“Trump Has Been Impeached From Operating The Ice Rink”: De Blasio’s Cancelation of Trump Concession Contracts Raises Questions Of Political Retaliation

Mayor Bill di Blasio has ordered the closure of the two ice rinks in Central Park, the Wollman Park and Lasker Rink. The mayor’s staff clearly wanted to the reason for the closure to be clear and public. Various groups have pushed for the city to cut all ties with the Trump organization and the city moved against the organization last month on the contracts. De Blasio’s spokesperson announced that “Trump has been impeached from operating the ice rink.” That statement might not be welcomed by city lawyers since it suggests that the closures were an exercise of selective bias against a company for political purposes. Despite the unpopularity of Trump in New York, the use of city contracts for raw political retaliation should be unacceptable to most citizens (particularly when the cost is borne not just by the public but more importantly employees who were laid off early).  The spokesperson’s words could now be the focus of litigation over any losses by the Trump Organization.

It is not clear what discretionary language applies to the ice rinks. However, four contracts were canceled and the city is also seeking to terminate the contract for the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point, a contract worth millions. That contract has 18 more years left to run.

The statement of the spokesperson is at odds with de Blasio’s different claims for the reason of the terminations. He has cited criminal activity at the sites as one possible legal basis for termination but the city will have to show that such activity is specifically prevalent or more pronounced on these properties than those run by other contractors.

On the golf course, de Blasio noted that the contract requires the playing of championship games at the site and the PGA Championship said it will no longer play on Trump golf courses.  The PGA indicated that it felt pressure to terminate the long-standing relationship. PGA CEO Seth Waugh stated “We find ourselves in a political situation not of our making. We’re fiduciaries for our members, for the game, for our mission and for our brand. And how do we best protect that? Our feeling was given the tragic events of Wednesday that we could no longer hold it at Bedminster. The damage could have been irreparable. The only real course of action was to leave.”

The Trump organization called the decision a breach of its agreement. It is not clear how specific the contract is on what championships qualify. However, the myriad of rationales reinforces the message of the spokesperson that this is really about the opposition to Trump.

Putting aside the contractual disputes, people of good faith should be disturbed by the appearance of the city selectively terminating contracts for purely political purposes. It is yet another example of critics abandoning core principles in the blind pursuit of Trump. While our age of rage has become a license for excess and pettiness, this action suggests that the city can harass or sanction contractors solely because of their political associations.  It is an invitation for cronyism and corruption in the handling of city contracts. If the Trump Organization failed to meet a condition of the contract or the required services, there are ample remedies including possible termination. However, de Blasio clearly wanted the public to know that he was taking this action as an anti-Trump statement.  However, that is hardly a promising tact to take into court since it will raise first amendment and other issues beyond the contractual claims.

The result is that, not only will employees lost their jobs early, but the city will be embroiled in litigation over these contracts. These rinks were scheduled to close in a couple months but de Blasio wanted to use them to pander to a public desire for retaliation against Trump and his associates. Once again, there is little thought to the implications of using city contracts for such political retaliation. Yet, the usual voices for good government practices are silent since any objection is likely to be met by accusations of being an apologist or enabler of Trump. De Blasio knows that this makes for good politics.  It just makes for lousy governance.

The move by the PGA and the city does show how the Trump brand itself is being targeted and could pose serious problems for the organization, particularly with a debt of $600 million coming due in the next four years. Trump has historically leveraged his brand name value in securing loans as an asset worth billions.


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  1. Castle walls appear to be crumbling for Cuomo. Even AOC and Alec Baldwin are calling for investigations into the nursing home deaths.

    Somewhere it seems to have been decided that Cuomo is not a reserve presidential candidate. When they get their narrative straight the media will turn so quickly their will be whiplash.

    1. Oddly, no call for investigation of Governor Murphy next door in NJ who did the very same thing and yes, thousands of people died.

      1. Foggy — True. And Governor Lunatic Whitmer.

        Cuomo bullied Democrats who may want to whack a chunk out of him.

        Meanwhile, jellyfish Republicans who turned on Trump when they thought he was down are worried.

  2. Funny how Turley twists how Trump has been done wrong in political retaliation, when Trump is and has been the king of political retaliation. His 4 embarrassing years in office is a textbook example of retaliation.

    1. FishWings can’t address the article to defend De Blasio so he brings out some poorly thought out canard about Trump this or Trump that. Think a little more deeply.

      1. Thank you for posting that article, not that they would read it, being that they have not came to terms with reality.

        1. Hey, you’re welcome, FishWings. I posted an excerpt, as well, but it didn’t take… I’ll try again.

        2. Interesting that you don’t think what Joe Biden is doing is called “retaliation”…..he doesn’t care that what he’s doing is hurting the country (and he is) because Biden is hell bent on deligitimizing Trump no matter how much it hurts American workers and the country. That is called political retaliation. To hell with it hurting the country.

          Interesting that you don’t think what Pelosi is doing is called “retaliation.”

          Interesting that you don’t think what Big Tech oligarchs are doing is called “retaliation.”

          Trump’s retaliation is nothing compared to what is being done to him and anyone who worked with him or supported him or voted for him.

