“Trump Has Been Impeached From Operating The Ice Rink”: De Blasio’s Cancelation of Trump Concession Contracts Raises Questions Of Political Retaliation

Mayor Bill di Blasio has ordered the closure of the two ice rinks in Central Park, the Wollman Park and Lasker Rink. The mayor’s staff clearly wanted to the reason for the closure to be clear and public. Various groups have pushed for the city to cut all ties with the Trump organization and the city moved against the organization last month on the contracts. De Blasio’s spokesperson announced that “Trump has been impeached from operating the ice rink.” That statement might not be welcomed by city lawyers since it suggests that the closures were an exercise of selective bias against a company for political purposes. Despite the unpopularity of Trump in New York, the use of city contracts for raw political retaliation should be unacceptable to most citizens (particularly when the cost is borne not just by the public but more importantly employees who were laid off early).  The spokesperson’s words could now be the focus of litigation over any losses by the Trump Organization.

It is not clear what discretionary language applies to the ice rinks. However, four contracts were canceled and the city is also seeking to terminate the contract for the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point, a contract worth millions. That contract has 18 more years left to run.

The statement of the spokesperson is at odds with de Blasio’s different claims for the reason of the terminations. He has cited criminal activity at the sites as one possible legal basis for termination but the city will have to show that such activity is specifically prevalent or more pronounced on these properties than those run by other contractors.

On the golf course, de Blasio noted that the contract requires the playing of championship games at the site and the PGA Championship said it will no longer play on Trump golf courses.  The PGA indicated that it felt pressure to terminate the long-standing relationship. PGA CEO Seth Waugh stated “We find ourselves in a political situation not of our making. We’re fiduciaries for our members, for the game, for our mission and for our brand. And how do we best protect that? Our feeling was given the tragic events of Wednesday that we could no longer hold it at Bedminster. The damage could have been irreparable. The only real course of action was to leave.”

The Trump organization called the decision a breach of its agreement. It is not clear how specific the contract is on what championships qualify. However, the myriad of rationales reinforces the message of the spokesperson that this is really about the opposition to Trump.

Putting aside the contractual disputes, people of good faith should be disturbed by the appearance of the city selectively terminating contracts for purely political purposes. It is yet another example of critics abandoning core principles in the blind pursuit of Trump. While our age of rage has become a license for excess and pettiness, this action suggests that the city can harass or sanction contractors solely because of their political associations.  It is an invitation for cronyism and corruption in the handling of city contracts. If the Trump Organization failed to meet a condition of the contract or the required services, there are ample remedies including possible termination. However, de Blasio clearly wanted the public to know that he was taking this action as an anti-Trump statement.  However, that is hardly a promising tact to take into court since it will raise first amendment and other issues beyond the contractual claims.

The result is that, not only will employees lost their jobs early, but the city will be embroiled in litigation over these contracts. These rinks were scheduled to close in a couple months but de Blasio wanted to use them to pander to a public desire for retaliation against Trump and his associates. Once again, there is little thought to the implications of using city contracts for such political retaliation. Yet, the usual voices for good government practices are silent since any objection is likely to be met by accusations of being an apologist or enabler of Trump. De Blasio knows that this makes for good politics.  It just makes for lousy governance.

The move by the PGA and the city does show how the Trump brand itself is being targeted and could pose serious problems for the organization, particularly with a debt of $600 million coming due in the next four years. Trump has historically leveraged his brand name value in securing loans as an asset worth billions.


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  1. This is what communists do. They destroy, dox, harrass, burn down, beat and kill anyone who doesn’t tow the party line. But no worries folks, the Democrats say when they’ve killed off all of the conservatives aka Republicans, when the last one of us is dead, that loves America…. the Democrats say the healing process can begin.

  2. In comments below I was challenged to show injuries to officers in Portland.


    That is only one entry out of many spanning months. The same in Seattle. And remember Minneapolis. The mob at the Capital was a trifle by comparison but the leftist narrative is to treat it as much more than it was and wring totalitarian measures out of it like another Reichstag fire.

    I was wondering what would bring the paid trolls back. Apparently defending this ridiculous narrative about the Capital is their current assignment.

