ABC/Ipsos Poll: 76 Percent of Americans Oppose Biden’s Pledge Only To Consider Black Women for Court Vacancy

We have been discussing the controversial pledge of President Joe Biden two years ago that he would only consider black women for the first vacancy to the Supreme Court. While past presidents have said that they wanted to appoint nominees who were female or black, they all considered a diverse set of candidates and had “short lists” that included different races and genders. Biden has promised that he will not consider males or non-black candidates. Now, an ABC News/Ipsos poll shows that 76 percent of Americans reject such a threshold exclusionary rule based on race or gender.

During the primary, Biden wanted to garner support with black voters by saying that he would only consider black women for the next seat. He made the pledge after Rep. James Clyburn pushed him to do so during a break in the presidential debate. Biden turned around and made the commitment when the debate resumed according to a new book. Clyburn later gave Biden his critical endorsement that many (including Biden) attribute his victory to in the key South Carolina primary.

As discussed previously, commentators have insisted that Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, and George H.W. Bush made the same pledge. That is also false. While seeking to appoint women and African Americans, none of the three excluded other races or genders from consideration and had diverse short lists. Yet, even if they did, the question remains: should admission to the Court be based on an exclusionary threshold qualification that the Court has rejected as unconstitutional or unlawful for schools and businesses.

Notably, even 54 percent of Democrats agreed that Biden should consider all potential candidates. “Just 23% want him to automatically follow through on his history-making commitment,” according to ABC News. Yet, Democratic senators have applauded Biden for his pledge.

That is roughly the same quarter of voters that seems to drive much of the policies in the Biden White House — an agenda that has politically marginalized the President with many voters.

As I have previously written, none of this was necessary. President Biden could have stated his intention to seek a black female nominee without closing consideration to any other race or gender.

The Biden Administration has repeatedly been called out for policies or programs with racial criteria. It is the same type of threshold use of race that resulted in federal programs in the Biden Administration being struck down as raw racial discrimination, including prioritizing black farmers for pandemic relief. Likewise, the Administration has been criticized for supporting the use of race to prioritize the receipt of scarce Covid treatments.


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  1. “Notably, even 54 percent of Democrats agreed that Biden should consider all potential candidates. “Just 23% want him to automatically follow through on his history-making commitment,” according to ABC News. Yet, Democratic senators have applauded Biden for his pledge.

    That is roughly the same quarter of voters that seems to drive much of the policies in the Biden White House — an agenda that has politically marginalized the President with many voters.”
    25%? That’s roughly the percentage of people who believe in Bigfoot or that the moon landing was faked. I bet it’s the same people. Lol.

  2. What is the goal of Biden’s promise?
    To have equal representation?
    Blacks are ~14% of the US population.
    Already there is one black justice which happens to be ~14% of the court.

    Women? you have 3 women on the bench. Maybe not 50% but 3/7th is 42% and you can’t split a person can you.

    So the argument for picking base on race and sex is a moot point based on today’s current court.

    Biden should have said he’ll pick the best candidate, but being the low life politician who’s promising everything to everyone… we’ll end up with someone nominated who isn’t qualified and his hope is to get one Republican to back the nomination w 100% of the Dems backing his choice.

    If you’re a Democrat… you should be ashamed of your party.


  3. OT

    “ABC/Ipsos Poll: 76 Percent of Americans Oppose Biden’s Pledge Only To Consider Black Women for Court Vacancy”

    – Professor Turley

    Did you say “women”?

    If American women are now American men, who’s making American babies?

    Oh, yeah, huh? Nobody.

    Nobody’s making them, nobody’s nurturing them, nobody’s raising them and nobody’s educating them.

    Certainly nobody’s making them in quantities sufficient to grow and defend America.

    Americans (Europeans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders) are vanishing and the population is imported.

    The American fertility rate is in a “death spiral” and America is being “fundamentally transformed” into a foreign country populated by foreigners.

    Watch them illegally stream across the southern un-border.

    If that doesn’t concern you, you don’t need a SCOTUS candidate, you don’t need a SCOTUS, you don’t deserve a country and you don’t need a country – you have no children to leave it to, in any case.

