Pelosi Claims “Tremendous Mandate” Despite House Losses And Ongoing Vote Count

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced her campaign to be reelected Speaker of the United States House of Representatives despite losing seats against one of the least popular presidents in history. This is not the first such loss for Pelosi who remains one of the most polarizing and unpopular figures in American politics. Pelosi claimed that former Vice President Joe Biden was not only already the “President-Elect” but insisted that she and Biden had a “tremendous mandate” despite the election blows in the House and the close presidential election. She insisted that she is “part of that mandate” from the American people.

Pelosi put on a bizarrely gleeful press conference to a largely supportive press corps despite the possible loss of roughly 10 seats in an election that Democrats and the media predicted would be a blue wave. Indeed, Pelosi was supposed to be picking up that number of seats while Democrats were given an over 70 percent chance of retaking the Senate.  As for the presidential election, we are still counting votes in states with a razor-thin margin — an election that the media predicted would be a blowout for Biden.  Instead, the country was divided almost down the middle after the Democrats outspent Republicans. Not only did Biden spend far more than Trump but donors like Michael Bloomberg dumped a $100 million in Florida alone and still lost the state by a good margin.

Nevertheless, Pelosi claimed that the election gave Biden and herself a “tremendous mandate.”  Indeed, she added:  “I think Joe Biden has . . .  a bigger mandate than John F. Kennedy.”  Where is Senator Lloyd Bentsen when we need him?

The reference to Kennedy’s win in 1960 was also curious since that election may have been secured by widespread fraud in Illinois and Texas. To this day, many historians question whether Kennedy actually won the election.  Hardly the election you want to reference when the Democratic Party is opposing court review of close races in places like Nevada.

What was particularly striking in how Pelosi heralded Biden as a leader who will unite rather than divide and show tolerance for opposing views. It is a value that Pelosi has admired from a safe distance as one of the most polarizing figures in American politics. Indeed, some of us called for her resignation after her outrageous and juvenile protest during the State of the Union address, including ripping up the address from the Speaker’s Chair.

One threat for Pelosi could come from the small number of moderate Democrats remaining in the caucus combining with the Black Caucus to install the first African American Speaker. Ironically, the Republicans would likely prefer to take Pelosi in the position, particularly with the runoffs in Georgia in January.

Obviously, Biden was not the “President-Elect” and there is no “tremendous mandate” for either side. Yet, while hitting President Donald Trump with “disinformation” labels for his post-election comments about effort to steal the election, Twitter and Facebook were entirely happy with the obviously untrue statements from Pelosi about Biden being elected. They also did not strike out at Democratic statements that Trump was trying to steal the election. Indeed, one of Facebook’s much maligned “Oversight Board members” immediately celebrated the defeat of Trump as the ending “the wave of hate and intolerance” across the globe.

Pelosi’s comments would ordinarily be viewed as delusional from anyone else. But this is Washington. They were not delusional; just dishonest. That is never a problem in Washington. The Democrats may well reelect Pelosi because polls and seats change but the establishment does not. Even with dissenters objecting to the radicalization of the rhetoric in the election, Pelosi has the edge because she has the goods to deliver for votes. Members reelected her after the disastrous 2016 election despite polls showing that she was radioactive as a leader, the second most unpopular Democrat after Hillary Clinton herself. The fact is that these elections are not about the voters or even the party. It is about power and who can use it and who can keep it. Pelosi can engage in utter fantasies about “tremendous mandates” to dupe voters while offering juicy committee assignments and campaign donations to entice members. Washington will soon be back to normal with a tremendous mandate for the resilience of the establishment.

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  1. I’m still amazed, Mr. Turley, that you view reality from dark Democrat glasses, and fail to ever take them off and look around. Trump was only unpopular to the left. Perhaps you failed to notice the tens of thousands that joined his rallies, when your Biden had a few hundred, and Harris had tens, and their supporters weren’t chanting “We love you.” Biden admitted, on camera, that his party had fomented the most “extensive and inclusive voter fraud in history,” and yet, with your dark Democrat glasses, perhaps you failed to notice or care about his admission. I have tried so hard over the years to like and approve of your view points, because you do have all that fancy book learning, but I’m sorry. I can’t continue. For you, a teacher of the law, to close your eyes to the in-your-face voter fraud by your Democrat party, and to continue bashing Trump, who has done absolutely nothing wrong except go against the Protocol-obeying media and deep state, it’s a disgrace. You’ve degenerated into a hypocrite who thinks the law only applies to conservatives, and being on Fox doesn’t make you fair and unbiased. It just reveals Fox for what they are, which is CNN in a mask. I can’t listen to you anymore. You are with the Biden Crime Family, and the Liberal Crime Syndicate, and apparently, you follow the wide and crowded path that leads to destruction, and will never understand the narrow path that leads to salvation. Those who wink at wrong are just as guilty as those who do wrong: such as those who steal elections and brag about it. Shame on you.

