Activist Bailed Out In Kentucky After Allegedly Attempting to Murder Political Candidate

Quintez Brown has been arrested in connection to the shooting of mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg on February 15, 2022.The release of Quintez Brown, 21, after trying to murder a Kentucky mayoral candidate is simply baffling. Since bail decisions are based in large part on risk to the community, I cannot imagine a less compelling case for bail given a reportedly history of mental illness, an attempted murder of a political candidate, and the possible political motive behind the violence. Notably, many rioters from Jan. 6th were denied bail without a charge of attempted murder. However, Black Lives Matter was able to bail out Brown with seemingly little difficulty.

Brown came within less than an inch of succeeding in murdering Craig Greenberg. Indeed, one round cut the candidate’s sweater. He was bailed out with the help of the Louisville Community Bail Fund, which is reportedly part of Black Lives Matter Louisville.

In Kentucky, all offenses, except some capital offenses, have a right to bail. However, judges may deny bail if they believe that the individual will not appear for court proceedings or is a danger to society. Since 2013, Kentucky has used the Public Safety Assessment (PSA) that looks at the risk of failure to appear, risk of new arrest, and risk of new arrest for a violent crime. The only reason that this is not a capital case is a matter of less than an inch — literally the width of a sweater.

Brown is a known activist who appeared on MSNBC with its host Joy Reid:

It is not clear why he wanted to murder this candidate. However, even as a criminal defense attorney, I am surprised by the bail decision. I could understand removal to a psychiatric hospital, but I cannot square the bail decision.

It is also notable that the BLM money is derived from crowdfunding despite the freezing of such funds for the Canadian truckers.

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      We shall see, considering the two facts we hold:

      1. Putin is crazy.

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      “”I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

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      1. Perhaps not so crazy. He sees the “woke” Biden administration as weak and waffling, and the world unbalanced due to the crazy lockdown mandate-itis of the politicians — and, this war will raise the price of Russia’s prize export: oil. Greg Palast suggests that the way to bring Putin to his knees is for the U.S. et al. to back off on their useless embargo of Venezuelan oil, and buy that instead of from Russia. Venezuela can easily replace Russia as oil supplier as long as the price per barrel is high enough to support the effort to get their heavy crude out of the ground (if memory serves, somewhere around $45/barrel???). But Venezuela wants to nationalize the US oil rigs on Venezuelan land, and the Big Oil bosses are not likely to allow their politician lapdogs to negotiate that term.

  1. As a resident of the state of Kentucky , and my work based out of Louisville ( we generally refer to it as loserville ) this is no surprise to me that this insane self professed communist is able to secure $100k from a corrupt org such as BLM after he , a self proclaimed anti 2nd activist no less attempts to murder a political candidate…over politics. This is the corrupt American left mob we have today. Hypocrisy is a litmus test for them. Willing to burn loot and murder appears to be required on their resume anymore. As with most large cities in any state Louisville is run by democrat mobocracy. Therein lays they root of the problem(s).

    1. Notice how the Marxist BLM Louisville leader has taken it upon herself to “protect” the would be assassin. Notice too his family has not been mentioned, at the ripe age of 21, since this assassination attempt. Thus a self-proclaimed, proud Marxist has assumed the parental role. Karl Marx could not have planned this better. But his successors did like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and the DNC chorus

      Note this June 2021 item when Brown was missing:

      Brown’s parents, Cecilia Brown and Jacobe Daugherty, said in a statement issued by Black Lives Matter Louisville after he was found, “We are asking for privacy and would appreciate everyone’s patience and support while we tend to the most immediate need, which is Quintez’s physical, mental and spiritual health. Through this experience, it has been evident that the institutions in Louisville are ill-equipped to support families and people in these situations. We encourage everyone to check in on those near to their hearts.”

  2. There is one set of rules for the apparatchik and another set of rules for everyone else. Why does everyone always get excited about such events as if this were new news.

