“How Much Does The Current Structure Benefit Us?”: AOC Questions Role Of Supreme Court In Defending Court Packing

It often seems that our politics of rage has created a new age of berserkers, warriors revered for their blind destructive fury. In order to distinguish yourself from the rest of the mob, you must show a willingness to lay waste to any structure or institution on the path to victory. That type of blood-lust politics was on display this week when House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., Sen. Ed Markey , D-Mass, and others unveiled a raw court packing bill to add four new justices to the Supreme Court to give liberals a one-justice majority. Not to be outdone, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. not only endorsed the court-packing scheme but appeared to question the very basis for Marbury v. Madison — the case laying the foundation for the Supreme Court in our constitutional system.

AOC challenged the role of the Court in overturning laws. She questioned “just, functionally, the idea that nine people, that a nine person court, can overturn laws that thousand– hundreds and thousands of legislators, advocates and policymakers drew consensus on.” She then added “How much does the current structure benefit us? And I don’t think it does.”

That current structure is called judicial review. It is the very thing that prevents authoritarian rule. Notably, there is little difference in nine or the proposed thirteen justices overturning laws “hundreds and thousands of legislators, advocates and policymakers drew consensus on.” Unless she is suggesting requiring thousands of jurists to review laws in equal numbers, her problem appears to be with the concept of judicial review.

In the 1803 Marbury decision, Chief Justice John Marshall wrote that “[t]he very essence of civil liberty certainly consists in the right of every individual to claim the protection of the laws whenever he receives an injury.” Part of that right to review is the challenging of unconstitutional federal laws.  Marshall noted that “[t]he powers of the legislature are defined and limited; and that those limits may not be mistaken or forgotten, the constitution is written.” He then wrote most famously: “It is emphatically the province and duty of the Judicial Department to say what the law is.”

AOC seems as emphatically convinced that a small number of jurists should not stand in judgment of the demands of thousands.  There is a term for that type of system. It is called ochlocracy, or mob rule. Another term, most associated with John Stuart Mill in his work On Liberty (1859) is “tyranny of the majority.” Mill explains that “the will of the people […] practically means the will of the most numerous or the most active part of the people.” Framers like John Adams referred to this form of tyranny and it is precisely what motivated figures like George Mason to demand a Bill of Rights protecting individual rights against the government – and the will of the majority. You do not need a First Amendment to protect popular speech. It is designed to protect the unpopular views of an insular and even despised minority.

What was an enlightened view in the Eighteenth Century is now reactionary in the Twenty-First Century. The Court is an impediment to progress. Indeed, the privileged few justices – whether nine or thirteen – is intolerable for those who seek transform our society.  This however is only a tyranny of the majority by the smallest margin. These structural changes are being pushed through despite an election that left the Senate in a 50-50 tie and the House with a now two-seat majority. It is really “tyranny of the mere majority.”

What is most chilling however is AOC’s question “How much does the current structure benefit us? It reflects a crisis for faith. No constitutional system can long survive with a type of leap of faith by the govern – faith not only in the system itself but each other.  That faith is now gone. Instead, we have the rise of the berserkers, politicians promising to yield to no institution or tradition that does not “benefit us.”

Back in the age of Vikings, berserkers would throw off their armor and even bite their own shields in pure rage. Accounts of the time describe a type of trancelike state called berserkergang that could describe many in our current politics: a “shivering, chattering of the teeth, and chill in the body, and then the face swelled and changed its color. With this was connected a great hot-headedness, which at last gave over into a great rage.” Norse leaders used the berserkers for their own ends. However, the berserkers had other plans and soon their lust for destruction threatened these leaders themselves. In 1015, Norway officially outlawed berserkers.

President Joe Biden has continued to stand mute as these figures rampage through his party and now the country. He is clearly unwilling to confront them directly and risk AOC or others asking how Biden “benefits us.” Indeed, he is enabling them by refusing to denounce court packing or other extreme demands. These extreme forces could be useful in maintaining Democratic control in the 2022 and 2024 elections. However, if the White House hopes they will serve as Biden’s berserkers, history shows they won’t be for long.

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  1. What is ironic is that the Supreme Court itself gave us the best reason why we should expand the court.