        3. The reality is that Trump promised to primary some Republicans who voted against him. So what?

          President Biden, Pelosi, Big Tech/Social media oligarchs, Face Book, Twitter, etc, the MSM, etc, they are all conspiring together to destroy Trump, to destroy Trump’s family, to destroy Trump supporters, to destroy the MAGA movement. THIS is called political retaliation ala authoritarian dictator retaliation. It is disgusting to most Americans paying attention.

          There is NO COMPARISON with Trump promising to primary some Republican RINOs.

  3. This occurred over a month ago. Why is JT writing about it now?

    Seems kind of stupid on De Blasio’s part, given that the contracts were due to expire in April anyway.

    The Trump Organization release a statement saying “Yet another example of Mayor de Blasio’s blatant disregard for the facts. The city of New York has no legal right to end our contracts and if they elect to proceed, they will owe The Trump Organization over $30 million dollars. This is nothing more than political discrimination, an attempt to infringe on the First Amendment and we plan to fight vigorously.”

    Will the city settle? If not, discovery should prove fun.

    1. “Seems kind of stupid on De Blasio’s part, given that the contracts were due to expire in April anyway.”

      De Blasio wasn’t trying to be smart. He is playing dirty politics and in the process negative affecting NYC residents.

  4. Haven’t the children of New York given up enough this last year? Now their skating season (one of the few activities available to them during Covid shutdowns) will be cut short to appease the Mayor’s petty need to retaliate against Trump.

  5. The oft-used noun in the Pittsburgh PA area, “jagoff,” doesn’t begin to describe the evildoing Bill deBlasio (nee Warren Wilhelm , Jr.). Taxpayers of NYC will end up footing the bill for another of his holier-than-thou ego trips.

  6. DiBlasio is a bad man, whose decisions are devoted to making the world worse in every venue. This is for what the feckless NYC electorate voted. It’s a pity the better sort in New York have to live with it.

  7. “It is yet another example of critics abandoning core principles in the blind pursuit of Trump.”

    Trump blindly pursues anyone who opposes him. As ye sow, so ye shall reap.

      1. Who is ‘woke’ here? (Not me.) Blind pursuit of opponents is as true of Trump as it is of those who oppose him.

        1. Trump is not orange Hitler, so
          BLM can stop acting like black Stalin and
          Antifa can stop acting like pink Mao and
          You can stop drawing a false equivalency between them.

          1. You can stop trolling.

            It is literally impossible for me to “stop drawing a false equivalency between them” when I never started. No one compared them to Hitler, Stalin and Mao except you.

            1. “Blind pursuit of opponents is as true of Trump as it is of those who oppose him.”

              That is both an equivalency and an exaggeration–Trump does not burn buildings and loot stores.

              Now you might argue that you weren’t talking about Antifa or BLM. Ok then, who on your side is as blindly pursuant as Trump?

              Or you might argue that you were talking about them, but they are not like Stalin or Mao. Ok then, how are they philosophically different?

              Or you might argue that you weren’t arguing that Trump is orange Hitler. Ok then, in what respect is Trump better than Hitler?

              1. Jeez, dude, follow the conversation. I was responding to JT’s claim that “It is yet another example of critics abandoning core principles in the blind pursuit of Trump.” He was talking about critics like DeBlasio, not about Antifa or BLM.

                1. Anon, that does clarify things. You are suggesting that Trump is as blindly pursuant as di Blasio.

                  My original point is that you exaggerate Trump’s behavior to rationalize di Blasio’s vendetta against him. To wit:
                  o di Blasio supported BLM and Antifa while they were rioting and offered no criticism of them for weeks.
                  o The same can be said for the current Vice President. She didn’t denounce the violence until weeks later.
                  o Trump, on the other hand, never supported physically harming his opponents and destroying property.

                  Hence, di Blasio is worse than Trump and has no justification for persecuting anybody, including Trump.

                  1. No, I don’t exaggerate Trump’s behavior.

                    He is well known to attack anyone who doesn’t give him blind loyalty. He attacks people who never supported him, like de Blasio, and he attacks supporters who aren’t obsequious enough, like Jeff Sessions and now McConnell.

                    “Trump, on the other hand, never supported physically harming his opponents”


                    A sampling …

                    To his supporters: “If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously. Just knock the hell out of them. I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. I promise.”

                    About a protester: “I’d like to punch him in the face.” “There’s a guy, totally disruptive, throwing punches. We’re not allowed to punch back anymore. I love the old days. You know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? They’d be carried out on a stretcher, folks.”

                    About another protester: “Get him out. Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court. Don’t worry about it.”

                    “They said to me, ‘What do you think of waterboarding?’ I said I think it’s great, but we don’t go far enough. It’s true. We don’t go far enough. We don’t go far enough.”

                    To police: “When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in, rough, I said, ‘Please. Don’t Be. Too. Nice.’ Like when you guys put somebody in the car, and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over, like, don’t hit their head and they’ve just killed somebody. Don’t hit their head. I said, ‘You can take the hand away, okay?'”

                    On Greg Gianforte assaulting journalist Ben Jacobs: “Any guy that can do a body slam, he’s my kind of guy.”