      1. You’re a typical vacuous leftist doing the thing leftists do best, when they are not doing their part (however small) to help destroy freedom and liberty: engaging in projection. (Projection is a psychological defense mechanism involving the process of displacing one’s feelings onto others.)

    1. The truth you place forth here is undeniable. These truths are as clear as day light. Yet some prefer the tinted shadows of half truths and lies and an existence with an authoritarian boot on their necks like the good little blind apparatchiks they are. Such human nature comes easily to those predisposed to bend the knee.

    1. Dave ; not a single perosn being prosecuted in bad faith for jan 6th pulled a loaded pistol and tried to kill a citizen…NOT ONE. So again you show your weak sauce and partisanship and wave it proudly…look what I can do comdey gold right there. Meanwhile cogs like ray Epps get a pass…. and the BLM dirty money machine is trying to angle for a pass on quintez “gunsmoke” brown. Society made him do it ?…… was he having a bad hair day ?…… communists are not allowed to be offended ?….. you get the picture , you just won’t admit to the truths here.

      1. Interesting that out of the hundreds of people being prosecuted for breaking the law on Jan. 6, you can’t bring yourself to name even one who you allege is “being prosecuted in bad faith.”

    2. David B Benson, were any off the January 6 participants charged with attempted murder. Your false equivalence doesn’t stand the test of intelligent thinking.

      1. I suppose that the federal prosecutors didn’t find that they could prove attempted manslaughter despite the video evidence of mayhem with a fire extinguisher towards a peace officer.
        My point is simply that others accused of violent crimes were granted bail.

  3. Well I guess just like Trayvon Martin, Quintez Brown could have been Obama’s son.

  4. How does one with any ability to reason condone or mitigate a failed attempt at premeditated murder?

    Then how can one rationally accept the notion that it requires a Capital Case before there is no Bond allowed?

    Brown should be behind Bars awaiting Trial and unless and until is Acquitted of the charges….should remain there exactly as so many folks are as they await charges for January 6th.

  5. Racial bias in the justice system.

    The black woman who DELIBERATELY pushed a disabled older man off a bus and killed him gets to plead to “abuse”. Not sentenced yet but probation would not be a surprise.

    White police office Kim Potter who ACCIDENTALLY shot a black criminal resisting arrest just got 2 years in prison.

    1. You should use better sources. Bishop has already been sentenced to 8-20 years in prison. So much for your “probation would not be a surprise” imaginings.

      1. Yes, I needed a more current source. Good to hear that justice was served…to a degree. It should have been a conviction for manslaughter at the very least.

        What do you think would have happened if a white woman spitting angry epithets pushed a disabled, elderly black man off the bus and killed him?

        I think you know.

        1. You insisted “Racial bias in the justice system … probation would not be a surprise,” and then when you were confronted with the actual sentence, you just invent two imaginary cases where you’re again certain what would occur. Yours comes across as religious faith.

      2. What do you thing would happen if a black police officer deliberately shot an unarmed white woman in Washington?

        We already know the answer to that one.

  6. (OT)

    The National Archives has confirmed last week’s stories about Trump taking classified material with him to Mar-a-Lago that he was required by law to provide to NARA at the end of his administration:

    “NARA has identified items marked as classified national security within the boxes” — referring to “the 15 boxes of presidential records that the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) recently recovered from former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. … Because NARA identified classified information in the boxes, NARA staff has been in communication with the Department of Justice.”

    “In June 2018, NARA learned from a press report in Politico that textual Presidential records were being torn up by former President Trump and that White House staff were attempting to tape them back together. NARA sent a letter to the Deputy Counsel to the President asking for information about the extent of the problem and how it is being addressed. The White House Counsel’s Office indicated that they would address the matter. After the end of the Trump Administration, NARA learned that additional paper records that had been torn up by former President Trump were included in the records transferred to us. Although White House staff during the Trump Administration recovered and taped together some of the torn-up records, a number of other torn-up records that were transferred had not been reconstructed by the White House.

