NBC Finally Responds To Hunter Biden Story . . . With An Exhaustive Expose Of An Unknown and Unrelated Document

We have been discussing the continuing blackout on the Hunter Biden story, even as reports have surfaced that the FBI not only rejected claims that the story was “Russian disinformation” but confirmed that it has an ongoing investigation into possible money laundering. Now, NBC has finally responded with an expose into allegations against the Biden. However, the article entitled “How a fake persona laid the groundwork for a Hunter Biden conspiracy deluge,” does not deal with the laptop or its content. It instead focuses on an obscure document that no one has covered or discussed. The value for the Bidens was simply the headline, which was immediately used to warn people not to follow up on the Biden story as Chinese disinformation.

I will say it again. These emails are not proof of criminal conduct.  There are a lot of unanswered questions on these sources and emails. However, this is a major story either way. It is either disinformation (with criminal acts committed in lying to the FBI and Congress) or it is evidence of potential crimes and clear influence peddling by the Biden family. On its face, Joe Biden’s past denials of knowledge or involvement have been contradicted by a witness who has repeated those allegations to the FBI at his own legal peril. That is why the media blackout makes no sense. You can probe the specific allegations which now involve detailed dates, locations, and individuals — exposing lies on either or both sides. That is what the media normally does when the possible next president has been tied to possible influence peddling, suspicious foreign contracts, and direct alleged contradictions.
I have no reason to question the veracity of the NBC story, just its relevancy.  Rather than find some unknown, obscure document to debunk, NBC could start with simply asking Biden for a specific response to allegations of meetings and discussions about these foreign dealings.  Otherwise, the most relevant post-election article could be “How an evasive press report laid the groundwork for a Hunter Biden conspiracy denial,”

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      1. Will the dishonesty of CBS, ABC, NBC, FBI, DOJ, etc. news media shielding joe biden contin continue and the censor of trying to get information o MSNBC, Bing, twitter, facebook, google, etc.

  1. The media is conspiring to get a man who might be suffering cognitive decline, and is under investigation for money laundering, elected to the White House.

    This has risen to the level of Soviet-era propaganda.

    What amazes me is that Democrats have routinely been guilty of what they’ve blamed Republicans for.

    Hillary Clinton paid millions of dollars for Russian disinformation, in the form of the dossier against Trump. She’d planned this as an October surprise, to take the heat off her email story. This disinformation was used to spy upon Trump’s campaign, and presidency, and to undermine his administration for years.

    Joe Biden bragged, on camera, about a quid pro quo with Ukraine. He threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid unless the prosecutor was fired within 6 hours. Coincidentally, this prosecutor was also investigating Burisma, at which Hunter Biden worked for $50,000/month. He had zero experience in oil and gas.

    Donald Trump was impeached for inquiring about Hunter’s alleged wrongdoing in Ukraine.

    Democrats accused Trump of being mentally unfit for office, and suffering from a smorgasbord of mental illnesses. He took a cognitive function test, passed it, and shared the results. He also had his doctor dismiss rumors of any mental defect or illness.

    Meanwhile, Joe Biden is clearly showing decline. He can’t remember the name of who he’s running against. He angrily refused to take a cognitive test.

    Donald Trump was accused of violating the emoluments clause because the company from which he divested all control runs an international chain of hotels which, gasp, lets rooms to foreigners at the going rate.

    Joe Biden is accused of selling access to his political influence to foreigners.

    Yet the media has positioned itself as a mighty shield to protect Joe Biden from sincere inquiries into his alleged decline or illegal activities.

    Polls show Biden the favorite to get elected. Ask yourself this. Would Biden be so far ahead in the polls if the media truthfully and without bias followed up on these stories?

    1. Trump is suffering cognitive decline, and is likely under investigation for money laundering, so it that concerns you, you should vote him out. If you don’t like Biden, write in a candidate.

      Some of what you say is ridiculous. If Clinton “planned this as an October surprise, to take the heat off her email story”, why didn’t she run ads with it?

      Some of what you say is ignorant. Shokin was NOT investigating Burisma and that’s why Biden and Senators from both parties and the EU and others wanted him out. Trump was impeached for attempted bribery and for obstruction of Congress. And on and on, your comment is so full of ignorant claims.

      1. Anonymous, the supposed cognitive decline of Trump is ludicrous. Night and day between Trump and Biden. Biden’s vacant eyes (nothing behind there), his slow slogging movement, his brain freezes and made-up-words…. these things can’t be easily dismissed, ignored, or covered up by projecting dementia onto Trump.

