, pivoting instead to “free speech” concerns. The posts started making less sense and included less and less of the analysis that was formerly provided. Lots of sloppy ad-hominem attacks on perceived enemies and other sad stuff. I guess it gets clicks but it makes for a super boring read. Happened slowly at first, then all at once, as the saying goes.

  4. In other legal news, the NYT reports that Whitaker and Barr repeatedly tried to derail the SDNY criminal investigation of Halkbank—a Turkish bank thought to be laundering money to fund Iran’s nuclear weapons program—while Erdogan wooed Trump.

    Barr demanding that SDNY ignore DOJ rules and let a corporate settlement absolve executives of personal liability is unreal. A US company that asked for this would get shouted out of the room, but when a foreign dictator who can help Trump’s bottom line demands it, Barr jumps. He’s pimping out the DOJ. Disgusting.


    1. Thanks Anonymous. Read that report which notes Biden and Obama turned down Erdogan’s pleas for special treatment while Trump – with business dealings in Turkey tried to make it go away. And this is the guy supposedly tough on Iran and sanctions?

      1. Turkey is complicated:


        “Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has suggested that US presidential candidate Joe Biden’s comments in support of the Turkish opposition is evidence that the US was involved in the failed coup attempt in 2016.”

        Were Obama and Biden “behind” the failed coup attempt? Apparently much of Turkey thinks so, and the financial cost to Turkey’s economy was at least $100 billion.


        “In an interview with ABC News Martha Raddatz, Bolton describes President Trump’s multiple conversations with Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan. He states that “what Erdoğan wanted was basically a settlement that would take the pressure off Halkbank. And let’s be clear, what Halkbank had done was violate U.S. laws respecting sanctions on Iran.” The former national security adviser explains further….Now ultimately, I think Attorney General Barr got the prosecution of Halkbank that they deserved because the Turks wouldn’t agree to anything like a reasonable settlement. So it turned out all right.”

        1. Much of the US believes in QAnon. That a lot of people believe something doesn’t make it true. When you have actual evidence that Obama and Biden were behind the failed coup attempt, let us know.

          1. Thanks for encouraging me to clarify, John G.

            I don’t have any evidence that Obama and Biden were behind the attempted coup in Turkey.

            My point was that past and present Turkish perceptions of attempted coup causes, costs, and methods for holding perpetrators accountable make Erdogan-Trump and Erdogan-Biden negotiations complicated. And they are already complicated for many other reasons, of course.

            NYT headline: “Turks Can Agree on One Thing: U.S. Was Behind Failed Coup”


            1. Either or any American administration is stuck with the fallout from the failed coup, because it was obviously a CIA approved contrivance

              Turkey’s Erdogan is a bully and a danger to NATO. But NATO has the tiger by the tail. It’s important to not let Turkey drift closer to Russia, but at the same time punish and limit them from further abusing Greece, whether that is with naval intrusions or threats to unleash more teeming hordes of refugees

              Macron has stepped up to the plate as a counter-balance to this ugly prig Erdogan. Thankfully so

              Obama had no luck with him, Trump’s had little more if any, and whether it’s Trump or Biden come 2021, the Ottoman bully will still be there causing trouble for Europe

              Get the nukes out of Incirlik for God’s sake, if its not been done already

              Here’s a crazy idea for Europeans. Have more kids per family. Then you will have some of your own feet on the ground to do the dirty work and wont have to rely on gastarbeiters

              1. Mr. Kurtz:


                “The United States condemned the July 15, 2016, coup attempt in Turkey, and the United States continues to emphasize the importance of the Turkish government’s adherence to policies and actions that build public trust in the country’s democratic institutions and the rule of law, as well as upholding human rights commitments. Turkey is a key NATO Ally and critical regional partner, and the United States is committed to improving the relationship between our two countries. It is in our interest to keep Turkey anchored to the Euro-Atlantic community.”

                I’m not sure Turkey’s future should rest primarily in NATO or the Euro-Atlantic community. Syria, Russia and Article 5 of the NATO Charter have made an already sensitive situation even more risky, and the nukes are definitely provocative. Turkey should probably join a reformed 19-seat UN Security Council alongside Pakistan as “permanent” members for a new Southwest and Central Asian Region, but Turkey and the world are not ready for that yet. Still, Erdogan makes a good case for UN Security Council reform:


  5. CNN is as legitimate as the Weekly World News. Collectively, other media sources need to stop treating them like a legitimate news organization.