    When they completely ignored precedent in sentencing of juveniles for life without parole and completely obfuscated their reasoning by directly contravening what even Kavanaugh has said on the issue himself as noted by justice sotomayor in her scathing dissent.

    The Supreme Court literally gave democrats the perfect reason why it should be expanded.

  2. One, there is no question that the our current revolution requires the wannabes to continually one up each other in the race to the top of the dog pile – or bottom, but they don’t think that. Robespierre certainly didn’t.

    Two, of course the current court doesn’t benefit AOC and her ilk. The Dims have tried to rule by judicial mandate and are somewhat stymied by the recent appointments. Consequently they want to add more the “constitution is fluid” justices. IOW judicial review has worked for the Dims socialist goals in the past, but not so much anymore.

  3. 1st:
    “Now, that’s not to say that mRNA vaccines will be tolerated by everyone. It’s new technology. It’s been studied as a possible defensive measure for Ebola, should there be a massive outbreak. But to my understanding, this is the first rollout of mRNA vaccines to the general public. They have an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA. This means that it has met the FDA requirements for safety for an EUA, but has not gone through the roughly 10 years of process to get full FDA approval.

    It is illegal to compel anyone to get an EUA vaccine. Anyone who tries to require any adult or child to get an EUA can be given a copy of the law and told to pound sand. ”


    “CA school districts have already declared that the vaccine will be required for children the moment it is FDA approved. Whatever I decide to do regarding my son’s education, I’d never want him to get a vaccine I haven’t tried myself, first, especially if it’s new technology. ”

    As your 1st post stated the legal answer to your 2nd post, Cali govt/school cannot legally compile anyone to take an Experimental Medical Treatment.

    I tried last night to post this & what I think is an important video that I think is helpful to many regarding those new Ex Gene Therapies.

    I’ll get the video next, we’ll see.

  4. Not enough lawful vacancies to fill? No problem! Democrats will just create more chairs.

    Can you imagine the riots, looting, screaming, and hysteria if Republicans talked about doing this, especially under Trump?

    You know you’re doing something wrong if you would be upset if someone else did it.

    1. You know you’re doing something wrong if you would be upset if someone else did it.

      Great point.

  5. Of course AOC believes the Supreme Court does not benefit her. SCOTUS is supposed to apply the Constitution. Democrats have attacked free speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, and the Electoral College. The Constitution guarantees individual rights. Of course applying the Constitution to laws would be problematic for her.

  6. “Diogenes, the McConnel GOP majority had a constitutionally mandated responsibility to advise and consent on the president’s appointee and purposefully failed that Duty – they knew he’d be approved.”

    False. Not only has this happened repeatedly before – but the question of whether congress is mandated by the constution to act in response to presidential appointments and other presidential requests has been answered – repeatedly

    Absolutely not.

    “You must hold hearings and a vote ”
    Nope – 250 years of history and numerous supreme court decisions say the opposite.

    “You’re defending partisan power play”
    Absolutely it was a partisan power play – and not the first or even the 100th in US history.

    “that was an affront to not only “process””
    Nope – it violated no norms. It did not violate the constitution.

    And voters had the oportunity in 2016 to weigh in.

  7. “That ship sailed for when the GOP refused to perform their constitutionally mandated responsibility to advise and consent on the appointment by an elected president in 2016, and was followed up by their rushed confirmation in 2020, 2 weeks before an election.”

    You keep pretending this is abnormal – and unconstitutional. It is neither. Both have happened many times in US history.

    Presidential appointments ALWAYS get expedited when the president and senate are of the same party.
    And they always are slow walked when they are not.
    This is especially true at the end of a presidents term.

    “His crocodile tears are over an already broken SC which he helped break.”
    The supreme court was broken by FDR in the 30’s.

    McConnell and Trump have taken small steps towards fixing a nearly 100 year old mess created by democrats.

    “Turley and the GOP don’t care about the Constitution and the intent of the founders – “originalists” my butt”

    I do not think Turley is an originalist. He is just not a bat $hit crazy lefty.
    Republicans as a whole are not “originalists”.

    regardless your claim that there is a constitutional mandate here is nonsense. There is a 250 year history of congress refusing to act on issues the president wishes they would act on – including appointments.

