“Intentionally Racist”: Rep. Tlaib Declares Wright Shooting “Wasn’t An Accident”

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib wasted no time in declaring that the shooting of Daunte Wright was a racist shooting and no accident. The long advocate for defunding police has declared that she is done with “government funded murder.” I have a column this morning in The Hill discussing how such comments can prejudice not only the case against any officer in the Wright case but the ongoing trial of former officer Derek Chauvin. While a long advocate to defund the police, Rep. Tlaib seems to go even further to call for an end of all policing in her most recent comments.

There is evidence suggesting that the shooting may have been accidental. In the videotape, the officer is heard yelling “taser, taser, taser” before he exclaims “Holy S**t, I just shot him.” There remain serious questions about the stop and execution of the arrest. However, Tlaib clearly is not willing to wait for those facts to be established.

Rashida Tlaib declared on Twitter on Monday night that the death of Daunte Wright “wasn’t an accident” and was “inherently [and] intentionally racist.”

There is evidence that the shooting may have been a  “confused weapon” case where an officer mistakingly grabs his service weapon rather than his taser.  Particularly given the riots and looting that is occurring in Minnesota, one would hope that government officials would caution against assuming facts and encouraging the public to wait for the results of the investigation.

The officer has been put on administrative leave.

Tlaib’s call for “no more policing” will rekindle the defund the police debate to the chagrin of many who see the cause as hurting Democrats.

Following the death of George Floyd, Tlaib announced her support for legislation called the BREATHE Act. The bill would divest federal money from federal law enforcement entities, close federal detention centers, and create federal incentives to close state prisons.

The latest comments are breathtaking.  Tlaib states categorically that the incident was “inherently & intentionally racist” but also declares “no more policing, incarceration, and militarization. It can’t be reformed.” What does that mean? No more policing or incarceration in a large society would invite anarchy and chaos. This is a member of the United States Congress calling for the end of policing entirely as if the United States could get by on the honor’s system.

Tlaib demonstrates how the defund the police movement remains strong in the United States and, despite denials from some in the media, remain as unambiguous as it is extremist.

257 thoughts on ““Intentionally Racist”: Rep. Tlaib Declares Wright Shooting “Wasn’t An Accident””

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  2. How racist is it to teach your children to hate Jewish people because you want their land?

    1. How racist is it to hate Palestinian people because you want their land?

      1. It is racist when one distorts history to provide a prejudicial view of any specific group of people.

        What do you say Carlyle about the Jews in Arab nations that where thrown out of those nations without their property under the threat of death? Most of them are now in Israel. Do you have nothing to say?

        Before the mandate the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, leader of what you consider Palestinians wanted to kill all the Jews living in Israel and aligned himself with Hitler to do just that.. Do you have nothing to say?

        The British mandate was divided up, but only a small part of the land was left to the Jews (It was supposed to be much larger) and the rest to the Arabs. Do you have nothing to say?

        Gaza was turned over to the Palestinians without any preconditions. That led to missiles being launched from Gaza into Israel on a regular basis. Do you have nothing to say?

        Blind racism is the cause of many slaughters throughout the word. Among them the Israeli’s have been the most humane. The people you support want all Jews out of the Mideast or better yet dead. What do you have to say?

        1. History is not what happened it is what people write about the past and things that did not happen get included and things that did get left out. Most historians are writing for a market in one particular nation and tailor their words to boost national self esteem.

          Of course there are revisionist historians such as Israel’s “New Historians” and Australia’s Henry Reynolds who include facts counter to the pleasant national mythology.

        2. When exactly were the Jews in Arab nations expelled, was it before or after the expulsion of the 700,000 Palestinians? If it was after I am not in the least surprised, Up until the establishment of Israel Jew Hatred was a Christian thing, Muslims did not hate Jews, post Israel not surprisingly their attitudes changed.

          There is also the fact that Israel wanted the Jews from Arab lands and there is suspicion that some of the terrorist attacks attributed to Arabs were in fact false flags by Israel.

          Also when the Jews were expelled from Arab Nations was it before or after the pillaging in Israel of the homes the 700,000 had left?

          1. Carlyle, you apparently don’t know the history. Think of this, before Israel became independent, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem wanted to exterminate the Jews and he signed a pact with Hitler creating an alignment to do just that, exterminate all Jews. That should let you know the feelings years before the times you are talking about.

            Read the Koran and see what it says.

            Read the strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood written in their own language by them. This was released at the Holy Land Trial.

            “4- Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America:
            The process of settlement is a “Civilization-JihadistProcess” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

            The entire memorandum can be read first in Arabic and then the translation at:


            The Muslim Brotherhood is considered a terrorist organization in some Mideastern nations and has been considered to be named a terrorist organization here in the US. It is tied to CAIR and even the MSA (Muslim Student Association).

            You can make up whatever stories you want. I have already read your rantings earlier today. What you said was more than enough. I need to know no more. Anyone who hasn’t read what you wrote should read them now.

            One starts off “I hate CHRISTIANS…”
            and another “If you know that a fetus once born will grow into a human”. Still another “There are worse things than genocide and modern medicine is turning natural selection off for the human species. …”

            Use the above words for a search at:


            1. “Carlyle, you apparently don’t know the history. Think of this, before Israel became independent, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem wanted to exterminate the Jews and he signed a pact with Hitler creating an alignment to do just that, exterminate all Jews. That should let you know the feelings years before the times you are talking about.”

              Of course the Grand Mufti wanted to exterminate the Jews. Palestinians had heard enough intra Zionist chatter to know that the Zionists intended to displace them and as proven by the establishment of the state of Israel they did just that.

              1. Carlyle, your story continuously changes. Your question was indicative of an Arab reaction to Israelis that occurred after WW2. Now suddenly your story is changing to an earlier time frame.

                No matter what I say your story will continue to evolve to protect your underlying thesis. The indigenous Jews from the Mideast, in particular Israel, to you will always be the problem. They aren’t as I have shown and they meet your own criteria. They are indigenous. You blame everything on the Jews. That is anti-Semitism.

