Will Pot Save The President? Michigan Judge Orders Forensic Investigation of Roughly Two Dozen Dominion Voting Machines

The Trump campaign finally succeeded in one of its challenges yesterday to the extent that it was granted a court order for access and a forensic investigation of roughly two dozen Dominion voting machines. The machines are located in rural Antrim County where roughly 6000 votes were initially assigned to President-elect Joe Biden but then corrected and tabulated in favor of President Donald Trump. Four weeks ago, we discussed this controversy and the concern that such acknowledged human error could occur in other districts. The order from Judge Kevin Elsenheimer, however, concerns not the presidential election but a recounting of ballots in a village marijuana proposal.

Even though the challenge by voter William Bailey concerned legalized marijuana, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani proclaimed a great victory for “BIG WIN FOR HONEST ELECTIONS.”

The actual order concerns a recounting of the marijuana proposal in the Village of Central Lake that passed by one vote.  However, it will afford critics the first crack at Dominion machines to justify their claims of tampering with votes.

For weeks, I have been expressing skepticism over the campaign challenges but also criticism of the Biden campaign for opposing such efforts to examine these allegations. There have been unlawful orders and voting irregularities.  The problem for the Trump campaign has been establishing systemic errors or fraud that would overturn any of these state elections.  There is also the “sticker shock” problem in seeking to block certification of the state electoral votes. Finally, the campaign has been stymied in its effort to gain access to evidence, and machines, in the possession of the election officials.

I am gladdened by the order not because I think that it is likely to uncover any problem. I do not. Rather, polls show that up to 90 percent of Republicans and even a fair number of Democrats believe question the legitimacy of this election. With roughly 74 million voting for President Trump, such doubts are dangerous for this country which remains a virtual powder keg. The best option is greater scrutiny and transparency.

We have had failures of leadership on both sides. President Trump has fueled the anger not by seeking challenges, which is his right. He has field by anger by declaring the election “stolen” and “rigged” and acting officials like Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger the “enemy of the people.” President-elect Biden failed to see that this country’s divisions will not be resolved — even partially — without greater scrutiny.  He should have declared immediately that his campaign would not oppose judicial review of any and all election challenges.

Many of these cases have been dismissed on standing or laches or other threshold challenges. This order will assure skeptical voters that access to evidence has been granted.  It will not persuade many if no problems are found, but it could persuade some. Otherwise, we will be left with same unadulterated rage from the last four years.

That is why I am gladdened by the order and hope that, to the greatest extent possible, such access can be granted in the future. Otherwise, we are looking at an exceptionally destructive and even dangerous period in our history.


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  1. Turley claims: “Finally, the campaign has been stymied in its effort to gain access to evidence, and machines, in the possession of the election officials.” Turley: you know good and well that lawsuits BEGIN with evidence, not with sore feelings fueled by narcissism because Trump cannot handle losing an election. You don’t file a lawsuit, especially one in which an injunction is sought, without first having evidence. Court after court has held there is NO evidence. But, given the stakes and the unlimited ego of the fat orange slob in the White House, and his ability to bully lawyers and politicians into doing his will and Republican politicians refusing the criticize him or acknowledge Biden’s victory, they’re going to try to come up with something against Dominion software or hardware or both. Trump cannot be wrong. Trump cannot lose. His campaign will pay good money. Lots of it. Fox News even came up with a doctor to deny the benefits of handwashing, social distancing and wearing masks and who actually said that Dr. Fauci doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Trump came up with the “devil semen” doctor who claimed that hydroxychloroquine cures COVID. Experts can be purchased. We all know where this is going.

    And, because Turley must find some way to normalize the abnormal and to downgrade Biden, he criticizes Biden for “opposing” Trump’s fantasy land claims of fraud. The Biden campaign has stayed out of the fray, and has never even entered an appearance, much less briefed any of these claims, all of which have been brought against election officials in various states. Why should the campaign get involved? Why should it dignify lies by encouraging endless re-counts of votes, re-checking of signatures…anything to prolong certification? Trump is a pathological liar. Why won’t you believe your buddy, Billy Barr, Turley, when he says there’s no evidence of fraud that could overturn this election? You keep trying to normalize the absurdly abnormal.

      1. And yet Nutacha is incorrect about the law.

        By her logic, you would never need discovery in a law suit – because unless you can prove the case entirely beyond a reasonable doubt, it must be immediately dismissed.

        1. Actually, this type of lawsuit might only have to meet the “preponderance of evidence” standard. This is a lower bar than “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

          1. You are not owed anything – you are not even willing to use a pseudonym

            REgardless, Please read my pose AGAIN. Any insult is a tangent – address the actual argument or ceed it.

    1. Nutacha – so in left wing nut world – it is not possible to investigate fraud – because the evidence of the fraud is only in the posession of the fraudsters ?

      Regardless, you are incorrect. You need a bare minimum of evidence in a lawsuit necescary to demand discovery. That is all.

      The mere fact that the Fulton county director of elections lied to several different media sources claiming that they stopped vote counting at 10:30pm and sent everyone home including legally required observers – and they did not, is more than enough to proceed to discovery.

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  3. Dominion’s Corruptible Machines, and the Machinations of Its Corrupt Security Chief

    If a credit card company’s security were this porous, and its head of security this dirty — there would be breathless media coverage, executives hauled in front of Congress, and hundred-million dollar fines and settlements waiting in the wings.

    But since the preferred candidate was declared the victor, there’s nary a word.

    In their world: The ends justifies the means.

    1. Unfortunately credit card secutity may well be this bad.

      Eastern European hackers manage atleast 32B in credit care fraud every year.

    1. “A man like him who is willing to take on anybody. Anybody! Even the mighty United Nations. Even China could not do that. But Mr. Trump, against all odds, is standing all alone.”

      “Between November 3 and January 20, anything can happen to overturn.”

      “Keep praying until he is installed, inaugurated on January 20.”

      1. He lost. If he doesn’t leave the WH on his own, he’ll be escorted out on Jan. 20.

        1. Of course Trump will leave if that is the case. But make no mistake, Biden will fail. He won by cheating. His campaign was based on lies and hate. Biden is corrupt, his family is owned by China, and Biden’s handlers are hiding the fact that he is a senile old man. Kamala is both unelectable and unlikeable and has no business being elevated to the White House by way of fraud, lies and cheating. A Biden/Harris administration will inevitably fail.

          1. I honestly hope that Biden has a successful presidency – for the benefit of all of us.

            But if you asked me to bet – not a chance.

            Democrats have everything going against them – starting with their ideology does not work.

            Gaining power is a self punishing act.

            Biden must deliver – and he can not.

            He must placate the left – or they will abandon the democratic party likely for good.

            He must deliver a robust economy – which he can not do if he placates the left.

            1. Joe Biden is a mess. A senile old man who has no business being in the Oval Office.

              Biden today misread his teleprompter, yet again, and the voice in his earpiece corrected him, yet again —>

              “For Secretary of Health and Education Services, I nominate Xavier Bacheria.”

              It’s Health and Human Services, not Education Services.

              And his name is Xavier Becerra, not Bacheria.

              Biden doesn’t know which end is up. What a disgrace the fake news media are for continuing the covering up of just how old and senile Biden really is. They did it throughout the election and they are doing it now. Shameful.

              1. Biden’s presidency is likely to be a self punishing act for Democrats.

                One of the problems with winning – is that you must both govern and payoff those who got you elected.

                Democrats have $10B in political debt to pay off – as well as a huge debt to the left.
                And while doing it they must actually have peace and prosperity.

                Everyday I hear nonsense from Biden and I am tempted to point out it is idiocy.

                I am asked by people about his nominees – Who Cares ?

                Moderate Dems. left wing nuts, Obama retreads – does not matter ?

                Biden can not govern. Democrats can not govern. They do not know what they are doing.

                The very best we can expect is 4 more years of Obama.

          2. You wrote: “A Biden/Harris administration will inevitably fail.” I agree, but at what cost to our national security and our national pride? Our confidence in the election process is trashed. What a gawd-awful mess.