  6. A good journalist, like a conscientious historian or a skilled intelligence agent, tries to identify her sources to determine whether they were in a position to know about the subject on which they are reporting, whether they might have conflicts of interest, whether they are trustworthy, whether they are repeating hearsay, whether they are pedalling fantasies, whether they are just doing what they’re doing for the money, whether they bear a grudge, and so on. . . .
    A link to what one journalist has found out about Anonymous. I don’t know if it is true, but it is sure is interesting.

    1. If Hemingway ever condemns the Trump Admin’s regular reliance on off-the-record comments, then you can believe she’s truly concerned about anonymous sources.

  7. JT quotes Cooper saying “What kind of person hires someone who promises never to lie to us, as Kayleigh McEnany did on her first day on the job, and then breaks that promise repeatedly?” and then asks “What kind of [network] hires someone who promises never to lie to us… and then breaks that promise repeatedly?”

    Did Taylor promise not to lie to reporters, like McEnany did?

    Is JT as concerned about McEnany’s much more frequent lies to the press as he is about Taylor’s lying? When will we see a column about McEnany’s lies?

    1. Or what FOX NEWS does with outright propaganda and daily lies. If JT wants to bring up about lying, maybe he can start with the Dear Leader himself.

      1. Are you unaware of Joe Biden’s history of lying? You seem utterly unconcerned with Joe Biden’s blatant lying about his family’s “business” dealings with China and others?


        “Joe Biden told reporters that he’s never once discussed business with family members — direct or extended — amid reports that both his son Hunter Biden and his brother James Biden used his position in government for personal gains.

        “I’ve never discussed with my son or my brother, or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period. And what I will do is the same thing we did in my administration, there will be an absolute wall between personal and private and the government,” the former vice president at a South Carolina campaign stop. “There wasn’t any hint of scandal when we were there. That’s why I never talk with my son or my brother or anyone else, even distant family, about their business interest.”


        ‘Former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski told the media that he will turn over his phones and other corroborating evidence to the Senate and FBI concerning the allegations surrounding the Bidens.

        BTW, he has contributed to Democratic candidates so the left cannot use politics against him.’

        “I have heard Joe Biden say he has never discussed his dealings with Hunter. That is false. I have firsthand knowledge about this because I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden,”

        “That night, we discussed the Biden’s history, the Biden family’s plans with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar, at least at a high level,


        Did you catch all that? What else is Joe Biden lying about? Nearly everything coming out of his mouth is a verifiable lie.

        1. “According to one report, a longtime donor of Joe Biden financed a second mortgage for the vice president’s younger brother, James, worth $500,000, in order to pay for a Florida vacation home.

          The Ukrainian American businessman John Hynansky, who has donated nearly six figures to the former vice president’s campaigns over the years, in 2015 allegedly lent James Biden the half-million dollar sum for a Florida vacation home on an island only accessible by boat.

          And Hunter Biden, the candidate’s oldest son, years before had opened a lobbying shop with clients that often had business in front of his father’s Senate committees.

          During Joe Biden’s second term as vice president, in 2013, Hunter Biden reportedly arranged a Beijing meeting between him and Jonathan Li, a Chinese businessman who ran the equity fund Bohai Capital. Li was in a separate business arrangement with Hunter Biden.”


          What did Joe Biden say, again? Oh yeah, he said this:

          “I’ve never discussed with my son or my brother, or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period.”

          “There wasn’t any hint of scandal when we were there. That’s why I never talk with my son or my brother or anyone else, even distant family, about their business interest.”


          But I think everyone’s favorite lie about the Obama/Biden administration is this one:

          “There wasn’t any hint of scandal when we were there.”

          HA HA HA. Um, no. Not even close to true, Joe.

  8. Here’s the point. The Democratic Party Narrative has been disconfirmed by Reality. There is no “systemic racism”. Blacks are not failing because of Racism, but by the personal habits they exhibit such as promiscuity, unwed births, drugs, failure to become educated, failure to speak English good, etc.

    Then you add to that the whole Deep State attempted coup, the failure to report on Biden corruption.The ridiculous transgender crap. These things and others are why many Democrats (like me) walked away from the party. But many do not walk away. They continue to dwell in Cognitive Dissonance. They are of the same mindset as the Millerites who expected the world to end back in the 1840s, or the UFO cult in the 1950s who did not get taken by Aliens in spaceships when the whole Midwest was flooded.

