Trump Prosecutors Resign After Grand Jury Case Stalls in Manhattan

The prosecutors, Carey R. Dunne and Mark F. Pomerantz, submitted their resignations this week to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in the investigation into former President Donald J. Trump and his business practices. The resignations came after Bragg reportedly questioned the case against Trump. The challenge in such cases is that companies regularly manipulate the stated value of their assets for tax or loan purposes, particularly in the real estate area. [Update: Bragg denies dropping case and has appointed Susan Hoffinger to lead a squad of about 25 lawyers, paralegals and analysts, according to the Washington Post).

The two prosecutors were calling witnesses before the grand jury but suddenly stopped doing so.

It would be difficult for new prosecutors to simply pick up such a long investigation in the middle of a grand jury proceeding. The grand jury itself is scheduled to expire in a matter of weeks. The investigation began under Bragg’s predecessor, Cyrus R. Vance Jr.

As common as overvaluing and undervaluing is in real estate, Trump’s organization has long been a standout in the practice. Indeed, his accounting firm recently notified the Trump Organization that it would no longer work with the company and instructed the company to notify anyone who had received the statements that they “should not be relied upon.”

Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s longtime chief financial officer, admitted to such loose accounting practices. For example, on the value of  Trump’s penthouse in Trump Tower, Weisselberg acknowledged that the company had overvalued the apartment by “give or take” $200 million.

In the meantime, Weisselberg himself has been indicted. His counsel are moving for a dismissal of the case. The most interesting element in that case is that Weisselberg was previously given immunity to testify in the investigation of Trump’s fixer (and now foe) Michael Cohen. They are arguing that the prosecution is not only based on immunized information but that state prosecutors lack the authority to bring charges based on federal tax filings.

New York Attorney General Lelitia James is also investigating Trump but lacks the authority to bring criminal charges. She has filed court documents describing alleged misrepresentations on the value of Trump properties. James however has shown a strikingly different approach to other organizations accused of financial and taxation irregularities.

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  1. Seth Barrett Tillman has a logical explanation for the resignations.

    In short.
    Bragg came into the office. He is immediately facing a deadline of the Grand Jury expiring.

    The theory, that explains the noisy public resignations, Bragg told them they must present to the judge what ever they had to invent, to petition the Judge for a Grand Jury extension. These two honorable lawyers with reputations earned as men of law and honor, said no. They would not tarnish their lives work, to do the bidding of a DA, pushing a phony narrative, for nothing but political narrative setting.

    This makes sense. If it was Braggs decission, they guy would not have resigned, but stayed on for a month, padding their hours and boxing up the case.

      1. Anon Elvis bug emotes once again. Anon Elvis have reveals his throw him in jail first then we’ll find a crime to charge him with. Elvis bug will tell us about the sanctity of our democracy while advocating for actions that are the antithesis of democracy. Historical education is not one of Anon’s strong suits.

    1. Jojo, find a way to put Trump in jail you say. To you it doesn’t matter if someone has actually committed a crime it only matters that you don’t like him. Maybe one day a person in power will not like you and will try to put you in jail without your having committed a crime. If you had any knowledge of world history you would realize that your recommended approach has been used in the past by the worlds worst dictators. I repeat, if you had knowledge.

    2. JoJo: So, you must be enjoying the biden administration that has killed thousands of jobs, skyrocketed inflation, put us in an additional $6 trillion debt, Killed 13 U.S. soldiers in Bagram after he opened the prison and released terrorists, left $89 billion of our state-of-art military equipment and weapons in Aghanistan, left American citizens stranded in Afghanistan, blocked two U.S oil piplines that we are now siphoning our oil reserves and buying oil from foreign countries, sold our only lithium mining company to China so they can profit in making electric cars but we must buy our once-owned lithium from China to make our electric cars, pays illegal immigrants $350 per day hotel bills yet allows our veterans to remain homeless, keeps the Southern border open to illegal immigrants from 153 countries without testing them for Covid-19, nor mandates vaccines upon them but forces Americans to be vaxxed or lose their jobs. Illegals immigrants include rapists, pedophiles, drug traffickers, child traffickers, diseases, serial killers, robbers, looters, and vandals, just to name a few egregious, illegal, and incompetent acts of the biden administration. JoJo: you really are a moron. Please get educated and keep your stupidity to yourself.

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