“All Speech Is Not Equal”: Biden Taps Anti-Free Speech Figure For Transition Lead On Media Agency

For those of us who have been critical of the growing anti-free speech movement in the Democratic Party, the Biden transition team just took an ominous turn.  The New York Post reports that Biden tapped Richard Stengel to take the “team lead” position on the US Agency for Global Media, including Voice of America, the Middle East Broadcasting Networks and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. As I previously addressed in a column, Stengel has been one of the most controversial figures calling for censorship and speech controls. For a president-elect who just called for everyone to “hear each other,” he picked a top aide who wants to silence many.  Since it would be difficult to select a more anti-free speech figure to address government media policy, one has to assume that Biden will continue the onslaught against this core freedom as president.  This is not the first Biden aide to indicate a crackdown on free speech in the new Administration and Biden himself has called for greater censorship on the Internet.

Last year, Stengel wrote a chilling Washington Post op-ed that denounced free speech as a threat to social and political harmony.  Like a number of liberal and Democratic figures, Stengel struggled to convince readers that what they need is less freedom:  “All speech is not equal. And where truth cannot drive out lies, we must add new guardrails. I’m all for protecting ‘thought that we hate,’ but not speech that incites hate.”

It is the European view that has destroyed free speech on that continent. We have previously discussed the alarming rollback on free speech rights in the West, (here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here). It is a trend that seems now to be find support in the media, which celebrated the speech of French President Emmanuel Macron before Congress where he called on the United States to follow the model of Europe on hate speech.

In January, Biden called for greater speech controls on the Internet and denounced Twitter for allowing others to speak freely. In insisted that tolerating such views in the name of free speech is same as “propagating falsehoods they know to be false.” Biden called for companies to bar Trump views on such things as mail-in voting as an invitation for fraud.  He is not alone. Congressional leaders like House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff have called for labeling and removal of material with some members directly threatening a legislative crackdown. This week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi denounced Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for resisting speech monitoring and censorship as a matter of free speech. Pelosi lashed out that those who want to preserve a free speech zone are “all about making money,” ignoring free speech advocates who have no financial interest in these companies. Pelosi said that opposing such monitoring means that social media companies simply want “to make money at the expense of the truth and the facts” and are trying to “hide under the freedom of speech.”

These efforts are drawing upon the work of academics who are pushing for greater censorship and speech controls. The Atlantic published an article by Harvard Law School professor Jack Goldsmith and University of Arizona law professor Andrew Keane Woods calling for Chinese style censorship of the internet.  They declared that “in the great debate of the past two decades about freedom versus control of the network, China was largely right and the United States was largely wrong” and “significant monitoring and speech control are inevitable components of a mature and flourishing internet, and governments must play a large role in these practices to ensure that the internet is compatible with society norms and values.”

Stengel however is one of the most unnerving and outspoken voices against free speech. He wrote how hard it was to explain our views of free speech to Arab countries which of course routinely jail or even execute people for exercising free speech. However, Stengel was raising the point to suggest that they had a valid confusion over our values:

“Even the most sophisticated Arab diplomats that I dealt with did not understand why the First Amendment allows someone to burn a Koran. Why, they asked me, would you ever want to protect that It’s a fair question. Yes, the First Amendment protects the ‘thought that we hate,’ but it should not protect hateful speech that can cause violence by one group against another. In an age when everyone has a megaphone, that seems like a design flaw.”

That design flaw is free speech itself. So in a nation filled with gifted people to lead the effort on government media policy and positions, Biden selected a person who rejects the very essence of free speech.  Stengel promises the “unity” of a nation silenced by government speech codes and censorship.   If no one has a megaphone, free speech is no longer a problem.



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    1. The Hammer and Scorecard programs switch votes imperceptibly in microseconds.

      Data has been obtained from the whistle blower who built the capability, Dennis Montgomery.

      “There is forensic evidence showing what data was changed, where it came from and where it was going to. And a record was kept.”

      “That means there is direct, solid evidence of voter fraud perpetrated by the people who are operating this Hammer, Scorecard combination to change the votes of the citizens of this country.”


  1. Trump Fires Top Election Security Official For Refuting White House Lies

    President Trump on Tuesday fired a top Department of Homeland Security official who led the agency’s efforts to help secure the election and was vocal about tamping down unfounded claims of ballot fraud.

    In a tweet, Trump fired Christopher Krebs, who headed the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at DHS, and led successful efforts to help state and local election offices protect their systems and to rebut misinformation.

    Earlier in the day, Krebs in a tweet refuted allegations that election systems were manipulated, saying that “59 election security experts all agree, ‘in every case of which we are aware, these claims either have been unsubstantiated or are technically incoherent.’ ”

    Krebs’s statement amounted to a debunking of Trump’s central claim that the November election was stolen.

