“A Desire That They Suffered Until Their Last Breath”: Alabama Professor Under Fire For Hateful Comments Following Rush Limbaugh’s Death

Professor Sarah Parcak of the University of Alabama-Birmingham has been a lightning rod of controversy, particularly on conservative news sites, for her calls for banning books and “how to” instructions on toppling public art like obelisks in violent protests. She is now under fire for saying that she hoped that conservative figures like the recently deceased radio commentator Rush Limbaugh “suffered until their last breath.” She has since taken her Twitter account private to bar general access, but some are calling for her to be fired. As will come as little surprise to many on this free speech site, I strongly oppose such calls even though I find Parcak’s extremist and unhinged views reprehensible.On Twitter, Parcak declared “When a terrible piece of scum who caused immeasurable harm to millions dies, there is no sympathy. Only a desire that they suffered until their last breath.” She is not alone in such hateful statements celebrating the death of another human being.Parcak is not alone in the race to the bottom. Various liberal sites have celebrated the death with some joyously declaring things like “rest in piss.” Huff Post ran a virtually jubilant headline.As an academic, Parcak’s words are particularly concerning since she extends her desire for suffering to the broader array of conservatives. This includes viewpoints that are likely shared by many faculty and students at her university. It reflects a type of raging intolerance and hatred that undermines the faith of many that they will be treated with respect and civility in classrooms and on campus.UAB President Ray Watts issued a Wednesday night statement that said the university is “disgusted and extremely troubled” that Parcak engaged in such speech that is “so unprofessional and blindly inhumane and cruel.”However, what concerned me was the statement that the university was “reviewing the matter.”  Parcak’s public commentary is vile and extremist but it is also, in my view, protected as free speech.  She has a right to speak her mind about figures like Limbaugh even when her views are grotesque and offensive for many. We do not need the First Amendment to protect popular speech. Popular speech is not targeted precisely because it is popular. The test of our commitment to free speech is to protect speech that we find objectionable and wrong.

We have previously discussed radical voices on faculties who defend violence and even murder. One professor recently called for more Trump supporters to be killed. Rhode Island Professor Erik Loomis, who writes for the site Lawyers, Guns, and Money, said he saw “nothing wrong” with the killing of a conservative protester — a view defended by other academics.  I have opposed calls for terminating such academics. Indeed, while sites like Lawyers, Guns, and Money feature writers like law professor Paul Campus who call for the firing of those with opposing views (including myself), it is not their commitment to free speech but our own that must guide our actions.

If Professor Parcak has displayed bias or discrimination against students in her classes, there is every reason to investigate. However, I have not seen any account alleging such misconduct. This appears her personal views of Limbaugh and other conservatives expressed on her personal Twitter account. I would have preferred a statement simply declaring that the university will continue to support the free speech rights of all of its faculty and students regardless of personal or even widespread condemnation of such speech.

Professor Parcak has an impressive academic record in Archaeological Studies. Absent allegations of misconduct in her classes or on campus, I do not see the basis for investigation by the university.  Being a good person is not a condition for teaching so long as you are a good academic.

Parcak and others are the price we pay for free speech.




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  1. Why does the ball always bounce in the same zigzag pattern with Turley? It’s always ‘on the on hand, the “righ_wing_outrage” of the day is justified but then there is the slip. You see it’s free speech – yeah, and? That’s actually not even an argument technically, Jonathan. You are a lawyer, you know how to argue – her free speech rights are constrained by her professional responsibility as law professor to demonstrate some decorum. Lawyers will be expected to do so as part of their professional standards of licensure and while in court certainly. The idea that she should demonstrate some basic restraint is not too much to ask.

    But there is an even more basic argument. So how would it be if a conservative professor had denigrated John Lowis when he died? Some POC would say it was racist and there would be hell to pay. Let’s also be clear that there is a civil way to express reservations about Rush at the time of his death. It would still be in bad taste, but not a violation of what is expected in the public behavior of a person in authority. I’m just some corporate type and I could be fired on the spot for doing the same. The idea that this is some ridiculous position for a person who has authority over others and/or speaks fo an institution to be held to a high standard of public conduct is true for many people in their work.

    The odd tone here is that she’s somehow entitled to her job. She should be fired just because she alienated many of the right wing kids on campus, making an overtly – for real – “hostile environment” for them. Why is her profanity and vile hatred to be tolerated for a second more than the school wants to? Where do you get these ideas about justice, Jonathan?

    1. Already read it, George. I recommend it, too. I bet we could come up with pretty much the same list of tyrants.

    2. My opinion, globalism has been going on for forty years, and the first 20 were a net positive.

      After 911, the international financial crisis, and the covid-19 pandemic, globalism has been a disaster for everybody except billionaires and their lickspittles.

      1. Well the billionaires sure have a lot of lickspittles here. But their arrogance exceeds their true reach. The situation has already changed. At the end of the day, the military establishments of the major nations could wipe the billionaires out very quickly. It may be they are allowed to continue with their crazy schemes to a degree but eventually the hot air will be let out of their balloons.

        if we don’t do it you can bet that one day, the CCP will. For now the CCP and western billionaires are aligned, but I doubt that will last forever. Regardless, we should reckon our interests and our fates more independently as a nation without getting sucked into billionaire BS. I almost puked this week when bill Gates told us all to eat fake beef, just thinking of it., I got your beef right here, Bill Gates, eat it!

        Did you catch the story of how they want to use chemtrails now? right, the thing the conspiracy theorists have been warning about for decades, is now openly being promoted and “Studied” by Harvard


        Even “green advocates” like that author admit that seeding cloud cover to try and deliberately cool the climate is a really, really unwise idea

        Sal Sar

        1. Yes! The traitors and fools think they’ll get rich managing America’s decline, but someday, India and China will turn the West Coast into a rust belt because stealing tech is easier than designing it, and Beijing has no intention of paying back bailout money from our 401k’s once the Democrats castrate our military.

          The billionaires and hedge-fund managers will get paid off the top and laugh their a**es off in New Zealand, at least until a Chinese fleet appears off Wellington. Then it won’t be funny anymore.

          Wake up, woke. You’re being sold out!

          1. You know Diogenes, which-ever nation gets to artificial general intelligence first, will be able to massively decrypt and hack and cripple the rival military, and will almost certainly launch some sort of war. Russia, PRC, and the NATO alliance nations are all racing for it fast as they can.

            But in light of that, it is very, very stupid of Silicon Valley to transfer technology to the PRC. They say, AGI coming inside 20 years, 30 or 40 at most. Perhaps we will live long enough to see the lights go out. If we have not been otherwise “depopulated” by then, en route to a “sustainable steady state zero co2 emissions economy.”


          2. Let’s be clear. So you’re saying that the US, which has 6000 nuclear armed missiles, needs more such missiles to defend itself against China. We spend about 10x as much as China on defense and we’re 1/4 the population. So we need to spend more on defense?

            I am not convinced the US needs a standing army. I’d cut the defense budget by about 90%. We do need to stop the volunteer force and bring back the draft, and at least half the persons drafter should be women.

        2. During the late Sixties and early Seventies the Soviet Union was toying with the idea of spreading soot on ice to alter the albedo of the ice caps, melt them and make Siberia more hospitable.

          “Inadvertent Climate Modification” MIT Press.

            1. Well good on them. Maybe Lord darth Biden would trade illegal aliens to Russia for raw materials. We have more than enough illegals to go around and if Russia needs some that breed fast under paid for conditions there they go . But Lord darth Biden of chyna would have his handlelrs in fits in draining off any illegals which can pop out enough “legal” babies they hope to turn into future demoratz in 18 years.

  2. Crime seems to pay off.
    Amid Capitol riot, FBI released files from Kennedy-era investigation into Nancy Pelosi’s father

    In a 1961 memo to the White House, an agent summarized allegations that Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr. took payoffs from applicants to the police force, and helped to hinder the investigation and prosecution of crimes.

    Speaker Pelosi did not respond to questions from Just the News.


  3. “Car [John “Deep State” Durham], Where Are You?”

    The Department of InJustice

    George Papadopoulos


    Joseph Mifsud is back in the spotlight in Italy following the collapse of the Italian government.

