Michigan AG Nessel Unleashes Political Diatribe Against Defiant Restaurant Owner

We previously discussed the controversial threats of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) against those who were raising electoral fraud allegations. She is currently in another controversy involving the arrest of restaurant owner Marlena Pavlos-Hackney. Fox Host Tucker Carlson has alleged that the owner was arrested due to her appearance on his show. (For full disclosure, I am a contributor to Fox News). Nessel can certainly point to a long history of noncompliance to justify the arrest but her statement issued in response to the allegations is, in my view, highly inappropriate and shows raw political bias.

Pavlos-Hackney became a national hero for some in defying the Michigan health orders and what followed were a series of citations and contempt orders.

Those orders were sufficient to secure a bench warrant of arrest, but the timing following her appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show led many to object that Nessel was retaliating against a national critic.

Putting aside the retaliatory accusation, there is ample reason to condemn Nessel’s response to the criticism. Here is the statement:

Marlena Pavlos-Hackney had countless opportunities to comply with even the most basic health and safety protocols to protect her community from the spread of Covid. She defied her local health department and the court at every turn, instead choosing to taunt health inspectors, law enforcement and the courts at every turn- going on Tucker Carlson and setting up a lucrative Go Fund Me account instead of making even the slightest effort to protect her customers, her workers and community. She is no martyr and no hero. One cannot repeat the mantra of “Law & Order” and support the activities of Ms Pavlos-Hackney. But if you cheered Donald Trump when he bragged about the many ways he avoided military service while others complied with their legal obligations, it’s no wonder you revere this woman. Making personal sacrifice for the greater good of our state and nation was once considered admirable. Not anymore.

Michigan AG Dana Nessel

My objections to the statement are two-fold.  First, Nessel goes out of her way to taunt Pavlos-Hackney and her supporters. She also makes specific reference to her going on the Tucker Carlson show. Given the free speech issues in such appearances, the reference to a national show (in which Nessel was criticized) shows, at a minimum, terrible judgment by Nessel. This is particularly concerning given Nessel’s prior threats against people who raised electoral fraud claims.

Second, Nessel uses the statement to confirm raw political bias in striking out at Trump and his supporters.  She mockingly notes “if you cheered Donald Trump when he bragged about the many ways he avoided military service while others complied with their legal obligations, it’s no wonder you revere this woman.”  Ironically, it is the type of gratuitous attack that many of us criticized Trump for using against political opponents. However, this is the Michigan Attorney General engaging in petty digs against Republican critics.

The entire statement reads like a political screed rather than a prosecutorial statement. It is both unprofessional and unwarranted in addressing the arrest of a citizen. What is bizarre is that most officials in such a controversy would strive to maintain an absolutely legally  objective and politically neutral position. Nessel could have left the matter by detailing the history of noncompliance as sufficient justification for the arrest. Nessel did precisely the opposite to pander to a political base.  She seems to struggle to fulfill every stereotype of a biased political operative exercising criminal enforcement authority.

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  1. This is why the Flynn thing mattered so much. Because when Emmet Sullivan displayed the same raw political bias and got rubberstamped and even lauded for it, it opened the door to this. This is the way it’s going to be from now on. Just do us a favor and stop acting surprised. This is what you voted for.

  2. Nessel is a Soros sock puppet. Her statement clearly reflects the complete absence of any adherence to the rule of law or the Michigan and US Constitutions. She should be removed from office and replaced with a rational person who will not pollute the AG office with their personal and Soros petty political agenda.