    1. “NARA has also learned that some White House staff conducted official business using non-official electronic messaging accounts that were not copied or forwarded into their official electronic messaging accounts, as required by section 2209 of the PRA.”

      These staffers who used non-official accounts and failed to turn over all required records include WHCoS Mark Meadows, and scions Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. No doubt those who complained about Clinton being a law-breaker will voice the same concern about Meadows, I. Trump, and Kushner.

    2. More (OT):
      Judge Mehta has ruled in 3 related civil suits against Trump and others for actions on Jan. 6 (oral arguments occurred earlier):

      the court holds as follows with respect to each of the three actions:
      Thompson v. Trump. Giuliani’s motion to dismiss is granted and the motions to dismiss of President Trump, the Oath Keepers, and Tarrio are denied.

      Swalwell v. Trump. The motions to dismiss of Trump Jr. and Giuliani are granted as to all claims. The motion to dismiss as to President Trump is denied as to:
      (1) the § 1985(1) claim (Count 1)
      (2) the negligence per se claims (Counts 3 and 4)
      (3) violation of the District of Columbia’s anti-bias law (Count 5), and
      (4) aiding and abetting assault (Count 8)
      and granted as to:
      (5) the § 1986 claim (Count 2)
      (6) intentional infliction of emotional distress (Count 6)
      (7) negligent infliction of emotional (Count 7) distress, and
      (8) negligence (Count 9).
      The court defers ruling on Brooks’s Westfall Act certification petition and instead invites him to file a motion to dismiss, which the court will grant.

      Blassingame v. Trump. President Trump’s motion to dismiss is denied as to:
      (1) the § 1985(1) claim (Count 7)
      (2) directing/aiding and abetting assault (Counts 1 and 2)
      (3) violations of public safety statutes (i.e, negligence per se) (Counts 4 and 5)
      and granted as to:
      (4) intentional infliction of emotional distress (Count 3)
      (5) punitive damages (Count 6)
      (6) civil conspiracy in violation of common law (Count 8)

      So all 3 cases against Trump move forward in part, though he will presumably appeal.

      1. One key excerpt:

        “Finally, President Trump plays a game of what-aboutism, citing fiery speeches from Democratic legislators, including Plaintiff Waters, which he says likewise would not be protected speech if the court were to find, as it has, that the President’s is not. Thompson Trump Reply at 8, 11–13. The court does not find such comparators useful. Each case must be evaluated on its own merits, as the court has done above. If the President’s larger point is that a speaker only in the rarest of circumstances should be held liable for political speech, the court agrees. Cf. Bible Believers, 805 F.3d at 244 (observing in a case involving religious expression that “[i]t is not an easy task to find that speech rises to such a dangerous level that it can be deemed incitement to riot”). That is why the court determines, as discussed below, that Giuliani’s and Trump Jr.’s words are protected speech. But what is lacking in their words is present in the President’s: an implicit call for imminent violence or lawlessness. He called for thousands “to fight like hell” immediately before directing an unpermitted march to the Capitol, where the targets of their ire were at work, knowing that militia groups and others among the crowd were prone to violence. Brandenburg’s imminence requirement is stringent, and so finding the President’s words here inciting will not lower the already high bar protecting political speech.

    3. Did Staffers tape back together the State of the Union Speech Nancy Pelosi tore into pieces….on National Television?

      That as you might recall is an Official US Government Document.

      1. It certainly wasn’t the only copy, or even the official copy, of the speech. At most, it would have been a courtesy copy given to Pelosi. Not relevant to the Archives..

    4. Gee Anonymous, I thought for sure that you were going to mention Hillary’ secret server and her missing 30,000 emails. Just to much to ask I suppose. Then I was thinking that you would mention that Hillary paid for the phony dossier. How naive of me to think that you would display both sides of the coin before you flipped it.

    5. Farnoush Amiri also wrote for AP only to concede obviously reluctantly that as president Trump had the ultimate say as to what was classified,,so anything you write is suspect as BS

    6. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

      “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

      30,000 e-mails.



