Report: Biden Administration Officials “Unmasked” Tucker Carlson

A few weeks ago, I testified in the House Judiciary Committee on the surveillance of journalists in a long series of scandals from the Bush to the Obama to the Trump to the Biden Administrations. These scandals have occurred with almost seasonal regularity. There was a rare sense of bipartisanship in the hearing as both parties called for investigation and new legislation to address this ongoing problem. However, there has been a notable silence among members and the media after Tucker Carlson went public with an allegation that his emails were not just intercepted by the National Security Agency (NSA) but that they were shared with members of the press by intelligence officials. Now, there appears confirmation that the communications were mentioned on intercepts and, as some of us assumed early in the coverage, Carlson was “unmasked” by Biden Administration officials. Yet, the response continues to be crickets from the media and members of Congress.

When the story broke, I stated that it was likely that the communication was not a direct targeting but either an incidental interception (when targeting a foreign intelligence subject) or the gathering of the information when it was discussed by third parties on an intercept. It would then have to have been “unmasked” by an official with such authority. The latest coverage would suggest that it was likely the later circumstance of the communication was discussed or read during an interception and later unmasked.

This is once again an example of how bias continues to distort coverage. Many in the media dislike Carlson and the feeling is obviously mutual. However, what Carlson described on his show was extremely serious and concerning. He said that a journalist and a third party both contacted him to say that his emails were being leaked. He said that one email (where he was seeking to secure an interview with Russian President Vladimir) was literally read back to him.

That should have been sufficient to raise calls for investigation and transparency. Whether the email was intercepted directly, incidentally, or merely discussed in a different intercept is not determinative on why the information would have been circulated or why Carlson’s name was unmasked.

Now, Fox News (who I work for as a legal analyst) is condemning reports in The Record that Carlson was “unmasked” at the request of Biden Administration officials. The NSA had previously denied Carlson’s claims. Now, two sources are being cited as saying that Carlson’s communications were discussed in intercepts and then his identity was unmasked.

There remain very serious questions. Who unmasked Carlson’s name and why was there an unmasking? Moreover, how would such information be discussed with reporters or third parties, if the original allegations are true?

You do not have to like Carlson (any more than other media figures subject to such actions) to be concerned over such alleged unmasking and distribution. This should be part of the bipartisan inquiry discussed in the Judiciary Committee.

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  1. Speaking of unmasking, isn’t that precisely where the Obama Coup D’etat in America started?

    The Obama Coup D’etat in America is the most egregious abuse of power and the most prodigious crime in American political history.

    The co-conspirators are:

    Kevin Clinesmith, Bill Taylor, Eric Ciaramella, Rosenstein, Mueller/Team, Andrew Weissmann,

    James Comey, Christopher Wray, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Laycock, Kadzic,

    Sally Yates, James Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Priestap, Kortan, Campbell,

    Sir Richard Dearlove, Christopher Steele, Simpson, Joseph Mifsud,

    Alexander Downer, Stefan “The Walrus” Halper, Azra Turk, Kerry, Hillary,

    Huma, Mills, Brennan, Gina Haspel, Clapper, Lerner, Farkas, Power, Lynch,

    Rice, Jarrett, Holder, Brazile, Sessions (patsy), Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Obama,

    Joe Biden, James E. Boasberg, Emmet Sullivan, et al.

    1. There is now no rule of law remaing in USA. Only the laws and individuals they intend to persue and prosecute. And the big whitewashe John Durham report to be released soon. A full blown report could have been released BACK in Oct 2020. Those leaders, POTUS, DOJ, FBI, and Dem Et Als, know the truth, but the American people never will.

      1. I never understood that Durham was supposed to issue yet another “report”. I thought he was supposed to perform a conventional investigation and prosecute any criminals.

        1. Presumably, John “Dudley Do-Right” Durham would have accomplished and presented precisely what Robert “Demento” Mueller did, a full report with charges. John Durham was a Special Counsel.