    Trump, who has not conceded the election to President-elect Joe Biden, said on Twitter: “The recent statement by Chris Krebs on the security of the 2020 Election was highly inaccurate, in that there were massive improprieties and fraud — including dead people voting, Poll Watchers not allowed into polling locations, “glitches” in the voting machines which changed votes from Trump to Biden, late voting, and many more. Therefore, effective immediately, Chris Krebs has been terminated as Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.”

    Trump and his allies have offered no proof for his allegations and the president’s claims were quickly flagged by Twitter as “disputed.”

    The dismissal was not unexpected, as Krebs told associates last week he was expecting to be fired. His latest tweet about the security of the election, which followed similar earlier assessments by his agency, including on its Rumor Control Web page, angered the president, according to an official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter.

    In recent weeks Trump has made repeated, unproved charges of voter and ballot fraud, and his campaign is challenging election results in several states, so far with little success.

    Krebs’s agency has asserted its independence in recent days, last Thursday issuing a statement that contradicted Trump’s allegations of fraud: “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history,” said the statement from the coordinating council of state and local federal government entities in charge of protecting elections. “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”

    After his firing, Krebs responded from his personal Twitter account: “Honored to serve. We did it right. Defend Today, Secure Tomorrow. #Protect2020.”

    Krebs worked closely with former DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who resigned in April 2019 after clashing with Trump over election security and immigration. His association with Nielsen also factored into the decision to dismiss Krebs, a DHS official said.

    Edited From: “Trump Fires Top DHS Official Who Refuted His Claims That The Election Was Rigged”

    Today’s Washington Post

    Trump’s claims that the election was ‘rigged’ have been dismissed in almost every court. But when lies are told on that level, any administration official contradicting the lies must be terminated for the sake of appearances.

    Today, in a Pennsylvania courtroom, Rudy Giuliani attempted to argue that the entire election results of that state must be invalidated because ‘2’ individuals were allegedly denied their right to vote. The presiding judge was skeptical, to say the least. Meanwhile in Michigan ‘2’ Republican Election Commissioners for Wayne County (Detroit and suburbs) attempted to invalidate that county’s election results. They were forced to reverse their effort when public reaction was too strong.

    1. What lies were “refuted”.

      There has been fraud in this election.

      There is fraud in all elections.

      There is significantly more fraud in mailin elections.

      Those are all FACTS. Once upon a time even NYT grasped those.

      Pretty much all the swing states – as well as many other states failed to follow their own election rules.

      There is really no argument about this.
      That too is FRAUD.

      What is not known is the extent of that fraud. It is likely we WILL eventually know the extent, but not likely soon.

      Further the evidence that already exists provides excellent reason to suspect the problems are much larger.

      Wise and rational people rather than arguing foolishly would be jumping to find out the extent of the problem and to work to assure that we fix it and it never happens again.

      I would note that as well as none of this being new -it also was known long before the election.

      The normal rejection rate for new mailin ballots is about 20%. That was also the rate we saw in the May democratic primaries.

      The rejection rate in PA for 2020 was 0.25% – even though all mailin voters were new mailin voters.

      Seemingly miraculously PA voters managed to do mailin votes better than anyone anywhere in the world ever before.
      First time mailin voters had a rejection rate 25 times lower than experienced mailin voters in the rest of the world.

      If you beleive that was accomplished without fraud your smoking whacky weed.

      One of the reasons that mailin vote rejection rates are always so high is because mailin votes are very easy to defraud.
      So we are being asked to beleive that PA (and other state) voters were 25 times less likely to cheat than any other voters anywhere ever.
      That candidates were less likely to cheat.

      If mailin vote rejection rates had been half the norm – Trump would have won in a landslide.

      There is something about things that are highly unlikely – they rarely happen.

      The odds of PA mailin votes being the most accurate and free of fraud anywhere ever in history are near zero.

      It is not a secret to anyone that this election is rife with fraud.

      Worse still you are likely to get away with it.

      But when you erode norms, when you fail to follow the rules, when you are prepared to win by any means necescary,
      It nearly always bites you in the ass later.

    2. Cases involving individuals are being argued because the right to a fraud free election is an individual right.

      Contra the left there are no social rights. While the people of Pennsylvania have been defrauded, the violation must be alleged by individuals.

      One of the big problems with the current mess is there is no party with standing to allege actual harm from the actual misconduct that has gone on.

        1. Look at the stats for yourself. You can find them on worldmeter and many other places. the CDC hasn’t been very consistent lately.

            1. Death rate is determined by reported cases against deaths. The deaths are reasonably certain but the cases not. Claiming cases that are not actual cases increases income and lowers perceived rate. There have been other problems with reporting. In the end, New York is corpse country because of total deaths and the city has become unlivable, dirty and dangerous and Democrat.

              1. You can calculate deaths per capita.

                I beleive what these idiots are doing is calculating deaths per capita per day.

                ND had 15 deaths yesterday. They have a population of about 800K that leads to a number of 18 Deaths per million population.
                NY;s peak death rate was more than double that.

                ND would have to continue the current rate for more than 3 months to match NY – that is not happening.

