“Those People Will Pay”: Did Biden Just Prejudice the Border Investigation?

The comments of President Joe Biden on Friday left many of us surprised, if not stunned, when he appeared to announce a finding to the ongoing investigation into allegations that mounted Border patrol officers whipped or “strapped” Haitian migrants trying to enter the country. During the Trump Administration, many of us correctly chastised the President for crossing the line in discussing ongoing Justice Department investigations and calling for particular resolutions. The response to this inappropriate statement is more muted from the media but it should be no less concerning. Biden’s statements are clearly prejudicial to the investigation of the incident and should be corrected in the interests of a fair process for all involved.

If agents whipped migrants, they could not only lose their jobs but face criminal charges.

Many in the media, including on National Public Radio, have already reported as fact that the Border patrol agents were “whipping” migrants in the now familiar pictures. However, critics and agents have objected that the media is using still pictures and not the video that shows agents using their long reins to control the horses who were jittery near the water’s edge with people around them. The photographer himself says that the still photos are misleading and that he did not see any agent whipping any migrant.

Nevertheless, the call for an investigation was the right move particularly after Democratic leaders and Vice President Kamala Harris objected to the images as reminiscent the abuse of slavery.

Biden however announced both findings as well as the intended punishment before the investigation reached any conclusions:

“To see people treated like they did, horses barely running over, people being strapped – it’s outrageous. I promise you, those people will pay. There will be an investigation underway now and there will be consequences. There will be consequences.”

Presidents long resisted pressure to get them to comment on pending cases or investigations to avoid charges of undue influence or bias in the results. This is one such case. It was wrong for Biden to say what he did in promising punishment for agents before any investigation is complete. It sends a message to investigators about the expected conclusions of their work. It also suggests that a finding of no whipping or wrongdoing would contradict the President and would not be supported by the White House. That could present serious career issues for investigators. It is unfair to the agents. It is unfair to the investigators and it undermines the integrity of the investigation.

It seems to me that there are two separate issues here. The most discussed is whether migrants were in fact whipped or “strapped.”  Biden stated that they were indeed strapped, but many are now saying that that was not in fact true. The investigation will hopefully establish the truth, but now investigators may be concerns about embarrassing the President with any contrary finding.

The second issue is whether it is wise or appropriate to use mounted officers to block migrants. Most cities use mounted units to control crowds. People are more reluctant to confront a horse in comparison to an officer on foot. Police insist that the benefits of mounted units have been proven repeatedly and most countries deploy them to bar entry or control crowds.

Moreover, border agents maintain that horses are still the best way to traverse parts of the difficult terrain of the Southern border. Yet, they also can create dangerous moments like this one on the water’s edge for tired and unstable individuals seeking to enter. That is why the investigation is a useful step.

You cannot promise agents a fair and unbiased investigation when the President has already declared that they strapped migrants and will be punished. That is why Biden’s comments were clearly inappropriate and he should publicly withdraw them in the interests of preserving a fair process for all involved in this controversy.


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  1. As I was saying yesterday, I thought the FBI agents were among the Jan 6 group. Maybe helping out like they helped the Whitmer ‘kidnappers’ and the Hutaree Militia.

    Now they admit it. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/setup-fbi-admits-jan-6-deep-state-operation-one-first-inside-capitol-fbi-operative-video/

    A Proud Boy leader was texting events as they evolved to a ‘friend’. The friend was his FBI handler. I suspect not much would have happened but for FBI agents and stooges and Antifa. Trump wanted more security there and it was declined. How can you fake an Insurrection if there is too much law enforcement visible? Besides, the National Guard might arrest your agents and then where would your insurrection be?

      1. You sound like billy bob on the stand “depending on what the definition of is is “. The informant was being directed by the Agent. And how many more drones like him in the crowd were doing the kings bidding and taking the kings shilling – via handlers or directly ?. Be nice to know as thus far such as we know and what they will admit is like pulling teeth. It throws shade on their narrative…and your agenda.