  2. Professor Turley

    “I have no reason to question the veracity of the NBC story, just its relevancy. Rather than find some unknown, obscure document to debunk, NBC could start with simply asking Biden for a specific response to allegations of meetings and discussions about these foreign dealings.”

    During the Second Presidential Debate, moderator and NBC White House Correspondent Kirsten Welker asked Joe Biden that question, and Biden denied it. Nearly 60 Million people viewed that debate. So what would you have NBC or any other mainstream news organization to do to cover the story. Hunter Biden is regular fare for Fox News and The New York Post.

    Indeed, if you enter the search terms: ‘new york post twitter’ in GOOGLE Search, GOOGLE will display 2.7 Billion Results, that’s right-Billion! Is that not enough coverage?

    The story at this time simply has no more legs for mainstream media coverage.

    Should the pending FBI investigation produce any results we all will know about it when that happens.

    No one has any control over the FBI investigation but the FBI and so fat the FBI refuses to comment about the matter one way or the other.

    The mainstream media owes no duty to make more of the story than the non-story that it is merely because we are approaching an election.

        1. Already read it. Read the Intercept regularly. Consult Democracy Now! And on and on. Reed’s letter is hardly persuasive. Indeed, it reinforces almost every point that Greenwald made here. Battle of the links? And without a 9-iron. I assume you know that Nicklaus endorsed Trump?
          But this is not personal, or should not be. The point is that the on-line journal founded by Greenwald and two other people has now been taken over by a group of people who put loyalty to the DNC above their duties as reporters, which is to report what is newsworthy, not quash it.
          Reed’s letter is what censorship looks like.

        2. Anonymous, you are a turkey. Read Glenn Greenwald’s contract.

          November 26 is around the corner. Which Thanksgiving table will Anonymous end up on? It will be a sight with Anonymous all splayed out and on display.

      1. Glenn’s article proves my point: blocked by one source, but published by another-it’s on the web, hence your reference to the link. So is your point that because Glenn’s article is on the web, NBC and every other mainstream organization has some obligation to republish it, follow it and open an investigation? Why? Glenn was an investigative reporter so let him conduct his own investigation.

    1. Willfully ignorant is no way for you to go through life. The MSM doggedly pursued a Trump/Russia story that had absolutely no facts or evidence to warrant even starting. Yet, when those very same media outlets are presented with an abundance of facts, evidence and witnesses, suddenly they have no obligation to pursue it.

      Try again.

      1. Only someone who is lying to himself can read the bipartisan SSCI report and conclude that there are “absolutely no facts or evidence” showing people associated with Trump and his Campaign working with the Russians.

        1. Only someone who is lying to himself can read the bipartisan SSCI report and conclude that there are “absolutely no facts or evidence” showing people associated with Trump and his Campaign working with the Russians.

          Oh, I’m sure you’ve read it line by line.

          They spent nearly two years prosecuting people for process crimes, ginned up an indictment of a bunch of Russian officials they knew they could never actually bring to trial, dusted off tax charges against Paul Manafort that the Justice Department had taken a pass on years earlier, and prosecuted a catering company for placing Facebook ads. They also spent a year investigating the president for obstructing their obstruction investigation. Then the supposed director of the investigation appears before a congressional committee with a minder by his side and draws a blank when Fusion GPS is mentioned. But they had the goods all along.

          That’s right, we’re all lying to ourselves.

          1. Only a partisan shill talks about process crimes and white collar crimes as if they’re not crimes. You approve of things like perjury, witness intimidation and tax evasion, huh, Arty?

            It’s because Trump and many of his allies successfully engaged in obstruction of justice that Mueller ultimately didn’t file conspiracy charges.

      2. Beg your pardon-the investigation produced over 30 indictments and multiple high profile convictions.

        Are you aware that before the story was presented to The New York Post, which broke the story, it was pitched to European media organizations which refused to run it, and to the Wall Street Journal and other leading U. S. conservative media organizations all of which refused to run it? The FOX News Division of FOX News also refused to run it.

        Seems like NBC is in good company.

        1. Seems like the democrats continue playing a shell game using the news media with shielding biden. I’m suprised they let Judicial Watch send out its news letter.