            1. “but at what cost to our national security”
              One we can afford to pay. It may be messy. It may cost lives.
              The americna people will pay.
              But so will democrats.

              “and our national pride?”
              Those who are proud of this country will remain so.
              Those who are not won’t.

              “Our confidence in the election process is trashed. What a gawd-awful mess.”

              That is a consequence of the “by any means necescary” approach of democrats.

              The problem with breaking the rules and ignoring the law – is anyone can do it.

              Republicans have seen what democrats are willing to do.
              They have seen that the courts will not correct the problem – either before or after the fact.
              They have seen that the media will bury malfeasance.

              They will proceed in the future assuming that.

              It is pretty trivial to solve the problems that resulted in this mess.

              One way would be to follow the law.
              But given that democrats will not follow the law – there are many other choices.

  4. LINKED:


    If you doubted coronavirus presented a national health emergency, then the need for mail-in ballots probably seemed contrived.

    A loyal Trump supporter might have thought the virus was simply this year’s flu. From a perspective such as this one could reason Democrats were exploiting the flu as a pretense for mail-in ballots.

    Therefore if Democrats exploited the pandemic, rigging the election is not a big leap. It was the logical thrust of the plot they devised.

    One should note, however, that Donald Trump predicted the virus would disappear after Election Day. But just the opposite occurred. The pandemic surged with cold weather as Dr Fauci predicted.

    Trump was terribly mistaken about the pandemic. So why should his election claims be any more credible??

    Logically one could guess Trump lost the election because he consistently miscalculated the entire pandemic.

    1. “If you doubted coronavirus presented a national health emergency, ”
      What does this even mean ?

      C19 is real – almost no one doubts that. It is highly contageous and 2-3 times more fatal than the flu with excellent treatment, and possible 5 times as fatal without.

      Those are all know facts, and very few disagree.

      A “national health emergency” has the embedded presumption that there is government action that can mitigate bad outcomes.

      There was good reason early on to believe that was false. There is much better evidence now.

      Numerous studies have found that demographics and geography are the only factors that correlate to C19 spread and deaths.
      That there is no evidence that any government policy anywhere accomplished anything more than delay.

      Indeed at the start the ‘experts” were open about exactly that – the policy measures masks lockdowns etc. were purely to “flatten the curve”.
      Flatten the curve does not mean reduce the number of deaths. It is purely to spread the burden on hospitals out over a longer period of time. the same total number of infections and deaths – but over many more months.

      That is the actual science.

      But today those on the left are claiming that all these measures somehow miraculously reduced infections and deaths.
      That is despite massive evidence.

      Universally northern states have done worse than southern ones.
      Universally more dense populations have done worse than less dense ones.
      Universally states with higher populations of elderly have done worse.

      Todate there are no real world studies that demonstrate that masking social distancing or lockdowns have made a difference anywhere.

      In fact there is not a single public policy that has had any effect except changing the shape of the curve.
      In every single area EXCEPT hospitals, “flattening the curve” makes things worse – not better.

      So absolutely we are in the midst – probably the tail end, of an epidemic.

      Is it a “national health emergency” – if that means is there much that government can do – then the answer is clearly NO!

    2. “the need for mail-in ballots probably seemed contrived.”

      The need for mailin ballots was ALWAYS contrived.

      If you can safely go to the grocery store, you can safely vote.

    3. “A loyal Trump supporter might have thought the virus was simply this year’s flu. From a perspective such as this one could reason Democrats were exploiting the flu as a pretense for mail-in ballots.”

      Back to reading other peoples minds again.

      The FACTS, not mind reading is that C19 is about as dangerous as the 1968 Flu – it is not nearly as bad as the 1918 flu.

      It is an about once every 50 years event. It is not a once every 200 years event.
      It is also not an every year event or an every 10 years event.

      Regardless, the overall severity is irrelevant. What is relevant is what can be done about it.

      At no time in all of history have we EVER thwarted a respiratory virus once it has gotten a toe hold.

      While we all could HOPE this time would be different. There is no evidence this time would be different.

    4. “Therefore if Democrats exploited the pandemic, rigging the election is not a big leap. It was the logical thrust of the plot they devised.”

      Again not only mind reading – but bad mind reading.

      The fundimental issue with democrats is TRUST.

      You have lied so much you are not trusted.

      It is clear that the FBI under Obama could not be trusted to do its job properly.
      It lied to courts, it lied to judges – not once but many times,
      And it tried to hide everything it did.

      Then we had a Special Counsel investigation – despite the fact that even a corrupt prior FBI investigation had found there was nothing.
      Endlessly investigating is just another form of lying and fraud. And still nothing.

      Numerous democrats promised us there was real evidence – that was lies.

      We had an impeachment over lies – obviously there was plenty of grounds to investigate the conduct of the Biden’s in Ukraine.
      And in fact we know learn that during the impeachment there was an FBI/DOJ investigation of just exactly that done so quietly neither Trump, nor the house and senate knew about it. Devon Archer has plead guilty and Hunter Biden is still being investigated.

      So we have another massive lie.

      And in you post you told us that Covid required Mailin balloting – and that is clearly another lie.

      Then during the election itself you refused to follow election laws – that is more lying.

      All the lies is why you are not trusted.

      This is not about a specific conspiracy – I doubt many of the claims regarding this election. Though I fully support full inquity into DVS and other counting systems, as well as changes to the law to make those systems more secure. I think a conspiracy to rig the election with voting machines is unlikely – though it was actually common place with mechanical voting machines.

      I have zero doubt there was myriads of instances of smaller fraud – that ballots managed to magically appear.
      This happens in every election – though democrats deny it.
      But the scale is PROBABLY not enough to tip the election – it still should be investigated.

      The BIG conspiracy – the one that likely changed the outcome is the failure to reject illegitimate mailin ballots.
      That was done deliberately and openly, and probably conspiratorially.

      But it does not matter whether there was some big zoom conference of democratic governors and election officials or they all decided to violate the laws on their own. It is still fraud.

      And we beleive it because:

      It actually happened.
      Democrats have proven themselves completely untrustworthy.

        1. More people know it now.

          Those on the left do not seem to have any concept of the damage they have done to themselves.

          I do not want to make specific predictions.
          But lets look at some possibilities.

          assuming republicans hold control of the Senate – which I think is near certain.
          Why do republicans have to confirm ANY Biden nominees ?

          I am not saying that will happen – Though I do not expect any cooperation between the PA Legislature and Gov. Wolf ever again.
          And I expect other states are the same.

    5. “One should note, however, that Donald Trump predicted the virus would disappear after Election Day.”
      Wow – shoot him now.

      “But just the opposite occurred.”
      That is false. Deaths did not increase until weeks after the election.

      “The pandemic surged with cold weather as Dr Fauci predicted.”
      Even that is actually false. C19 has been spreading through the country since it arrived. It has been following a predictable pattern.
      It hit our populous travel hubs first and it spread from their to 2ndary hubs.

      While there is some evidence of a seasonal nature to C19 – it is so highly contagious that the seasonality is actually quite small.
      We are seeing SMALL increases in infections and deaths in the highly populous cities that were initially devestated.
      We are NOT seeing an explosion of C19 in places that were devasted in the spring.

      Each C19 “surge” represents C19 getting to a new and previously uneffected population – with each wave C19 has moved from urban, to suburban to rural populations.

      While there is a small seasonal effect, the primary driver is that it is slowly finding more remote populations that are not yet immune.

      “Trump was terribly mistaken about the pandemic.”
      As has most everyone – including you.

      You just claimed that the “surge” right now is seasonal. But mostly it is not. Other “experts” – your experts are claiming it is because of thanksgiving. Make up your mind.

      Or better still – just accept that we do not know, and that we can not control it.

      I would note Trump also said that we would have a vaccine this year.
      Faucci and all the experts said we would not.

      The first vaccines in the US will be given on Friday.
      In other parts of the world they start tomorow.

