Mayor Lightfoot Facing Media Outcry Over Reported Race-Based Access Policy

There is a controversy in my hometown of Chicago after various reporters confirmed that they were told by the spokesperson for Mayor Lori Lightfoot that she is only giving interviews to black and brown reporters. Reporters wanted interviews to mark the halfway mark of Lightfoot’s first term. The Mayor has faced controversies from her breaking her own COVID rules to surging crime rates.  The question is whether a race-based criteria for reporters is not just actionable but whether the media is prepared to sue Lightfoot for discriminatory policies.  Lightfoot’s “Bring in the Light” campaign for mayor was based in part on promises of greater transparency.

NBC 5 Chicago political reporter Mary Ann Ahern took to Twitter on Tuesday to state that “As ⁦@chicagosmayor reaches her two year midway point as mayor, her spokeswoman says Lightfoot is granting 1 on 1 interviews – only to Black or Brown journalists.” The same message was given WTTW Chicago Tonight anchor and correspondent Paris Schutz who tweeted “I was told the same thing.” Chicago politics reporter Heather Cherone also tweeted “I can confirm.”

These are well-known and respected journalists.  The mayor’s office has thus far declined to respond to the stories.

One of the most significant aspects of this controversy is that Lightfoot ordered staff to enforce the race-based criteria. That means that the policy was carried out with city staff and resources.

The use of race criteria ordinarily violates anti-discrimination laws. Indeed, businesses are warned by Lightfoot’s government that they will not tolerate any race-based discrimination:

The City’s primary goal is that business and property owners know about these laws so that (1) you will be able to comply, (2) you will prevent discrimination claims, and (3) your employees and clientele will be protected from discriminatory practices.

The Illinois Human Rights Law states that unlawful discrimination

“means discrimination against a person because of his or her actual or perceived: race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, marital status, order of protection status, disability, military status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or unfavorable discharge from military service as those terms are defined in this Section.”

Obviously, reporters are not “employees” of the mayor and this is not one of the specific areas like housing with separate anti-discrimination frameworks for complaints.  However, it is possible to seek an injunction to bar Lightfoot from barring reporters based on their race, including federal injunctive relief.

It is hard to find cases on discriminatory policies of access in the media. In 2020, YouTube was sued in California by black creators who alleged the company was systematically removing their content based on race. In that case, the plaintiffs said that the software limited access to the platform based on race. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki responded during a Washington Post Live event with a categorical denial, noting “It’s not like our systems understand race or any of those different demographics.”

Here the reporters are alleging that Lightfoot is openly and knowingly barring White and presumably Asian reporters.

Such policies are difficult to litigate and often politicians will back away when confronted on such discrimination. Even the EEOC admits that “[f]iguring out whether or not a state or local government is covered can be complicated…It is also important to keep in mind that, if an employer is not covered by the laws we enforce, the employer still may be covered by a state or local anti-discrimination law.” Nevertheless, the EEOC stresses that “if you have a complaint against a state or local government agency that involves race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information, the agency is covered by the laws we enforce if it has 15 or more employees who worked for the agency for at least twenty calendar weeks (in this year or last).”

Since Lightfoot’s office has simply not responded, it is not clear why she has reportedly imposed a race-based criteria or how long it would remain in place.  She has previously insisted that “[w]e can’t address systemic racism, inequality and injustice without having hard conversations.”  However, reporters say that her office has not responded to inquiries on a race-based criteria for interviews.

The Mayor could assert that this was just a brief preference based on race to empower minority reporters. Politicians often reach out to minority stations and media, though this alleged policy would bar anyone from any media outlet based on their race.  She has campaigned against all forms of racial discrimination:

“We are also challenging all kinds of institutions from corporations to community-based organizations to think about what they can do better to end systemic racism and make sure that we are uplifting quality of life in communities, but also the voices of people that traditionally don’t have a seat at the table.”

This includes special programs to address systemic racism including the City’s Racial Equity Rapid Response Team (RERRT) during the pandemic.

However, the use of race criteria by government officials has long been treated as presumptively invalid unless it is a program designed to remedy past systemic discrimination. Such programs however face closely scrutiny in their conception and implementation. Race-based criteria are not meant to be casual or informal rules imposed by city leaders.

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    Mayor Lori Lightfoot
    I ran to break up the status quo that was failing so many. That isn’t just in City Hall.

