Twitter Doubles Down On Censorship With Renewed Warnings On Trump Tweets

Twitter LogoWe have been discussing the rising private censorship on the Internet demanded by Democratic leaders and meted out by companies like Twitter and Facebook.  The original purpose of the Internet as a free and robust space for political and social expression is under attack as politicians demand greater levels of control to combat “disinformation.” Indeed, Biden adviser Pete Buttigieg on Election Day demanded more penalties for companies not stopping “inciting material,” a subjective term left intentionally undefined. This drumbeat for censorship was amplified on Election Day when Twitter again hit tweets from President Donald Trump with warnings of disinformation. The tweets were pure political speech and Twitter again showed that it is now fully committed to biased regulation of speech between users of its service.

I have criticized President Trump’s rhetoric in the election about “stealing” the election. However, that is hyperbolic political speech. Biden supporters, including leaders like House Whip James Clyburn, have been saying that Trump was stealing the election through voter suppression.  They have not been hit with Twitter warnings.  Yet, Trump was immediately hit when he sent a Twitter post that Democrats were trying to “steal” the election: “We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!”

I have previously objected to such regulation of speech. What is most disturbing is how liberals have embraced censorship and even declared that “China was right” on Internet controls. Many Democrats have fallen back on the false narrative that the First Amendment does not regulate private companies so this is not an attack on free speech. Free speech is a human right that is not solely based or exclusively defined by the First Amendment.  Censorship by Internet companies is a “Little Brother” threat long discussed by free speech advocates.  Some may willingly embrace corporate speech controls but it is still a denial of free speech.

This is why I recently described myself as an Internet Originalist:

The alternative is “internet originalism” — no censorship. If social media companies returned to their original roles, there would be no slippery slope of political bias or opportunism; they would assume the same status as telephone companies. We do not need companies to protect us from harmful or “misleading” thoughts. The solution to bad speech is more speech, not approved speech.

If Pelosi demanded that Verizon or Sprint interrupt calls to stop people saying false or misleading things, the public would be outraged. Twitter serves the same communicative function between consenting parties; it simply allows thousands of people to participate in such digital exchanges. Those people do not sign up to exchange thoughts only to have Dorsey or some other internet overlord monitor their conversations and “protect” them from errant or harmful thoughts.

The actions by Twitter and Facebook on Election Day were reprehensible and wrong. What is so disturbing is that so many Democrats have come enablers of such corporate speech controls by the giant tech companies.

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  1. Breaking:

    New USPS data appears to show a failure to deliver mail ballots from voters across the country on Election Day. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan is holding a noon hearing over USPS’ non-compliance with his order yesterday to rush deliver all remaining mail ballots.

    1. Today is November 4, 2020 and Michael Flynn is still a political prisoner. Justice delayed is justice denied. Judge Sullivan, dismiss the charges now.

  2. I wonder when the censors come for them, will they cry foul then? I do not do social media because I think none of it is fair and lots of it is cringeworthy. Having said that, I still think it is better to allow unfettered speech than to censor. The problem with censors is that it is never enough for them.

    Facebook and Twitter are worried about truth? What truth and whose truth? Do they allow people to post about UFO’s and Bigfoot?

    I count myself an internet originalist. But then, I defend everyone’s right to say what they want even when it annoys me, especially when it annoys me.

    1. UFOs are an interesting topic. Much maligned and yet little noticed how the US Dept of Defense released three videos of “UAP” unexplained aerial phenomena recorded by fighter pilots on tape and acknowledge that they are indeed, unexplained

      so if it aint US and it aint the Russkies, who is it? Yes, UFOs are an example of an “urban myth” the grew for decades until it was to this extent, confirmed.

      Look for more “partial disclosures” to trickle out over coming years


    1 maccabees 3:18 +

    It is not difficult, Judas [Maccabee] answered,
    for a small group to overpower a large one. It makes no difference to the Lord whether we are rescued by many people or by just a few. 19 Victory in battle does not depend on who has the largest army; it is the Lord’s power that determines the outcome. 20 Our enemies are coming against us with great violence, intending to plunder our possessions and kill our wives and children. 21 But we are fighting for our lives and for our religion. 22 When we attack, the Lord will crush our enemies, so don’t be afraid of them.

  4. If you compare FB with Tweeter, FB is perhaps less censorious, but, Twitter is more useful for business.

    I tried FB for less than a year over a decade ago, and dumped it easily. The only downside? Some of my extended family relatives have never caught up with me since then, and to that I say, oh well

    Twitter is less of a social network and more of a “public relations” utility

  5. Went to post this on my Facebook page and was notified the FB found my access suspicious. Had to change my password. The suppression of ideas is rampant.