                1. The Israeli/Arab problem has been going on since 1889 that is 141 years.

                  The Palestinians have always opposed Jewish immigration because they have overheard enough internal discussions among Zionists to recognize (correctly) the Zionist threat but they never had sovereignty to do anything about it. Initially the sovereign was the Ottoman Empire and after 1917 the UK, We do not know whether the Ottoman Empire out of Muslim solidarity would have restricted the rate of Jewish immigration after 1817 because it no longer existed. The UK was on the side of the Zionists as a Zionist state in Palestine was in accord with the UK’s declining Imperial designs.

                  I am not going to put my full argument in one reply to one of your posts but will add more to further posts as I am sure also do you.

                  The word “history” means different things to different people. Most history is written for a particular national audience and your history is Israeli/Zionist history while mine comes mainly from reading media.

                  1. “”The Palestinians have always opposed Jewish immigration”

                    This sounds like a repeat of a prior discussion already answered. The Jews are indigenous to the area. However you think it is OK for Egyptian, Saudi, Syrian immigration into those lands and then complain. There is something amiss in your head that you object to indigenous immigration but not to non-indigenous immigration when in other posts you talk about colonialists usurping the rights of indigenous people.

                    Do you think al Masri is a Palestinian name or an Egyptian name?

                    You do realize that the Jews have been around for almost 4,000 years, don’t you? Why do you randomly pick dates?

                    1. 1/ I thought that I said 1880 not 1889.

                      2/ I have not the least idea what muslim names pertain to what muslim country however many of Australia’s indigenous people have European names because of a male ancesto with a European sir name. I am sure you would find people with Palestinian sir names in every other Arab country. The region has been muslim for over 1.400 years and some muslims have migrated taking their family names with them and establishing them as a name of some frequency of occurrence in that country..

                      Have you studied the geneology of the particular al Masri to whom you are referring to confirm how many of his/her male ancestors came from elsewhere in the middle east and how many of his female ancestors had native Palestinian names.

                    2. 1) Carlyle, why worry about 9 years when you don’t seem concerned about almost 4,000 years.

                      2)”Australia’s indigenous people have European names because of a male ancesto with a European sir name”

                      It doesn’t pertain. You can ask al Masri where his parents or grandparents came from and he will tell you Egypt. Who is the interloper (if you wish to call one that)r? One who came two or three generations earlier or one who existed for almost 4,000 years?

                      3)”The region has been muslim for over 1.400 years “

                      The Jews existence in Israel traces back almost 4,000 years.

                    3. SM

                      And the Palestinians were the descendants of Jews who converted to other religions except for the 30,000 or so who remained Jewish.

                      If you accept the Zionist myth that all Jews were expelled in the 1st century AD then of course it was not a full 4000 years. I maintain that while your full 4000 years is true they did not remain Jewish in religion but converted to Christianity and Islam. It is quite likely they did not have a choice about conversion, both Christianity and Islam are religions whose adherents don’t like the presence of adherents of other religions.

                      Either way non Jewish Palestinians are indigenous to Palestine.


                    4. “And the Palestinians were the descendants of Jews who converted to other religions except for the 30,000 or so who remained Jewish.”

                      Which Palestinians are you talking about? The Jews from the mid 20th century or the ones today?

                      “4000 years is true they did not remain Jewish in religion but converted to Christianity and Islam”

                      Are you seriously claiming all Jews converted to Christianity and Islam?

                    5. I am talking about 1880 before Zionist migration began. IIRC the total population of Palestine was about 300,000 of which 30,000 were Jewish, I forget the number Christians, most were Muslims.

                      Alll 300,000 were mainly descended from Jewish inhabiting Palestine in the 1st century AD, the ones that the Romans did not expell

  3. One must remember, Palestines teach their children to strap on a backpack and blow up a bus load of jews.

    1. Judith, you are correct. Tlaib is connected to organizations that are tied to terrorist groups like Hamas and the IRW amongst a host of others. She is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood whose documents were released in the Holy Land Trial. Those documents stated their plans and their objective to, “destroy the Western civilization from within,”

    2. In 1948 Jewish death squads which later became the IDF killed 7,000 Palestinians to encourage 700,000 to flee. What exactly are the total counts of Jews killed by Palestinians as against Palestinians killed by Jews. I am sure the ratio is not 1:1 or anything near that figure.

      1. Judith, people will say what they wish so one should expect those that support the bombings of school buses with school children on board to say anything they wish to justify that type of killing.

        They will close their eyes to the money paid for the streets and parks to be named after suicide bombers and the money provided to families of terrorists because that incentivizes more terrorism which is the goal amongst the Palestinian political elite. Just think of how much money has gone into those elite person’s pockets and how well off the Palestinians would be if their leaders used the money to promote Palestinian welfare.

        Never forget the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem aligned himself with Hitler and the Final Solution, the death of all Jews. That tells one what was in the mind of many Arabs living in what is now Israeli. That is quite a different story than what Carlyle wishes to promote. False history is used to protect oneself from having to look at the truth.

        I have recopied an earlier response to Carlyle’s erroneous history below. Take note how he doesn’t take note of the ~equal number of Jews thrown out of Arab nations without their property under penalty of death. His history along with being rigged to suit his prejudicial fantassies is also totally one-sided.

        1. Carlyle, the majority of Arab Palestinians are not indigenous to Israel, the Jews are. One can ask themselves, where did the name Jew come from? Judea. It is true that the Jewish population rose and fell in the area through conquest but Israel was the home of the Jews long before Mohammed was born and long before the Ottoman Empire. That leaves us with a Semite population that you mention where some are Jews and some are not.

          There was never a king of Palestine or anything like that. In the late 19th century the total population was very small. There was mostly desert. Jews started to rebuild their ancient land. Arabs from Arab lands migrated towards productive activity. Check out the names of many Palestinians. Examples: Mugrabi from north Africa or al Masri which means Egypt.

          The name Palestinian is likely Roman in origin. You say ” they are mostly the descendants of Jews” but we already know from their names where many of them came from. We also know that it was the Jews that were called Palestinians in the earlier portions of the 20th century. That could explain some of the confusion. The Palestinians of today originate from all over the middle east. The Palestinians of the earlier part of the 20th century were Jews and they rebuilt the nation of Israel.