                    1. He is well known to attack anyone who doesn’t give him blind loyalty.

                      I know plenty of people that don’t give him blind loyalty and we’ve never been attacked by Trump.

                      Try again.

                    2. “No, I don’t exaggerate Trump’s behavior.”

                      Yet, Elvis Bug, Trump provided governor Cuomo, his enemy, and the state of NY, whose people didn’t vote for him, tremendous support despite the badmouthing by NY as a whole. Whether it was ventilators or PPE, whether it was hospital beds were thought to be needed or a hospital ship it went to NY despite how Trump was treated. In the end, Trump tried to save NY and the a$$ from NY called its governor.

                      What came from that? Seniors killed by Cuomo, unused hospital beds, unused ventilators, a wrecked economy, the second highest death rate, etc. due to NY acting stupid and playing politics games. Cuomo got his Emmy and then proceeded to attack Trump with the rest of the NY elite doing the same.

                    3. I didn’t ask if you’re “anyone,” Olly, I asked if he knows your name. I’ll take your avoidance of answering the actual question as a “no.” Since you’re choosing to take my statement so literally, I’d be happy to narrow my claim on your behalf: “He is well known to attack people he knows by name, whether personally or by reputation, who don’t give him blind loyalty.”

                    4. So says Anonymous the Stupid who seems to support cancel culture along with Antifa and BLM violence.

                    5. I’ll take your avoidance of answering the actual question as a “no.”

                      Take it any way you like. Next time, be precise when you make allegations. Don’t forget to support them with more than your feelings.

                      He is well known to attack people he knows by name, whether personally or by reputation, who don’t give him blind loyalty.

                      Yes, he knows my name and he hasn’t attacked me.

                      Keep digging.

                      Bwahahahahaha! 😀😁😂🤣😄😅😆😉

      2. Impressive statement…, although a complete and sweeping generalization. To that end, i laugh maniacally in its presence.


        1. “although a complete and sweeping generalization. To that end, i laugh maniacally in its presence.”

          Elvis Bug, not only do you laugh maniacally but you act that way as well.

    1. Trump blindly pursues”

      Anonymous the Stupid, you are blind, Trump is not. That is why you are not successful and Trump is.

  8. To our intellectually-honest liberal friends, please, read this link about a heroic woman named Jodi Shaw:


    If you won’t defend the rights of Americans you loathe–including Trump–then you’re not really defending anybody–including Jodi. Your children’s minds matter too much to give them over without a fight to this ugly distortion of your beliefs. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. God helps us if we don’t stand up now.

    1. A must read! What a well-written expose of the REAL racism that is pervading places of so-called “education.” I had heard of Jodi Smith’s despicable treatment at Smith because she (and others) are of European descent, but her personal account is heart-breaking. To me, it is more than troubling, but is disgusting, how so many, especially those with higher “education” have succumbed to guilt because their ancestors did not come from the African continent — all in the name of politics, be they described as socialists, communists or USA “progressive” democrats. Thanks for the link!

      1. You know, Tennants, the sad truth is that those who hold themselves to be everybody’s intellectual superiors are often made morally unfit by those very attitudes, and they don’t learn from their mistakes because they don’t have to suffer the consequences of the decisions they inflict on everyone else. These social monsters truly believe themselves infallible.

        So goes Smith, it appears. No wonder many working-class Americans feel betrayed by the Democrats.

    2. The response from Smith’s President when Shaw first made her complaint public via video –

      Gotta wonder what the details are.

      As for “white fragility,” it certainly exists. Amy Cooper is an example. She called 911 and falsely claimed that an African American man who’d asked her to put her dog on a leash in a part of Central Park where dogs are required to be leased was “threatening myself and my dog. Please send the cops immediately!” and repeats in an increasingly frantic voice that she’s being threatened, when the guy is doing nothing but recording the exchange with his phone. All he did was ask her to put her dog on a leash, as required. Once she attaches the leash, he says “thank you.”

      Video here – https://twitter.com/melodyMcooper/status/1264965252866641920

      1. “As for ‘white fragility,’ it certainly exists.”

        I’m sure it happens, but in this case we’re talking about WOKE FRAGILITY at Smith. Jodi makes a strong case for discrimination against her, and “the truth will out” because she is fighting it. I wouldn’t want to bet on your skepticism prevailing.

    3. Academia has been notoriously bad at reacting to racism, reverse racism, date rape and hazing in a lowest common denominator and poorly efficient way. In fact, trying to kick the can down the road and not deal with things has continually blown up our society over the centuries.

      I feel badly for Shaw. She seems to be experiencing the effects of reverse racism…, which of course makes her video more than a bit ironic since she enjoys a forum for complaint that not all enjoy. Either way, she seems conscientious and it’s tough to see her experiencing the pain she is as our culture and society stumbles further along in trying to deal with the realities of being built on the shoulders of racism and slavery.

      I’d really love to know all the specifics of her case because there is no doubt more to this story.

      Elvis Bug

      1. A very reasonable response, bug. Thank you. Yes, I’m willing to accept the full truth, whatever it may be.

  9. Stepping up to protect trump’s economic interests as well, JT?

    Free market reality: if one doesn’t want to do business with an a hole they don’t have to. Pretty awesome thing, that.