    It’s a shame that in 2021, the City Hall press corps is overwhelmingly White in a city where more than half of the city identifies as Black, Latino, AAPI or Native American.

    1. Will the mayor give interviews to “Latinos” whose skin is as light as some of the Spaniards who, centuries ago, inhabited the areas south of the USA/Mexico border and who are the ancestors of today’s “Latinos”? Will she be interviewed by a person of Asian heritage who is neither black-skinned nor brown-skinned? Will she shun a Native American reporter whose skin color is neither black nor brown? SHAME on the voters of Chicago who elected this racist person to be their mayor!!

  2. We should welcome immigrants that go through the proper legal process to become U.S. citizens and uphold America’s model of government – which they swore an oath to uphold. These immigrants make America great, but we should be leary of immigrants that try to subvert James Madison’s model of government. Americans should plead with Rupert Murdock to promote American government in the future and not a foreign model of government. Be a good citizen!

  3. The excluded journalists should self-identify as black or brown, or both.

  4. So now we can say there is institutional racism being perpetuated by Government.

  5. Miz Lightfoot will never be held accountable for her blatant bigotry. It’s not the “Chicago way”.

    Perhaps they need another cow to kick over a lantern.

  6. Still more proof that Dms are the biggest racists of all. She’ll back down because she has to do do but it’s nice knowing her true sentiments.

  7. OT: How President Biden Emboldened Hamas, Islamic Jihad

    …First was the decision to revoke the designation of the Iranian-backed Houthi group in Yemen as a foreign terrorist organization.

    Second, was the Biden administration’s offer to resume negotiations with Iran to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, enabling Iran, in a few years, to have unlimited nuclear weapons — while ignoring Iran’s continual breaches of the deal. …

    Third, came the resumption of $235 million in financial aid to the Palestinians — with no conditions attached.

    …Hamas and PIJ seem to see the Biden administration’s decision as follows: If the Houthis are no longer a terrorist group and can get away with attacking one of America’s major Arab friends, Saudi Arabia, that means we can also launch rockets and missiles into Israel to kill as many Jews as possible.

    Khaled Abu Toameh is an award-winning journalist based in Jerusalem.

  8. Read the Lefty responses on the blog.

    Basically the Lefties ignored the issue on the table or accused Fox concentrating on a black woman.

    What came through was the bigotry of low expectations.

    Ms Lightfoot is both racist and bad mannered.

    The Left ignores those two traits because they don’t expect much from a black.

  9. The tv media this morning is again trashing Israel. They omit the fact that Hamas had fired more than three thousand missles into Israel.
    What country is giving Hamas these missles?

    1. Now the Israel channel i24 reports that more missles are coming into northern Israel from LeBron.
      America needs to declare war on Lebanon now!

    2. “What country is giving Hamas these missles?”

      Iran, Europe, and the US. The US has a new policy with President Biden, who gave the Palestinians the money to help them buy missiles and provide rewards to the families of those who push their children to be suicide bombers.

      Biden destroyed the peace.

      Many don’t realize it, but the dispute in Jerusalem revolves around court decisions followed for years. The Palestinians were living in Israeli-owned homes and paying rent. A few were evicted for not paying rent. That is the immediate cause of 3,000 missiles sent by Hamas intended to kill civilians, including women and children.

      The anti-Semites don’t bother looking at the facts. They prefer to close their eyes and agree with the other anti-Semites.

  10. We can only pray there is no second term for her, but sadly, she will win. At least in the past, the corrupt politicians of Chicago cared about all Chicagoans and about America, not about dividing the country. Just read comments here and know how much the left hates conservatives and liberals who speak out against the leftist agenda.

  11. Odds are pretty overwhelming this little tidbit was actually written by an intern at Fox news.


    1. Typical liberal response: When you’re caught with your pants down, go into denial mode. It’s getting old.

      1. gionconi,

        Even the name “Anonymous” fits this lib.

  12. “Separatists” of any race is the polar opposite vision of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and a huge problem. We are not a “United” States of America. Many Americans don’t view people of other races, creeds, political parties or religions as “Team USA”. America has self-destructive tribalism with all the different factions hating each other. We love our party more than we love our country. That’s not patriotism.