                1. John, I think that number referred to a singular point in time having little to nothing to do with deaths per million. One doesn’t even know if the reference referred to the date of death or the day of reporting. During one point in time any singular place might be reported as the hottest spot of all, but that is a foolish type of reporting and tells us very little.

            2. Wow, A chart from some random body asserting a ludicrously stupid claim which has no relationship at all to the data.

              TODAY and for the last 7 days the mortality rate in ND is STILL 1/6 that of New York.

              Using actual data.

              and the long term ND mortality is about 1/100th that of NY.

              Do the math – it is not that hard. There are myriads of sites with the number of deaths, and the population of ND can be googled.

              I know that Math scares left wing nuts – but you have a calculator. And it can divide.

            3. Do you honestly think that intelligent people buy this nonsense ?

              ND’s peak deaths per day was about 18/M New Yorks was well over double that.

              In ND this is an artifact of small numbers there is just not alot of people in ND so a few deaths is huge.

              Conversely the much higher rate in NY is more serious – it is not a few people dying it is thousands.

        2. As of today–

          North Dakota 65,967 total cases, 769 total deaths.

          New York 606,624 total cases, 34,058 deaths

          You can do this quick comparison in your head. Multiply ND by ten to get more cases than NY by roughly 50,000 but only 7,690 deaths against NY 34,000.

          New York is a death pit by comparison.

        3. Joe,

          Just to clarify, that’s the 7-day per capita death rate, not the total per capita death rate or some other rate.

          It’s entirely possible for different places to be “highest” depending on what rate you’re talking about and what places you include in the comparison. North Dakota’s 7-day rate is worse than other U.S. states and worse than any country, but my guess is that if we broke down the country data for other countries into state (or equivalent) data, there might be states in other countries that are worse than ND. For example there’s likely a state in Czekia or Belgium that’s worse.

          It didn’t have to have been this bad in the U.S. If we’d had a competent, caring president, he could have done more. F’g Trump can’t even be bothered to wear a mask most of the time and doesn’t encourage anyone to do it. Fauci said this week that Trump hadn’t attended a WH COVID Taskforce meeting in months.

          1. CTHD- F’g Trump can’t even be bothered to wear a mask most of the time and doesn’t encourage anyone to do it


            Trump doesn’t need a mask. He has recovered and is not infectious. Fauci, the CDC and others said they were ineffective before saying they were. In Europe some of the most dedicated to wearing masks have the highest rates of infection. You said to me, agreeing with me, that they might slow the spread of larger aerosols from an infected person but are unlikely to protect others from actual viruses. Viruses are too small to be impeded by most masks. It appears they offer reassurance but very little actual protection. Recently the CDC said that most recent infections are of people who wear masks about 87% of the time to all of the time. Masks are mostly covid theater.

            I notice in your usual hate-rage against Trump you have no thought for New York with the highest actual fatality rate, due mostly to the vicious policies of Cuomo. That pile of corpses doesn’t seem to invite comment from you when they come from Democrat policies.

            1. The WH will have to be tented after Trump and Melania leave and who knows what they gave the staff. .F’ng filthy creep and his stupid minions have unwittingly performed a public service demonstrating how not to act.

              1. I like the Trump minions! They wave flags, honk their horns, and get all happy, and excited, and buy stuff.

                That’s a whole heck of a lot better than wondering if the freakin’, violent antifa freaks are going to burn my business down!

                Welcome Trump minions! (At least so far).

              2. That OK Joe woiollnot be able to find the WhiteHouse. He will be wondering arround Laffeyette park.

                If he calls some antifa a dog faced poney solider we will see how long he lasts.

            2. He also did not need to wear a mask before because everyone who got near him was tested first.
              And because very few people got within 2m of him.

              Regardless, the left tells us that all these things work -and yet they did not.

          2. Once again, this is how the CDC counts deaths attributed to covid19:


            “Confirmed & Probable Counts

            As of April 14, 2020, CDC case counts and death counts include both confirmed and probable cases and deaths. This change was made to reflect an interim COVID-19 position statementpdf iconexternal icon issued by the Council for State and Territorial Epidemiologists on April 5, 2020. The position statement included a case definition and made COVID-19 a nationally notifiable disease. Nationally notifiable disease cases are voluntarily reported to CDC by jurisdictions.

            A confirmed case or death is defined by meeting confirmatory laboratory evidence for COVID-19.

            A probable case or death is defined by one of the following:

            * Meeting clinical criteria AND epidemiologic evidence with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID-19

            * Meeting presumptive laboratory evidence AND either clinical criteria OR epidemiologic evidence

            * Meeting vital records criteria with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID19″

            So, since April 14th the CDC has counted and reported deaths due to covid even though there was ” no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID19″.

            Yet the CDC fails to provide the actual numbers of deaths, or percentages of deaths, the CDC is counting as deaths from covid.

            Which means that the CDC covid deaths data is completely worthless.

            That is not science. It is propaganda, that only a useful idiot would take seriously.