    1. What tools are you using? I occasionally forget I am using a VPN connection. That sometimes causes troubles to log in. Apparently there are ways to check and compare with earlier log ins.


  6. And it begins…..Pelosi calls ACB ‘illegitimate Supreme Court justice’ in Election Day message.

    1. Joy Reid actually referred to Justice Clarence Thomas as “Uncle Clarence” over on trash talk TV. aka BSNBC.

      1. Clarence Thomas is a lion and he does not care if the monkey in the tree mocks him

        to paraphrase Saddam Hussein

    2. If Pelosi thinks that Barrett’s seating was illegitimate, when in fact it followed all the rules, then, I say Pelosi’s seating as head of the House is illegitimate too.

      Let’s see what Pelosi can do with her lie.

      For me, it’s no lie. Pelosi may have been seated according to rules, but Pelosi is a national leader and I am just a nobody. I mean, if she wants to impeach the rules themselves now, perhaps I will agree with her that rules may not count as much as we had thought, anymore

  7. It’d be helpful if all truck drivers would immediately stop delivery food & supplies to the commie democrat blue states that are currently Rigging the votes against America in their back rooms.

  8. It would seem that the “genie” is already out of the bottle. It’s not just social media, the big media has been censoring conservatives and propping the dems for years now. How do we get back to fair media? How could they ignore Joe Biden’s alarming cognitive decline? I wonder how many Americans are even aware of his mental decline, to me that is the most frightening part of this election. It is criminal what they have done, and somehow we have to figure out how to fix this. Poll after poll has shown that the majority of citizens do not trust the big media, somehow we have to get together and fight for our 1rst amendment right to be heard. We aren’t asking for anything but the right to be heard that is guaranteed by the constitution. Do we boycott their advertisers, use the courts, I don’t know but we need to act and fast! We have to save our constitutional republic!

  9. Democratic nominee Joe Biden said his team has created “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”

    Res ipsa loquitur – The thing itself speaks

  10. Last night I went to sleep in the United States of America a republic, this morning I woke to a country I don’t recognize.

    1. Federal elections are of such profound lasting effect that we hold them every two years!

    2. Cackling Kamala may actually become POTUS sooner than anyone can stomach. God help us.

  11. Sadly, I believe the only way to punish Twitter and Facebook for censoring conservatives is for society to abandon them. There are other sites like Parler, Townhall and others. During the week Big Tech censored the NY Post, I deleted my accounts on both FB and Twitter. Little did I know enough people had the same idea and deleted theirs. Then on Friday of that week, their stocks on Wall Street crashed. Suddenly they unlocked the NYP accounts. We don’t have to be victims of tyranny. It just takes the decision to take a stand and let them know they aren’t needed as much as they think they are.

  12. Twitter encourages impulsive comments and amplifies off-the-cuff remarks, transforming them into combative assertions. I suspect that if people stopped using the ap and instead wrote letters to the editor, discussed their opinions with friends, family, and colleagues, and read more and commented less, social relations might be a bit less tense than they are, even if Dorsey & friends would be a lot poorer and less powerful. After all, what can you really say in such a limited number of characters that is worth saying, unless you are a poet?
    For those with a longer attention span and a desire to understand rather than impress or offend, I copy a link on the election and its possible meaning from Spiked!, a British publication with a rather unique perspective on the States. I think the author has a point, or I would not have posted it, but ‘populist’ is not the right descriptor for Trump voters, who are not a uniform gaggle of deplorables. I would use democrat or independent or some other word that is an antonym for conformist or ideologue or fanatic. Maybe working class bloke would fit, or manual laborer, or service-sector employee, because I suspect most Trump voters are people who don’t have money to run for office or the luxury of working from home in well-lit and spacious condos.

  13. Russian interference with NC election. I went to the early voting poll two weeks ago and waited a short time. Inside, the guy at the counter talked with a Polish accent. He handed me the ballot. I went to the first thing to bite for which was President. The spelled of Donald was wrong. So was the spelling of Biden. A third non party choice was Forrest Gump. I voted for Gump so that my vote would get counted.
    When the election results came in the name Forrest Gump was not mentioned.
    The Russians are here!

  14. Funny how this was supposedly the party fighting for net neutrality a few years ago. The dems have become something very close to irredeemable. Nothing can survive being consumed by the level of hatred the DNC and their ilk display daily, it’s truly a shame. We taxpayers built the networks, and we deserve a say. I dearly hope the valley’s protections are revoked and the lawsuits fall like rain.

  15. The Dems and their MSM allies lied to us across the board about the election.

    Now they have been shown to have been liars and they are doubling down.

    Censorship is plain wrong, but the Dems do not trust Americans, so they lie and manipulate.

    Trust the system and trust Americans.

    Dems will get what they earn at the voting booth.

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