        1. I don’t understand why the Democrat Party has once again introduced the politics behind the KKK. I don’t think that worked for the American people then and I don’t think it will work for the American people today.

                    1. “oh snap snap”

                      EB, I don’t think the additional “snapping” can downy more damage to your brains.


        2. I respect your sentiment Young…, and I’d go with it personally if it wasn’t one of the dumbest sentences I’ve ever read in my life.


          1. Elvis Bug, before accusing the sentences of another (who so happens to be on target), look at your own. 2 of the dumbest sentences ever written were written by you below.

      1. Point out in detail what you mean rather than just frothing at the mouth because your favorite trumpy bear is losing so hard.


        1. Elvis Bug you say ridiculous things but remain unable to say where or why I am wrong. That generally means I am correct and what you claim about me is happening to you. You are frothing at the mouth due to advanced TDS.

                  1. Ah, yes, SM — S. Meyer – S. Meyer the Stupid (also Allan the Abusive) — is at it again.

                    He just can’t help himself and some of us know why.

            1. Again, post the contract or STFU.

              Apparently you’re supporting a political move without knowing what’s in the contract. I suspect Trump’s army of lawyers who have been negotiating contracts in NYC for years will have protected their client from this breach of contract. I doubt an emotional allegation of inciting an insurrection will stand up in this civil court any better than it did in the Senate. Heck, Trump’s attorneys will have a field day in discovery.

      1. Since it happened in such a high profile way I’m sure NYC dotted their i’s and crossed t’s. They’d want to be sure to not break contracts like the trump organization does.


        1. Cmon Elvis Bug. Do you really want us to believe that New York politicians don’t do stupid things? Must I remind you of Cuomo and his kill the old people coverup. He sure did dot his i’s and cross his t’s just before he threatened to destroy another Democrat involved with bringing his coverup to the light of day. They always make the same mistake when they think that they are so powerful that it makes them untouchable. Their hubris is going to result in the writing of a big fat check to Donald J. Trump Enterprises. I can hear the laughing all the way to the bank.

          1. We’ll wait and see. As I mentioned earlier, the city no doubt has its lawyers sussing this one out because it’s a rather big move. I applaud them.


            1. So capt elvis insect….. you applaud and support political moves and dirty lawyers that shutter businesses , put people out of work and take happiness from children. You would make a great commissar in the new lord darth biden of chyna social fascist regime. To attempt to smear a political rival you endorse a scorched earth policy on the city dwellers directly and indirectly badly effected by same. Class act there bruh , would expect nothing less from a zeig heil demoratzi apparatchik.

        2. Elvis Bug, As one who has done a lot of business in NYC knows, like others that are deeply involved there, NYC not only breaks contracts, but it also breaks the law. It doesn’t live up to the standards it sets for others and doesn’t care about the educational needs of the minorities. Its housing authority has acted in a racist manner and its development programs frequently involved corruption and undue pressure to individuals not strong enough to resist.

          It is amazing how unabashedly some render their opinions despite a total lack of knowledge.

            1. Again with the cursing Elvis Bug? Did you trip and fall? Can you not get up? Go to a nursing home where they can care for your needs.

                1. EB, everyone is dumb to you because you are too ignorant to know the truth. Keep screaming ‘help I can’t get up’.


      2. I doubt that NYC’s contracts provide for termination “for any reason or no reason.” And I’m certain they don’t provide for NYC’s abrogation of them for the reasons publicly stated by William Wilhelm, Jr. (now “Bill deBlasio). He may have run away from his birth name, but he won’t be able to hide from his stated personal reason for breach of contracat.

        1. I believe the reason given was the city couldn’t be associated with someone who incited a riot at the Capitol. I’m in full agreement with that sentiment. And I love the aspect of the free market that provides choices over who to work with.


          1. Elvis Bug, Trump is the present cause for economic success but soon Biden’s policy will take over. We are already starting to see the results. Keystone pipeline cost a lot of jobs and those jobs kept other businesses alive. Gas prices are going up. Much of the oil that was to come from Canada will go to China the biggest polluter on the planet.

            1. Markets are loving Biden. I actively trade several of them. More specifically the grain markets.

              Putting a block on Keystone pipeline was a solid move for the well being of the planet. Releasing the amount of carbon involved with Keystone is catastrophic to any hopes of keeping temperature rise within survivable limits.


              1. “Putting a block on Keystone pipeline was a solid move for the well being of the planet. Releasing the amount of carbon involved with Keystone is catastrophic”

                EB, But you love the pipeline Biden has assisted going from Russia to Germany.

                You don’t like American’s using oil in a cleaner fashion so you approve of the pollution and danger to the planet with more Canadian oil being shipped to China.

                You don’t care about the additional carbon footprint of trains rather than a pipeline. You don’t care about the risks of accident that can destroy property, kill people and add more pollution to the planet.

                You are a load of contradictions that tell us you aren’t very bright.

