Strzok in Denial: Fired FBI Agent Denounces Durham Indictments For “Dog Whistles”

The indictments of John Durham has shaken up Washington recently as he laid out the critical role played by Clinton campaign associates in the creation of the Russian collusion scandal, including the inclusion of debunked but widely reported allegations. It is clear from the latest indictment why leading Democrats like Majority Leader Chuck Schumer tried to kill the Durham investigation. None of that however prepared some of us for the response of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who called upon fired FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok to question the indictments. Strzok was fired at the recommendation of career investigators and has been cited as an example of the raw bias of key players in the Russian investigation. Yet, he was the choice of MSNBC to review the recent indictments and he did not disappoint in belittling the crimes alleged by the Special Counsel.

Maddow was one of the leading voices pushing the Russian collusion claims. She has not corrected her past statements or apologized for pushing the discredited claims. She was particularly assertive in touting the debunked Steele dossier.

On her Jan. 13, 2017, program, she stated:

“I mean, had the FBI looked into what was in that dossier and found that it was all patently false, they could tell us that now, right? I mean, the dossier has now been publicly released. If the FBI looked into it and they found it was all trash, there’s no reason they can’t tell us that now. They’re not telling us that now. They’re not saying that. They’re not saying anything.”

In March 2017, Maddow seemed eager to get people to just call the allegations facts. She invited Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) onto her show to highlight the 35-page dossier. She asked Schiff: “When you cited … that dossier, should we stop describing that as an uncorroborated dossier? Has some of the information of that been corroborated?”

Now Durham has detailed how the dossier was the product of the Clinton campaign, which long denied that it funded the dossier and only admitted the truth long after the election.

The response of Maddow was to invite one of the most biased and discredited figures in the scandal to cover the indictment.

Strzok’s bias and violation of FBI rules led to career Justice Department investigators referring his case to prosecutors and led to his firing from the FBI. His emails showed intense bias against Donald Trump and highly concerning statements about having an “insurance policy” in place if Trump were to win the election.

On January 4, 2017, the FBI’s Washington Field Office issued a “Closing Communication” indicating that the bureau was terminating “CROSSFIRE RAZOR” — the newly disclosed codename for the investigation of Michael Flynn.  Strzok intervened.

Keep in mind CROSSFIRE RAZOR was formed to determine whether Michael Flynn “was directed and controlled by” or “coordinated activities with the Russian Federation in a manner which is a threat to the national security” of the United States or a violation of federal foreign agent laws.  The FBI investigated Flynn and various databases and determined that “no derogatory information was identified in FBI holdings.” Due to this conclusion, the Washington Field Office concluded that Flynn “was no longer a viable candidate as part of the larger CROSSFIRE HURRICANE umbrella case.”

On that same day, however, Strzok instructed the FBI case manager handling CROSSFIRE RAZOR to keep the investigation open, telling him “Hey don’t close RAZOR.”  The FBI official replied, “Okay.” Strzok then confirmed again, “Still open right? And you’re the case agent? Going to send you [REDACTED] for the file.” The FBI official confirmed: “I have not closed it … Still open.” Strzok responded “Rgr. I couldn’t raise [REDACTED] earlier. Pls keep it open for now.”

Strzok also wrote FBI lawyer Lisa Page, the same person Strzok had referenced his “insurance policy” to in emails. Strzok texted Page: “Razor still open. :@ but serendipitously good, I guess. You want those chips and Oreos?” Page replied “Phew. But yeah that’s amazing that he is still open. Good, I guess.” Strzok replied “Yeah, our utter incompetence actually helps us. 20% of the time, I’m guessing :)”

That exchange is not as disconcerting as Strzok’s actions.  After a finding of “no derogatory information,” Strzok reached for the Logan Act and sent a research paper on the notoriously unconstitutional law.

Now that same fired official is holding forth on Durham, a prosecutor who has been widely praised as an apolitical and unbiased investigator. Strzok declared “I’m certainly concerned when I read these indictments, both Mr. Sussmann’s and Mr. Danchenko’s… They have subtle dog-whistles to these kinds of pro-Trump conspiracy theories.”