    “The world’s population is accelerating towards collapse, but few seem to notice or care.”
    ”I try to set a good example. Gotta practice what I preach (Musk has 6 kids).”
    “If people don’t have more children, civilization is going to crumble. Mark my words.”
    “There are not enough people.”
    “I can’t emphasize this enough, there are not enough people.”
    “[Low and rapidly declining birth rates are] one of the biggest risks to civilization.”
    “Good, smart people [think there are too many people in the world and that the population is growing out of control]. It’s completely the opposite.”
    “[The] movement to not have children…is growing and impacting fertility rates quicker than any preceding trend in the field of fertility decline.”

    – Elon Musk

  4. Hey, why wouldn’t it be the best thing to combat racial and sexual discrimination in law by selecting a judge installed through racial and sexual discrimination!

  5. But “equity” don’tcha know, we need equity from those privileged white racists. Black people make up about 1/8 of the US population and need equity on the court. Makes no difference that the court has been 1/9 black for more than 50 years. Not enough or long enough. Equity, equity, equity.

    Imagine the screams of racism we would be hearing if a version of Biden past (you know, the one who bragged about hobnobbing with segregationist senators) had proclaimed he was only going to appoint a white man to the court to curry endorsements and votes.

    Racism of any flavor sucks. It is heartening to learn that 3/4 of the country appears to agree. My impression is that we as a country have internalized equality, MLK’s dream of judging people on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. That is a profound and wonderful change from America pre 1960, except of course for Old Joe and the woke racist cult he panders to.

  6. I disagree with one of your conclusions. Biden could not have simple stated “his intention to seek a black female nominee without closing consideration to any other race or gender.” In order to get the endorsement of James Clyburn, Clyburn likely required that Biden publicly and unequivically state that he would only consider a black female. It was in all likelyhood a condition to Clyburn’s endorsement.

  7. @svelaz

    As consistent with most leftists, you won’t comment on the accuracy of JT’s statement regarding past presidential nominations or the desirability of nominating candidates on such a basis. Leftists like yourself never debate, they love to deflect, name call, doxx and destroy those with whom they disagree, all while feeling morally superior.


  8. I guess that means 76% of the American people are hopeless bigoted, white supremacists!!

    Playing “woke” is hard for me, help me s@@tlibs, am I describing the 76% accurately?


  9. There is no “exclusionary rule” for presidential SC nominations. Turley is falsely comparing two very different issues in order to justify his grotesquely flawed argument. He’s a constitutional scholar who should know better than make such false equivalencies.

    The president is NOT a school or business. The constitution gives the president the authority to choose however he/she wants.

    The constitution does not grant such authority to schools and businesses, even congress has passed laws on schools and businesses forbidding discrimination based on race or gender.

    Turley want to apply the same standard for schools and businesses to the president despite the fact that the president has an entirely different set of standards for certain circumstances. Turley made that quite clear when he pointed out why Trump can’t be indicted or prosecuted while in office. Even Trump’s rhetoric was not enough to illicit a charge despite the fact that anybody else’s would have.

    Turley is being hugely dishonest In characterizing this issue. He’s feeding the “rage” he often complains about.

    1. Svelaz: Oh get over it. Jeez. He’s saying the same thing that was said about Clinton and Lewinsky. In a corporate setting, he would have been fired. It’s just a comparison.

  10. This is disappointing. I was hoping that Biden’s first Supreme Court pick would be a transgender swimmer. Oh well, that will have to wait until his second nomination.

    1. The field is going to narrow by the next pick. “They” will have to be a transgender Somalian swimmer. People from Georgia are already changing their gender to line up.

    2. Hell JB will not even be around at the endof 12-31-22, so a second nomination? That dog wont’ hunt hossfly. Joe and the Dems only utilize the auspecies of the US Constitution when it is favorable to do so. Otherwise there is no rule of law. You best get acclimated to that.

  11. Where was the 76% when this guy was hiding in his basement? They let a Democrat propaganda apparatus (MSM) destroy a decent presidency for 4 years and manipulate an election which you can’t question without being called “racist” or “insurrection”. Now they complain? There’s an election coming send them all packing.

