We have already seen a good showing for Halloween this year at our house. We have set up a table to allow for more distance and caution.  However, the kids are carrying on with the holiday undeterred!  A testament to the power of raw courage and raw sugar.

Here are some pictures from our house.

The truly most terrifying moment of the evening was my son Jack making candy corn pizza. It was without question the single most vile thing I have ever tasted:

31 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!”

  1. we had some kids and they didn’t even have masks on. apparently now they go for makeup. I forgot to wear my mask when i answered the door and nobody cared. I feel fine today so “no tricks” from the little crumbsnatchers

  2. Our Halloween was a bust this year. We had maybe 10 kids and our streets were empty. What a crying shame for the young. I get it, people are afraid for both themselves and their children. Yet, it is still a shame kids cannot enjoy one of the two true kids holidays.

  3. Here’s one to get you going for the next big celebration. One state said TDay gatherings six per table but 30 for a funeral. Resident said his pet turkey is going to die on the 26th of Nov. So he’s holding a funeral and inviting 28 of the Turkeys closest friends and his wife is providing the refreshments

  4. Jonathan: Ah, Halloween when kids have a license to engage in all sorts of holiday pranks. Donald Trump, Jr. got into the act early on Friday by urging his dad’s supporters to greet Kamala Harris, who was campaigning in Texas, “a nice Trump Train welcome…get out there, have some fun”. Armed Trump supporters did just that. They harassed a Biden/Harris campaign bus trying to force it off the road and rammed a Biden support vehicle. When Don’s father heard about the little bit of “fun” by his supporters dad tweeted: “I LOVE TEXAS!” I guess this is what a bunch of fun lovin, gun toting Texas Trump supporters do the day before Halloween. Long live the Alamo!

    1. Oh please. How about all the store fronts in cities across the country….in DC, Philly, Boston, etc….all being boarded up in anticipation of post-election rioting, violence, looting and property destruction? Those are Biden/Harris voters, not Trump supporters.

      1. ‘They harassed a Biden/Harris campaign bus trying to force it off the road and rammed a Biden support vehicle. When Don’s father heard about the little bit of “fun” by his supporters dad tweeted: “I LOVE TEXAS!” ‘

        So, if true, this is okay with you?

        1. Key words: “If true…”

          Show the facts, the evidence, that they tried to “force it off the road”….

          1. “Allegedly” is the key word. The white car in the video was changing lanes attempting to get behind the bus where the truck was already in that lane. The white car was aggressively changing lanes and trying to force the truck out of its lane. The white vehicle changing lanes is the at-fault vehicle.

            1. Stay in your own lane.
            2. Don’t mess with Texas.

            1. Not 100% certain on this , but i agree that white honda was doing all it could to squeeze between the Bbus and Ford truck. I think the motive was to catch that freeway exit fast approaching. I think those folks were just trying to escape being surrounded, or that indeed was the get off destination. Watch the video, as the honda made it’s force intention move on the truck. Ford didnt back off, it rubbed back. 5 seconds or so later you clearly see the honda missed the exit.

          2. Biden team cancelled their remaining Texas events because more Trump supporters were showing up at the events than Biden supporters. Also because the more Kamala was seen and heard at each of her events, the worse it was for the Biden campaign. She is so bad at this campaigning that they bailed out of Texas and are using this an a convenient scapegoat excuse.

  5. Impressive Halloween display! Looks like you had fun setting it up.

    My kids went trick or treating at a house that used old wrapping paper tubes to deliver the candy straight into their bags. The tube was attached to the porch handrail. All the adults had to do was sit up on their porch and drop candy through the tube.

    Happy Halloween!

    1. In a kid’s mind it fits. Two favorite foods together, and, the candy corns do look sorta like little pizzas.

  6. Wow – really went all out – looks great! Could have saved yourself all that trouble and just put that candy corn pizza on display, though – that thing’s truly terrifying.

  7. The reason that candy corn was so vile could be because it’s original name was Chicken Feed. Chicken Feed was sold in a box with a rooster on the front. The name wasn’t changed until after WW 2 ended and trick-or-treating began.

  8. Great Halloween landscape you have created. My kids would love it. They have one but not quite as large. LOL!

  9. What an elaborate display! Well done. Of course the kids should be out trick or treating, they are at the least risk of Covid and deserve to keep their childhood pleasures. Grinchy adults who are hysterical about Covid can keep their lights off.

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