White House Admits to Flagging Posts For Facebook

We have previously discussed the extensive censorship programs maintained by Big Tech, including companies like Twitter and Facebook taking sides in major controversies from gender identification to election fraud to Covid-19. The rise of corporate censors has combined with a heavily pro-Biden media to create the fear of a de facto state media that controls information due to a shared ideology rather than state coercion.  That concern has been magnified by demands from Democratic leaders for increased censorship, including censoring political speech, and now word that the Biden Administration has routinely been flagging material to be censored by Facebook.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that the Biden administration is working with Facebook to flag “problematic” posts that “spread disinformation” on COVID-19. She explained that the Administration has created “aggressive” policing systems to spot “misinformation” to be “flagged” for the social media companies.

Obviously, anyone can object to postings. There is a greater danger when the government has a systemic process for aggressively flagging material to be censored. The real problem however is with the censorship system itself. We have seen how there needs to be little coordination between political figures and the media to maintain controlled narratives in public debates and discussions.

The concern is obvious that this allows for a direct role of the government in a massive censorship program run by private companies. There have been repeated examples of the censoring of stories that were embarrassing or problematic for the Biden Administration.  Even when Twitter expressed regret for the censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop story before the election, there was an immediate push back for greater censorship from Democrats.

The concern is that these companies are taking to heart calls from Democratic members for increased censorship on the platform. CEO Jack Dorsey previously apologized for censoring the Hunter Biden story before the election. However, rather than addressing the dangers of such censoring of news accounts, Senator Chris Coons pressed Dorsey to expand the categories of censored material to prevent people from sharing any views that he considers “climate denialism.” Likewise, Senator Richard Blumenthal seemed to take the opposite meaning from Twitter, admitting that it was wrong to censor the Biden story. Blumenthal said that he was “concerned that both of your companies are, in fact, backsliding or retrenching, that you are failing to take action against dangerous disinformation.” Accordingly, he demanded an answer to this question:

“Will you commit to the same kind of robust content modification playbook in this coming election, including fact checking, labeling, reducing the spread of misinformation, and other steps, even for politicians in the runoff elections ahead?”

“Robust content modification” seems the new Orwellian rallying cry in our society.

The same problems have arisen on Covid stories. For a year, Big Tech has been censoring those who wanted to discuss the origins of pandemic.  It was not until Biden admitted that the virus may have originated in the Wuhan lab that social media suddenly changed its position. Facebook only recently announced that people on its platform will be able to discuss the origins of Covid-19 after censoring any such discussion.

The back channel coordination with Facebook further supports the view that this is a de facto state-supporting censorship program. That is the basis for the recent lawsuit by former President Donald Trump. As I have previously noted, there is ample basis for objection to this arrangement but the legal avenue for challenges is far from clear. The lawsuit will face difficult, if not insurmountable, problems under existing law and precedent. There is no question companies like Twitter are engaging in raw censorship. It is also true that these companies have censored material with a blatantly biased agenda, taking sides on scientific and social controversies. A strong case can be made for stripping these companies of legal protections since they are no longer neutral platforms. However, private businesses are allowed to regulate speech as a general matter.  It will take considerable heavy lifting for a court to order this injunctive relief.

That is why we need legislative action. That includes removal immunity protections. However, the government should also consider how to incentivize the creation of alternatives to these companies which are now a threat to our political system. A few companies now control a huge amount of the political discourse in this country and have shown a clear bias in taking sides (even on issues later found to be wrong). Since litigation is likely to fail, legislation would seem an imperative. Congress has been spending hundreds of billions with utter abandon. Yet, there is little discussion over a government subsidized platform for social media or other measures to break up this unprecedented level of corporate control over our political discourse. I am no fan of government programs, particularly as it relates to media. However, Apple, Google, and these other companies are now operating like monopolies, including crushing competitors like Parlor. That is a direct and growing threat to our political process.

We need to consider a short-term investment in a social media platform that will focus any censorship on direct threats or criminal conduct. There is currently a lack of not only competition but any real opportunity for competition to challenge these companies. Either we have to redefine what we treat as monopolies or we need to invest in the establishment of competing platforms that are content neutral like telephone companies.

