“The Serpent Beguiled Me”: The Whitmer Prosecution and the Entrapment Defense

“The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” That line may be the oldest statement of a criminal defense articulated in what could be styled as Eve v. The Serpent in Genesis. Eve sought to excuse her own conduct by the inducement of the serpent. As shown by her (and Adam’s) expulsion from the Garden of Eden, it is a difficult defense to make even with the Almighty as your jury.

It appears, however, that Eve’s defense had greater success in Michigan this week after a jury failed to convict a single member of the alleged conspiracy to kidnap and execute Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in 2020. The serpent in this case, according to the defendants, was the United States government.

Just a month before the 2020 election, Gov. Whitmer stood before cameras describing her narrow escape from being kidnapped and murdered by “domestic terrorists.” However, the “serpent” in her account was not among the indicted. It was Donald Trump.  Despite the fact that the Justice Department in the Trump Administration made these arrests, President Biden agreed that Trump was fostering a “civil war.” The media went into a frenzy, declaring that the case proved that “Trump’s rhetoric and policies have unleashed a second pandemic in the form of far-right domestic terrorism.” The breathless accounts of this plot by three “Boogaloo” militiamen fit like a glove with the narrative just before the election. The problem is that the case — and the narrative — quickly fell apart after the election. That collapse is now complete after a Michigan jury acquitted two of the four men tried for the conspiracy and then hung on the other two.

The problem for the jury was that it was hard to keep track of who were culprits and who were cops. While the government announced that it had foiled a large conspiracy, it turned out that most of the conspirators were actually FBI agents.

The Michigan case stands as one of the most chilling examples of entrapment techniques used by the FBI. While Whitmer declared Trump “complicit” in her planned execution, the FBI increasingly appeared more “complicit” in the creation of a government-inspired, government-funded, and largely government-staffed plot. The fact that it occurred just before the election has only magnified concerns over the motivations of some of the key players involved in the investigation.

In 1988, the Supreme Court in Mathews v. United States distinguished between “an unwary innocent” and “an unwary criminal who readily availed himself of the opportunity to perpetrate the crime.” The question is whether there was a “predisposition” for the crime.

In 1992, the Supreme Court overturned a conviction for receiving child pornography because postal inspectors had implanted a desire to received the material through repeated contacts with the defendant.

Entrapment defenses are notoriously difficult for the defense, but there are notable exceptions. In 1984, automaker John DeLorean was acquitted in his famous trial for conspiring to sell $24 million of cocaine to fund his signature cars. He was caught on tape making the deal, but the jury was swayed that it was the FBI informant who persuaded DeLorean to become a drug dealer.

In this case, Chief U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker refused to dismiss the charges on entrapment but (like the DeLorean case) he issued a major decision in allowing the defense to present evidence of entrapment. The jury learned that there were more FBI agents and informants than conspirators in the case. As much as two-thirds of the conspirators in the plot were actually FBI informants.

While the media was still flogging the story line of white supremacist terrorists, curious facts began to emerge in the case. First, the Justice Department announced that three critical agents would not be called at trial. It was later discovered that Special Agent Jayson Chambers, who managed the FBI informant, was running a private investigative firm and allegedly leveraging his work for private contracts. Buzzfeed News found that Chambers marketed his “online undercover techniques” and reportedly posted cryptic tweets referring to the Whitmer kidnapping investigation before arrests were made.

Another special agent, Henrik Impola, was accused of perjury in an unrelated case.

The third agent was the actual lead agent in the case. Richard Trask was dropped after being charged with beating his wife after returning from a swingers party. The defense was particularly focused on Trask because he had social media postings attacking President Trump.

Trask was not the only one in the case that was not happy with Trump. It turns out that these robotic Trump terrorists were actually not thrilled with Trump, including one who posted on  social media denouncing Trump.

Then there was the key informant, Stephen Robeson. He was arrested for fraud in Wisconsin. It then went from odd to unbelievable.

It turns out that the FBI’s informant was the one organizing meetings, recruiting people, and even paying for the travel for people to go to events.