    One tribe depicted a former President of the United States – our Commander In Chief – as first a radical Baptist, then as a radical Muslim, then as having a father that was Kenyan Witch doctor. The City of Ferguson, Missouri (police, prosecutors, government employees) depicted the President of the United States and his family in racist cartoons anyone can view by searching “Ferguson Report” published by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2014. This was done by constitutionally oath-sworn police officers, prosecutors and local government workers, not the tabloids. When Bush was in office, the very same tribe cried that it was unpatriotic to criticize the Commander-In-Chief. Apparently the rules only apply to certain tribes.

    Today in 2021 there are publicly posted posted signs that Biden is not a legitimate president, although more than 60 judges (mostly Republican appointees) have declared Biden won fair & square. This was after the opposing tribes denied Obama about 100 federal judge picks and a U.S. Supreme Court pick to game the system. Following this past election, some opposing tribes, in some states, are now trying to rig the system since they can only win by cheating – they can’t win by following the will of the voters.

    If “Team USA” were a sports team we would never win a single game against foreign nations. Our foreign competitors, the likely next superpowers, are far more united as a team than the United States. Maybe separatism should be viewed as unpatriotic and unAmerican! Maybe Fox News should report that.

    The de facto founder of the Republican Party said “a house divided against itself cannot stand” – maybe Republicans should start being real Republicans and Democrats shouldn’t be fooled into using their tactics to divide us!

    1. “although more than 60 judges (mostly Republican appointees) have declared Biden won fair & square.”

      The judges did no such thing. What you have done is extended what you heard to meet your desires, not reality.

      Put away whatever you think you might know and deal only with reality. The personal opinion of some of these judges might be that Biden won based on fraud, for all you know.

      1. “Maybe separatism should be viewed as unpatriotic and unAmerican! Maybe Fox News should report that.”

        AZ, that so happens to be one of Tucker Carlson’s big gripes. The left promotes tribalism. Tucker says we are all Americans.

    2. Biden didn’t win “fair and square.” This was, absolutely, an unlawful election. And the fact that judges refuse to look at it, or involve themselves, does not make it so.

    3. This is all true, Ashcroft. Sadly, we have no leader who will unite us and our enemies are like stalking lions waiting for their prey to falter. And we are.

    4. Does this post have some relevance to the article about the racism being practiced by the mayor of Chicago? Or is it just a rant?

  13. Just another example of left wing racism and hypocrisy.

    Will our friends on the left ever be able to wake up?

  14. To put today’s Lefties in perspective, imagine the outcry if a white mayor limited access of black/brown people.

    We really are Through the Looking Glass.

    Ms Lightfoot is showing an unpleasant side that some blacks support – “You owe me, but I won’t meet my obligations.”

    An irritant, but inevitably, reduces the white sense of obligation.

    But in the end, it boils down to bad manners and Ms Lightfoot is an ugly person.

  15. This is just another example of recent blatant racism in policies and practices established by politicians and other governmental authorities. For example, Washington and other states are prioritizing vaccinating people of color over whites. The “Covid Relief” bill just passed provides billions to farmers who are black, hispanic and indigenous — white farmers are excluded. This is the tip of the iceberg–there is much hidden and in the works.

  16. As I force myself to watch a couple of hours of Fox News each night, I am noticing a curious trend in which every day there seems to be talking points that go out to all the producers of its programs to promote certain stories. Nearly every controversy articulated by Turley is repeated later on Levin’s radio show, Carlson, Hannity, etc.

    It would not surprise me if Turley is given his marching orders the day before by his Fox handlers so as to coordinate his commentaries with those of his Fox brethren in order that everyone is singing from the same hymnal in a calculated effort to reinforce particular Right-wing narratives by dint of repetition.

      1. As I have said over and over, I share Turley’s criticisms by and large. This commentary being no exception. What galls me is his blatant hypocrisy because he will not hold his Fox network to the same standard of journalism he demands of its media competitors. He has compromised his academic credibility, and I intend not to let his readers overlook it.

        1. The same standard? When the mainstream media can grow to MEET the standards of, say, the WSJ, then you have something to talk about. Fox is far from perfect, but compared to the NYTimes, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC and other leftie media, they’re miles ahead. I’m talking news here, not punditry, just to be clear.
          Name the last time that Fox got a major story wrong and had to retract it. Name the last time they were awarded a Pulitzer for a story that was deemed completely false by no less than special counsel Robert Mueller. Name the last time that Fox spent four years chasing down an empty hole like Russia collusion. LMAO, but even Hannity, whom lefties love to hate, was right all along and the leftie media completely wrong.