            1. Speaking of useful idiots, Rhodes implies that the hundreds of hospitals across the country who make the determination are part of a conspiracy to get his cult leader.

              1. You don’t know numbers. Earlier you got confused between death rates and deaths per million. Your comment had to be explained. That is OK, but everyone has looked closely at these numbers for months so common sense should have told you that there was a misinterpretation of what was being said. Common sense failed you like it does so often.

                  1. No, Joe, you posted something that standing alone was obviously confusing. Young recognized the realities you failed to see. This is typical of your postings where you search for provocative headlines. You don’t bother with their meaning and are unable to follow a logical process. That leads to you looking foolish when all you had to do was think about the reality we have been facing for months which is what Young did. Had you done that you would have recognized that the word “rate” meant something different then you thought.

                    1. Kayla, doesn’t much matter, but Young jumped to the conclusion that the admittedly unspecific news report heading I posted meant something other than what it did. That’s legitimate and I clarified what the report was about, which was another statistic. “leads in death rate” could mean since last year or it could mean daily within the last week. Both are significant statistics.

                    2. Joe, I think you are trying to convince yourself.

                      If that is what you need to function, then go ahead.

                    3. No JF every statistic is not “significant”.

                      ND would have to continue for 100 days at its current rate to match NY’s overall mortality rate.

                      The rate quited in the statistic your cited was OBVIOUSLY misleading as every other C19 statistic from ND tells a different story.

                      This is part of the problem comparing big data sets to small ones, it is hard to tell noise from meaningful information on small portions of the data.

                      But if you look at larger and broader statistics and trends – those are more meaningful.

                      There have been several links on hospitalizations, yet the CDC’s projections for new C19 hospitalizations trends flat – probably because deaths are also trending flat, which means that most of the fluctuations in new case numbers do not mean anything.

                    4. “No JF every statistic is not “significant”.”

                      John, JF picks through the trash to find valueless talking points and then he quotes the headline. Not infrequently the body of the article says things contrary to what he is saying. Mostly he is wrong and a waste of time.

                  2. JF – the numbers are readily available.

                    We have watched for months as the number of cases bounced all over the place varying with testing.

                    But the fluctuations in hospitalization rates and death rates have been inconsequential.

                1. Further hospitalization numbers are tricky to understand.

                  At no time did C19 ever exceed 1/3 of the capacity of hospitals in NYC – the epicenter of the worst outbreak.

                  Currently accross the country it is about 10% of total US capacity.

                  In April when the course of C19 was unknown Hospitals heavily triaged patients – taking only the worst off C19 patients.

                  Today with better projections – CDC is estimating a flat number of new hospitalizations every day for the next 2 months.
                  Hospitals are more likely to accept and treat less severe cases.

                  The current US case fatality rate for C19 is about the same as that of a bad flu. In april is was 5 times higher.

                  1. “If you build them they will come”

                    John, hospital beds are filled in part based on the number of beds available. ICU care can generally be expanded. There are many areas of the nation where the hospitalization rate varies tremendously with the season and the regular flu. It is not uncommon to see hospitals bursting at the seams when flu season hits.

                    1. Don’t disagree. Regardless, the hospital system is not under threat.

                      And one of the things I hope we learned from the first go round is to separate C19 from the rest of the hospital and do not shut down normal services – the price of that is too high.

          3. “Just to clarify, that’s the 7-day per capita death rate”

            What an excellent response to an obvious dilemma Joe was faced with. Too bad you didn’t continue your post in that fashion. We know of your dislike of the President and understand. Too bad that dislike hinders your ability to make sense of your hate.

            1. Sorry Kayla, I don;t get your point. Anonymous at 10:50 PM above was me and i was clarifying the meaning of the news report for Young.

              1. Believe what you wish Joe, but it is clear to most that you were plain wrong. Even your buddy Commit recognized that and the timing of the posts reveals the truth. Stop trying to prove yourself right. Take the criticism, learn and do a better job.

          4. I don’t have a problem with him not wearing a mask. He’s getting regularly tested, and the adults around him had their own decisions to make when in his presence.

            It is pretty bad though that he hasn’t been to a task Force meeting. Although, I would rather have Trump’s loosy goosy approach, than Biden’s upcoming totalitarian approach.

            I loved that Trump didn’t want the economy to shut down. Showed me he wanted people to work, and wasn’t a dictator wannabe. At least not in that way.

            If totalitarian, Gruesome Newsom had to lose his paycheck for every business he has killed. He would have made completely different decisions.

            1. “It is pretty bad though that he hasn’t been to a task Force meeting.”

              Why ? Do you think that another meeting with Faucci and company will result in a new policy that will magically make C19 disappear ?

              Nations all over the world have sought out the Covid Silver bullet. So far they are all shooting blanks.

              Do you think another task force meeting willmake the impossible possible ?

              1. Speaking of nations all over the world, we have 4% of the world’s population and 20% of covid cases and deaths.

                1. And you actually beleive that ?

                  Do you honestly think that any data from anywhere in the world outside western countries can directly be compared with the US ?