    So one factor that helps such a person continue in their delusional belief system is that there are other people who share the delusion. So what is CNN and MSNBC and WaPo and NYT supposed to do when this sort of deluded twit is their main viewer? They can not put on honest reporters who will tell the truth. They will chase away their main audience. Do you think the UFO cult members would have watched a channel that called them nuts and laughed at them???

    Same with CNN and the rest of them. Since they can not do honest reporting, they have to do dishonest and deceptive reporting, or they go out of business. CNN and MSNBC are not just refusing to report on the LapTop from Hell and Tony B’s revelations because that would help Trump – NO! Part of their refusal is that their audience would tune them out since it does not comport with their deluded beliefs. That is an important point to understand. They literally have no choice. CNN and the MSM decided to cater to a bunch of mentally ill Democrats and they are as stuck as a group can be.

    Sooo, if you are forced to do dishonest reporting or go out of business, then you need dishonest reporters – people who are willing to lie and play along with the farce. Think I am wrong? Just look at some of the people here who can not deal with the Reality of CNN hiring liars and try to deflect away from that Reality. Just look at some of the people here who can not deal with Turley running stories that reveal the mendacity of Democrats. That is CNN’s et.al. audience, and that audience begs to be lied to.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeaky Fromm is so racist she doesn’t realize she’s racist, just like fish don’t know that they are wet. In a way she just doesn’t know better.

    2. Good post Squeeky. It reminded me of a Federalist article I read back in November 2016, regarding a post-truth world. The author was spot on then and she foretold the events we are seeing today.

      The fact is when everyone defines truth for himself, there are no ties that bind. If I decide something is true for me, based on how I feel, then it is true. This is all I have if I have rejected objective truth. All I have are my subjective experience, feelings, and natural impulses. These become truth for me, just as your subjective feelings become truth for each of you. In the end, we are ruled, not by a common commitment to truths to which we all are bound or a commitment to exercise reason as we pursue truth, but by our own individual feelings.

      The result is chaos and conflict, because there is no real common ground. For there to be common ground, you would have to be committed to something objective, a truth outside of yourself that is the same for everyone. This conflict can’t be avoided if society rejects objective truth and reason.

      1. Olly (quoting): “This is all I have if I have rejected objective truth. All I have are my subjective experience, feelings, and natural impulses.”

        Spot on (again)!

        The philosophic evil destroying this culture is the notion that emotions are superior to reason. On any topic, you can give facts, evidence, arguments — until you’re blue in the face. The emotionalist ignores it all, with: “Well, I just don’t feel you’re right.” America has become, in the words of Leonard Peikoff, an “emotionalist republic.”

        1. “America has become, in the words of Leonard Peikoff, an “emotionalist republic.””

          Democrats are putting De Carte in front of the horse. [Rene Descartes]

        2. On any topic, you can give facts, evidence, arguments — until you’re blue in the face. The emotionalist ignores it all

          This blog is a perfect example of that. Joe Biden’s statement that we believe in truth, not facts, is often cited as one of Biden’s gaffes, but what is more likely is that he actually believes what he said. I made a comment on here a couple of weeks ago regarding this legal blog, or any legal blog for that matter, having any relevance in a culture where the law takes a backseat to feelings. Our host is routinely denounced as being a partisan shill for Republicans and conservatives. His attackers are incapable of recognizing he hasn’t abandoned objectivity, facts, evidence or the rule of law…they have.

          1. “. . . he hasn’t abandoned objectivity, facts, evidence or the rule of law…they have.”

            Exactly. And to their peril, they have abandoned Aristotle: “The law is reason free from passion…Man, when perfected, is the best of animals, but
            when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all.” (Politics)

          2. If you’re going to pretend to quote someone, you should at least get the quote right, especially if you’re talking about truth and facts.

            Have you ever bothered to check what Biden actually said?

            Do you know what it’s a reference to in the Trump Administration?

            1. Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. Even his supporters know who he is. We got to let him know who we are. We choose unity over division. We choose science over fiction. We choose truth over facts.

              I stand corrected. Now how is that materially different?

              1. The answer to the question I asked you: it’s a reference to Kellyanne Conway’s comment about “alternative facts”.

                1. Anon re “alternative facts”: You (and the media horde) keep using that expression. I do not think it means what you think it means. Rather than being swept up in a media frenzy, you might want to investigate what Conway meant by the expression “alternative facts.”