      Faucci was horribly wrong. YOU were horribly wrong. Trump was right.
      I was right.

      So why should we trust your predictions ? Or Faucci’s ?
      And why shouldn’t we trust Trump’s
      So far he was right about the vaccine – the single most important thing that can be done.
      The only policy measure that actually will work.

      30M – 60M of us will be vaccinated before the new year. Globally over 1B people will be vaccinated before febraury.

      “So why should his election claims be any more credible??”
      By your logic – Trump must be right about the election – because he was right about vaccines.

      Regardless, this is not something we need to speculate about.

      We KNOW that election laws were violated. That is not even in question.

      What we do not know is the impact – but we CAN and ultimately WILL know the impact.

      We can properly check the mailin ballot envelopes – if you have not burned them yet.

      We can check that the machines counted ballots correctly.

      We can check for all the anomalous ballots alleged.

      There are many problems we can not fix after the fact.
      But almost all problems can be FOUND after the fact.
      All we need to do is remove our head from the sand.

      We are not dealing with an issue of prediction – after all the election results are way off from the polls – clearly the pollsters were wrong.
      And Trump was RIGHT.

      If this is to be determined by the success rate of predictions – Trump is the one to trust – not democrats, or pollsters, or even faucci.
      But it is not. We can actually open our eyes and audit the election.

      And we must, or the next time will be worse.
      Though I will predict democrats are the victims next time.

      You are so short sighted. You never look past the imediate consequences.

      1. You’re a liar, John. Fauci said he was “cautiously optimistic that we will in fact have a safe and effective vaccine by the end of the year.”

        1. Do I need to list all the contradictory statements that Faucci has made ?

          Again – you are making a moral accusation – and a self evidently false one.

          Failing to prove a moral accusation is a moral failure on YOUR PART.

          Dr. Fauci says he warned Trump in January that the US was in real trouble but that is not what he said publicly.

          In January Dr. Anthony Fauci told Newsmax TV that the United States “did not have to worry”about the coronavirus and that it was“not a major threat.”

          Dr. Fauci warned of an apocalyptic coronavirus pandemic — then just weeks later he compared the coronavirus to a bad flu.

          Dr. Fauci based all of his predictions on models the that were OFF BY MILLIONS and then later told reporters,“You can’t really rely on models.”

          On March 20th Dr. Fauci jumped in and during a press briefing on hydroxychloroquine treatment for coronavirus “corrected” the president saying, “You got to be careful when you say ‘fairly effective.’ It was never done in a clinical trial… It was given to individuals and felt that maybe it worked.”

          Exactly two weeks later hydroxychloroquine was deemed the most highly rated treatment for the novel coronavirus in an international poll of more than 6,000 doctors.

          Dr. Fauci pushed these garbage models every step of the way.

          A month ago Dr. Fauci claimed 1 million to 2 million Americans would die from coronavirus. Then he said 100,000 to 200,000 Americans will die from the virus. Three weeks ago he agreed 81,766 Americans would die from the coronavirus. Then by that Wednesday the experts cut the number of deaths to 60,415 projected deaths. to 60,415 projected deaths.

          On Easter Dr. Fauci suggested President Trump. should have shut down the economy in February… When the number of known cases in the US was around 100. Fauci later walked back his attacks.

          Dr. Fauci said cruises were OK on March 9th. That was a huge error.

          Dr. Fauci said malls, movies and gyms were OK on February 29th. That was another huge mistake.

          Dr. Fauci was wrong about the first coronavirus deaths in the country. Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and the CDC were off by nearly a month. California officials revealed in Aprilthat a patient in Santa Clara died from coronavirus on February 6th not February 29th.

          Dr. Fauci and the CDC missed the millions and millions of US citizenswho had already contracted the coronavirus before the draconian lockdowns took place. Knowing this could have prevented the economic calamity.

          OnApril 15, 2020, Fauci endorses Tinder hookups, unbelievably.

          Dr. Fauci relied on corrupt W.H.O rules to lock down the United States and destroy the US economy. Meanwhile, this delays the herd immunity that is needed to prevent a future outbreak of this deadly virus.

          Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx used the Imperial College Model to persuade President Trump to lock down the entire US economy. The Imperial model has since been confirmed as A COMPLETE FRAUD.

          Dr. Fauci warned that Georgia would see a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths by opening their economy too early.

          He was wrong again– In fact the opposite happened.

          And on Tuesday during testimony Dr. Fauci told Dr. Rand Paul that opening the schools would not be a good idea.

          1. Your article doesn’t quote Fauci except for the phrase “at least.”

            Look at what Fauci actually said in March, this has the video –

            It was “The whole process is going to take a year, a year and a half, at least.” That’s true. “The whole process” means vaccinating people, not just developing the vaccine. We’re not going to have finished vaccinating everyone by March.

            One of your problems, John, is that you’re astoundingly sloppy with details. You often put your words in other people’s mouths and then pretend they said the words you put in. Focus on their words, not yours.

            1. Fauci is a fraud. Open your eyes.

              Question: is there an AIDS vaccine, yet? Answer: No. But that is the biggest accomplishment Fauci touts. His work on AIDS.

              Fauci is a typical bureaucratic fraud and here he is in his 80s now? And yet he has not retired. Why not? Because he is fueled by his ego that craves the adulation of the left and Hollywood that we have witenessed since this all began. Fauci has gotten it all wrong from the get go with Covid, yet he is being lauded and feted and praised and awarded AS IF he has actually DONE something to help people! He has not.

              What a fraud. He sticks around because working for the gubm’t is a good gig if you can get it and hang around getting awards and glossy magazine covers for 50 years.

              1. Why is Fauci being praised when Donald Trump is being criticized? Don’t they work on the same team doing the same work for the country?

              2. I would not be so hard on Fauci.

                What I would be hard on is the people who buy this “experts” nonsense, or the idiocy that “science” is what the “expert” that gets airtime on MSNBC says.

                Experts get it wrong – alot.

                That means we should not EVER allow them power over us.

                They provide us ADVICE.
                Each of us INDIVIDUALLY makes our choices on our own.

                We pay the price for those decisions – not the “experts”

            2. Do you understand that “atleast” makes your claim even WORSE ?

              You can show a dozen clips of Fauci saying something else.

              Is there anyone here who is not aware of Fauci saying on e thing one week and another on another week ?

              are you saying the reporters in the article I linked are lying about what Fauci said ?

              Regardless, you made a false moral accusation and now you are trying to weasel out of it.

              BTW – except for the fact that Fauci essentially testified to congress that he lied to the public when he said maskes were ineffective, I do not have a special axe to grind with Fauci.

              The core problem is with the LEFT’s idiotic faith in experts.

              Fauci likely did the best he could. He is an expert – in a narrow field. But Covid is a problem larger than one field.

              Fauci is probably “expert” in how long a vaccine normally takes to develop.

              He is NOT an expert in how fast things can be done when real pressure is applied – when thousands of lives are at stake.

              He has little knowledge of how free markets work. These are things Trump is expert at and you and Fauci are not.

            3. Prior to this the shortest time frame for the development of a new vaccine from scratch to approval was 4 years.
              Each years Flu vaccines are done more rapidly – but these are not truly new. Each years flu is sufficiently similar to prior flu’s that it is really just minor adjustments.

              I would also note that Pfiser’s partner firm – BioTech I beleive had the mRna vaccine for C19 developed and ready for testing in Febrary – 2 days after the virus was sequenced.

              Since that time all the worl has been in three areas:

              Does it work ?
              How safe is it ?
              How do we produce millions of doses ?

              Operation warp speed was actually overly cautious – because getting government to move fast is damn near impossible.

              Biohackers had mRNA vaccines available in small quantities in April.

              How safe does a vaccine have to be to be better than 200,000 people dying ? CDC and FDA want perfection.

            4. I am expecting to receive the first does of the vaccine on Friday. That will be more than 1 month before Biden takes office.

