FBI: Woman Who Stole Pelosi’s Laptop May Have Tried To Sell It To The Russians

Photo: Dauphin County Jail.

Some of the crimes committed in the Capitol riot are truly breathtaking.  One of those was the alleged theft of the laptop belonging to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). That alone is extraordinary but now federal officials are alleging that Riley June Williams not only took the laptop but tried to sell it to the Russians.  That allegation would ratchet up charges already including knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, violent entry, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. Williams, 22, is a health care worker.

The FBI include extensive photos of Williams in the riot, which have also appeared on some media sites.Those photos will make some of the charges virtually impossible to refute. This includes a videotape of Williams allegedly stealing the laptop. There are also allegedly videos of Williams directing rioters up the stairs to Pelosi’s office. The media has also shown pictures purportedly showing Williams poising with an assault-like weapon though not at the riot itself.  The riot pictures are clearly admissible. The other web pictures are likely to face a determined defense motion for exclusion due to their prejudicial impact.

However, it is the latest allegation that is so striking. In a court filing on Sunday, the FBI stated that a witness identifying himself as a former romantic partner said that Williams “intended to send the computer device to a friend in Russia, who then planned to sell the device to SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence service.”

What I have not been able to determine is what steps were actually take by Williams to seek such a transfer to the Russians. It does not take much to establish such criminal conduct but the reports are vague on how or why the effort fell through. There is no suggestion that she actually made contact. However, the Speaker’s laptop could have some material that could be deemed classified. Even if classified at the confidential level, federal prosecutors could ramp up charges of a conspiracy for espionage or other national security violations. She may have lucked out however. A Pelosi staffer reported that a laptop was stolen from a conference room but was used only for presentations.

These videotapes show a spectrum of unlawful conduct. Some people are seen meandering around, seemingly surprised that they got inside. Others are in full riot, rummaging through papers and smashing mirrors. Yet, if these allegations are true, Williams made the mistake of her life in radically increasing her liability by taking that laptop. If she then took steps to sell it to the Russians, she could spend much of the rest of her life in prison.

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  1. Since she’s not Hillary Clinton, this will go poorly for her.

    If she was a Clinton, she could hide an illegal server in her bathroom, store Top Secret classified information on it, upload it to the Cloud, have Tech Support with zero clearance work on it and back it up, and then while under subpoena, wipe it clean with Bleach Bit while smashing her laptops and Blackberries with hammers.

    Any such allegations against Williams will have to be proven. If she did make overtures towards selling classified information to Russia, there will likely be a digital record of it. It won’t matter what information actually turned out to be on the laptop, or if the contact actually made any effort to coordinate the exchange. Stealing the laptop of any Representative, and making any noises to anyone about seeking out Russian recipients would land her in an oubliette.

    Ladies, make good choices, whether it’s refraining from breaking into a federal building, plotting espionage, or whom you date.

  2. Joe Friday: “I’m sure Turley loves his family and helps little old ladies cross the street, but on politics I don’t see the good. I see a poseur, all too predictable on choosing sides and like his Fox hosts, devoid of shame for the 4 year moving disaster they’ve at a minimum enabled.”

    You have a point especially considering Turley’s unabashed support of the disgraced Bill Barr. Even Barr condemned Trump’s actions post-election more vociferously than has Turley. While Turley has condemned Trump’s rhetoric and conduct here and there as wrong and reckless, I wonder what is his overall assessment of Trump’s legacy? He has stated that the storming of the Capitol will tarnish Trump’s legacy, but that suggests that notwithstanding 5 insufferable years of Trump lies, his legacy was NOT already darkened to the point that anymore tarnish would hardly be noticeable.

  3. Breathtaking? You’re turning into such a vapor-locked putz. Breathtaking is looting and burning down half of California. Grow a pair Turley.

  4. Hmmm.. ex-partner rats on someone… definitely something to be believed, as any noncustodial parent would attest to.

  5. Anyone this insane; anyone on a suicide mission, as this one was, with no chance or possibility of success in any aspect, has an unassailable insanity defense.

    This woman and all of the participants inexplicably jumped right off the cliff; no rhyme, no reason.

    She was crazy!

    Was she going to overthrow the government of the United States of America? Really? Only Obama could do that.

    Were these naive, impressionable and impetuous people all rounded up, brainwashed and incited by Antifa, BLM, Soros, China et al.?

    Sirhan Sirhan maintained that he acted against RFK based on a “trigger” word after deep hypnosis.

    This entire Capitol protest affair demands investigation.

  6. If she then took steps to sell it to the Russians, she could spend much of the rest of her life in prison.

    Perhaps if she had worn black, a hood over her head, torched a Limousine and railed against Fascism, she would have all charges dropped, Kamala Harris bail her out of jail and elevated to Saint by the NYT

  7. Mr Turley… shame on you. “May have”. Like I said before, you sir, are a closet communist.

  8. How come when it’s a socialist it’s alleged meaning unproven but when it’s a Constitutionalist we skip trial and go straight into sentencing?