  3. Jonathan: While you studiously avoid discussion of the facts, the case of Marlene Pavlos-Hackney is not really a “controversy” as you contend. It’s pretty straightforward. The owner of Marlene’s Bistro and Pizzeria in Park Township, MI decided she didn’t have to follow Michigan law regarding coronavirus restrictions for restaurants. She didn’t believe the dine-in ban applied to her. She thumbed her nose at Michigan law and continued to operate as she always had without any limits on the number of diners and no requirement for face masks. As a result one of her customers contracted Cavid endangering other customers and her workers. Now Pavlos-Hackney might have tried to comply with the law by limiting customers to take-out as most every other restaurant owner have done. Nope. She continued to operate pre-pandemic. She defied the law. After Pavlos-Hackney was cited several times for non-compliance and refused to respond she was held in contempt and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest. When arraigned Pavlos-Hackney refused to take an oath to tell the truth and talked back to the judge. She was defiant. The judge was equally stern: “Should the restaurant open up again, there will be another bench warrant issued immediately, another pickup order, 93 days and $7,500…I don’t how long you want to do this, ma’am, but we can keep doing it all year long. You must abide by the law”. Pavlos-Hackney is apparently still in jail because she refuses to follow the law. In a public statement she is defiant in her belief she has the God-given right to operate her business as she sees fit: “We don’t want this country to be a Communist regime that’s going to dictate what we can do and what we cannot do”. Nope. Public health be damned. This lady marches to the beat of another drummer—Donald Trump and his followers who have believed that pandemic restrictions, e.g., face masks, social distancing and dine-in bans were violations of their rights. Pavlos-Hackney follows her leader even it he is out of office.

    This case is not about laws that restrict 1st Amendment rights like down in Kentucky where “insulting” a police officer will be illegal. This is about public health protections to ensure every American is protected against contracting the coronavirus and from spreading it to others. Instead of applauding these efforts you call Pavlos-Hackney a “national hero” for resisting common sense laws and regulations to contain the virus. Instead you bizarrely criticize Michigan AG Dana Nissel for calling out not only Pavlos-Hackney but Donald Trump who also thumbed his nose at necessary pandemic restrictions–setting back the fight against Covid for months–and causing the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands. As an attorney you should be urging restaurant owners to follow the law. Instead, you celebrate those, like Pavlos-Hackney, who defy the law and you criticize State AGS who are trying to enforce it! Yes, it’s been a big sacrifice. I still can’t dine-in at my local Starbucks. But that’s the price we have to pay for public health and safety. Apparently, Pavlos-Hackney still doesn’t get it!

    1. “The owner of Marlene’s Bistro and Pizzeria in Park Township, MI decided she didn’t have to follow Michigan law regarding coronavirus restrictions for restaurants. ”

      George III felt the same way about the founders.

    2. “As a result one of her customers contracted Cavid ”

      You have absolutely no proof that the customer contracted COVID at the Bistro. That person could have contracted it anywhere. It’s false statements like yours that certify the COVID response by Whitmer (5,500 dead elderly people and counting) was/is just an exercise in tyranny.

      CDC Study: 85% of Coronavirus Patients Reported Wearing Masks ‘Always’ or ‘Often’


    3. I agree with the unlawful part….and certainly, clearly, the defendant is defiant and convicted in her position. I admire that even if I might not be so bold.

      But here is the problem, and yes, I KNOW this has little to do with this case from a legal perspective: What about the customers who DID go in and dine? If the laws are such that is it unlawful, why was the power of the law not also aimed at the diners?

      going a bit further: it’s been alleged, that one diner contracted the virus FROM the business. How was that confirmed. Was there a definitive science based investigation and not some arbitrary claim on contact tracing? Was there another path and situation that caused the transmission? It seems just as likely for instance the diner may have gotten the virus transmission at some point NEAR or in transit to, or from a completely different location/person? How can one be so precise? Furthermore, IS THIS EVEN the argument in the case? That the owners is responsible for the transmission of virus? How does that work? I want to know? and Not theory…this is after all a criminal case? was this some rare virus genomic sequence so rate in strain and mutation that phyology can prove it was transmitted from one person to another and ONLY from that contact and NO OTHER? AND also at that precise location in space/time? I have never seen this kind of science? I’m not sure we can assume any court or prosecutor would advance such evidence to a court. It would certainly fall apart at even the slightest test of real science….provable evidence based science.