    1. Austen, we’ve never seen you on these threads before. Just popped out of nowhere??

    2. I disagree frequently with Prof. Turley on certain legal questions, “Austen.” However, you are typical of the increasingly rabid posters on this site who make certain that their moral outrage is expressed behind the cowardly curtain of anonymity. I no longer engage with those afraid to publicly associate themselves with their views, but I occasionally break my own rule. By the way, Rush, it’s “Democratic” Party.

      1. Mike, every post by this troll features over-the-top ‘moral outrage’. That’s what makes him so incredibly redundant. He’s like a sound system with endless speakers all piping the same message.

      2. Mike A:
        Mike, your criticism of Austen might have more credibility if you made the same observation of Gainesville when he went after JT personally from his crazed left-wing vantage point. Maybe I missed it.

        1. Obviously I missed it as well. I don’t come here with the same frequency because the comments are either ad hominem or tu quoque observations without substance.

  2. “Mandate” in Soviet Union was a permission from communist authorities to persecute members of the “enemy class”. Good job, Nancy!

  3. Lost Amid Election Coverage:


    Stephen K. Bannon, the former adviser to President Trump who is known for his right-wing extremism, suggested on Thursday that the F.B.I. director and Dr. Anthony S. Fauci should be beheaded, and Twitter responded by banning one of his accounts.

    On Friday, a prominent lawyer who was defending Mr. Bannon against fraud charges in federal court in Manhattan abruptly moved to drop him as a client, one person familiar with the matter said.

    “Mr. Bannon is in the process of retaining new counsel,” the lawyer, William A. Burck, said in a brief letter to the court, giving no explanation.

    A spokeswoman for Mr. Bannon declined to comment.

    The loss of his white-shoe representation was just the latest setback for Mr. Bannon, 66, who has struggled for political relevance since losing his job at the White House eight months after Mr. Trump’s inauguration.

    Most recently, in the final weeks of the presidential campaign, Mr. Bannon teamed with Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s lawyer, laboring to create a narrative that former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s son Hunter was corrupt, in a bid to harm Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign. The Biden campaign has vigorously denied the unsubstantiated allegations.

    Since August, Mr. Bannon has been fighting the criminal charges lodged against him by federal prosecutors in Manhattan, the case in which Mr. Burck has been his lawyer.

    Mr. Bannon was arrested on charges of defrauding donors to a campaign to privately fund a wall on the United States’ border with Mexico, one of Mr. Trump’s signature political promises.

    The prosecutors have charged that Mr. Bannon and three co-defendants, while pledging publicly not to take any of the money raised for themselves, siphoned off hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for travel, hotels, personal credit card debt and other expenses.

    Mr. Bannon and the three co-defendants have pleaded not guilty to the charges. Mr. Burck’s letter asked that the next hearing in the case, which was scheduled for Monday, be postponed while Mr. Bannon found new counsel. The judge agreed set a new date for next month.

    Edited from: “Steve Bannon Loses Lawyer After Suggesting Beheading Fauci”

    Today’s New York Times


    One should note that Dr Fauci is already the frequent recipient of death threats from crazed Trumpers. And though Bannon’s comment was only meant as a ‘dark joke’, it’s not the least bit funny in the context of said death threats.

