Say It Ain’t So, Joe: CBS Reporter Draws Ire Of Biden For Asking Substantive Question

Erickson asked Biden a question on the way out of the room where Biden was meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer: “Mr Biden, the COVID task force said it’s safe for children to be back in class.”

That would be an important and reasonable question. The CDC is not recommending the closure of schools since studies show an exceptionally low risk for such children. There are serious costs to such closures for both children and their parents ranging from the loss of educational advancement, depression, employment problems, and other issues.

Yet, for the public and press corp, the appearance of a reporter asking an actual substantive question of Biden was like watching Big Foot riding the Lock Ness Monster through conference room. The only evidence that it was real and not a mirage was Biden’s swift rebuke.

It is the type of question that you would expect the president-elect to answer when he is holding forth on his plan for dealing with Covid-19. Biden however again attacked Erickson personally for breaking the unwritten rule against substantive questions: “Why are you the only guy that always shouts out questions?”

That question sums up the situation perfectly. We should all want to know why Erickson is the only guy (other than Peter Doocy) who is asking such questions. Most of the media was openly in the bag for Biden during the campaign. The hope however was that, once he was elected, the media would rediscover a modicum of independence and integrity in their approach to Biden. That will not happen so long as Biden can accurately ask why the Erickson is “the only guy” asking questions.

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  1. Are you saying it is unpresidential to not respond wi the courtesy to a reporter’s question?

    When Biden starts saying “blood coming out of her, whatever”, “enemy of the people” “fake news” – when he fakes a video of a reporter grabbing a microphone, when he makes racist attacks on reporters – well, then let’s talk.

    hey, guy that body slammed reporter was just elected Governor in Montana – but let’s keep Pooh pooping Biden.

    1. Can you say abuse of power, influence peddling, money laundering and corruption, which, had it occurred in China, would have led to execution long ago?

    2. Law Guy, we must judge Biden by traditional presidential standards. Because he’s been in politics 47 years, Biden is ‘not’ entitled to exceptions. Biden must be thoroughly dignified every second in public. If ever Biden sounds the slightest bit annoyed, it becomes a What About subject to columns by critics.

      The narrative will be, “See..?? Biden is rude to the media. It’s not just Donald Trump. So why did we criticize Trump for being rude?”

    3. So says the agent of the DNC and labor parties like the teachers union. So Trump is a POS and that means it’s good for Biden to emulate a POS? Gotcha, DNC troll.

  2. All affected persons, including blog moderators, will recognize that the following is intended as satire to foster discussion on important issues relating to the role of the government and the media, the rule of law, and free speech.

    -Fourth estate is partner for Truth, Unity and Reconciliation

    WASHINGTON, DC – The Party today thanked the media for their unprecedented and loyal efforts to promote Truth, advance Unity, and combat disinformation. The remarks where offered in response to apologies offered by numerous journalists following the unfortunate attacks carried out by Bo Erickson against President Biden.

    “On behalf of the media, I would like to thank the Party for the trust that Mr. Biden and the Party have shown in us. Trust needs to be earned, and the actions of one disloyal individual do not reflect our collective commitment. The media are in full alignment with the Party and it goals,” said Jim Acosta, Chief White House Correspondent for CNN. “The Party can count on us as full partners in the journey ahead,” he added.


    Immediate implementation of these guidelines is authorized under previously approved directives adopted in response to the COVID-19 emergency. Further information on these guidelines will be communicated as circumstances dictate.

    1. Whatever the joke was with Party Secretary, it has gone far beyond the point of ‘only funny once’.

      1. This clown of many faces has grandiose desires. He wants to be dictator of the list. That is probably because he never was able to do anything with his life.


    NOVEMBER 22, 1963

    John F. Kennedy lost the election of November 22, 1963.

    The Deep Deep State removed President John F. Kennedy from office.

    NOVEMBER 3, 2020

    Donald J. Trump experienced a “rigged” election on November 3, 2020.

    The Deep Deep State attempted to remove President Donald J. Trump from office.

  4. After 4 years of one of the most accessible administrations ever, now the press has to put up with Biden’s stonewalling. Ha, now the shoe is on the other foot

  5. All affected persons, including blog moderators, will recognize that the following is intended as satire to foster discussion on important issues relating to the role of the government and the media, the rule of law, and free speech.

    -Action Follows Unprecedented and Divisive Personal Attack on President Biden

    WASHINGTON, DC – The Party today announced emergency guidelines for media personnel following a dangerous and divisive attack on President Joe Biden. The attack was carried out on Saturday November 21 by a previously accredited media representative. Media personnel who fail to strictly adhere to the new requirements will be referred to the applicable Party authorities for review and investigation under established Accountability Standards.