This is why I have described myself as an Internet Originalist:

The alternative is “internet originalism” — no censorship. If social media companies returned to their original roles, there would be no slippery slope of political bias or opportunism; they would assume the same status as telephone companies. We do not need companies to protect us from harmful or “misleading” thoughts. The solution to bad speech is more speech, not approved speech.

If Pelosi demanded that Verizon or Sprint interrupt calls to stop people saying false or misleading things, the public would be outraged. Twitter serves the same communicative function between consenting parties; it simply allows thousands of people to participate in such digital exchanges. Those people do not sign up to exchange thoughts only to have Dorsey or some other internet overlord monitor their conversations and “protect” them from errant or harmful thoughts.

The actions by Twitter and Facebook on Election Day were reprehensible and wrong. That should have been sufficient cause for action by Congress. It is now growing more precarious and chilling by the day.




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  1. Jonathan: Let’s see if I get this straight. You say “[t]he rise of corporate censors [ Twitter and Facebook] has combined with heavily pro-Biden media to create the fear of a de facto state media that controls information due to a shared ideology rather than state coercion”. That’s a mouth full. For four years we had that under Trump. Fox News was the “de facto state media”–reinforcing all of Trump’s conspiracy theories and supporting his agenda because they had a “shared ideology”. During the Trump years Fox allowed very few Trump critics on their platform. Didn’t hear a peep of protest from you back then. Fox has a huge share of the media market and stills spews out pro-Trump propaganda. But when you perceive the media as being “pro-Biden” you recoil in fear. When your buddy AG bill Barr, following Trump’s orders. went to court (secretly) to get the E-mails of journalists to try to intimidate and censor them did you complain? Nope. Only when Twitter and Facebook booted off Trump from their platforms did you start to complain vociferously,

    Now you want to remove immunity protections for Twitter and Facebook. You favor “competing platforms” and a “short-term investment in social media platforms that will focus any censorship on direct threats or criminal conduct”. Now you bizarrely support censorship by “government subsidized platforms for social media”. And who will decide what is “direct threats or criminal conduct”? Some faceless person at the FCC? I can’t begin to tell you how non-sensical and anti-free speech this is. We have a lot of historical experience in how government controlled media works. In Nazi Germany the government abolished the independent press. Hitler’s government set the parameters of what could be broadcast on the radio or what could be published in newspapers. The Nazi censors did this on a daily basis–just like Rupert Murdock does from his executive office at Fox headquarters.

    While I oppose the concentration of the mass media market in a few corporate hands that’s how capitalism works. With power comes control. But you want to exchange that for a government subsidized and controlled social media platform that will censor only “direct threats or criminal conduct”. Under either a Democratic or Republican administration we know where that will lead. Frankly, I think you are just opposed to the entire Biden agenda. You are mad that many journalists in the mass media support that agenda. Okay, I get it. But setting up a government funded alternative is not the answer. Despite his ban from Twitter and Facebook Trump is finding a way to get his message out–e.g., interviews on Fox. etc. Many of Trump’s supporters have urged him to set up his own independent social media platform. Maybe that is where you should direct your attention rather than have the government do it. Just remember the Republican mantra–less government is best.

    1. Trump did set up his own social media platform. It lasted a month. It was a flop. Turley knows his arguments are weak. He admits Twitter and Facebook have every right to censor who they deem in violation of their TOS.

      What IS interesting is Turley has not directly discussed Trump’s own lawsuit against Twitter and Facebook. A case he’s surely going to lose.

  2. Next the Biden administration will be telling the New York Times what stories they can print. Oh wait, they already are.
    They will also be telling the NSA what American citizens emails they should monitor and who at the Times to leak the information to. Oh wait, they already did. Soon they will be arresting their political enemies. Oh wait, they already are. Then they will be counting votes without poll watchers watching. Oh wait, they already did. Then they will take over the social media platforms. Oh wait, they already have!!!

    Back in the
    Back in the USSR.
    Don’t know how lucky you are boy,
    Back in the USSR.

    1. I think China comes ahead of the Biden administration in telling the NYT what to print. Then Cuba.

  3. “We need to consider a short-term investment in a social media platform that will focus any censorship on direct threats or criminal conduct”

    Again this is why I’ve followed you for so long. You don’t just think in terms of problems, you think in terms of solutions.

  4. No gratitude from the Leftists. Fascist Book cooperates with the government censors and still Biden comes out and suggests their misinformation is killing people.