    His personal lawyer has admitted on the record to having been interviewed by Durham.

    The Obama Coup D’etat in America is the most egregious abuse of power and the most prodigious crime in American political history.

    The co-conspirators are:

    Kevin Clinesmith, Bill Taylor, Eric Ciaramella, Rosenstein, Mueller/Team, Andrew Weissmann,

    James Comey, Christopher Wray, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Laycock, Kadzic,

    Sally Yates, James Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Priestap, Kortan, Campbell,

    Sir Richard Dearlove, Christopher Steele, Simpson, “JOSEPH MIFSUD,”

    Alexander Downer, Stefan “The Walrus” Halper, Azra Turk, Kerry, Hillary,

    Huma, Mills, Brennan, Gina Haspel, Clapper, Lerner, Farkas, Power, Lynch,

    Rice, Jarrett, Holder, Brazile, Sessions (patsy), Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Obama,

    Joe Biden, James E. Boasberg, Emmet Sullivan, et al.

    1. “The Durham Report” will not be dissimilar to “The Warren Report,” “The Findings of the House Select Committee on Assassinations – JFK, MLK, RFK,” “The Flight 800 Report,” “The 9/11 Commission Report,”

      etc., packs of deceptions and lies.

        1. Sal, just finished the Rise and Decline of the State. Clarified my thinking. Van Creveld was prescient about the impact of globalization, even though he didn’t actually use that word.

          1. Glad you like it. He published summer of 99.
            I am not sure when the term globalism arose, but I take my usual definition from Joseph Stiglitz’s book “Globalism and its discontents” was pub in 2002. Stieglitz was one of Clinton’s team who won Nobel Prize in Econ in 2001


            “globalization, as defined by Stiglitz (2003), is the process of economic integration of countries, through the increasing flow of goods, services, capital and labour. This process is not new, but it has begun at the end of the nineteenth century with the first wave of globalization” D. Medina

            1. The American Founders did not intend, and the Constitution does not prescribe globalization. Globalization is unconstitutional. Globalization (i.e. world dominion) is the goal of communism. The “dictatorship of the proletariat” is to be pervasive and all-encompassing. The American Founders gave Americans the one and only thing they could: Freedom. Freedom is sustained through self-reliance. Reliance on others leads inexorably to enslavement, communism and the “dictatorship of the proletariat.”

              People must accept and adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

              Freedom does not adapt to people, dictatorship does.

              The principles of communism – central planing, control of the means of production (i.e. regulation), redistribution of wealth and social engineering – are precluded by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The entire communistic American welfare state is unconstitutional, including but not limited to, affirmative action, quotas, welfare, food stamps, rent control, social services, forced busing, minimum wage, utility subsidies, WIC, TANF, SNAP, HAMP, HARP, TARP, Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Labor, Energy, Obamacare, Social Security, Social Security Disability, Social Security Supplemental Income, Medicare, Medicaid, “Fair Housing” laws, “Non-Discrimination” laws, etc.

              Article 1, Section 8, provides Congress the power to tax ONLY for “…general Welfare…,” omitting and, thereby, excluding any power to tax for individual or specific welfare, redistribution of wealth or charity. The same article provides Congress the power to regulate ONLY money, the “flow” of commerce and land and naval Forces. Additionally, the 5th Amendment right to private property is not qualified by the Constitution and is, therefore, absolute, allowing Congress no power to claim or exercise dominion over private property, the sole exception being the full taking of property under the principle of eminent domain.

              Government exists to provide maximal freedom to individuals while it is severely limited and restricted to merely facilitating that maximal freedom of individuals through the provision of security and infrastructure.

              Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto 59 years after the adoption of the Constitution because none of the principles of the Communist Manifesto were in the Constitution. Had the principles of the Communist Manifesto been in the Constitution, Karl Marx would have had no reason to write the Communist Manifesto. The principles of the Communist Manifesto were not in the Constitution then and the principles of the Communist Manifesto are not in the Constitution now.

              The singular American failure has been and continues to be the failure of the judicial branch and Supreme Court to support and uphold the “manifest tenor” of the Constitution, which it has no power to “interpret,” legislate or, otherwise, modify.

              1. George, you underestimate the extent to which the original constitution created a system that would protect not only property rights as such, but more so, the rich men who benefit the most from property rights.

                Today’s billionaires, now conspire to end the US or at least emasculate it, and subordinate it to various supranational forces which they can more easily control.

                The original constitutional framers perhaps did not imagine the extent to which the rich men of our day, would be so much more wicked and hateful of America, than the elites of their day.

                How will we adjust to that? A question that remains unanswered.

                Sal Sar

                1. Start here:

                  Eminent domain.

                  “Take” the MSM and SMPs for public use, as “general welfare,” and operate them as state-regulated monopolies until competition is possible.

    2. I especially like the “et al.” Covers a lot of territory, including every Democrat in Congress and a few Republicans.

  4. Turley said this Alabama professor was the price we pay for free speech, and this nation will be paying the price for Rush Limbaugh’s free speech for a very long time to come.

    1. ” this nation will be paying the price for Rush Limbaugh’s free speech for a very long time to come.”

      I guess Fish means that if we didn’t have Rush we would already be a fascist dictatorship and the Democrats could could have stopped paying for it a long time ago.


    2. What would you rather have goverment do concerning people right of free speech? Does cost factor in on ability to express ones opinion?

      1. “The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant” Robespierre.

        1. And fishy here we have a leftist senile president , lord darth biden of chyna… whom has peddeled for 50 years on the government teat support for the teachers unions whom have destroyed the American educations scheme. The continual dumbing down of standards and the flood of taxpayer cash seem only to increase the demise of REAL education and bloat the bureaucracy of those in the system “to teach” their version…garbage. How is it that the very low standards government has allowed cause such stupid non critical thinking youth in this country ?. How has government meddling to appease leftist ideology in academia to rot peoples ability to think and bludgeon them if they don’t tow the line fed to them ?.
          Our demoratzi zeig heil gooberment now encourages all manner of immoral behavior in the name of mutiicutluralism , gay rights or else , radical groupthink in our formerly great institutions of learning across this land. It is Indoctrination they preach..conform to the collective, independent thought is verboten !!. This is the America you so strive for ?. No free thought , our children being driven like square pegs in round holes to make subservient cookie cutter citizens for the state ?. You are seriously deluded to think this…no good comes of making our children the next hitler youth in your dream of conformity !.
          Notice how the left hates and condemns private and charter schools…oh and how they loathe home schooling. The control of our children is their way of controlling the near future and more. They can not get control of us fast enough so now they flood us with even more ignorant non English speaking hordes demanding their filthy lucre and willing to become a vessel of the state and throw freedom under the big red comrade bus of Big leftist utopia…you are sick to buy into this !!!

          1. Phergus, I have bad news for you. Rush Limbaugh, much as I liked him, put too much negativity on the Democrats and the socalled left.

            A lot of that was deflecting attention from the big money powers, the global billionaires, who finance and direct them, not for the purpose of the common good, but only for the purpose of the billionaires’ good.

            They seek to divide and provoke us into a long simmering form of civil war, so that we are ever focused on rivalllng each other, as they steal everything from us while we are distracted.

            Rush’s biggest fault was failing to skewer the billionaire-globalists as a group. We know now, they’re the enemy. Don’t get lost looking at the trees and miss the forest. The trees are all these petty Democratic party leadership tyrants, the freak mobs on the street, the academics pushing false ideas. They all have a master. It is the group of Western-based billionaire globalists. THEY are the enemy. Not all these other lesser Americans, however annoying they may be. Ultimately, we will need to get past some of our partisan rivalries and our culture war conflicts, and address the profound economic problems which are destroying the West as a whole and not just America. And I know I may sound like some kind of leftist when I say it but yes income inequality is a huge social problem especially in America. I don’t mean that the doctor in a big house on the other side of town is the bad guy, but yes, the group of billionaires and their schemes lead by the likes of Bezos or Bill Gates, yes, they are most certainly the enemy. Their command of wealth boggles the mind even to imagine.

            We live in a truly retarded, screwy situation, when one creepy geek like Bill Gates can be the biggest landowner of farms in America, and have the utter gall and chutzpah, to mockingly say to us, “you should all eat fake meat.” Why Billionaire Bill, I got some meat right here for you to eat, you four eyed prig!