        2. Stop blaming Fox for still having journalists who investigate and talk about stories that CNN, MSNBC, etc., will not look into or talk about. We saw that during all the riots that took place, and about Biden’s days as President. Anyone who watches Fox News, who is not an indoctrinated leftist, should find Fox refreshing. And, Prof. Turley dares to speak his mind, at a time when this has become dangerous.

    1. Standard Fox news tactic. Granted MSNBC does it with their talking points for the day as well — they just do it less obnoxiously. I mean, what we’re looking at is the process by which trump was created as a political figure by media conglomerates. Or by which the media can create a border crisis that’s supposedly worse than it was weeks before and then ‘report’ out stories like: will Biden survive the border crisis??? It’s the tabloidization of media, a thoroughly despicable, yet commonplace market reality as currently constituted because it’s governed and manipulated by powerful economic interests primarily.

      eb 54321

      1. EB,

        Of course, I don’t deny that MSNBC and CNN have their own talking points. But the question obtains: is Turley merely an academic hack doing the bidding of his paymaster? Or is he, the Shapiro Chair of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, criminal defense attorney, and legal analyst? As a distinguished member of the legal academy, should we not therefore expect him to be impartial and objective?

        He is neither. Though I will give him credit for accepting the Chair of Public Interest Law from an undoubtedly self-hating Jew Shapiro!

        1. Turley is doing the bidding of his paymaster, and as above, my guess is he didn’t even write this article personally. He is not acting as a disinguished chair and has completely abdicated that responsibility as pertaining to this blog, which I suspect is a social media influencing branding operation used to drive further traffic to his spots on Fox news…

          I enjoyed the article you posted somewhere about “What happened to Jonathan Turley?”

          Blogs with multiple postings a day are usually designed for affiliate marketing, but Turley isn’t selling a physical product per se. What he is selling is comsumption of a certain brand of media. He’s got a certain audience here, a more leftist group who he doesn’t really care about and will censor to standards he doesn’t hold equally to his rightist audience. His rightist audience is an algorhythm of prospective Fox viewers that can be projected out and assessed exponentially. Hell, they almost word for word trot out what Tucker Carlson said on his show the previous evening.

          My guess is that if Turley checks in here it’s to get a perverse thrill about the type witchburning his rightist audience tosses at the more leftist audience, and indeed, this proves to be market research for him since he’s not a born natural Fox correspondent. He has to poll his audience to find where to go next…, and he’s completely sold out on any sort of distinguished law professor role.

          eb 1972

            1. Quick primer for Allan:

              -this blog is essentially content marketing for Fox as long as Turley works there. It’s a way for the network to provide ‘free stuff’ to drive traffic to where they can charge money for ad rates. See, in the 80’s and early 90’s there were what were called “focus groups”, there’d be an ad in the classifieds for the public to sit on panels and new products would be pitched, at which point you gave your opinion on the product or show, what you thought of the print ads, etc. And they’d give you 40 bucks at the end of the session….

              There’s even a Progressive Car Insurance ad that ran recently that made fun of those groups…

              But with the advent of the internet and learning that people would gladly share their thoughts and opinions freely behind the guise of anonymity, while not having to pay money for it, industry and the intelligence services were really happy about that. Industry in particular because they could get their market research for free.

              On one level this blog is market research for Fox news — that’s why I enjoy causing whatever disruption I can here. They can plan future segments and put their finger on the pulse of their advertising base by perusing the type of commentary that pops up here. It’s helpful to them because, once the internet took off, it got really hard to do in your face advertising anymore like in the older days. If you got in someone’s face and almost told them you had to buy their product because they wouldn’t find the information anyplace else people would just rebel and go elsewhere with all the choice and democratization that the internet delivered to the market. So it became to essential to listen more to your base, and to offer them free content as a primer to lure customer base in…

              That’s what this blog does for Fox news. They find out what their base is thinking. They find out what their anti base is thinking. And they don’t have to pay a cent for it while being able to create an algorhythm for future content ideation. Turley has an arrangement with them, no doubt though…The blog may not have begun that way, but that is indeed what it’s become.

              So smile, Allan. You’re on a marketing strategy camera as we speak. Enjoy!!