      2. Anon: Young stated Boy was texting his FBI handler. Would the handler not be a FBI agent oh great pseudo-savant one?

      3. ANT–“An FBI informant is not an FBI agent.”

        Some of your comments make us wonder which you are.

        1. Young said “I thought the FBI agents were among the Jan 6 group. … Now they admit it.” But the story he linked to is about an informant — not an agent — being in the Jan 6 group.

          1. ATS: “But the story he linked to is about an informant — not an agent — being in the Jan 6 group.”

            He was communicating with his handler. Do you really suppose the handler was in the lunch room of The Richard Jewell Building? Or was he, and others, nearby so they could act on his information?

            In any event we are lucky to hear this much since I don’t think the secret-obsessed agency is going to send the Goodyear Blimp around flashing information about it. The group of agents at the last rally [setup] just happened to be caught in a photo in their disguises as ‘tourists’ They looked like agents, Maxwell Smart could have done better. Maybe even The Three Stooges, though they might have been the black-clad thugs leading the break in that was caught on video that the DOJ tried so hard to hide.

            1. Neither of us knows where his handler was. You pretend to know, and I don’t.

              The main story says “his handler appeared not to grasp that the building had been breached, the records show, and asked the informant to keep him in the loop — especially if there was any violence.” Doesn’t sound to me like the handler was at the Capitol.

              1. ATS: “Doesn’t sound to me like the handler was at the Capitol.”
                Not at the door. Likely somewhere else in the crowd or nearby. Couldn’t do much good sitting in The Richard Jewell Building.

                Given the appalling tactics that agency has used in the last several years it would be jaw-dropping astonishment that they had missed out on this big show.

                They have long since lost the presumption of honesty or regular conduct that is accorded to regular police officers but not, apparently, to the Border Patrol by our imbecile White House Occupant.

                The election was stolen.

                1. The election was not stolen. You simply don’t like the outcome.

                  John Eastman asked Pence to help Trump steal the election. Fortunately, Pence resisted Eastman’s plot.

                  1. ATS: “The election was not stolen. You simply don’t like the outcome.”


                    No, i do not like the outcome and I believe the election was stolen.

                    But, that aside, do you like the outcome? Are you truly pleased seeing this doddering imbecile in the White House and watching the destruction he [or his handlers] are wreaking around the world, to the economy, on the border, with our allies, with his and his son’s entanglements with foreign countries that wish us ill?

                    Is that really what you like?

                    1. “I’m not a fan of Biden or Harris. I’m also very happy that Trump was defeated.”

                      You have no positions of your own. You are a pillock devoid of helpful information. If you are happy with the defeat of Trump, then you preferred Biden and presumably Biden policies. You prefer senility in the WH, especially the senility of an unprincipled old man.

                      What are your principles? Death and destruction? Lying and cheating? The failure in Afghanistan? The failure along the border? The loss of America’s soft power?

                      You have a big mouth about everything, but you have nothing to say when it comes to principles and policy.

                    2. ATS–“I’m not a fan of Biden or Harris. I’m also very happy that Trump was defeated.”

                      But you apparently prefer the Biden fiasco to what Trump was doing.

                      I suppose you object to Trump’s push to get us energy independent [that’s gone] to control the border [that’s gone] to try to get peace in the ME [that may be going] to his attempts to resolve disagreements with North Korea [forget about it] to his good employment numbers across the board [you know where that is] to his willingness to stand and answer multiple questions from hostile reporters [how’s that going with Biden?], to his push to bring and keep manufacturing in the U S [I don’t think BiHarris even wants it] and many other things.

                      I think a lot of people seeing the disgraceful decline of this country are unhappy that The Idiot and his cackling, roller-heels VP are in the White House.

                  2. “The election was not stolen.”

                    Since lawlessness was wide spread in crucial areas, prove the election wasn’t stolen. That is a problem the left has created by its lawless actions. They can never reasonably prove the election wasn’t stolen.

