Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Today holds a special meaning for me because last year I was with my now 93-year-old mother, Angela Piazza Turley, who was in hospice.  We all thought that would be our last Mother’s Day with her. She is doing well and celebrating with my siblings in Chicago today.  They make them tough in the Ohio coal country.

Leslie was made waffles this morning and we are trying to spoil her, though she does not take to pampering as a general rule.

We planning a great dinner tonight and toasting to mothers worldwide.  I hope each of you has a great day celebrating with or thinking about your own mothers.

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  1. “Leslie was made waffles this morning and we are trying to spoil her, though she does not take to pampering as a general rule.”

    Love this. Reminds me of my family. Happy Mother’s Day, Turley.


  2. Yes well that’s all very nice. My mother is 80 and it broke her heart to see the election stolen, blatantly and brazenly in the deafening silence of people like you who turned away and deliberately didn’t see. She is terrified about what the rest of her life will look like under the increasingly totalitarian rule of the people you voted for, not that the vote mattered since everything was engineered but you accepted that the guy who couldn’t fill a broom closet with supporters got more votes than Obama. My mother is from Ohio too but the difference is, perhaps, that my mother is still in Ohio and she brought her children up, in Ohio, with certain standards, common sense, and a deep rooted belief in law and order. Now, she has to sit by and watch as the country descends into anarchy. You did this to my mother Mr. Turley and many other mothers like her, little old ladies who can’t sleep at night because they never know when the mob will get to their house.

    1. As Obama would say, “don’t ‘boo,’ organize.”

      Rise above the ‘blame game.’ It serves no purpose. Get your momma involved in local politics. You too. Make your voices heard where it can make a difference.

      Organize monthly voter information talks highlighting important issues for the elderly community. Organize something. Do something. Join a local campaign.

      This is where the Dems excel; they ‘organize.’

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to all 🙂

    Thanks to Darren for the fantastic photos, too!

  4. JT:
    My 87-year-old Italian mom had a health scare this year contracting Covid and then some gastrointestinal disorders in short order. We were told to expect the worst but lo an behold on day three we were told she rallied and by day seven was out of the hospital and into the rehab center. The doctors were amazed. I wasn’t and I bet you weren’t either about yours. The toughness of these Italian women is legendary in my family (my aunt survived the Andrea Doria disaster) and a source of great ethnic pride. That’s still okay in my book.

  5. Thank you for sharing your family’s Mother’s Day joy! God Bless’

  6. Beautitul statement👏👏❤️
    May your Mom have more happy moments with the ones they love her👍‼️

  7. Happy Mother’s Day!

    America needs many, many more American mothers!

  8. Happy Mother’s Day to Leslie and Angela! And to your families who have been blessed by them!

    Proverbs 31:10
    “A wife of noble character who can find?
    She is worth far more than rubies.”

    1. Nice, Prairie………We have a version of that scripture on my mother’s headstone.

  9. God wasn’t ready for your mother last year and gave you more time to receive the love and knowledge she has to share with all your family. Treasure each and every day!! God bless and thank you for sharing this with us. Being a coal miner’s daughter I can attest to the heartiness of them – mine was in Southern Illinois – We celebrated 93 years with him. Jo Jordan Cluck

  10. Happy Momma’s day to U.
    We belong in a zoo.
    I came from OHi O…
    And talk like one too!

  11. Happy Mother’s Day that, for you Professor, is made more joyful with your mother being with you unexpectedly.

    When we discuss things even on this blog your personal experience teaches us an important principle. We never know something for sure, we only know the odds. That is why no matter what our feelings, we always need to keep the door open a bit. Without that opening, good things along with the ability to learn might disappear.


      1. Happy Mothers day Cindy, Hope your husband is doing well. Allan

  12. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mother’s. Let’s cherish that word Mother because if left to the Left it will be “Happy Birther’s Day” and that’s a fact Jack.

    1. Hello Mudda. Hello Fadda.
      Here I am in …Camp Grenada!
      You remember Ernest Flemming?
      He got tomin poisoning after dinner…

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