      going even a bit more: if the laws states that commercial diners are problematic…that the virus has some innate ability to select diners and not lets say, the gas conveniecnce store …the line at the post office…a public restroom…walmart…YOUR PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT….Well, what IS IT about diners that makes them far more risky? isn’t it true the law doesn’t address this? And the next question becomes, why not? How does the law provide protections for one circumstance but not the other?

      going a bit more: in all of the unlicensed protests, in that state, why no arrests? did the virus just take a vacation. Surely the virus transmitted? Going on the assumption this state has conjured up the scientific precision to trace contact down to specific one on one, space/time, why no action for what can only be regarded as near ideal and optimal super spreader events?

      we have questions.

      I would also say, that intelligent people ARE asking the right questions. And I would also say, maybe there is an explanation for the AG to make such a public display of DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH.

      what do you think?

      if the prosecutor here has such a solid case, of what reason would it be necessary to “sell it so hard” in a public way, straying far away from legal ethics and quite possibly spoiling the case.

      I think we got a problem here Houston!

    4. Dennis is talking about raw power of the fascist type. Whitmer can permit her family to do what they wish but no one else is permitted to do the same. “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” _Lord Acton That is what we saw in Michigan. Right now the AG should be involved in questions of impropriety and death as a result for Whitman’s actions that stepped over the line in many areas. She is probably responsible for many deaths of seniors in Nursing homes and her state did something similar to what Cuomo did. [That is why Democrats are pushing Cuomo out on sex charges not the deaths of nursing home seniors. That death would involve around a half a dozen Democrat governors]

      The AG of Michigan says she will not investigate but we should take note of the questions being asked. An investigation of Michigan’s handling of the crisis is needed, not against anyone in particular but to clear the air.

      ‘Ex-Michigan health department director receives $155K as part of separation agreement
      The former director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will receive more than $155,000 in exchange for “releasing all claims against” the state, according to a separation agreement provided to the Free Press. “


    5. “Park Township” he calls it. Only people who have never been to Holland Michigan would identify it by township. The only people who care about the township there are the assessors.

      It’s in HOLLAND got it? On the South side of Lake Macatawa, not far from 31 bypass, near the Hope College athletic fields.

      The license WILL be regained and no doubt ready for “TULIP TIME” which this year, is NOT cancelled, starting on May Day. Sal Sar

      https:// http://www.holland.org/events/tulip-festival


  4. And who is to blame for a terrible AG for the state of Michigan? Those who voted for her!!!!!!

    1. Detroit mostly. You can see what a mess they have made of their own place. The rest of Michigan knows better. It’s not unlike Illinois in that way. Sal Sar

      1. I am not sure the people of Detroit really did vote for her. For years Detroit has been suspected of being deeply immersed in voter fraud.

  5. It’s hard to imagine anyone calling himself a “leader” who is more incompetent than Trump. He was supported by his father well into his forties, he bankrupted 6 businesses, he’s on his third sham marriage, and right now, his hotels are foundering. He owes hundreds of millions of dollars that are due soon to be paid. He insulted many world leaders, he botched the pandemic, causing unnecessary deaths and suffering, he trashed the successful economy inherited from Obama, and worst of all, he’s caused at least some Americans not to trust their government, not to trust public health officials and not to believe in the integrity of our elections, solely because he knew he didn’t legally win in 2016 and wouldn’t win in 2020. He fomented a riot at our Capitol based on nothing but his massive ego and inability to admit that Americans didn’t want him.

