Indiana Police: Drunk Driver Called Wife To Rescue Him…Wife Then Crashed into his Car Drunk

Police in Poseyville, Indiana have a curious criminal case. It started when at 8:24 pm Donald Ricketts, 56, of Poseyville, drove left of center of a highway and struck the driver’s side of a tractor-trailer. He was allegedly drunk and called his wife to come get him. Cheral Ricketts, 55, then drove to the scene and crashed into her husband’s car. She was also allegedly drunk.

Police say that Donald had a BAC of .28 while Cheral had a BAC of .22.

They are now both charged with DUI.

The case shows the brilliance of that great American philosopher Groucho Marx who asked:

“Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?”

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  1. Yet states and local governments have legalized marijuana because the tax dollars are more important than the lives lost as a result of “buzzed driving.” I was in CA recently and pot dispensaries are everywhere, along with the occasional public service announcement on the radio cautioning against driving under the influence of marijuana. Governments are willing to ruin lives rather than stop overspending.

  2. Used above but fitting here two with these two … hey .. wait a minute … where’s anniny and Fishy?

    “Misery love company
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  3. Oh for God’s sake. These people are so entitled and selfish. Call an Uber! Call a cab! Call a sober friend! Walk!

  4. Too funny but very few people have not at one time or another driven drunk. And just got lucky or given a break from a cop who knew them or knew who they worked for. And cops are the worst offenders. Just ask an honest cop. One DUI will cost you some money in legal fees but that’s about it. Now the second one could get you in big trouble, especially if someone gets hurt or killed. In todays world it’s more likely drugs and texting that cause more accidents than alcohol.

    1. In todays world it’s more likely drugs and texting that cause more accidents

      8 kids under 18 have died from covid since spring 2020. Way more than that from texting. Notice where all the effort is.

      1. True. I have really had a lot of fun watching the SEC college football stadiums erupt with the chant…F*&K JOE BIDEN…you will not see that on most news networks…the left just said OMG they are not social distancing, not wearing masks, and breathing on each other.

      2. And how many kids under 18 have died of cancer, mistreatment, etc. What is the big deal about covid other than the media keeps you overly concerned for reasons of a larger agenda

    2. No. You are missing the meat here, which is the alcohol level in their bloodstream. Extraordinarily high. I doubt most people have ever managed to get that drunk, let alone driven that drunk.

      1. I get your point…John Denver died because he was drunk in his experimental plane…there is AAA and MADD…humans have addictions positive and negative…that’s never going to end.

  5. Its not the same, but it reminds me of the news article that chronicled the tale about a women,(drunk) that hit a person walking on the road. With such force the person was thrown through the windshield, and his head was actually inside the car. Not knowing what to do, the woman continued home, with the victim still lodged in the windshield. Parked in the garage
    She called a friend. Asked for help. THE FRIEND CAME TO THE HOUSE. Helped remove the body and dispose of it.

    Now I have friends, so close, I would call and admit what I had done. But I don’t have a single friend I could call in the middle of the night, that would come over and help me pull a body from my windshield. That’s a real friend!

    1. Why oh why do so many people use the word women in their comment when they need to be using the word, “woman.” One is singular the other is plural. And I see this mistake time and time and time again. And it’s quite obvious from the person’s comment, they are commenting about a
      “woman!!.” Just like you did. And this so called, So called news article has been making the rounds ever since I was a little boy. Now I’m 58. And I suspect it has been in circulation since those halcyon founding days of AA. Ergo, Alcoholics Anonymous.

      1. It’s because the LEFT is brainwashing all of us to use non-binary persons and menstruating persons…you should be very grateful anybody today uses woman/women…now go thank your liberal politician…or AOC!…guess you want a prayer ended with amen and awoman/awomen…oh I know all us country hicks are stupid and uneducated…RIGHT!

    2. Ah, I think I saw that on NCIS or some other TV show. Would that have been a “taken from the pages of the news”?

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