          Jews have been forced to migrate and they did so all over the world. They were also forced to convert which happened as well, but those that were in Israel and developed Israel when the population was very sparse were Jews.

          “In 1880 when the Zionist infiltration of Palestine began there were 30,000 Jews but they were Palestinian Jews, not Ashkenazi Jews. “

          If you wish to use numbers one has to define the geographic boundary from where those numbers arise and how those numbers were determined. No one doubts that the area was populated by Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others. You discuss Palestinian Jews as if Ashkenazi Jews were not of the same religion or were not similarly displaced and were returning to their homeland from where they initially came. The Sephardic Jew you talk about is not the Arab Palestinian of today. They were the Palestinian Jew one reads about when they talked about the development of the land today known as Israel along with their Ashkenazi counterpart.

          “In 1948 the 700,000 Palestinians fled Palestine.” *on their own accord*. Did you forget there was a war where loads of people were killed? Mechanized and organized armies from 6 Arab nations with air forces fought mostly a disorganized army with something like a 5:1 troop advantage and a home front advantage (resupply. production etc.) that amounted to numbers far greater.

          When the British left, the garrisons, and equipment were turned over to the Arabs, NOT to the Jews. The British strongly favored the Arab nations and oil keeping Jews without significant arms. Your history is reversed. The British did exactly the opposite to what you have said.

          Essentially, the initial war started with the Israelis absent heavy weaponry, tanks airplanes, etc. It was an unbalanced war greatly in favor of the Arabs that left Israel in control of a tiny area of land, mostly desert without known oil. To the British that was an unexpected result. The Arabs were left with the remainder of the British mandate many many times larger than Israel or about 80% of the land. Jordon was part of the British mandate and Israel had a boundary containing a tiny sliver of land that was unacceptable to Arab neighbors. Since then Arab, Muslim governments and terrorists have intended to drive the Jews into the sea. Anything short of that would not lead to peace. That is why settlements providing close to 100% of Arab desires were never accomplished.

          We should also take note that that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was allied with the Germans to do to the Jews in the Mideast what the Germans did to the Jews in Europe. That is exactly what you call “ETHNIC CLEANSING” only it was in the reverse and documented in writing and speeches. Thus when you talk about the deaths of people in the area remember the Arab leader in Jerusalem wanted to exterminate the Jews and linked himself with Hitler and Hitler’s support to accomplish such a task.

          Also, take note that about the same 700,000 number of Jews were thrown out of Arab lands without any of their possessions. They left on the threat of death. Where do you think they went? Those are the Palestinians you may be referring to, but they were clearly Jewish and they too built the land of Israel.

          I think your history is quite wrong and one-sided. You say: “Palestinians using bombs, well GOOD ON THEM. The Palestinians are DEFEATED & CONQUERED people”, but Jordan exists as do all the other Arab nations of the Mideast along with the predominantly Muslim nation of Iran that is not Arab. What your problem seems to be is that Jews exist at all. It seems you believe the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was right and that the Jews should not exist at all and be exterminated.

          Your understanding of why such “Palestinian” refugees exist today seems faulty as well. Whereas Israel incorporated the refugees forced from their homes from Arab lands, the Arab nations would not permit refugees to return to homes they originally came from. Instead, they armed their borders trapping refugees in specific areas creating a non-ending problem.

          One should consider what type of problem would exist today if the millions of Hindus and Muslims were displaced when India was partitioned and Pakistan and Bangladesh were created. Somehow you find the middle east problem different. For the most part that history is created by anti-Semites that tend to rewrite history. That seems to be the history you have read.

        2. S Meyer.

          I agree that for the Palestinians terrorism has not worked well but nor has negotiation as they never had a good faith negotiation partner, Since Zionist migration to Palestine started in about 1880 the Palestinians have overheard enough of the Zionists talking among themselves to know that they intended to take all of Palestine and not leave any for the Palestinians. Resistance was rational. Their bad luck was that after the fall of the Ottoman Empire the middle east was divided up among the European Powers and The UK got Palestine. The UK is as Jew Hating a country as any other in Christendom and the UK elite were as keen for Jews to leave as was that of Germany but they also wanted a friendly power in the middle East to maintain control of unruly Arabs and a Jewish nation that would take Jews away from the UK was perfect.

          It is a myth that the UK favoured the Arabs and yes the UK spokesmen talked in public as if it favoured the Arabs but in fact favoured the Jews . One thing empires and their spokesmen are very good at is TELLING LIES.

          When Palestinians commit “terrorist” acts today I do not believe they think that it will advance a goal of repossessing Palestine, they do it to show Israelis that they hate Jews. For them it is worth losing their life and their families losing their home for a tiny bit of Jewish misery. There have been cases in the USA where N I G G E R S have shot white people in trains or have police. Again the motive is similar.

          If you are going to steal someone’s land or property and convert them into refugees or an underclass it is far kinder to implement a final solution. I believe all colonial settler states, Australia, Brazil, Israel the USA ….. have a moral obligation of mercy to their indigenous people and the descendent of their slaves to make an end of them. What happens to Australian Aborigines in Australia or slave descendent in the USA deaths in custody or at the hands of police and the hopeless underclass lives that they live is CRUEL, CRUEL, CRUEL!!!

          1. ” agree that for the Palestinians terrorism has not worked well but nor has negotiation as they never had a good faith negotiation partner”

            Totally untrue for Israel was willing to give up almost anything for peace and gave up 95% of what was on the table. The Palestinian leadership was stealing money and their power was based on continued hostility between Jews and Palestinians. Palestinian schools teach hate and train elementary school children to hate Jews and pledge to kill them. You can see the videos on the net.

            1. “Totally untrue for Israel was willing to give up almost anything for peace”.

              Don’t watch what Israel says, watch what Israel does.

              What Israel wants is not peace but the remaining pieces of Palestine free of Palestinians.

              Israel made offers which Israel knew the Palestinians would find insulting and reject while trying to dupe the rest of the world into thinking they were sincere about peace. The history is of Jewish aggression bolstered by the USA and the UK in my view all nations of the anglophone world. The Palestinians like any people being aggressed against reacted. Terrorism is the next step up from guerilla war it is the only way a people under enemy occupation can fight back militarily. As I have said before the 2nd World War French resistance members were TERRORISTS.