    I haven’t seen Biden’s presser yet, but I already know how Fox is going to spin it: they’re trying to create a narrative that Biden is senile, out of touch, incompetent, etc.. He already enjoys a 62% approval rating, something Trump wasn’t able to do in 4 years’ time. He’s put together a vaccine delivery program that is saving lives, he put together a pandemic relief package that will help most Americans, and is restoring our allies’ trust in America. Yes, I know you’re going to try to claim Trump did something, anything, to get the vaccine into arms, but the credit goes to the scientists and their research for the science that led to creation of the vaccines. All Trump did was direct money toward them. One thing he could have done was come up with strategies to set up vaccination distribution sites, but he didn’t. His plan was to just send vaccine to the states and let them figure out the rest.

    1. how about you watch in then first Natacha. I listened on NPR and don’t need Fox to tell me Biden did not seem very bright today.

      Sal Sar

    2. “He fomented a riot at our Capitol based on nothing but his massive ego and inability to admit that Americans didn’t want him.”

      Yet you still “want him”. Are you not an American?

      You cannot stop obsessing over Donald Trump. He’s living deeply inside your head.

      1. She didn’t watch nor listen to Biden’s first presser which took him 64 days to meander around to doing. But she’s whining about Trump still. This is a Biden voter!

    3. “I haven’t seen Biden’s presser yet, but I already know how Fox is going to spin it: they’re trying to create a narrative that Biden is senile, out of touch, incompetent, etc..”

      Actually, it’s all the other networks, like CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc that are spinning like mad to create a false narrative that Biden gave a solid, crisp performance, reassuring the country that the “adults” are back in charge, and reassuring the world that “America is back.” What a load of crap.

      But that crap won’t fly. Why? Because Biden is obviously senile and obviously not in command and his first press conference was a train wreck full of flatout lies, insults and divisive words that were simply false with zero pushback from anyone in the press. Zero. Biden is all about Unity? Restoring the “soul” of America? My a**.

      We all have eyes and ears. America is not as stupid as Joe Biden thinks.

      1. And Joe Biden has an earpiece in HIS ears telling him what to do and prompting him on what to say. This man is not the Leader of the Free World. Who is?

        But you know what? Most Americans would rather have senile Joe in office than Kamala the political prostitute, totalitarian-in-waiting.

        Wake up America. All hands on deck.

    4. All credit goes to President Trump for the miracle of not one, but two successful vaccines BEFORE the end of the year – as he promised – and as the Fake News media mocked him for saying. Biden has done nothing but follow the PLAN Trump and his administration ALREADY had in place.

    5. You know what Biden did on vaccines? He spent time during his campaign sowing seeds of DOUBT in the public about the safety and efficacy of a vaccine developed by Trump’s administration! Biden said he would not take a Trump vaccine. Kamala Harris said she would not take a vaccine developed by Trump, also creating hesitancy and doubt in the minds of the public — all for political gain. That how sleezy Biden and Harris truly are. Biden deserves credit for nothing. He just came in and coasted on the tracks Trump’s had worked hard to lay down for him. Trump was getting over 1 million shots in arms per day before the end of his presidency, yet here is Joe Biden making that his “ambitious goal”…as if it was not already being accomplished by Trump. Joe Biden has always been a pathological liar and he stil can’t stop lying. The vaccines are Trump’s success. Period.

    6. Biden hasn’t had a press conference. Just ask Biden. He was asked, didn’t know anything about a press conference.

    7. Natacha says: “It’s hard to imagine anyone calling himself a “leader” who is more incompetent than Trump.”

      No it’s not. We have President Joe “I’m from the gubment and I’m here to help” Biden. It’s hard to imagine a more incompetent “leader” than someone who has only been on the government payroll for his entire career, who has never done anything else but be a professional bureaucrat. All he knows how to do is fundraise, talk about doing something, but never doing anything, spend other people’s money with zero accountability. It’s hard to imagine being in worse hands than Joe Biden: a corrupt politician, sell out, not too bright, who graduated at the bottom of his law school class, and lies about it, is a well known pathological liar, plagiarist, and back stabber.

      Yes, Joe Biden, Mr. Unity, is here to save the soul of America. It’s laughable. And qute sad actually, that Biden seems to really believes his own absurd lies. Because he’s also senile. Yeah, America, we are in good hands. Not.