    1. The basic choice is choose those who support and defend our Constitutional Republic and our Constitution where the citizens are the source of all power (that’s where our version of democracy comes in full force something the socialists cannot and will not provide except for stealing the name. They are and and should be referred to as an autocracy begun by Woodrow Wilson using the names Progressive Liberals. They are not citizens as they violate our Constitutional Republic each and every time they lie pretending to take the oath of office. Treat them that way.

    2. “destroy a decent presidency”? What’s wrong with you? How much lying is acceptable to you? Trump destroyed the successful economy created by Obama with his tariffs and complete lack of leadership skills, just like he bankrupted 6 businesses. Trump’s incompetence and lying about the pandemic is directly responsible for not less than 130,000 American deaths. He lied about Mexico paying to build a “big, beautiful wall”. He imprisoned children after separating them from their parents to serve as a deterrent to more migrants coming to the US. The only legislation he passed was a tax break that mostly benefitted the ultra-wealthy. He alienated us from several of our allies by trying to bully them and by insulting other world leaders. All of this was after cheating to get into office in the first place, with Russia’s help. All of these things are facts, not opinions. If his “decent presidency” was “destroyed” by anyone, it was him because of his arrogance and utter incompetence, not mainstream media.

      Just how did “mainstream media”….”manipulate an election”? What, exactly did MSM do to “manipulate” 2020? Trump NEVER QUESTIONED the 2020 election: he made up a lie that it was going to be rigged against him long before election day, and this is because he never got even a 50% approval rating in 4 years’ time and every single poll predicted that he would lose. He took a victory lap at 2:30 a.m. the morning after election day because his massive ego couldn’t handle the fact that returns showed that the polls were right: there was no longer any path to victory. Using the tepid description of “questioning” the election to explain away endless, baseless lying and formenting an insurrection to try to steal Biden’s win is a Fox News tactic, and it, itself, is a lie. Next, Trump went on “stop the steal” campaigns to rile up his disciples into believing that he had won a “landslide victory” that was somehow “stolen” from him, and then filed dozens of frivolous lawsuits that not only got dismissed for lack of merit, it got his attorney’s license suspended for making up lies. After he couldn’t bully state election officials into refusing to count valid votes or change Biden votes for him, he fomented an insurrection. No, people aren’t calling Trump or his disciples “racists” or Insurrectionists” for “disputing” an election: it’s because all proof establishes that Trump lost, fair and square, he won’t stop lying about it and his fans believe his lies even in the face of indisputable facts, multiple recounts and fake “forensic” audits, none of which substantiated Trump’s claim of a rigged election. Trump still goes on “rallies” to raise money to pay his bills, and won’t declare himself a candidate because once you declare your candidacy, federal election law wouldn’t allow him to pocket the money paid by his fans for his vainglory rallies. In Texas, over the weekend, he said it out loud: that he expected Pence to “overturn” Biden’s win. How can you “overturn” something that isn’t real and which doesn’t exist? George Conway commented that this proves that while Trump is massively egotistical, he isn’t very smart: he just admitted the truth: that Biden won the election and that he wanted Pence to overturn it.

  12. BIDEN is Controlled by the CORRUPT Radical Left Social Just Authoritarian Bernie Sanders, OBAMA Clayborn crowd. He does not make the decisions. Its his Radical Social Justice Advisors. He will ignore the polls and reasonable voices and go full steam ahead with his pick. It will be the Judge from South Carolina who Clayborn supports. They do not care about qualifications and experience its Color and gender and the control of the Radical Left. Suggest they fail, appears too much opposition from all sides except the Radical Left.

  13. This poll is a fait ondication of the far left’s polocies in total. Most of what they push goes against what has still remained the “grain” of American culture.

  14. So what? Trump was never going to nominate anyone but a white Christian, and everyone knew it, he just did not say it openly.

    1. BBBUUUUUUTUTTTTTTTTT TRRRRRUUUUUUMMMMPPPPP…. Any time I see your name, I know exactly what you are going to write. It’s been the same thing over and over and over again. It’s tiring.

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