    1. No, you weren’t “challenged to show injuries to officers in Portland.” Are you truly such a baby that you cannot even deal honestly with the actual challenge?

      You were challenged to present evidence of your more extreme claim that the injuries to police on the Jan. 6 insurrection in the Capitol — which were described by Police union Chair Gus Papathanasiou as follows: “Between USCP and our colleagues at the Metropolitan Police Department, we have almost 140 officers injured. I have officers who were not issued helmets prior to the attack who have sustained brain injuries. One officer has two cracked ribs and two smashed spinal discs. One officer is going to lose his eye, and another was stabbed with a metal fence stake.” — sounded to you “like “Portland Lite”.”

      So as a start, you’d want to show that many more than 140 officers in Portland were injured.

      Don’t shift the goalposts to add in Seattle and Minneapolis. Act like an adult who can either prove your actual claim or can admit that you can’t.

      “the leftist narrative …”

      Blah, blah, blah. You can’t show what you claimed, so now you just move along to new garbage.

      “paid trolls”

      Are YOU a paid troll, Young? Personally, I doubt that anyone here is paid for what they post. I’m certainly not.

        1. Once again, TiT, you make up claims about what someone did in the past and pretend that what your invention is real. I condemned the riots too. I don’t believe that violence is acceptable except in immediate self-defense and extremely rare offensive situations like WWII.

          As for your article, you, too, seem have trouble with goalposts. Young made a claim about Portland. Your article doesn’t say how many injuries occurred in Portland. But I won’t hold you to producing evidence about it, because it was Young’s claim, not yours.

          1. There are lots of people using ‘Anonymous’ as a handle. You have no record to stand on, such as “I condemned the riots too”– maybe some Anonymous did but you are indistinguishable. You have no record. You are, by your own choice, a nobody who has said nothing in the past.

            But whatever you are, you seem very determined to defend a false narrative about the Democrat Reichstag Fire at the Capital.

            Did you see none of the footage of the DC violence at the Trump inauguration? People attacked, csrs burning, etc and for some reason the perpetrators were released without charges. I guess that doesn’t count.

            1. “There are lots of people using ‘Anonymous’ as a handle.”

              Yep. Tell your pal Allan to stop pretending that there’s only one anonymous person who disagrees with him and ticks him off.

              “You have no record to stand on, such as “I condemned the riots too”– maybe some Anonymous did but you are indistinguishable.”

              TiT’s sweeping claim was “Not one written word from Anonymous about how terrible the riots of the summer were,” so it actually doesn’t matter whether I can show that it was me. I clearly don’t care whether I can be distinguished from others, if I did, I wouldn’t be posting anonymously. If it matters to you, you can ignore me entirely.

              “whatever you are, you seem very determined to defend a false narrative about the Democrat Reichstag Fire at the Capital.”

              You seem very determined to project garbage onto me that doesn’t come from me. I haven’t said anything false. You haven’t presented any evidence of me claiming something false. You seem very determined to rely on what you prefer to believe about me instead of facts.

              1. “Yep. Tell your pal Allan to stop pretending that there’s only one anonymous person who disagrees with him and ticks him off.”

                Anonymous the Stupid gets pis-ed when he is high-lighted. As anonymous, I generally stay away from comments that aren’t insulting and focus on those that are insulting or insultingly Stupid. For those comments I post anonymously to save the reader time hoping he will throw out my post along with the garbage.

                “You seem very determined to project garbage onto me that doesn’t come from me.”

                You are a whiner and a crybaby. You chose to link yourself in the anonymous category. Live with the problem you create. You do this to hide and then complain that other people were acting like Anonymous the Stupid. Most of the times Anonymous the Stupid acts just like his name says.

                Be thankful that Young isn’t as precise as you want or he and others would all be calling you Anonymous the Stupid.

              2. The point which you fail to grasp is that you can not refute TiT’s claim.

                You do not care – fine.

                But Tit’s claim can not be refuted.

                And we do not know what garbage comes from you.

                There are many anonymous postings – they could each be a different person, or nearly all the same
                No one can prove otherwise.

                As such it is unfalsifiable to claim the garbage comes from you.

                You say you do not care – then why are you arguing against claims that your own choices make unfalsifiable ?