      – Billy and Hilly Clinton

  7. I just finished listening to the video portion of a lecture featuring The Jazz Singer. It’s fabulous. From the discussion of this movie, one learns tolerance as Al Jolson is in blackface. Did the black community despise that? Absolutely not. The feelings were quite the opposite. Follow to 18 minutes where we see a Jewish Jazz singer change the nation by one seemingly small act with big dividends for the black community and everyone else.

    Not terribly exciting at the beginning, but this is a great story many of us know but have forgotten.

    1. Agreed. If you haven’t seen this rightfully celebrated film, “You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!”
      Thanks for the links!

  8. Notably, the BLM organization posted Quintez Brown’s $100,000 bail bond. The Marxist, anti-Israel BLM organization has a record of anti-Jewish attacks, anti-Israel blood libels, and ties to front groups for the Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) – a U.S. designated terrorist group.

  9. Let’s hope voters in the upcoming May primary election for the seat held by Judge Karem remember she failed to deny bail to this “activist” who attempted to murder a Jewish candidate for public office. Perhaps she was afraid to deny bail to a young black man? Perhaps she simply chose to find this attempted murder is not a danger to the community? Perhaps she found Joy Ried’s MSNBC interview of this criminal to be instructive? Perhaps she simply wants support of racists supporting this defendant in the upcoming primary election? Whatever … there are other candidates for this judicial office!!

  10. Are the Public Safety Assessments publicly available? It’s hard to imagine how a man who nearly committed a political assassination could pass such an assessment, and do it so quickly.

  11. David Benson and enigmainblack keep getting kicked in the face with all the links by other posters that show that BLM is in the bail business for men who attempt murder. All I can say is; there’s no excuse for the second kick of a mule.

    1. Might we agree that you not are a neutral observer, and your personal opinon isn’t shared by everyone?

  12. Quintez Brown and BLM are now the Left’s “Unite the Right” / Charlottesville car attack circus.
    263 days till Nov midterm election.


    Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda donated to BLM-linked bail fund that paid to free Obama-linked activist, 21, now accused of trying to shoot Jewish mayoral candidate dead

    1. NY Post:
      Emily Hernandez, “A rioter charged in the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol killed a mom in a drunken driving accident in Missouri … while out on bond, according to police. … Hernandez was previously charged with disorderly conduct, knowingly entering a restricted building without lawful authority, stealing, and disruptive conduct for her role in the riot, according to charging documents.”

      Should we now chase down who donated to Hernandez’s bond fund?
      Or do you only care about funds that bail out those on the left and not those on the right?

      1. Are you equating homicide, potentially based on religion or race the equivalent to an accidental death? I understand alcohol was involved, but accidents are different than homicide. Additionally, we are not talking about one man who attempted to murder another. We are talking about donations to BLM that have bailed out murderers and violent people who, while on bail, caused grievous harm and death to others.

        Is there something wrong with you?

        1. No, I’m not. Personally, I do not blame people who donate to bail funds. I do not believe that anyone should be in jail pending trial unless they are either a flight risk or an ongoing danger.

          Quintez Brown didn’t commit homicide, and AFAIK so far, he hasn’t done anything illegal while out on bail.

          Emily Hernandez chose to drive drunk, and she was so drunk that she drove in the wrong direction on an interstate at 60mph, killing a woman and seriously injuring her husband. I do not give a pass to drunk drivers who kill people instead of taking a cab home or calling a friend.

          1. You may not realize it, but you equate homicide with an accidental death. You wish to shoot yourself in the foot a second time by saying, “Quintez Brown didn’t commit homicide”. The difference between Brown committing homicide and not committing it was one to two inches. It is not that one to two inches that count. It’s in what is in Brown’s mind. He attempted to kill another human being. His aim was off.

            I’m glad you made these statements openly. People can see how you think. It is not normal. To make it worse, if the ideologies were reversed, you would say the opposite. Your hypocrisy is not the worst part of your critical thinking skills. The way you think is even worse. It is your type of thinking that permitted many Germans to do the bidding of Hitler.