    1. Bannon got lucky his lawyer fired him. Now he can get a real lawyer instead of a billionaire bootlicker quisling from “BIGLAW”

      They always screw their clients unless their clients are big corporations. Sometimes them, too

      –Saloth Sar

  4. To address Zhenjiu’s ccomments below: 1) O’Reilly is a blowhard though a good historian of Dead People, 2) Limbaugh has carved a great following of loyal Americans which apparently displeases you 3) Fox news is by far superior outlet for News than CNN, MSNBC or other left leaning news outlets, including NYT, WP, LA-Times which present only the most liberal of views, FOX news has their own faults but are more balance then the others. I ware no Rose Classes regarding Party affiliation as I stated there is a Deep Swamp in Washington DC protecting their own, including Military, Bureaucrats’, Judicial, Lobbyist’s and Politicians. There are Politician’s who have tried to correct the system only to be called various nefarious names, and in opinion President Trump became a victim of the Deep State. He endeavored to correct Endless Wars, create a more equitable Criminal Justice system, rein in the Federal Reserve, and equalize foreign trade and treaties that cost America without equable return (NATO, WTO,WHO as an examples). President Trump called out Wall Street, rewrote the tax system to their detriment, and shifted the tax code to the benefit of the working class and was stymied in his further attempt to lower regressive taxes on the middle class. Don’t be fooled that Medicare for all is a panacea for the working class; there are costs involved, monthly premiums paid to Uncle Sam and supplemental to insurance companies nothings free. President Trump faced a hostile Congress during the last 4 years (both Republican and Democrat) and endless nonsense investigations. You can dislike President Trump but you fool no one who cares to be honest about his accomplishments while he served as President. I pray that America will again experience a Renaissance and call out the Oligarchs’ and their slavish political minions of today who have changed the electoral system and bred distrust as to the actual outcome for years to come.

  5. To address Zhenjiu’s ccomments below: 1) O’Reilly is a blowhard though a good historian of Dead People, 2) Limbaugh has carved a great following of loyal Americans which apparently displeases you 3) Fox news is by far superior outlet for News than CNN, MSNBC or other left leaning news outlets, including NYT, WP, LA-Times which present only the most liberal of views, FOX news has their own faults but are more balance then the others. I ware no Rose Colored Classes regarding Party affiliation as I stated there is a Deep Swamp in Washington DC protecting their own, including Military, Bureaucrats’, Judicial, Lobbyist’s and Politicians. There are Politician’s who have tried to correct the system only to be called various nefarious names, and in opinion President Trump became a victim of the Deep State. He endeavored to correct Endless Wars, create a more equitable Criminal Justice system, rein in the Federal Reserve, and equalize foreign trade and treaties that cost America without equable return (NATO, WTO,WHO as an examples). President Trump called out Wall Street, rewrote the tax system to their detriment, and shifted the tax code to the benefit of the working class and was stymied in his further attempt to lower regressive taxes on the middle class. Don’t be fooled that Medicare for all is a panacea for the working class; there are costs involved, monthly premiums paid to Uncle Sam and supplemental to insurance companies nothings free. President Trump faced a hostile Congress during the last 4 years (both Republican and Democrat) and endless nonsense investigations. You can dislike President Trump but you fool no one who cares to be honest about his accomplishments while he served as President. I pray that America will again experience a Renaissance and call out the Oligarchs’ and their slavish political minions of today who have “corrupted” the electoral system and bred distrust as to the actual outcome for years to come.

    1. George W.

      I reviewed the above comment that WordPress shunted into moderation. You might not be aware of the reason for this but since you put in some time crafting your orginal comment I will explain.

      Our host configured the system to disallow comments having the word that in the English language defines “an illegitimate child” beginning with the letter “B”. Consequently to this, any other form of this word triggers the filter–such as in this case the conversion of this word into a verb. I recommend simply substuting another word to avoid the filter. (I changed the word you used to “corrupted” to make it post)

      While I do not suggest that you might believe this way, just for infromation I am certain my pointing out this filter element will elicit at least one or so commenters who must pontificate their self-proclaimed massive command and expertise in the English Language by barking out the reference to an illegitimate child and the conversion of this word into a verb are entirely diffrent and not offensive, but I’m not going to go down that path again. It’s our host’s website and it is his decision on what he considers impolite and what is not.

  6. Turley: you continue to disappoint. First of all, you ignore Trump’s false claim Wednesday night that he won the election, and his endless baseless false claims of fraud. Overarching all of this is the fact that he is supposed to be a role-model of American values, one of which is integrity. Instead, he descends into his usual mode of pettiness, lying, and un-patriotic behavior when things don’t go his way. Now, we all have to worry about him selling the nuclear codes to shore up his failing businesses, pardoning his cronies and firing people he thinks didn’t kiss his plus-sized ass enough.