Here is my favorite line: “The indictment makes a point to note that the FBI was unable to corroborate Steele’s reporting, but at the same time, it neglects to mention that we weren’t able to disprove it either.”

No line better sums up Strzok’s approach to his work.

First, Durham details how, in 2017, the FBI was informed that the main source for the dossier (and the Page secret warrant) told them that they were “unsubstantiated” and misrepresented. The FBI was also informed that American intelligence believed that Steele relied on a known Russian agent and that the dossier may have been the vehicle for Russian disinformation. The FBI also knew that then-President Obama was briefed by his CIA director, John Brennan on an intelligence report that Clinton planned to tie then-candidate Trump to Russia as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.” That was on July 28, 2016 — three days before the Russia investigation was initiated.

Second, it is bizarre to note that allegations have yet to be clearly disproven. The allegations have been debunked to the extent that the key source has called them unreliable and little more than bar gossip. More importantly, the issue is whether there was sufficient evidence to launch (and continue) the investigation.

Strzok also notes that Mueller was able to nail the national security advisor. However, Mueller prosecuted Flynn for false statements much like the Durham indictments. Mueller found no evidence to support charging of any Russian collusion crimes. Strzok seems stuck in denial and suggesting that somehow targets should effectively have to “prove the negative” — prove they are not secret agents of Russia.

I supported the appointment of the Special Counsel on the Russian collusion allegations after Trump fired James Comey. While I stated that the Russian collusion allegations were unlikely to be proven as crimes, I felt the public needed the assurance of an independent investigation. That is also why I supported the Durham investigation. Now that Durham is confirming that the Russian collusion allegations were engineered by Clinton campaign associates, there is a full court press in the media to downplay or ignore the underlying evidence.

The problem is that Durham does not appear to be done.

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  1. I hope some honest journalist — if that species even exists anymore — will be writing a book about this. It’s a nail-biter!

  2. Would you not guess that Obama, not Strzok, ultimately ordered that the Flynn investigation be kept open? The next day a bunch of them met with Obama at the White House. Obama already knew about Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak because Susan Rice had unmasked Flynn.

  3. Anonymous says:


    The House Select Committee on Jan. 6 has issued new subpoenas to:
    William Stepien
    Jason Miller
    Angela McCallum
    John Eastman
    Michael Flynn
    Bernard Kerik”


    I suspect Turley ignores the 1/6 committee investigation because it exposes the underpinnings of the Big Lie.

    Turley has said only that it was unwise for Trump to claim that the election was stolen as a tactical legal matter while his lawyers went to court to contest the election results. To this very day, Turley has never condemned Trump specifically for his false claim that the election was stolen. He has stated only that Trump’s 1/6 speech was- his word- “reckless.”

    Remember, his employer, Fox, is being sued for recklessly broadcasting liars claiming that the election was rigged. If Turley or anyone at Fox were to concede publicly that the election was never stolen that would be an admission against interest in the lawsuit. The plaintiff’s lawyers would immediately seize upon that admission and demand to know precisely when did they realize that the election was not rigged or stolen?

    WHAT exactly did the Fox producers and talk show hosts know and WHEN precisely did they know it will determine whether they acted with malice in defaming Dominion and Smartmatic.

    It does not help his employer’s legal defense if Turley makes any admissions about the election not being stolen nor encouraging the efforts of those in Congress attempting to discover the origins of that lie and how it prompted the 1/6 rioters to take matters in their own hands by trying to “Stop the Steal.”

    Was the attack on the Capitol a result of reckless talk as Turley would have you believe or part of a deliberate plan? Should the only ones being held accountable for attempting to stop the Electoral count be the gullible rioters fed the Big Lie or the politicians and lawyers behind it all? It would not surprise me if Fox executives are subpoenaed to explain their decision to broadcast this Trumpian defamation of the integrity of the Republican men and women who secured, counted and reported the election results.

    BUT FOR the election lies broadcast by the company for which Turley works and profits, the “desecration” of 1/6- as he described it- NEVER would have happened. That is a shame which Turley will have to live with for the rest of his hypocritical life.

    1. Jeff,

      The Select Committee subpoenaed more people later today:
      At least one of those people, Kayleigh McEnany, is now at Fox.