  3. The only reason that people have read about the Biden corruption is because of the kindness of twitter and facebook blocking the New York Post story. There were no blockbuster headlines by any of the main stream media. You did not read about it or see it on any main stream outlets. Now NBC tries a lame attempt to discedit the story. Many Democrats were fooled with Russia Gate because they wanted to believe it. They won’t get fooled again.

  4. I have no idea how these people in the media sleep at night. We had absolutely no witness say that Trump ordered withholding of aid to Ukraine for an investigation into the Bidens. Just one guys who said that it was his own presumption that that was the case. That was enough to impeach the President and make an attempt to remove him from office. Here we have an actual witness, there are actual e-mails, and there is actually a money laundering investigation going on involving Hunter Biden, and suddenly the media can’t find any questions to ask, or be bothered to even cover it…

    1. Imagine what we may have learned if they had subpoenaed Hunter Biden to testify in the Ukraine impeachment matter? But they didn’t. They impeached President Trump in order to protect Joe Biden.

      1. Imagine what we may have learned if they had subpoenaed John Bolton to testify in the Ukraine impeachment matter? They impeached Trump because he’s corrupt.

        1. Sorry but here is the stark difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump:

          ‘At this point nobody needs a political yard sign.

          Put up an American flag and we’ll all know who you support.’

          1. Bolton was legally bound not to share classified information in his book, so you’re lying.

            Bolton’s book also wasn’t published until months after the impeachment.

        2. The irony is that Biden whistleblower, Tony Bobulinski, only came forward with the truth that Joe Biden was well aware of, and involved in, his family’s shady foreign business schemes because Congressman Adam Schiff, the lying, leaking Chair of the Intelligence Committee, went on CNN and MSNBC and smeared him as a traitor to his own country by attempting to dismiss the Hunter laptop revelations as part of a Russian smear campaign against Joe Biden.

          1. They impeached Trump because he committed high crimes. They didn’t even charge him with all of his crimes. The Senate Republicans were corrupt in not holding a real trial.

            I hope that Lindsey Graham was prophetic when he said that if the Republicans “nominate Trump, we will get destroyed … and we will deserve it”

            1. Only a Stupid person would believe that Trump’s discussion with Ukraine was an impeachable offense. We now have ample evidence to prove what Trump said was more than justified and that Biden should have been and be investigated. Biden has always been a bit crooked but in recent years he has sold America out.

  5. ‘Whatever the case about Hunter Biden, this much is factually correct: While Joe Biden has been pushing to end fossil fuel in US, his family has been cutting billions of dollars in deals & profiting off of the oil industry in competing countries such as Ukraine and China.

    In fact, eliminating fossil fuel in the US while supporting it in other nations could be seen as putting America at a competitive and national security disadvantage, whether intentionally or by accident.’ ~Sharyl Attkisson


    How many times have we heard Joe Biden say he didn’t know anything about his son’s or family’s business dealings? That is a brazen LIE.

    “Ten percent for the Big Guy.” Joe Biden is a sellout and a crooked politician. It’s treasonous what Joe Biden has done. He is unworthy of the office.

    We can DO something about this America. Vote TRUMP! Drain the Swamp!

  6. Turley’s lies in the 1st sentence. The FBI has said NOTHING about this case, as is their practice about investigations, ongoing or not, and especially ones close to an election. Turley knows this, or certainly should if he thinks he’s up to commenting on it.

    Turley also ignores the fact reputable news organizations – no, not Fox which is the one he appears on and never speaks ill of – insist on verification by sources known to them, and also stay away from questionable scandal rumors before an election. In 2016 they all viewed the Steele Dossier in September but did not report on it. In fact it was largely unknown to the public – Mother Jones reported on it, but without follow up by the majors – until after the election, but known to the NYTs, WaPo, ABC News, etc.

    “The founders of Fusion GPS have described how they did not hide the fact that they were researching Trump and Russia: “Fusion and Steele tried to alert U.S. law enforcement and the news media to the material they’d uncovered …” and their office became “something of a public reading room” for journalists seeking information. In September they arranged a private meeting between Steele and reporters from The Washington Post, The New York Times, The New Yorker, ABC News, and other outlets. The results were disappointing, as none published any stories before the election.[56]

    Jane Mayer has described how, in “late summer, Fusion set up a series of meetings, at the Tabard Inn, in Washington, between Steele and a handful of national-security reporters. … Despite Steele’s generally cool manner, he seemed distraught about the Russians’ role in the election.” Mayer attended one of the meetings. None of these news organizations ran any stories about the allegations at that time.[21]….”