            Sal Sar

            1. Sal ; Limbaugh was very correct in showing the left in America for what it was…if it made the left stink and expose their intolerance , hate an connections to murderous ideologies it was all in a days work. I do agree that the money and power hungry oligarchs like soros , gates and old european money are the bane of freedom. Worse yet the communist Chinese are like a virus on humanity. They think and act like army ants and are sacrificed as such by their masters.
              These wealthy billionaires would not have the power they do if they didn’t have the mentally challenged brown shirts throughout goobermint and society to believe their bunk and follow them – via leftist propaganda the wealthy cabal funds. The education system in the US is plagued with apparatchiks following and encouraging indoctrinating Americas children under the lie of educating them. As was once said by an American patriot ” those whom would sell their freedom for their security , deserve neither”. Our youth and those weak in thought are being sold to believe in big brother , the big state all encompassing Orwellian dystopia as though it is the solution they seek for carefree living on someone else’s dime. When enough drones are created control of it all is certain….. unless they misjudge the fight in people whom still have their 2nd amendment and a hint of free speech left before the masters call in the chips.

    3. Wow fishdiks…You really love to fling poo. Rush Limbaugh Never wished anyone ill like this sadistic allegedly highly educated leftist. But yet somehow you link a man of freedom with a professor of vile intolerant hate ?. How stupid do you look bruh…pretty stupid from all points. Mr Limbaugh in all his years NEVER wished ill will on those whom he politically disagreed with. He spent his life exposing their hypocrisy(s) and their very unconstitutional to down right un-American sayings and doings. And for this you throw bile at this great orator when he has passed ?. My how shallow does thy be. There is NO PERSONALITY from the opposing side that can even come near equal in Rush Limbaugh for truth , love of country and support of the American constitution. NONE. It is sad you can’t see nor admit such.

    4. @fishwings

      Oh don’t worry, you will get your long sought after “hate speech” laws after this generation of 20 somethings starts running things and making laws. There won’t be anymore Rush Limbaughs or others of his ilk. They’ll be arrested and prosecuted.


  5. More of the famous leftist love and tolerance we keep hearing about!

    Who hates who more – the left or right?

    Liberals don’t just hate conservatism as an ideology; they hate conservatives as individuals.

    Of all the recent revelations to come out of JournoList, an e-mail list consisting of about 400 liberal/left journalists, perhaps the most telling is the depth of their hatred for conservatives. That these journalists would consult with one another in order to protect candidate and then President Obama and in order to hurt Republicans is unfortunate and ugly. What is jolting is the hatred of conservatives on display, as exemplified by the e-mail from a public-radio reporter expressing her wish to personally see Rush Limbaugh die a painful death — and the apparent absence of any objection from her fellow liberal journalists.

    Every one of us on the right has seen this hatred. I am not referring to leftist bloggers or to anonymous comments by angry leftists on conservative blogs — such things exist on the right as well — but to mainstream, elite liberal journalists. There is simply nothing analogous among elite conservative journalists. Yes, nearly all conservatives believe that the Left is leading America to ruin. But while there is plenty of conservative anger over this fact, there is little or nothing on the right to match the Left’s hatred of conservative individuals. Would mainstream conservative journalists e-mail one another wishes that they could be present while Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or Michael Moore died slowly and painfully of a heart attack?
    From Karl Marx to today, the Left has always hated people of the Right, not merely differed or been angry with them. The question is, why?

    Here are three possible answers.

    First, the Left thinks the Right is evil. Granting the exceptions that all generalizations allow for, conservatives believe that those on the left are wrong, while those on the left believe that those on the right are bad. Examples are innumerable. Howard Dean, the former head of the Democratic party, said, “In contradistinction to the Republicans, Democrats don’t believe kids ought to go to bed hungry at night.” Rep. Alan Grayson (D., Fla.), among many similar comments, said, “I want to say a few words about what it means to be a Democrat. It’s very simple: We have a conscience.”

    Has any spokesman of the Republican party ever said anything analogous about Democrats’ not caring about the suffering of children or not having a conscience?

    Second, when you don’t confront real evil, you hate those who do. You can see this on almost any school playground. The kid who confronts the school bully is often resented more than the bully. Whether out of guilt over their own cowardice or out of fear that the one who confronted the bully will provoke the bully to lash out more, those who refuse to confront the bully often resent the one who does. During the 1980s, the Left expressed far more hatred for Ronald Reagan than for Soviet Communist dictator Leonid Brezhnev. When Reagan labeled the Soviet Union an “evil empire,” the liberal world was enraged . . . at Reagan.

    Those (usually on the left) who refused to confront Communism hated those (usually on the right) who did. They called the latter “warmongers” and “cold warriors” and charged them with having “missile envy” and with loving war.

    Today, the Left has similar contempt for those who take a hard line on Islamic terror. The liberal and leftist media routinely place quote marks around the words “War on Terror.” To the Left, such a war is manufactured by rightists for nefarious reasons — oil, self-enrichment, imperialism, etc. Indeed, the Obama administration declines to use the term “Islamic terror.” America is at war with a nameless enemy. The enemies this administration is prepared to name are the Republican party, the tea parties, Fox News, and talk radio.

    Third, the Left’s utopian vision is prevented only by the Right.

    From its inception, leftism has been a secular utopian religion. As Ted Kennedy, paraphrasing his brother Robert F. Kennedy, said, “Some men see things as they are and say, Why? I dream things that never were and say, Why not?” That exemplifies left-wing idealism — imagining a utopian future. There will be no poor, no war, no conflict, no inequality. That future is only a few more government programs away from reality. And who stands in the way of such perfection? Conservatives – how could a utopian not hate a conservative?

    This hatred will only increase if the Left feels its programs to greatly increase the size of government are in any way threatened in the forthcoming elections. The problem is that this hatred does not decrease when the Left is in power.

    Hatred of conservatives is so much a part of the Left that the day the Left stops hating conservatives will mark the beginning of the end of the Left as we know it.


    1. “the Left has always hated people of the Right, not merely differed or been angry with them. The question is, why?”

      You know why. They are not hampered by any Christian notions of morality such as “love they neighbor” and “turn the cheek” etc.

      They recognize that survival and flourishing among human groups is a bitter contest of will and chance, and they deny themselves the luxury of Christian sentiments.

      Hence, they are habitually, more effective and stronger

      Don’t mistake that for anything besides naked will-to-power. You know this Antonio. And the answer to it is equally clear

      Sal Sar

      1. “You know why. They are not hampered by any Christian notions of morality such as “love they neighbor” and “turn the cheek” etc.”

        With all due respect, Sal Sar, that just isn’t true.

        1. Really Anon ???. iN COMMUNIST WORLDS OF PAST AND PRESENT religion IS OUTLAWED AND EVEN PERSECUTED. tO COMMUNISTS THERE IS NO gOD BUT THE PARTY. Citizens of such communist nation states are routinely executed , imprisoned , Genocide…for the good of the “state’. They most certainly are not held back by love or morality , because that is not in the interest of the almighty big brother state. Toe the line , do what your told or get squished in the gears and become lubricant for the gears of the deceitful machine , state has become. So anaon…you are flat wrong , or lying.

        2. The European socialists of today are not the socialists of 100 years ago. I wont elaborate on that but those with good history will understand. Today they much like the socalled Democrat leadership, and fake left of today are alll mostly just neoliberal champions of whatever laws the billionaires recommend to them. They are total sellouts of the workers and middle classes of the nations.

          Christianity was defeated as a political force in Europe in the 19th century and by the 20th the churches were empty. Christianity has been held at bay in America from day one. Love thy neighbor has never been a serious consideration in America as a political concept. America has been divided in a thousand ways since day one. Our Constitution divides us that way via individual rights, separation of powers, federalism, and other more subtle ways. All of this works to the benefit of the group of billionaires today who play them all like marionettes.