                  India is an aspiring first world country. It has a first rate medical system – for a tiny portion of the population.

                  For much of india I doubt they have a clue how many people have died of anything much less Covid.

                  Do you really think that 5 or so billion people in the lower level of world prosperity are accurately measuring Covid ?

                  Frankly many of these countries do not likely give a $h!t. Fixation on some respiratory epidemic is a luxury for wealthy countries.

                  Further why should the 2/3 of the earth with life expectancies below 65 and pretty much zero percent obesity and diabetes care about a disease that is unlikely to kill them.

                  You do understand that global mortality pretty strongly maps to the demographics of the population ?

                  Countries with older populations have been hit worse than the US. Countries with less healthy populations worse.
                  Those with younger and healthier populations better.

                  Short of Samoa there is no place on earth with the levels of diabetes of the US.

                  Trump did not create that.

                2. Rather than trying to fit the data to your narative – try fitting your narative to the data.

                  It has been possible to predict – based on demographics outcomes throughout most of the world since April – probably sooner with the data that the “experts” purportedly had.

                  Nothing has changed. No policy of any country – with the possible exception of Sweden, has had any impact.

                  1. Sweden’s chief epidemiologist has acknowledged the country is experiencing a second wave of coronavirus despite predicting that the country’s no-lockdown policy would prevent another surge.

                    The chief epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, had suggested that case numbers would be “quite low” in the autumn compared with other European countries that imposed lockdowns.

                    The latest figures, however, show Sweden is experiencing higher numbers of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths than its neighbors relative to population size.


                    1. And yet Deaths in Sweden remain incredibly low.

                      The whole northern hemisphere is experiencing a “wave” as winter approaches.

                      No Data I have seen has Sweden doing worse NOW than the rest of the EU.

                      I have been listening to this leftist rot that Sweden is going to hell since April.

                      It hasn’t. It is the only country in the western world that experienced a classic Logistic curve epidemic.
                      It came, it went. In the end infections and deaths were indistinguishable from the rest of the EU.

                      The whole world was optomistic this was not returning for winter.
                      They were wrong – it is clearly seasonal.

                      Regardless, death rates are way down in most countries – though the US is doing significantly better on deaths that Europe.

                      And aside from very broad trends “cases” are nearly meaningless.

                      Anyone that thinks we have more infections today than in april is clueless.

                      Regardless, Sweden briefly closed schools, I beleive it also limited very large gatherings, beyond that it made recomendations – which the swedes are mostly NOT following. For a nation that according to the experts is doing everything wrong – it is clearly doing no worse than Europe, and it has not destroyed its economy or the lives of people, and Covid is far more predictable in Sweden because they did not play this stupid flatten the curve game.

                    2. Sweden is at 622 deaths per million – that is much better than the US and about 1/2 of Europe.

                      Basically it is tracking the European average.

                      AS I have said repeatedly – there is no evidence that any nations policies have been beneficial.
                      Lockdowns have not worked,

                      C19 is best predicted by demographics, not policy.

                      And yet you keep pretending that if you pray to whatever the most draconian leftist health expert you can find that they will make it all better.

                      Critical thinking is clearly note your forte.

                      Once again the left claims to be the party of science – yet there is no REAL science that supports them.
                      And they certainly are not the party of math.

                      Your fundimentally innumerate.

                      In April – my instincts were telling me C19’s behavior was demographic not policy driven. Shortly after several experts – which the media insisted on ignoring produced studies and data that confirmed that.
                      And in the many months since it is ever more obvious that is the case.

                      If you want to do something meaningful to improve your chances, take Vitamin D, Zinc, get excercise, get sunlight and get healthy

                      Having normal Vitamin D levels is probably 10 times more beneficial than properly wearing an n95 mask.

                      And even if you get C19 the odds are the impact will be much less.

                      What I would like to know is that given the obviously lattitude based variation in C19 – why there were not a dozen studies on Vitamin D in April.

                      BTW there are now something like 142 studies indicating that HCQ is effective. Not as effective as Remedsivir, or antibody injections or Vitamin D, But still an improvement over no HCQ.

                      So who knows how many thousands you have killed trying to jeer at Trump.

                      What does it take before you grasp that the facts and your world view at completely at odds with each other.

                      2 + 2 != 5.

          5. I don’t have a problem with Trump not wearing masks. He got tested regularly, and the adults made their own decisions while in their presence.

            I prefer Trumps loosy goosy approach to what I fear Biden’s totalitarian approach will be. (Welcome to the Great Reset).

            If totalitarian freaks like Gruesome Newsom, and Cuomo had to lose a paycheck for every business they killed things would look much better.

            I hate these politicos who don’t lose a thing during all their destructive decision making.

          6. CTDHD – even that makes no sense.

            ND’s current 7 day average mortality rate is 1/5 that of NY’s current 7 day average mortality rate.

            Both of those numbers are for the last 8 days – Not long term.

            If you get C19 in NF you are 5 times more likely to live than in NY.