    Justices such as Kagan and Breyer have rebuked the left for claiming there was an obligation to act.
    There are many supreme court cases – including recent ones where congress refused to confirm presidential appointments – choosing to do nothing. The court has repeatedly confirmed that is congresses perogative.

    To the extent such actions are political – it is the right of voters to judge them.

    I have no doubt that constitutional challenges to packing the supreme court will also be rejected by the courts.
    There are only a few arguing this is unconstitutional.

    You say this is the same as McConnells actions – then go ahead – the voters will decide.

    And if that is not bad enough for you – future congresses you do not control will have the same power to breach past norms – because you gave that to them.

    You sew the wind – you reap the whirlwind.

  8. Biden Human Smuggling Operation Exposed! Federal Crimes Committed



    Apr 1, 2021
    Southern Border Crisis
    Southern Border Crisis

    Smuggling illegal aliens is STILL a Federal crime.


    Dozens Of Pregnant Illegal Immigrants Arrive In The Dark Of Night In Texas


    Apr 13, 2021
    Southern Border Crisis
    Southern Border Crisis

    Owen Shroyer documents dozens of pregnant illegal immigrants in downtown McAllen, Texas who caravan to the corrupt and complicit Rio Grande Valley Catholic Charity in the dark of night to avoid being caught for their criminal activity.


    1. (bit of wind in the audio)

      Biden Gives $530 Million No Bid Contract To His Friends To Traffic And House Illegal Immigrants



      Apr 15, 2021
      Southern Border Crisis
      Southern Border Crisis

      Owen Shroyer breaks down the latest revelations in the Biden administration’s corruption at the southern border as they traffic and house illegal immigrants on their pipeline into the country.

  9. I’ve been a bit more then lost for words in recent months yet my 1st thought has remained consistent & my 1st thoughts are general 100% correct. That anyone that was stupid enough to get one of those many types mRNA, DNA altering experimental shots, falsely advertised as a vaccine, that they are no longer completely human but rather they have become some sort of hybrid Zombie. AKA, it’s much like if a mRNA vazzed German Shepard is bred with another normal G Shepard there will be no telling what the offspring will be? Maybe a 1/2 G Shepard 1/2 poodle???

    Call me whatever you wish but if I had young kids of breeding age again I believe I’d forbid any marriage to these new mRNA Zombies! I believe there’s words to address these type issues in the Christian Bible.

    As usual Greg Hunter below has a pretty clear take on things.



    https://vaccineimpact (dot) com/ ( It’s censored by WP& others Commie Corpes creeps it seems)

    1. The vaccines do not alter your DNA.

      You are a conspiracy theorist, Oky. The websites you choose to help only reinforce your tendency towards conspiracy thinking. I truly feel sorry for you and hope that someday you can figure out how to disentangle yourself from these false beliefs.

      1. I don’t give a damn what you let the govt , that’s there to “Help You”, shoots you up with, God knows what, Zombi, just stay the hell away from me & mine with our Dr “Mengele” Fauci ” & Bill “Mengele” Gate’s “Binary Bio- Weapon Lab Experiment” fools.

        You people have really Ph’d the pooch this time. This crap is showing itself to be far worst then anything Hilter, Stalin & Mao ever did combined.

        1. I see that you cannot admit that the fact that vaccines do not alter your DNA.

          Why is that?

          Why can’t you be truthful about this and admit you were wrong?

          1. BTW, WTPh is in those mRNA shots, why is it in there & what does it do?

            1. You didn’t answer my questions. I asked mine first, and I’ll answer yours right after you answer mine.

              Depending on whether you understand what mRNA is, it may take a while for you to understand the answer to yours.

          2. You should post for the people/I here to see the short & long term safety, effective & efficacy studies for a common cold virus , Covid 19, cooked up in a bio-level 4 lab by Dr Fauci & Bill Gates.

            You should post for the people/I here to see the short & long term safety, effective & efficacy studies for a common cold virus , Covid 19, cooked up in a bio-level 4 lab by Dr Fauci & Bill Gates.

            You should post for the people/I here to see the short & long term safety, effective & efficacy studies for a common cold virus , Covid 19, cooked up in a bio-level 4 lab by Dr Fauci & Bill Gates.

      2. You people should know what you’re promoting/doing is a Crime Against Humanity!

        Why don’t you be honest with the public about these Experimental mRNA shots & the injuries & Deaths caused by them?