      I think you might also be interested in this exchange:
      (Be forewarned if you decide to join in: they have a stricter commenting policy than Turley.)

      1. Yes, I am aware of the recent subpoenas. By the way, what do you mean by “Be forewarned if you decide to join in: they have a stricter commenting policy than Turley.”


        1. Jeff, I mean that comments from anyone new to are held for review by a moderator (as best I can tell, the moderators are two of the people who also author some of the columns), and they simply don’t allow comments from people they consider trolls. Half the comments that get posted here would never make it through moderation there. My sense of their goals for discussion on their website is different from my sense of Turley’s goals for comments here. You may not want to post comments there; I just thought the specific exchange I linked to might interest you.

          1. I don’t belong to any other blogs. I was drawn to this blog only because of my prior admiration of Turley’s scholarship. I have always respected that he is a man of principle irregardless whether it plays well with mainstream sentiments.

            I don’t respect his legitimating Fox News which I consider to be an unethical and immoral enterprise. I remain here because I am fascinated to what extent he is unwilling to prostitute himself completely to Fox’s bogus narratives. In addition, I want to watch the inescapable disillusionment of the Trumpists with Turley when he has to defend the rule of law against Trump and his cronies as they are held accountable at long last. Trumpists will NEVER accept the judgment of juries; Turley must.

      2. Yes, the Stalinist left wants Stalinist types of trials, but can’t get them yet. However, they can go after innocent individuals sending 10 FBI agents with battering rams to James O’Keefe’s home at night. Just like he turned the diary over to the FBI one year ago O’Keefe would have let them in peacefully ,but to further intimidate him they got a bit physical.

        The left is violent and brutish. Anonymous the stupid is a coward pushing this type of abuse forward while hiding in a closet of anonymity. He is a liar and deceitful.

      3. Yes, their commenting policy is essentially your comment is deleted and you are banned if you disagree or contradict Marci. The thing is, Marci is insane.

        Best just to steer clear of that lot. They are all suffering Post Trump Stress Disorder over there.

      4. Yes, their commenting policy is essentially your comment is deleted and you are banned if you disagree or contradict Marci. The thing is, Marci is insane.

        Best just to steer clear of that lot. They are all suffering Post Trump Stress Disorder over there.

        1. You’re clearly free to have that opinion.
          I’m clearly free to have a different opinion about it.

          I find the columns there much more informative and factually accurate than Turley’s columns here. Unlike Turley, Dr. Wheeler also reads and sometimes responds to comments. I haven’t run into any problems with Marcy (not the spelling), only with “bmaz.”

          1. Anonymous,

            Whenever I read someone referring to “Post Trump Stress Disorder,” or Trump Derangement Syndrome,” I regard that person as intellectually dishonest (I do sometimes throw “Biden Derangement Syndrome” in the face of some Trumpists just to mock their throwing TDS into ours in order to give them a taste of their own medicine. I confess I can resort to pettiness).

            I readily concede that too many Leftists unwarrantedly accuse Conservatives of racism over their restrictive border policies. Accusing someone of hating Trump (or hating Turley for that matter) is no different than accusing someone of hating black and brown people. No one should attack another’s motivation in an effort to discredit their arguments, for even a self-admitted racist can make a good argument.

            One’s motivation is irrelevant to the soundness of one’s argument. An accusation of any kind of hatred is nothing more than an effort to ignore the argument itself as opposed to refuting it.

            Notwithstanding, Trumpists (I don’t use the word pejoratively. It is merely short-hand for “followers of Trump”) will continue to accuse you and me of TDS. I admit that I detest Trump’s conduct and lying, but I bear no animus toward a man I have never met face-to-face.

            I wanted you, Anonymous, to know my attitude about this.

            1. I do exactly what I say the other side does, but that is because I am trying to insult them. Sometimes I throw BDS at them in retribution. It’s amazing how uncivil everyone is on this blog and ignorant as well. I’m not ignorant, I couch my ignorance in sarcasm. If you think what I say is correct, it’s correct. If you think it is wrong it is sarcasm. That is who I am, and I am humble as well constantly admitting I haven’t spent any time learning a subject that I opined on while insulting others. I am a great person living in Malibu who loves everyone and just wants peace as long as I get my way. Thank you mom and dad for providing my lifestyle I never earned.”