              It is my understanding that between the different vaccines there are 60M doses (that is enough for 30M people) ready for use by the end of 2020.

              The Chinese Vaccines are being given to people TODAY.

              Your claim that Fauci meant – all the way through vaccine is both wrong and irrelevant.

            5. “One of your problems, John, is that you’re astoundingly sloppy with details. You often put your words in other people’s mouths and then pretend they said the words you put in. Focus on their words, not yours.”

              You would be wise to heed your own advice – as well as all of those on the left.

              You say I am sloppy with details – you made a false moral accusation PERIOD – there is no games you can play with details to escape that.

              I did not “quote” Fauci – I am not obligated to. I also did not misrepresent him, just because I did not quote him.

              You called that a LIE – you are WRONG. PERIOD.

              No amount of word games or pretending that i am sloppy with the details gets around that.

              What you have claimed I do – left wing nut reporters have been doing for the past 4 years.

              I am not a reporter. But one major difference between me and all those reporters who have actually done what you claim I have done is that in the end – I have been right, and they have been wrong.

              Fauci has said many things – he contradicts himself constantly. I am near certain that I can find several other fauci quotes that a vaccine will take a long long time.

              And yes he has said other things – mostly recently.

              Damned he is pretty good at telling us what we already know.

              But Fauci is not accusing others of lying – YOU ARE.

    6. You claim democrats are not conspiring – and yet they are openly doing that.

      John Kerry and myriads of other leftest are busy plotting the great reset.

      A massive global explosion of the power of government and the left in response to the pandemic and “climate change”.

      You rant at the right for believing the left is doing what they openly admit to doing.

      But there is a difference. The right beleives the left when they say they want leverage the pandemic to rule the world.

    7. Anon: “. . . Trump lost the election because he consistently miscalculated the entire pandemic.”

      Or because China bought the election for Biden.

      In the *fall of 2020*, UBS Securities LLC — which is 75% owned by the Chinese government — invested $400 million in Staple Street Capital. Staple Street Capital owns Dominion Voting Systems (DVS). Dominion’s machines were widely used in the election.

      Dominion’s corrupt Security Chief, Eric Coomer, then put that dirty money to “good” use in the election.

      Coomer is a passionate defender of Antifa, and loathes Trump. He said to Antifa members: “Don’t worry about the election; Trump’s not gonna win. I made f***ing sure of that!” And so, flush with Chinese cash, he did.

  5. The 2020 election has been totally corrupted and is irredeemable and without remedy.

    The 2020 election must be referred to Congress by the electors.

    12th Amendment

    “…The person having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote;…”

  6. I have to think left has been engaged in voter fraud for years – This year they got their hand to deep into the cookie jar.

  7. So, when some voting center kicks out Rep observers, then keeps counting, so Biden’s legal votes PLUS illegal votes is bigger, you support him being certified as the winner. Why not address the GA election fraud suitcases? The Detroit disaster?

    Still no review of the actual voting data statistics of the Fraud cities. No access to machine code.
    Dems know that real investigations would highlight affidavits of witnesses.

    But little chance of Dems supporting honest audits.

    You are right that without transparency Reps will think the election is stolen. Since the Dems DID steal the election, just like Hillary’s email server WAS illegal, the Dems will fight to win first, then maybe apologize later.

    1. There were no “GA election fraud suitcases.”

      There were non-fraudulent ballot containers in GA, and this has already been investigated:

      Gabriel Sterling (conservative Republican, Voting System Implementation Manager for GA, voted for Trump):
      “The 90 second video of election workers at State Farm arena, purporting to show fraud was watched in its entirety (hours) by @GaSecofState investigators. Shows normal ballot processing. Here is the fact check on it. https://leadstories.com/hoax-alert/2020/12/fact-check-video-from-ga-does-not-show-suitcases-filled-with-ballots-pulled-from-under-a-table-after-poll-workers-dismissed.html

      1. CTDHD – no it does not show normal ballot processing.

        While the mysterious ballot containers are a disturbing element – and they do not normally show up in the way they did,

        That is not the most abnormal issue.

        The actual fraud the video shows is that GA election officials annouced that vote counting was being stopped because of a pipe leak.
        They then sent all observers away, closed the building and continued to count.

        That is illegal and it is fraud, it is also lying.

        As to the countainers – it is perfectly reasonable to conclude that when you have lied to people to throw out observers that what you are now doing in private is likely fraud.

        You do not seem to grasp two huge things.

        First democrats have completely burned their credibility over the past 4 years.
        It is quite easy to beleive you committed fraud – because you have lied so much over the past 4 years.
        Many republicans would need no evidence at all to beleive democrats committed fraud.
        Because no one trust liars.

        The second is that you are continuing to lie and you have repeatedly violated the rules.
        And that is exactly what the video shows.

        Does it show hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots ? Maybe, maybe not.

        But it absolutely shows that the democratic election officials lied to observers to throw them out in violation of election laws so that they could count hidden ballot boxes in secret.

        That is fraud.

        Had you not violated all the election laws.

        Had you subject the election to real scrutiny – maybe we would trust you.

        But you behaved like crooks, you hid what you were up to, and you continue to hide what you did.

        No one beleives you.

      2. The democrats rendered the election null and void the minute they disallowed polling place observers equal access..

        1. There are numerous ways of structurally assuring the integrity of the count.

          Some possibilities – Do not hire people to couint. Select them like Jury duty, at random.

          Alternately gather all mailing ballots at the state capitol and then shuffle them like cards and send them to various counties to be counted.

          Those are just the first two things off the top of my head.

    2. Has anyone wondered why on election night Mr. T was very far ahead, at least 5 digits worth of ahead. Then. out of the dark early morning hours, post election, after what was it, 6 states all stopped counting at the same time and behold, Biden was ahead! Super Ballot saved the day for Biden. Sure. UH HUH.

      Super stuffing the counting machines was what happened. That is why so many ballots were printed. Not all of them were mailed, though hundreds of thousands were. A LOT of ballots were held back to use as needed to give Biden a lead he did not get honestly. The counting was stopped so the fraudsters could count how many ballots Biden needed to give him a lead. Then the fakers just stuffed them in.

      Biden is NOT president elect. That is a leftist propaganda dog & pony show & Mr. Turley repeated it. No one is Prez Elect until the Electoral College certifies.

      How many HUNDREDS of brave souls, some D some R, have signed SWORN affidavits attesting to fraud they SAW! That’s why Repubs were kept from observing the counting. Those affidavits were sworn under oath & false claims carry jail time for perjury.

      Any honest person can see that there IS a ton of evidence that points to a huge attempt at stealing this election.


      1. There is lots of evidence of likely fraud.

        For the most part I agree with you.

        But the quality of the evidence varies.

        Election laws were not followed – that is absolute. There is no doubt about that.
        In PA that was particularly egregious and very well documented.
        Matching signatures and DL #’s on mailin and absentee ballots are REQUIRED BY LAW – laws that Gov. Wolf Signed.
        No ballots can be accepted after 8PM election day – again written into the law.
        All parts of the election process must be observable by representatives of all parties – again PA law.

        Each of these was OPENLY violated. There is zero doubt at all.

        Many many other things are fishy – you noted some of those.

          1. I will look later.

            Right now the big deal is the NV and AZ audits.

            I do not at this point know what Lindell’s claims are.
            There have been many claims that were poor. The benford’s law claims are meaningless as an example, and there are a few other statistical claims that are weak – they essentially show tautologies.

            But there is zero doubt that the election was lawless. Even the New GA election law – STILL violates the GA constitution.

            GA and 28 other states require secret ballots – 5 of the 6 “swing” states.

            There is no way to have a secret mailin ballot. A secret ballot is something very specific. It requires that the voter never have posession of a ballot outside of a polling place or court house. I requires that there is never at any time anyway to determine the specific person that a voted ballot belongs to. the purpose of secret ballots is to preclude anyone coercing or inducing your vote.
            This is why you can not take cell phones into polls. Why it is illegal to photograph your ballot. Because if you can prove how you voted, then you can be paid for that vote. We had massive problems with that in the 19th century. There was some of that going on in 2020, but I do not think it was a big deal – but if we continue mailin voting – it will happen.