              2. Oh lord dear god…. your brain must be that of a pea. Markets love Lord Darth Biden of chyna…you mean the oligarchs of hedge funds that swindle and destroy companies for pure profit. The marketeers playing Ponzi schemes laundering chicom cash…to include your child molesting crackhead hero , oh and artist too Hunter ” I never tried a drug I didn’t like ” Biden.
                The very uber wealthy people you wish a pogrom on you now love them for their corrupt support in swindling. You really are a one dimensional norwegian blue parrot.

    1. Elvis Bug, you say they don’t have to do business with someone they don’t want to. You might look deep down In your cranium and find some understanding of what a contract is. Lawyers are going to be knocking Trumps door down to take his case against New York City and the PGA. De Blasio and Cuomo have just re-upped their membership to the stupid Democratic politician club and in the process are going to make Trump even more wealthy. Two Fredos

      1. Just breathe and clutch your blanky, Allan. Trump just got freed up to launder more money for the Russians through condo sales.


          1. Why don’t we wait and see what NY state comes up with since they seem to be slowly gaining access to the records the trump organization has been protected from having to release. Fun times.


            1. In other words Elvis Bug you are acting as you normally do. You say things without knowledge and then draw conclusions. That doesn’t sound like a smart way to do business.

              1. This one is straightforward. NYC is using a clause in their contract with trump that gives then an out if there is illegal behavior and they are citing trump’s incitement of the Capitol riot as illegal behavior. I respect and applaud their decision as much as I loathe your cluelessness.


                1. EB, it depends on the wording of the contract something beyond your ability to understand. If it is an ‘at will dismissal’ you might have a point but de Blasio already made a statement that brought this action into the realm of politics. Additionally NYC and NYS has a lot of laws involved with the breaking of a contract so one has to look at the contract, the law, and what de Blasio has said.

                  I expect to hear a lot more “snapping” of your brains. This discussion is too much for you to handle.

                2. This one is straightforward. NYC is using a clause in their contract with trump that gives then an out if there is illegal behavior and they are citing trump’s incitement of the Capitol riot as illegal behavior. I respect and applaud their decision as much as I loathe your cluelessness.

                  So there is a clause in the contract that permits them to breach it on an allegation of illegal behavior? Oh, the tried and true icky clause. Yes your honor, we determined this contract was null and void the moment we felt icky about our relationship with Trump. Yeah, that’s a good one.

                  1. Happens all the time. People lose advertising deals because of getting caught up. And short of someone actually posting NYC’s contract with trump itself, you’re all talking out of your butts. Standard practice with commenters here, sure. But don’t pretend you know the specifics. I’m just citing what the city maintains as justification.


                    1. And short of someone actually posting NYC’s contract with trump itself, you’re all talking out of your butts.

                      None of us, including you, have the contracts. That means we are basing our opinions on the statements from the city and the response from the Trump organization.

                      On its face, the actions by the city are being justified on the basis of an allegation that has not been proven, but is perceived to be true. Common sense would tell you contracts don’t permit a breach based on one’s feelings the other party is guilty of an alleged crime. And certainly not if the alleged crime has absolutely nothing to do with the that parties performance of the contract.

                      This is a legal blog. Try making your best legal argument that would justify the city canceling contracts based on an allegation of a crime unrelated to the contract.

                      Ready. Go.

                    2. “I’m just citing what the city maintains as justification.”

                      Elvis Bug, Unless you are quoting a NY official, you are citing what you make up or what has been predigested for you by some sort of news media that likely is biased. That is a poor substitute for fact.

                    3. Look, the reason I’ve asked for the contract to be posted is that I don’t know the exact wording of it, but can only go with the reason cited by the city for cutting trump org loose. Thing is, none of you know the exact wording either. You’re just taking the opposite position of me. You may be right and the city might be wrong…, but you have no way of knowing that. I would find it impossible to believe that the city cut ties with trump without justification according to the contract he signed with them. There is literally no reason they would’ve negotiated a deal where they were bound to continue despite what a recipient found themselves in legally. You say there’s been no crime…, but he’s under investigation for incitement in D.C. as we speak. You guys are claiming the city broke the contract in bad faith. Prove it or shut the f&*k up.


                    4. “Look, the reason I’ve asked for the contract to be posted is that I don’t know the exact wording of it”

                      That is true, yet you draw conclusions based on secondary or tertiary sources that have been proven not to report the truth when it comes to Trump. That predigested stuff stinks. I never claimed to have the words of the contract but have dealt with NYC and NY extensively and have learned what they do in other cases.

                      I’ll wait to see what the contracts say, but I don’t believe in bending laws to promote one’s politics which is what is being done. NYC has gone after Trump before because he is prominent and they wish to intimidate others like him. He doesn’t fold so in the end NYC doesn’t prevail.

                      ” You’re just taking the opposite position of me. “

                      That is not true. I am saying what I have seen in the past. The feds do the same to individuals. See Howard Root video. It’s about 45+ minutes long but is one of the best videos to teach individuals about how badly prosecutors can act when the person concerned is innocent and they know it. They look for settlements and Howard Root like Trump doesn’t back down. A literal fortune was spent for the individual to prevail.

                      I did not say the city broke the contract, but we do know it was done in bad faith based on de Blasio’s own words.

                      Try better Elvis Bug and convince your other alias to do the same.