              1. The above was written by Jeff. No one knows how the letter disappeared or who found it but I understand there is an anonymous commenter that can explain how the letter was found.

  4. I’m not sure why some drunk Russian getting indicted for serially lying to the FBI would chap Strzok to such a degree. Perhaps one can only explain it by realizing that this disgraced former public servant needs to bring in money somehow.

  5. Dear Nancy, keep at it. With perseverance you will convert California into a Red State


    Pelosi Favorability Ratings

    ……………………………………………….Favorable………Unfavorable ……..Spread
    RCP Average 10/3 – 11/5…………………34.7……..………..58.2………………-23.5
    USA Today/Suffolk 11/3 – 11/5……………29…………………64…………………-35
    Economist/YouGov 10/30 – 11/2…………..39…………………54…………………-15
    Politico/Morning Consult 10/30 – 11/1…….33………………….58…………………-25
    Harvard-Harris…….10/26 – 10/28…………35………………….53…………………-18
    FOX News……10/16 – 10/19……………….37…………………60………………….-23
    Rasmussen Reports 10/3 – 10/4………35…………………60………………….-25
    All Nancy Pelosi: Favorable/Unfavorable Polling Data

  6. (OT)

    The House Select Committee on Jan. 6 has issued new subpoenas to:
    William Stepien
    Jason Miller
    Angela McCallum
    John Eastman
    Michael Flynn
    Bernard Kerik

    Will Trump will try to assert privilege again? Some of these people weren’t executive branch employees, and some of them have made a number of public statements, both of which work against privilege (and there’s an open question about whether Trump can assert privilege anyway, since executive privilege normally attaches to the office, and he is no longer in office, and Biden is not asserting privilege on Trump’s behalf).

    1. In related (Select Committee subpoena / hearing) news…

      Zoe Tillman: “10:32pm: Trump files a preemptive “emergency” motion for an injunction blocking the Jan. 6 committee from getting his White House records so he can appeal a hypothetical loss before a district judge (tbc, there is no decision yet) 12:21am: Judge says, that’s not how this works” –image of judge’s response

    2. By doing. so….he is an outlier of Presidents as in the past Presidents did exert that privilege for their predecessors.

      Biden better pray Trump does not replace him in 2024….for next time around Trump shall have a much different view on what the DOJ and FBI will focus their efforts upon.

      You can bet your Bippy Boy it ain’t gonna be Parents at School Board Meetings or Trump/Russia Collusion.

      It shall be Clinton/Russia Collusion, Biden corruption, and turning this country around and putting an end to woks in the military, and returning to energy independence.

      1. Ralph says:

        “It shall be Clinton/Russia Collusion, Biden corruption, and turning this country around and putting an end to woks in the military, and returning to energy independence.”

        And more Trumpist lies.

  7. (OT)

    “Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) tweeted a photoshopped, animated video that depicts him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and swinging two swords at President Biden, prompting condemnation and calls for his Twitter account to be suspended.”

    Twitter has left the tweet up with the statement “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about hateful conduct. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

    How does Twitter’s response fit with JT’s calls for Twitter to refrain from deleting tweets or banning accounts?

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “So while I was en route to Glasgow, a creepy member I work with who fundraises for Neo-Nazi groups shared a fantasy video of him killing me
    “And he’ll face no consequences bc @GOPLeader cheers him on with excuses.
    “Fun Monday! Well, back to work bc institutions don’t protect woc”

    Rep. Ted Lieu: “This is sick behavior from Rep. Paul Gosar. He tweeted out the video showing him killing Rep. Ocasio-Cortez from both his official account and personal account. In any workplace in America, if a coworker made an anime video killing another coworker, that person would be fired.”

    It is indeed sick behavior from Rep. Gosar.