    8. do you REALLY need fox or anyone else to do your thinking for you? seriously, what IS IT about this filter you suggest is making it impossible for you and others to form original objective evaluations of fact and reason?

      is the main stream media reliable enough to even consider? Obviously, you make the point …although perhaps you may not realize it.

      if you watch the videos…all of them….and not just today……then you are informed. not through ANY external filters. Just you and your mind.

      I can assure you, if you do this, you will have a better informed set of facts to make credible opinions.

      you shouldn’t be interested in predicting anything. Just look at the facts. Examine them.

      evaluate them on your own.

      spoiler: biden is in fact slo joe. He has some kind of mental decline. Probably due to old age..Some make a good argument it is classic dementia. It could be attributed to some other problem too, or a combination of health and fitness issues. he has certainly lost a step, literally he walks as if he is about to fall at any moment. Shuffling…. But it IS glaringly obvious and persistent. Chronic as they say.

      When you see the performance, it is not acceptable. At all.

      I will also point out a few hard realities that you must consider when making your evaluation on your own..

      he had cheat sheet cards. And not just what to talk about with facts and figures. But show and tell pictograms for the reporters in the room and what order to point to them and what answers to provide. Now, you might think this is acceptable …but it isn’t. Why would a staged presser, one that took almost 70 days to prepare for, be okay to have the entire thing staged…? Again this raises the concern about his fitness for this responsibility….arguably the MOST RESPONSIBLE DUTY OF ANYONE!

      you can watch some of it here:

      and here further back in time:

      and more here:


      and just for some of that old time joe malarkey comedy routine, this:


      I could prepare an entire ensemble of information for you about this…but to be perfectly clear Biden hasn’t given enough real time pressers to make more than about an hour of material.

      nearly 80 days in, and slo joe doesn’t have but about one hour of real time press material…

      at this rate, Joe Biden will achieve an all time record setting lowest amount of time from any president in US history to speak to and answer questions.

      and frankly, given his answers are at best vague and at worst absurdly sophomoric and mumbo jumbo, I am not even sure we should be focusing on time, but on quality of content.

    9. Must be nice to live in your own alternate universe, where all the things you posted are true…

  6. OT

    1. “China Flu, 2020” was deliberately released by China, from its Wuhan Institute of Virology, to reduce its population of elderly people as China is doomed by its one-child policy from the past. China will move further in the future to reduce its elderly population. China’s population is terminally out of balance by its overabundance of old people – China has no workforce or Social Security and Medicare to address this segment of the population.

    2. “China Flu, 2020” was released 9 months prior to the U.S. presidential election to support the malleable Joe Biden and remove President Donald J. Trump, China’s adversary and nemesis.

    “The end [justifies] the means…”

    – Leon Trotsky

    The Chinese Communist Party is not hindered by law or morality; by brutality and violence.

    It is merely a tool; a means to an end.

  7. Please cite the Constitution wherein any elected officials are provided any power to mandate healthcare?

    10th Amendment

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

  8. This AG is actually a secret Trumpster. She knows that if she prejudices a case the final result will be an acquittal. Either a secret Trumpster or dumber than a box of rocks. She was elected by the good people of Michigan along with their wonderful Governor. When are your actions so outlandish that they benefit the opposing party. The AG and the Governor just have to be Trumpsters in disguise.

  9. The AG’s statement was spot-on and fully appropriate. Pavlos-Hackney DID seek the limelight, she DID set up a lucrative Go Fund Me account, and she did appear on Fox News to push her anti-health agenda, so she has it coming. All the AG did was point out the obvious and the valid reason why Pavlos-Hackey is now in trouble.

    If there’s anything outrageous here, it’s the politicization of a public health crisis.

    1. You are a sycophant of the worst and most incompetent leaders out there today Natch.

      How about you give us your review of Biden’s press conference, we need some laughs.