                    5. It is highly unlikely that the contract allows unilateral termination based on unproven allegations.

                      In fact there is likely already case law that establishes that termination clauses based on criminal conduct require more than mere allegations.

                      Beyond that – many of us are well past giving those on the left the benefit of any doubt.
                      We spent 4 years+ listening to idiotic lies from the left, left, democrats and the media.

                      You have lost our trust – and that is incredibly dangerous.

                    6. EB

                      Most of Trump’s operation are independent entities – likely all corportations.

                      Any claim of illegal acts is likely to have to be within that specific entity.

                      Of course the courts could go lawless as they did with the election and just make up new law to suit.

                      But that would have repercussions far beyond Trump.

        1. Elvis Bug, Stupid people make statements they can’t back up and know little about. Firstly Thinkit is another individual but you can think what you wish. Being Stupid never stopped you before.

          Who is playing footsies with the Russians and destroying America lives? Biden. He put a stop to the Keystone Pipeline and now has taken away the restrictions from the Russian pipeline entering Europe.

        2. Is TiT another of Allan’s socks Bug? They’re both trolls, but TiT doesn’t set off my “Allan” radar the way some of Allan’s other socks have.

          1. Anonymous the Stupid, we have a broken clock set at 12 and it has hit twelve again. You are correct TiT is unknown to me but you would have to ask Allan.

            1. It’s sounds like S. Meyer is the “stupid” one.

              ‘S. Meyer the Stupid’ has a better ring to it.

              1. “‘S. Meyer the Stupid’ has a better ring to it.”

                Anonymous the Stupid, the ring to your ear is meaningless. Anonymous the Stupid is correct and sounds better to most intelligent people.

            2. You, “S. Meyer,” are one of Allan’s socks, so your stupidity in telling me “to ask Allan” when YOU are Allan shines through.

              You even posted in this very column using one of Allan’s icons –
              Here’s an example of you posting as Allan using that icon –

              Allan the Abusive, you regularly accuse others of being stupid, but you are just projecting. You get off on denigrating people. I feel sorry for your family.

                1. “He’ll be here soon, to tell you what a wonderful family he has. lol”

                  Anonymous the Stupid, I take every chance I get to compliment my wonderful family.

                  To bad you are unable to have the same.

                  1. If you truly thought your family was wonderful, you’d be spending your time with them instead of here.

                    1. Anonymous the stupid, one thing we know about your family is that you have a lot of pretend twins.

                    2. Anonymous the Stupid, that tells us you are unable to think and that you don’t understand family relationships based on age, location and Covid. If you thought more and talked less you could figure these things out. I don’t think there is any hope for you.

                      As far as your family goes, you are here more than me. Based on your statement we can tell your relationships are impaired. Mine are not.

                    3. With guys like Allan/S. Meyer, family members will often ‘go along to get along’, while quietly loathing the abuser…. What he says in his retorts tell us quite a lot about him.

                    4. Anonymous the Stupid, it seems you are further revealing your relationships with your family. You don’t know the difference between two aliases battling it out on the Internet and family matters. That is a sorry state of affairs.

                  2. To [sic] bad you are unable to have the same. — Anon-SM, Allan, S. Meyer

                    Pretty typical for this guy. He leaps to unfounded conclusions, and he baits people, hoping to get personal information.

                    1. “hoping to get personal information.”

                      Anonymous the Stupid, what more information do I need. I already know you are stupid and are not worthwhile. Do you think I care how many times you have been divorced or arrested for deviant behavior?

          2. You’re right. There seems to be more social awareness with TIT than with Allan. I guess i just tend to lump them together when the trolls jump in here.


            1. Elvis Bug, you don’t know what my social awareness is because you are so Woke you might as well be brain dead.


            2. And Allan shows us the truth in your remark, given his comment at 12:01. He’s sounds like a little kid, in one of those circular, never-ending arguments, until an adult steps in…

              1. Anonymous the Stupid, are you pretending to wear long pants again. Those are your daddy’s shorts but they look good with your diaper. Do you have anything intelligent to say? No? I guess that is because you are Stupid.

            3. Why is everyone here fixated on the possibility that someone might post under multiple ID’s ?

              Particuarly why would someone posting as anonymous do so ?

              An ID allows you to establish a reputation – potentially gaining more credibility than posting anonymously.

              Regardless, I am not sure why anyone would care.
              I especially do not know why someone posting anonymously cares.

              I treat exch ID as independent. I do not see any value in trying to guess whether someone is posting under a different or new ID.

              1. John,

                Alllan — one person with multiple sock accounts — doesn’t have a reputation for credibility.

                You’re free to treat each of his socks as a different person (and you already ran into a situation where he didn’t want you to do that, insisting that you and he had previously debated something, when he’d done it under a different name).

                Others are free to treat each of his socks as sock puppets of a single person. That YOU don’t see any value doesn’t imply that OTHERS don’t see the value.

                “I especially do not know why someone posting anonymously cares.”

                Why does it matter whether you know?

                1. “Alllan — one person with multiple sock accounts — doesn’t have a reputation for credibility.”