            2. “There are lots of people using ‘Anonymous’ as a handle. “

              But there is only one Anonymous the Stupid.

              Just because an anonymous slips into the Anonymous the Stupid category on a very occasional basis, doesn’t mean the vast majority (and more) of the Anonymous the Stupid comments aren’t from the singular individual known as Anonymous the Stupid.

              When that other anonymous slips in and acts like Anonymous the Stupid, it is his willingness to become Anonymous the Stupid that makes him Anonymous the Stupid. That is his problem, no-one else’s. If he chooses to use the anonymous label and makes stupid comments he has only himself to blame for being linked with Anonymous the Stupid.

              The only way to deal with cowardly people that play games where they hit, run and hide is to expose who they are and give them a name. Those that steal government secrets are called spies and we have no problem doing so. If another hides under the anonymous name, too bad. He has alternatives.

              1. There’s only one person — you (Allan / S. Meyer / Mark N. / Anonymous SM / Anonymous / your other socks) — who calls others “Anonymous the Stupid,” and you use that name for more than one person.

                “If he chooses to use the anonymous label and makes stupid comments he has only himself to blame for being linked with Anonymous the Stupid.”

                LMAO. Allan, YOU make stupid comments while posting anonymously. Should we start calling you Anonymous the Stupid when you do that?

                1. I have used the appelation ATS on occasion.

                  I try to use it rarely – and insults are rarely productive.

                  But sometimes it is necescary.

          2. I think 113 instances of blindings many of which lasted for days is significant.

            Do you honestly want to compare portland ?

            They were using lasers, and molotov coctails, and bricks and rocks and pellet guns and hammers, and frozen water bottles and throwing garbage and lighting it. PEOPLE – often police.

            This was more than breaking glass.

            You have no standards but for double standards.

          3. Where did you get the info about ‘so many policemen’ injured during the January 6 PEACEFUL demonstration!! Yes, it was peaceful – no building burned! No serious property damages! NOBODY KILLED buy a VETERAN WITH NO WEAPON SHOT FOR NO REASON BY NOBODY KNOWS WHO!! Just compare it with what is going on -STILL – in PORTLAND, in CHICAGO, what WAS GOING ON in so many cities where thugs were allowed to do whatever they wanted to. How many people were MURDERED? Do you know? Figure it out and until then, stop humiliating yourself. It’s sickening, really.

      1. Some Anonymous to me below: “I doubt you’ll bother to quote anyone about how many police were injured in Portland.”

        See my post at 9:26

        1. LMAO. You posted it at 9:26, and I already replied to it at 9:52, but apparently you couldn’t bother to read that, or you’d know that you still haven’t quoted anyone about how many police were injured in Portland.

      2. Do really need a list of the actual violence at portland ?


        Notice all the democrats talking about the rights of the protestors ?

        And blaming it on Trump ?

        Why isn’t Pelosi responsible for what happened at the capital ?

        Why isn’t ever democrat who turned a blind eye to a lawless election ?

  3. The good news is that the statists are feeling so “empowered” that they don’t realize that they are pissing in their soup.

    “Congress Escalates Pressure on Tech Giants to Censor More, Threatening the First Amendment

    In their zeal for control over online speech, House Democrats are getting closer and closer to the constitutional line, if they have not already crossed it.”


    “Little effort is required to see that Democrats, now in control of the Congress and the White House, are engaged in a scheme of speech control virtually indistinguishable from those long held unconstitutional by decades of First Amendment jurisprudence. That Democrats are seeking to use their control of state power to coerce and intimidate private tech companies to censor — and indeed have already succeeded in doing so — is hardly subject to reasonable debate. They are saying explicitly that this is what they are doing.”

    1. And this means what exactly?! Eh? NOTHING! It is meaningless. Does anyone think that the president wants to be involved in the ice rink in NYC any longer? After way they treated him?!? LOLOL! He probably left it behind long ago, and they are printing this meaningless drivel to please themselves.

      1. Most of this is self punishing acts for left.

        Trump took over the Rinks when everyone else had failed.

        If they throw Trump out – what has changed that will cause NYC to succeed today instead of repeating past failure ?