    2. Natacha, spot on or not the AG has tainted and spoiled the case. It is not the responsibility of an AG to express her opinion but to make sure that equal justice is administered. She is no lover of the law but instead a political hack. We understand your defense of her actions in the same way we appreciate all of your comments.

  10. An Attorney General who allows her personal political bias to influence her job is not fit for office.

    Here in CA, restaurants have gone out of business, while big Democrat donors like Hollywood are allowed to have outdoor catering on movie, TV show, and commercial shoots. Restaurants were forced to close. Then they were told they can open for outdoor dining only, but they had to invest in expensive outdoor heaters, and tents which essentially just make plastic walled rooms without much ventilation. Then after spending thousands of dollars, they were told they couldn’t do outdoor dining after all, and closed again.

    PPP loan money was given out after only a couple of weeks, so many businesses never benefitted from the first draw. Now they’ve opened it back up again for a second draw. Yet it only equals two and a half months of payroll. That’s not enough to keep closed businesses afloat for over a year. It helps businesses who have lost money, but won’t solve the problem of a business making no revenue, but trying to cover rent and salary.

    In some aspects, this is a case of someone with a job and steady income, persecuting and mocking a business owner she is trying to drive out of business and impoverish.

    I have asthma. I’ve been as careful as possible to avoid getting Covid-19. But keeping businesses closed for over a year is inhumane and unreasonable. Pretending that doing so prevents a health crisis is not accurate. You could close every business in CA, shutter them all, and people are still going to gather together and spread it.

    How is it safe for Hollywood studios to have outdoor dining, which they call “craft service”, but not for restaurants to do the same? Does the SARS-CoV-2 virus care about politic, donors, or who holds the outdoor event?

    1. You again? Where do you get off claiming that limiting indoor dining or setting requirements for outdoor dining is “pretending” to prevent a health crisis? If anyone is “pretending” it’s you. You keep trying to pretend that you know as much or more than health care providers because that’s what you heard on Fox, but, more importantly, that when public health measures are implemented, it is done with bad intentions.

      This is the fallout from fat, stupid, narcissistic Donald J. Trump, who also thought his arrogant opinions should carry as much weight or even more than those of licensed physicians with years of public health experience. That, coupled with the constant screeching diatribe from Fox News against taking public health measures solely designed to limit the spread of COVID, and instead turning it into a political issue. Other countries also shut down to prevent unnecessary deaths, some more than once, and the attitude is that COVID is something that has to be dealt with. To the extent the spread of COVID is curtailed, this translates into limiting the number and virulence of variants that vaccines might not be effective in combating. Limiting the spread saves lives. This pandemic is a once-in-100 years event, and it’s outrageous that someone whose opinions are based solely on what she heard on Fox News thinks she can assign bad intentions to directives from public health officials. Now, you are accusing the MI AG of political bias in enforcing the law. That restaurant b**ch was challenging law enforcement. She made herself a cause celebre, and is just being brought to account.

      1. Here is Natacha, ever hateful of women who do not share the same opinions which she espouses. she said:

        “That restaurant b**ch was challenging law enforcement. She made herself a cause celebre, and is just being brought to account.”

        The fine restaurant will get its license back, and we will be going there this summer and enjoying the food and leaving a handsome tip

        We will be visiting the beautiful Holland State park beach and also picking blueberries. Ottawa County– Pure Michigan!

        We may swing by and play cards at the Indian casinos nearby too. If the tyrant Gretchen allows them to open.


        Hail to the Pottawattamie Nation, our friends and neighbors! A beacon of freedom in a state suffering from the blue haze of fearful lockdowns!

        Among others, they got one in Kalamazoo and one in New Buffalo. Thank God for the treaties respecting their sovereignty! What a blessing they are in the Midwest.

        Hot sun, pizza, and gambling fun! Life is still worth living folks! Summer is coming!