    As to Pelosi tearing up the toilet paper on which Trump’s SOTU speech was written: she did the right thing. Anything else would have given credence to this raw display of narcissism and deceit, including the outright lying about Obama’s economy and his own numbers. Kudos to her because the pack of lies Trump told at the SOTU was disgraceful. You claim she and Hillary Clinton are the “most-polarizing” politicians. According to whom? Hillary got more votes than Trump in 2016. Pelosi delivers the goods and the votes. It’s interesting that the only politicians that you find reasons to criticize are all women: Pelosi, Hillary, AOC, Omar, Whitmer, …etc. You have nothing to say about pathetic male syncophants like Lindsey Graham, or “can’t keep it in his pants” Giuliani, or the other Republicans who embarrass this country every time they open their mouths or appear anywhere.

    And, as you well know, the “media” don’t make up predictions: they report on what pollsters predict, so for you to criticize the “media” is wrong. And, the final counts aren’t in yet. Pollsters may not have been as off-base as you seem to be saying, because so many voters used the mail, and counting these votes takes more time. The final numbers will tell.

    Lastly, the pandemic is worse than ever–well into 6 figures for new daily infections. Where is the pandemic task-force? Where is the vaccine? Where is Trump? Golfing, of course.

    1. Natacha, you’re touching on something significant here. Trumpism was, from the start, an anti-feminist movement disguised as ‘pro-life’. And amid Trump’s many attacks on women in office, Turley was always there with columns legitimizing the attacks.

  7. Technical Queston. ; In Fox’s senate chart there are six or so blank white circles….. unexplained. About 18 in the Representative charts same thing/ I found one possible reason that had the Cal Government replacing Harris seat and then in another Fox said that had been counted as blue.

    So what are the empty white circles? Are these ballots left to be counted? I put a notify via email as this much blank space intrigues me as the headline shows the Senate tied and the other Representative side shows they are in jeopardy of a coalition being formed from the Dem anti pelosi group and the repub group.



    1. Some Congressional races haven’t been called yet. Some will not be settled until another run-off election, depending on state laws.

  8. Citizen Trump Could Be Facing Prosecutions

    Two of the investigations into Trump are being led by powerful state and city law-enforcement officials in New York. Cyrus Vance, Jr., the Manhattan District Attorney, and Letitia James, New York’s attorney general, are independently pursuing potential criminal charges related to Trump’s business practices before he became President. Because their jurisdictions lie outside the federal realm, any indictments or convictions resulting from their actions would be beyond the reach of a Presidential pardon. Trump’s legal expenses alone are likely to be daunting. (By the time Bill Clinton left the White House, he’d racked up more than ten million dollars in legal fees.) And Trump’s finances are already under growing strain. During the next four years, according to a stunning recent Times report, Trump—whether reëlected or not—must meet payment deadlines for more than three hundred million dollars in loans that he has personally guaranteed; much of this debt is owed to such foreign creditors as Deutsche Bank. Unless he can refinance with the lenders, he will be on the hook. The Financial Times, meanwhile, estimates that, in all, about nine hundred million dollars’ worth of Trump’s real-estate debt will come due within the next four years. At the same time, he is locked in a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service over a deduction that he has claimed on his income-tax forms; an adverse ruling could cost him an additional hundred million dollars.

    Edited From: “Why Trump Can’t Afford To Lose” by Jane Mayer

    The New Yorker, 11/1/20

    1. They are as stupid as you are. Trump has a get out of jail free card a six word clause in his Oath of Office.. “To the best of my ability,” That takes care your stupid remarks not to mention the IRS already approved and accepted his taxes. You gonna subpoena the IRS lamebrain. How long can you stand scrutiny?

      1. Michael, the IRS still has a problem with a refund that trump received. It is being investigated as possible fraud.

        He still owes $400 million to banks which he might have problems repaying since he would no longer be able to use his resorts to charge the government for services. He’s already in big trouble legally once he leaves office. My bet is he will leave the country.

  9. Ari Berman, author of Give Us the Ballot –

    “They gutted the Voting Rights Act

    They sabotaged the Postal Service

    They closed polling places, purged voter rolls, attacked mail voting, tried to throw out ballots

    And yet voters turned out in record numbers to overcome these barriers & make their voices heard”

    We need to help GA go blue for the Senate, so that the Senate will actually take up the For the People Act and start to strengthen voting rights.

      1. I’m an American born and bred, Michael. How sad that you can’t imagine Americans who have different values than you do.

    1. Twitter is censoring the President of the United States and disappearing conservative voices. This is blatant election interference.