            So what is it that someone thinks is uniquiely bad in ND ?

            The number of C19 patients dying with frisby’s in their bed ?

          7. “It didn’t have to have been this bad in the U.S. If we’d had a competent, caring president, he could have done more.”

            Is that so ? What evidence do you have for that ?

            NYC took the most draconian steps and has nearly the worst mortality rate in the world – NJ is worse.

            Trump has done better than Belgium. Spain, Italy, France.

            Though frankly anyone with a brain can tell that C19 death rates track demographic factors not policies.

            Sweden which did very little is still doing better than most of Europe.

            “F’g Trump can’t even be bothered to wear a mask most of the time and doesn’t encourage anyone to do it.”

            So ? I do not wear a mask most of the time. Few people do, and fewer people wear them correctly, and most masks are useless.

            The laboratory effectiveness of an N95 mask is .66 – sounds great EXCEPT, that is per exposure and is alone insufficient to get the transmission rate below 1.0.

            Those of you on the left still can not seem to grasp that you can impose 10,000 policy measures most of which might even have some effect, but unless you get the transmission rate significantly below 1.0 you have accomplished nothing.

            “Fauci said this week that Trump hadn’t attended a WH COVID Taskforce meeting in months.”

            Fine with me – the C19 trask force has accomplished nothing. Nor has any government federal or state.

            The significant accomplishments thus far have been:

            Treatments – a variety of privately developed treatments have lowered C19 mortality significantly.

            Project Warp speeds vaccine development program. We now have 2 95% effective vaccines with more likely to be announced each week.

            I beleive there will be 70M doses from the two currently developed before the end of the year – presuming CDC does not $h!t on that.

            Each additional vaccine that proves effective will increase that number. Further Warp speed will pay for up to 330M doses deliverable by April – unless Biden $h!ts over that.

          8. Can you name a time ever where we have be able to thwart any respiratory virus ever once it has spread to a few countries ?

            Ever ?

            Ever ?

            We can not impeded the flu without a vaccine.

            And the flu has a transmission rate of 1.2 Compared to that of C19 between 2.4-3.8

        4. There are about a bazillion places that you can go to check this.
          But clearly you haven’t.

          If the sources you cite actually claim what you say they do – they all need remedial math.

          The current mortality rate in ND is 1/5 that of NY.

          The quoted figure of 18/M is 1/100th NJ.

          Why do you expect anyone to take you seriously ?

      1. There have been 981 C19 deaths in ND – that compares to 33K in NY.
        The current C19 mortality rate in ND is 1.2% that is compared to 2.4% for the US as a whole, and 6% for NY.

        New Cases in ND are 1/4 that of NY today. and 1/10th NY total.

    1. According to your source – Huffpo – the ND mortality rate is 18/M.

      The overall US death rate is 758/M that of Belgium is 1300/M

      Looks like you are off by a factor of 100.

      Why do you trust outlets like Huffpo ?

      Are you capable of checking facts before you post ?

      BTW NJ’s death rate is 1800/M litterally 100 times that of ND
      NY’s is 1700
      MA and CN are 1200 and RI closesout the top 5 at 981/M

  2. There are as I type, 364 comments on this post. The post itself is not controversial. Or wouldn’t have been 20 years ago. We live in a decadent age.

  3. Turley tweets: “The Trump team has to produce systemic problems with authentication or tabulation. In the interim, the GSA needs to “ascertain” this election to allow for a transition.”

    Some follow-up:

    1. “Barram, the Bush-Gore-era GSA administrator, said he felt sympathy for Murphy.”

    “Republican lawmakers are asking her to be more courageous than they are,” Barram said. “Sure, it’s her decision to make, and she’s going to have to make it one of these days. But they could make it easier if five or 10 of them come out and say: ‘Biden’s won. Let’s congratulate our old Senate colleague.’”


    2. Senator Lankford (R-OK), who chairs a Senate subcommittee with GSA oversight, “defended the decision by the General Services Administration to not ascertain that Biden is the President-elect, arguing the agency cannot make such a determination with one of the candidates disputing the election and before results are certified by the states.”

    “There’s no way they can ascertain,” Lankford said. “GSA is not the electors.”

    “Lankford said Monday that Biden should get the regular classified intelligence briefings that he received as a candidate. But he argued that Biden should not have access to the Presidential Daily Brief — or daily summary of high-level intelligence — until he’s officially declared President-elect.”


    1. Technically it is not her decision to make.

      Trump has not conceded, few state elections have been certified.

      If Congress wishes to change the law to empower the GSA when AP calls the race they can do so.

  4. You balmy communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO) psychopaths, keep it up!

    You are doing a great job with your inimical, anti-Constitutional, anti-American treason.

    At some point, you will back these milquetoast, so-called conservative republicans into a corner from which they cannot escape, and force the Second Civil War.

    Perhaps even President Trump will finally understand the stakes in this battle for the Constitution, its “manifest tenor” and America itself.