              I live in time zone GMT+10 and have been blogging since 22:00 on the 15th so will give it a break now.

              I will give you a link to Tony Greenstein’s blog https://azvsas.blogspot.com/. Tony Greenstein is one of the Jewish members of the UK Labour party expelled for “antisemitism”. He can make the same arguments much better than I can.

              Will be browsing the Turley blog later this weekend. Until then regards.


              1. >>“Totally untrue for Israel was willing to give up almost anything for peace”.
                >”Don’t watch what Israel says, watch what Israel does.”

                It’s very clear. For peace Israel gave up Gaza without pre conditions. What did that lead to? Armed missiles on an almost daily basis bombing civilian targets.

                Wasn’t that a clear enough sign of Israeli desires for peace for you? The missiles being launched again tells you the Arab response to anything but the elimination of the Jews from the Mideast..

                There is no reasonable discussion with you for your history and explanations will change to meet your ultimate prejudices.

                “Israel made offers which Israel knew the Palestinians would find insulting “

                Tell us those insulting offers. Almost everything was offered. What wasn’t proposed was the extinction of the Jew from the Mideast. That is what the Palestinian leadership found insulting.

                Jewish aggression? The Israelis kept a small sliver of land (less than 10 miles wide in the middle) yet were attacked by 6 Arab nations. Your solution to the problem is the final solution of the Nazi’s, exterminate all Jews. That didn’t happen. The Jews survived and held onto Israel. The State was created but the Palestinians and Arabs refused peace and went to war over and over again.

                I don’t need a blog from an anti-Semite who happens to be Jewish. Being Jewish has nothing to do with recognizing right from wrong. We have seen terrorism all over the world and most of it from Arab and Muslim nations. (This is not to say that all Arabs and Muslims are bad, white the contrary. This is to say that you can keep explaining away incidents from that part of the world but it doesn’t change the facts.)

          2. “UK elite were as keen for Jews to leave as was that of Germany but they also wanted a friendly power in the middle East to maintain control of unruly Arabs and a Jewish nation that would take Jews away from the UK was perfect. …”

            Totally false. The garrisons were turned over to the Arabs. Only a few of the elite thought the nation of Israel should exist . One of those was Winston Churchill. However, the British appointed the rulers of the lands now known as countries and was favorable to them because of oil. They hoped Israel would be defeated by the 6 Arab nations that attacked a small number of people that originally had no tanks, airf force or any way for one to believe that they would prevail in such a lopsided war.

            “It is a myth that the UK favoured the Arabs and yes the UK spokesmen talked in public as if it favoured the Arabs but in fact favoured the Jews . “

            Why then did they prohibit Jews from arming themselves, forbid Jews from entering the lands of Palestine, and turn over all the garrisons and equipment to the Arabs?

          3. “When Palestinians commit “terrorist” acts today I do not believe they think that it will advance a goal of repossessing Palestine, they do it to show Israelis that they hate Jews.”

            They are taught from grade school to hate Jews and read from the Koran that Jews are monkeys and should be destroyed. When impressionable, to remove their families from poverty, young men sacrifice their lives to kill civilians so their families can get a pension higher than the average income and so streets and parks can be named after them.

            You can see the videos of the streets, parks and parties.

            1. The Palestinians do not see Israeli civilians as INNOCENT they see them just as culpable of the murders of the 7,000 as the death squad members who did the shooting. Kill people and steal their land but do not finish them off and you will get sporadic futile “terrorism”.

              It is time that Israel realized that ethnic cleansing has not worked and that A FINAL SOLUTION TO THE PALESTINIAN QUESTION is needed.

              1. The fact that your history of events and knowledge base is totally wrong doesn’t appear evident to you. I have provided some historical facts that are easily confirmed. You have done nothing to explain them.

                Start with Gaza, Why did the Palestinians when given Gaza without preconditions set up missiles hidden in schools and hospitals that fired almost daily at Israeli citizens. Please explain.

                1. A lot of things that we consider to be facts are in facts opinions as to what the facts are. Irreconcilable conflicts of interests as with communities as war result conflicts of opinions as to the facts as between us.

                  “Start with Gaza…..”

                  Your interpretation of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza as an act of generosity is a Zionist interpretation. Of course Israel will never admit that the cost benefit relation for hanging on to Gaza was unfavourable with the similar ratio for holding ob to the West Bank.

                  1. Carlyle, the fact is that Gaza could have been negotiated, yet it wasn’t. The Israeli’s gave it free and clear to the Palestinians and that included facilities built by Israel. That was a step towards peace. What did Hamas respond with? Missiles to kill innocent civilians.

                    You talk about agreements for peace but your type of response to the Gaza turnover means that you are not being honest. Peace to you is what the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem wanted. You want the extermination of all Jews in the Mideast and if not extermination, subjugation. That would constitute an anti-Semitic response to the situation at hand since your bias has little to do with reality.

                    It more closely mirrors Koran 8:12 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran.” or Koran 47: “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them.” or any of the other statements made in the Koran that wish to kill, murder and subjugate others believed by many of those living in that area of the world.

                    1. So Gaza is free? No it is not, Gazans voted for for Hamas and Israel finds that unacceptable so Gaza has been blockaded since it was “freed” it is in fact an open air prison in which Israel drops bombs whenever it feels like it. It cannot trade with the world and is starved of the resources that they need to recover from Israeli attacks. I would say Israel has its knee on Gaza’s neck.

                      I ask a question how many Israelis have been killed by Gazan action as opposed to Gazans killed by Israeli mowing of the grass.