      GoFundMe deplatformed a voter fraud investigation effort involving cross-checking voter records after it raised $220k. This is blatant election interference.

      They stole the election.

      We now live in a Banana Republic.

      1. and that banana can’t turn black because she lied about her back ground.

      2. Yes a banana republic with ignorant little totalitarian fascists weilding power over all of us. A sad day for American, indeed.

        1. We are watching as they try to put a senile, crooked politician into the White House. Who are Joe’s puppet masters?

            1. It’s Xi …. and Putin will be more than happy to see Slow Joe as President.

  10. We will have our first woman VP.

    Harris isn’t the one I’d have chosen if it had been up to me, but this is historic.

    1. How you gonna seat someone who can’t take the oath of office without committing four major violations?

      1. Michael, Harris has been a U.S. Senator. I rather doubt her status ‘slipped through the cracks’.

        1. Your opinion is tarnished by your continued failure to provide any reasons, facts or support. As Usual. TOO is your status Target of Opportunity by your own stupidity.

          1. She’s a one term Senator with no experience other than barking yes or no?

            1. Michael, Harris was a prosecutor in two the nation’s biggest counties. She was also California’s Attorney General (in addition to being a U.S. Senator).

              Now tell us how much experience Donald Trump had before taking office. And don’t give us that crap about his so-called ‘business genius’. That nonsense has been thoroughly debunked!

  11. IF Joe won and I mean IF, the only people who won big in this election are the tech monopolies. They can use Hunter as a pressure point to blackmail Joe to get whatever they want (making billionaires into trillionaires while the rest of America turns into a third-world country), and Congress is too divided to go after the tech monopolies on anti-trust, even though most Republicans AND many Democrats want to break them up or regulate them harder. Whether Biden won fairly or not, his election has a subtext of disaster.

    1. Brookside is also known as Rhodes, James, Estovir, Princess Trohar, Em, MoFo, Thinkthrough and many, many others.

      1. To all the AKA’s of brookslide………Biden won, get over it. Suck it up buttercup. Quit being a snowflake. Oh, got lots more but I hope you get the idea.

        1. You seem to forget how close are the margins in both houses whose voting tabulations are not finished yet and the fact that most of the GOP support was and still is in the independent unaffiliated self governing citizen arena. Looks to me like we exposed the enemies of domestic which means you are now a legitimate target.

        2. Right after we get four years of you accepting a Republican won in 2016 … Oh, wait …

        3. Bitter snowflakes are popping up all over the place.

          They might have to get used to the phrase, “We won, get over it.”

          1. You didn’t win. Jack Dorsey did. And Hunter Biden will die in a prison shower if you guys don’t toe Jack’s line. If Jack the ripper can censor it, he can leak it.

    2. Joe Biden is senile, a crooked politician, and too old and feeble to do the job. Who are his handlers? Who are his puppet masters pulling the strings? Because we know it is not demented old Joe.

      1. Anon: “Who are his puppet masters pulling the strings?”

        Sanders, Pelosi, and “the (socialist) squad.”

  12. Glance Into The Future..

    Key Words From Trump’s Eventual Obituary:



    The obituary will go on to say that Trump left office only to face prosecution for tax fraud.

    1. Popular vote doesn’t mean squat and is a stupid remark. one term? so what he was hired to do two things. expose and destroy the far left. and judging from your idiot remark you must be high on the list for selection for ejection.

      1. Michael, the popular vote shows the what the people want. 3million more people chose Biden over Trump. It means the majority don’t want trump. It’s pretty simple.

        1. Wrong, Svelaz, 4.1 million more chose Biden! That 4.1 million has held steady for the past 2 days of vote counting. It was Hillary who led by close to 3 million (2.8).

    2. Do you really want to pizz off the IRS who approved it? how stupid are you. and the popular vote doesn’t mean squat. Never has. except to choose electors.

  13. Biden has the most votes in history, a clear majority of the voters. He will probably win by 4-5 percent when they are done counting all the states.

    That is a mandate. We don’t count mandates as to how you did versus the polls, or how you did versus the landslide House elections two years ago. Trump was always a President representing a minority of the population, as the Republican Senate has been. Yiu should recognize a mandate when you see it.

    1. Since the counting isn’t over how do you know that? So far he is ahead by a squeaky insignificant amount except for a few bankrupt debtor states and cities looking for a gratis bail out the other states will pay for. hmmmmm the remark was right up there with something that was probably written by Pelosi and she’ll be damn lucky to survive not being ejected by her own party and with a coalition of the newly seated and those democrats who started the impeachment last time she is lame dead duck. Who believes her crap anymore? Just a few idiots of the stupid a party that don’t mind be tujrned in trod slaves.