              2. The main story says “his handler appeared not to grasp that the building had been breached, the records show, and asked the informant to keep him in the loop — especially if there was any violence.” Doesn’t sound to me like the handler was at the Capitol.

                Translation. The Narrative being used at this moment, with no evidence is…..
                When are going to learn, the FBI, with full cooperation of media, are nothing but political operatives.

          2. But the story he linked to is about an informant — not an agent f

            Not dispositive.
            Are you claiming there were NO FBI agents present Jan 6?

            But ignoring your delusions. The FBI has informants in all the groups. So if there were a plan the FBI knew about it.

            That means the FBI knew about the plan to storm the Capital and shut down congressional certification of the election, and allowed it all to play out.
            There never was any plan.
            That would mean the violence was perpetrated by a group NOT having Human Confidential Sources inside there organizations.

            This is falling apart just as fast as the Whitmer kidnapping.

            1. Or there was a plan by some people in at least one group, but the Confidential Source wasn’t privvy to it, or people planned it as they went to the Capitol after Trump riled them up and sent them there, or … (just because you can only think of 2 possibilities doesn’t mean that there were only two possibilities).

              “This is falling apart just as fast as the Whitmer kidnapping.”

              Maybe you should wait for the many trials.

              1. This claim of insurrection went from large numbers of violent people causing deaths to a small trickle where the only death to occur was that of a non-violent protester. The films of the only killing which was done by the Capitol police are being hidden. That should tell everyone a lot. Federal undercover officers were arrested. Organized groups dressed in black like Antifa garb seem to be forgotten about, along with organizers from the left identified from the start.

                Amazingly, the left in power at the Capitol did not take Trump’s offer to secure the guard. Also notable is the Capitol police seemed to escort people into the Capitol while the people took pictures.

                So far, many of the charges appear to be hyped up for optics preparing to accept lower charges down the road.

                Anonymous the Stupid says differently, but his proofs of arrests of violent people appear to have a combination of nuts and those working for the FBI and Capitol Police.

                This insurrection has turned into a trickle coming from two places, not one. It includes those very same people who were supposed to protect the Capitol or were allied with them.

                1. “his proofs of arrests of violent people appear to have a combination of nuts and those working for the FBI and Capitol Police.”

                  Here is a list of almost 600 people who’ve been arrested for their actions at the Capitol on January 6, including their names and charges: https://www.justice.gov/usao-dc/capitol-breach-cases

                  If you do a text search on “weapon” and “violence,” you can identify those who’ve been charged with weapon violations and/or violence.

                  You apparently can’t even bring yourself to name a single person who was “working for the FBI and Capitol Police.”

                  “The films of the only killing which was done by the Capitol police are being hidden.”

                  No, you can view several videos of the shooting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UydxYukou8
                  Are you a child who cannot access age-restricted videos?

                  “Federal undercover officers were arrested”

                  Name them.

                  “many of the charges appear to be hyped up for optics preparing to accept lower charges down the road.”

                  Name them.

                  1. “Here is a list of almost 600 people who’ve been arrested for their actions at the Capitol on January 6, including their names and charges: https://www.justice.gov/usao-dc/capitol-breach-cases“

                    For the most part these were political arrests. How many of these arrests have been discharged without guilt being proven? How many were leftist agitators? How many had charges solely because of a political desires to intimidate the American population?

                    How many actually were organized and how big was the biggest group?

                    You play a very deceptive game because 600 people will not go to jail. Antifa rioters will not go to jail. A lot of FBI officials or people employed with the FBI that might be among them will not go to jail.

                    In the end how many of that 600 number were organized and came from one group carrying weapons to overthrow the government of the US? None.

                    You are a despicable anti-American leftist who craves despotic leadership.

                    You should be shunned by every decent person on this blog whether they lean to the left or the right. You should be called by a name that tells everyone who you are. Anonymous the Stupid and ATS are two good ones. Others can use those or come up with another name that represents the hideous figure you are.