        I suggest you renounce them & run away from them as thousands of doctors & nurses are?

        Enough of your people’s Fear & Lies.


        The Genetic Sabotage Of Humanity


        Apr 17, 2021
        Bowne Report
        Bowne Report

        While the social engineers of the United Nations slowly force Agenda 2030 through the manufactured totalitarian covid lockdown scheme. A decades old secret human cloning and hybrid operation is testing the water of public scrutiny. An operation that will replenish the elite with harvested organs from their genetic creations. While continuing the work of Nazi Dr. Mengele’s Superhuman Master Race.


      3. Here again a nice short story video by a lawyer, lil over 3 minutes long, addressing the subject of your people’s Jr High school mRNA lab experiment gone horrible wrong.


        POWERFUL! Lawyer Goes Off On Orange County CA Board Of Education For Wanting To Secretly Vaccinate Children


        Apr 11, 2021
        Bill Gates Is EVIL
        Bill Gates Is EVIL

        Human rights attorney, Leigh Dundas, holds the CA board of education to account for pushing vaccines on innocent children.

        Vitamin Mineral Fusion is back! Secure a bottle of the great-tasting energy drink with high-quality ingredients today!


    2. Oky – gene altering technology would use CRISPR Cas 9. We do indeed have the technology to edit genes.

      mRNA is different. Our DNA strands hold the code to build every single cell, protein, enzyme…everything our body can produce. The ribosomes are like the builder. It doesn’t need the code for the entire house, just the bit it’s working on, like bricks or doors. mRNA is a copy of a particular part of DNA to build a particular thing. It travels to the ribosome, where it is read, and that protein built. Then it degrades.

      If you spilled mRNA on the table in front of you, it would be broken down in seconds.

      That’s good, because you don’t want mRNA to keep the ribosomes continually making that protein. But it’s bad because it’s got to stay intact long enough to work. So the vaccines I’ve looked at surround the mRNA in a nano lipid (like a fat) layer.

      Nano particles are so tiny that they can slip into spaces that the full size particle cannot. Sometimes, nano particles behave in ways that are unexpected because of this.

      The vaccine mRNA directs our ribosomes to produce just the spike proteins of Covid-19. Those are the grappling hooks that latch on to ACE2 receptors in our cells. Vaccines have to stick like velcro to cells in order to do their damage. Without some sort of hook, it would just slip on by.

      The mRNA directs our own ribosomes to produce just the hooks. If it were a real virus, it would have directed our cells to produce more virus. But instead, the cells just release the hooks.

      Our immune system learns to recognize those hooks as foreign, and produce long lasting antibodies (IgG) that will forever circulate, looking for those hooks. If a real SARS Co-V 2 virus enters our bodies, our antibodies will know it is a bloody pirate by the hooks, and will attack it immediately. Without that, the virus would have time to take hold in our bodies, while the immune system gradually realizes it is bad.

      mRNA does not alter our DNA. It’s not that kind of technology, although that tech does exist. In a post connected to this I will point out some serious issues with the pharmaceutical industry in regard to product safety that we all should be on the alert for.

      Now, that’s not to say that mRNA vaccines will be tolerated by everyone. It’s new technology. It’s been studied as a possible defensive measure for Ebola, should there be a massive outbreak. But to my understanding, this is the first rollout of mRNA vaccines to the general public. They have an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA. This means that it has met the FDA requirements for safety for an EUA, but has not gone through the roughly 10 years of process to get full FDA approval.

      It is illegal to compel anyone to get an EUA vaccine. Anyone who tries to require any adult or child to get an EUA can be given a copy of the law and told to pound sand.

      When any vaccine or medication or medical device is released to the general public, that’s when adverse events become more clear. It’s hard to capture the wide variety of variables of the general population. People have all sorts of health conditions, allergies, genetics and lifestyle. Sometimes a drug may seem perfectly safe in FDA trials, only for some new AE to pop up in release. Some medications get black box warnings, and some are pulled.

      We’re watching how the mRNA vaccines are tolerated. I hope it goes well, because this type of technology is amazingly fast to produce. It can be adapted for a great many viruses. There may be terrorists or rival nations who have taken great interest watching the globe fall apart in this pandemic. One should assume that bad actors are cooking something up that may be deployed at any time, in any coming year. Disaster preparedness includes research on rapid release vaccine technology.