The FBI taped the defendants as they discussed ideas such as tying Whitmer to a kite to transport her. The reason was that they were as high as a kite at the time. Defense counsel Joshua Blanchard objected that the secret recording in this case was taped when the FBI knew the defendants were “absolutely out-of-your-mind stoned . . . it was stoned-crazy talk and not a plan.”

The problem was that these guys seemed at points more interested in partying than conspiring. The FBI, therefore, decided to take control and get them serious about some major crimes. An informant known as “Big Dan” was paid over $50,000 to get the conspiracy going, including paying for the defendants to travel to Wisconsin to “train.”

Chambers pushed Big Dan to get the men to take violent acts against Whitmer. The defendants reportedly resisted those entreaties. Dan pushed the alleged leader to fire a round into the window of Whitmer’s home and mail the casing to the news media. On Sept. 5, 2020, Chambers texted to remind Dan “Mission is to kill the governor specifically.

The jury has now acquitted Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta and hanged on the verdicts against Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr. Fox is portrayed as a ringleader of the group and leader of the conspiracy.

The Justice Department is currently able to only point to the plea of Ty Garbin, who admitted his role in the alleged scheme weeks after his arrest last year.

The FBI has long been accused of using entrapment tactics, but the Whitmer case is off the charts. The Whitmer conspiracy was a production written, funded, and largely populated by FBI agents and informants. At every point, FBI literally drove the conspirators and controlled their actions. That is worthy of investigation by Congress, but neither house seems even marginally interested.

These men are certainly not blameless. They were more than just chumps even if they were manipulated by the FBI. Yet, there is an even greater danger when crimes are the creation of our own government. The jury clearly concluded that this was a case where “The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.”

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  1. Turley: since going on the Fox payroll, it’s always with the slanted rendition of facts to support whatever attack he’s paid to make on media, Democrats, the Biden Administration, or today, the FBI. Today’s little caca piece is a perfect example. Turley fails to mention until the end of his diatribe that the jury was hung as to 2 of the Defendants. Instead, since he was paid to attack the FBI in his preamble Turley says: “after a jury failed to convict a single member of the alleged conspiracy to kidnap and execute Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in 2020.” And, you, Turley, didn’t interview the jurors, either, so where do you get off attacking the FBI by claiming: “The jury clearly concluded that this was a case where “The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.”” You don’t know what their thought processes were or why they acquitted as to two, but hung as to the other two. If I’ve learned nothing else from trying cases, it’s that you never can be sure what a jury is thinking or why. But, that’s not why you wrote this, was it, Turley? It was to lend credence to the right-wing attacks against the FBI for investigating Trump and his cronies.

    1. Natacha, one question, were any of the defendants convicted of a crime. No they were not. Do you think that some of the jurors were Democrats? I get it. You think that paying for the defendant’s travel expenses to Michigan to commit a crime by the FBI was a good thing. None of the other posters on this blog who lean to the left have supported the actions of the FBI but you have. You further sully your reputation. You place yourself in a hole and you just keep digging.

      1. I said nothing about the FBI other than Turley was playing word games by belatedly admitting that the jurors were hung as to two of them after going on the offensive about the “failure to convict”. So, the result was not the victory he tries to proclaim. These crooks weren’t choir boys, but the point of my comment was that the main goal of Turley’s piece was to attack the FBI, just one part of the Fox narrative to defend the orange election cheater. And, if you read the comments by the disciples, it worked.

        1. “but the point of my comment was that the main goal of Turley’s piece was to attack the FBI….”

          How rich!!! The main point of Natchez, as if anyone had any doubt, is to attack Professor Turley day after day after day… spin, lie, spin, lie, repeat. Traitors who undermine our country and the legal system deserve nothing less than a firing squad. Biden can supply the “ghost guns”

          : eye roll :

          1. I didn’t lie or spin anything. The fact is, that the jury acquitted and hung as to 2, which Turley only grudgingly admits later in his diatribe. There was no sweeping victory for the defense, and we don’t know why the jurors felt like they did, so he is speculating. There was a plot to kidnap the governor. If anyone was spinning, it was Turley who has become a pundit since going on the Fox payroll.