    2. Agree! Of course this is retaliation – which has been going on for the last five years. Closing the ice rink is akin to de Blasio using NYC taxpayers/employees to paint BLM hugely on the street in front of Trump Towers. Democrats operate with dark minds and black hearts. When cities/states keep re-electing this evil – they get what they asked for. Cuomo is in deep pucky at the time – but should have been years ago.

    3. What an incredibly enlightened statement…it is exactly spot on…the Demmunists have taken control of what Americans can see…hear or think via dictating terms to the willing media/tech companies…Recently telling youtube to take down Trumps last speech. We no longer have freedoms in our country… it’s quite insidious and most people can’t believe it’s happening…the long battle to take over America from within is seeing success.

      The efforts to change the election process in this country means that there will no longer be honest elections, and the Demmunists have taken control for ever…we will not have a way to protect our rights or freedoms they will hold power because they will make sure they win every election just like they did the 2020…ALL THREE BRANCHES WILL WORK IN CONCERT TO PASS WHATEVER LEGISLATION THEY DESIRE UNHINDERED BY THE PESKY AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THEIR STUPID DESIRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS.

      When the masses are enlightened to these facts, which is coming sooner than later, all hell will break loose the likes of which this country has never seen and the freedom loving AMERICAN people, Black, White, Yellow or BLUE will rise up and stop this communist madness…. When that happens these creeps in power, attempting to hinder our constitution and rule of law will pay the ultimate price. That is the best case scenario.

      Consider that the BIDEN debacle is working in concert with China and taking “them” on is also taking CHINA on, so it will be a world war….China supports the democrats because they do China’s bidding inside our borders….Democrats aspire to have the power over AMERICA that XI has over CHINA…communism….government first…people are but numbers, expendable worthy of nothing….Human rights don’t exist in communism. Biden thinks that’s OK if you listened to his statement about human rights in China….

      AMERICA is at WAR….most people don’t realize it YET, but China did not like what TRUMP was doing, it upset their goal to take over the world. Therefore they worked with BIDEN/Demmunists to steal the election..this VIRUS was the BOMB they used instead of the conventional weapons, they just used a man made Virus & pandemic…that has done more damage than any bomb in HISTORY. Make no mistake about it ….WE ARE AT WAR WITH CHINA AND OUR OWN GOVERNMENT… DJT KNEW IT A CHOSE TO FIGHT IT….HE WAS WINNING…THEN BIDEN STEPPED IN TO CONCEDE THE WAR…HE CAPITULATED AND WILL COOPERATE WITH CHINA..HIS WAY WAS TO GIVE IN, GIVE UP…CAPITULATE…THERE IS NO FIGHT IN BIDEN…HE IS A COWARD…HIS WAY IS TO SURRENDER TO CHINA AND FIGHT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS ADMINISTRATION IS DOING… EXPECT TO SEE CHINESE TROOPS GUARDING Biden & the WH…WOULDN’T THAT BE A SIGHT….

  4. Oh my! Blood is in the water around the Bully Killer, Cuomo, and the sharks, big and little, are moving in for a bite of Italian salami. Maybe they are remembering he is an old, WHITE MALE. That can’t be good for him.

    Probably too late for him to identify as a black female and claim he, too, is a victim. After apologizing for killing Grandma, of course.

    He can offer just desserts for the sharks. Maybe that disgusting Fredo person can be swept into it as well.


  5. Jonathan: “Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll eat some worms…” Poor Donnie. Now that he no longer has the protection of the presidency New York is piling on, canceling his ice rink contracts and seeking to end the contract for Trump’s golf courses. I’ve always said you don’t want a New Yorker mad at you. What’s next? Declaring the Trump Tower a public nuisance? Everyone wants Trump out of town. In Palm Beach Trump’s Mar-a-Lago neighbors don’t want him either. But you are Johnny on the spot in Trump’s defense. You say New York’s vendetta against Trump “is an invitation for cronyism and corruption in the handling of city contracts”. Say what? After four years of massive “cronyism and corruption” in the Trump administration, which you ignored, how can you make such a claim against New York with a straight face? Case in point: Erik Prince, the former head of Blackwater and brother of Trump’s education secretary Betsy DeVos. Prince was a big Trump financial supporter and mercenary who will sell arms to any would be dictator. The NY Times just obtained a copy of a confidential UN report that details how Prince violated a UN arms embargo against Libya in 2019 by selling weapons to renegade militia commander. Khalifa Hifter, who was attempting to overthrow the internationally recognized government in Libya. Prince apparently used his ties with Steve Bannon and Roger Stone to promote his illegal Libya venture. The detailed UN report showed Prince’s scheme used code names, cover stories , offshore accounts and secret weapons transfers. Four days after Hifter started his campaign to capture Tripoli Trump publicly endorsed Hifter, reversing American policy and supported Hifter’s assault on Tripoli. Prince’s wet dream came true. Just proves that it helps to have friends in high places–including the President of the United States. But now that Prince no long has Trump’s back he could face sever UN sanctions. Who will Erik turn to now for protection?. When asked for comment Trump allegedly said: “I don’t know an Erik Prince”.