      1. Oky – I got the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. I’ve had my first dose, which was a non event. My second does is coming up. I’ll let you know how it goes.

        I have asthma, so I wanted the protection.

        CA school districts have already declared that the vaccine will be required for children the moment it is FDA approved. Whatever I decide to do regarding my son’s education, I’d never want him to get a vaccine I haven’t tried myself, first, especially if it’s new technology.

        There also needs to pass enough time to find any long term effects. Some allergic reactions have been noted.

        1. How about trying to get the link to post like this??? lol, It’s almost a game at this point to get through the big tech’s & WP’s AI.

          bit******chute ( dot) com/video/7hqSgsZn1vCC/

      2. Oky:

        Since the above post was getting long, I am putting concerns about the pharmaceutical industry under a separate post. I don’t know if you’ll see it, as you made your comments earlier. But on the off chance…

        In response to increasing costs of doing business in America, the pharmaceutical industry offshored some of its processes years ago. Quality control testing, and in some cases, manufacturing, has been outsourced, often to Asian countries.

        Our country has created a financial incentive for us to analyze American medicines, and sometimes even to produce them, in other countries.

        In order to cut down on labor costs, the industry favors using H-1B visa holders for less money than US citizens. Ironically, Hollywood wokescolds are also famous for this practice of both outsourcing overseas, and replacing more expensive employees with H-1B visas, especially in FX.

        The vulnerability of relying upon China and other countries for the manufacture of vital components should be clear by now. China makes everything from computer chips, screws, auto parts, to medical supplies. When catastrophe hits, China keeps those components to themselves. Much of American manufacturing is really Americans assembling parts made in China.

        It is a fatal flaw to rely upon any other country for manufacturing. It is utter madness to insert them into the supply chain of medical supplies.

        Remember when it was impossible to find any decent masks?

        What are we going to do about it? If Trump had won, he would have continued to bring manufacturing home. But now we have a doddering, weak President who won’t even admit China deliberately hid this virus for months, or that it likely escaped from a lab. This made China responsible for the global spread of a pandemic that killed millions and wrecked economies.

        China owes the world. But Biden’s not going to mention this to them.

        Are we to rely upon Biden to bring manufacturing back to America, while at the same time he makes running a business here prohibitively expensive?

        1. Hi Karen,

          I haven’t finished reading your posts but will.

          I’m trying to get back to review an interview Dr Sherri Tenpenny did with Infowars/Alex Jones a couple months ago about the issues with these mRNA therapies & the health concerns with them.

          Then somewhere I’ve seen interviews with one or two Subject Matter Experts regarding these mRNA.

          There’s so much new stuff coming out daily it’s hard to keep up & try to file some of it for ref.

          As of the end of last week all of my concerns regarding vaccine’s Safety, Effectiveness & Efficace have been completely vindicated.

          One thing that came out was there are reported major health concerns against all 4 of the mRNA therapies.

          That aside, everyone should put aside the media’s hyped up fear & just do the math we now know.

          Most people won’t get Fauci’s/Gate’s Covid 19 virus and even if they did the the recover rate is between 99.8% to 99.875% from the numbers I’m seeing.

          Of those that were said to have died with Covid19 78% were way over weight & the rest mainly in their 70’s & older.

          If people’s doctors had informed them of the correct usage/maybe mega doses of Vitamin C, D3, (Zinc in the presence of Vitamin A )& Magnesium they wouldn’t likely have any problem.

          And that if they got in trouble & treated it with already know therapies so there would have been no need to have to resort to Untested Experimental mRNA therapies.

          I’ll find some info soon as I can & post it here. There’s plenty of related videos archived on Banned.Video.

          I won’t be taking big pharma’s experimental gene therapies. I couldn’t more strongly recommend against it. Even if they’ve taken the 1st.

          But I don’t have white lab coat with Doctor on it.

          1. Oky – I forgot to mention that one theory I have about possible side effects of the mRNA vaccines is that the spike protein they produce would bind to the ACE2 receptors in our bodies. That’s how Covid causes such damage. It latches on to anything with an ACE2 receptor – heart, lungs, brain, gonads, etc. Inflammation concentrates there.

