Reality Check: How Trump Found Success In The Media’s Failure

With the unfolding contested election, the only clear conclusion is the uniform polls declaring Joe Biden with commanding leads nationally and in states like Wisconsin were laughingly false.  It appears that pollsters at newspapers like the Washington Post (which gave Biden a 17 point lead in Wisconsin on Election Day) have succumbed to the same pressures of echo chamber journalism as their journalistic counterparts.  Polls on NBC, CNN, and the major newspapers all gave the same reassuring message that only a hardcore group of knuckle-dragging racists were left supporting Donald Trump. It has been a conversation with themselves in an echo chamber of unrelenting negative coverage.  That narrative crashed and burned last night.  As I noted today, if Trump is reelected, he will have the mainstream media to thank.

This is the result of a movement to set aside objectivity in journalism in favor of advocacy. The most surprised are often those who ignored or avoided the real evidence on the ground of a close election.

The embarrassing protection of Joe Biden from allegations of sexual misconduct, the Hunter Biden scandal, or even serious campaign questions fooled no one. Instead, it further alienated voters as the establishment maintained a uniform narrative against Trump on every and any issue.  Moreover, it is hardly surprising that Trump supporters were undercounted by media when it prefaced such requests for self-identification with coverage labeling any Trump supporters as “drug addicts,” Nazis, racists, liars, or brainwashed zombies.  How open and forthcoming does NBC expect voters to be in a poll when its analysts are referring to Trump supporters as existing on “lizard brains”?

The media bias ultimately insulated Trump from backlash as the public simply grew suspicious of all media reports. The media has rendered itself as unbelievable as the subject of its current ire. While denouncing Trump as a pathological liar, the media has been pathologically biased. Polls consistently show the media racing Trump to the bottom on trustworthiness. Most of the media now feeds a steady diet of unrelentingly negative stories to a shrinking audience of true believers. Some polls show that the only group deemed less trustworthy than Trump is the media. The Knight Foundation has found that three-fourths of the public believe the media is too biased; some 54 percent believe reporters regularly misrepresent facts, and 28 percent believe reporters make things up entirely.

What I previously wrote deserves repeating:

Thus, polls indicate that the unending attacks on Trump and his supporters in the media are not conditioning but, instead, are repelling voters. They are fulfilling his narrative that voters cannot trust the media. Many voters may still view both Trump and Biden as over-inflated clowns, but they resent being continually conditioned to hit one clown and hug the other. Indeed, if Trump is reelected, he may have the media to thank.

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  1. BIG Media has long had a close relationship to the CIA. It probably existed even before the launching of Operation Mockingbird in the 1950s. Probably this election was more of a CIA-engineered color revolution than it was a real election. CIA, FBI and MIC are all heavily invested in propping up weak Russia as a mortal enemy ostensibly because they ban Gay parades and reject state-sponsored transsexualism.

  2. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It is standard fascist tactic to accuse their opponents of fascism to draw the hatred of fascism onto their opponents and away from themselves. But accusing your opponents of being lizard brains is curious. Do the dems believe in lizard brains? Are the dems upholders of the conspiracy theory about humanity being ruled by alien lizards? Republicans are least likely to support such fantastical bordering on insane notions. But given that they have raised the issue, the implication that some of our rulers and would be rulers have noticeably un-human psychological profiles, which political sector most resembles lizard brains in being cold, averse to mammalian family and social systems and advancing policies which are destructive to human life and values.

  3. How many times do we examine the “failure” of the polls, before we move onto their “success” as tools of voter suppression? Bought and paid for by the media.

    1. Did someone put a gun to a voters head and order them not to vote ?

      Was the force of government or others used to prevent people from voting ?

      If Not I have ZERO interest in this NONSENSE about “voter suppression”.

      Voting is not supposed to be easy.

      Regardless, if Polls easily dissuade you from voting – so be it.
      If you are wise you will not beleive them next time.
      Some of us learned not to beleive polls in 2016.

      I do not care about any parties actions with respect to elections that is acts of persuasion or dissausion.
      That is what all elections are about.

      Persuading people to vote for you,
      and dissuading people from voting for your opponent.

      That is all perfectly legitimate.

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