          2. I have heard several other arguments recently that are not proof of fraud – but they are funny and something to think about.

            The woke Oscars had the lowest ratings ever – below 10M viewers, That is down 200% in a few years.

            Why are we to beleive that Biden – the dullest candidate ever got 80M votes, but the Oscars could not manage 10M viewers ?

            Before the election – both candidates made appearances. Biden was having trouble getting anyone beyond his staff to show up a campaign appearances – Trump was filling stadiums.

            There are people who beleive Trump won California. That is into smoking whacky weed for me.

            I have no doubt there was fraud. There is always fraud. I do not think we have seen large scale organized fraud since Johnson.

            But we have seen more than enough fraud each and every election to tip a few seats.

            I suspect Trump won NH in 2016. And it is even more likely that Ayoette won. Just the number of votes with out of state ID that claimed to be NH residents that never verified NH residency – but were counted is enough to flip NH in 2016.

            Throughout the country we have seen numerous contests that had incredibly narrow margins – one house race was won by 6 votes. Many were won by 0.1% or less. much less sometimes. This is precisely the type of contest that can be tipped by small amounts of fraud.

            I am more suspicious of democrats than republicans – but political operatives on both parties have a win at all costs approach.
            This election flipped control of trillions of dollars in spending. Many people will get rich because Biden won. Different people would have gotten rich if Trump won. We spend $15B on the election. There is lots of money and lots of motive to cheat for both sides.
            Especially if you can not get caught. And this election was run in a fashion to try to make it very difficult to catch fraudsters.

            As an example – lets assume that AZ or NV audits demonstrate very large problems. How are you going to catch the fraudsters ?

            How can you ever catch mailin ballot fraud – without a confession ?

            You can prove there was likely fraud. But it is very hard – even in inperson elections without voter ID to catch those committing it.

            I have thought about how I would screw up the 2022 election – to make sure that we never have another mailin election again.

            And for a very small amount of money and resources. I could assure that there was massive fraud in any state that continued to follow the 2020 rules. That I would never be caught – so long as I did not tell anyone.

  8. Auditing the machines and the signature matching shouldn’t be an issue. Nor should hearing testimony from witnesses. That is, if you’re not trying to hide something.

    1. Right – so why aren’t we doing it ?

      Why aren’t we doing it NORMALLY ?

      You can not have machines do counting if you do not randomly audit them – it is not secure. It is not trustworthy.

        1. “Why do you assume that they aren’t randomly audited?

          All states do audits.”

          Why do you assume they are ?

          GA did not and has not. That is part of what the big political brawl between Kemp and Trump is about.

          Voting machines are typically by law tested (by random selection) PRIOR to an election. Representatives of all parties are invited to the tests. They are NOT supposed to be changed at all after the tests.

          Yet in GA we KNOW that the firmware was updated within 24hrs of the election – that is a violation of election laws.

          In MI the purported 5500 Trump undercount was purportedly because of a failure to update the firmware – contra DVS that is a DVS error not a human error. The firmware NEVER should have undercounted and required an update, further, no one should have updated the firmware after the testing – that is illegal. If a critical problem was found – then a retest was required.

          BTW there is no “ALL STATES” rule that is true. There is some – not much federal law. All records related to voting must be retained for 2 years by federal law. That is routinely violated everywhere. Many things have already been destroyed. Many of those are unimportant, but some are.

          Why do you assume that you know the law in all 50 states ?

          As you think that all voting machines were randomly audited – provide proof that actually occured in GA, WI, PA, AZ, MI ?

          1. I was wrong about it being all states. It’s most states. See the state requirements table here –

            You clearly assume things when you make false claims like “GA did not and has not.” They carried out their standard audit and also a statewide audit –

            1. Please read your own link.

              GA essentially recounted the entire election in EXACTLY the same way they counted it the first time.

              In otherwords they took ballots counted by machines, and recounted them by machines and compared the results.

              They did catch errors. I beleive Trump picked up 5000 votes – which is pretty much unheard of for a recount.

              But it was NOT a hand recount. You can call it an Audit if that is the label you wish.
              But that is not what an Audit is to me

              When I have my financial records audited – a third party checks them. They do not use the same systems and the same methods.
              The bring their own computers and calculators.

              While I am dubious of Sydney Powells claim.

              GA has STILL not done what is actually necescary to refute it.

              Which is really really disturbing – because what was done was incredibly hard, but totally completely avoids any verification of ANY of the fraud claims in GA.

              It there is a problem with the machines in the first run.
              That is not likely going away by using them to count again.

              If illegitimate ballots were counted – they will be counted again the 2nd time.

              It is pretty easy to review the mailin ballot envelopes in Fulton country and verify that the signatures match and that the voters are alive and well and living in Fulton County. Every sane person KNOWS that some of those ballots will prove to be fraudulent.
              The only question is how many. Any number over 0.2% raises questions about the election – Biden’s margin is 0.2%
              Any number over 2% is massive fraud that flips the election – Fulton county is 1/10 of GA, and a 2% error in Fulton country alone would flip the election

              BTW you can repeat this for EACH of 5 cities accross the country that are solely responsible for flipping 5 states.

              In PA the mailin rejection rate was 0.25%. In the May primaries it was 20%. that is a massive difference.
              Do you really beleive that Voters suddenly became 100 times less illegitimate or error prone or fraud prone ?

              It is quite obvious what was done. In 5 places in the country they decided not to reject invalid ballots betting – accurately that they would favor Biden and that the added votes would be enough to flip the states, And they were right.

              1. Only a wanker like you, John, would lie and say “GA essentially recounted the entire election in EXACTLY the same way they counted it the first time. … it was NOT a hand recount,” when the link says “this audit was a full manual tally of all votes cast … hand-counting ballots.”

                1. Raffensberger – and the GA Dept State said alot of things that subsequently proved to be false.

                  You do not seem to understand the concept of credibility.

                  The left seems to think it is sufficient to SAY you are going to do something – that you do not actually have to do it.

                  1. You haven’t shown that the statement “this audit was a full manual tally of all votes cast …. hand-counting ballots” is false.

                    1. Georgia “carried out their standard audit and also a statewide audit”

                      Georgia did *not* perform the most important type of audit: signature verification of the mail-in ballots.

                      There was no picture ID required for the mail-in ballots, nor was there signature verification. I’d love to operate without those security protections. There are some banks, casinos, and car dealerships I’d like to visit.

                    2. There are many flaws with what GA did. Both in the election itself and the “recount”.

                      You note some of those. I am less sure of GA mailin ballot requirements – but I think that are more rigorous than PA, where the signature must match, the DOB must match and the DL# must be provided and match.

                      There are other things that also must be done – the ID must be verified against voter registration and death rolls.

                      In some states an address must be provided and must be a legitimate residential address in the state

                      Any mistakes CAN NOT be corrected / cured by those verifying.

                      The entire point of the verification is to reject ballots were the person filling out the ballot does not answer the details correctly.

                      Doing so accepts ballots where the voter failed to prove they were a legitimate voter.

                    3. The normal all cause rejection rate for first time mailin ballots is 20% The normal all cause rejection rate for absentee ballots is 6%.

                      I do not think there is a contested state where the rejection rate was 1%.

                      I strongly suspect you will find the 2000 ballots rejected in GA were rejected outside of Fulton country.

                      Your fact check is just stupid.

                      The fact check would be correct if GA rejected only a single ballot.

                      But the claim of of failure to validate ballots would still be true.

                    4. I do not need to – your link did not specifiy that the voting machines were audited by hand counting the ballots.

                      Regardless, the statement is false – not only on this point but others.
                      Reffenser promised many things – including this. All Ga did was a bit of recanvasing and a standard recount.

                      You do know that Counting ballots with ballots counting machines is a “manual” process – you feed the ballots manually.