    2. Mandate….with 4-5 Point (using your numbers) advantage…..seems like a very small mandate to me.

      If you look at it County by County….on a Map of the United States….I would suggest your mandate remains primarily in a handful of big cities.

      You reckon Ghetto Rats know squat about herding cattle on a Ranch in west Texas?

      You folks on the Left sure provide folks who live in Realville some good laughs!

  14. The approval rating for Trump is in the 42% to 45% range. The approval rating for Pelosi is in the 25% to 27% range. Their are a lot of Democrats out there who don’t approve of Pelosi. However, the posters in this thread still continue to argue in her favor. It is actually a good thing for Republicans that she remain Speaker of The House. An approval rating of 25% means a disapproval rating of 75%. Do you think that you would ever get a job if your recommendations ran 75% against you. The people who read these comments see you as simply contrarian for the sake of being contrarian and also find you immaturly disengenuous.

  15. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. —Joseph Stalin——-
    Since the Election of 2018 I’ve marveled at the direction of the Democratic Parties move towards Socialism/Communism and the continued support from the Lefts Voters. Do they not see the level of corrupt behavior of their apparatchiks in the swamp of Washington DC and the Democratic Parties Leadership? It really is surprising they would turn a blind eye at what is happening in various cities across America. The level of corrupt behavior which is apparent at numerous vote counting centers is astounding to anyone with a modicum of intellect. This election as conducted will further divide our Nation.——–
    Marcus Tullius Cicero once said: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”——— Further Nikita Khrushchev said “If you feed the people just with revolutionary slogans they will listen today, they will listen tomorrow, they will listen the day after tomorrow, but on the fourth day they will say, “To hell with you.”

    1. George, I think you’ve been drinking the O’Reilly-Limbaugh-Fox Kool-Aid for too many years. The DNC and the Democratic party are so far right now, the Republicans appear fascist in comparison. The entire political spectrum shifted to the right starting with Reagan’s first year in office. Rather than support workers and the poor, the Dems have been playing catch-up for forty years, giving the Republicans everything they asked for and more. Endless global wars, repeal of Glass-Steagall, the creation of the prison industrial complex, the refusal to extend Medicare for All in a pandemic, the CARES act, an upward transfer of five trillion dollars: the list is endless. Stop watching TV and do the research. There is no 2-party system: it’s a members only country club consisting of the military, Wall Street, corporations, and the wealthiest 0.01%. The masses-including me, an actual socialist, and you, a hard right Republican-will never be admitted to the club.

      1. So if you are so Constitutional how come you walk, talk and act like a Communist Duck?

  16. Yep, you got it – it’s all about power and politicians will do ANYTHING to get it, including committing outright fraud (then denying it.)

  17. Go home and cry Turley. Biden just declared the winner by all networks and major news sources. Your ankle biting didn’t work.

    1. JF: “Go home and cry Turley. [] Your ankle biting didn’t work.”

      And you continue to wonder why many on the other side won’t engage with you?

      1. Sam, sorry if you can’t handle the truth. Turley is a partisan tool, not a principled and fair commentator.

        1. Maybe you have that reversed? Turley IS a principled and fair analyst while it is the rest of the talking heads you actually listen to who are the partsan tools.

          1. Uh no. JT sometimes has some solid conservative legal analysis, but also a long history of hypocrisy and partisanship.

    2. Meanwhile, Trump the inveterate liar declared an hour ago that “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!”

      I hope he’s prosecuted for his crimes once he’s out of office.

    3. You are correct. Turley is for all intents and purposes an ankle biter when compared to the influence of the completely corrupt media that is now officially an organ for the state.

      As evidence, Pelosi argues that an election has taken at least 4 days to call due to the slim vote margins is a ‘mandate’ and the media just nods bovinely.

      And people like you just continue to complain about anyone who dares to point out the obvious.

      That’s one of the really nice things about Biden winning, his supporters still aren’t happy. It’s the one of the last gifts of 2020 – a presidential election where no one is happy.

