Long Island Man Evades Eviction For 20 Years And Now Relies On Cuomo’s Eviction Ban To Stay In House

We have previously discussed the problem of squatters and trespassers who take over homes and rely on legal delays to keep owners from forcing them out.  However,  few people could imagine the success of Guramrit Hanspal, 52,  who has lived in a house for 20 years without paying a mortgage. What is equally astonishing is that he just succeeded in getting yet another postponement from Nassau County court Judge William A. Hohauser.  Hanspal is now relying on Gov. Cuomo’s March 2020 eviction moratorium, saying that paying rent is merely “a moral obligation” due to the pandemic. If so, it appears a moral obligation that Hanspal has never felt particularly compelling.

Hanspal only made one payment on his mortgage in 1998. He then began a long pattern of evading eviction by filing lawsuits and declaring seven bankruptcies.

Pictures inside the home show squalid conditions.

Hanspal has reportedly used changes in counsel to secure delays over the years and, this time, his counsel William D. Friedman reportedly requested more time to allow his co-counsel, David Gevanter time to familiarize himself with the case. The owner company’s lawyer Jordan Katz objected that “[t]his the last of approximately 40 attorneys who have appeared on the eve of a hearing.”  Nevertheless, Hohauser gave Hanspal another continuance despite the fact that he has counsel and this was just co-counsel.

The eviction moratoriums have raised serious constitutional and legal questions. In May, a federal judge ruled that the CDC exceeded its authority on the ban. However, the Supreme Court recently rejected a case that would have ended the federal ban on evictions for tenants who have failed to pay all or some rent during the coronavirus pandemic. Justice Brett Kavanaugh cast the fifth swing vote with a concurring opinion that relied of a practical rather than a constitutional or statutory rational. He opted to preserve the program because the moratorium is set to expire on July 31, “and because those few weeks will allow for additional and more orderly distribution” of the funds that Congress appropriated to provide rental assistance to those in need due to the pandemic. The rationale seemed to discard the question of legality in favor of the question of practicality in ending the ban.

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  1. I’m guessing – mind you, I could be wrong – but I’m just guessing that the landlord who has been shafted by this deadbeat and screwed by the court system is NOT named Corleone.

  2. The fact that this squatter has been able to persist for 20 years illustrates a failure in the justice system.

    Based on past behavior, this could go on until either the owner or squatter dies. If the owner dies first, then what? Does the squatter get title eventually through adverse possession?

    There was a case in CO where a couple owned land for 18 years. They bought it early and planned to eventually build their dream retirement home on it. But since it sat unused for longer than the required 18 years, someone else was able to successfully lay claim to the best part of the land. They paid 18 years of property taxes, and a former city mayor, a judge himself, was able to swoop in and take the land for free.

    There must be a book out there called Land Snatching that these people read.

    1. Prior to my VA assessment awarding this veteran 100% DISABLED Service connected Marine Corps Veteran of multiple tours of duty in Vietnam (1967-1969 in country Hue’ Phu-Bai, 2nd tour Hill 55 S. Danang. That being said have endured TWO(2) illegal foreclosures (mortgage paid in full by brother) nevertheless evicted by Bank of America who forged a note then fraudulently entered it into evidence despite denials EVICTION #. 2: Qualified for VA VASH program was lied to regarding the cost went to court DENIED EVICTED via a VA Program imagine that! FACT THIS MARINE HAS NEVER EVER DEFAULTED ON ANY MORTGAGE ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME!!! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

  3. Shared/shifted responsibility a la Obamacares and redistributive change.


    “Long Island man [thwarts and abuses the law to his advantage].”

    – Professor Turley

    “[Illinois man thwarts and abuses the law to his advantage].”

    – Oracle of History

    “Crazy Abe” Lincoln contorted, abused and violated fundamental and statutory law, in a society of laws, as the most egregious national criminal in America history.

    Nothing “Crazy Abe” did was legal or constitutional; no nation in history ended slavery by war; slavery should have been ended through legal means.

    “Crazy Abe” was elected with a minority of votes – 38.9%, commenced an illegal and unpopular war, not of common defense but of aggression against a sovereign foreign nation, denied freedom of speech and press, physically damaged and destroyed publishing facilities, illicitly suspended habeas corpus to abduct and imprison publishers and political opponents, abducted free citizens and forcibly inducted them into military service (Washington paid his volunteer army), illicitly confiscated private property through the illicit issuance of an unconstitutional proclamation to effect the emancipation of slaves and failed to deport the resultant illegal aliens, en masse, who violated the Naturalization Act of 1802 which required citizens to be “…free white persons…,” etc.