          For the group of billionaires, naked, selfish, vain, nihilistic bestial will-to-power is their only guiding principle. When you have “leadership” in the form of the likes of Bill Gates who would cut humanity massively down to size via depopulation in the name of “saving the planet,” you have a truly Luciferian monster at work. He dominates academia with his research grants, he is astride the world health dictatorship that emerged in 2020 like a Colossus, and he will have us eat testube protein instead of beef. He is also the largest farmland owner in the US. If the largest farmland owner is telling you that you should not be allowed to eat beef, do you seriously think he is telling you that because he loves you?

          I tell you, if people do not wake up fast to the existential danger that the corrupt billionaires pose to the West, we are doomed. The very same forces that used to tell us to buy buy buy more shiny junk, and work harder to do so, are now telling us to take it easy, stay home, relax, live simply, etc. This is because they have the AI and robots to replace us and we are en route to a massive slaughterhouse situation.

          It is so obvious but people do not seem to get it. I guess a bunch of sheep can’t be expected to see how a wolf thinks. I tell you, I think like a shepherd-dog, not a sheep, whose mind is more like unto the wolf. And I am warning you sheep, that this four eyed geek Gates is a big bad wolf has very, very sinister plans for you. You are forewarned

          Sal Sar

    2. Hate is like a steroid. For the socalled Left, It makes them stronger, at risk to their individual health perhaps, but the team as a whole does better

      What is the answer for any team faced with opponents who habitually use steroids?

      Well, look to history. The answer was, and still is, take better steroids. And, this persists until today, under the cat and mouse game of “testing” which supposedly prohibits it.

      Sal Sar

  6. “Irreconcilable Differences”

    The Inmates Have Taken Over The Asylum.

    Wake Up And Smell The Coffee.

    Stop Wasting Your Time.

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    – Declaration of Independence

    1. @anonymous

      “Irreconcilable Differences”

      Yes they are. And I hate to tell National Review/Heritage Foundation types that we aren’t voting our way out of this. And, yes, leftists consider you “nazis” also.

      Ever wonder why mainstream “conservatives” conserve very little?


      1. Perhaps because it has been consistently mislead by elements of the Deep state such as William Buckley, CIA associate, since he assumed a mantle of mis-leadership so long ago?

        Or perhaps because there is a deep doctrinal error in conservatism, that is all tied up in the ideology of liberalism and individualism and capitalism, which does not sufficiently value history, culture, or people?

        Or perhaps it has been paid off by global capitalists since the end of the war, that made sure the Republican party was ever the party of weak resistance to the globalist party of desired change and conditioning, the Democrats?

        Or at little bit of all that and yet more besides

        Sal Sar

        1. @anonymous

          I used to admire William F. Buckley when I was younger. Nothing but a “gatekeeper” who “conserved” little.


      2. For those of you dolts in Rio Linda:

        “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such

        Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        – Declaration of Independence

  7. Rush Limbaugh was a Generous Individual! He raised $47 million for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, $33 million for Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, and $5 million for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. He personally gave in access of $10 million of his own, and on numerous occasions while broadcasting gave away his books and numerous Apple products to his listeners.

    1. How much has Obama, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, et al given to charity out of their. own pockets?

      1. Well, recall the used underwear the Clintons donated to c charity and then took a deduction for. That’s something.

  8. Democrats would be appalled if they received the same treatment as conservatives. There is no comparison in the mainstreaming of hatred.

    I hear what conservatives say to Democrats. I, too, have repeatedly pointed out the totalitarianism of their ways, and the danger of Fascism. But Democrats get personal.

    When Trump got elected, some of my own family and friends went rabid. For years, they had been making personal, prejudiced remarks about Republicans. It’s kind of like sitting next to a racist who says all people of a certain race are subhuman, except for you, of course. Well, after Trump got elected, this prejudice exponentially expanded.

    Relatives called other relatives Nazi racists, even those who were undergoing cancer treatment and other health challenges. It was the ugliest I’d ever seen. It’s like I never even knew these people. Blood is thicker than water? Not if you’re a Democrat. The Republicans in my family held onto the Democrats, but the ones who were farthest Left gnawed the ties loose.

    I have never in my life seen this level of hatred, nor the mainstreaming and normalization of it.

    I don’t hate Democrats. They sincerely think they are doing the best for mankind. They succumbed to brainwashing and actually believe Republicans are racist Nazis. If they ever snap out of this, and realize that the Republican Party also seeks to fight totalitarianism, and is not a racist movement, they will be ashamed of themselves. But I don’t think enough of them are going to understand this until it’s too late. They’ll give a totalitarian movement in power, and then it will be too late to check them.

    Democrats, too, are afraid of their own movement. Democrat parents may be afraid to criticize out loud when biological males wipe out all the girls at their own sports divisions, taking all the scholarships and chances for moving up. How many Democrats acknowledge that BLM led to widespread riots, looting, and the assault of federal buildings, but are afraid to speak out?

    1. Karen, Honey, this country went far astray of its values when your hero cheated his way into our White House. HE is the one who went about calling anyone who didn’t kiss his enormous ass all sorts of names: “Little Rocket Man”, “Crooked Hillary”, “Crazy Nancy”, “Sleepy Joe”…the list goes on. No other president in US history ever behaved this way, and your friends at Fox never had a single word to say against this, so if there was ever mainstreaming or normalization of name-calling it started with your fake president. And if anyone has been brainwashed, it is people like you who refuse to see what’s right before your eyes or to believe the truth. You seemingly cannot shut up about Russia helping Trump cheat–even though Dan Coats, head of US intelligence and lifelong Republican with an excellent reputation for public service, was fired for refusing to lie about this, and Mueller got dozens of guilty pleas and convictions. You refuse to believe that the call to the Ukrainian President in an effort to gin up fake “evidence” against Joe Biden was worthy of impeachment. You continue to believe that there was election fraud, despite 50 Secretaries of State certifying the results, 60+ frivolous lawsuits, recorded attempts to bully the GA Secretary of State to “find” nonexistent votes, an unsuccessful effort to get Pence to deny the validity of certified votes, and, as a last resort, trying to whip up his followers to take over the Capitol and prevent Biden’s win from being accepted by Congress. He fired his own cybersecurity chief for telling the truth that this was the most-secure election in US history.

      The Republican Party is now mostly the cult of Trump, and, as such, has no values any more. Lindsey Graham confirmed this just this past week–there is NO Republican agenda, he admitted it’s all about Trump, so they’re going to have to go all in on the lie about nonexistent voter fraud. The fealty to Trump cannot be based on principles–Trump has no principles. He is all smoke and mirrors–a media personality pretending to be wealthy and successful despite multiple divorces, bankruptcies and thousands of lawsuits for cheating people. It’s all about attention and adoration for Trump, who has been the most-unsuccessful POTUS in recent history: trashed economy, pandemic out of control, other countries distrusting America, executive ordering away of consumer and environmental protections, and historic unemployment. So, he didn’t make America great again–he brought us to the brink of disaster.

      No one ever said all Republicans are Nazis, but some Trump supporters are Nazis, White Supremacists, anti-semites and other degenerates, like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. They are among those who participated in the Trump Insurrection.

      BLM grew out of the murder of unarmed black people, mostly men, by police who suffered no consequences. Democrats did not incite riots. Trump incited a riot based on lies. BLM is not an organized movement–it is nothing but a sentiment, and no amount of lying about this by Hannity, Tucker or Levin is going to create an organization out of the simple sentiment that black lives do, indeed, matter.

      And… are you that dumb broad named “Karen” who’s trying to stir up sentiment for male discrimination–androgyny?

      1. Rep Speier of CA-14 district inclusive of San Fran area, said flat out on Twitter that “Republicans are basically terrorists.,”

        That seems even a little bit worse than nazis to me, At least nazis had rights. A terrorist can be killed by government out of hand.

        That’s what a lot of Democrats want for us. Isnt that right Natch? You would like to see many Republicans dead. Come out with it, don’t be shy now!

        Sal Sar


        you’re a sucker if you think they care for anything more than their own organizational growth and finance

        but go ahead, send them your slender dimes., you do not need them after all, I suppose.