    What might be killing people is allowing thousands of untested illegal immigrants to enter the country and shuffling them around to different communities. The Delta Surge just might be the Illegal Immigrant Surge of the virus in part.

  5. Remember when it was a threat to our democracy when Trump would call a story or an news organization “Fake News”? Just stating his opinion or pointing out obvious factual errors was a Constitutional Crisis.

    However, Biden’s team flagging articles and stories for Facebook to censor is perfectly agreeable.

    Notice how the Left keeps saying the Right is guilty of what the Left is actually doing?

  6. Social Media actively censors speech to benefit the Democrat Party, while simultaneously enjoying lawsuit protections under Section 230, claiming that they are not a publisher, just a public speech forum.

    They can’t have it both ways.

    Social Media is guilty of false advertising. They have failed to disclose that they censor conservative speech and promote Democrat talking points. They should be required to disclose this on their marketing materials. Claiming to be anything remotely like the telephone company is false advertising.

    Don’t like it? Create your own platform…Except even if you do, the Leftist monopoly will still deplatform competing companies, as they did when Amazon disabled the servers of free speech platform Parler.

    In the modern age, much of our communication and information sharing occurs digitally. We need a digital public square. If it’s legal to say in a public park, then it should be allowed to be said on such a platform. We would not tolerate a telephone operator listening in to our phone conversations, butting in or even cutting the line if she didn’t care for what we said. We shouldn’t tolerate this behavior from social media providers. Perhaps it happened so gradually that we became acclimated to Little Brother.

    Who gets to decide what is “misinformation”? Techies in Silicon Valley? Democrats in the White House? Who gets to determine what we are allowed to talk about?

    The Wuhan lab leak was censored as misinformation. Turns out it was a perfectly valid explanation for the origin of SARS-CoV-2. Such discussions also started the conversation about whether it’s wise for the US to invest millions of dollars in labs around the world over which we have little to no control. Funding research into our own demise seems worthy of the Darwin Award. Funding any research conducted by totalitarian regimes with records of human rights abuses seems rather unwise, as well. Yet for a while, Facebook would not allow us to talk about it on their platform.

    Hunter Biden’s laptop story was censored as Russian disinformation. Turns out that story is also absolutely true.

    Discussing masking was not allowed, even though the WHO has reversed its stance 3 times. At first, masks were not recommended. It turns out they just said that to conserve supplies for medical personnel. Then masks were recommended, even outside.

    FB censored an article that broke the news about BLM founder Patrisse Cullors buying multiple mansions. This time it was censored under privacy laws. Strangely, similar stories about celebrities, politicians, and public figures buying mansions were not censored.

    The list goes on and on, but the trend is that this isn’t about accuracy. It’s about propaganda and damage control.

    The US is hurtling head long into a Leftist One Party Rule country, complete with propaganda, censorship, and a public education system that operates as a Democrat indoctrination center. We were stupid to allow it. It’s a bit late to try to haul this back now, but we’d better at least try.

    1. Karen: I really don’t know where to start with you. Are you just a dumb disciple, or do you keep repeating the same debunked things deliberately? Starting with “Hunter’s laptop” –that isn’t true at all. According to “Landslide” by Michal Wolff, that “story” came from the mendacious, now-suspended former attorney Giuliani (whom Trump is refusing to pay because he didn’t “win”–proof of the point that Trump will eventually throw everyone under the bus), who, right before the election, came up with some cockamamie story about being in a Delaware computer repair shop where he came upon a hard drive he claims belonged to Hunter Biden. Because Trump flopped so badly in the first debate, Giuliani and others in the Trump camp thought salacious revelations from “Hunter’s laptop” would mitigate your hero’s standing with the American people The story was so implausible and Giuliani and Trump had lied so much that no one believed it, and that’s why mainstream media didn’t cover it–not “censorship”. Where’s the proof it belonged to Hunter Biden? Produce it or shut up about it We already know you are an alt-right disciple, so repeating their drivel is a waste of time. If anything stank as a set-up, it’s this phony story–after flopping badly in the first debate, a desperate Trump comes up with bombshell revelations from a hard drive his campaign claims came from Hunter Biden. According to Wolff’s book, Trump thought that confronting Biden with this information would cause him to flub and stutter at the second debate. It didn’t work because it’s just another lie.