        Sal Sar

      2. Natacha:

        You said, “Where do you get off claiming that limiting indoor dining or setting requirements for outdoor dining is “pretending” to prevent a health crisis?”

        Pay attention. Every single time you claim to know what I think, you are wrong. You’d think you would learn not to do that by now.

        Nessel said that going after restaurant owners was to prevent a health crisis. So I asked why does closing down restaurants, but allowing filming craft services (i.e. dining), make sense? It’s real easy for people with a job and steady income to sneer at the concerns of people who are losing their businesses, their livelihoods, and their financial security to rules that appear arbitrary and not science-based.

        Professor Turley remarked that Nessel appeared to have a political bias, due to her remarks about Tucker Carlson and Trump.

        There is no scientific data that outdoor dining spreads Covid-19. Zip. Zero. Nada. There IS data that Covid spreads in indoor situations with close personal contact, such as bars. But nothing on outdoor dining.

        Restaurant owners say that they were required to take myriad precautions, including making people eat outside, while big box stores and grocery stores do none of that. The latter limited occupancy and made people stand in line 6 feet apart. But people could mingle inside, and spend all day inside that store if they wanted to. This is because the Department of Health covers restaurants but not big box stores. So people could go pick up Covid-19 from using the same credit card keypad as 5,000 other people, and then go eat in a restaurant, but the restaurant would be blamed.

        If you want to be science based, as you claim, then you have to actually follow the science.

        “Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious diseases expert at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) told KRON there’s been no clear evidence linking outdoor dining to the spread of the virus. “There hasn’t been any data presented that if done right with ventilation, with masking, hand hygiene and distancing, smaller tables. Everything that people did and many restaurants did to keep it safe that restaurants became a root of spread.””


        CA Governor Newsom must not really believe that dining in restaurants is unsafe. After the ban, he was photographed dropping thousands of dollars at the expensive Napa restaurant the French Laundry with a group of friends.



    Xronia Polla Ellada! Sal Sar

  12. Imagine our shock when those American Hatin Dem/Rino Commie/Nazi types act out in public like Commie/Fascist. lol

    18 U.S.C. § 242 (2018) – Deprivation of rights under color …
    [Search domain law.justia.com/codes/us/2018/title-18/part-i/chapter-13/sec-242/] https://law.justia.com/codes/us/2018/title-18/part-i/chapter-13/sec-242/
    Citation: 18 U.S.C. § 242 (2018) Section Name §242. Deprivation of rights under color of law: Section Text: Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the …

  13. Powers not delegated to the U.S., or prohibited to the States, are reserved to the People, or to the States.

    The Constitution does not provide any imagined powers of healthcare security.

    The power of tyranny is not reserved to the States.

    The Attorney General of the State of Michigan is provided no authority to engage in tyranny or dictatorship.

    People are free to attend to their own healthcare, including the prevention of disease.

    Through the suspension of Habeas Corpus, Congress cannot assume powers not provided by the Constitution, or impose dictatorship and martial law, in the absence of “Rebellion” or “Invasion.”

    Rebellion or invasion do not exist and Congress has no power to suspend Habeas Corpus to compel acts of personal hygiene or healthcare.

    People are free to attend to their personal hygiene and healthcare.

    10th Amendment

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    Article 1, Section 9

    The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.

  14. “[Pavlos-Hackney] defied her local health department and the court at every turn, instead choosing to taunt health inspectors, law enforcement and the courts at every turn- going on Tucker Carlson and setting up a lucrative Go Fund Me account instead of making even the slightest effort to protect her customers, her workers and community. She is no martyr and no hero. One cannot repeat the mantra of “Law & Order” and support the activities of Ms Pavlos-Hackney. But if you cheered Donald Trump when he bragged about the many ways he avoided military service while others complied with their legal obligations, it’s no wonder you revere this woman. Making personal sacrifice for the greater good of our state and nation was once considered admirable. Not anymore.”
    Dana Nessel is a shrew as she so obviously proves with her every syllable. You sacrifice for the collective, Comradette, the rest of us will breath free.