    1. “Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) tweeted a photoshopped, animated video that depicts him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and swinging two swords at President Biden,”

      I am not the best one to view animated videos of this type. The pictures went so fast I could hardly identify anyone or conclude that he pictured himself killing AOC or swinging swords at Biden unless he was also swinging them at Trump. If I don’t see them, I expect most people not to see these things as well. Perhaps this is a figment of someone’s imagination at the WP trying to create group hysteria. I don’t think he was trying to evoke those types of violence that we see all the time from the left, whether holding Trump’s bloody head or signs saying Kill Bush. Leftist Democrats are violent people that destroy cities, burn, riot and kill.

      ATS looks at everything with a giant magnifying glass that distorts every picture to what he wants to see. I don’t like animations of this type, but it was a big nothing except anti-immigration. Before I conclude, I would like ATS to provide a timestamp for those things he claimed were sick. I know he won’t do it because he knows his imagination and the imagination of the WP runs wild, but maybe he will.

    2. Funnyb how the former bartender AOC calls the well educated dentist stupid at the end of the highly biased and partisan WaPo article.u

  8. In 2008 Trump Scored Millions In Peculiar Sale Of Palm Beach Estate To Russian Oligarch

    Last year, the Palm Beach Post took a look back at one of Trump’s most extraordinary real estate deals. Trump somehow sold an oceanfront estate to a ‘Russian Investor’ for $30 million more than the property’s appraised value. These 3, brief paragraphs seem to tell the whole story:

    “Rybolovlev paid $95 million for the estate that Trump bought three years earlier for $41.3 million. That’s quite a mark-up, and more than $30 million higher than the property’s appraised value.

    It was the same year that Donald Trump Jr. told investors “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” And the year that Trump was facing another bankruptcy.

    Trump Entertainment Resorts, which operated three Atlantic City casinos, had amassed $1.74 billion in debts when it failed to make a $53.1 million bond interest payment in December 2008. Two months later it sought Chapter 11 protection”.


    It was stories like this that put the spotlight on Trump’s dealings with Russians to any interested party back In 2016. If anything mainstream media was lazy in their reporting of these ties during that election year. Hillary’s emails garnered far more coverage in 2016.

    1. Your problem is that you don’t know how Palm Beach appraisers appraise values.

      The real value is what another is willing to pay. Loads of homes go for more than appraised value and $30 million extra is meaningless to those with endless amounts of money. You need to learn how to value property before you opine. Think about it, Trump paid about $10 Million for Mar a Lago. Lots of people refused to buy the property which was worth much more than what he paid.

      You should see the property and the building while looking at its location. Trump has vision. You do not.

    2. You are totally completely insane. And a traitor, You need to be Girmo’d like the rest of the scum. Selling property is not illegal moron.

    1. That’s the real problem. Government moves backwards when it’s not moving at a snails pace, it’s getting to the point where criminals can die of old age before they even get to court. Yeah that’s hyperbole but it sure seems like it.

  9. Except for the Civil Rights Division and a small handful of units, most Americans lost complete faith in the U.S. Department of Justice after it green lighted torture and war crimes – violating Ronald Reagan’s Treaty and US federal law. Those that refused to torture went to prison (ie: John Kiriakou) or were ruined. Those that green lighted torture were promoted, one is a federal judge standing in judgement of others. Americans view DOJ as a political agency.

    Maybe DOJ should correct that issue first before playing more politics. Most voters have no faith in DOJ. Reminder: no statute of limitations on war crimes!


    In the summer of 2016, when news stories first emerged linking Trump to Russians, I became curious and decided to do Google search to see what was out there. 90 minutes later I had skimmed numerous articles concerning Trump and Russians. Most of the stories were from business trade papers going back to the early 1990s. Some were highly intriguing.

    The point is that any amateur sleuth could have put together a dossier linking Trump to Russians from just a Google search alone. So this idea that the Clinton campaign manufactured the connections is a flat-out lie. Trump’s losses in Atlantic City put a huge dent in his inherited fortune. Trump therefore became highly dependent on so-called ‘Russian investors’ to keep the Trump Organization afloat.

    1. So this idea that the Clinton campaign manufactured the connections is a flat-out lie.

      Let me get this straight. You Googled your way to uncovering the crime of the century in the summer of 2016 and then what, you went into a coma and completely missed the mountain of evidence over the last 5 years proving those connections to be flat-out true? Bwahahahahahaha!