                      It may seem silly for Gazans to launch inaccurate piddling little rockets that mostly land in the desert and are extremely unlikely to do as much as cause an Israelis nose to bleed. Their actions do not come from rationality but from the rage of a people who have not yet acknowledged that they are DEFEATED. It is a major goal of Israel to get the Palestinians to admit in their hearts that they are defeated but one not yet achieved. Israel could learn from Australia as our unwanted Aborigines are in fact a Broken defeated underclass. If Australian aborigines had the spirit of Palestinians they would be strapping on bomb vests and detonating themselves on buses in Brisbane and Sydney so as to splatter bits of white folk over the landscape but then Israel has only had 73 years of domination while Australia has had 242. Why do the Gazans launch rockets when they know that sooner or later Israel will launch a devestating and effective counterattack which will kill many of them . They do it because of RAGE they need to show (mainly to themselves) how much they hate Israelis and Israel eventually grudgingly gets up to respond but it indicates Israeli contempt and not that Israel in any way considers itself hurt. The thing is that Israel’s conquest unlike Australia’s is not complete.

                    2. “Gazans voted for for Hamas and Israel finds that unacceptable”

                      Your history is fictitious. Preferable or not Gaza was turned over with no strings attached.

                      ” Gaza has been blockaded since it was “freed” “

                      What do you mean “blockaded”? Borders of one type or another exist everywhere. There is a border between Israel and Gaza but Palestinians living in Gaza easily crossed the border but as the terrorism rose so did the difficulty. None the less Gazans go through that border very easily.

                      On the other side the Egyptians block the border and do not permit most entry into Egypt. Blame Egypt for that. In fact the chances are al Masri likely can’t return to Egypt even though he likely came from there. Remember in 1948 it was the Arabs that encircled the Palestinians in Gaza so they couldn’t get out.

                      “It cannot trade with the world”

                      Where do you get this garbage? It can trade with Israel and does. Many of its people work in Israel and Israel helps supply Gaza with electricity and other things. It is on the Mediterranean and is not landlocked. It trades with whomever they wish.. The borders, however, are open on the Arab side permitting sophisticated Iranian missiles and armaments to get through. Much of the money that has gone to that came from Obama’s gift of money to Iran.

                      It is Hamas terrorism and missile attacks that cause difficulty for the Palestinian in Gaza.

                      “It may seem silly for Gazans to launch inaccurate piddling little rockets “

                      Piddling? They kill and terrorize people. Iran supplies higher tech rockets to Hamas so don’t act so innocent. You already have demonstrated that you can’t be taken seriously. Missiles can hit the center of Israel from the north within 3 minutes of launching. A tank going ten miles per hour starting at the 1948 line would be through the heart of Israel and into the Mediterranean within the hour.

                      ” It is a major goal of Israel to get the Palestinians to admit in their hearts that they are defeated”

                      What utter nonsense. The goal of Israel is to get the Palestinians to admit that they will not throw all the Jews into the sea killing them. There is something wrong with your lack of thought.

                    3. SM

                      Gaza has borders with Israel and Egypt neither of which allow Gazans to trade their produce for things that they need and Israel blockades the sea border so they cannot trade across that.

                      Are you an Israeli? Youdo not seem to be aware of the relationship between Gaza and Israel except of course for Gaza’s pitiful rockets.


                    4. Gaza can trade, but a lot of people from Gaza work in Israel. When Gaza was turned over, industrial areas were destroyed by citizens of Gaza that wanted nothing to do with Israel. Not smart.

                      “Are you an Israeli?”

                      You seem to think Israel thinks with one mind. It doesn’t and people are far more knowledgeable there about history and the world even if the subject has no involvement with Jews. You are stuck in historical fiction but for some reason you are not interested in researching further. That is how prejudices are created.

          4. “If you are going to steal someone’s land or property “

            The Jews are indigenous people from the area. They existed long before Mohammed, the British, the Turks etc. Your history is backas$ed.

            What is “CRUEL, CRUEL, CRUEL” is your attitude that is happy to see young men kill themselves for nothing while other suffer. With the money sent by western nations and the drive many Palestinians have in the world today, the Palestinians would be relatively rich, but for attitudes like yours.

            1. “The Jews are indigenous people from the area.”.

              No they are not, the Cananites were. That is the race on whom the Jews under Joshua committed genocide.

              We are never going to agree on this issue. I believe that the Palestinians have been treated badly but the blame does not accrue to Israel alone. More culpable are the 5 Anglophone nations, 5 eyes) that make up the Western Empire. Wars of conquest and dispossession and indeed genocide are normal stock standard human behaviour and Israel had understandable motives but citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The UK and the USA gained nothing for themselves and their support of Israel’s actions is CONTEMPTIBLE.

              After 18 centuries of Christian pogroms it is unsurprising that many Jews do not want to live among Christians. Their fear that their Christian neighbours might kill them and steal the property is well founded. Jew hatred is encoded in the DNA of Christianity at the most basic levels the gospels. The writers of the gospels were Roman citizens and for political reasons wanted to exculpate Rome from the killing of Jesus. One cannot expect a state to see one as a good citizen of that state if one blames that state for killing one’s God. The NAZI JEWISH HOLOCAUST was just a continuation of previous Christian behaviour.

              1. “No they are not, the Cananites were. That is the race on whom the Jews under Joshua committed genocide.”

                I see. If a Jew exists at the same time as another person the other person is indigenous while the Jew is not. Tell us why the Jew is not indigenous and the Canaanite is? The Jews and Canaanites fought and the Jews won. That is what you consider genocide. That is how anti-Semites think. Everything according to an anti-Semite is the Jew’s fault.

                History has people’s of all types battling other people. That is the nature of human beings struggling for their existence. Some people like you disregard history and create their own fiction to justify their feelings of hate towards others. As you said you “HATE” Christians even though Christianity brought a lot of good to the world. It seems you also hate Jews and their practices. Do you hate Jews for educating their young or because they stopped the practice of human sacrifice?

                To you, the western world of English speaking people are bad. Is Britain bad because it tried to stop slavery? Is America bad because it helped bring billions out of dire poverty? Maybe you need to rule the world so that you can create a race of people just like yourself. Is that what this discussion is all about?

