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  1. Ted Nugent says, “Donald Trump was sent here by God.” Yep, he’s a Trumpist….

    I presume that Turley stands by his 2016 statement that Nugent is an anti-Semite and “true lunatic.”

    And yet, not too much of a Jew-hater and nutcase not to be interviewed by Tucker Carlson recently:


    But Turley blithely appears with Carlson despite the fact that Carlson legitimizes such a hate-monger by giving him a broadcast platform without confronting him on his anti-Semitism.

    Turley will live to regret having kept his mouth shut about Fox’s promoting such an odious Trumpist. It is despicable, and it is inexcusable.

    1. All pictured in the linked article are abject lunatics and have destroyed the constitution and country. Ted is far more sane than they are. That said has nothing to due with religion.

  2. Tell Ted that we have the right to arm bears. Not to bear arms. I have a bare arm not bear arm.

    1. Who is Demi Lovato, and why is she unable to tell the difference a plug from an outlet?

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