      3. Nasty ; the only cheating in politics in 2016 was cankles McFraud…… and she didn’t do enough of it to get it as she and her ilk assumed they were just to be given it. How far she strayed from real America…and she got some ice water tossed on her hubris. But to Accuse Trump of “cheating” to become president ….You are one fool of a tool . Were you asleep when it became common knowledge obammy et al were after trump even before he made minced meat of queen corruption… they were starting to smell the unwashed masses rising against their political machinations . They got caught with their pants down… and for four years all the left did was spew hate and lies, investigations and impeachments out of thin air . A more vicious den of backstabbing vipers there never was. And now we see they rigged an election by compromising certain cities and their states assuring their fraud would walk in. And their puppet campaigned exactly like that….the fix was in. With allies like globalist swine and communist Chinese all pitching in the corruption and funding . Jeez you saw the overkill , the lies , corruption and theft of our presidential election. And behold the puppet senile great divider installed by their monetized corruption.
        Maybe nasty you are projecting your guilt….. were you in on trucking in illegal ballots by the pallet in one or more of those cities ?…. hence your “cheat cheat cheat” bunk.

    1. Said by S. Meyer, downthread:

      S. Meyer says: February 19, 2021 at 10:34 AM

      “JF, you are a liar. Actually Rush was very generous to others no matter what their politics were. He was a very decent man that the left tried to destroy in every nefarious way they could. The left failed but every accusation they made against Rush was an accusation better leveled at themselves for they attributed their bad actions to others”


      “He was a very decent man that the left tried to destroy in every nefarious way they could.” So says S. Meyer about Rush L.

    2. Hey, Anonymous:

      First, allow me to recover from the shock of Democrats pausing in their hate filled savagery against Republicans and Rush in particular in order to criticize how unkind it was for Rush to question whether Michael J Fox went off his meds in order to promote research on aborted fetuses.

      People say Rush was kind to others, because he was. If you’d actually distended to his show, regularly, you would know that he showed infinite patience when the elderly, or little children called in. He was polite and heard out people who called and opposed him. Democrats regularly said that when they met Rush at an event, they expected a fire breathing dragon, but instead met a cordial, polite, friendly guy.

      Now let’s discuss the MJFox Scandal. I heard Rush talk about MJF at the time. Rush remarked that the public had never seen Fox exhibit symptoms of Parkinson’s this bad. He wondered if he’d gone off his meds or in any way acted to exaggerate the effects.

      Now, you cut off the rest of the show. You only gave us 36 seconds. The topic was fetal cell stem cell research. Rush is pro-life. There were fierce debates on whether we should be aborting unborn children, and then using their tissues for science. There was also a discussion on other sources of stem cells and whether they would be useful. “Snow children”, the products of in vitro fertilization that are not used by the donors, are also sometimes disposed of as medical research subjects.

      Rush said that he thought Michael J Fox, as a victim of Parkinson’s, was being used by the Left to promote abortion and fetal cell research. If I recall correctly, during the shows that week, he talked about how someone with a terrible disease like Parkinson’s would be incredibly motivated to try anything or promote any research, without talking about the morality of it. Rush thought that Fox was being used, and his symptoms exaggerated, to appeal to people’s compassion, with the end result of strengthening the abortion to lab research pipeline.

      Now, this is a valid discussion to be had, but I entirely agree with you that it was bad form to accuse Michael J Fox of exaggerating his symptoms on purpose. People took it to mean that Rush believed that Parkinson’s wasn’t that bad of a disease. But he did say that it was a terrible disease at the time. The public rightly felt protective of Fox.

      So not only was it unkind to Fox, but it also entirely shifted the discussion from whether we should be using aborted children as lab experiments, to Fox.

      There are two facts you should know:

      1. Rush Limbaugh publicly apologized to Michael J Fox for questioning whether he’d gone off his meds to make that commercial.
      2. In his own book, Michael J Fox admits he did not take his medication prior to testifying in front of the Senate Appropriations Committee in 1999 in order to show the full effect of Parkinson’s.

      “I had made a deliberate choice to appear before the subcommittee without medication. It seemed to me that this occasion demanded that my testimony about the effects of the disease, and the urgency we as a community were feeling, be seen as well as heard. For people who had never observed me in this kind of shape, the transformation must have been startling.”

      — Michael J. Fox, Lucky Man
      3. In the same book, Fox also talked about not taking medication when filming commercials, again, to exhibit the full extent of his symptoms.

      In conclusion, it’s valid to discuss the ethics of using desperately ill people to promote abortion’s links to scientific research, it was not acceptable to question Fox’s symptoms, and how well they are controlled with medication. The fact is Parkinson’s is a terrible illness.

  9. Below on this Blog there is an argument about the Fairness Doctrine and that the left is not getting a fair representation. Their argument is without merit. If they wanted to have their view(s) represented on a radio format, they can go about buying broadcast platforms in both the AM and FM formats in many markets today. Just a quick cursory look for Radio Stations currently for SALE lists these states; (Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming) with multiple stations. Also the FCC has numerous stations that are delinquent in fillings or payments that can be purchased. The FCC does license the airwaves (frequencies), but does not impose formats. I find their splayed peevishness to be specious

    1. I find it refreshing that Will actually says something that doesn’t appear to cozy up to the Left like he has the past dozen years or so.

  10. I have to say all the stone egyptian dildos being toppled is ok with me….

    Real historical figures that cared about humanity not so much …glances at Fredrick Douglas topple tards.

  11. Copied from this web site……”The blog is for civil dialogue on all manner of topics …..”.

    Why the distinction in what. kind of speech is tolerated here (meaning there is some speech is not tolerated).

    Why should any university not be the same in its interpretation of what is acceptable?

  12. One has to accept the norms of other countries says Joe Biden, so Joe understands why the Uyghur’s need to be put in concentration camps and killed by the Chinese despite the fact that some Uyghur’s “suffered until their last breath.”

    1. “Being a good person is not a condition for teaching as long as you are a good academic”. Professor Turley, have you lost your mind? Is this someone you would want teaching your children in a classroom? You are basically saying that the morality of the instructor has no bearing on what he/she teaches. What nonsense. You have taken a step down in my estimation of you.

      1. “Being a good person is not a condition for teaching as long as you are a good academic”.

        Not unless you want to connect with your students. Then it’s kind of necessary.

      2. Where a professor’s character and prejudice come into play is in how they treat their students. For example, would a bigoted teacher allow that prejudice to impact grading, especially in subjective assignments?

        Professor Turley has long bemoaned the censorship and harassment of conservative students and academics on college campuses across America. Hiring practices at universities are heavily influenced by Democrat politics.

        The more openly bigoted Democrats universities employ, the stronger this trend will become.

        So if you support free speech, you’ve got to get the personal politics out of universities. If you don’t want conservative students harassed, then universities have to stop hiring academics who are blatantly bigoted against conservatives.

        Parents need to vote with their wallets. If you don’t want your kid brainwashed in college to become a socialist, capitalist-hating, Antica-Supporting maniac who despises his or her own parents, then choose college wisely.

        Only when such bigoted behavior leads to a loss of students, the “customers”, will universities change.

        1. “If you don’t want your kid brainwashed in college to become a socialist, capitalist-hating, Antica-Supporting [sic] maniac who despises his or her own parents, then choose college wisely.” — Karen

          Karen needs to get out more.

              1. “More inanity from S. Meyer/Allan, the blog’s self-appointed monitor:”

                Anonymous the Stupid is whining and crying again. I am self appointed, but only where Anonymous the Stupid is concerned. You complained about nastiness so I want to make sure you see it and where it originates from. You didn’t learn when to stop and now all you have left is whining and crying. Do you know why? Because you are Anonymous the Stupid.

                1. Just more inanity from S. Meyer/Allan, the blog’s self-appointed monitor.

                  True colors, buddy. True colors. You’ve shown us yours and they’re not pretty.

                  1. “True colors, buddy. True colors. You’ve shown us yours and they’re not pretty.

                    Absolutely correct Anonymous the Stupid, my colors are Red, White and Blue.

                    1. “…my colors are Red, White and Blue”

                      coulda fooled some of us

                      check your mirror

                      you’re not wearing them very well. pal

                    2. Anonymous the Stupid, that is because your colors are yellow in so many different ways.

                2. Allan-S. Meyer should go stalk his pals and hold them to the same standards.

                  He’s called Allan the Abusive for a reason.

                  1. Take note Anonymous the Stupid that all you do is insult. You don’t add content and you are boring. You are too Stupid to do better.