                  It’s a legal term of art denoting: facts to present an alternate explanation or conclusion. As in this usage by Facebook to explain its strategy of “related articles”: “In Facebook’s strategy, Sandberg explained, potentially false content is presented in users’ News Feeds alongside related articles ‘so people can see alternative facts.’”

                  And as in this usage from _Family Law in Practice_: “Provided the alternative facts or the alternative interpretation you put is reasonable . . . ”

                  Or from _ Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations_: “The expression ‘alternative facts’ might seem contradictory, but it simply means competing facts.”

                  Or _The Art of Lawyering_: “The proof will be in the experts’ ability and willingness to handle alternative facts in their own theories or to apply alternative methods than the ones upon which they rely.”

                  As a trained lawyer, Conway was well aware of that usage.

                  1. Sam, isn’t this the habit of the left? Change the meaning of words to change the direction of the discussion.

                    1. Allan: “. . . habit of the left?”

                      Yes. They’re graduates of the Humpty Dumpty school of language:

                      “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’” (_Through the Looking-Glass_)

                      And now they’re one-upping Humpty: Sully a word, then ban it and make people feel guilty for using it. So that “America,” under their arbitrary decree, means “racism.” “Individualism” means “slavery.” “Man” is “sexism.” “Objectivity” = “oppression.” (ad infinitum, ad nauseam)

                      And, as I’m sure you know, you can see that “words-are-merely-putty” attitude in how some people carelessly use the expression “court packing.”

                  2. Sam, Conway was addressing Sean Spicer’s lie that Trump’s 2017 inauguration was the “largest audience to ever witness an inauguration – period – both in person and around the globe”. Just what “facts to present an alternate explanation or conclusion” do you think exist when it come to Spicer’s lie? Can you admit that Spicer was lying?

                    1. Anon: “Can you admit that Spicer was lying?”

                      That is not the issue you raised (and attempted to flog Olly with.) The issue was the meaning of Conway’s statement (not whether it was true or false). Context matters. Are you willing to admit that you (grossly) misinterpreted her statement?

                2. Look squirrel!

                  I corrected the quote you challenged and you failed to answer how it is materially different. Conway and alternative facts does not answer the question about believing in truth over facts; alternative or not.

                  1. And you failed to answer whether you knew what it’s a reference to in the Trump Administration.

                    Biden and Trump and everyone else sometimes misspeak. He meant to say “truth over lies”. That’s close to “truth over alternative facts” in terms of how Kellyanne used “alternative facts,” since she was talking about Spicer’s lies.

                    We should all choose truth over lies, don’t you think? Trump sure doesn’t choose truth over lies. Lies pour out of his mouth like water flowing in a stream. He lies so naturally, a lot of his supporters can’t believe that he’s lying.

                    A fact checker comparing Biden and Trump at the last debate said “Biden was imperfect. There were at least a few false, misleading or lacking in context claims from him. But for a fact checker you’re kind of sitting there with Biden, occasionally you’re like, ‘Oh that’s wrong.’ With Trump you’re like that “I Love Lucy” episode in the chocolate factory. You don’t know which one to pick up because there’s just so much.”

                    1. As usual, you completely miss the point. I said, Joe Biden’s statement that we believe in truth, not facts, is often cited as one of Biden’s gaffes, but what is more likely is that he actually believes what he said.

                      It’s not about whether he misspoke. It’s about how the Left has abandoned objective, fact-based reason and have replaced it with feelings. Damn!

                    2. LMAO that you think it’s more likely is that he actually believes what he said than that he misspoke and meant “We choose truth over lies”.

                      Biden hasn’t abandoned objective, fact-based reason. The left hasn’t abandoned objective, fact-based reason. Trump and his enablers have, as is clear from Trump producing so many lies that fact-checkers are like Lucille Ball gobbling chocolates.

                      You’ve bought into it so completely that you don’t even see how Trump is the one who goes with his feelings. He wants what he says to be true, so he says it, even though he’s lying, and his enablers want to believe him, so you believe him even though he’s lying. You swim in his lies, unaware, like a fish swimming in water.

                    3. “That’s close to “truth over alternative facts” in terms of how Kellyanne used “alternative facts,” since she was talking about Spicer’s lies.”

                      You are so ignorant and repeat things regurgitated by the ignorant media. “Alternative facts” mean something completely different. It’s a legal phrase telling one that other facts exist and not that the facts already stated are true or false. You are totally ignorant. I can’t believe you ingest so much vomit.