    1. Turley’s lies in the 1st sentence.

      It is curious that the Left have as their favorite weapon the accusing others of lying when they:

      a. lie 25/8
      b. have no morals
      c. manipulate their audiences
      d. their one quest is power over others
      e. troll the internet to insult others anonymously, e.g. Peter Shill, Joe Friday, et al and their scores of avatar profiles

      ….let no one deceive you. The person who acts in righteousness is righteous, just as he is righteous.
      – Gospel of St John 3:7



    Twitter and Facebook have both instituted a series of new policies aimed at limiting election misinformation, though Wang’s videos do not necessarily violate those rules.

    Wang’s videos picked up more momentum a month later, as conspiracy theorists speculated about what else could be on the hard drives after the New York Post article.

    While Delaware authorities have said the hard drive is now in the hands of the FBI, its emergence triggered a wave of conspiratorial thinking that has reached mainstream conservative outlets. But vague rumors about Hunter Biden’s hard drive had already been spreading for a full month.

    “Shortly after the New York Post story went online, some members of the QAnon conspiracy theory noticed Wang and his YouTube show, and started amplifying the unfounded pizzagate narrative and making it more visible in English on social media,” Chen said.

    According to analysis by the nonpartisan nonprofit Advance Democracy, more than 1 in 10 shares of a tweet from Giuliani about the New York Post article came from accounts that identify with the QAnon conspiracy theory in their Twitter bio.

    Just one day after the New York Post article, allegations of wrongdoing against the Bidens involving Ukraine were seemingly abandoned by many Trump allies and conservative media, which turned the focus to claims of China-related corruption, according to Zignal’s analysis. These conversations were dominated by Donald Trump Jr., the president and the actor James Woods.

    But the most significant boost for the child abuse conspiracy theories would come from a website founded in May that has been embraced by Trump surrogates: Revolver News.

    Since the site’s inception in May, Trump and some of his supporters have pointed to Revolver News as an alternative to The Drudge Report, the conservative news aggregation giant whose tone toward the president has shifted to negative and antagonistic since 2019.

    Revolver articles flattering to Trump have been shared directly by allies of the White House, and even the president, for months. In September, Trump tweeted an endorsement of Revolver.

    “Our people have all left Drudge. He is a confused MESS, has no clue what happened,” Trump tweeted on Sept. 14. “They like REVOLVER and others!”

    Revolver News does not disclose on its website who is behind its operations or any corporate affiliations, but Darren Beattie, a former speechwriter for Trump who was fired in 2018 for speaking at an event alongside white nationalists, has claimed authorship of some of the posts on the website. Most articles do not have bylines, and the few names that are on articles appear to be aliases of people that do not appear elsewhere on the internet and could not be identified with public records searches.

    Attempts to identify Revolver’s ownership were unsuccessful, but the website shares an internet protocol address (a numerical label given to any computer connected to the internet) with only nine other websites, according to website details that are publicly available. Those websites make up “The Mix,” which describes itself as a “unified publishing network” mostly covering pro wrestling and mixed martial arts.

    The Mix is owned by Intermarkets, a digital media and advertising company. Until 2019, Intermarkets was the exclusive advertising representative for The Drudge Report, one of the most visited news sites on the internet.

    Revolver, created in May, is now the only politics aggregator hosted on The Mix’s IP address.

    Revolver and The Mix sites share a Texas-based web service provider, Precision Creations. Joshua Wychopen, president of Precision Creations, declined to comment on the site’s owner, citing client privacy concerns. Intermarkets denied any relationship with Revolver. Shauna Schatz, Intermarkets’ vice president of media, said that she was unaware of who owned Revolver.

    The online news watchdog Newsguard said in a report that Revolver “severely violates basic journalistic standards” and publishes conspiracy theories and misinformation about Covid-19.

    Chanel Rion, a correspondent for the conservative cable media outlet One America News Network, claimed​ in a tweet that she had seen content from the hard drive. In the days following, Lauren Witzke, a QAnon-supporting Senate candidate in Delaware, tweeted the child abuse allegations. InfoWars host ​Alex Jones ​amplified similar unfounded claims about Hunter Biden, one version of which has been viewed over 3 million times on InfoWars’ video hosting site.

    By the weekend, more mainstream conservative media personalities had seized on the child abuse rumors. On Saturday, Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo suggested in an interview with Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., that the FBI may be investigating the claims. Bartiromo did not directly refer to Revolver News but discussed details unique to the Revolver News article. Johnson also echoed the suggestion. On Sunday, Wayne Allen Root, a national radio host, echoed some of the claims, receiving more than 25,000 retweets in two hours.