    What New York is doing to Trump pales in comparison to the “cronyism and corruption” under the Trumpster who beats New York in spades. Trump was the most corrupt president in American history and that’s saying a lot. There will be more to come in Trump’s fall from grace. Stay tuned!

    1. Donald Trump then offered mayor Ed Koch to rebuild Wollman Rink at his expense within six months, in return for the leases to operate the rink and an adjacent restaurant to recoup his costs. The final agreement was that the city would reimburse Trump for the costs up to the agreed limit and that he would donate the profits of rink and restaurant to charity and public works…Wikipedia

      1. An audit indicated that Trump’s company wasn’t keeping accurate records –
        “[Wollman Rink Operations] does not have sufficient controls to ensure that all receipts are being recorded on its books and records and reported to the City. We found certain instances of unrecorded income and problems within WRO’s accounting records. Specifically, WRO does not maintain the daily sales and receipt records as required by the agreement and does not maintain sufficient records to support revenue derived from its ice-rental and ice-hockey activities. WRO also made some errors on the revenue reports it submitted to Parks. WRO underreported revenue …”

        1. Anonymous the Stupid, since you don’t know any better I will tell you that the same can be said about virtually every business with cash receipts. You are too Stupid to be on a list of this nature, but I appreciate your failed attempts. LOL

        2. And why would you trust an audit by the City ?

          Trump’s operations are properly audited by independent accountants all the time.
          Try trusting people without an axe to grind.

          1. John, what the City does is to use any vagueness in the law along with any conflicts of law to charge innocent people with crimes they did not commit. That type of behavior is also seen where the laws are old and may not have been enforced for a century and should have been removed from the books. The City looks at a man as guilty and makes him prove innocence the exact opposite of our basic legal system. The same goes for the state.

            I will provide an example pertinent to a lot of NY residents that have left years ago and are leaving today. If they have money, despite the fact they have been residents in other states, the individual is considered guilty of tax evasion. The State doesn’t prove they are residents of NY rather demands that the individual prove they are residents elsewhere. The law is they are residents if living in NY for 180 days plus. Despite residence in another state where taxes are paid, homes are owned, newspapers delivered, children are raised,, religious organizations and clubs are joined, voting is done, etc. NY will consider them guilty and wait for the individual to prove himself innocent.

            Of course, that sounds crazy and one could rightfully ask how they get away with that? It’s simple. NY has teams of lawyers to sue these individuals and NY has the money to support such a system. The individual can be on the hook for years and have to pay attorneys huge sums of money as the suit progresses. NY looks for a settlement so that an individual pays a large settlement that would otherwise be paid to lawyers and paid in the many types of pain NY inflicts.

            Though I have a home in NYC I never stayed for longer than a few days or a week or two, but to prevent problems I always know there is a log of my entries and exits from NY at my residence there. Other friends are not that fortunate and keep rigorous records of their entrances and exits from the city even though their actual residence was in an adjoining state, and their NY residence was not their official residence.

            Anonymous the Stupid is a superficial jerk that never looks into anything that superficially appears to suit his purposes. Ignorance prevails in the world of Anonymous the Stupid.

            1. Get government out of the economy as much as possible – they FAIL constantly, and they are abuse power.

              If you wonder why government contracts cost so much – one reason is that government as a buyer (or sellor) is NOT the same as a normal buyer or sellor. They will use not only their power as a participant in free exchange, but they will leverage their power as a government actor.