                3. Allan the Abusive continues to respond with insults. Abusers shouldn’t be indulged as if they’re trying to engage in good faith.

                  1. Anonymous the Stupid, you engage in abusive behavior all the time so you must love it. You talk about good faith, but this is a discussion blog. Where is your good faith in promoting useful discussion? Perhaps you are lying because your purpose is to be an abusive obstructionist.

          1. Karen never went to college, and so college is therefore bad because she is so wise (so she believes), and she hates all of those leftist, socialist Democrats who did go to college. She can regale you for hours over whataboutism–every bad thing done by a Republican is really something bad done by a Democrat (because that’s what her professors tell her and she really, really believes it). There wasn’t any “riot”, but if there was, it was due to ANTIFA, controlled by Democrats who did this to make Trump look bad, because Trump really told them to be peaceful, and didn’t mean it when he told the disciples to “fight like hell or you’re not going to have a country any more”. And, her hero, Fueherer Trump, had some Jewish guy take his SATs, so college doesn’t really matter and anyway, he is a uber self-made billionaire–right? She is a student at Fox University, and regularly attends seminars by Pastor Hannity, Professors Tucker and Laura and Dr. Levin.

            1. See how offensive the manners and lack of good taste Natch exhibits. She calls Karen “honey” all the time, using a provocation that she would not suffer herself

              Now she also mocks her because she believes that she did not go to college. This is a pathetic and yet frequent taunt that feminists throw at women who they arrogantly believe are lesser than them. It is indecent. But more importantly, it reveals Natch’s “false consciousness.” I will let Natch read this entry describing it, to see what that means


              “the institutions of the capitalist state⁠—particularly those of public education⁠—which enforce an ideological system favoring obedience, conformity and submissiveness.” according to Marxist professer Althusser. Here, Natch is on full display, exhibiting the false consciousness which she imbided from her vaunted education, to insult another woman whom she presumes to be below her in some sort of social hierarchy. Natch is caught up in the social climbing, in short, and she presumes to troll and provoke Karen, her rival, by bragging of her own perceived attainments, which have actually just socialized her to be an unwitting tool of the global capitalists who control academia with their money and cunning.

              Pathetic and disgusting! But at least now we have a juicy example of how Marxist thought is more complex, subtle, and meaningful than we might have otherwise believed, and in this instance, it has no truck with the sorts of insults that Natch purveys

              Sal Sar

              1. I mock Karen because she parrots the slop put out by Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham and Levin, she truly believes all of the pro-Trump lies and has bought, hook, line and sinker the Fox News indoctrination that no other media can be trusted because they are all lying. She is anti-education, which is another Trumpian theme, because most pro-Trumpers do not have any post-high school education, and she hates Democrats, blaming them for everything that goes wrong. She believes lies, like BLM is a group organized by Democrats to loot, plunder and burn businesses, and that ANTIFA caused the Trump Insurrection, and that he didn’t incite the followers to do what they they did. She is very racist, too. She lumps together anyone who sees Trump for the lying narcissist, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic cheater he is as “The Left’, “Dems”, and “Libs”, not understanding that those opposed to Trump include Republicans, Independents and Democrats. She is not an independent thinker and has earned scorn.

                1. So Natch I guess that false consciousness thing went right over your hairdo. Swell. I can also see that your unreasoning hatred for Orange Man Bad has you foaming at the mouth against another lady who might not be so different from you at the end of the day. Well. Who do you think this kind of enmity truly serves. Ponder that.

                  Here is an article that is not quite so haughty and arrogant as you about “uneducated” folks and might I also say, not quite so negative about white workers as a group. I don’t feel it’s necessary or proper to demean white people who are not college educated as a group. Nor do I think that the college educated whites are so far off in their actual economic interests as those who are not. This article will elaborate the demographics in case you want to set aside your bitterness and think a while


                  Have a nice weekend. Sal

                  1. I am not demeaning anyone who chose not to go to college, and if you think I did, then my comments went over your head. Karen tries to put on a show that she is savvy, sophisticated and deeply insightful, but all she does it parrot the lies she heard on Hannity and attack Democrats. She doesn’t understand what conservatism means because she believes Fox when they refer to Trump as a conservative, which he isn’t. Conservatives believe in character, integrity, marital fidelity, fiscal responsibility and paying valid debts, none of which apply to Trump.

                    It’s very convenient to dismiss criticism of Trump as TDS or irrational, but most thinking people in the US and the rest of the world, for that matter, see what’s there and what isn’t. Trump has always had a bad reputation for cheating people, and he’s been sued literally thousands of times. He has bragged that he refuses to pay contractors, material suppliers and craft workers, forcing them to sue, and then running up litigation expenses to force a settlement on more favorable terms. He does this on purpose. His projects started failing after his father got dementia and lost control of his finances and couldn’t bail him out any more. That’s when the bankruptcies started happening–6 of them–and no US bank will loan him any more money because he’s a bad risk and we have regulations to protect banks from failure so they can’t just hand out money to poor risks. That’s why he’s looked to Russia for help, and they did help him cheat in 2016, as confirmed by Dan Coats, which got him fired. He has always had a bad reputation for disrespecting women generally, and cheating on his wives (3 so far). He’s always been arrogant, showy, full of self-aggrandizement, with little to no substance. He is a draft-dodger, too, and he threatened to disinherit Don, Jr. when he was considering going into the military, so he’s no patriot, either. No one named “Trump” has ever served in the US military. No, I neither like nor respect this person, and none of what I’ve said has anything whatsoever to do with politics, and it is all factual and provable. It has to do with character, integrity and patriotism of which Trump falls very short. I could regale you in depth about his failures of leadership, but not now.

                    I never click on any link provided by Trumpsters for the simple reason that I don’t trust you, but I’ve seen multiple political scientists who have studied the appeal of Trump to his base, and they find that they are mostly white, not college educated, and fearful of losing what they perceive as their white privilege to educated minorities, people of color and women, exacerbated by the success of Barak Obama. Trump supporters are heavily represented by Neo Nazis, White Supremacists, anti Semitics, racists and other hate groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. Also, they are suckers for the lies put out by media like Fox, who told them that not only ANTIFA dressed as Trumpsters really did the rioting, but that they should demand that mainstream media be punished for not reporting this, which is a total lie. I lost a friend over her insistence that it was really ANTIFA and that mainstream media are lying about it. Sorry, but I cannot respect these people or people who ignore such a deeply-flawed and mentally ill person such as Trump because he appeals to what is essentially deep-seated racism and insecurities, making them vulnerable to liars and phonies like Trump.

        2. The universities will not change Karen. I will tell you why.

          Firstly the hate is mostly directed at white males. They have been long on the decline as a proportion of the student body. And the universities like that. It makes covering up the affirmative action quotas against them easier to enforce.

          Secondly there are plenty of non-white, and white women, to take their places. Until the desired result is achieved, which is, destruction of the white male as a component of the managerial caste, who are required to have university educations for their positions.

          Finally, remember that the billionaires are much funding the important private universities, and they can afford to get less student tuition as a part of their financial support. They can just get more money from the Bill Gateses and Geo Soroses of the world, who wanted this to happen in the first place

          There is no way out but through the group of the billionaires, as such. to see them as the enemy, to say so, and act accordingly

          Sal Sar


    2. “One has to accept the norms of other countries . . .”

      Imagine exercising your right to free speech (e.g., in Hong Kong) — only to have the propaganda police assault you, jail you, and threaten your family.

      Imagine trying to exercise your right to liberty, by choosing the values you want to live by — only to be herded off into a concentration camp.

      Imagine trying to exercise your right to the pursuit of happiness, by selecting your own motivations — only to be compelled by dictators to serve their motives.

      Then imagine hearing the leader of the free world proclaim: Accept your slavery as the “norm.”

      It is hard to imagine a more despicable betrayal.

      1. The Democrats have shifted the focus. Less and less do people of the world have a reason to look at America as representatives of the free world.

    3. Yikes! You fell for some fake news. Did you even listen to what he said in full context or were you just duped by the headline? Embarrassing.

      1. Yikes, Brad, you must be confused because my words are in black and white followed by a video. What was it that confused you? Maybe I can answer for you so that you can understand what is evident to the common man.