            2. This was clearly one of Biden’s usual gaffes. It is probably true, even in his demented state Biden is far more on the ball than Anonymous

              The videos are out there. Biden has some dementia probably based on age and he stumbles with his words a lot. He is able to speak as well as he has (not great) because this is the same patter that he has used for years and people with his problem can do that. It is when they have to create new things that speaking become more difficult. Then or when they suddenly lose track.

              1. It’s been bruited about that his staff may have been feeding him Adderall.

                Dementias vary in their effects. A diagnosis of vascular dementia is associated with a large cut in your life expectancy and most people so diagnosed die within about two years. Life expectancy for Lewy Body disease runs about six years. Alzheimer’s on the other hand is associated with only a modest reduction in life expectancy (~7%), so someone so diagnosed at Biden’s age could easily live another 10 years.

                1. I have little question that the staff may have provided long rest times and then given him some type of amphetamine. His patter is totally ingrained so the brain has developed its own type of “muscle memory”. When he is distracted from his “muscle memory” he is easily confused.

                  For the good of the nation and that includes democrats he needs to lose.

                2. “A diagnosis of vascular dementia is associated with a large cut in your life expectancy and most people so diagnosed die within about two years.”

                  You might want do a little research before you post.

                    1. A diagnosis of vascular dementia is associated with a large cut in your life expectancy and most people so diagnosed die within about two years.

                      So says, Dr. Arty — who isn’t a doctor.

                      Change the “two” to “five,” buddy.

                      Someone needs to fact-check you, on a regular basis.

              2. Anon: “. . . he actually believes what he said . . .”

                I don’t think Biden believes half of what he says (and can’t recall the other half). But he wants you to believe it.

                1. Biden is like a magician who is successful because of his patter and careful movements, but what he makes one believe is totally false. At present he is less than half a magician so democrats have erected a lot of smoke and mirrors.

  9. JT compares Taylor to people like Clapper, but is silent about Brett Kavanaugh having been accused by multiple people of lying under oath. I guess it’s OK if the person who does the lying favors Trump.

    Kavanaugh is so sloppy that the Vermont Secretary of State had to formally request that he fix a false claim about the state in his recent WI concurrence: https://twitter.com/VermontSOS/status/1321547993728823296

    He’s fixed it, but in a way that his statement about Vermont no longer makes sense.

    Many other false statements were identified in his concurrence. But he hasn’t fixed them, perhaps because there is no Secretary of State to formally request it.

    These voting cases are a whole lot more important than Miles Taylor, and as legal cases, they’re also more on topic for a legal blog. Is JT going to discuss them?

      1. No, Jonathan, that’s not in other words at all. Kavanaugh is absolutely allowed to contrast the two if he does it honestly.

        What Kavanaugh should not be allowed to do is make false statements in his opinions and refuse to correct all of his factual errors when they’re pointed out. When is he going to fix the rest of his mistakes?

        1. Don’t miss the forest for the trees, Anonymous.

          In the VT case cited here, it’s not clear Justice Kavanaugh made a factual error as much as he was misread. He added a word to make his handling of the VT case more understandable but it looks like an optional tweak on his part.

          1. Kavanaugh made a factual error, Jonathan. In fact, he made a bunch of factual errors. Here’s a good discussion of others: https://twitter.com/Tierney_Megan/status/1321120019040866304

            He wasn’t misread. He was contrasting states that have changed their election rules with those that haven’t, and he falsely listed VT in the latter. He initially wrote “To be sure, in light of the pandemic, some state legislatures have exercised their Article I, §4, authority over elections and have changed their election rules for the November 2020 election. Of particular relevance here, a few States such as Mississippi no longer require that absentee ballots be received before election day. See, e.g., Miss. Code Ann. §23–15–637 (2020). Other States such as Vermont, by contrast, have decided not to make changes to their ordinary election rules, including to the election-day deadline for receipt of absentee ballots.”

            Vermont DID make significant changes to their ordinary election rules, and they said so in the letter that’s embedded in the tweet I posted from the VT SOS. It is because VT made other significant changes, including mailing every active registered voter a ballot and a prepaid return envelope, that they didn’t need to change the rule about the receipt deadline. In WI, voters had to individually request mail-in ballots, and they didn’t always receive them promptly. Had WI done what VT did, the receipt deadline wouldn’t have been an issue.