                  Allan hasn’t posted here in a long time. S. Meyer is the poster you are talking to and S. Meyer uses his name or initials except when he speaks to Anonymous the Stupid and he uses anonymous to tell others the comments are not worth their while.

                  What is amazing is that one with zero credibility uses an anonymous label, other icons and, names complain that someone else uses his trick. Anonymous the Stupid thinks he has a proprietary interest in the name anonymous along with the ability to post multiple identities. That is why he is known as Anonymous the Stupid. One group’s spies into a category and one should group all Anonymous the Stupid replies into one category, Anonymous the Stupid.

                  S. Meyer’s credibility has been established and he has engaged all claims otherwise. You on the other hand remain Anonymous the Stupid recognizable by the yellow stripe down your back as you run away.

                    1. Isn’t “Illeism” what you do at times with your pretend anonymous aliases? Typical Stupidity from Anonymous the Stupid.

                  1. “S. Meyer uses his name or initials except when he speaks to Anonymous the Stupid ”

                    No, he doesn’t.

                    “and he uses anonymous to tell others the comments are not worth their while.”

                    Allan/S. Meyer/Anon, above is a little control freak.

                    1. Anonymous the Stupid, we may differ as to what is a long time so why not tell us the last time the alias Allan was used.

                      You are too Stupid, Anonymous the Stupid.

                    2. >>”“S. Meyer uses his name or initials except when he speaks to Anonymous the Stupid ”
                      >No, he doesn’t.

                      Show when I have used another name recently or an anonymous alias except where I forgot to enter a name which I just did with J.D.

                      You are too Stupid, Anonymous the Stupid.

                    3. ““and he uses anonymous to tell others the comments are not worth their while.”

                      I try and reserve that only for you Anonymous the Stupid. I don’t think there is any recent occurrence of that where my alias is not displayed.

                      Of course your comment comes from an anonymous figure with no credibility and one that has been, perhaps the most frequent liar on the blog.

                  2. S. Allan Meyer is down for his nap, now. But you can be certain that he’ll be here as soon as he wakes up.

                    1. Anonymous the Stupid, you just want to insult. In all the responses you have made almost none had content and maybe half were insulting.

                    2. Anonymous the Stupid, face it. You can dish it out but you can’t take it. Add to that, you are Stupid.

                    3. S. Meyer – Allan is a control freak. He runs around like a chicken with its head cut off…shouting “Anonymous the Stupid,” trying to control what others say and do on this blog. He says that he flags comments so that others will know what’s worthwhile.

                      He’s a real standup guy, to be sure. /sarc

                    4. If what you said was true you would be able to demonstrate it. So far, only insults. Why? Because you are Anonymous the Stupid.

                  1. We are discussing continuity and credibility. You say “S. Meyer offers neither.”, but continuity exists when one knows who is responding to what.

                    Anonymous the Stupid, you have proven yourself Stupid once again.

                    1. “We are discussing…”

                      Allan/S. Meyer is desperately in need of a ‘discussion.’ Someone? Anyone?

                      Get him going on something and he’ll hang on like there’s no tomorrow…– posting on the same topic for days, or longer.

                      Most people post a comment or two and move on. Not Allan/S. Meyer. He thinks this is a chat room…


                    2. Anonymous the Stupid, this is an open blog, but you are too Stupid to realize it. You go on for days much like you are going on now. Nothing more is being accomplished between us except for you being shown to be Stupid. I don’t know how many comments you have directed my way and how many insults you have sent to others over the past several hours but it amounts to a lot.

        3. Oh brother….meanwhile your boyz in dah blanco house are laundering Chinese communist cash faster than even chairman Xi can print it. Almost faster than they can digitally parse it out in the Biden KKKlan enterprises of graft inc. Hey I guess you are cool with believeing unproven fake news about Trump , but proven dirty money and Influence form a genecidal communist regime to a senile hack and his halfwit village idiot son makes your heart warm. You just can’t wait for that red star…. the order of zeig heil propagandist to be put on your chairman mao lapel. You need to back off the yellow koolaide… it’s got you seeing chicom red…and your lovin’ it.

        1. Elvis Bug, I haven’t talked about a contract. Refer to thinkit’s comments not mine. He said something about reading it or getting the contract into your skull. He was wrong. It is impossible for you to understand a contract of that nature. You lack the ability, but you still have the ability to curse. How revealing.

          1. Allan the Abusive continues to respond with insults. Abusers shouldn’t be indulged as if they’re trying to engage in good faith.

            1. Anonymous the Stupid, your type of Stupidness and abusiveness is not tolerated, but you don’t realize it. Do you know why you don’t realize it? Because you are Anonymous the Stupid.

  10. De Blasio has been destroying NYC and making it unlivable. Now he goes after the Wolman Iceskating Rink among other things. I remember NYC spending millions of dollars and years trying to repair and reopen the rink loved by all. Trump took over the project using his funds that were only guaranteed by the rink’s success and fees after which the city retained control over the rink.

    Trump completed the project under budget and early. The rink was once again enjoyed by all. The nature of the left is stupid and vengeful. The left doesn’t care who they hurt in the process.

    1. S. Meyer: “The left doesn’t care who they hurt in the process.”

      No it doesn’t. Notice the Biden gas price increase? It hurts lower income people the most. They don’t care.