                1. There is nothing sillier than putting the word “EVIL” in front of the word “EMPIRE”. ALL EMPIRES are EVIL including the British. Empires write history but it is imperial history not history of the subject peoples of the empire. Some historians may write more of the truth than others but none have all of the truth. Most national history is self justifying but most also include non-truth, distorted truth and half truths

                  Empires exist mainly to serve the interests of the imperial elites but also the lower orders rise in status as officials in the conquered lands. Australian history of our relations with Australia’s indigenous people is off their decline despite Australians’ kind treatment of them to prevent them from making mistakes because of their own ineptitude. Australia now has revisionist historians principally Henry Reynolds that discover that our treatment of them from 1788 until today was cruelty after cruelty because we considered them subhuman and therefore intrinsically evil and that only the stick not the carrot should be used in correcting their behaviour.

                  Israel is part of the anglo-western empire, and autonomous part subcontracted by first the UK but now the US to manage unruly Arab sub-humans and to prevent them from getting uppity. There are strong parallels between relations of Israel to the Palestinians and Australians to the Australian Aborigines.

                  1. Carlyle, once again you deviate from the discussion at hand and do not respond to the facts that make what you say sound ridiculous.

                    The question asked above “ Tell us why the Jew is not indigenous and the Canaanite is? “ was left unanswered as were the questions, “Do you hate Jews for educating their young or because they stopped the practice of human sacrifice?”

                    Instead you turn your focus onto empires in an attempt to remove your preferred prejudiced history from the garbage dumps as a replacement for western civilization. The new history according to Carlyle is that “Israel is part of the anglo-western empire” forgetting that Turkey was an empire and today is thinking of restoring that empire despite its history of genocide. Yours is one whacked out interpretation of history that conflicts with your own criteria along with reality.

                    I have no grievance against Arabs or Muslims as a whole though some have done horrendous things. You have placed them on a pedestal. Perhaps you like ideas behind straight male dominance over life and death of women and children run by despotic leaders. It sure sounds that way.

                    1. SM.

                      Your comments spark thoughts in my head that lead to a comment which may be on something that I have been thinking about for a long time and I see them as relevant to your’s, I apologize if you do not find them so but other blog readers might.

                      Israel’s conquest of Palestine is akin to an imperial situation still in the conquest phase and in as much as the elites of the British Empire considered the establishment of Israel to be in their short to medium term interests, (I am not sure that they are in the UK’s long term interests) the British Empire’s meddling may be a factor. You say the British turned over the arsenals to the Palestinians but I am sure that is only the ones that they left and that the Palestinians had few fighters capable of making use of them and in any case the British may have had enough intelligence on the Jewish armaments and militias that they confidently predicted an Israeli victory. Of course sometimes nations or their agents are incompetent so maybe the British actually thought that they were favouring the Palestinians.

                      For examples of imperial muddle and incompetence just observe the USA since 1945.


                    2. “Israel’s conquest of Palestine”

                      There never was a Palestine. There were Palestinian people and in the mid 20th century those known as Palestinians were Jews. Jews are indigenous to that land and for those forced away that is their home. If you read their religious texts you will note the words “next year in Jerusalem” which is read by Jews all over the world and even those Jews living in Jerusalem.

                      Yes, the British tried to make sure the Jews had as few arms as they could and they made sure all arms and garrisons were turned over to the Arabs. The British did not want Israel to succeed In fact they arrested Jews that buried their arms and confiscated whatever arms they could find. Your history is very deficient and wrong.

                      You say, re weaponry, “the Palestinians had few fighters capable of making use of them”

                      Are you saying the Palestinians are weak or stupid? They are neither. You forget it was 6 heavily armed Arab nations that fought in the war. They had tanks and an air force. You you think the Jews had Tanks and bombers buried in the sand?

                      The more you talk the more people recognize you don’t know what you are talking about. Your later statements conflict with your earlier statements. Skip reading the books on “HATE” and start learning how to be human and humane.

                    3. Palestine is a region it has rarely been a sovereign region mostly part of someone else’s empire, Babylon’s, Egypt’s, Rome’s and Turkey’s.

                      In 1947 Jews were a minority in Palestine such that they needed to expel 700,000 Palestinians to gain a majority.

                      You say my history is bad but your’s is nothing but Zionist myth.

                    4. “Palestine is a region”

                      So? Your point is?

                      You should listen to the Arab leaders telling other Arabs to leave. Everyone thought Israel would never come into existence.

                      “You say my history is bad but your’s is nothing but Zionist myth. “

                      I didn’t know my history was Zionist or Zionist myth. The problem is that the history I provide is real and documented both in writing video and tape. Yours comes from anti-Semitic and probably anti-Christian and anti-American sources that quotes itself for evidence. You have already made major mistakes that when considered in a logical way demonstrate how wrong you are.

      2. Once I saw a stat that it was 10:1 and then after intifada whichever it was even higher

        Palestinians need to get a clue and learn to live with Israel. It’s not going away,

        The fools in the West that encourage their resistance are almost always tools of global capital, seeking to destroy the principle of sovereignty as such, because it’s on the principle of sovereignty that Israel relies to justify its acts of war.

        Sovereignty among nation-states is a principle that should be respected. But, the tyrants of global capital, don’t.

  4. The last time a country was this obsessed with race was between 1933-1945. That didn’t work out so well.

  5. Let Rashida Tlaib give up her own armed security, as well as the National Guard securing her and her colleagues from riots. She seems in a tearing hurry to leave Americans vulnerable, helpless, disarmed, without police, and at the mercy of criminals. However, she takes great pains to provide herself with armed security.

    One way for thee, another for me…as long as the populace allows it.

    Vote them out.

    1. Sadly, the Founders’ brilliant structure of Congress in creating the House of Representatives is what is giving us Pelosi, Waters, AOC, Rashids, and Talib, to name just a few of the anti-American representatives who are voted into Federal office by a small percentage of the population, yet can wreak havoc on the entire nation. Impossible to vote them out because they are voted into office by like-minded voters in their districts. Once the media took up the extremists’ cause, that was it for America.

  6. Most people today don’t even feel the need to be accurate or truthful when slinging an accusation.

    Intentional racism. What a crock.

    What we saw was when incompetence and resisting arrest collide.

    Brandon Tatum posted an excellent review of the incident. There were 3 officers involved, a white sergeant, a black male cop, and a female cop, Kim Potter, who wore the body cam. Her race only came out later, and she appears white.

