England Arrests 15-Year-Old Girl For Allegedly Burning Koran

England has continued its move toward comprehensive blasphemy prosecution with the arrest of a 15-year-old girl for inciting religious hatred by allegedly burning a copy of the Koran (Qur’an) — and showing the act on Facebook. I have written in columns and blog entries (here and here and here) about this dangerous trend in the West as citizens are arrested for blasphemy laws.

So citizens are protected in burning books ranging from Das Capital to The Federalist Papers. However, if the book is a religious text, they can be criminally charged?

Under British law, an adult can face up to seven years in prison, a fine or both.

Such laws not only deny free speech but they allow countries to define what they consider an insult to religion — particularly majoritarian faiths. I remain astonished by the lack of outcry in the West over its adoption of blasphemy prosecutions.

Source: Daily Mail

Jonathan Turley

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  1. also from jonolan’s web site:

    Signs of Victory 11/26/10

    In the long war to rebuild, restore, and renew the great, if beleaguered without and within, nation of America there are signs that we, the People are gaining the upper hand and are on the road to real victory over the neo-Socialist Liberals, Progressives, and other Statist domestic enemies.


    Yesterday, I asked the following question:

    And does this same level of “loathing” attach to others as well, i.e., those whom you classify as “domestic enemies” on your web site? Just wondering…


    Your responded:

    anon nurse,

    Yes, more so actually, since they should know better and have willfully chosen their courses of actions. After all, to reference Buddha is Laughing, who were worse? The “un-named German” or the French who collaborated with him?


    Care to clarify? (Given the nature of your comments on this blog, perhaps you should…)

  2. In the 1980’s, Germany (BRD) prosecuted members of the secularist group Bunte Liste Frieberg, for displaying posters deemed disrespectful to the Pope and the Catholic Church. Several members were tried, fined, imprisoned, and their offices were raided by local and state police.

  3. Amazingz! we found something to gree upon – pudding! The real kind, made with eggs, cream, true effort, and – dare I day – love.

    It won’t make me change my religion though. Morrighu teaches us to take to what fleeting pleasure we can, so no change is needful.

  4. @jonolan

    “willfully turn a blind eye to the simple fact that there’s a reason why government choose to appease Muslim and only Muslims.”

    The UK has a Christian state church hose policy making is intertwined with the Parliment and there are three Christian public holidays: Good Friday, Easter Monday, and Christmas. You would not know apeasement if it bit you on the ass.

  5. A quote from Jonolan’s blog:

    “A recent trend I’ve seen is Liberal blogs having closed the comments on their posts. I don’t mean on older posts; I mean that they’re publishing articles and not allowing any commentary upon them from the start.

    This is very much one of those smaller, harder to see signs that we, the People are on the course to victory!

    At the very grassroots level, the more vocal of our enemies are in retreat. They’ve given up the argument and, in the method of their doing so, they’ve isolated themselves from each other.

    How long can they maintain their efforts without the reinforcement of their Leftist echo chambers? I can’t say, but it’s likely that they’ll only howl in their lonely personal wildernesses for so long before going silent.
    Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down.”


    Jonolan is also one of those key-word search trolls as he explains on his blog.

    Jonolan at heart doesn’t dislike the Professor for his godlessness but because he embraces the First Amendment
    and operates an ‘open’ blog. Jonolan hates the free flow of political discourse. Jonolan is one of those wingers that ascribes (IMO) to the tenant of showing up at a town hall and shouting down anyone that doesn’t agree with his point of view and considering it a victory if dialog can’t take place. For a blogger like Jonolan, attention is victory since any time spent dealing with him is time away from ‘honest’ dialogue; and the more unpleasant he makes the environment/thread the more likely the thread will be abandoned.

    Naughty troll; back under your bridge, shoo, shoo.

  6. “what I think you are isn’t nearly as tragic or explicable.”

    I blame the last of the banana pudding for the sloppy typing. It’s the real deal made with homemade vanilla custard and not instant pudding. The kind of desert good enough to make you change your religion.

  7. jonolan,

    If I had wanted to call you a liar, I wouldn’t have minced words. I’m very direct as a general rule. Doubting what you say and thinking you a liar are two different things. Doubt is not certainty. You may have lived abroad and are just incapable of learning through your haze of anger or for whatever reason – bad genetics, a blow to the head, lead poisoning, too much FOXNews, etc. For the sake of clarity and since it doesn’t matter to you, what I think you are is nearly as tragic or explicable. I’m certain, however, that you’re a garden variety hateful little douche bag. Since you brought it up. Just to be clear. You’ve been posting here since before I started, but yet I’ve never seen a kind word come out of your posts about . . . uh, anything or anyone.

    But that doesn’t mean necessarily you’re a liar.

    Just persistently angry.

    And I wasn’t kidding about the decaff.

    You should think about it.

  8. Buddha,

    Believe as you wish to. Call me a liar, if that is your desire. It doesn’t change the truth, nor does your opinion of me really matter to me.

    anon nurse,

    Yes, more so actually, since they should know better and have willfully chosen their courses of actions. After all, to reference Buddha is Laughing, who were worse? The “un-named German” or the French who collaborated with him?


    Funny how you equate segments of the American electorate with the vermin of Islam. At best, it’s a false parity; at the more likely worse, it shows where your loyalties truly are.


    Nope. I’m quite fond of myself. In fact, I might be a little too fond of myself; I’ve begun to wonder if that’s just another form of cowardice and hampering my actions…

  9. pete

    I almost said it earlier. Thanks for saying it — I think you’re absolutely right… That old self-loathing’s a killer, in more ways than one.

  10. i’m not a shrink or anything but i’d say the person jonolan hates most is the one in the mirror

  11. CEJ,

    Hey there stranger! It’s good to see you. As always, one lives to be of service.

    Copy that to anon nurse too.

  12. So did they Allegedly arrest her for Allegedly burning the Book? If not, why not?

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