      1. Obese Olly, tell us why business trade papers kept publishing these stories in the 20 odd years leading up to 2016. When these stories first began Trump was best known as a playboy more than anything. So obviously the business press had no political agenda in putting these stories out.

        1. Hey amateur sleuth, what reason would business trade papers publish stories about a very public billionaire businessman possibly doing business in Russia? There’s a very good reason you earned the title Paint Chips.

        2. “When these stories first began Trump was best known as a playboy more than anything.”

          That is false and demonstrates an ignorance that prefers to be heard than to be right.

      2. Likely he gets his crack cocaine from the Clinton FUNDation, and hence needs to keep spinning for them or else be cut off from crack. Insert Dave Chappelle / Tyrone Biggums crack character here

      3. Turley says:

        “Mueller found no evidence to support charging of any Russian collusion crimes.”

        Turley is being disingenuous when he says there was not sufficient evidence of “collusion crimes.” Mueller was investigating a criminal conspiracy. Turley knows full well that collusion occurred by virtue of the undeniable fact that Manafort secretly met with, and handed campaign data to, Kilimnik, a Russian agent.

        If Turley were entirely honest, he would openly acknowledge that Manafort lied, Kilimnik was unavailable to testify and Roger Stone and Manafort both didn’t need to flip on Trump because they knew Trump would pardon them eventually.

        I will not trust Turley’s characterization of events until he submits himself to a debate with his nemesis Adam Schiff, or someone as well-versed in the facts, in order to challenge each other’s narratives. I’m not sufficiently knowledgeable of the facts to make a final judgment, but the fact that Turley has holed himself up in his Ivory Tower and has not taken questions or submitted to going on MSNBC or CNN I order to defend his positions against an interrogator, makes me think he is afraid to do so. You would expect he would welcome the challenge to prove his case unless his employment contract with Fox forbids his appearance anywhere but on its programs.

    2. Hey Anonymous, how do you get around The Washington Post, The NewYork Times and Politico Magazine all saying they got the RussiaGate story all wrong. You have often used these reporting agencies as your sources but now you disregard their mea culpas. One might assume your stance to be a reflection of your character.

      1. Anonymous, since you like to Google why don’t you Google the statements by the Washington Post about getting the Steele Dossier story wrong. You say I present fiction but you won’t take the time to see what the Post wrote about there incorrect coverage of the Dossier. This is your common answer when your bucket of knowledge has so many holes that it won’t hold water. Your so invested in your position that you just can’t bring yourself to see.

    3. This is a ludicrously stupid argument.

      You can do the same google search on clinton and get far more ties to Russia.

      Further while Trump’s ties will be to Russian business, Clinton’s will be to the russian governmnt and or oligarchs.

      Regardless the results of both searches are perfectly valid for the purposes of campaign attacks.

      But NOT a justification for the FBI to investigate.

      Trump’s ACTUAL ties to Russia are NOT particularly nefarious.

      The Steel Dossier alleges much more than just newspaper clippings for several decades.

      It alleges misconduct – particularly election misconduct.

      Lets try some examples.

      Can the FBI investigate someone for trying (and failing) to build a hotel in a foreign country ?
      For managing a beauty pagent in that country ?
      For having a close relationship with a pop star ?
      For selling condo’s in FL to Foreigners ?

      Even for allegedly hiring prostitues to pee all over the bed Obama purportedly slept in ?

      Not one of these is a legitimate basis for an FBI investigation even if true.
      But every single one of these can be used to attack Trump in a political campaign.

      It is not the collection of political dirt – true or false that is the Clinton Campaigns crime.
      IT is selling it to the FBI as criminal conduct justifying an investigation.

      The allegations in the Steel the core problem are those that are allegedly criminal.
      Those not merely proved false, but they did not show up in your google search prior to the steel dossier.
      They were all made up – not from news clippings, but from whole cloth – they were fabricated, lies.
      They were not even gosip.

    4. Then you should have zero problems demanding a special counsel to look into the Biden syndicate.

      We are well past google searches for evidence.