    Edited From: “Inside The Campaign To Pizzagate Hunter Biden”

    NBC NEWS, 10/22/20


      The NBC coverage Turley links here is a much bigger story than Hunter Biden’s hard-drive. Forces loyal to Donald Trump are using the highly dubious “Revolver” website to drag Hunter Biden into the Q’Anon rabbit hole.

      If Turley thinks the NBC story is just a distraction, he, in effect, is also promoting the Q’Anon conspiracy.

  8. Rudy lays out a 5 count RICO indictment of the Joe Biden Crime Family. Bribery, fraud, money laundering, corruption, greed. The head of this crime family money-making operation is one crooked politician named Joe Biden, “the big guy.” Some say they all do this kind of self dealing in DC and there is nothing wrong, nothing illegal, no laws broken. How can that be allowed to continue? If you vote for Joe Biden, then the corruption continues and you won’t hear another thing about it. It’s plain as day to anyone paying attention, that Joe Biden should never be allowed to step foot in the Oval Office. He has sold out his own country and continues to lie about it all.

    1. The 5 counts are: Ukraine bribes, Iraq housing dealings, Russia bribes in the millions, China deals in the Billions. Biden is a corrupt politician from Delaware who has been ‘for sale’ for decades. And now? He is owned lock, stock and barrel by China. It is obscene what Joe Biden and his family have done for decades with his political office and how he has sold-out his own country’s best interests. It’s treasonous. But Joe Biden is running on his decency and character?? Come on, man!

      Drain the Swamp!

  9. No, you guys are all wrong! This is NOT corruption or deflection on NBC’s part. This is an example of Sympathetic Magic. (and I don’t just mean that they are “sympathetic” to Joe Biden and the Democrats.) What the obscure report is is the equivalent of a Voodoo Doll. If they “stick pins” in it and kill it, then magically they will kill the real story about the LapTop From Hell.

    I have been reading The Illustrated Golden Bough by James Frazer, and:

    The Two Parts of Sympathetic Magic

    Frazer broke down the idea further into two distinct parts: The Law of Similarity and the Law of Contact/Contagion. He said,

    “From the first of these principles, namely the Law of Similarity, the magician infers that he can produce any effect he desires merely by imitating it: from the second he infers that whatever he does to a material object will affect equally the person with whom the object was once in contact, whether it formed part of his body or not.”

    Now before you laugh at me and call me totally stupid, and say that the people at NBC do not believe in magic, remember those people believe that a man can become a woman by changing his appearance, and that there is such a thing as Systemic Racism some 60 years or so after the Civil Rights bill.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  10. JT keeps lying that the FBI “rejected claims that the story was “Russian disinformation”. They did not. They only said that they had nothing to say publicly right now. JT serves his readers poorly when he’s so sloppy with details.

    1. Anonymous, this NBC story is far more significant than Turley would have us believe. I’m still putting together all the information there. But I’m surprised Turely even linked that NBC piece. And I’m even ‘more’ surprised that mainstream media hasn’t picked up on NBC’s findings. In fact, the ‘real’ story here is that mainstream media didn’t go all out on those NBC findings.

    2. I’m not sure of the latest comments of the spokesman at the FBI, but the spokesman for the FBI can only delay the release of information proving the laptop was not Russian disinformation.

      Ratcliffe: “Don’t drag the intelligence community into this,” “Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign and I think it’s clear the American people know that.” So does the FBI according to well-sourced material.

      Based on the droppings Anonymous likes to feed the blog while he closes his eyes to other information available, Anonymous says, “JT serves his readers poorly when he’s so sloppy with details.” This is an example of the constant murmurs of this particular incompetent and unintelligent commenter.

  11. Heaven forbid there should be a headlong addressing of the underlying question: Was there an underlying money laundering scheme supporting Hunter Biden’s seemingly good fortune in his foreign business dealings ?

  12. “Even a dog distinguishes between being stumbled over and being kicked.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

    This Holmes distinguishes neither.

    1. Meant as a response to Holmes below who said: ” It’s not a media black out. I’ve read about it. “

      1. I said more than that but, hey, Trumpsters love to do that. I realize it’s the only thing you guys have but let’s talk Ivanka and her hubby and the Chinese and how about MCCONNELL’s wife to name a few. But never mind. I realize that your boy wants to get rid of the Civil Service Commission and go to a straight spoils system.