        1. You’re not very good at this. Maybe the Biden Derangement Syndrome is getting to you. No normal person would take Old Man Biden’s words as an endorsement of Uyghur oppression. He’s essentially saying the CCP believes the same thing as American conservatives: diversity is weakness.

          1. “No normal person would take Old Man Biden’s words as an endorsement of Uyghur oppression.” — Brad to S. Meyer


            It’s S. Meyer, though, and he’s anything but “normal.”

            1. Anonymous the Stupid, what is likely to be happening is that Brad has been exposed to you. Can your Stupidity be spread like a virus. That is something that has to be considered.

          2. Brad, you better listen again to what Biden said. I already repeated some to Joe Blow. In essence Joe Biden said he wouldn’t speak out against what Xi was doing to the Uyghur’s, Hong Kong, Taiwan and elsewhere. I guess you have difficulty understanding these things.

            I don’t think there is such a thing as Biden Derangement Syndrome. He is too demented to cause such a reaction. As far as diversity goes Biden can be interpreted as saying he can’t do what the CCP does because public opinion counts in the US. In other words he would love to be a fascist if it was only permitted. That so happens to be the direction we are presently moving with the Democrats in control.

    4. Biden didn’t say one has to accept cultural norms of other countries, which is why he has spoken out against China’s treatment of Uyghurs, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. He said we need to understand the cultural concepts of other countries, not accept them.

      1. You better read and listen again. Biden was making excuses for China and telling us why China has to be tightly controlled. After the excuses he says “I’m not going to speak out against what he is doing in Hong Kong, what he is doing against the Uyghur’s. and Taiwan….”

        Then he tells us how culturally there are different norms in different countries that leaders have to deal with. Big Biden full of excuses. He should be wearing short pants with elastic and a diaper.

        If you don’t understand what that means in light of Xi’s take over of Hong Kong and all the other aggression then there is something wrong with how you think or you favor the CCP over America’s more liberal society. It sounds like you are willing to excuse anyone for concentration camps. Then again I think recently I commented how close you were to a fascist.

        1. Without defending Anon Joe Friday, I would say that Joe Biden’s remarks were weak but moderate given the past 40 some years of diplomacy with the PRC.

          The Chinese government believes in its own sovereignty and is not going to let Western powers force them to abandon it. One has to admire their audacity, on some level. One wishes an American regime would have such confidence. Certainly Donald Trump did. Mr Multipolar Joe Biden will not be the one to talk that way, however. But while we have frequent “regime change,’ they do not, and they are resolute.

          Legally HK is part of China. They can assert sovereignty and they have done so. China had a treaty with the UK about it, but it can cancel the promises made under it, and they basically have done so. I don’t think the US is in a position to do much about it besides complain. it is regrettable for the HK people who will now see none of the liberties to which they were accustomed, but, I think Biden will be in no more of a position to punish China for that than Trump was.

          As for Taiwan, we can guess that there was no way they would invade it under Trump, but they might under Biden. But even under Trump, in the long run, Taiwan is legally part of the PRC too, as far as the UN — and also the United States is concerned. Yes we have a defense commitment but for many decades we have conceded the “one china” policy diplomatically. I predict that if the PRC ever invades, the US may give Taiwan limited defense support but will not risk total war with the PRC over the matter.

          As for the abuse of Uighurs, I seriously doubt the US can do much more than it has. They are certainly not going to war over it. Sad as it may be, I do not think it would be wise for the US to go to war over them. It would be impossible to achieve any military victory or significant national advantage for the US, that was worth the risk of wider war.

          It seems to me that Kissinger made a remark about something which got him in trouble, once, on a subject that perhaps bears some similarity, but, it might apply now to this situation as well. Well, some people called Kissinger a fascist too.

          To the extent Joe Biden was somewhat compromised by his dealings with CCP cutouts, that was a good issue for the election, though mass media did not cover it much. Now, the election is over, and he is in a wholly different position. The powers that be in Washington will decide most of this for Joe, regardless of whether or not Hunter will be able to disentangle his little investment charade, and that means nothing to the powers that be either way. In the end, Joe’s latitude to handle the PRC one way or another may be less than we might like to believe.

          Sal Sar

          1. Trump gave Xi the OK on the Uyghurs and asked his help in his reelection effort. Never spoke up about Hong Kong and very little about Taiwan. He went on dates with Kim Il jong and made excuses for him killing an American Student. He also made excuses for the Russian’s assassinating enemies in other countries, saying we’re as bad or worse..

            Where do you get these fantasies that the fat pansy Trump is tuff?

          2. ” I would say that Joe Biden’s remarks were weak”

            Weak? Very weak with rhetoric that was filled with excuses.

            A good direction was set with regard to China. There are many avenues to travel with the setup that existed. The direction could meed Biden’s style and needs. Instead of altering the style Biden changed directions.

            That doesn’t go well with nations that at present have significant disputes with China along with fear about their sovereignty, territorial waters and in some cases territory itself.

            Think of the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Japan etc. along with more distant folk like Australia. They have been moving in a more monolithic direction where China is concerned. All of a sudden that direction set by the US is gone and they see the US direction might be one that changes every four years. That destroys American soft power which is a better thing to rely on than what remains.

            Trump was trying to replace our hard power with local nations that would use their combined energies to hold China at bay. Taiwan is a flash point. Do you think Biden’s words made the world safer?

            1. “Think of the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Japan etc. along with more distant folk like Australia. They have been moving in a more monolithic direction where China is concerned. All of a sudden that direction set by the US is gone and they see the US direction might be one that changes every four years. That destroys American soft power which is a better thing to rely on than what remains.”

              That is a good observation.

              However, I think that the need to contain China became salient in the Pentagon during Obama’s term, it was a strong policy of Trump’s, and Biden will be locked into the logic of it by the geopolitical situation, no matter how much he kisses their backsides. So don’t worry too much about that.

              As for Taiwan, realistically, the PRC will not invade, because within 10 years they can easily buy the place out.

              Personally, if you want to get into Taiwan politics, my sympathies do not lie with the Pan-Green coalition in China, rather the pan-blue coalition. The pan-blue (which is around the KMT mostly, the Chinese Nationalist party derived from Chiang Kai Shek) is not as aggressive about Taiwan “independence” as the pan-green. The pan-blue wants autonomy, but has maintained a one-china policy since day one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiwan#Major_camps

              I think the pan-green and the native Taiwanese strain too hard for independence at our possible expense. I observe that the pan-blue coalition are more of what we would call conservatives here, more so than the pan-green alliance, who are aggressively leftist in certain ways that I don’t really like. But this is just me. I don’t get to vote there, only here, so my opinion is rather academic. At the end of the day, it is up to the Chinese people to decide who rules China and how, and the way I understand international law, there is no serious question that Taiwan is legally and technically, part of China, however autonomous it may be. But, I am not Chinese so it is not up to me.

              I am not going to spend a lot of energy worryin about Xi Jinpeng. I rather worry more about Bill Gates, who want us to eat testtube protein instead of cows, and who curiously also owns more farmland in America than anybody, who has many vaccines planned for us all, and who in 2010 openly claimed that vaccines would help with the goal of depopulation. You can watch his TED talk if you think I exaggerate. Compared to creepy Bill Gates and Jack Dorsey, Xi is not much of a concern in my mind.

              Sal Sar

              1. Sal, I am disappointed with a lot of our generals and I think Trump was as well. They were used to working within the bureaucracy and probably would have lost to the British.

                ” logic of it by the geopolitical situation, no matter h”

                That could happen, but you are neglecting how the Asian countries think and how they will react to policies that leave them hanging.

                “As for Taiwan, realistically, the PRC will not invade, because within 10 years they can easily buy the place out.”

                People make that same mistake over and over again. Everyone at one time was thinking Japan would become the powerhouse. If we stopped feeding China our ‘own people’ its growth would precipitously fall.

                The country has major splits not limited to rich (mostly coastal) vs poor that live in different places. Even the provinces aren’t melded totally into the country. A person born in one province isn’t a citizen in another unless invited to be.

                Taiwan is an unpredictable area that some make firm conclusions about but nothing is set. If Hong Kong is an example of what the CCP believes about what it can do then Taiwan is one of the big flashpoint.