    In the incident in question, CBS reporter Bo Erickson demanded that Mr. Biden respond to improper question concerning CDC guidance and the opening of schools in view of the pandemic. This line of questioning could create the appearance of misalignment among Party-aligned Health Officials, Teachers Unions, and approved Doctrine. The incident was Mr. Erickson’s second recent infraction.

    All Party-aligned media stakeholders are required to discontinue any continued association with Mr. Erikson pending his re-education and rehabilitation. All references to the situation shall emphasize the unprecedented and dangerous nature of the attack. They shall also emphasize the heroic efforts of the Party and Mr. Biden to undue the damage caused by criminal elements operating under the direction of former President Trump. Compliance with these requirements will be considered when allocating credits under the Party’s forthcoming social credit program. The credits may be used to earn privileges such as access to Party officials.

    In an important demonstration of Party Unity, the foregoing guidelines were developed jointly by the Party Secretariats for Truth and Reconciliation, Global Media, and Professional Education and Discipline on an emergency basis. The guidelines represent Approved Doctrine and may be communicated through all Approved Information Channels.


    Immediate implementation of these guidelines is authorized under previously approved directives adopted in response to the COVID-19 emergency. Further information on these guidelines will be communicated as circumstances dictate.

  6. Is biden cognitively impaired? does biden get irked with some questions? Is biden forgetful when speaking? Yes, yes, yes. biden is a confused and mentally ignorant puppet – he deserves better but the mere fact that he has limited awareness of his own abilities is a cancer for the nation. No Fortune 500 Company or Board would select him( or harris) as CEO and yet he will have responsibility for Trillions of dollars and American lives.

    1. Biden is a venal, deceitful, thieving grifter.

      He may not deserve a long stretch in a federal prison more than some of his contemporaries, but he should most definitely be a member-in-good-standing on the cell block.

      Make it happen!

    2. liarspoltergeist – You think THAT’s something. Look at who’s been the CEO of America for the past four years. And he’s had Javanka to give him brilliant advice, in exchange for some grifting – family style.

  7. Turley Asks Why Biden Can’t Answer Questions

    But Blog Moderator Is Aggressively Blocking Comments Regarding Efforts To Overturn Election

    Our conservative commenters are beside themselves because Trump’s lawsuits are getting no traction in the courts. In times like these, Republicans fall-back on ‘howling’. That is they ‘howl’ with phony outrage as loud as they can. This has been the reaction of conservative blog regulars. They are bellowing, with manufactured outrage, at any posts questioning Trump’s true motives. And the blog moderator has responded by blocking comments that might annoy the howlers.

    Professor Turley’s most frequent column topic is ‘Free Speech’. Turley, in fact, presents himself as honorary mayor of the ‘free speech community’. But as I have pointed out, many times, Turley’s concept of ‘free speech’ applies to only conservatives. Liberals on this blog are well aware that ‘free speech’ does not apply to them.

    1. ” Liberals on this blog are well aware that ‘free speech’ does not apply to them.”

      Yet your posting went through so apparently what you say isn’t true. Additionally you continuous complaints and insults of the list master come through as well.

      Dry your tears and go to mommy’s basement

      1. Anonymous, we’re all using ‘Anonymous’ because certain conservatives are allowed to be as abusive as they please.

        1. Peter, Liberals are targeting conservatives or haven’t you noticed? Lists are being created with the hope of destroying the personal lives of conservatives and their families. Are you that unaware of the world around you?

          1. m.h.o. we’ve never seen you before. Just popped out of nowhere to respond to this one post?

            1. It’s mho. Look it up in the dictionary. Funny you should make such a comment considering the number of new faces you present to the blog every week.

            2. Mr. Shill, give it up!

              Your alternating current of constantly rotating noms de déguisement have failed you miserably.

              Do you paradoxically pleasure yourself through self-delusion?

              You’re a buffoon.

        2. We are not the ones out rioting and destroying black and minority-owned businesses in our cities and physically assaulting Trump supporters for no reason but vile demonic hatred.

            1. all those riots occurred while Trump was president.

              That’s a primary school-level history answer. Similar to: Who was president when Islamic terrorists killed ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans.

              Step it up and explain which executive-level position is first responsible for the safety and security of these cities?

              1. Olly as you well know a Republican House, under Paul Ryan, spent considerable time and money probing Benghazi. They came up short every time. That’s how Benghazi morphed into Hillary’s emails. The emails and server became the new ‘scandal’.

                As far as cities go, leadership is different everywhere. Mayors of Los Angeles are not that powerful. They don’t even make the news that much. Whereas local news in Chicago and New York are largely focused on the Mayor and City Hall.

                With regards to all these riots and nuisance protests, I put the blame on Leftist Radicals. The Bernie Bros wanted to start their revolution long before Joe Biden got the nomination.