              As for me, I’ll take every opportunity i can to throw sand in those gears because I think Fox news is dedicated to overthrowing this democratic republic and becomming state tv. F&*k them.

              EB 1266

              1. “this blog is essentially content marketing for Fox as long as Turley works there.”

                Another confused word salad by the Bug loaded with error.

                Turley started the blog before appearing frequently on Fox News. You should get your facts straight.

                Like with Natacha I stopped reading after the first sentence. Too much noise intermixed with unintelligent garbage.


                1. If you’d actually read my post you’d see I addressed that point exactly. But you didn’t because you have learning disabilities (as well as being an a&*hole).


                  1. You don’t address points. You provide a confused word salad.


                    1. I think he might poke himself in the belly button before he says it. Then giggles idiotically.

                      eb 25

            1. That +100 was intended for EB whose prose is superior to mine. I applaud him.

              I would not be so sure that Turley gets a perverse thrill at what the Trumpists say here in reaction to his commentary though it would be fascinating to present to him some of the more unhinged remarks! I imagine that he would blush and demur by defending the free speech rights of his bigots. The fact that he does not condemn the gross misinterpretations of his positions by most here is irresponsible. Were I in his shoes, I would feel a compunction to denounce the most glaring examples lest I be accused of fomenting ideas anathema to my beliefs.

              I have read that Turley is writing a book which seems to be what everyone does these days who have access to the media. How often have we witnessed media contributors plugging books during their paid appearances. So, I would presume he intends to capitalize on his relationship with Fox as long as he can.

              But as I have said, he does not have a long future with Fox. He will malign its media competitors, he will ignore worse abuses by Fox, he will even echo their one-sided narratives up to a point, but he will never go full Trumpist. He will bend his principles, but he will not break them which is what is required to join the cult.

              1. Thanks, Jeff. Yes, with some hought I don’t think Turley gets so much of a perverse thrill and he’d probably be shocked at how his positions get misconstrued by the hard trumpers here. Not sure those trumpers would care about it either. And agreed, i feelike Turley is quite flexible with his principles — but he does have them and there’s a breaking point for sure. i wish it would come a lot sooner as the trump bus careens around and threatens the very existence of government though.

                eb (and by request for Young…666)

    2. “As I force myself to watch a couple of hours of Fox News each night”

      Who cares? Only Jeff’s ego.

      It is normal for the most important news to be repeated by all. What is not normal is that the MSM repeats the same lines as if their reporting is intentionally coordinated.

      “t would not surprise me if Turley is given his marching orders the day before by his Fox handlers to coordinate his commentaries with those of his Fox brethren.”

      Jeff has flipped his lid.

      1. Who cares? Only Jeff’s ego.

        This is Turley Derangement Syndrome (TuDS). These idiots are the equivalent of the ancients believing the universe revolved around the Earth. They see JT shifting his ideological worldview away from them, without any possible consideration that they are the one’s moving. They see Conservatives, “right-wing” anything, as “growing” increasingly hostile to them and yet conservatives, by nature, remain fixed on preserving the very principles we were founded on. It’s actually the Progressives, the Marxists, the Socialists, the Communists that have been growing increasingly hostile to this Union. And JT never boarded that crazy train as it left the station.

        1. Olly,

          You probably have heard that Fox’s Mark Levin is coming out with a book entitled, “American Marxists” referring to all Leftists. Despite Turley’s pleas to end his self-described “age of rage,” I don’t expect that he will utter a peep when Levin’s Fox colleagues begin extolling the virtues of this book and adopting its libel against the Left. It seems to me that the only way to fight back against this attack is to adopt the Right’s playbook. Therefore, I’ll just have to begin referring to Trumpists as “American Nazis.” Not, I repeat NOT, German Nazis, but Americanized Nazis. You see? Two can play that game.

          1. Two can play that game.

            That’s your problem, useful idiots think this is a game. Your Oompa Loompa whining will not change the fact that JT is a rock solid constitutional scholar that won’t ever heel to the Marxist political warfare tactics. So bring it.

            1. Olly,

              While Turley may not heel to the Marxist politics on the Left, you will find to your dismay that he will not adopt the Nazi tactics of the Right.

              1. Well duh. Nazi tactics, whether they be on the Left or Right will always be rejected by the vast majority of this country.