                “the way I understand international law, there is no serious question that Taiwan is legally and technically, part of China,”

                I get into this same fight with DSS on international law, except this time I am arguing on the other side of my midway position. We have international law, but what makes it exist? Raw power and money. That I believe is why DSS denies the existence of international law.

              2. Our 2 Trump fans ignore the cowering before Xi , Putin, and Kim noted above – https://jonathanturley.org/2021/02/19/a-desire-that-they-suffered-until-their-last-breath-alabama-professor-under-fire-for-hateful-comments-following-rush-limbaughs-death/comment-page-2/#comment-2063810 – and pretend Trump had an actual policy regarding China, when he had none, other than ego tripping trade deals that went nowhere, cost us more than it did China, and have not come close to reaching the minimal announced goals . Meanwhile, our trade deficit with them accelerated once Trump took office, we have retreated from the world stage and leadership, leaving it to China. As for the regionhal nations Meyer pretends to care about, Trump abandoned the successful TPP agreement Obama negotiated with them, and which was designed to limit China’s economic hegemony along the Pacific Rim.

                You guys have a rich fantasy life, and it begins with believing anything Trump said and ends with your thinking he’s tough and even a half way decent deal maker.

            2. “Very weak with rhetoric that was filled with excuses.”

              Biden invoked cultural relativism to rationalize China’s dictatorship. Not new. Still despicable.

              And contrary to some, above, there is no such thing as the “sovereign” right to enslave one’s own citizens.

              Biden’s comment about needing popular support was a wistful longing for China-like totalitarian power. It was also a disgusting attempt to blame Chinese citizens for their own enslavement.

              Some of you need either more knowledge about China or about dictatorships. Or you have a fantastic ability to whitewash evil.

      2. I thought Biden’s remark was not that controversial. His statement of historical perception was accurate, his statement of Xi and CCP policy is accurate, and his statement that an American president must rhetorically speak out on Uighur oppression, Hong Kong repression, and against the forcible takeover of Taiwan was also accurate.

        Now, I am sure that Biden’s backers, the billionaires, want him to return to a complacent relationship with China, to avail themselves of the cheap labor there, and to back down from Trump’s trade rivalry. Whether or not Joe will actually return to the Clinton-Bush-Obama era cozy relationship with the PRC, however, is very very doubtful.

        Biden’s people already said, in so many words, that they were not going to take a much different stance on China in military containment strategy, nor have they even indicated they would wimp out in trade negotiation. One expects Biden to mouth a lot more pleasant words toward China, words that nobody really believes much anyways, but I am not sure the “Deep State” will allow a return to the cozy old relationship.

        Why? The Deep State still wants to exist on some level as a nation, with a measure of sovereignty, even if the billionaires don’t. So there is a little bit of divergence there. The Pentagon for example, well appreciated even before Trump, that our military independence was threatened by excessive industrial and technological reliance on China manufacturing, and other things like rare earth mining. So, it seems to me, Biden will only talk differently towards China, maybe say more nice things on the one hand, and maybe complain a little more about the Uighurs on the other hand. And maybe go sideways on trade. I am not sure Biden has much inclination to do differently.

        However, Kamala, as an emplacement backed by the Silicon valley CCP bootlickers, will almost certainly want to sidle up more closely alongside China, if and when she takes the reigns.

        Sal Sar

      3. @anonJF

        I am going to say something many will find amazing, “conservatives” included, so make sure you are sitting down…

        Tell an American, of any mainstream political persuasion that somewhere in the world, anywhere in the world is NONE of our business and they will be horrified.

        It’s all our business, we are only trying to help…right?

        Don’t want to emulate the Chi Comm system but I could care less how they treat their citizens within their own country. Same with the Islamic world. Wouldn’t want any of my relatives to wear a hijab or burka, but could care less how Muslims treat women within their own countries. NONE OF AMERICA’S BUSINESS as long as the offending country is of no threat to their neighbors or destabilizes peace.

        The average American is absolutely ignorant of other countries, their histories or cultures, but yet have a desire to tell others how to live.

        We are in no moral position to do so, let alone be an example others wish to copy.

        I am sick of being the world’s policeman!


    5. That is the duplicitous Senile Lord Darth Biden of chyna just saying what his Chinese financiers pay him to vomit out. Afterall they are pumping so much cash into the biden KKKlan after they made the election purchase , old creepy joe literally is down with the sickness. Remember he said “china is no competition to us” , and yet the media stayed silent and shilled for him. Here old foggy bottom sellout is literally endorsing Chinese relocation , cultural murder , and Genocide of an indigenous group of people. So how’s that hypocrisy taste now lefty’s….. like real sweet yellow koolaide yet ?. How any of you supporters of this senile stooge sleep at night is beyond me…that is unless you are down with the sickness and look the other way while people are slaughtered as long as you get yours. So how does it feel to be a tool ?, bought and paid for and being used … do tell the world , c’mon man it’s only “cultural norms ” ( genocide that is ).
      In a strange way I can see the tools and why they do it. After all they are down with turning babies into puree , down with assisted suicide and euthanasia … so maybe it’s not such a big leap for them to look the other way on genocide if it gets them where they want politically. Hell it’s easy for them to wash the blood off their masters hands as long as they don’t see the killing and take the kings shilling.

      1. Phergus, the initial policy towards China was to create a type of balance of power. Separate the Chinese from the Russians and the Russians become weaker. Then there was the policy of bringing China in from the cold. Whether the onset of that policy was right or wrong doesn’t matter. It lasted way after the do not sale date.

        Biden never had a good mind. He could never keep up and was corrupt. Today he is senile and can’t tell the difference between today and 30 years ago.

  13. Why is it that we are sold that the Democrats are the party of compassion? I’ve read about vitriolic communist behavior, but never thought that I’d see it in America. President BidenHarris says the healing process can begin when they’ve loaded all conservatives onto the trains for the showers.

  14. The morning troll shift is suggesting that the Fairness Doctrine is somehow relevant to today’s discussion.

    It isn’t but when all else fails, change the subject. However, let’s do some archeology on the bones of this late dinosaur anyway.

    After the Fairness Doctrine ended and before he stole a senate seat, Al Franken was on talk radio. Was that not extremely fair to the lefties?

    And in the end, who actually canceled Senator-poseur Al Franken? It wasn’t Trump.

    1. Under the Fairness Doctrine opposing views had to be gain roughly equal time on stations, not nationally. Even if nationally theer were an Al Franken for every Rush – there never was – that would not satisfy the requirement. The existence of Limbaugh acknowledged himself how much he benefited from it’s demise..

      If you all are so hot under the collar for Twitter to allow more right wing accounts – they can have as many as they want – why aren’t you concerned that our radio airwaves are all right wing and now broadcast TV is going that way with the Sinclair Group buying stations all over the country and forcing them to play right wing content they produce?

    2. Rumor is suggesting the Globalist & their puppets big tech will continue to attempt to block all powerful voices, replace Rush’s time slot with a ball less milk toast voice like a Ben Shapiro or just replace it with sports.

    3. The Fairness Doctrine is argued by some to have enabled the rise of Rush Limbaugh, is it is trending now as a way for Democrats and other leftist haters to spit on his grave. They will move on to something else, probably more TRUMP!!! hatred, soon enough.

  15. Our arrested development prof got called out by her employer for the jackarse she so obviously is. Both decency and the First Amendment are satisfied. Win-Win

  16. No question that she has the right to speak on these topics. However, someone who finds joy in the death of another human being is, IMO, a very sad and pathetic person

      1. JF, you are a liar. Actually Rush was very generous to others no matter what their politics were. He was a very decent man that the left tried to destroy in every nefarious way they could. The left failed but every accusation they made against Rush was an accusation better leveled at themselves for they attributed their bad actions to others.

          1. mhj, the troll is already fat and lazy. I won’t comment on his lack of individual intellect and veracity, but not feeding him is meaningless. He eats the garbage laying on the Democrat’s floor.

            1. He eats the garbage laying [sic] on the Democrat’s floor. — Yep, S. Meyer

              “Chickens lay eggs…”

              That said, Allan lays plenty of them, too.

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