Injudicious: Pelosi Calls Barrett “Illegitimate” As MSNBC’s Joy Reid Calls Thomas “Uncle Clarence”

The sobering election results do not seem to have altered the heated rhetoric from Democratic leaders or media figures. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who oversaw another loss of seats in the House, lashed out at Justice Amy Coney Barrett as “illegitimate.”  MSNBC’s Joy Reid once again triggered outrage with a reference to Justice Clarence Thomas as “Uncle Clarence” — a clear reference to the racial slur of being an “Uncle Tom.”  There was no outrage in the media which has previously criticized President Trump for attacks on jurists.

Pelosi received widespread coverage (and comparatively little criticism) for her denouncing Barrett as an “illegitimate Supreme Court justice.” It is an outrageous and irresponsible statement from the person third in line to the presidency. There is nothing illegitimate about Barrett who was installed through a constitutional process to fill a vacancy on the Court. Much like Pelosi’s ripping up the State of the Union speech, the comment shows an utter disregard by Pelosi of her role representing the entire House of Representatives in her position.

The media has often objected to President Trump’s attacks on judges. I have joined in that criticism as unjustified and inimical to the respect for our legal institutions. Yet, Pelosi is telling citizens that a justice is “illegitimate” without a peep of protest from the same legal analysts and media figures who piled on Trump for his criticism. This is particularly irresponsible with rioting breaking out in this country connected to the election.

That reaction is less surprising when you see what is now considered acceptable commentary by media figures like Joy Reid.  Reid has been repeatedly called out for prejudiced and outrageous statements.  When homophobic comments by Reid were raised, she claimed that she had been hacked. Notably, when this claim was made by figures like C-Span host Steve Scully, the claim was debunked and he was fired. Not Reid.  MSNBC gave Reid her own show.

NBC and MSNBC also did nothing after Reid falsely slandered a Trump supporter.She was sued by Roslyn La Liberte, a Trump supporter, who was trashed by Reid for comments that she never made and an account that proved to be untrue.  Reid retweeted this image of La Liberte in the MAGA hat from a city council meeting in California during debate over SB 54, a law limiting local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration authorities.  Reid first retweeted the image with the  caption, “You are going to be the first deported.” Then, in a second post on Instagram, she wrote that the woman in the photo had screamed “You are going to be the first deported … dirty Mexican!” In additional postings on Instagram and Facebook, Reid said “Make the picture black and white and it could be the 1950s and the desegregation of a school. Hate is real, y’all. It hasn’t even really gone away.” The problem is that the image was false as was the account.  La Liberte is the daughter of immigrants and was described as trying to calm the situation down.  The 14-year-old at the center of the controversy was shown hugging La Liberte after their exchange. As stated in a federal complaint,  the misleading caption and posting to Reid’s1.24 million followers was a classic defamation action.

In addition to homophobic statements and supporting 9/11 conspiracy theories, Reid has previously attacked other blacks who do not support Democratic candidates or causes. She attacked Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron by telling viewers “Don’t look at the fact that this guy is black. That does not mean anything. He is a Republican, through and through.”

Reid has not confined her reckless comments to Republicans. She also attacked Bernie Sanders supporters.

Now, NBC and MSNBC has not even issued a condemnation over a host using an openly racist slur.  Reid asked with other network panelists during the election coverage that “If somehow they manage to stumble into the Supreme Court, do any of you guys expect Uncle Clarence and Amy Coney Barrett and those guys to actually follow the letter of the law?”

None of the other network figures on the panel made any objection Anti-racist policies appear not to apply to Barrett.

Reid has also blamed the close election on that fact that there are a lot of racists in the country supporting Trump.

This election not only showed a rejection of the Democratic platform but also the unrelenting anti-Trump coverage by the media. Yet, the debunking of the overwhelming news analysis and polling leading up to the election has not resulted in any change in the narrative. There remains a strikingly bias in coverage on such outrageous comments even when the Speaker is attacking the legitimacy of a sitting justice or a leading television host espousing openly racist slurs.

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  1. The sobering election results haven’t altered the heated rhetoric from Trump, who labelled Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State “the enemy of the people” for confirming Biden won Georgia & that a hand recount of every ballot revealed no voter fraud.

    The sobering election results haven’t stopped Trump from declaring “I won Georgia by hundreds of thousands of votes, everybody knows it… I won all the counties in Michigan… 687,000 fraudulent votes in Michigan… I got 74 million votes, but there were many votes thrown away so I got much more than that.”