                      Regardless – why am I obligated to prove anything to you – you can’t even post under a psuedonym. You have no credibility or integrity.

                    5. That’s what “a full manual tally of all votes cast … hand-counting ballots” IS, jackass.

                    6. Because you say so ?

                      Then why are so many still asking for exactly that ?

                      Are all these people stupid ?

                      Are the very same people who understood that the collusion delussion was nonsense – unable to grasp that the state of GA has done what they want, while the same people decieved by the collusion delussion – they accurately perceive what has been done ?

                      Sorry anonymous. but the odds of your perception of reality being accurate is low. And the odds of that of those you denigrate being accurate is high.

                      You still do not grasp the consequences of being caught lying repeatedly.

                      People who are regularly right about the facts, and who do not spray us all with false moral accusations tend to be beleived,
                      while those who have been routinely wrong about facts and made numerous false moral accusations are not beleived without compelling evidence.

                      I actually beleive that a proper REAL audit of DVS systems is not likely to produce the results that many republicans hope for.
                      Nor do I require an audit of all DVS systems throughout the country or Georgia. A randomized audit properly done will put this entirely to bed.

                      What is disturbing is the extent to which something relatively simple continues to be resisted.

                    7. You constantly make these bold pronouncement – that are little more than “I am right” and then you add insults and you pretend this constitutes an argument.

                      You have told us all that sworn affadavits are nothing more than hearsay – and they are not evidence.

                      So why is some muddled language on a web site more credible ?

                      Why should I disbeleive someone who sworn under oath that they observed fraud, but beleive a web site that can not even clearly and accurately state what was done ?

                      And why should I beleive you about anything ?

                      What is it that you have a track record of accuracy on ?


    In the above column the professor writes: “Rather, polls show that up to 90 percent of Republicans and even a fair number of Democrats believe question the legitimacy of this election”.

    If one clicks to the Newsweek link, it isn’t real clear what percentage of Democrats question the election results. Nor have I had any luck googling recent polls citing the number of Democrats questioning the election results. There could be a poll out there with this stat, but so far it eludes me.

    Therefore I wonder ‘why’ Professor Turley claims that a “fair number of Democrats question the legitimacy of this election”. It seems to be a point Turley is shoe-horning into this discussion to create the impression Trump’s election claims have bipartisan support. Said claims have ‘no’ support in the courts as Turley has noted. And even brave Republicans question Trump’s claims.

    This column, like so many Turley has written this past month, attempts to play both sides of the election results. Turley is walking a tightrope between preserving his credibility and pandering to Trump’s base.

    1. A better question is WHY don’t many democrats question this election ?

      There are lots of issues and way too many of those assuring us are part and parcel of the crowd that told us there was russian collusion, and that there was nothing there with Biden in the Ukraine.

      If you want to be trusted – don’t lie.

      1. John, outside the rightwing bubble Trump has ZERO credibility. But you wouldn’t know.

        1. So the right wing bubble is just about half the country ? My how the “deplorables” have grown.

          Again still libertarain – not republican, not right wing either. Did not vote for Trump – twice.
          Not in any right wing bubble

          How about you – did you vote for Clinton ? Biden ?

          Do you beleive in the collusion delusion ?

          Do you beleive that elections in which the elections laws were broadly violated are legitimate ?

          I am not the one in a bubble.

  10. So I fear that’s only what would convince a rational attentive individual. The very fact that you don’t suspect the legitimacy of the election suggests that if these people were going to rationally weigh the evidence they already would believe it’s legitimate.

    While I want Dominion machines to be analyzed at some point so we are aware of their security weaknesses if this is for the sake of voters who are already not processing the evidence correctly why would you expect this to help and not merely to create more details that can be raised to cloud the issue and let everyone believe what they want to believe?

    1. If the truth raises more issues and further clouds the issue – so be it.

      Transparency is one requirement for Trust.

      I would note that a full examination of this is required – not merely to establish the outcome of the election but to determine whether we should ever repeat this, and what we must do to make the next election better.

      Absent inquiry and change – you can bet the next election will be worse.

  11. The election is not legitimate – there is no question. Further it likely can not be fixed.

    It should be crystal clear what was known BEFORE the election started – mailin voting is an abysmally bad idea.

    Regarldess we have had alarm bells regarding elections going off since atleast 2000.

    I am honestly distrubed at Prof. Turley’s insistance the problems are small and we should not be concerned.

    The presidential election in 2000 was decided by a small number of votes in Florida.

    With each subsequent election we have had innumerable instance of razor thin elections.

    In this envirnoment – Turley’s – the problems are small – just does not cut it.

    We must have elections we can trust. That is not only doable, it is not hard.

    We can expect more and more elections of all kinds that are decided by tiny margins.

    We are going to have serious trouble – we may have violence if we can not figure out how to both secure voting and deal with razor thin elections.

    Personally I think the georgia model is excellent – do not recount close elections – have an automatic runnoff.
    Though the Georgia runnoff is too separated from the election. The runnoff should be within two weeks of the election – not 2 months.
    There should be very little oportunity for either party to plot means to subvert the runnoff.

    In any election that the winner does not get 51% of the vote – have an automatic runnoff.

    That entirely eliminates the courts and reduces the political game playing.

    That also makes fraud harder – it is much harder to get away with fraud if you have to create a 2% margin.

    Regaredless, we should be looking at the election process to find ways to make the process itself more immune to fraud.

    No one fights about fraud when the margin is 10%.

    Next – if we are going to use machines or computers to count votes – we MUST randomly audit them – BY HAND.
    So long as everyone – the equipment makers, the parties, the observers, the election officials know there is going to be a random audit of the equipment, the risk of counting fraud nearly disappears.

    Next we have had enormous amounts of game playing by election officials (and Courts, both before and after) – THAT CAN NOT HAPPEN.

    Trump has asked for draconian remedies – such as not certifying the vote. Based o the evidence todate – he can not have that.

    HOWEVER Trump or any other candidate should ALWAYS have the ability to audit the election.
    The courts should have granted Trump and his attorney’s broad but supervised access to ballots, equipment, and mailin envelopes.

    Frankly the review that Trump wants should ALWAYS happen automatically. We do not have to check the signature matching and voter ID on every ballot envelope. Again these can be automatically randomly audited. Any error rate greater than the margin of victory should again result in an automatic runnoff.

    My point is not to advocate for specific ways to run elections.

    It is to note that we can design the elections to eliminate not only fraud by the appearance of fraud.

    And we must do that – because this is going to get worse not better.

    1. You misunderstand the GA rules. They have a runoff if one candidate does not get a majority (over 50%) then they have a run off. It has nothing to do with the margin of victory.

      1. I guess math and logic elude you.

        They are nearly the same thing.

        I would note that Biden did not get 50% of the vote in GA.

        How about a Runnoff ?

        And this time lets actually follow the law ?

        1. No, John, math and logic don’t elude Molly. She knows the law in GA –

          You clearly don’t, or you wouldn’t make false claims like “I think the georgia model is excellent – do not recount close elections – have an automatic runnoff.” That’s not their model. Their model is to have a runoff if no candidate gets a majority of the vote, with an exception for presidential electors. If the difference is 50.1% to 49.9%, there’s no runoff, even though it’s close. If the vote is split three ways and the tallies are 49.9% to 30.1% to 20%, there’s still a runoff, even though it’s not close. Biden didn’t get 50%, but the GA law has an exception for presidential electors. GA followed the law the first time. You just don’t like the result, and you insult Molly. Grow up.

          1. You are trying to make a legal argument over her confusion about Math.
            There is no mathematical or logical difference between What Molly Said and what I said.

            I am not wrong merely for choosing different words to say the same thing.

            Do the math – it is the same thing.

            BTW all your “explaining” does not change anything,

            Further you entirely miss my point.

            Instead of fixating on some mythical difference between my way of describing GA’s runnoff process and MollyG’s

            Focus on what is meaningful. GA’s process keeps the courts etc out of election contests – the vast majority of the time.