              The net result is any private party engaging government must increase its price to compensate for the possibility that government will abuse its power.

              1. The net result is any private party engaging government must increase its price to compensate for the possibility that government will abuse its power.

                My ex father-in-law had a ship repair company in San Diego. They predominately contracted with the government as a general contractor for the repair and overhaul of US Navy ships. My ex brother-in-law negotiated those contracts. I went through 4 overhauls on 4 different ships while on active duty. I can assure you the company was not concerned in the least about government abuse of power. If they worried about anything, it’s that the government would become competent in their requests for bids. Contracts were bid on the specs. But the profit was not in the seen but the unseen. The contractor profits off the modifications to the contract and there are plenty. For instance, the government wanted to upgrade our sonar suite. They also were putting in the Vertical Launch System. Two different systems, two different contractors. Bulkheads would need to be cut out, cabling cutout, decks cutout and so on, for each contract. The sonar guys would install cabling and the VLS guys would cutout cabling. Oops. We need a modification $$$. Someone forgot to put in the specs the need to weld in new decking and bulkheads. Need a mod. $$$ Put in the decking for the VLS but the sonar guys weren’t finished cabling. Need a mod. $$$ and on and on. The waste, fraud and abuse I witnessed throughout my career would astound you. Draw a line between Guam to Hawaii and do a search of the ocean floor. That’s a graveyard for excess inventory ships were ordered to dump on their way back from deployment.

                1. What you describe is common – but it is not absolute.

                  I have dealt with govenrment bidding on public school projects for decades.

                  Generally the overall costs is substantially higher for the same project done for the governmnent than for a private entity.

                  It is also common that contractors make their profits on change orders.

                  But the best contractors I have dealt with did NOT. They profited by delivering a quality project on time or ahead of schedule with minimal change orders.

                  There are also differences between public schools and defense work.
                  Generally a schools is well defined when it goes out to bid and changes generally represent mismanagement.
                  While defense projects are often bid with parts of the contract unknown. That should be avoided to the extent possible – but it is not always possible.

                  Regardless the fact is that massive amounts of data support the conclusion that any good or service that results from govenrment costs between 20% of 400% more than privately, with the norm much closer to 400% than 20%.

                  #4 ranked IDEAS RESPEC ranked economist robert barro maintains a data base on govenrment spending through out the world and has find that the norm is that each dollar that govnerment spends returns about $0.25-$0.35 of oprivate economy equivalent value.

                  There are many many factors that contribute to this – risk is JUST ONE, but it is a real one.

              2. John, all true. I have had plenty of experience with government and the effects of administrative law along with how legislators can act in nefarious ways that when looked at closely can be seen to be totally ignorant.

                1. I would note that I said ONE REASON was the risk of doing business with govenrment.

                  There are MANY reasons that government is inefficient.

                  Only a few of those reasons are resolvable.

            1. Anonymous the Stupid, you haven’t provided any tangible evidence to contradict. That is the sign that you know nothing.

              1. Allan the Abusive, thank you for again demonstrating that because you only respond by email and never look at the entire thread of comments, you don’t know what was said earlier in the exchange and so you don’t tell the truth about what was said earlier in the exchange.

                1. ” because you only respond by email and never look at the entire thread of comments, you don’t know what was said earlier”

                  Anonymous the Stupid, thanks for proving you are Stupid. I can look at both emails and the web frequently quoting from points earlier in the threat and not on the email. Do you know why you jump to such Stupid conclusions? Because you are Anonymous the Stupid.

                  1. Then you were knowingly lying when you said “you haven’t provided any tangible evidence.” Your desire to denigrate once again becomes a self-own about your dishonesty.

                    1. Anonymous the Stupid, you are repeating yourself. You deserve what you get. Keep whining and crying.

                  2. Who cares if you work from emails ?

                    I expect a poster to make their point in their comment. Not smeared accross all of Turley’s blog with WP’s horrible threading.

            2. I do not need to.

              Just about every business a tiny fraction of Trump’s is INDEPENDENTLY audited.
              The accounting firms and lawyers doing those audits are PERSONALLY liable if they do not pick something up.