      Putting out lies on social media to scare people away from getting vaccinated and to cause them to question scientists and public health officials is politically-motivated, and the source of these lies is traced to 12 people. What right do they have to make up lies and put them out on social media, with the result that people are getting sick and dying out of fear and mistrust of science and public health, all based on lies? Trump and Republicans will literally do everything possible to try to prevent Biden from succeeding in his presidency, and that’s not just limited to refusing to negotiate on legislation. First, they lost the election because the America people rejected them and especially their presidential candidate; second, they went along with the Big Lie, even though they do know better. Third, they are now trying to downplay and lie about the Insurrection, pretending it was just a few protesters who went overboard and that Trump isn’t responsible for stirring them up. Fourth, they refuse to speak out in favor of immunization or condemn those who are trying to dissuade Trump disciples from getting vaccinated. Did you all forget that your fat hero with his stripper third wife went before cameras to declare, in December, 2020, that COVID had been conquered because vaccines had been shown to be safe and effective, and that he called it a “Christmas Miracle”? Just take a look at the results of the lying. People of all ages, mainly in Trump Country, are getting sick and some are dying. Hospitals and ICUs are full. There are little kids on ventilators. (Maybe you’ve never seen a dying child or one on a ventilator, but it’s the saddest thing imaginable, and downright criminal when it could have been prevented). There’s an urgent call for volunteer doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists, plus ventilators and help to construct field hospitals. You want something to condemn–what about this unnecessary human suffering, all for political reasons? The tide of COVID was turned when millions of Americans got vaccinated, but now vaccinations are stalling and the numbers are going up.

  7. “ including companies like Twitter and Facebook taking sides in major controversies from gender identification to election fraud to Covid-19”. Um what sides are there for COVID-19? Are you pro or con COVID? Is COVID fair? Is COVID hiding something? Thanks Mr. Turley for subtracting from the sum of human knowledge.

    1. Not sure who this guy is but I’d put Joe up in a geriatric cage match. Bets?

  8. Jen Psaki has to be the dumbest WH press Secretary in recent memory and that is setting the bat very low.
    She admits openly that the Executive branch acts in concert with a private social media company whereby making them agents of the government. It looks like Trump’s lawsuit just improved its chances. As long as his attorneys don’t go off the deep end.
    I saw a 10,000 word epistle by Natscha or whatever bleating that they should be allowed to censor “misinformation” and falsehoods. Such as? The theory that COVID could have escaped from a lab near its ground zero? That theory is no longer banned is it?
    Maybe it was Hunter’s laptop laying a trail to Biden family corruption?
    I guess she was trying the give Psaki competition.

  9. Doesn’t this add validity to Trumps case that big tech is working with the government and is therefore subject to the FA?

    1. I think it might add some spice to the suit. I suspect there are Big Tech lawyers wishing the Psaki had kept her mouth shut. Too late now.

    2. No, it doesn’t because trump still doesn’t have a case. A social media platform is a private company still. If it chooses to boot out someone who violates their TOS they can do so, even if it’s the president.

      Turley himself has admitted that these companies have every right to do so. Even Turley’s own blog does it. Getting rid of section 230 protections won’t stop social media from censoring or removing posters. In fact it will expose Turley’s own blog to lawsuits as well. Turley could be sued and be liable for what people post here.

      1. “Getting rid of section 230 protections won’t stop social media from censoring or removing posters. “

        What is your proof?


        1. S. Meyer,

          “ Getting rid of section 230 protections won’t stop social media from censoring or removing posters. “

          What is your proof?”

          Section 230 only protects social media from lawsuits. It doesn’t prohibit companies from censoring or removing individuals who still violate their TOS. In fact removing sec. 230 gives social media a greater incentive to censor and remove individuals because the prospect being sued will be greater.

          Removing sec. 230 doesn’t negate social media’s 1st amendment rights.

          1. “Removing sec. 230 doesn’t negate social media’s 1st amendment rights.”

            Svelaz, I do not wish to negate the 1st amendment rights of anyone, but I don’t want the US Federal Government sub-contracting censorship to social media companies. The administration just admitted that that was what they were doing.

  10. Has the government defined what is “misinformation” and “who” determines what is and is not “misinformation”?

    The release of a lab-manufactured virus and the push to vaccinate the entire US and global population is all part of the plan for the Great Reset. All of this has been orchestrated. None of this is an “accident.”