            1. Thanks for the cut and paste, Anonymous.

              It looks like this is what the Mississippi Legislature did:



              In contrast to MS, the VT legislature made changes to its election procedures for 2020 but it did not exercise its authority to likewise extend the deadline for mail-in ballots.

              I think from the context it’s somewhat clear that Justice Kavanaugh was NOT intending to contrast states that have changed their election rules AT ALL, he was intending to focus specifically on the mail-in ballot filing deadline aspect. A better one-word correction on his part might have been to switch “including to the election-day deadline” with “specifically to the election-day deadline…”

              You write: “Had WI done what VT did, the receipt deadline wouldn’t have been an issue.”

              Exactly. The WI legislature didn’t do what either the VT Legislature or the MS Legislature did. Hence the ruling.

              1. That the WI legislature didn’t do what either the VT Legislature or the MS Legislature did is the reason that Kavanaugh’s ruling is wrong. The conservatives on the court are consistently ruling against voting rights in the middle of a pandemic.

            2. FWIW, Anonymous, I think Senate Dems probably had it right in March when they proposed funding for a national mail-in ballot because of the Covid-19 public health emergency:


              “The Senate language, which faces a vote in the House as early as Thursday, does not include any of the mandates that Democrats had hoped to impose on states as a condition of receiving the money. Those include requiring them to make mail-in voting available to everyone and, if an election is held during a national emergency, sending a mail-in ballot to every registered voter.”

              “Senate Republicans had balked at those requirements, saying that elections should be administered by state and local governments. A GOP summary of the bill said that Senate Democrats were seeking to “override state control of elections and create a federal mandate for early and mail-in-voting.””

              Such a mandate appears Constitutionally sound:


              But the Senate did not have the votes.

    1. He won’t talk about the voting issues because he’s waiting for a call from the RNC to help them suppress the vote.

  10. Sheesh. Practically more spooks than gumshoes in the news anymore.

    “Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security”
    “CNN hired former intelligence chief James Clapper”
    “It hired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe”
    Ex-CIA chief John Brennan is at NBC as a contributor, too.

    The secrecy and security state delivers a good chunk of the news now it seems…

      1. Mespo,
        True. Perhaps it is good it is at least more obvious. Only the tip of the iceberg of mis/dis/malinformation is showing, though, methinks.

    1. It’s a mediocre school, but still much better than the Trump School of Ethics, which is a fraud and may be facing another class action suit.

  11. CNN story that actually matters! Helllooo Turley? Anyone home?


    The virus plan – this from Jared’s mouth on tape – was to stick the governors with the hard downer stuff like testing while Trump would “own” the reopening and not get his hands dirty. He brags about taking it away from the doctors.

    Lock these scumbags up. They have literally enabled the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and still have no plans going forward except wishing and lying for a vaccine. None.

    1. PS Did I mention that they are still actively sabotaging the only behavior Americans can do to help control the virus spread while infecting towns across the country and even the WH with their filthy cooties.

      1. Joe Friday wrote: “CNN story that actually matters! Helllooo Turley? Anyone home?”

        This is your brain (see above comments). This is your brain being screwed with, lied to, and manipulated, courtesy of CNN Fake News.

    2. It’s politics, sweetie, calm down. You are being spun. And you are spinning out.

      Trump’s plans going forward are similar to Biden’s plans. Pretty much everything Biden says he would have done differently is what Trump had already done, and then some.

      1. That’s false anonymous. Any president except Trump , would have declared a national emergency and taken over the coordination and supplying of a national response. That would be 2 tiered:

        1. What normal Americans can do is wear a mask and practice social distancing and that message would be repeated over and over.
        2. Provide and allocate medical supplies as needed across all states, asking for full funding from Congress. That money is cheap compared to what this is costing our eceonomy and families without loved ones.

        Trump is too stupid to realize that he could have ridden this emergency to fairly easy reelection by being a wartime leader everyone listened to, instead of a vain ignoramus who lies every time he has a mic.

        Listen to Jared on this tape and see what level of inhumanity and corruption we are dealing with. Lock him up.

        1. That’s false anonymous. Any president except Trump , would have declared a national emergency and taken over the coordination and supplying of a national response.

          Waal, you can look at M. Macron’s performance and you can see what that gets you.

        2. “Listen to Jared on this tape and see what level of inhumanity and corruption we are dealing with.”