              They tend to be very good at their job.

              While those in government tend to be abysmal at their jobs – whatever those jobs might be.
              Further they have no accountability and are subject to political presures.

              As as example the “great” Merit Garland – wishful Supreme Court Justice and Biden appointee to the Attorney General, has announced he is going after the KKK.

              What all 5 remaining members in the US ?

              There is more Antifa in Portland than KKK and Neo Nazi’s in the entire US.

              The left is whigged out over problems that do not exist.

              This is further stupidity after the whole Collusion Delusion debacle.

              There should have been serious convictions of those involved.

              DOJ and FBI was used for political purposes under Obama – without sufficient predictate.

              This is politically weaponizing law enforcement.

              Nor was the problem under Obama/Biden limited to the Trump campaign.

              There are myriads of “investigations” that should never have occured.

              We had Spying on Senators and congressmen, and reporters.

              We saw the IRS weaponized.

              This is what Nixon only dreamed of.

              And the left idiots have brought back one of the nut jobs involved.

              You spent 4 years trying to prove that Trump and his family were in anyway profiting from Trump’s presidency – and failed.

              And yet the profiteering of the Biden’s – and numerous other prominent democrats is blatant and you are hiding from it.

              We do not have a justice system. We do not have a legitimate govenrment, we do not have a country when we do not have the rule of law.

              And one of the core requirements of the rule of law is that the law is prosecuted blindly.
              That sex, race, religion, and policitics do not play any part in the enforcement of the law.

              If they do – our government loses legitimacy.

    2. Dennis the menace ; you need to leave smoking crack to hunter biden… can we agree on this ?. You seem to totally ignore the jobs lost alone by fascist leader deblowzio. The absolute crony corruption is of the left. In bed with corporations , hedge funds , and awash in communist Chinese money via the back doors. I guess you tossing out anti trump vomit as a smokescreen wil deflect from the demorat left corruption that is on a scale even bigger than cankles McFraud. The most corrupt and mentally defective president in American history is Lord Darth Biden of chyna…. yet you can’t see the forest for the trees.Typical.

      1. I agree phergus. The entire nation is filled with corruption. The country wouldn’t exist without corruption. The democrats though are on a level far above all others. I contend that of those in the top 1% , 99% have cheated in some form or fashion to acquire their wealth. Of course, the DOJ doesn’t look unless you are an enemy of the establishment such as DT.

        1. Of course they have – because the left defines succeeding as cheating.

          In a real free market with limited govenrment doing its actual job – there is very little “cheating”.

          In a free market no one is obligated to exchange with another.

          I am not required to buy a burger at McD’s and McD’s is not required to sell me a burger.

          We do so because we each trust we will be better off.
          If the money I give McD’s is worthless – they will quit selling to me.
          If the Burger I get from McD’s is unpaletable – I will quit buying from them.

          You can rant and rave about the people that you do business with in your life.

          But you CHOOSE to do so with every single one of them.

          No matter how much you SAY they are cheating, everytime you do business with them you are saying LOUDLY.
          That what they are giving is worth what you are paying.

          They are not “cheating” – you are just moaning that you did not get a better deal.

          “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own self-interest. We address ourselves not to their humanity but to their self-love, and never talk to them of our own necessities, but of their advantages”

          ― Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature & Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Vol 1

    3. This is not about “poor donny”.

      This is about the rule of law.

      Breach of contract is LAWLESS.

      Free markets mean that you are free to enter into an agreement or not for whatever reasons you choose.
      Neither NYC nor anyone else is obligated to contract with Trump for services.

      But once you have entered into a contract – it is binding. You can not opt out of a contract.
      You can only terminate a contract if the other party breached.

      Trump has not breached, therefore NYC terminating is a breach,

      As to those presuring the PGA for political purposes – that is “tortuous interferance in contract” – that is a legitimate cause of action.

      You may not use pressure or leveravge to force others to breech their contracts.

      We can not hove the rule of law if contracts become null and void when the politrical winds shift.

      1. You have not presented any evidence of breach of contract.

        If that’s what occurred, Trump can sue.

        1. Anonymous the Stupid forgets about the people that use the rink. He is an uncaring fool.

        2. Of course I had – NYC openly admits breaching the contract.

          They are claiming with cause.