  2. As we watch with horror America taken by fascist communist extremophiles full of vitriolic behavior and policies toward those of us who did earn, build and value that .. pundits like yourself offer no real solutions or insight. The covid is the equivalent of the cattle cars for the jews and what nazism called misfits. How else can anyone describe the vitriolic behavior of media, politicians, comedians, and keyboard warriors. I for one tire of the words that are little to ponder.
    That’s just me. But I’m one of those entitled white women, who lived through growing up in foster care and a ward of the state, cancer, losing a child, working hard all my life through sickness, debt, and emotional pain. But it seems us ” old relics” with our ” old values ” don’t matter since Barack Obama said, we didn’t build that. I bult that quite a few times. And now i have the pleasure of paying what my house payment used to be for property taxes so we can be kind to immigrants. When will our politicians be kind to the people who did build America up and those still doing so. And perhaps politicians can stop being the worlds social workers and pay attention to budgets, commerce and the law.
    That’s how I went from the wrong side of the tracks to be my own person. It is not up to the government to fix problems for people but to offer opportunities for people to fix their own problems.

    1. Judith, only the very stupidest combine ‘fascist’ and ‘communist’ to describe a single movement. Historically those two ideologies were polar opposites. Not until the Trump era were they ever confused.

      The truth is that Trumpers are confused about almost everything. Because their leader is aggressively ignorant.

      1. A totalitarian is a totalitarian, no matter what the underlying economic policies that they force down the people’s throats.

        1. Yes. And it’s funny how many posters here do not understand that. They go on about Left and Right when the spectrum is really Freedom versus Totalitarianism.

      2. Sorry only the stupidest fail to grasp that there is no contradiction between fascism and communism,

        Benito Mussolini was a socialist before he was a fascist. The only consequential distinction between fascism and socialism is the more overtly militaristic and nationalistic nature of fascism.

        It is not Trumper’s that are confused – it is YOU. Neither Mussolini nor Hitler nor any of the leaders of the fascist movement or fascist governments ever left any confusion that they were not socialists.

        Fascism is not a contradictory ideology with socialism or communism it is directly overlapping.
        Hitler in particular made it clear that his war with communists was a turf battle over who got to lead the socialist movement.

        Nazi is “National Socialism” – it is not “National Capitalism”.

        In a fascist system the individual is subordinate to the state, EVERYTHING is subordinate to the state.
        Fascism is no more than a virulent form of socialism.

        If you are going to claim someone else is stupid – it would be wise to have your facts in order.

        Fascism recognises the real needs which gave rise to socialism and trade-unionism, giving them due weight in the guild or corporative system in which diverent interests are coordinated and harmonised in the unity of the State.
        Benito Mussolini

      3. Do not believe, even for a moment, that by stripping me of my membership card you do the same to my Socialist beliefs, nor that you would restrain me of continuing to work in favor of Socialism and of the Revolution.

        Benito Mussolini

      4. Some still ask of us: what do you want? We answer with three words that summon up our entire program. Here they are…Italy, Republic, Socialization…Socialization is no other than the implantation of Italian Socialism…

        Benito Mussolini

      5. Socialism has to remain a terrifying and a majestic thing. If we follow this line, we shall be able to face our enemies.

        Benito Mussolini

      6. Anonymous, you have the same lack of knowledge that Anonymous the Stupid has; if you are not he.

        Fascism and communism are not “polar opposites,” even though you continue to think they are. You can read the history of the movements to see that for yourself. I went to considerable pains with anonymous the Stupid to demonstrate where he went wrong. He could not grasp the nature of the different ideologies and instead told us that fascism was good for the little guy.

        Let’s see if you can self-educate.

      7. After all, that’s exactly why we call ourselves National Socialists! We want to start by implementing socialism in our nation among our Volk! It is not until the individual nations are socialist that they can address themselves to international socialism.

        Adolf Hitler

      8. Was Lenin a Dictatorial Communist. If he was, then he would be described as a Fascist.

      9. Oh great pseudo-savant one, you are either ignorant or stupid. I would wager DT’s IQ is at least 40-50 points higher than yours. Yours about the sisize of your belt size?

      10. Actually, those are NOT very different. The Nazi’s were national SOCIALISTS, after all. Both systems seek to take maximal control through the use of massive state power. The net result is pretty much the same. In fact, the Chinese now have very large prison camps and slave labor. What meaningful difference is there? Not much. Two sides of the same sick coin. Curiously, the ANITFA lunatics are fans of what they call “anarchism-communism,” and seem to be totally ignorant that the former totally precludes the latter.

      11. “[O]nly the very stupidest” believe that two dictatorial ideologies (fascism and communism) are “polar opposites.”