      1. Lorenzo, Biden has won with at present 4 million vote margin – sure to grow when California fully reports. That is a mandate. Democrats won the vote for the House. That’s a mandate. Dollars to donuts – can’t find the numbers yet – Democratic senatorial candidates won more total votes than GOP candidates. The GOP and Trump had no problem claiming a mandate when he lost the vote, nor do I recall Turley ever questioning that. He rarely has questioned anything Trump has done and the man is a compulsive and promiscuous liar of low moral character. Draw your own conclusions from those facts.

        1. The favorite game of the Left – redefinition of terms. The popular vote doesn’t even count nationally, yet you rely on it to support your argument.

          And just because Trump claimed a mandate, that makes it legitimate for the left to do so?

          By your own childish logic, all of the things you despise about Trump is now okay that the Dems have the white house.


          1. Lorenzo, the Democrats just won the election and the vote count for 2 of the 3 offices and institutions up for grabs (they probably won the vote count on the 3rd and the House has no seats not subject to an election and also a GOP-favorable gerrymandered membership) . That is a mandate. I don;t mind debating this stuff, but cut the nonsense.

        2. That’s your opinion, which isn’t a “Fact.” You’ve lost seats in the House, you haven’t taken the Senate, and the promised “blowout” of Trump didn’t occur.

          Your guy’s “platform” was “I’m not Trump.” That’s it.

          But for Covid, Biden would’ve been buried – that’s my opinion, and we’ll never know, but if the economy was still humming like it was before Covid, I think Trump would’ve won big.

          But it is what it is . . . and I can see that Trump was his own worst enemy (even after being warred against for four years by the Dem Party & the media).

          What I love about politics is no one EVER thinks “Maybe I was wrong ….”

          Your guy was supposed to bury Trump. Trump, who you think is so unpopular, has gotten MORE votes than he got 4 years ago . . . . how’d he do that, if he’s universally reviled?

          Maybe, just maybe, a lot of your fellow Americans are tired of being insulted and belittled all the time. Maybe they think Washington is “out for itself, not for the people,” and it deserves to be “blown up.”

          Why’d you lose seats in the House? Why didn’t you take the Senate? How’d Susan Collins win? How’d Joni Ernst win? Why’d Lindsey Graham win? They were all outspent, and not just by a little bit . . .

          Your “Mandate” is “Don’t be Donald Trump” – that’s it.

          You don’t have a mandate for the Green New Deal, or the rest of the socialist wish list of AOC & her crew.

  18. We are living in a post-truth world. And the most glaring difference between the factions that support either party is a reliance on facts and evidence-based rational thought.

    Democrats correctly view this reliance as a weakness and they exploit it to their advantage. They have a world-class propaganda machine at their disposal and they easily outmaneuver a justice system that is designed to favor, at least at the political-class level, the truth of the defendant over the facts of the controversy.

    Damage done. No real consequences.
    – IRS targeting conservative groups?
    – Gun-running?
    – Benghazi?
    – Crossfire Hurricane/Razor?
    – Ukrainegate?
    – Impeachment?
    – FBI/DOJ/IC?
    – Hunter and Joe Biden worldwide financial corruption?
    – Big Tech?
    – Clinton emails/server/Crowdstrike?
    – Election fraud?

    Those defending the obvious criminal activities above are enablers and on the side of these domestic enemies.

    1. Trump is the biggest liar of them all. Republicans are the ones living in a post-truth world.

      1. /\/\/\ This is how it works.

        The right provides evidence of wrongdoing by the left, and the left just calls them names. Only thing you forget was the charge of racism.

      2. And still cannot offer any proof or sources. But then the main rule in the communist party is anything Anonymous says is the Party’s Truth.

    2. Olly: “We are living in a post-truth world.”

      Your excellent post reminds me of this quote from Victor Hugo:

      “Those who do not use reason are not open to its persuasion.”

    3. Seig Us No Heils comrades your miirror is broken. back to The Collective.

  19. And where is the mandate buT to put the screws to the cannon fodder in the armed forces you stupid. Mandate.? The ballots not counted and your not that far ahead in most of those. Maybe a botox but a man date? You will be lucky to be allowed to remain in Congress when your new coalition of anti Pelosi independent democrats and the Repubs drag your commie butt for the way you crapped on your own constituents.

  20. “Pelosi’s comments would ordinarily be viewed as delusional from anyone else. But this is Washington. They were not delusional; just dishonest.”

    Professor or Moderator or both: how do yo justify these excessive behavior patters as anything but delusional? To excuse the behavour as oh well, it’s Washington is DISHONEST IN AND OF ITSELF.