        1. Markets heading back up. The grains have jumped 30% plus since election day. Turns out the market despised trump’s tariff taxes more than we ever suspected.

          Even the instruments that gauge the dollar vs. the euro, dollar vs. the pound, and dollar vs. the aussie dollar have been headed up since election day.


    2. “The rink was once again enjoyed by all.”

      As was Midtown. In the 70’s, it was a festering pool of decay. Trump spurred its revitalization, and the Grand Central renovation, when in that pool of decay, he built the Grand Hyatt Hotel. In fact, it was his vision, ambition, and execution that revitalized many sections of NYC.

      “Thank you for the gifts. Our payment is to kick you in the teeth.”

      1. That is correct as well Sam. His business adventures were instrumental in bringing NYC back to life. I remember arguments on this blog with Paint chips about some of Trump’s charitable endeavors that he said benefited Trump. Anything that benefited NYC generally benefited Trump, but Paint Chips couldn’t see how millions benefited in the process. One in particular was the park just south of Central Park and across the street from the Plaza.

        This leftist desire to kick people in the teeth is making NYC a hellhole again. That is why people are leaving Cuomo’s death trap and moving to Florida.

        1. Trump never used his own money for his “charitable endeavors.”

          Trump agreed to dissolve his charity and pay $2M in damages because he was breaking the law with his foundation.

          1. “rump never used his own money for his “charitable endeavors.””

            Anonymous the Stupid, the money originated mostly from Trump. It was a private family foundation and most of that money went to good causes. None of it went back to Trump.

            1. No, Allan, the money didn’t originate with Trump. It originated with donors to his foundation, not his own money. He broke the law, and he was ordered to dissolve the foundation and pay damages.

              1. Anonymous the Stupid, some donors may have given or not given. You don’t have the slightest idea of the money deposited in that account. It is not public knowledge. Are you that Stupid?

  11. You wonder why we fought a long not so Cold War against Communism?

    Here is your proof once again of the evils of that vile concept.

    This is not hate for one Man….it is hate for the values that Man represents.

    We see equivalent actions against College Professors, Citizens, Organizations that do not adhere to the Leftist Movement in this Country…..and in other Nations.

    Perhaps….it is time to adopt Cold War methods to combat this evil being perpetrated upon the United States and the People.

    1. Not only hate for Trumo and his values, but for the hundred or two hundred million of Americans who share those values and beliefs.

      Even worse is the realization that the Left desires and is creating the American idiocracy.

  12. “the use of city contracts for raw political retaliation should be unacceptable to most citizens”

    Unfortunately, TDS cancels out all reason and accountability.

  13. If it wasn’t forTrump we wouldn’t have an ice rink. This decision is disgusting and reflects the character of the man who made it. He remembered where to go when he needed help during COVID. Trump did the right thing and this is his thanks. No, he shouldn’t need to be thanked but this decision is wrong, just plain wrong!

      1. “The ice rinks were there long before Trump got the contracts for them.”

        Anonymous the Stupid, the ice rink was there before Trump but in particular the Wolman Rink was under reconstruction for many years at a cost of millions of dollars. NYC never was able to get the rink working. Trump did a complete fix in less than a year under budget and before the time promised.

        Understanding facts is not your forte.

        1. The rink opened in 1950 and operated for decades before the reconstruction, Allan.

          Understanding facts is not your forte.

          1. Reading comprehension is not your strong point Anonymous the Stupid. No one said Trump built the rink. It was there for as long as I can remember. However, the rink was unusable for many, many years and the city failed to fix it despite spending millions of dollars.

            Trump redid the rink under budget and earlier than expected. It didn’t cost the city a dime.

  14. The dictatorial actions by many Democrats, while appalling, is not surprising. I have never seen such outright political madness, and it seems, like Covid-19, this behavior came from the Communist playbook in China.

    What the City of New York is doing here, seems clearly unlawful, and will be thrown out in court, should the Trump Organization decide to challenge it. The behavior is not just harming Donald Trump, it is harming those workers who have lost their livelihoods due to this childish and outlandish political behavior. Should they decide to sue, they will likely win back their losses. But, like everything else this Mayor has done to New York it will not be he or his cronies that pay the bill, it will be the taxpayers of New York. Worse yet, if the Federal Government sends out billions to places like New York, who have wasted taxpayer money and are now in a hole, it will be the taxpayers all over the country, who will be helping to support the political moves by people like DeBlasio.

  15. Ah yes , yet again we have the corrupt rotten apple run by a intersectional communist married to a lesbian literally costing more jobs and being blatantly biased and corrupt in doing so. I smell a lawsuit here to make comrade dumblasio regret his partisan hack maneuver . That commercial with interpretive dance was god awful and painful to watch…a prosecution of comrade dumblasio on this illegal act would be most welcome and watchable !!!.
    Leave it to the left to yet cause more job loss because they are petty tyrants !!.

  16. This shows that the Democrats are NOT a party of unity but only a party of power and corruption. Trump aside, now NY citizens cannot enjoy a simple freedom. Democrats want power and control. Huxley was correct in “Brave New World”

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