        That’s as brilliant as claiming: “The Bloods and Crips have turf wars, so they must be ‘polar opposites.'”

        1. Your bloods and Crips analogy is excellent.

          Hitler himself said as much about communists.

          The Nazi’s loathed the communists – not because they were polar opposites but because they were directly competing socialist ideologies.

    2. Judith:

      That is an inspiring personal story.

      It is depressing that the so-called “humanitarians” are concerned about everyone, except for those who are self-sufficient.

    3. Judith makes a grotesquely hideous analogy: “The covid is the equivalent of the cattle cars for the jews and what nazism called misfits.”

      If I may say, you sound like a frustrated old cow.

  3. NSA Was Most Likely Monitoring Carlson’s Sources

    Interceptions might not have involved Carlson’s communications. The U.S. government routinely monitors the communications of people in Putin’s orbit, who may have been discussing the details of Carlson’s request for an interview.

    But under this scenario, too, Carlson’s identity would have been masked in reports as part of his protections as a U.S. citizen, and unmasking would only be permitted if a U.S. government official requested that his identity be unmasked in order to understand the intelligence. And it’s not clear why that would be necessary here.

    Two sources familiar with Carlson’s communications said his two Kremlin intermediaries live in the United States, but the sources could not confirm whether both are American citizens or whether both were on U.S. soil at the time they communicated with Carlson.

    This is relevant because if one of them was a foreign national and on foreign soil during the communications, the U.S. government wouldn’t necessarily have had to seek approval to monitor their communications.

    Edited from: “Scoop: Tucker Carlson Sought Putin Interview At Time Of Spying Claim”

    Axios, 7/7/21

  4. So what is this violation of Carlson’s civil rights intended to accomplish? —

    Public shaming, and thus a diminution of his influence.

    Most of the general public will not recall the details. The only thing they’ll remember is: “Tucker Carlson? Isn’t he the guy investigated by NSA? And doesn’t NSA protect us from terrorists and spies?”

  5. “Prior to the submission of the fourth FISA application, and after Individual #1 stated publicly that he/she had assisted the U.S. government in the past, an FBI Supervisory Special Agent (“SSA”) asked Clinesmith to inquire with the OGA as to whether Individual #1 had ever been a “source” for the OGA. On June 15, 2017, Clinesmith sent an email to a liaison at the OGA (“OGA Liaison”) seeking clarification as to whether Individual #1 was an OGA source, and the OGA Liaison responded via email to Clinesmith. On June 19, 2017, Clinesmith altered the email he received from the OGA Liaison by adding the words “not a source,” and then forwarded the email to the FBI SSA. Relying on the altered email, on June 29, 2017, the SSA signed and submitted the fourth FISA application to the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The application did not include Individual #1’s history or status with the OGA.”

    Statement from Wednesday, August 19, 2020 U.S. Attorney General for the District of Connecticut

    Government speak. Translation: The FBI lawyer purposely altered an email from the CIA that stated Individual #1 was a source. He added “not a source” so that the FBI could continue spying on this individual to fish for information and to advance a narrative to hurt the sitting President of the United States instead of simply following the law and the facts. This is scary. How often does this occur?

  6. The Question Should Be, ‘How Tucker Carlson Knows He Was Spied On’

    Now, as at the outset, there is a question of what Carlson learned and how he learned it. The point, instead, is that the important claim made by Carlson is the one about government intent, not the one about the NSA collecting communications. Reinforcing that the latter might have occurred does little to nothing to bolster the former, much less to “prove Carlson right.”

    More broadly, the point is that this keeps happening, that right-wing media personalities try to wave away real questions or real issues by elevating isolated, insufficient claims. In some cases, it’s probably a result of incuriosity or credulousness. In others, it’s explicitly dishonest.

    Edited from:

    “Tucker Carlson’s NSA Claims Are The Latest Example Of The Right Wing’s Bait-And-Switch Approach”

    The Washington Post, 7/8/21

    1. First WaPo chooses to no longer practice journalism. Then it expects the public to respect it for its “journalism.”

      Only in a post-Modern, anti-logic world could a once-esteemed publication attempt to get away with such an obvious contradiction.