            I’ve seen your type up close. You are dangerous to anyone who believes they have free will.

            (Emily Hernandez belongs in jail even though she wasn’t aiming at the one she killed. I don’t think your mind can even process what I say.)

              1. Our laws might differ between attempted homicide and actual homicide, but the intent and violent behavior doesn’t vary just because the man’s aim was off by an inch. Stop looking at the individual pixels and start looking at the complete picture.

                Your mindset is dangerous and dumb.


    Yet another antithetical, anti-American consequence of “Crazy Abe” Lincoln’s “Reign of Terror,” especially when one considers constitutional immigration law of that era – the Naturalization Act of 1802 – which was in full force and effect in 1863.

    A society of laws must obey its laws; failure to do so opens a doorway for lethal toxins – America is “fundamentally” infected having been “fundamentally transformed.”

    America and American Constitutional freedom existed for merely 71 years.

    Never was America designed or engineered to be a one man, one vote democrazy.

    “…the people are nothing but a great beast…

    I have learned to hold popular opinion of no value.”

    – Alexander Hamilton

    “[We gave you] a [restricted-vote] republic, if you can keep it.”

    – Ben Franklin

    You couldn’t.

    1. Very well done.
      I’m sympathetic with the Convention of States guys,
      but even if they get their requisite number of state participants
      there will never be a repeal of the 14th Amendment
      or even an eradication of the Incorporation Doctrine.
      As Walter Williams used to say; ” The only good thing
      to have come out of the “Civil War” was an end
      of slavery.

      1. “…there will never be a repeal of the 14th Amendment…”

        – Preston Fletcher

        Oops! They repealed the 19th in 13 years, was that “never?”

        “There will never be an end to slavery.”

        – “Crazy Abe” Lincoln, Rationale For Destroying the Constitution and Seizing Dictatorial Power

        One obeys the law until one achieves one’s objectives and changes the law.

        Lincoln’s “Reign of Terror” was fraught win unintended consequences; Lincoln was a narcissistic idiot, which is redundant.

        1. It is certainly possible to repeal an amendment, either explicitlly and democratically as with the 19th, or
          under the table and judicially as with the 9th and 10th.
          Allow me to rephrase; public sentiment will never allow a repeal of the 14th,
          and stare decisis inertia would never allow the Court to get rid of the incorporation

  14. As expected, even standard usages derived from the n-word are slammed into so-called moderation on this cite which doesn’t practice what it preaches: free speech.

    1. Here is free speech for you, grade A, Marxist, anti-semitism by BLM founders and leaders:

      BLM LEADERS are not shy about who they are. In a readily available interview, BLM cofounder Patrisse Cullors describes herself and one of her cofounders as “trained Marxists, super well-versed in ideological theory.”

      At the heart of Marxist-Leninist theory is contempt for bourgeois values, such as mercy, and disdain for liberal rights. The latter may be useful for gaining power, but have no place once the revolutionaries seize power.

      Here is Melina Abdullah, the lead organizer of BLM-L.A. and a longtime Farrakhan acolyte, prior to a rally in the Jewish Fairfax neighborhood, which culminated in numerous Jewish businesses being trashed and five synagogues defaced: “The violence and hurt that’s experienced on a daily basis by black folks at the hands of a repressive system should also be visited upon, to a degree, those who think that they can just retreat to white affluence.”

      Her daughter, Thandiwe Abdullah, cofounder of the BLM Youth Vanguard, was even more forthright: “I know you want to tear some [things] up. If you want to set some corporations on fire, you know what? I don’t care about Target burning. I don’t care that capitalism burns. I don’t care that white people in their office buildings are upset.”

      1. Imagine that: there are some violent bigots in large groups, no matter the race, no matter the ethnicity, no matter the religion, no matter the politics.

        Per the Director of National Intelligence and the Director of the FBI, however, white nationalists continue to pose the greatest domestic violent extremist threat.