    In 1861, President of the United States Abraham Lincoln took two steps intended to maintain order and public safety in the now-divided country.

    In his capacity as commander in chief, Lincoln declared martial law in all states and ordered the suspension of the constitutionally protected right to writs of habeas corpus in the state of Maryland and parts of the

    Midwestern states.

    – Robert Longley

    Democrats have criminally engineered, corrupted and commandeered the U.S. election process commencing the Second Civil War.

    President Trump must declare martial law, suspend Habeas Corpus, prosecute the perpetrators of criminal election tampering, seize voting apparatus in all 50 states, and conduct a forensic audit and a

    complete recount of “legal” votes.


    “Rebel News Reporter Escorted From Dominion Building After Discovering That They Share Office Floor With Soros-Linked Group”

    Rebel News journalist Keean Bexte was escorted from the Dominion Voting office in Toronto after uncovering that they share a building with a George Soros-linked group.

    Dominion Voting, who supplies voting machines to multiple swing states, has been under fire since it was revealed that their machines created a 6,000 vote swing in a single Michigan state county.

    Bexte visited the Dominion Voting building located at 215 Spadina Avenue in Toronto in an effort to get some answers. He discovered that the vote tabulation company shares an office floor with an organization called Tides, which recently changed its name to Make Way.

    Bexte wrote that the organization is “an extreme left eco-radical charity that directs cash supplied by George Soros to smaller groups and organizations to advance the globalist agenda of Soros.”

    The close proximity of these organizations has left Bexte with many questions, including whether or not radical employees of George Soros able to access the same desks, filing cabinets, servers, and Wi-Fi of Dominion Voting and if any extra security protocols taken to ensure no voting data or proprietary information is protected.

    When he attempted to get those answers, he was escorted from the building.

    “Further to the suspect office floor sharing, Dominion Voting also showed their hand when documents surfaced showing they donated between $25,000 and $50,000 to Hillary Clinton’s personal foundation, a charity tied closely to the Tides Foundation. George Soros actually donated over $9.5M to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign,” Bexte reports.

    – Cassandra Fairbanks

  6. States’ Rights: some speech is illegal, Jonathan Turley. Try inciting to riot to discover what happens. You can even be your own defense attorney.

    1. Benson:
      Stick to your arcane subject matter. This comment is cementing you as a bigger fool than lawyer wannabe Gainesville. And that’s saying something.

  7. Natasha Bertrand (Politico): “BREAKING: Trump says he has just fired CISA director @CISAKrebs, who was swatting down his election conspiracy falsehoods in real time. More on Krebs’ efforts here: https://t.co/93r3fKYoaT

    Krebs had told colleagues that he expected to be fired by Trump: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-cyber-officials-exclusive/exclusive-top-official-on-u-s-election-cybersecurity-tells-associates-he-expects-to-be-fired-idUSKBN27S2YI
    Trump fires everyone he can who is loyal to the Constitution.

    I will be happy when Trump is out of office, though it will take a long time to recover from the damage he’s done.

    1. Thanks for the update. The firing is also on Trump’s Twitter feed.

      Yesterday Trump tweeted: “Big victory moments ago in the State of Nevada. The all Democrat County Commissioner race, on same ballot as President, just thrown out because of large scale voter discrepancy. Clark County officials do not have confidence in their own election security. Major impact!”


      When I looked into it, I discovered what can only be called a very small scale of voter discrepancy and a trivial impact on the national election.

      1. The scale of the issue in the NV county commissions race is irrelevant.

        It is its existance that matters.

        Just as there is no such thing as a little bit pregnant, there is no such thing as a little bit of fraud.

        If you wish your claims that you “looked into this” to be meaningful, then you can explain why the errors in the county commissioners race are not possible elsewhere ? And what about those errors specifically limits the scope of the error.

        As an example – if there were 5 ballots counted that were not ballots of legitimate voters, Why cant there be 500, 5000, 50000, 5000000 ?

        Is there some limit to the number of fictitous people, dead people, out of state people, or just ballots that were not by people that can be in the NV election ?

        If 100 ballots were counted for Mickey Mouse or Ronald Reagan – why not 50,000 ?
        If 100 ballots were counted for dead people – why not 50,000 ?
        If 100 ballots were counted for non-residents – why not 50,000 ?
        if 100 ballots were slipped into the ballot box – why not 50,000 ?

        It is possible and not all that difficult to design elections so that fraud is near impossible.

        But there is pretty much no means to limit many types of fraud in a mail in election.

        This election was designed to fail.

    2. Good ridance.

      There are millions of us who are not interested in the idiotic mutterings of the blind.

      AS I have told you REPEATEDLY – this election was conducted without following the rules. That is Fraud pure and simple.

      That is no conspiracy theory – it is a fact.

      Some places followed the rules – some did not. That is both lawless and fraudulent.

      Most people are capable of grasping that a process is fraudulent – no matter what the outcome, when it is conducted such that we can not have confidence in the result.