                1. Olly,

                  As will Marxist tactics be rejected by the Left notwithstanding the unhinged accusations of Mark Levin and his ilk.

                  1. One has to laugh since there are so many Marxists (of different varieties) that have been involved in the left’s activities.

                    Add Patrisse Cullors to that list.

                    “Black Lives Matter co-founder describes herself as ‘trained Marxist’“ NY Post

              2. The Nazi tactics are on the left.

                Book burning
                Loss of freedom of speech
                Cancel culture
                Violence with storm troopers
                Practicing race based politics.

                Jeff, what more do you need to sound like a Hitler?

                1. SM, Now that they’ve aligned themselves with Hamas, they’re a few beheadings short of resembling ISIS and/or the Taliban.

                  1. What do the left and the Islamists have in common. Neither believe in individual freedom and both are ultimately violent.

                    Take note that when it comes down to society the two advocate completely different things, but demand acceptance. They are partners of convenience and stupidity.

                    1. Always good to get the viewpoint of an idiot. Keep being special. We’re here for you.

                    2. Anonymous the Stupid, your reply must mean that you don’t understand the various political “isms”. We already know you don’t. You had trouble in the past figuring out what fascism was.

    3. @Silbernan – it’s called “news”, you simpering idiot. Media report on what is happening at the time. The same thing happens on the left, all the time, every day, but to a much greater degree. In fact, there are organizations such as Act Blue whose mission is to put leftist messaging in front of reporters. That’s why we get left wing media repeating the same phrases on every channel, every outlet – “the walls are closing in”, or whatever the current sillyass message is deemed to be. These organizations even make a point of telling people this in their mission statements.
      The right does not have, that I’ve been able to find, similar organizations to Act Blue.
      If you had the least sense at all, which you don’t, you’d have seen what’s happening and understood it.

      1. Canuck: “The right does not have, that I’ve been able to find, similar organizations to Act Blue.”

        I suggest you dig a little deeper. You don’t want to be accused of confirmation bias.

    4. I’m glad you watch Fox News, Jeff, because you need some antidote to the leftwing bias everywhere else. It is discouraging that you don’t seem to be developing an immunity to the MSM poison.

      As for the rest of us, your MSM poisoners dun our eyes and ears without mercy, so we see Fox News as equal time.

      Professor Turley appears on Fox News because your side alarms anyone who is a true constitutionalist. He sees the need for balance, even if you don’t.

      1. Diogenes,

        Fox News is being attacked by Newsmax and One America Network as being too liberal and mainstream. Welcome to the club!

    5. Ezra Klein founded the “journolist” listserve, a place where 400 left wing “journalists” gathered online to gossip and decide how they were going to frame stories to promote Obama and lie about conservatives.


      Then there’s this:


      But yeah. Keep obsessing about Turley. He’s one of the few liberal Democrats with influence who is trying to use his influence to pull his party back from the censorious, illiberal authoritarian path it is on. And for that, far left kooks in his own party try to destroy his reputation and ruin him.

      1. Troll M. you are being unfair. You are using actual videos and data to prove Jeff’s ideas foolish. Truth and fact might make Jeff implode.

      2. Troll,

        If Turley is discredited, he brings it upon himself by teaming with Fox. He is an academic struggling with one foot on the Fox boat and one foot on the Liberal dock. He will not be able to maintain such a widening straddle. He will have to jump ship sooner or later as Fox demands that he toes the Trumpist line.

    6. Duh? Why do you watch FOX News if it is so offensive? Are you so taken by the wisdom of Mark Levin that you make sure to watch him and his guests? Why do you read Professor Turley’s posts if you are more enlightened than he?

      1. 1970,

        I watch Fox and Levin to know of what I speak. I have never claimed I am any more enlightened than Turley; I’m just more decent.

    7. Jeff, I thought you had turned over a new leaf. But you just can’t help yourself. WTF does your nightly watching of Fox, your inevitable linking of Turley to Fox have to do with the subject at hand? Which is the reported racist stupidity of the mayor of Chicago. In my heart I want to say you are better than this but you give me no evidence that you are. Why is it when there’s something so incontrovertible as this racist policy by the mayor you do EXACTLY what you always accuse Turley of doing. Ignoring the elephant in the room and not addressing the issue? A typical left wing tactic

      1. Jeff is engaging in mental masturbation and gets his jollies off of his continuous intolerant rants.

      2. Paul,

        I’m really sorry to let you down. I just can’t help myself. Please forgive me. May I suggest that you just ignore my comments until I get over my complex. I’m working on it.
        Thanks for your understanding! Peace.