    2. What exactly is your argument here ?

      While there are some important details regarding the capture of Carson’s communications that warrant further inquiry – Carson was NOT communicating with Putin or Russia directly, therefore it is important to be sure that the NSA was not violating the law in montiring his communications.

      But the indisputable problem is that Carson was unmasked and that his communications were leaked to the press.

      The NSA’s near limitless and warrant-less power to monitor foreign communications only avoids running afoul of the fourth amendment because the identities of US Persons are not exposed. Unmasking Carson is a violation of the law.
      It became clear during the Trump administration that the Biden administration – and particularly Biden himself engaged in illegally unmasking US persons. VP Biden was responsible for unmasking Flynn in his communications with Kislyak.

      It is separately a violation of the espionage act to leak foreign intercepts. But then we all know that the espionage act does not apply if you are a democrat.

      This is also a first amendment issue. While there is a separate debate regarding what the US government can intercept,
      there is no debate that using the national security apparatus to attempt to silence political voices is an egregious violation of the first amendment

      1. For some reason, all anonymous lefties wish to change the subject. It is none of his business to know how Tucker knew though that is integral to discovering the wrongs performed by leftists many times over.

        As you say, Biden is guilty of a lot of this nonsense. Still, those with fascist natures, whether communist, Nazi, Italian fascism or whatever, live in a world of misinformation, lies, and deceit.

      2. John say,

        The “unmasking” of Carlson may have been legitimate just as Michael Flynn’ s was. If Carlson was seeking an interview with Putin. He could have been making contact with individuals who the NSA knew were Russian intelligence officials, just like Flynn did.

        Carlson is well known to make outlandish claims without proof. Plus Carlson himself is often the source of leaked information, an open secret well known in media circles. He’s been the source of many trump administration leaks. He’s the blabber mouth he is known to be. It’s entirely possible it was. Carlson himself who “unmasked” his own name.

        1. Svelaz, you still haven’t responded to the questions on CRT. You act like a drunk hit-and-run driver. Therefore, I have to educate you and correct any misinformation on CRT that you have littered all over this blog. I will start now, but please let me know when your brain clicks in, so I don’t have to continue with these OT points.

          What is the basis of Kendi’s ideas? He assumes that all races are equal, whatever that means to Kendi. Therefore according to Kendi, any differences between the races are from racism. Kendi advocates racism to combat racism. That is dumb.

          I will quote Kendi: “When I see racial disparities, I see racism.”

          As you learn more about what he believes and what others believe, you will see circuitous discussion using many words to act as cover so that racism can be used against others.

  7. The most outrageous things; was that it was leaked to media for political purpose.


    Obama did this routinely when he was President, which only serves as confirmation, Obama is President, his 3rd term; in lieu of sleepy Joe.


    LOOK AROUND, He’s doing it right now.

  8. There were no consequences for Samantha Power and Susan Rice unmasking hundreds of people in the waning days of the Obama administration. They were both rewarded with jobs in Biden’s administration

    Expect the Biden administration to ramp up spying on political dissidents.

  9. The deep state does not exist. The election was not stolen. President Biden does not have dementia. The Democratic Party does not control antifa. Kamala Harris did not suck Willie Brown’s penis to get her start in politics. Hunter Biden is not a bad artist. Journalism is nothing but the truth. Tucker Carlson has done nothing to earn Constitutional rights. Nancy Pelosi cannot possibly be driven by personal ambition. Farcebook cannot credibly be accused of anything other than the crime of bringing people together. User terms will be updated.

  10. Let’s be real. The entire government, all 3 branches plus the permanent administrative state, the military and the security and regulatory agencies; and the people and institutions controlling the commanding heights of the economy and the culture, including journalism, have joined together to impose an authoritarian regime, and working through the social media companies and journalistic institutions are making it not merely authoritarian but totalitarian. They command not merely acquiescence, or obedience, but agreement. We are on the verge of Orwell’s 1984, including a permanent state of war to justify regime control and widespread hardship among the politically irrelevant. The coming Great Reset will complete the immiseration of the proles and the transition will be complete.

    We will still have sham elections between Tweedledee and Tweedledum, for a while, but even with almost no difference between the candidates, and the offices they are elected to having little power over the Leviathan, our choices will be controlled by the propaganda state in which we are immersed.