          I listened to Jared on this tape. Unfortunately I did not see this “level of inhumanity” that you think you heard. He talked about a 3-phase approach and how the administration was going to move forward balancing economic as well as public health concerns, as well as polical concerns. What I heard was a strategy being laid out.

        3. “Listen to Jared on this tape and see what level of inhumanity and corruption we are dealing with. Lock him up.”

          It’s interesting you use the words ‘lock him up’ regarding Jared. He has actually done quite a lot for Criminal Justice Reform. He speaks often about the right of each of us to ‘redemption’ and ‘second chances’ in life. Even Van Jones will vouge for the work of Jared Kushner as being impactful and meaningful for the black community and those in prison and struggling to reenter society. Jared is actually quite a thoughtful, compassionate, kind, practical problem-solver kind of person and “inhumane” is not even close to an accurate description of who Jared is as a person, he’s quite the opposite.

          1. Also interesting Joe Friday uses the word “inhumane” to describe Jared Kushner who, in addition to his work on Criminal Justice and Prison Reform, is a key player in the peace accords that are happening all over the middle east right now. Creating Peace in the Middle East, how “inhumane” of him. In other words, you are completely wrong – courtesy of brain-washing by CNN – which is NOT a news organization. Hellooo?? Anyone home???

        4. Trump DID declare a national emergency. Every state got the ventilators, supplies, PPE, and even pop-up hospitals they needed.

      2. Trump’s plans going forward are nothing like Biden’s plans. Trump is now pushing a herd immunity strategy, which will result in hundreds of thousands more people dying.

        1. “nothing like Biden’s plans.”

          Actually, they are similar.

          What strategy do you suggest instead? Joe Biden’s?

        2. Anon: “Trump is now pushing a herd immunity . . .”

          Which is more effective than Cuomo’s plan of herding infected seniors into nursing homes.

      1. Trump? He is “the best president since sliced bread! Everything the man say he gonna do, he do it. The man is a genius!”

        Biden? “That criminal, in 47 years he didn’t do nothing for the black man but make a crime bill and then brag about it”

    3. “They have literally enabled the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and still have no plans going forward”

      False. You are being spun and spinning flatout lies.

      1. Anon: “They have literally enabled the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and still have no plans going forward.”

        Or, if you go by some public health “experts,” Trump has prevented about two-million deaths. (See the Imperial College fantasy predictions, I mean “models.”)

        The point is that from the outset, many health care experts have been playing a gigantic guessing game — while toying with people’s livelihoods, freedom, and sanity. Their advice has been wildly inconsistent: airborne/not airborne, no masks/ masks, travel bans good/bad, et al.

        Worst of all, many treat Covid-19 as if it were the only issue in an individual’s life. Education, paying bills, operating a business, mental health, basic liberties, other medical problems — all be damned. Their cure for a broken foot is to cut out your heart.

        1. It is hard to publish a paper on Covid and get it printed if it is not toeing the Progressive line. We are seeing the selection process destroying the science of medicine.

          Everything being equal from day one over a long period of time, the area under the curves of Covid spread mitigated vs non-mitigated is almost exactly same.

  12. A larger point is that this helps us to understand all of the other anonymously sourced anti-Trump stories in the Times. Who was the source for the “soldiers are losers” articles? Who was the source of the Russia stories?

    PS. This creep was NOT even chief of staff at DHS at the time of his column, he was promoted to that “lofty” position after his damning column. This is what the Times uses when they are in need of an agenda driven narrative. The paper of Walter Duranty has gotten even worse.

  13. I ask whether Turley has ever taken to task the lies promulgated by Fox News opinion hosts? Please refer me to one of his blog posts I might have overlooked or forgotten. Thanks.

    1. Jeffery, why not actually comment on the story at hand rather than some fake story your hope better reflects your bias. The story is that the Times used a LOW LEVEL twerp to damage the president and they caused some havoc in the administration by fomenting doubt about loyalty among worried staff. The media, folks you love, are actually mad about this story, but to you it is all “hey, look over there”.

  14. CNN: China News Network?

    2010 Report:


    “Perhaps more surprisingly, in its coverage of Taiwan and Tibet, CNN International failed to offer even one critical assessment of the Chinese government’s position on either Taiwan or Tibet, compared to 42 percent of BBC coverage and 8 percent of DW coverage. This oversight was notable considering the Obama administration’s participation in major events related to Taiwan and Tibet that took place during the period under review. In contrast, 50 percent of CNN International stories included a critical assessment of the Obama administration’s policies in Taiwan or Tibet, typically articulated by the Chinese government.”