      And while you are at it you are going to appologize to Trump for impeaching him for trying to investigate the Biden’s conduct in Ukraine.

      As you have just told us that google search results are sufficient to jusify criminal investigations.

    5. Clinton was dependent on russian oligarchs to keep the Clinton Foundation Afloat.

      BTW no one has claimed that the Clinton campaign manufactured everything in the Steele Dossier.

      The manufactured everything that constitutes reasonable suspicion that there was collusion between Trump and Russia to tip the election.

      Russian connections are not crimes.

      Micheal Cohen going to prague to pay off russian hackers for hacking the DNC – that is a FALSE criminal allegation that was not found on google prior to the Steele Dossier. i.e. it is MANUFACTURED.

      Though AGAIN – it is not the collecting and manufacturing that is the problem – political campaigns do that.

      It is selling garbage to the FBI. Though the FBI is more culpable for buying it.

      And again when are you appologizing to Trump for impeaching him on far firmer foundations than this.

      A google search in 2015 WOULD have produced Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s misconduct in Ukraine.
      Even NYT reported on it when AGAIN Hillary fed it to them.

    6. In the summer of 2016, when news stories first emerged linking Trump to Russians, I became curious and decided to do Google search to see what was out there.
      Turley and lots of others have been documenting all the lies the media spreads. All the effort put forth to create and spread the (phony) narrative.

      But you ignore all the evidence and blindly quote media accounts to support your delude perception of reality.

    1. Give it 2 more years, and the emerging data will show that all of the panic porn re: COVID, will have been just like the Hillary Clinton dossier: bought, paid for and propagated for political power.

      Association of Self-reported COVID-19 Infection and SARS-CoV-2 Serology Test Results With Persistent Physical Symptoms Among French Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic

      In this cross-sectional analysis of 26 823 adults from the population-based French CONSTANCES cohort during the COVID-19 pandemic, self-reported COVID-19 infection was associated with most persistent physical symptoms, whereas laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 infection was associated only with anosmia. Those associations were independent from self-rated health or depressive symptoms.

      Findings suggest that persistent physical symptoms after COVID-19 infection should not be automatically ascribed to SARS-CoV-2; a complete medical evaluation may be needed to prevent erroneously attributing symptoms to the virus.

      The findings of this cross-sectional analysis of a large, population-based French cohort suggest that persistent physical symptoms after COVID-19 infection may be associated more with the belief in having been infected with SARS-CoV-2 than with having laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 infection. Further research in this area should consider underlying mechanisms that may not be specific to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. A medical evaluation of these patients may be needed to prevent symptoms due to another disease being erroneously attributed to “long COVID.”

      1. Estovir,

        I know a bit of you, I believe you are a serious person & in certain areas you are sharper then I.

        That said, “anosmia”, yes & more, aside from the millions injured there are these people who have morphed into TransHumanism & Warp Sped Away & they’re on their way to another dimension, above or below us.

        I am not anti Vax As I know they can work, I am Pro very Safe Vaxxes & very Anti- Bio-Weapons like , Sars-Cov-2 Wuhan H1 Illegally cooked up & Released from a Lab & the Patented mRNA Death/Clot Shots based off their Bio-Weapons.

        What I’ve come to believe is that those cursing others & I for demanding Safety First in regards to these so called Vaxxes are dropping like Flies.

        People that believe as I do think the truth will revel itself next May & June 2022 by those that survived the Death/Clot Shots.

        This gentleman, along with millions of others, is out forever out of the debate, h/they lost. They Choose Poorly with their One Life. ( Pro-Tip: Choose Wisely)

        And then this: Oops not up yet.

        Try this one, at least as good:

        Dr. Peter McCullough Issues Emergency Warning: Vaccine Created Spike Protein is Deadly in the Human Body



        Nov 5, 2021
        The Alex Jones Show
        The Alex Jones Show

        Dr. Peter McCullough joins The Alex Jones Show to issue a warning to the public and expose corruption behind the growing medical tyranny state.