    1. She stole the speaker of the house, the third in the US chain of command’s, computing device after raiding the US capitol.

      What has a “socialist” been alleged to have done that you feel is comparable?


        “The goal of Socialism is Communism.”

        – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

  9. Oh why not. Many on the Left still believe the pee pee tape is authentic. Hmmm?

    The FBI said in an arrest warrant on Sunday that Williams hasn’t been charged with theft but only with illegally entering the Capitol and with disorderly conduct. Hmmm? Not theft?

    FBI officials said a caller claiming to be an ex of Williams said friends of hers showed him a video of her taking a laptop computer or hard drive from Pelosi’s office. Hmmm, because when I see a video of a laptop, I always confuse that with a hard drive.

    but that plan fell through and she either has the device or destroyed it. Hmmm, that would explain why she wasn’t charged with theft. How convenient to make allegations without evidence. Who would be stupid enough to believe that crap?

    her daughter had taken a sudden interest in President Donald Trump’s politics and “far-right message boards” Hmmm, sure, it would be common after 4 years of Trump for someone to suddenly take an interest in his politics and far-right message boards…if they’d been in a coma. She lives with her mom. What’s mom’s political leanings? What “conservative family” describes these sites as far right?

    She also changed her phone number and deleted a number of social media accounts, Hmmm, wait for it. What social media would need to be scrubbed, if her interest in Trump politics was “so recent?” Certainly the Big Tech gods will assist in proving her social media history. Right?

  10. Mitch McConnell just now, speaking to the U.S. Capitol Attack: “The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people.”

    McConnell will now try to separate himself from Trump after enabling him for the last 4 years.

  11. LMAO

    A new lawsuit from Trump supporters seeks to have the entire Congress unseated.

    “The truth of the allegations set forth herein compels the shocking conclusion that every member of currently-seated 117th U.S. Congress and the President-Elect, who is scheduled to be sworn in this coming Wednesday, January 20th, were not legitimately elected because the People of the United States were given ballots that were patently illegal under federal law, namely HAVA. Therefore, the entire 117th Congress is illegitimate and all actions taken since January 3, 2021, including the counting of the Electoral College votes and confirmation of Joseph Biden as President-Elect and the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump are null and void.”

    I don’t expect that this one will fare any better than the previous election suits by Trump allies.

      1. That appears to be a legitimately filed, completely frivolous case. I’m not sure how 2 barred individuals signed their name to that but the first named one said he was terminated from Goosehead Insurance Inc.:

        It looks like they’re trying to give David Kuresh a run for his money for the craziest thing to come out of Waco

  12. “2 National Guardsmen have been removed from Inauguration security mission after vetting found they had ties to far right fringe groups, a US Official tells ABC News”

      1. They looked for extremists on both sides. So far I haven’t seen any expelled for far left extremism. Feel free to investigate further yourself.

        1. You have to look behind the scenes and think hard. Far Right Extremists ARE, just like RINOs the right wing of the left.

      2. What for it was an anti constitutionalist activity and most of those if not all vacated the area when they saw the far left and far right extremists. The real crime was who activated the card to be called up for federal duty?

      3. a more worthwhile search would be, how many legs have ties to narco-trafficking groups? that’s probably in the thousands

    1. What federal entity authorized calling up the State National Guard. The Governors don’t have that power. And how come the most expensive largest group came from the dead beat debtor states. Who gave the Active Duty component which refused to take part in politics and so it goes. The federal government doesn’t have to pay for illegal activities of the guard when they weren’t called up by federal government.

    2. these guys were probably working as informants and they did that to kind of ya know buttress their bona fides, help them keep their covers intact

    3. for anybody in military or law enforcement to join the III’er militia thing or group or whatever, has got to be proof positive that they are stupid

      if you really believed the III’er oath, you would NEVER go public with it. it’s exactly contrary to the implicit purpose, if the true constitutional loyalists self-expose

      hence the III’er group is presumptively a honey-pot by the Deep state, now proving its effectiveness for tricking dumb cops to show their naievete

  13. The DOJ has filed the first conspiracy charges for the Capitol insurrection, arresting an Oath Keeper leader in VA this morning, Thomas E. Caldwell.

    Prosecutors allege Thomas Caldwell helped organize a group of at least eight people who were at the Capitol during the Jan. 6 riots. He also proposed storming the capitol in OH. “I am such an instigator!” he said on Facebook with a video, per FBI. “Lets storm the capitol in Ohio. Tell me when!”


    1. Obviously wasn’t a socialist. If he were they would be chanting for the Medal of Honor to be awarded.

    2. They were at the capitol – were they rioting too? Just curious the use of language in your posts is gauged for maximum hysteria. Also, “storming the capitol” is what Rioters say, no Insurgents or people trying to overthrow a govt. Your jumped up hysteria is impressing nobody not already in the tank in the “hate Trump” world. It’s so boring by now..I’m glad he’s gone just so I don’t have to listen to you pedants lie and spin nonstop.

      1. Mr Turley sounds so communistic these days… oh wait, he’s a college professor. AKA communist.
        End of story

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