  15. What can I say? We live in a time of raw politics, and Nessel is a politician as well as law enforcement officer. Nothing she said surprised me and I don’t agree with any of it. Professor Turley correctly notes how biased and unfair it is, but so what? The only concern is whether Pavlos-Hackney will get a fair trial. I know nothing about her alleged law violations. The public record will reveal them. At this stage, it seems that Nessel’s comments will destroy any chance of a fair trial. It’s a shame that if Hackney is convicted she’ll have to appeal to reverse it, but I’m not shocked. In fact, it’s to Hackney’s benefit that Nessel publicly destroys due process. But – fingers crossed – I hope the justice system does its job by slapping Nessel down. My point is that academic outrage counts for nothing in these times. Now, only political costs can control the abuse of power.

    1. If anyone needs to get slapped down, it’s the restaurant b**ch who thinks she can not only flaunt a law enacted to save lives, but can turn herself into a celebrity and make money in the process. What “due process” rights were violated here??

      Turley’s just another Fox News hack. Those of you who are Fox News disciples show your worship, but you have no right to endanger the lives of other people by refusing valid public health directives. You do not have the right to do whatever you want, including spreading around your respiratory droplets by refusing to wear masks or social distance, which is how this disease is spread, any more than you have the “right” to drive down the highway as fast as you want, ignore traffic signals and other rules implemented for general public safety.

      This is just more fallout form that bloated, arrogant TV host and his media enablers.

      1. “Turley’s just another Fox News hack”

        This is what the lady who shows up to contribute comments to his articles every day says

        Similar to how she can’t stop talking about Trump.

        Let me tell you guys, PRAY that you will never gain the attention of a “lady” like Natacha! The more she thinks of you, the hotter the hate!

      2. Natacha – you do know, don’t you, that Biden’s press secretary (propagandist, really) stands there daily, at the podium, in the tiny press briefing room, with reporters, and she never wears a mask — on federal property, even. Not one complaint from the “reporters” and not one of them asks her to “wear a mask” so they feel more comfortable — besides the fact that Biden made it a federal mandate.

        Rules for you, but not for us. That is the Democrat hypocrisy at work. It’s disgusting to most Americans.

  16. While it’s been very clear of late that Turley will and does everything and anything he can to appease his Trump cult base. Turley now subscribes to the working model of FOX and Sidney Powell. That no reasonable person would believe their false claims. Turley has been earning his money as a “FOX contributor” by funneling his news on his blog that only the Trump cult wants to see and hear. In that, he fails as a teacher and educator.

    1. Fishwing, since you love to come to this site only in order to complain let me ask you ONE QUESTION: Can you name one conservative or Republican state official that has had any citizen arrested and jailed for minor crimes such as opening their business?

      Only consercatives are perp walked ala ROger Stone or the restaurant and gym owners. We had an FBI official change a court document intentionally, get caught, plead guilty…and no jail time. We have security officials releasing presidential phone calls with no charges. We had people telling the Senate that they “knew” of crimes committed by Brett Kavanaugh when they were proved to be lying…with no charges. We had Brennan, Comey et al LYING to CONGRESS with no charges. Lat by not least we had two LAWYERS, two LAWYERS that went to top level law schools, being captured tossing MOLOTOV COCKTAILS into police cars and they get to plead out without the public finding out what the sentence is. If they were righty nuts, poor righty nuts, they would have been charged with treason and they would have never been allowed to plead. But Ivy League lawyers on the left can torch police cars and get treated as if it isn’t INSURGENT???

      When was the last time a non-conservative was banned from Twitter? When was the last time a minority was charged with a hate crime? When was the last time an ANTIFA goon was sent to prison?

      The two faced justice is getting worse every day and sooner or later the people will vote out this insanity.

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