            Can we do better than GA – probably. But MY POINT was that we can structure elections differently to avvoid politicizing our courts and to disincentive Fraud.

            BTW Jo Jo Jorgensen won 1.25% of the vote in GA. If the GA law did not except presidential races, Biden would have to have more than 50% of the vote and Trump under 48.75%. Biden would have have to have won by 62,000 votes to avoid a runnoff.

            I would further note neither you not MollyG actually read what I said.

            I suggested using the Georgia model for presidential elections AND making the runnoff a SNAP runnoff – a week later, 2 weeks later, not 2 months.

            Again not only are you weak at math and logic, but also at reading.

            My core point is not precisely how Georgia runs elections.

            It is that Georgia actually proves we can do better than we currently do. I think we can do better than GA.

            Coleman/Franken took something like 11months to resolve in the courts – and no one really trusts the results.

            That is bad for the parties and the courts.

            1. She wasn’t confused. Your inability to acknowledge the mathematical and logical difference between what Molly said and what you said — and your mistake — only further demonstrates your childishness.

              1. “She wasn’t confused. Your inability to acknowledge the mathematical and logical difference between what Molly said and what you said — and your mistake — only further demonstrates your childishness.”

                You are still harping on this ? My god you are dishonest.

                First, My initial remark was about the merits of runnoffs over court contests and recounts.

                The POINT was we can do better.

                I made it clear that I think GA’s process could be improved – but it was still better than recounts and court battles.

                And we see exactly why – right now, right in front of us – in GA – because their runnoff provision does not apply to presidential elections.
                And in myriads of other states because there is no option beyond court battles and recounts

                The smartest thing we could do right now is the have a runnoff in every state where neither Biden nor Trump won by a margin larger than the margin of error.

                Even though that is the smartest thing we could do – it is not constitutional, and it is not the law in those states – so instead no matter what half of us will be sure the election was stolen for the next 4 years.

                I would note this is the left’s doing. All you had to do was follow the rules.

                As To MollyG’s remark – she made a stupid attack on a small part of my comment that was entirely off point – and worst of all she was WRONG.

                And you are wrong by continuing to fight about it.

                  1. Insults are not arguments, and the error is your and Molly’s I would suggest rereading my original comment.

                    Moll and then you chose to stupidly nit pick and worse were wrong.

          2. Wow! Impresive, you can cite a law.

            Now what does that mean ?

            The GA law provides for Runnoffs rather than recounts.

            I said Runnoffs are a better idea that recounts and court battles.

            I specifically disagreed with the 2 month delay in GA for runnoffs.

            Do them quickly, do not give anyone an opportuintiy to spend 2 months gaming the election.

            And apply them to presidential elections, not just other elections.

            In every single state in the country where neither Biden nor Trump got a majority of the vote,
            have a snap runnoff 2 weeks later.

            The only role the courts would have in that is trying to get orders to require election officials to follow their state laws.
            Those would be easy. Just about every judge that has rejected Trump, would with near certainty write an order that required the election officials to follow their states election laws.

    1. Rhodes, there is much more. On the machines, from Deep Capture–


      Overall view–


      It wouldn’t hurt peeps to look up Color Revolution to see why the left dimm fascists are trying to steal this election. The election fraud is part of the overall attempt at taking down the USA. Also the Cloward & Piven book, Strategy & Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky.

      Two women have been doing separate investigations for some years now. One is Devvy Kidd at NewsWithViews & the other is Bev Harris at Black Box Voting. Bev discovered Fraction Magic, another vote changing tool put in vote machines.

  12. Absolute Proof of Fraudulent Dominion Voting Machines and Stolen Election in Georgia.

    Of course, you won’t hear a word from the mainstream media, Jonathan Turley, or just about any other media source. And the less than worthless Billy Bagpipes Barr, Christopher Coverup Wray, and the hopelessly corrupt DOJ, FBI, and CIA will be doing what they can to subvert and silence the truth. But they cannot completely stop the truth from being exposed:


    Fredericks: Joining us now, Garland Favorito. Garland has been involved. So he’s a libertarian so he’s not like a Trump supporter anything like that. he’s an independent thinker and he’s been covering elections forever. We had him on a show in Atlanta. The second day we were there in Buckhead at our studios there he talked about these algorithms and he talked about the Dominion voting and machines. Nobody really took him seriously until now. Now they’re starting to pay attention. He gave testimony yesterday. He’s with us now. Garland Favorito, great to have you back.

    Favorito: Hey John thanks for having me back. And yeah actually I’m the elections director of the Constitution Party of Georgia and also the co-founder of VoterGA which stands for voters organized for trusted election results in Georgia. And here’s what I’m trying to do.

    Fredericks: Tell us what happened yesterday and what your testimony was in Ware County?

    Favorito: So thank you John for again. Let me tell you the story. It’s now become more amazing. This Senator Ligon cut me from the testimony yesterday. I was the number seven defense witness for the president. And Senator Ligon cut me out and moved me to the bottom and then cut off the witnesses and ended the hearing without me getting to testify. We were wondering why he did this and then realized that my testimony would have exposed the secretary of state of Georgia, the elections director of Georgia, and the legal counsel of Georgia for the secretary of state all for wrongdoing.

    Being an independent I expose corruption on both sides of the political spectrum. And that is why I was cut out of the the the hearing yesterday in spite of the fact that the president’s legal team wanted me as the number seven witnesses. So some of the reasons why I was cut is because of the way that the secretary of state compromised the hand count audit so that the results, basically the secretary not only compromised that but then he ordered certification of the Dominion results even with inaccuracies on it.

    That is what happened yesterday. And what the evidence that I had was that a Dominion voting system, in at least in one county, we found flip votes from Trump to Biden. That information never got on the record yesterday because of the chairman of the committee. So we had a case down there where we now know based on specific results from the hand count on it that at least three dozen votes or more we think about 37 more were flipped from Trump to Biden.

    And the elections director ordered the counties to certify the Dominion results anyway. So when you spread this across multiple counties the president lost hundreds of votes if not thousands because of the secretary’s decision and the election director’s decision. All that would have been exposed yesterday had I been able to testify.

    Fredericks: So Republican Senator Ligon who is leading this oversight hearing, he wouldn’t let you speak. He dumped you to the bottom. I saw you yesterday. I mean I simply had to leave because I think I left at about 6:30 p.m. just out of pure physical exhaustion. So I had to leave so I was not aware that you got dumped out of there. I know they put you down at the bottom. I want you to go over this 37 vote flip again. explain in detail when you say 37 votes were flipped on the Dominion voting machine because of the algorithms. Explain in layman’s terms to our listeners what you found and what exactly happened there.

    Favorito: Well it’s pretty simple. The election machines produced a count. When we did the full hound count audit the rather than and in addition to entering the results into the secretary of state system some of the counties kept their own results. So in keeping their own results they were able to tell from the hand count audit that President Trump got 37 more votes and Biden got 37 less as compared to the electronic count. So that told us because they did a full hand count audit and because the counties kept their own numbers and the results they could verify that that happened. So we know the machine shorted President Trump 37 votes. We don’t know which machine. The county has multiple machines down there.

    Fredericks: Ware County.

    Favorito: Yes. And they’re not going to give us access to the machines we don’t think. We would probably need a court order to impound the machine so that we could check the algorithm. But basically uh the president got 37 fewer votes on the machine than he should have and Biden got 37 more votes. And what’s interesting about this is this percentage which is two point two six percent of weight is exactly the margin of victory that Biden is currently accredited for having in the state of Georgia.

    Fredericks: The Democrats are going to claim well it was a glitch. Then they’re going to claim it was human error. How was it not human error? How is it not that somebody simply put the wrong ballot in the wrong slot? How is it not human error?

    Favorito: Well it can’t be a human error because the humans didn’t do anything wrong. You see there is no wrong slot to put the ballot in. Everybody puts the ballot in the same slot and then the tabulator tabulates the results. So there is no way for the humans or any voter to have made a mistake. This is exclusively isolated to the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 ICP or ICC system. The ICP is the precinct tabulator scanner and then the ICC is the county scanner.