    The black cop pulled Daunte out of the car to arrest him, but inexplicably stood him right next to the open front driver side door. He didn’t take him to the rear of the vehicle, cutting off his avenue of escape in the car. He also did not secure him. He didn’t have the cuffs ready, didn’t have his stance ready. As he fumbled with the cuffs for what seemed an eternity, Daunte saw his chance and bolted.

    Then Potter, the female cop, pulled her firearm, which appeared to be a Glock, while threatening to Taser Daunte. After saying, “Taser, taser, taser,” she fired a round. She seemed shocked to discover it was her gun, not her taser.

    This is exactly why cops are supposed to keep their taser in a completely different area than their gun, to avoid drawing the wrong weapon.

    Potter was negligent, and entirely responsible for Daunte’s death.

    To claim it was intentional racism, or somehow hunting black people, is a bald faced lie unworthy of anyone holding office. Such a lie incites riots and hatred of police officers.

    Potter seemed incompetent. She was wrong. But as yet there has been evidence her actions were intentional or racist.

    Your chances of safety diminish when you either fight cops, resist arrest, or flee. The only thing worse than an incompetent officer booking you, is fighting or struggling with an incompetent officer. Sure, Potter will face serious consequences, and she was entirely in the wrong, but Daunte is still dead. To avoid injury, comply with lawful commands, and save your arguments for court and/or an IA complaint. Don’t fight cops. Don’t resist arrest. And don’t run. Don’t romanticize people fighting lawful arrest as if they are French Resistance rebels fighting Nazi occupiers or the Underground Railroad. Parents, teach your children what to do if they are pulled over by a police officer.

    Why flee? If he’d run over one of the cops, then he would be wanted for murder, a big step up in severity from his current warrant. If he got away, they know who he is. It’s not like he’s a criminal mastermind able to meld into the population of another country. They’re just going to get him later, except now he’ll have more charges. It was one of those instances where one mistake after another, from multiple people, piled up until the tragic conclusion.

    If Daunte had complied, he’d be safe at home by now, with his legal troubles probably cleared up or on the docket to be cleared up by now. Hopefully something other than someone’s death would have flagged Potter’s performance issues.

    The police academy and performance reviews are designed to weed out incompetence or those unsuited for the badge. But it doesn’t always catch everyone. This intense urge to fill quotas means that not everyone in the job is eminently suitable for it. If we did away with quotas and diversity hirings, there would be a better chance that law enforcement of every race and gender were on the job because they had the aptitude, temperament, skill, and qualifications for such a responsibility.

    As I’ve said before Affirmative Action, and its related programs, cast doubt upon the qualifications of the target groups. Rather than assuming they got there on merit, one wonders if the bar was lowered. When a female cop confuses a taser with a Glock, one wonders if it was a tragic mistake, or if the bar was lowered.

  7. Rep Tlaib, just say no to militarization and over policing.

    – Send the National Guard home
    – tear down the wall around the Capitol. Walls never work
    – Defund the Capitol Police

  8. Professor Jonathan Turley
    the free speech advocate?!
    Oh, yes, free speech for academics in academia.
    But, no free speech for elected Representatives of the House of Representatives. For elected Representatives, such as Representative Tlaib, no defense of free speech by the professor. No understanding, no empathy,
    and no context for Representatives, such as Representative Tlaib, who
    represents the 13th Congressional District of Michigan.
    What has been human consequences?, What human lives in the balance?, What loss of human life?, from the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, colloquially known as the “crime bill” on Representative Tlaib’s Congressional District, on the Congressional Districts of the United States.
    Representative Tlaib’s legislative support for the BREATHE Act amounts to nothing more, less than less than doing her job as an elected Representative.
    How radical or unreasonable is the BREATH Act?
    The BREATHE Act’s most notable diversion from past reform efforts is its explicit demand that Congress repeal the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, colloquially known as the “crime bill.” For example, the BREATHE Act would repeal both the “three-strikes law,” which when it passed in 1994 was seen as a rule that would deter repeat criminal activity, and the modern Taser, which was developed in the ’90s by a private company and subsequently marketed as a way to prevent police killings as an alternative to firearms. The bill’s supporters argue that these practices and policies have been harmful and dangerous.
    The BREATH Act and other such legislative reform acts intend to “Demilitarize The Police,” “Decriminalize The Police” and “De-Immunize The Police from Community responsibility and control.
    The American Empire has begun to turn on itself. The National Debt exceeds 28 trillion dollars; the annual deficits exceed 1 trillion dollars whether so-called “conservatives” or so-called “liberals” control the United States government. The annual deficits from 2022 on will equal or exceed the Gross National Product of the United States.
    The so-called “War on Terror” like the other so-called “Wars on Nouns” fails and falls on its own weight and contradictions.
    Now, more than ever the American Empire has switched from the “Devil,” the “Enemy Outside, Abroad” to the “Enemy Inside, Domestic Terrorist.”
    The professor professes a great deal, perhaps too much. “Do” the professor’s professing do anything to contribute to understanding, acceptance or, even, agreement. Or, “Do” the professor’s professing give “you,” the reader, the opportunity to call forth your ignorance, prejudice, hate and murderous intent, at least, verbally? Perhaps, the professor’s too, or, at least, his “intellectual” desires?
    dennis hanna

    1. Talib has free speech. NO ONE is deplatforming her, Twitter has not banned her, she has all the rights to speak her mind even if many disagree with her. She has free speech to discuss controversial issues and even if her speech offends. And – so does Turley. This article and your response is protected free speech. And we all benefit from free speech, 1st Admendment Right s are what make this nation great and will help us evolve as a people and as a better nation.

  9. This was not a racist shooting it was an accident stop lying and who are you to decide before all the facts are out?

    1. The only relevant facts are obvious: the “suspect” was unarmed and black. He was wanted on a MISDEMEANOR warrant. The stupid female cop got a gun from her holster and fatally shot him, not for attacking or threatening her, but for trying to escape. She claimed she didn’t realize that she shot a handgun instead of a taser, which is impossible to believe given that she has over 20 years of experience. The guns readily come out for a black suspect. That is Rep. Tlaib’s point.