    Of course nobody of consequence is standing up for Carlson. They hate him for what he says, and any individual in the regime who might be concerned as a matter of principle is afraid of what will happen to him if he says so. There were German government officials troubled by the Holocaust but nobody said “boo” about it.

    In 2018 it was Alex Jones. In 2020 it was the NY Post and anyone questioning the origin of COVID-19. Now it is Bret Weinstein mentioning ivermectin, and Tucker Carlson. And the Administration saying any misinformation (which they will define after they see it) should result in a ban across all platforms.

    Those are indisputable facts and people need to set their expectations accordingly.

    1984 and we are all Winston Smith.

    1. And what a long strange trip it’s been. Starting with SCOTUS in Marbury, the Federal Government has systematically subverted the original intent of the founders – an extremely limited central government.

  11. Unmasking doesn’t worry me nearly as much as the outright surveillance of journalists done by the trump administration. That said, if it were indeed true (and there’s plenty of reason that it wouldn’t be) the ‘unmasking’ of Tuck ’ems would be a tad bit concerning…

    Much more likely, T bone is just trying to cover up for some of the information he let go through his well known leaking practices coming back to bite him and then his needing something to blame it on. T storm is a reliable insider source at Fox for how they’re going to ‘cover’ stories, hell, apparently he initiates contact with other reporters on it quite frequently. He’s a known quantity because he’ll literally do anything for ratings. The commonly known part of that is his being willing to broadcast false information re Covid vaccines because he knows it will drive people like the bulk of frequenters of this blog to watch his show. The more hidden part of Tuck the constipated’s working of his contact list is his willingness to drop a dime on behind the scenes Fox workings to other reporters around town.

    Bottom line, I really only watch Tuck for like a minute at a time to see the scowl on his face and hear his entitled whine. He’s kind of like this gigantic wuss.

    Party on.


    1. Now do Obama spying on James Rosen and his family, and Sharyl Attkinson. You didn’t mind it then. Same with the IRS targeting conservatives. ALL under Saint Obama do no wrong, (according to lefties)

    2. Anonymous eb

      Turley really needs to thank you for your unstinting stream of bile.

      Without your frequent emotional outbursts, this blog would be nothing.

      Human pilot fish like you, sucking on the Turley breast, provide this blog with the insight and analysis that Turley so clearly lacks

    3. I was much more interested in your viewpoint, until you stoop to sophomoric name calling (which so many decried about Trump). What makes you feel that your views and opinions have more weight? In my opinion, when it becomes uncivil, the divide wideners.

      1. I don’t think my opinion has more weight. Anything but, as a matter of fact. I realize my opinion carries less than zero weight with the vast majority of readership of this blog. I don’t reply for them. Full stop.

        Instead, if the mood strikes me, I reply to attacks on the replies I’ve made to Turley. They come like clockwork from a handful of trolls. And I’ve found factual reality means little to them for one reason or another. I think the greatest lesson from the trump era was that standard debate practice had very little effect with him, and it, because shock, cruelty, and lack of respect for facts is what drove the ideology in general. The late night comedians had much more efficacy in addressing the true effects of trump than did conventional journalism.

        So when there are immediate personality driven attacks on what I reply to Turley with, I see no reason to treat those attacks (that completely avoid content provided) in any sort of serious way. My true position on an issue can always be seen in my replies to Turley. Yes, I know he doesn’t read them. One can always hope though.


        1. Anonymous eb

          For once, you made an accurate observation:

          “I realize my opinion carries less than zero weight with the vast majority of readership of this blog.”

    4. I think there is bad blood between him and Mark Levin. I listen to Levin, and he complains about those at Fox who steal his ideas without attribution but without mentioning names. You’ll notice that Levin did not appear on Carlson’s show to promote his new book. By contrast, Hannity grants Levin slavish devotion by calling him the “Great One.” Even Hannity finally has distanced himself from Carlson’s irresponsible questioning of the efficacy of the vaccines. For his part, Turley has not been silent in condemning irresponsible vaccine claims:

      “as people spread the false claims of Rev. Louis Farrakhan that the Covid-19 vaccines are really the “vial of death.” The continued spreading of his views shows that speech like water has a way of finding a way out, even untrue and hateful speech. The proper response is not less but more (and better) speech. We have previously discussed Farrakhan’s absurd and dangerous views as well as companies like Facebook blocking him.  His views will, of course, still be discussed by tens of thousands of his followers.”

