Rep: Andrew McCabe Lied Four Times

McCabeRep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who is a member of the House Oversight Committee, revealed late last week that former Deputy FBI Director was accused of lying not once but four times in the still withheld Inspector General’s report.  My column today in the Hill newspaper will discuss this disclosure and the timing of McCabe in securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions through a GoFundMe page.

Jordan told The Ingraham Angle:

“Four times he lied about leaking information to the Wall Street Journal about the FBI. . . .He lied to James Comey. He lied to the Office of Professional Responsibility. And he lied twice under oath to the inspector general.”

I recently discussed how McCabe appears to have used a defense not unlike that of former National Security Michael Flynn: saying that he was “confused and distracted” in answering questions about his prior actions.  Now it would seem that he may have been confused and distracted four times: with Comey; OPR; and twice with the IG.


113 thoughts on “Rep: Andrew McCabe Lied Four Times

  1. An0maly sez

    The easiest way to raise half a million dollars:

    1.) Commit a massive crime
    2.) Have Trump call you out
    3.) Open a GoFundMe & watch in awe as brainwashed liberals hand you their money

  2. Meanwhile, I’m waiting to hear more about the alleged emails that McCabe’s lawyer claims McCabe has, which supposedly prove that Comey either knew about or approved McCabe’s disclosures to the media.

    If such emails exist, the first question would be why are they in McCabe’s possession. If they aren’t evidence handed over to McCabe by the Office of Professional Responsibility or Inspector General, then the only way McCabe would possess them is if he’d removed federal records and continued to unlawfully possess them after leaving the government — the way Hillary removed federal records and continued to unlawfully possess them after leaving the government.
    And it seems like the only way McCabe could’ve done that is by not using a government issued device and/or a government issued email account for emailing with Comey.

    And then there’s the matter that the FBI Employment Agreement requires FBI employees to seek and obtain WRITTEN authorization to engage in disclosures of FBI information.

    So I don’t personally see what relevance any emails between McCabe and Comey might have — other than possibly showing unlawful possession of federal records. An email conversation about disclosures to the media does NOT constitute written authorization to release information.

    A written authorization to release information would be included in FBI files where it could be located by people such as the Inspector General when investigating disclosures, authorized or unauthorized. And email concerning a discussion is NO substitute for written authorization maintained in FBI records.

    It seems to me that Comey AND McCabe are in very deep trouble, and emails about some email conversations(s) they might have had concerning disclosures should only make that trouble worse.

    To me, it’s looking like the people who investigated Hillary’s email misconduct may have been engaged in virtually identical email misconduct as Hillary.

    • Maybe McCabe and Comey sent private text messages to one another after hours–possibly even whilst tooling around town in their luxury automobiles.

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