                    1. As Sam said recently in response to schoolyard taunts like yours: “Schoolyard taunts betray a child’s intellectual impotence. “

                    2. Anonymous the Stupid, it’s not a taunt. It is reality. I am separating you from the rest of the anonymous persons on the blog. I would hate to misgender you by calling you a he or a she or even an intersex. I also don’t know your name. That is why I picked Anonymous the Stupid and used the initials as another did, ATS. You are a stickler for appropriate references to people.

                      It makes things simpler so that those that read the replies can easily understand your nature. I you were smart I might have called you anonymous the smart, but you aren’t.

                    3. Are you one of those bullies, Anonymous the stupid? You will argue about everything. Anonymous the Stupid, is a name that represents you as close as one can get. If you wish to consider your name, caused by your own actions, a taunt, then you are free to do so. After all, you are Anonymous the Stupid.

              2. ATS- “Maybe you should wait for the many trials.”

                A lot of people are waiting for the trials, and waiting, and waiting and waiting….

                Political arrests, political delays, political charges, political trials (if any).

                Evidence concealed,

                Police and trial manuals seem to have been borrowed from the Soviet Union.

      4. FBI informants are independent contractors the same as Uber drivers. They pay 2.9% Medicare tax after deductions.

  2. There was some itch at interviewed on a news tv show last night ranting about how America treats Haitians. Send em to Afghanistan. And the itchBay

  3. Just like the CDC ignoring the recommendations of the “experts” advising it and recommending the SloJoBooster shots, biden/harris will also direct the so-called “justice” department to find the Border Patrol guilty of racism. Anyone who can lay claim to being a person of “color” (whatever that is) will always be cast as a victim – and those of us who are what I call “people of NO color” are always in the wrong.I’m proud of the members of the Border Patrol who work every day in a thankless job of keeping the USA southern border as a real border; I despise those Demo-rat sycophants who create distractions to brainwash others like them into believing falsehoods that promote the Demo-rat agenda of divisiveness.

  4. Some of us are taking the wrong tack on this.

    Embrace the Left’s narrative. Spread it far and wide:

    In America, they whip illegal immigrants.

  5. Biden pounced on this bogus event at the Southern Border to distract from the immigration disaster that he created the day he was inaugurated. His comments were irresponsible, and politically motivated. The primary issues remain: the total disregard of immigration law at the Border, jeopardy to national security, violation of his oath of office, and blatant lying to the American people. Biden must be impeached

  6. I really hate to say this but here goes. Biden and Harris did not care what was happening under the bridge until they figured out how to inject race into the equation.

    1. You shouldn’t hate to speak the truth. It is as plain as the nose on our faces. Race is the only thing the Progressives have left to divide us with.

  7. The photographer who took the photo said NOBODY WAS BEING WHIPPED, but just try to navigate that fact into the heads of MSNBC subscribers. Too many people are controlled by subscription journalism. Sad comment on humanity.

  8. There are all kinds of refugee problems in Texas & New Mexico.

    Is it the Haitian or Afghan refugees…..Uncle Joe?

    The FBI is investigating an alleged assault on a female service member at an Afghan refugee camp in New Mexico.
    In a statement on Friday, the 1st Armored Division at Fort Bliss, Texas, said that a female service member reported being assaulted by “a group of male Afghan evacuees” while at the Doña Ana Complex in New Mexico.

    1. Biden rages against the false narrative of Haitians being whipped/strapped, but is silent when it comes to American and Afghans loyal to the U.S. who were abandoned and are now being hunted, tortured, and or killed by the Taliban. He is paddling up and down the River Denial. How do you trust anything he says or does?

    2. The FBI is investigating an alleged assault on a female service member at an Afghan refugee camp in New Mexico.

      The FBI is not really empathetic of victims of rape. Ask any Olympic gymnast. Honestly, except for framing the innocent, and working full time to advance Democrat political agenda the FBI is not very good at much of anything.

      1. They failed on the Unibomber case too. If they had their way Ted’s manifesto would never have been published, but that’s what broke the case. His brother recognized his writing and turned him in.