                The Bernie Bros were furious because (Black) Democrats chose Biden over Bernie. Blacks did, in fact, go as a block for Biden after Trump ‘endorsed’ Sanders in South Carolina’s Open Primary. Trump invited Republicans to crossover and vote for Bernie (to screw the Democrats).

                Blacks caught wind of Trump’s little plot and went for Biden in large numbers across the South. Blacks Over 40 composed a great deal of that vote. That’s how Biden suddenly clenched the nomination just ‘before’ the quarantine.

                But Bernie Bros are ‘not’ to be trifled with. First Hillary, then Biden, ‘steals the nomination from Bernie’!

                So Bernie Bros took to the streets and made a lot of noise. They howl like Republicans in younger voices. By tearing up cities they demonstrate how a tantrum by Bernie Bros leads to boarded storefronts.

                Bernie Bros are Trumpers in reverse. Instead of being old, rightwing fanatics, they’re young, leftwing radicals. Same level of ignorance, different purity standards.

                Democrats have now had ‘2’ presidential races spoiled by Bernie Bros. The Bros are like bad-in-laws to the Democrats. They’re not ‘real’ family. But they want to take the family name.

                Republicans let Trumpers take their name. I just hope Democrats ‘never’ surrender. I hope it’s like a car-jacking gone bad. The owner shoves the jacker off, and smokes his tires squealing out!

  8. President Trump has held 93 press conferences since taking office, more than the 70 held by President Barack Obama over the same amount of time and the 72 held by President George W. Bush, according to research compiled by historian Martha Kumar.

    Let’s see how many Biden will hold unassisted and handle tuff questions like President Trump has each and every Q&A?

  9. Biden wishes to play in the big leagues. If reporters are afraid of asking him questions how is he going to deal with much more knowledgeable people when he has to deal with disparate groups promoting different ideas or even foreign dignitaries that will not be so deferential to him.

    Do Democrats not see the major problem they have created?

    1. They KNOW Biden isn’t in control. What many see a ‘problem’, the left and the media do not. We’re going into a situation where there is no clearly defined ruler of the most powerful nation on earth. This is beyond dangerous.

  10. Actually the reason why the press won’t press the Hunter Biden issue is due to a) lack of solid evidence, b) the fact they never pressed Bush jr. on the issue when he literally turned granting access to his father into his career during the first Bush’s term, and c) the fact Hunter Biden isn’t running for office.

    The Fox generated harumph crew, of which you are one, Jon, is enraged by this set of circumstances…, but your emotional reaction can’t change factual reality.

    1. “Actually the reason why the press won’t press the Hunter Biden issue is due to a) lack of solid evidence . . .”

      It’s hard to find that which you militantly refuse to look for.

    2. Actually the reason why the press won’t press the Hunter Biden issue is due to a) lack of solid evidence,

      Huh? You’re not describing the behavior of journalists. You’re describing propagandists working on behalf of the Bidens. Journalists doggedly pursue an allegation such as this and they won’t stop until the evidence proves it true, false, or something else altogether. Propagandists spin a narrative in advance of serious inquiry and then continue spinning in response to what evidence is discovered.

      Wow! Try again.

    3. No evidence?! How about first-hand testimony from one of the primary players? Something we never had on the Russian debacle and the press still covered it incessantly. Come on man!!!

    4. On the laptop and all over the internet there is porn with Hunter engaged in sex, getting blowjobs by hookers while smoking crack as he films his own iPhone video of it to add to his personal porn stash….in addition to evidence of all the millions Hunter funnelled from Russia and China into the Biden ‘family business’ deals with 10% held by ‘H for the Big Guy’ and who knows what else is out there. No curiosity by anyone in the media. Zero questions asked of Joe Biden. Yet you think Hunter’s Daddy being in the White House controlling US foreign policy does NOT present any national security risks with endless oppy for pressure and blackmail of Joe Biden by China, Russia, etc? Joe Biden’s family is owned by China and the press has zero interest in reporting on any of this disqualifying corruption.

      1. It also puts Biden at extreme risk from members of his own party. Don’t want to support extreme positions like college debt forgiveness, free college for all, the green new deal? Well, Uncle Joe, what happens to you when the media suddenly start talking about your son Hunter? They can ignore the NY Post, they they can’t ignore the likes of AOC or Warren when they don’t get their way.

        He’s compromised. As in totally compromised. He will always face the choice between stepping down with his legacy intact or carrying water for the extremists.