    Today, a Trump appointed federal judge rejected Trump’s attempt to block certification of Pennsylvania’s election results which verified Biden won by 81,000 votes. The judge said “Calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.”

    There remains a strikingly bias in Turley’s coverage of events. The election showed a thorough rejection of Trump. Biden flipped 5 states, including 2 reliable red states. Democrats picked up at least one Senate seat & maintained control of the House. Rush Limbaugh & Hannity relentlessly predicted Trump would be re-elected by a huge margin.

    Now Trump, his supporters & the conservative media are attacking the legitimacy of the entire election. And Turley predictably targets Pelosi & Joy Reid.

    1. “Now Trump, his supporters & the conservative media are attacking the legitimacy of the entire election.”

      Questioning the legitimacy of an election bothers you now? Payback’s a b*tch, eh? Have the Democrats or their Media mouthpieces accepted the results of the 2016 election? Ever? No.

      The 75 million + Trump voters will never accept the results of the 2020 election as legitimate. Nor will we accept a Joe Biden presidency as legimtate. The election was neither fair nor square. You reap what you sow.

    2. It is a fact that Pennsylvania did not follow their own election laws.

      That is not an allegation – it is a fact.

      It is impossible to know the outcome had PA followed their laws.

      All voters are disenfranchised by lawless government.

    3. A lawless election is illegitimate by definition – I do not need Rush Limbaugh to tell me that.

      Further we have spent the last 4 years listening to the left attacking an actually legitimate election on no grounds and all.

      If you beleive the election was legitimate – let the sunlight in.
      Quit hiding everything in the dark.

      When you do not follow the law, and when you chase observers away so that you can act without oversite – you should not expect your results to be trusted.

  2. With all due respect to Justice Thomas, was Joy Reid’s use of the term “Uncle Clarence” indeed racist?

    Here is a caution from Ajamu Baraka, “Uncle Tom,” and the Pathology of White Liberal Racism – a provocative 2016 piece by Eric Draitser in the Black Agenda Report:

    “Such is the essence of the white liberal today. For it is the white liberal who finds any excuse to slander and attack radical people of color who challenge the ruling class; who justifies support for white supremacy, imperialism, and neocolonialism; and who does so with the palliative opiate of self-satisfaction — the genuine, though entirely wrongheaded, belief in his/her own essential goodness.”

    “This phenomenon has been on full display in the ongoing attacks on Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka, a man who has dedicated more than four decades to resistance against racism and oppression of African-Americans and other African diaspora communities.”

    “Perhaps the best example of this sickening tactic came on CNN’s Town Hall with Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. The host, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo — brother of Democratic New York governor Andrew Cuomo — deliberately decontextualized Baraka’s use of the phrase “Uncle Tom” to describe President Obama. An obvious smear intended to discredit the Green Party ticket in the eyes of Black (and liberal white) voters, Cuomo smugly implied that Baraka’s usage of Uncle Tom was, in itself, racist.”

    “But even a cursory analysis of the term, the context in which it was used, and Cuomo’s intent in raising the issue, not only vindicates Baraka’s usage of Uncle Tom, it reveals the deep-seated racism of Democratic party shills, and American liberals in general.”

    1. Really ?

      if you need 10 paragraphs to explain why something is not racist – then IT IS RACIST.

      Regardless, most of us understand that Reid Hates Thomas because he is conservative AND she hates him more because he is a BLACK conservative.

      That is racism.

      It is no different from Biden’s if you do not vote for me you aint black.

      Or left wing nut white women “explaining” to prominent black men that they can not support Trump because they are black.

      When you make assumptions about others because of their race – that is racism.

      When you HATE people because they defy your race based assumptions that is the most vile and virulent form of racism.

      The left has made racism into a near meaningless word – while actually becoming incredibly racist.

  3. So long as democrats continue to treat half the country as irredeemably racist the country will be deeply divided and move towards violence.

    Trump added 20M republican voters in 2020 as compared to 2016.

    Most of these are people who think that democrats are a threat to their liberty even their lives.

    In 2022 and 2024 it is likely that a large portion of those will continue to vote republican.

    Democrats added 20M voters too, but they did so by inducing anxiety and terror.
    It is not likely most of those will continue to vote in the future.

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