        You guys are willfully blind. You, your cult leader And his enablers have shredded our companies reputation and everyone of our institutions. I hope you are proud.

        1. “I said more than that ”

          You did. You said: “There is no black out.” which is pretty foolish if one bothers to research the news and take note of how censorship appeared on Twitter and FB while the MSM ignored the story as they have over the years every time it was brought up. You live in a cocoon that filters out information some people do not wish you to hear. Instead of looking further, you accept what is provided to you by others.

          Therefore when the Church was in power, you believed the earth was flat, and then when someone else was in power, you believed the earth was round.

          You are not your own man.

        2. I take note of you using the shotgun approach, “Ivanka and her hubby and the Chinese and how about MCCONNELL’s wife” … “Civil Service Commission” … and “shredded our companies reputation and everyone of our institutions.” Take note of how many things you jam together. You do that because your understanding of these things is shallow and you are unable to deal with them one at a time. We see that in almost all your responses on this blog as if any one of these items should have an on-off switch rather than a discussion.

          Tell us how well the Civil Service Commission is dealing with the FBI where advancement to the top has to do more with who is in the club than who has the most merit. Tell us how the CSC protects the taxpayer from workers that don’t do their jobs. Tell us the law Trump wants to pass to end the CSC? You can’t. There isn’t any. Trump believes in meritocracy so that jobs can be done better, faster, and with less use of resources.

          “I hope you are proud.”

          I hope you are proud that you cannot discuss these things but can regurgitate a list given to you by your betters without you having the slightest understanding of what these things are all about.

            1. Who did the phony impeachment? Democrats. Who created and paid for the phony Steele Dossier? Democrats. Who weaponized the intelligence agencies? Democrats.

              Now this pinhead says “Trump has divided Americans; he’s not presidential.” What a fool.

  13. From the Turleycrats:
    Hello Biden. You are siding…
    With the commies…
    You’ve been hidden.
    We remember..
    Ernest Flemming.
    He got tomine poisoning after dinner.

  14. NBC is the king of fake news. They are the ones who used Savannah Guthrie and the Today platform to “inform” millions of women that Trump’s victory in 2016 was due to Russia’s hacking into election machines in this country and changing the vote counts.

  15. or it is evidence of potential crimes and clear influence peddling by the Biden family

    You mean it is supplemental evidence. It’s been known for years and years that Hunter was in the connections biz and that he and his uncle ran a very sketchy financial-sector enterprise that certainly smells like a money-laundering operation. Burisma wasn’t paying him huge directors’ fees consequent to his known acumen in the mining sector.

    1. Arthur, both you and William _JD open your comments with “Come on, man”, which makes us think you’re the same person.

      1. Come on man. If your logic were correct then they would also be the same person as Joe Biden. Come on man.

  16. There is no there there and you know it. It’s not a media black out. I’ve read about it. You’ve read about it we’ve all read about it. There is no black out.

    1. Justice Holmes:

      Are you being dumb or disingenuous?

      Yes, there is a story for those who care to look, but most Dems are willfully ignorant and do not look.

      Reading your posts, I get a sense of intellectual dishonesty.

    2. Holmes, your commentary reminds us of the words recently attributed by Tony Bobulinski to Jim Biden: “plausible denial.” Your denial is not plausible. None of the Bidens have come forward in an effort to deny the specific allegations. The mainstream media has been complicit and we all know it.

    3. C’mon, man! There’s an email seeking assistance from Joe in regard to “cases” pending against Burisma. In other words, the alleged corrupt motive for Joe’s firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor did in fact exist.

        1. Your comment is asinine. Glenn Greenwald was one of the founders and had editorial freedom. It is clear from the letters written by the editors and Glenn Greenwald that the editors didn’t want Greenwald to publish his editorial for political reasons, not because anything was inappropriate that Greenwald said.

          That is typical censorship coming from the left. You pretended you read the emails between Greenwald and the editors just like you have all those pretend friends. You can’t think for yourself, so thank goodness there is lots of mundane employment available.

    4. Justice Holmes? You should immediately remove “Justice” out of your name, since is totally disingenuous. Your comment is exactly what is so destructive about the media’s lies and coverups, of the biggest political scandal in American history. Your comment “there is no blackout,” defies even the scent of truth.

      I guess you would have said the same thing about Richard Nixon, even after the tapes showed up? Your words are right out of the Biden campaign playbook of lies.

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