  9. The left wing corporate media run the Democrat Party. They hate white people. They love black criminals. Especially black illegal invaders.

    The left wing corporate media prejudged the men on horses because they are white and the illegal invaders are black.

    Biden had no choice but to side with this wing of the media. They set the Democrat Party narrative about all issues and its agenda.

  10. Whip-Gate is obviously a folly.

    But the interesting question is: What does it achieve?

    I can see two things:

    1) Another false “narrative” with which to condemn America as “systematically racist.”

    2) Deflection from the utter chaos at the Southern border. And deflection from the fact that the Biden administration has created the pandemic’s worst super-spreader event.

    1. “the fact that the Biden administration has created the pandemic’s worst super-spreader event.”

      It isn’t a fact.

  11. Biden and Harris sitting in a tree…
    Invaders with no cards screaming at bees.
    First came rattle snakes.
    Then came gatters…

  12. Biden: “[T]hose people will pay. There will be an investigation . . .”

    So, first hang ’em. Then have a trial.

    Madame Guillotine is smiling.

  13. Biden and Harris both are lying opportunists. Neither have the intellectual ability to recognize false reporting even when it’s obvious. Still pictures are not ever evidence when actual video footage is available. Incompetence and/or dishonesty is on display in the White House daily.

    1. Biden/Harris playbook: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

      An exploiter is someone who takes advantage of other people for their own gain.

      Of course they recognize the false reporting. So why would they do what they are doing? Because Biden and Harris are highly unethical people. They are sleazy politicians. Simple as that.

      1. Neither Biden, nor Harris has a moral center.

        Ask yourself, what do they stand for?

        The answer? Nothing.

        Nothing but power and money. Period.

        She slept her way to power.

        He’s a pathological liar who sold out his country for money.

  14. “Publicly withdraw them?” As my evidence professor would say, “you can’t re-bag the cat.” This is the day and age of “facts don’t matter” and retractions are meaningless and ignored. What’s done is done.

  15. Biden is a shameless, opportunistic, self-serving, lying politician. He has no idea what it means to be a “leader.”

    Biden punches down to smear front-line Border Patrol agents as his White House perpetrates an obvious lie to save his own drowning a$$.

    That is, when he’s not blaming Trump for all the “messes he inherited” at the border — another contemptible lie.

    Biden has a lot to say about this phony “whipping” incident as he maliciously throws his own border agents under the bus. But of course Biden has refused to comment on, or stand and answer a single question about his drone killing of 7 innocent children in Afghanistan. Biden thinks he can remain silent and plead the 5th until 2024 and never have to answer a single question about it. With a corrupt Fake News media constantly covering up for him, it is quite possible he will get away with it.

    Yeah Joe, the “buck stops with you,” my a$$.

  16. The Texas Boarder Patrol used Texas Ranger tactics. Ask actor & martial arts expert Chuck Norris.

    Sing along with Chuck Norris.

  17. The Biden administration continues to be intellectually dishonest. It is a dangerous trajectory for this country. The “controlled” narrative that began under the Obama administration must stop.

    1. Did you see Dinesh D’Souza’s “2016: Obama’s America?” It’s no wonder they demonized him given he nailed it. Here’s what is in the Wikipedia entry on the film. Of course it was panned by critics because all the critics were Obama supporters and Wikipedia is not exactly objective, but so much of what he predicted has come true. It just took four years longer because we had an interlude where the country could have been saved.

      From Wikipedia

      “The film was panned by critics; reviewers described the film as politically partisan and as “a nonsensically unsubstantiated act of character assassination”, unlikely to sway undecided voters or Obama supporters.[4] The film grossed $33.4 million in the United States.[2][5]

  18. Where’s natcho , jiffy and those anon pro bidenistas ?. Why are they silent on this ?…oh , yeah maybe because there is no defense of this senile load they worship as potus and a VP fit for a cathouse madame at best.
    Note that if Border agents strike or lay down on the job…it’s exactly what biden’s handlers want. That is an even less effective deterrent to the coming hoards of third “worlders” .

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