    Both of the perpetrators above should have been immediately struck down and halted by the judicial branch and the Supreme Court.

  5. If the U.S. Attorney in NY were interested in justice rather than politics, he would investigate this guy for bankruptcy fraud, which is a federal crime. If he is convicted, a federal felony is enough to get him deported back to India, and the owner gets his house back.

    1. Hey, you’re being racist. He’s an American just like you are an American; if he’s been here 20+ years, deporting to India is not an option…

  6. Loving what you guys are cooking up in the K Street/ ALEC coms shop, Turley. I’m sure you’ve already pitched it to Fox. Nothing to see on Capitol Hill these days, right? The 1/6 Commision, whatever. Trump org indictments. Systematic attacks on voting rights as a response to Dem takeover in Georgia. Go on the offensive — it’s what you guys do best.

    I’m loving the tone deafness. Quite entertaining.


    1. J. Turley is one of the most honest men I’ve ever read and heard. He is straight down middle. Just because you are not. You are a small minded democrat. You don’t have to insult him and his credibility. You are a democrat nitwit. Don’t bad talk J.T. he is a national treasure.

      1. Hey Lin,

        Thanks for your input. I’d go with it if it weren’t so ridiculously idiotic. My guess is Turley is not proud of the type of schlock he’s contractually bound to produce.


  7. I lost my home in 2011 due to the Great Recession. I won’t go into details, but try as I might I could not keep up with bills and mortgage payments after losing my job AND finding another one which paid 1/3 the salary. Something had to give. The bank gave me one courtesy extension of three months. That gave me time to save up for one missed payment. but still could not find a better paying job at the time. Soon thereafter the sheriff called and left a message asking me to come down. I went the next day. He explained that by law they have to post a public notice of eviction on your door, he told me he would stop by at night to do so, so the neighbors won’t be as likely to notice. I was to be out in 90 days.

    Two weeks before the date he called and said if I needed a little more time to let him know. He gave me another month and asked if that was enough, indicating he’d be inclined to give me even more time. Part of me felt guilty staying there not paying my mortgage, but the fact is I couldn’t afford it so my plan was to keep paying all the utilities so when I do have to move I wouldn’t have a problem getting them in my name. The sheriff couldn’t have been nicer and more respectful through the whole process. I remember him feeling bad he had to evict me, shaking my hand and sincerely wishing me the best and thanking me for coming to talk to him as he said most people just ignore the calls and avoid it as long as they can.

  8. I detest the idea of ruling on practicality rather then legality.

    It is disgusting.

  9. Liberals are the problem. Liberal government, liberal media, liberal citizenry. Liberals are always always always the problem in life.

  10. In the Good Old Days….a Contract could be let to end the problem…either by “getting to a Judge” or the Squatter simply disappearing not to be found having become part of the foundation of a Ball Park, highway, or Sky Scrapper.

    Sometimes progress is not all good.

    Street Justice was not always fair or legal….but it was efficient and effective.

  11. However, he has made a mockery of the legal system…

    Made? Systems are made. If our justice system fails to provide justice, then the system is already a mockery.

    1. My advice, if the Democrats make PR and DC states, then upstate NY needs to secede from Manhattan and Southern IL needs to secede from Beetlejuice City. If banana republics can have their own states, why can’t sane people?

      1. Because you’d immediately make yourselves military targets. Systematically giving up your federal rights, followed by making yourself strategically vulnerable is a formula for, well, doing exactly what you’re suggesting. Good luck with it.

        By the way, Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, Ithaca, etc. (i.e. the biggest population centers in upstate NY) aren’t on board with your plan. So I guess there’s that to realistically tune into also for you ‘sane’ people.


        1. Humbug. First, I wasn’t writing about seceding from the union. I was writing–tongue-in-cheek–about seceding from the state and forming a new state. Second, I actually fear you are right for once. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Milley, Gilday, and Podesta are already in war planning. Finally, you’ll miss me when I’m gone to the guillotine, but your Trotskyites won’t be far behind. We all know how that goes.

  12. One day, when the State owns all the property, I wonder how lenient the courts will be? If Judges continue these practices, it will become senseless to own property, or for lenders to finance mortgages. Our legal system seems to get more broken with each passing day. How could any Judge, knowing the facts of this case, acting in good faith, and having any knowledge of the lae, rule with this defendant?

  13. Hanspal was not the only one who has mockery of the legal system. Every judge and lawyer complicit in his scam contributed their fair share.

  14. Seems like the courts have effectively excised the contracts clause from the Constitution (in addition to the takings clause).

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