      1. Relevant facts? Let’s see if the Daily Mail have the facts correct.
        – Unarmed? How did the officers know at the time he was unarmed? Had they searched the vehicle? What was his misdemeanor arrest warrant for? He had violated his bail conditions after his arrest for Aggravated Attempted Robbery at gunpoint.
        – Black? Unless you’re a racist, that is not relevant.
        – Wright was out of the vehicle and then resisted arrest. He reentered the vehicle. The vehicle still hadn’t been searched.
        – The officer is heard giving the warning of her imminent firing of a taser. The officer then fires her handgun and is heard cursing that she shot him, not with the taser but her handgun.
        – The moment she shot him, he stepped on the gas and sped off. So apparently the vehicle was already running.

        As always, other relevant facts will come to light.

        1. Police are taught to put their handgun on their dominant side and taser on their non-dominant side. That way, you can’t mix them up. I saw interviews with experienced police officials yesterday. They all said that a handgun and taser don’t look or feel the same, especially for an experienced officer. Rep. Tlaib’s point is that the guns always come out for a black person, even when they aren’t armed and aren’t wanted for anything violent.

          1. Rep. Tlaib’s point is that the guns always come out for a black person, even when they aren’t armed and aren’t wanted for anything violent.

            So your “relevant” facts were irrelevant. Got it. Tlaib’s point is pure hyperbole and also irrelevant to this incident. Guns weren’t drawn for no reason. The stop was justified. No weapons drawn. Wright exited the vehicle. No weapons drawn. Wright resisted arrest and jumped back into his vehicle. Now, weapons are drawn. The wrong weapon, absolutely. Nonetheless, It was the actions by Wright, not his color, that led to weapons being drawn. He would have never been shot had he not resisted being taken into custody. He would have never been taken into custody had he not had his bail revoked for possession of a firearm in a previous incident. He would have never been out on bail had he not attempted to rob a woman at gunpoint. Now, because this thug decided to once again test law enforcements resolve, he’s dead. A 29 year law enforcement officer with as far as we know clean record, is now charged with 2nd degree manslaughter. Lives have been altered, all because one man made a lethal decision.

            1. Olly, Does Tlaib tell the truth or lie? There is a word for deception and lying, taqiyya.

              Quran (16:106) – Establishes that there are circumstances that can “compel” a Muslim to tell a lie.

              Quran (3:28) – This verse tells Muslims not to take those outside the faith as friends, unless it is to “guard themselves” against danger, meaning that there are times when a Muslim may appear friendly to non-Muslims, even though they should not feel friendly.

              Quran (9:3) – “…Allah and His Messenger are free from liability to the idolaters…” The dissolution of oaths is with pagans who remained at Mecca following its capture. They did nothing wrong, but were evicted anyway. (The next verse refers only to those who have a personal agreement with Muhammad as individuals – see Ibn Kathir vol 4, p 49)

              Quran (66:2) – “Allah has already ordained for you the dissolution of your oaths…” The circumstances for the reader today are not specified, leaving this verse open to interpretation. According to Yusuf Ali in his commentary: “if your vows prevent you from doing good, or acting rightly, or making peace between persons, you should expiate the vow.” Presumably, whatever advances the cause of Islam would qualify as ‘ doing good’.

              Quran (40:28) – A man is introduced as a believer, but one who had to “hide his faith” among those who are not believers.

              Quran (2:225) – “Allah will not call you to account for thoughtlessness in your oaths, but for the intention in your hearts” (see also 5:89)

              Quran (3:54) – “And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.” The Arabic word used here for scheme (or plot) is makara, which means ‘cunning,’ ‘guile’ and ‘deceit’. If Allah is supremely deceitful toward unbelievers, then there is little basis for denying that Muslims are allowed to do the same. (See also 8:30 and 10:21)

                1. There are a lot of Muslims like the CPA in your office and a lot like Tlaib. Those Muslims that are radicalized and believe in Sharia law are a threat to the nation. They are partners with the left for strategic reasons and the left is too dumb to see the risks.

                  The Muslim Brotherhood is a key to figuring out one from another. There is a vast web where many groups are connected to one another and where prior leaders also were terrorists.

      2. “DON’T RESIST”

        It’s the law.

        How to reduce risk to yourself

        Stay calm. Don’t run, resist, or obstruct the officers. Do not lie or give false documents. Keep your hands where the police can see them.

        – ACLU

      3. They come out because blacks are disproportionately cop killers. FACT!

    2. Talib wants to defund all police until she needs them for personal protection or hires her own thugs for protection. Either way the people are left out in the cold with no protection unless they own a firearm

  10. “no more policing, incarceration, and militarization. It can’t be reformed.” What does that mean? No more policing or incarceration in a large society would invite anarchy and chaos. This is a member of the United States Congress calling for the end of policing entirely as if the United States could get by on the honor’s system.

    Defunding the police. What could possibly go wrong?

    When the US has the demographics of Brazil, it will have the problems of Brazil You can’t have a 1st world nation, with a 3rd world population and magic dirt does not exist.

    I look forward to the day when the elites when be unable to avoid the results of the policies they force on the rest of us. I feel no empathy when s@@tlibs have a personal encounter directly resulting from the policies they advocate. My neighbors may be armed with a “good liberal” card, a BLM sign in the yard and a cellphone, I have considerably more resources available, if necessary.


    1. antonio, but the creedal nation—! our magic dirt can turn anybody into an America, I learned it in school, so it must be true!!

  11. It’s always a riot when third-world mentalities like Talib get power. (Diversity, right?). Always after the power for power’s sake; always vituperative and always, always just insane reasoning. Let’s revel in her shooting star leftward trajectory and stand with glee when it inevitably crashes and burns.

    1. Only a Palestinian could come up with something so ridiculous. She wants to turn the US into the Gaza Strip. Ya, that’ll work.

      1. Looked like a accident to me things happened so fast, there gun is right next to the taser, if he DIDENT jump back in the car, this would not have happened he was going to run. anyway this played out was going to be bad,,,,,, high speed police chase ????? Then what ??????? I’m sorry this happened…. But this could have been avoided,,,,,,,, if people would just !,,,,,,,,, COMPLY.

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