  11. Every day I’m amazed at the prevarication of the Democratic Party and the mealymouthed main stream press, I’m reminded of the Epimenides Paradox “All Cretans are Liars”, or more colloquial “I am lying”. No matter what or whenever they speak, you cannot be assured of the truth or a lie. These past few months since assuming control of the White House they have demonstrated the lengths they will go to camouflage the real truth to the American public. Now America faces one of the worse disasters in its short history, the election of a socialist, or might I say a communist. The reason I say these harsh words is what I’m seeing in numerous cities, the White House and Congress and the Democratic Parties silence and or the advancement of activities that are reminiscent of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. I pray for this great nation The United States of America.

  12. “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    – Declaration of Independence, 1776

  13. Again, Turley ignores the stories about the military planning on what to do if Trump refused to leave office, and instead trying to create the illusion of government censorship, all to keep red meat flowing to the disciples. There is a difference between flagging inaccurate content and actual censorship. And, what’s wrong with the government flagging lies, especially since such lies are causing people to needlessly get sick and some will die, like the misinformation campaign about the vaccine? Trump used social media to spread lies, and social media is still being used to spread lies and fear about vaccination. The result is that cases are surging in Trump country, especially Mississippi, Missouri, and the Deep South. Hospitals are maxed out, and are begging for volunteer doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists, plus there’s an urgent need for ventilators. There are small children in ICUs and on ventilators. 99.9% of these victims refused vaccination. Turley, if you want to talk about morality and freedom of speech, why not discuss the obscenity of little kids paying the price for their parents’ stupid fealty to a pathological liar? Even for those who survive, kids and adults alike, the long-term consequences of COVID infection aren’t known. What is known is that vaccination will prevent serious cases of COVID. I wonder if parents watching a machine breathing for their child even consider the extent to which their gullibility was the cause of their child’s suffering.

    And, Turley, you are spinning the truth by claiming that Joe Biden “admitted” that the virus may have come from the Wuhan lab. He suggested investigating the origins, mostly to shut up the Trumpsters (as if this is possible, because truth and facts don’t faze them). And, Turley goes to breathless lengths to talk about Facebook allowing users to “discuss” the origins. Since no one really knows the origin of the virus, what you have is social media being used to continue spreading the Trump lie that it came from the lab. And, no matter what the results of the investigation reveal, Trumpsters still won’t believe it.

    According to Wolff, the author of “Landslide”, Giuliani allegedly found the hard drive he claims came from Hunter Biden’s computer in a Delaware computer repair shop. Isn’t that just a little too convenient to be credible? How could Giuliani find himself in a Delaware computer repair shop, much less somehow obtaining a hard drive allegedly left there by Hunter? The Trump campaign sprang this right before the election, and Trump thought that would carry him over the finish line, as poll after poll predicted his loss, and after he flubbed in the debates. Instead, the claim about a hard drive allegedly coming from Hunter’s computer, and the timing of the alleged discovery, plus Giuliani being the source of the “discovery” just simply stank too much, and most media and most Americans disregarded it. Turley keeps trying to breathe life into this story, but it just isn’t passing the smell test. Trump and Giuliani have simply lied too much to have any credibility with the majority of Americans.

    According to Wolff’s book, Giuliani came up with the idea of Trump claiming that he won in a landslide but that Democrats stole his victory, in lieu of conceding. This was to soothe Trump after he ignored what his campaign experts had been telling him: the early election results for in-person voting would favor him, but absentee votes, which took longer to count, would favor Biden, so an early advantage was meaningless. Trump never absorbed these facts, and when early results favored him, he kept taking victory laps, and his minions were celebrating. However, as the absentee and mail ballots were counted and it was evident, even to him, that he lost, he panicked. When Fox called Arizona for Biden, Trump went into meltdown and had everyone trying to call Murdoch and get Fox to retract its prediction about Biden’s win. Murdoch refused. So, Giuliani came up with the Big Lie because Trump simply can’t handle the truth. Once they started telling the Big Lie, they worked to try to create facts to support it. There aren’t any such facts, and never will be. They still won’t let go, despite 60+ lawsuits, recount after recount, and even an attempted insurrection. This is the effect of Trump’s lies on social media. and it continues. More Americans get their “news” from social media than newspapers and television, and social media is being abused to spread lies and fear. According to Turley,private companies creating and supporting media platforms should just let the Trump/Republican lie machine continue unabated. Tell that to the little kid on a ventilator.