    5. “Lack of solid evidence” — you Ms. “Anonymous” are a large part of the problem! There is an OVERWHELMING amount of very solid, confirmed evidence of the Biden Bribes (in the Millions to them personally and in the Billions to their “companies” and associates.) This is NO Red Herring! This is blatant! Stop trying to GASLIGHT half our population! TONY BOBULINSKI is a huge witness. That very revealing interview he did on FOX was beyond incriminating. The Liberal Media has to try to pull away from FOX now just to detract from the NEED TO PURSUE THIS VERY VALID STORY!!!

      1. And they (the colluding Liberal Media) is ALL DOING JUST THAT!!! They do absolutely no real reporting on the Election except for running the Pro-Biden Narrative (which keeps getting larger and larger and deeper and deeper) through ALL of their shows and networks (which ‘look’ like news media but are all Officially Classified as “Entertainment!) Is THAT how they are able to get away with this Coup Behavior? J. Turley: what is the LOOPHOLE in the liberal media’s classifications as “journalists” which are enabling all of these Companies to be BLATANTLY USED BY BIDEN’S CAMPAIGN FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES to sway public opinion???

    6. You mean the factual reality that the coming POTUS is a true POS in bed and indebted to the teachers union and Biden doesnt give a crap about American children, suicides, finanical misery for parents as long as he repays his favors to the teachers union? Is THAT WHAT YOU MEAN?

      Carter invented the Education Secretary solely as payback to the teacher’s unions for their 99% voting history for Carter. Biden simply carries the DEMONKRAP torch for public unions, surprise!

  11. There are SO MANY examples of this liberal bias in the media now—among the media networks and “reporters” who are controlled by liberal corporate interests. Doesn’t the existence of that, and the evidence of it, violate the Laws that protect our free-press from prosecution? In other words, the press is protected but are not those protections limited if control of the media is proven to be partisan, skewed for political reasons and contrived??? Right now, the bulk of the “free-press” is involved in a cover-up of monumental proportions when the insecure elements of the Dominion vote tally programs are being exposed AND recently a head executive at Dominion is discovered to be a far left operative working with Antifa! These things are being investigated by journalists who work in Non-liberal-controlled news agencies. When it can be proven there is a significant, and growing, bias toward Conservatives in the Big 6 media how is that Not a violation of the laws which protect the freedom of the press?

    1. Biden cleaned Trump’s clock in both debates, and that’s not even counting that almost everything Trump claimed was a lie.

      1. “Would you shut up, man!”

        “You’re a clown!”

        “I have never taken a penny from any foreign source, not ever!,” said the Big Guy.


        Joe Biden did not keep his cool, nor did he take the dignified high road. He lies like a career politician – every time his lips are moving. Biden clearly can’t handle the pressure.

    2. mespo727272 wrote, “Biden is senile…”

      No, Biden is an empty suit and a sock puppet of extreme progressives. Ignore the propaganda that flows freely over Biden’s lips and pay attention to his actions and you’ll see the false moderate facade slowly peel away.

  12. The media gave a preview of how it would treat a Biden administration on Monday, when Biden began speaking with reporters, who lobbed him softball questions. Joe Concha, a media reporter for The Hill, dubbed the incoming presidential press corps “The new marshmallow media in the Biden era,” in a column published Thursday.

    “Any press conference Biden has held since capturing the Democratic nomination has consisted mostly of questions about President Trump and very few questions about Biden’s own worldview, record, policy stances or perspective on important issues such as trade, foreign affairs, gun control, immigration, education, or taxation as it relates to repealing the Trump tax cuts,” Concha wrote. “Of the 12 questions Biden received Monday, there were zero follow-ups. Zero interruptions during answers. Zero questions about any of the issues above, which rank as among the top concerns on voters’ minds, along with the coronavirus.”

  13. Turley wrote, “Most of the media was openly in the bag for Biden during the campaign. The hope however was that, once he was elected, the media would rediscover a modicum of independence and integrity in their approach to Biden.”

    Come on Jonathan, after what’s taken place in the media over the last twelve years and you haven’t understood how the hive minded left leaning totalitarian multi-media operates?  Personally I think you’re throwing softballs at the media instead of telling everyone what you really think about it; are you too afraid of your comrades in the political left? I have no hope that the left leaning media will change, none whatsoever, why should they their unethical and immoral tactics appear to be working as long as there are stupid swallowing their propaganda and apathetic people allowing their tactics to take hold.

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Malcolm X

    The political left has taken that Malcom X quote and pushed it to absurdity. The left leaning media had turned into the United States version of Pravda propaganda, they are 100% part of the left’s hive mind and in the tank for all things left and anti all things that opposes that hive mind, any lefty that veers outside the in the tank acceptable behaviors of the hive mind is attacked. Bo Erickson is about to be canceled by the left like Juan Williams, he too will have to become another one Fox News’ lefty pundits to help maintain their stated balance “news”.

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