    “However, CNN International offered the most balanced assessment of China’s role in international affairs, portraying it as a positive influence in international politics in 50 percent of its stories, and as a negative influence in 17 percent of its reporting. It offered a middle ground between BBC, which included no depiction of China as a positive influence in international affairs, and DW, whose broadcasts portrayed China as a positive force in international politics 71 percent of the time.”

    Navarro’s recent withering critique of US MSM+ in the NYPost: https://nypost.com/2020/10/28/chinas-us-patsies-from-antifa-to-the-nba/

  15. Meanwhile, Kushner on tape talking to Woodward in April discusses their strategy for the virus which is all public relations, no science, and no strategy for defeating anything but the news cycle. He says they left the governors holding the bag on testing while Trump would “own” the reopening, and had taken control of the situation “away from the doctors”.. Nice huh? Hard to be a bigger a.shole and he and Trump should be arrested for criminal negligence or manslaughter.


      1. Kurtz, Joe Friday is talking about Kushner to deflect all the bad and criminal news about the Biden Family Cartel. It proves he has no interest in the truth. He promotes ideology no matter what.That is the type of person Hitler, Stalin and Mao looked for, stupid and loyal to the cause.

    1. Dr. Anthony Fauci said Wednesday that he did not get “any sense that President Donald Trump” was distorting anything about the coronavirus earlier this year, either in his briefings or during private discussions, despite disclosures in Bob Woodward’s upcoming book, “Rage” that Trump downplayed the dangers of the virus.

      “I don’t recall anything different than in our discussions with the president,” Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a key part of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, told Fox News. “In my discussions and the discussions of other task force members with the president, we were talking about the reality of what was going on. When we would get up in front of the press conferences, which were very, very common after our discussions with the president, he really didn’t say anything different than we discussed when we were with him.”

      According to Woodward’s book, Trump admitted in March that he “always wanted to play it down” when it came to the COVID-19 threat to the United States. In February, he told Woodward he knew the virus was more serious than the flu.

      But Fauci said Wednesday he was always straightforward in his discussions with Trump, as were others on the task force.

      When Trump gave his briefings, “he led off and said we just got through with a briefing with the group from the task force and we would talk about it,” said Fauci. “So it may have happened, but I have not seen those kinds of distortions.”

      He also insisted that the experts would talk about the “cold facts,” and often Trump would want to “make sure that the country doesn’t get down and out about things. I don’t recall anything that was any gross distortion in things that I spoke to him about.”

      Fauci added that he was comfortable with what Trump was saying, but “I’m a small frame in the big picture of what goes on. I would go in, we would get Dr. (Deborah) Birx and I and Dr. (Robert) Redfield and talk to him about the things that were going on out there…we would get up and go in front of the cameras and talk about what the discussions were. Within that context, I don’t think he said much different than what we said when we were in the Oval Office.”


      1. That’s what Fauci said. It doesn’t compute to me. I remember Trump saying it’s a democrat hoax, it’s rounding the corner, we’re doing too much testing, hydroxychloroquine is the answer, we provided all the to PPE to hospitals, anyone who want a test can get a test, herd immunity, it’s the Democrat governors mishandling the pandemic to make him look bad, etc, etc. Am I missing something?

  16. I’d forgotten about this controversy. Supposedly, Trump offered a throwaway speculation that ‘anonymous’ was a ‘mid-level bureaucrat’. It turns out he was high-level, but staff rather than line (and not a bureaucrat, a patronage appointee). This man’s job was likely something along the lines of tracking the paper-flow in and out of his boss’s office, keeping her schedule, filtering communications sent to her, and communicating with other parties on her behalf. The only way he could have been part of ‘the resistance’ was to (1) misappropriate information coming across his desk or (2) sabotage communications between the secretary and others.

    Looking at him, I cannot figure why he was placed or hired to do that sort of work and it’s just another example of how erratic has been Trump’s personnel operation. The Secretary should have been permitted to bring a factotum she trusted from her previous positions.

    1. I’d like to here comments from the Secretaries for whom he worked. Did they have any inkling he was trashing the administration to Bezos and Sulzberger minions?

  17. Of course they will. It’s a CNN thing to keep liars in their company so they can feel comfortable about their own lies…

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