      I need not prove that 50,000 dead people voted in Pensylvania to prove the obvious – that the state of Pennsylvania has no idea how many legitimate votes were cast.

      For days I saw billboards saying “Count every vote” – what absolute idiocy !!! Count votes from dead people ? Count votes from people who do not exist ? Count votes that are not even from people at all – that are nothing but paper ballots that managed to get into the ballot boxes ?

      The actual rule is “Count every legitimate vote” – and conformance to the law is what determines legitimacy. Failure to conform to the law is fraud. PERIOD.

      But to be clear – conforming to the law is NECCESCARY by NOT SUFFICIENT to confer legitimacy.

      Mailin voting is not legitimate PERIOD. It can not meet the criteria necessary to be trusted.

      The failure of our governors, legislators, congress etc. to provide us with trustworthy elections is another form of FRAUD.

      I do not give a $h1t whether Dominion Voting System was engaged in fraudulent vote counting.
      While I doubt that, it is still an easily testable proposition. Testing it should not require a lawsuit. Before and after validation of the systems used in an election should be the NORM.

      Regardless that is not the most consequential failure in this election.

      The biggest frauds are the ones we likely can not fix – that the rules were not followed and that allowing mailin voting corrupted the entire election.

      We must not repeat those mistakes.

      If Democrats do not grasp that and work towards correcting the problem – this will not end with the courts.

      It may end in violence, it may end in a lack of legitimacy to government, it may end in competition in future elections to see which party can commit the most fraud. It may end in all of the above. What it will not is end well.

    3. This is not a test of Trump’s credibility.

      It is a test of that of our courts, our government, democrats and you.

      And you have failed. The only question is how badly.

  8. Sen. Grassley has tested positive for COVID-19. I hope he doesn’t get too sick; he’s 87, which puts him at increased risk. He also exposed a bunch of other Senators, speaking on the Senate floor yesterday without his mask on.

    1. 17 November 2020:

      “A spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did not return a request for comment on whether he would encourage testing for other Republican senators who may have come into contact with Grassley. McConnell has maintained that regular testing is not needed in the Senate, though the Capitol physician announced this week that there would be testing available for members of the House and their staff.”


      2 October 2020:

      “Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on Friday that President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis underscores the need for testing and contact tracing in the Senate, where lawmakers are not routinely tested.”

      “This episode demonstrates that the Senate needs a testing and contact tracing program for Senators, staff, and all who work in the Capitol complex. We simply cannot allow the administration’s cavalier attitude to adversely affect this branch of government,” Schumer said in a statement.

      “It is imperative that all results be made public in order to contain a possible outbreak and so we can determine the need for Senators and staff to quarantine or self-isolate,” he added.


    2. When Grassley was speaking from the Senate Floor he must have been 10 meters away from everyone.

      Regardless, I am glad you are capable of openly wishing Grassley well. that is one of few actually morally positive actions I have seen from you.


  9. All affected persons, including blog moderators, are encouraged to carefully review the following information in connection with their moderation decisions. They will recognize that it is intended as satire to foster discussion on important issues relating to the role of the government and the media, the rule of law, and free speech.

    Washington, DC (Authorized for Release through Approved Information Channels) – The Party today announced that Richard Stengel has been appointed Team Lead for the United States Agency for Global Media. In his new role, Mr. Stengel will assist the Party in implementing new, common-sense reforms to combat the spread of disinformation, including speech that undermines the Party’s core first amendment values.

    “As a government official traveling around the world championing the virtues of free speech, I came to see how our first amendment standard is an outlier. On the internet, truth is not optimized. On the web, it’s not enough to battle falsehood with Truth; the Truth does not always win,” said Mr. Stengel. “All speech is not equal. And where Truth cannot drive out lies, we must add new guardrails,” he added.

    The new guidelines will replace outmoded precedent established by Brandenberg v. Ohio, which the Supreme Court based on long-discredited capitalist principles once fashionable among white males in 17th century England. Implementation of these reforms will begin immediately. Mr. Stengel will work with Party stakeholders, including media organizations, social media platforms, and the Department of Justice to ensure that these reforms and related accountability standards are clearly communicated and enforced.

    Party stakeholders are cautioned to remain vigilant for partisan elements opposed to the necessary reforms being carried out by Mr. Stengel and the Party Secretariat for Global Media. These elements may also seek to mischaracterize Mr. Stengel’s commitment to Truth.

    Mr. Stengel has considerable experience championing Truth and combatting dangerous disinformation. He previously served as the State Department’s undersecretary for public diplomacy and public affairs, where he led the State Department’s counter-disinformation efforts. His work led to an executive order establishing the Global Engagement Center, the one entity in government tasked with countering global disinformation.

    Party members and other interested members of the public are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Mr. Stengel’s October 29, 2019 statement available in the Washington Post. The statement is available through an Approved Information Source and represents Approved Doctrine.


    Immediate implementation of these guidelines is authorized under previously approved directives adopted in response to the COVID-19 emergency. Further information on these guidelines will be communicated as circumstances dictate.

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