    1. Did the Trump Administration dictate pots to be taken down? No? Case closed. Every other single thing you said is irrelevant.

    2. Natch said: “Since no one really knows the origin of the virus, what you have is social media being used to continue spreading the Trump lie that it came from the lab.”


      I gave you two links, one to liberal New Yorker, saying the weight of available evidence points to the Wuhan lab being the source of the Wuhan virus.

      Yet you persist in repeating the lie that nobody has any idea where the Wuhan virus originated.

      Makes me wonder if you are posting from Beijing.

      The virus came from the Chinese lab in Wuhan, China.

      China did it…with some financial help from Fauci it appears.

      1. What “available evidence” is there? If Wuhan released the virus as part of a biological warfare campaign, they wouldn’t have told the WHO about it or allowed its own citizens to get infected. The virus was first identified in China, but the origins remain unproven. Most reputable scientists say, based on past experience, that it likely came from an animal source, just like MERS, SARS, Ebola and AIDS, but it is still being investigated. It won’t matter to you Trumpsters because he said it came from China, and you’ll never stop believing that, no matter the quantum of evidence.

        On a related note, why doesn’t your hero come forward and encourage his disciples to take the vaccine that he is taking credit for? He and his relatives took the vaccine, which he touted as being able to conquer COVID. That might be enough to get the vaccination rates higher and stave off the inevitable mutations that might not be susceptible to current vaccine coverage. Why won’t he do it? Ask yourself, and then try to tell me it’s not politically-motivated.

        1. Natch: I never said the Wuhan virus was a biological weapon. I said its release was accidental. You love claiming we said that because it is ridiculous on its face.

          The evidence pointing to the Wuhan lab is outlined in the 2 articles I linked to yesterday. Those articles prompted the WH to say it needs to be investigated. That is because both articles are persuasive.

          Read the articles and catch up with the rest of the world. Saying time and again that there is no evidence makes you look ignorant.

          But you can cure that ignorance. Read the articles.

          China did it. The Wuhan virus came from the Wuhan lab in China.

            1. We/I knew exactly where it came from a 1 1/2 ago & that Fauci/Bill Gates/Obama were do Illegal Gain Function for a Bio-Weapon to which they already had Registered Patients , 2018/2019, for their Gene Therapy so called vaxxes on. Hay Mule Head, look it up.

              Nuremberg 2.0 months away from now. Trump better have a come to Jesus moment or he’ll also be thrown in with the lot of them if it’s not to late already?

              BTW: Nice RedRuming numbers you people had recently/this week, up to 12,000, admitted, VAERS, HHS.gov, which that number was proven to be 10 to 100 times to low. Fast moving towards 1.2 bil, or 60% that failed to do their Due Diligence & took their Frankenstein jabs & may soon…..

        2. “On a related note, why doesn’t your hero come forward and encourage his disciples to take the vaccine that he is taking credit for?”

          He has, several times.

          On a related note, why doesn’t your hero Kamala come forward and apologize for politicizing and fomenting vaccine hesitancy by saying she wouldn’t get the shot nor trust a vaccine that came from Trump administration.

          Joe Biden needs to apologize for his comments politicizing the Trump vaccines, as well.

          Why haven’t they?

    3. Wow natcha, you have a lengthy post with lots of accusations, but not a single named accuser.

      1. She had to get her word count in for this week or she will be eating cat food on Sunday.

  14. With Psaki’s and the Surgeon General’s comments the censorship would seem to fall under “state action” and therefore be a violation of the 1st Amendment. I think the Court will finally step up and decide this issue in the next term.

    What I believe happened is that FB and the Biden Administration got caught and they then thought that they better get ahead of this train and make it sound as innocuous as possible. The liar Psaki went on to pretend, with all of her unctuousness that this is all normal and that there is nothing to see here when the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is advising a private company on who and what to censor.

    One more tidbit from me: Where is the ACLU? I know fighting to the death for trans folks to be able to use locker rooms of women takes up a lot of time, but how about an issue regarding the FIRST AMENDMENT, something that these poseurs screamed about when Nazis wanted to march in a Jewish town.

  15. Holds Radner on Saturday Night Live many years ago
    “Never Mind!”

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