            I’ve wondered if the mRNA vaccines, in briefly creating the spike proteins by themselves, would also lead to an inflammatory response that could cause some difficulties in those major organs.

            It’s just a theory. Those spike proteins would only be produced briefly, so inflammation would be nothing like an actual infection. But I’ve been curious as to whether this was studied.

            I have also been reading on the Hydroxychloroquine studies. The benefit when taken at the very beginning of infection, or even prophylactically, is encouraging. It has a very long history of safe use, so the politically motivated attacks on this medicine should have been shot down by any legitimate journalist. But it must be accompanied by Zinc, and it must be taken early.

            Yet studies that contradicted its use took place in hospitalized patients, without Zinc. It was given too late, and without the concomitant supplement. It must be given right away. By the time they are hospitalized or severe, it’s too late.

            If we can grant an Emergency Use Authorization for new vaccine technology, then we should have made Hydroxychloroquine over the counter, as it is in some countries, and allowed people to try it at their own risk. Asian countries including India have used it prophylactically. It’s already used regularly in countries with malaria, so it’s not a stretch to expand its use.


            There are also new antivirals under study that show great promise in the treatment of Covid-19.

            1. Your theory about vaccines is likely correct.

              With respect to HCQ etc. Your most important point – which can not be emphazied enough is that government is WRONG.

              Whether it is HCQ or Onvermectin or the infamous bleach treatment – which as actually performed has an excellent success rate, or ….

              Heath choices belong to doctors and patients. Not govenrment.

              Wear a mask, don’t,
              Take HCQ, don’t.
              Go out to eat, don’t.

              These are YOUR choices.
              They are not Newsom, or Whitmer or Cuomo’s – nor faucci’s.

              Even Bill Mahr in the post Trump era is returning to sanity and his pseudo libertarian roots and noting that those who say it is all about the science – are incredibly entirely wrong about the science.

              I personally care about the science. I have somewhat informed myself – I take 5000iu of D3 daily – as well as several other vitamins that might be beneficial and are unlikely to be harmful.

              I would take HCQ propholactically – if it was available. In most of the world it is OTC. But not the US.
              Aparently africans and indians are capable of deciding for themselves, but americans are too stupid to decide whether to take HCQ.

              From what i can tell the benefits of HCQ are small – but they are real.

              But the same thing seems to be true of the blessed treatments.
              Remedsevir has proven half as effective in practice as expected.
              As have monoclonal antibodies.

              In fact very very few things have been highly effective.

              Vitamin D – both propholactically and as treatment being one of very few exceptions.

              But the real question is NOT what works, but why is it that information is being censored.

              I have no problems with WHO or CDC making recomendations – but these are not carved by god on stone tablets.

              Just about every prominent health expert featured by government and the media has been WRONG – far more than right.

              But being wrong is NOT the big problem.

              Censoring dissenting oppinions is.

              Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook SHOULD be subject to massive class actions lawsuits for censoring information that has subsequently proven correct.

              I have no problem with private censorship.

              I have a huge problem with private actors being sheilded from liability for the choices they make – including censorship choices.

              If someone on Twitter posts that you should inject chlorox to kill C19 – they can and should be held responsible for any harm they cause.

              If Twitter blocks tweets that say HCQ is beneficial and they are WRONG in that choice – THEY are responsible for the deaths that might have been avoided.

              From what I have seen the benefits of HCQ are low, but they are real. Pretty much the same as nearly all antivirals we have tried.

              Regardless, it should be MY choice – not Faucci’s, not Trump’s, not Cuomo’s.

        2. Cont.

          War Rm:3/17/21

          Dr Hotze addressing Cov19 Experimental Gene Therapies… Dr Peter Doche (sic) @ British Med. Journal… Ex Gene Therapies now showing only 19% @ protecting against Cov19 which has a 99.987 recover rate.

          You may skip the 1st 2 minutes into video then run it until around 24:00 minutes:


      3. Will it post this time?

        One will need to remove the (dot) & rejoin the link to pull up the video.

        REQUIRED VIEWING! Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives VERY important information! Hyper-immune response in test animals for previous attem…

        bitchute ( dot) com/video/7hqSgsZn1vCC/

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