            “Zionist Organization of America National President Morton A. Klein also said in a statement to the Journal, “[BLM] posting bond for this man who attempted to murder a Jewish politician and who tweeted that Blacks who murdered police must be freed and falsely claimed those promoting Palestinian rights are censored, makes several issues more clear. It indicates that BLM’s recent nationwide riots were really about intentionally using violence to fulfill BLM’s goals to empty prisons of Black criminals, use a dangerously lenient and different standard for judging Black crime and raise money from frightened and intimidated White patrons and corporations. And it may further validate that BLM’s group’s previous written statements condemning Israel and some of their leaders’ public statements falsely blaming Israel for training US police to murder Blacks and lauding Jew- hater [Louis] Farrakhan, really may prove that [BLM] is an anti-White, antisemitic Israelophobic movement that must be carefully monitored.”

    2. Yep, I had some quotes from MLK Jr’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail rejected recently because they included the word N~gro.

  15. Try as I might I can find no information stating that the BLM participants in Seattle had their bank accounts frozen. Remember, Kamala Harris contributed to the bail fund. There is ample proof that BLM is providing funding for bail. Here is just a tip of the iceberg. BLM spent 27 million of the 90 million that they received. The other 67 million can not be accounted for. It’s no wonder that now our previous supporters of BLM are running for the exits. LOL.

    1. A BLM member, a Black guy, tried to assassinate a Jew in cold blood. BLM is notoriously anti-Semitic.

      BLM’s anti-Semitism must be addressed

      Now Jews like lesbian author Bari Weiss and her Jewish girlfriend, Nellie Bowles, are speaking out about a black anti-Semite being bailed from jail by anti-Semites BLM. Democrats laud, back and fundraise for BLM Antifa anarchists. Democrat leaders are now colluding with BLM to cover their financial statements.

      Louisville assassination attempt: Quintez Brown, BLM activist and former columnist for the local Courier Journal paper, has been charged with attempting to murder Jewish mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg. Brown allegedly walked into the candidate’s campaign office and fired at Greenberg, missing his body but ripping through the sweater he was wearing. You can read Brown’s social justice-themed Courier columns here. He spoke about George Floyd with the BBC here and was frequently giving impassioned speeches at protests. Or you can read about President Barack Obama’s foundation honoring Brown in 2019 here.

      Oddly, some are framing this as right-wing violence. Here’s how the Las Vegas Sun described the shooting: While “there’s been no indication yet that the activist had ties to any right-wing organizations, the shooting comes amid a rise in threats against politicians fueled by increasingly violent rhetoric coming from extremist Republicans.”

      Strange how BLM and a community bail fund would send someone in an Angela Davis t-shirt to deliver a $100,000 check to get this possible right-wing agitator out of jail.

      1. Thanks for the link to the writing by Rabbi Samuel. It is an instructive expose of anti-Semitism thought and practiced by those black Americans who are the real racists among us – enabled by the financial support given to the racist organizations and racist funds by non-black Americans.

        1. Jews are a lot like Cubans. Same chutzpah, same drive, extremely passionate and hard working people. My father had a jewelry store in North Miami Beach that was exclusively Jew at the time. My father did not know a word of English given his 3rd grade education in Cuba, and the Jews resorted to sign language and writing on paper to draw figures. They loved him. Jews were fiercely loyal to my father, an old time Master Jeweler, and they brought their friends to support him. When I applied to college they offered to write letters for me. I never forgot that. Although I am a faithful Catholic, anyone who disses on Orthodox, Conservative, Reformed Jews deserves a stern rebuke. BLM deserves a stern rebuke

          1. “Jews are a lot like Cubans.Same chutzpah, same drive, extremely passionate and hard working people. “

            How about Cuban Jews? 🙂

            Good Jews and good Catholics do well together.

              1. Thanks for the video. I have watched Miami grow from afar.

                There is a special reason your father did well. You are a lucky man.

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