    How about a crusty, nasty old woman who needs to go the way of the dinosaur.

    1. A lot of Democrats are unhappy with both Pelosi and Trump and will be happy for both of them to go the way of the dinosaur.

      1. I like Pelosi as the House leader. She’s smart and effective. I could support a change but would have to hear a compelling argument why.

        BTW, we lost seats in the House at swing or Republican districts. We lost them because the the GOP message against “defund the police”,,and “socialism” worked even though the overwhelming number of Democratic politicians did not adopt those positions. Pelosi sensibly has kept the “Squad” on the back bench and that’s where they should stay. She didn’t lose those seats, they did, though they kept their seats in solidly Democratic districts with no real GOP challengers. In most of America there are GOP challengers.

        1. Yeah, the GOP shined a mirror on the Democratic party’s leftist talking points and is should scare anyone, including liberals. That some liberal voters had the sense to think about what they saw and turned away should give us all hope.

          1. Lorenzo, that’s BS. The GOP shined a mirror on comments by the most leftist members of the party and others who aren’t members and successfully pretended they were in the Party platform. They weren’t, none of the party’s leaders voiced them or agreed with them – and openly denounced them – but typically a lot of voters are not that well informed. If you want a serious discussion, why don;t you stick to real complaints about the Democrats instead of made up ones, or can I claim the GOP is now all in on Q Anon?

            1. Yeah, the Dems were falling all over themselves condemning riots, arguing against the false narrative of systematic racism, asking everyone to stop calling Trump and his supporters racists. And they just kept trying to remind people how often Trump had denounced white supremacy over and over again. And then there was the part about how they kept saying they wanted to build on the successes of Trump’s economy why cutting even more regulation and lowering taxes yet again. And when some in their party championed the elimination of college debt and even wanted to make college ‘free’ for everyone, they were all out there saying: No, No, No!!! And throughout the entire investigation of the Russian election conspiracy hoax, elected members on the left were begging the media and their radical brethren to please, please stop the charade.

              I guess I forgot all about that. My bad.

              1. Lorenzo, your laundry list distraction aside, it’s the Obama and Biden economy – Trump’s numbers were essentially even with Obama’s last 3 years and that was after his Rich Guys Stimulus Bill which is leaving us with $2 trillion added to the debt.

                Yes Biden repeatedly denounced rioting and has been since the Floyd protests began. He also included increased funding for COPS programs in the Democratic platform – you didn’t have a platform, you had a cult leader.

                PS You might want to read the GOP led Senate Intel Comm Report released only in August which documents and confirms the collusion which was also reported by Mueller. Here you go:


                1. For the umpteenth time dumb ass Collusion is NOT a crime. Just how stupid are you.

                2. That’s pretty funny. Trump and some of his advisors were trying to do deals in Russia and you pretend it’s somehow evidence that there was some kind of quid pro quo between Trump and the Kremlin to get him elected.

                  If you really think this is newsworthy, I expect you to be absolutely horrified with the Biden family’s deals with the Russians and Ukrainians.

                  As you’re getting yourself all worked up in self-righteous indignation, consider the contrast between the Trump family and the Biden family. Trump and his family have a long history of doing international business deals that build hotels and other things. Those are real deals with real products. The Biden family, in contrast, has nothing to offer other than a coke head son who can peddle influence to his father.

                  So, say what you want about Trump, but if you’re worried about international influence on a POTUS, you should be more than a little concerned.

                  But, you won’t be because for people like you, your outrage isn’t based on principle. It’s an emotional response to when your ‘team’ is either winning or losing. It’s the kind of institutional loyalty that should be reserved for things like sports teams but it gets transferred to politics all the time. People let their affiliations determine their opinions rather than their principles. The people I trust the least in American society when it comes to politics are those who are lifelong democrats or republicans.

                  So, good luck beating your chest through life and keep on supporting the side that whose supporters are actively supporting the suppression of free speech. That’s what this blog is about, but people like you don’t care about those principles and all they can see is someone who criticizes their side and therefore they must be shouted down. Or, worse, an application of twisted logic is applied so you can pretend that an election where a winner was decided by margins in several battleground states that was so small it took 4 days to decide is a ‘mandate’. Just keep drinking the kookaid (not that wasn’t a typo).

        2. It said quoting exactly the socialist antifa party of Washington and Oregon. The squat are illegals and so will be the VP

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