        1. If you look at the historical CDC Influenza reports, they lag 3 years behind. I have been in medicine for decades, and there has always been the element of “wait and see”, a judicious, sober, patient approach until all data are collected, verified and reported. Death certificates for influenza deaths vary from state to state, some completed based on clinical judgment, others on verified lab diagnostic PCR tests, others based on antibodies, and others are guesstimates. Some completed by physicians, others by nurse practitioners, others by individuals who never saw the patient. These also vary county to county in the same state. None of these can be measured against each other. Additionally, every diagnosis is based on evidence interpreted as an art. That said, the rapidity with which COVID data, dx and deaths have been reported for our nation, as if speaking in one voice, have been alarming. Now reports are being fleshed, like the one I posted above, that tell a more responsible account. There are no objective diagnostic tests for long term COVID. Its all subjective.

          The politicization of medicine has gotten depressingly bad. Reading most traditional medical journals has gotten so repugnant that I rarely read my issue of New England Journal of Medicine or JAMA, which I receive weekly. See below. Medicine as a patient is really sick. Americans dont know the half of it.

          Eat nutritious meals, exercise, lose weight, break addictions, focus on your loved ones and goals. Try to practice preventative medicine, avoid getting sick at all costs. Health is wealth


          Table of Contents most recent issue:

          Racial and Ethnic Diversity at Medical Schools — Why Aren’t We There Yet?

          Time to Eliminate Health Care Disparities in the Estimation of Kidney Function

          Race, Genetic Ancestry, and Estimating Kidney Function in CKD

          Applying a Subpopulation Lens to Population Health

          1. Interesting that you’re silent about mental health, other than “break addictions” (which generally have both psychological and physical components).

            The medical understanding of mental illness lags behind the medical understanding of many other health conditions, mental illness is often comorbid with physical illnesses, and people with mental illnesses have a shortened life expectancy.

            Or perhaps not so interesting, as you’re in the norm: apparently, non-psychiatric specialists and GPs often ignore their patients’ mental illnesses, and psychiatrists often ignore their patients’ physical illnesses.

            1. “Or perhaps not so interesting, as you’re in the norm: apparently, non-psychiatric specialists and GPs often ignore their patients’ mental illnesses, and psychiatrists often ignore their patients’ physical illnesses.”

              The psychiatric sector of medicine came from the internist and general practitioner. They recognized the interrelationships between mental and physical problems. Today, due to government interference, we have developed a screwy way of looking at things. Most of the problems we see are neurosis separate from those more serious diseases that demonstrate physiological or chemical problems in the brain.

              Your political ideation has enhanced ineffective medicine while creating the triad of cost, access, and quality problems.

          2. Despite all our technological advances we have been terrible at data collection and it is getting worse. If one knows how death certificates are filled out one recognizes that our data collection system is flawed.

            Covid added a dose of politics never before seen. There is so much corruption of the data that I think we have to rely on other countries when using data to make decisions.

          3. Inadvertently at a young age I was forced to become very aware medically of the seriousness of respiratory issues long before this latest Bio-Weapon Sars-Covid2 Wuhan H1.

            For me, lungs,, my wife, surviving stage 4 cancer & others we can’ afford to take Any, Any Chances now at seeking help in “Any US Hospital:, including the 4 majors here in Tulsa. Their Protocol will kill us!!! “When Death is Near”, just look at Fauic drug of choice, Pat. Rendisavir (Sic). 6-10 days & your kidneys will drown your lungs, as I recall from the studies I’ve seen. ( Dr Adais, sic)

            And as you say we believe in Very, Very Early Treatment, armed with vitamin/mineral supplements & the help of what I believe are Expert Docs in this field & the pharma drugs they reco.

            I’ve posted link after link of different Docs for all to check into & to consider.

            And forgetting all the medical stuff, I can not & will never willingly take their Mark Of the Beast so called Vaxxes with ties of Aborted Fetal Tissue in/about it.

            Whatever people wish to call it, God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Angles, with all I know everything is screaming to me Hell Phk’in No to these type mRNA jabs.


            I miss some of this below today as my internet connection kept cutting out:

            POWERFUL INTERVIEW! COVID Jabs are Premeditated First Degree Murder, says Dr. Zelenko



            Nov 8, 2021
            The Alex Jones Show
            The Alex Jones Show


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