      The problem is that Tucker’s reckless vaccine views are being spread to millions, but Turley cannot find it within himself to criticize Tucker’s falsehoods as he did Farrakhan’s.

      Sell out.

      1. My comment was directed to you, eb, but I neglected to address you in my last post.

      2. I don’t think Tucker has ever told older and sick people not to take the Covid vaccine.

        Accuracy is not your strong point.


  12. It’s ok if they violate Tucker Carlson’s civil liberties. He’s objectionable and says mean things about Biden, the Press, and the Democrats.
    They would never violate decent people. If you don’t criticize the government or disrespect those in power, you have nothing to fear.
    As Carlson would say, “shut up and obey!”

  13. Here’s the truth – Democrats are a corrupt party. Democrats use the tools of government to punish, censor, suppress, and eventually eradicate anyone who wants freedom and liberty. Over 6 years ONLY the Democrats have used these tools to find ways to punish Americans that disagree with them. This is entirely a political operation run by Democrats who have infiltrated and are distorting our institutions in their quest for money and power. We all saw the Obama administration, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Clapper, Brennan, etc support this in their attempts to destroy the newly elected Trump. The corruption is deep and broad.

    Ten years ago I would have hesitated to be so blunt about Democrats and would have respected that many good people were just deceived … but Democrat leadership has shown their true colors over the last 6 years. If you vote Democrat, you are part and parcel of the corruption of your leaders.

  14. Tucker Carlson is one of the last TV news casters that has the freedom to report without interference from his masters because he is the highest rated and thereby carries the entire channel with his advertising dollars.

    Destroying him is priority#1, even his own “side” would love to destroy him.

    Long may he reign.

  15. Some of the media has egg on their face. When Tucker announced it the media said it was just another lie and being used to gin up Trump supporters. The media is not reporting it or apologizing for their prior nasty remarks. Our government and media are driven by hate. THere is no fairness only hate and gleeful revenge.

  16. Does anybody really think that a conservative broadcaster will get justice with Lefties in power?

    The issue is the rule of law and protections for all of us.

    Lefties are enjoying Carlson’s discomforture without considering the long-term consequences to the country.

    1. Does anybody really think that a conservative broadcaster will get justice with Lefties in power?
      You’re losing sight of who really is in power. Its not team R or Team B
      Its the IC, Intelligence Community

      A low level grunt,(Vindman) leaked a phone conversation of the President of the United states to a third party. That third party filed a compliant with the CIA IG. That Inspector General did is due diligence and determined the phone call did not involve any CIA actions, no jurisdiction. Its important to know the CIA IG is required by law to inform the House and Senate intelligence committees of any whistle blower complaints. So it was refiled under a different agency IG, who still didn’t have jurisdiction, but investigated anyway and informed the House and Senate intelligence committees. Schiff was complaining to the media there was a complaint, but he was not being informed, he was mad. (how did he know)

      The point is. The IC has no oversight. The IC is the Fourth Branch of Government.

      1. “The point is. The IC has no oversight. The IC is the Fourth Branch of Government.”

        The IC needs to be significantly dismantled. Where has it proven itself correct? Even with Covid, the IC should have known something was going on in China. Think of what China was doing at the time in its country and with its purchases.

        The IC dropped the ball. It was too interested in politics, and that makes them dangerous. The problem is that the left is out to destroy the America we know. They may or may not like the IC, but they can use them for such a purpose.

        We need to remove a lot of power from the federal government, including the legislative branch, where many on both sides are only looking out for themselves.

    2. Monument–“Lefties are enjoying Carlson’s discomforture without considering the long-term consequences to the country.”

      I am not sure about Tucker’s discomfiture. The Stasi stupidly handed Tucker an issue that is meat and drink for his program and that confirms his concerns about our lawless government.

      I agree with you about the long-term consequences for the country, but the short-term consequences aren’t looking good either.

  17. “You do not have to like Carlson (any more than other media figures subject to such actions) to be concerned over such alleged unmasking and distribution. This should be part of the bipartisan inquiry discussed in the Judiciary Committee.”

    Such is the nature of so-called “journalism” these days. There’s very little in the way of actual reporting. Most of the media are nothing more than shameless cheerleaders for one political ideology or another. They are no longer fact-driven but rather narrative-driven.

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