          Normally they should prey they can prove that – and the burden of Proof is supposed to be on the party terminating the contract.

          But we have already seen with the 2020 election – and the Time article on how that was finagled that the left has thoroughly corrupted the courts – and we are lawless.

          Whether he has a legitimate case or not – challenging NYC is likely to be fruitless.

          No one but an idiot would expect that in any case in NYC involving Trump that the courts would actually follow the law.

          This is what happens when you go lawless – no one trusts govenrment.

          current polls indicate trust in government is at an all time low – below 40%.

          You broke it – you own it.

          1. If the contract itself says that it can be ended for that cause, then the party who engaged in that cause is the party that’s breaching the contract.

            1. At best Anonymous the Stupid, this is a very superficial reply meant to cover all the bases but in covering all the bases you have proven the comment worthless and yourself, Anonymous the Stupid.

            2. But the burden of proof of cause is always on the party CLAIMING there was cause.

              NYC admitted terminating the contract – there is nothing to prove with respect to claiming NYC breached. They did.

              NYC claims to have done so “for cause” – it is NYC’s burden to prove that cause.

    1. Young, this is all craziness. The left and Democrat leaders are racists and hateful. If MLK were alive today preaching what he did they would nail him to a cross.

      Thanks for the articles.

  6. This is just emblematic of the American Left and Democrats. They are the epitome of fascists, working to implement the same tyrannical thought-police of Mao, Stalin, Castro, Jung-un, etc. The are an embarrassment to freedom and our Constitution and if you support them, you are as well. It really isn’t too dramatic to say the truth — that there are no liberals in the Democrat party. They are haters one and all.

    1. https://therightscoop.com/ministry-of-truth-biden-admin-to-work-with-big-tech-to-censor-news-and-opinion-that-dont-support-his-covid-effort/

      Well it is all about power. With goofooogle and facefuch , oh and yes twat-er on board to help senile lord darth biden of chyna to suppress anything that counters their vaccination propaganda. Gee wiz and here I thought goobermint could …well yeah shouldn’t suppress and quash free speech. This collusion with big tech wealthy oligarchs working with left wing apparatchiks in the Lord Darth Biden of chyna regime are doing exactly that. By using a proxy to filter and suppress dissent of the big brother goobermint message it is defacto silencing free speech…good by 1st Amendment.

  7. Is it a question that this is political retaliation?

    Yet Democrats call conservatives the Fascists.

    1. Karen- You have it right. They are the true fascists. But notice how they are not insulted when they are called communists. Why might that be?

  8. Communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) act shamelessly in their own interests.

    Americans (republicans, constitutionalists, conservatives) acquiesce, submit and do nothing accretive.

    George W. Bush had the Senate, Congress and the Presidency, could have repealed America back to Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Where are men of the same resolve as the American Founders when you need them?

    How unique and unusual were the colonial circumstances and history to enjoy the genius of men the caliber of Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Adams, Jay, Franklin, Mason, etc.?

  9. It isn’t Trump that’s being shunned, punished — it’s the “Kids and people of New York City” that are denied their freedom to skate and enjoy the outdoors. This is what is different about Democrats. It’s all about killing the opposition – no matter who becomes the collateral damage! They hate Trump, but before him they hated Conservatives, Christians, morals (and still do). Only when those affected by this evil practice say “no more” will it end.

    1. Trump took over these things because NYC FAILED.

      Why does anyone expect they will do better today ?

      There is actually a long long history – not just of ice rinks but of all public concessions.

      Accross the country we have national and state parks being run by private companies.
      Delivering better service, at lower cost and paying the government for the priviledge to do so.
      As compared to declining service, and increasing costs when govenrment park services ran these fascilities.

  10. The leftists here who usually contradict everything don’t seem to have said much when we posted about Australian news finally saying what so many believe– Biden is senile.

    Marinate in the thought that this who you cheated into office.

  11. Will they return them to the condition they were in when DJT took them over, or will they hypocritically keep all the renovations and take credit for them?

  12. NYC Mayor Bill de Balhzio uses creeps in subway trains to advance his political career.

    The naked man who pushed another man onto the NYC train tracks got fried on the electrified third rail.

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