        1. My personality will not allow me not to point out leftist hypocrisy. Which is ironic because you profess to hate hypocrisy as well. I imagine one of the purposes of a of blog is for people to post their reactions TO THE SUBJECT MATTER OF THE AUTHOR OF THE BLOG! I will continue to do that as well as respond to those who choose to not stick to the stick to the subject matter for their own selfish and juvenile reasons and possibly offer counter points to stated positions.
          If my ego would not allow me to stick to a few respectful guidelines when commenting in response to the blogs author, I WOULD START MY OWN BLOG!
          Jeff, you make some good points. But this one for any reasonable person was a gimme. You say you post things critical of Turley to
          ” make him better and hold him accountable “.
          Maybe some of us are using that same mantra in dealing with the likes of you.

          1. Paul,

            Criticize me! By all means, hold me accountable! I demand that you correct me if I inadvertently have made an incorrect statement.

            Though I experienced ego death as a teenager, I must have enough residue of an ego to persist on this forum in lieu of more productively expending my time. But mine is a life well wasted! Though I enough sense not to engage in the folly of banging my head against the wall in pointlessly debating trolls who hide behind pseudonyms.

            Therefore, I direct my commentary exclusively about Turley because it is he who intrigues me- how a good man goes bad.

          2. You say you post things critical of Turley to
            ” make him better and hold him accountable “.

            Jeff is on an ego trip. He has nothing else to offer. Jeff is not accountable. No facts and no proof show us what Jeff is made of. Hypocrisy.

  17. My only question is how will Anonymous work Trump into this story?

    Only in today and among leftists would an asinine idea such as only allowing people of a certain race a chance to interview the mayor happen. This is where the left and the Democrats have taken us, to a reverse Apartheid where a minority of about 13% can dictate to the majority what it demands, what it requires as obedience and subservience to ideas that the majority of their own people don’t support. Think I am wrong? Poll the Black community about Defunding the Police. Poll the Black and Latino communities about an open border. The organized Black progressive groups and their white sycophantic virtue signalers are harming the Black and Brown communities that they purport to support.

    The policies of the leftist Democrats actually harm minority communities, always have and always will. And of course we have the same idiotic dynamic occurring with virtue signaling Jews supporting the party of Tlaib, AOC and Omar as they march with Farrakhan and demand the destruction of Israel. The left will state that they have the support of Bernie Sanders and therefore they can’t be anti-Semitic, but of course Bernie is a self-hating Jew and has been for decades.

    1. Self-hating Jew, eh? I’ll wager you are a fan of the Savage Nation or The Mark Levin show, both of whom enjoy vilifying all Leftist Jews as self-hating. You parrot them very well. Mazel tov!

      1. “Self-hating Jew, eh?”

        Jeff, are you denying self-hating Jews exist? Do you think that what Hullbobby watches means that there are no self-hating Jews? Why are you always forced to resort to changing the subject?

        Do Self-hating Jews exist?
        Do you hate diversity of opinion that much?

      2. Jeff, I am a Jew, I am a lawyer and I am telling it like it is. Bernie and his ilk are self hating Jews and if not then please explain how he can support Tlaib as she supports Louis Farrakhan. Don’t dodge the question, how can he support the supporters of a guy that calls Jews termites? Would you be so sanguine about a republican who was supported by a David Duke? Of course not. But yet here you are.

    2. hullbobby, could you please mark yourself with a number so we can ignore you and not have to associate your image with a great defenseman?

      1. Anonymous the Stupid tells another to identify himself further even though Hullbobby already has a name and icon. That is the type of hypocrisy we see from Anonymous the Stupid who carries no name or icon.

        1. as usual, Allan straps on the drool bucket and comments from a place of ignorance.

          1. Anonymous the Stupid, Hullbobby has a name and icon. You have neither. Yet you complain and want him to further identify himself. You are a 100% hypocrite.

            “drool bucket”

            Your response says nothing. That proves the hypocrisy and the ignorance.

  18. There was a civil rights lawsuit named Lightfoot vs. Walker back in the seventies.
    Is she related?

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