    So there has to be most likely malware on one of those two devices. The only other possibility is that is a ballot definition mismatch. we talked to the elections director and he said no that would not apply because you know all the machines were configured exactly the same. So one of them could not have been out of whack according to the director.

    Fredericks: Garland, so let me get this straight. In Ware County, you went and they did a hand recount. And the hand recount of the ballots that were fed into the machine showed one number. And the machine showed another number. And when the ballots that were hand-counted were fed into the machine Biden had 37 more votes. Trump had 37 fewer votes which represented a swing of just over a quarter of a percent. Now there are 5 million votes in total in Georgia. You take a quarter of a percent and it’s 12,500 more than what Biden won by.

    So what you’re saying is that you fed the paper in and the paper, after feeding it in, there was a software algorithm changed that gave Biden 37 more votes and Trump 37 fewer votes. Now so what they’re going to say is oh that some machine had a glitch. Well, that’s what they’re gonna say. But it’s unfathomable. There’s a lot of glitches here right? If you found that in where county how many were in full county DeKalb County, Cobb County, Cherokee County, and Savannah?

    Favorito: It’s a great question, John. And we really don’t know because the secretary of state ordered the counties to enter their hand count audit data into his centralized Arlo system. This basically means that the counties don’t have their own totals for the hand count audit. So they have no way to compare the results.

    Fredericks: How did Ware County have it?

    Favorito: Some of the counties actually produced their own results and kept them. So Ware County had their own results.

    Fredericks: This is unbelievable.

    Favorito: I want to be honest with you. We don’t know if this algorithm was in other counties. We really don’t know w that. But we do know that it was in Ware County and we don’t think that it could have been anything else like what we call a ballot definition mismatch which is what they claimed happened in Akron County, Michigan. I don’t know if that’s really true. But it doesn’t appear to be any kind of error that the elections team in Ware County could have made.

    Fredericks: And you were going to testify to this.

    Favorito: Absolutely.

  13. “President-elect Biden failed to see that this country’s divisions will not be resolved — even partially — without greater scrutiny. He should have declared immediately that his campaign would not oppose judicial review of any and all election challenges.”
    Thus, begging the question: Why would a candidate confident of the propriety of his victory fail to do so? Occam’s razor to the rescue.

      1. Aninny:

        It has two meanings. I used to teach logic. I’d know. The informal fallacy is actually known as petitio principii and refers to assuming the conclusion in your argument. It’s practitioners — like yourself — engage in this circular reasoning all the time, i.e. Trump is bad because Trump is bad.

        The other more popular meaning is an assertion that calls for a related question and hence suggests a conclusion, i.e. Sleepy Joe is not being transparent. Why? Because Sleepy Joe doesn’t want to be since its apparently not in his best interests.

        Do try to show some intelligence above that of a bright college sophomore.

        1. If you were ever a teacher, mespothelioma, you must have been a crappy one, because you’re ignorant and insulting. What you call the “other more popular meaning” is a mistake. Like the people who have popularized “I could care less.”

        2. Big Mess:

          Personally, I’ve never treated or thought of trump as bad at everything. Once upon a time I lived and worked in circles where I got to see his scams played out up close enough to know he’s a really, really good con man. And hey, he’s killed a couple of sacred assumptions in politics in general, one being that you have to play the ‘get annointed’ game (but truthfully, he learned this from Obama, trump just played the much cruder version of the game), another being that it’s somehow wrong to live almost entirely by executive order (again, he plagerized Obama from his second term in regard to this but just did it blatantly with no concerns for anything else other than himself in a thoroughly trumpy way)…

          Biden can learn a lot from the executive order directions trump has laid down. Biden should come in blazing in January and enrage you trump mutations with a slew of executive orders, knowing that McConnell will *never* work with a democrat. Don’t give Mitch a chance for any obstruction tactic he can’t earn by his own sleazy efforts. Make him howl into retirement, preferably soon with a dem sweep in january in the run offs.

          And you can howl right along with Mitch. I’ll love hearing you do it as the object of your orange crush fades into the distance of legal issues and obscurity. In fact I had this dream the other night of Nancy Pelosi going up to trump at Biden’s inauguration and saying: “yes…., we cheated…ummm….David.” Playing on two of trump’s prime paranoia’s — his inner belief of his own conspiracy theories and his terror at being forgotten.

          It was a beyond awesome dream.

          Elvis Bug

        3. I would further note that all fallacies are logic errors. A fallacious argument is not inherently a false one. It is one in which you can not trust the results.

          P implies Q

          is absolute.

          Appeals to authority are not – experts can be right, they also can be wrong.
          The support of experts might increase the probability that your result is correct, the fallacy is the jump from probability to certainty.

      1. No, you Commies have been Debunked on these issues!

        You must have missed all the great slap downs showing you’ve been debunked.

  14. Another look over here story that Turley loves to tee up for his Trump base who in their minds love to wave the flag and at the same time undermine democracy. The petulant refusal of accepting reality and their ability to sow division and create division is pathetic. Their deep seeded love for authoritarian rule overrides the integrity of democracy itself. And yet, there they are yelling at the top of their lungs how unfair it is that their choice for President was not the choice of millions of Americans that have seen the failed leadership of Trump. Trump is leaving the nation in worse shape than any President except Hoover and George W. and yet they want more failure from a man who openly bragged he could shoot people in the street and not lose any voters.

    1. Fishy, Do you agree that Fox News’ Chris Wallace is a whiny, unwatchable d*ckhead with an irritating cartoon-character voice?

        1. He can be good – when he wants to be.

          The problem is he is not good all the time.

          He makes choices as to when to be tough and when to throw softballs, and those choices are biased – that is not acceptable in a reporter.

    2. “Their deep seeded love for authoritarian rule overrides the integrity of democracy itself.’
      If that were the case you’d be in some Gulag somewhere begging bread and water. An attractive flight of fancy for a Russian troll like your but still only a fantasy.

  15. Jonathan: I am surprised you are still beating the bushes for evidence to support Trump’s false claim the election was “stolen” from him. The case in Michigan that Giuliani is crowing about was not about Trump’s claims but about the vote in a tiny Michigan village over an initiative to legalize marijuana. BFD. It doesn’t change the outcome in Michigan where the Michigan State Board of Canvassers just certified the election for Biden. So pot didn’t save Trump.

    Now if you thought Giuliani could not be more deranged you should watch his performance and that of his star witness, Mellissa Carone, before Michigan’s House Oversight Committee. Carone, a former Dominion contractor, ranted, shouted over and berated members of the Committee over her false claims of election fraud. Her outbursts were so over the top that even Giuliani tried to restrain her. We now learn that Carone just got off probation for committing computer crime–she sent her boyfriend’s ex-wife graphic videos of she and her boyfriend having sex. Carone says she did this to cause the ex-wife to go “over the top”. Going over the top seems to be in Carone’s DNA. Now you would think Giuliani would want to do a background check of his star witness. Nope. Anyone who is willing to perjure themselves is fine with Giuliani as long as they will they support his spurious claims of voter fraud. Giuliani should be disbarred not only for professional misconduct but for being stupid!

    1. What I appreciate most about the far left wing is their adamant renunciation of bill for turning his back on the Rwandan Holocaust. They have never let up criticizing him for causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of poor black folks, for not lifting a finger to ask for U.N. Peacekeepers, for breaking the Proxmire Law, for lying through his teeth by saying he didn’t know how terrible circumstances were, when he absolutely knew.
      Yea, what the heck? We will hate on trump as soon as we’re done making sure bill goes to jail for his crimes, then, then we’ll accuse Don of every conceivable evil known to man. But, not until we make slick pay for co-conspiring to wipe out an entire people.

    2. “tiny Michigan village” Reminds me how no one objected to clinton trampling all over paula, just one rather ditzy chick. Who cares about her civil rights?

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