            1. Natacha, if Professor Turley had left out the part about two mistrials all together I would agree that your argument might have some merit. Just because you do not agree to where he mentioned the mistrials in his post does not mean that he left the information out. You on the other hand do not want to recognize that none of the defendants were found guilty. One thing we know for sure is that none of the juries came in with a guilty verdict. In one aspect you are correct. We don’t know what the jurors were thinking but we do know that they took their thoughts and delivered a not guilty verdict. You try to tell us that they didn’t use their thinking ability to come to their final conclusion. Maybe your argument is not a spinning argument but it’s sure as hell a nit picker. The Fox News argument is also beginning to become very stale. When it’s all you’ve got I guess its all you’ve got.

              1. He could have just as easily said: “the jury failed to acquit as to two of the Defendants”. Turley advocacy. Word games. Turley’s goal was to spin it as a failure on the part of the prosecution. It was a draw.

            2. The fact is. The jury had four defendents before them. The Jury convicted exactly Zero (0) of those defendents.

              1. Iowan2– The FBI/DOJ reputation was badly scarred by this. I wonder if they are going to retry the other two and risk more damage? Convicting them won’t remove the stain of the acquittals. Hard choice for them. There is the risk even more damaging information will come out.

        2. Natacha, why shouldn’t the FBI be attacked when they financed the committing of a crime? Why shouldn’t the actions of the FBI be exposed for all of us too see? Is your preference that these things should be hidden from the public view? Luckily your not in charge of The Ministry of Truth. There is a common pattern. You start out each morning with a nonsensical statement and you then have to spend your day defending your nonsensical position. If you would just slow down and parse your words more honestly none of us would have to so easily counter your arguments. We might just be that silly old Ram who tried to punch a hole in rock hard dam. But like that Ram we have high hopes.

    2. Natacha, nowhere in his posts did Professor Turley defend the actions of the men who were plotting to kidnap the Governor. He only has pointed out that the FBI funded the attempt on the Governor’s life. Here’s a good question? What if something had gone terribly wrong and some FBI agents and the Governor were killed. The FBI could have funded their and the Governor’s death if they lost control of the situation. There are sting operations that are set up properly and their are sting operations that are just plain stupid. The jury figured out that this sting operation was of the stupid variety. Your just angry that you didn’t get to try the case and tell the jury what verdict must reached. When you went to law school did you ever study any basic principles of the law? You must have received your degree from The UHFN. The University of Hate Fox News. Even at such a highly unesteemed university your grade point average must have been a 2.0.

  2. Not merely beguiled, but planned, coordinated, bullied, and directed. The Whitmer-closet cover-up of planned parent/hood.

  3. April, 2020, Rifle Bearing Protesters Lay Siege To Michigan’s Capitol

    Hundreds of protesters, some armed, gathered inside Michigan’s state capitol on Thursday as state lawmakers debated the Democratic governor’s request to extend her emergency powers to combat coronavirus.

    A tightly packed crowd of protesters, some carrying rifles, attempted to enter the floor of the legislative chamber, and were held back by a line of state police and capitol staff, according to video footage posted by local journalists.

    “Let us in! Let us in!” the protesters chanted, as they stood shoulder-to-shoulder inside the statehouse. Few of them were wearing face masks.

    Some of the protesters shouted anti-government slogans, including comparing the state’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, to Hitler.

    One Democratic state lawmaker posted a photograph of men with rifles standing in a gallery yelling down at lawmakers below. “Some of my colleagues who own bullet proof vests are wearing them,” the state senator Dayna Polehanki wrote on Twitter.

    Edited From:


    Professor Turley would have us believe that Governor Whitmer is some ‘crazy dame’ who imagined the militia threat. When, in fact, the threat was very real. One should note that in this instance, the militias were answering a call by Donald Trump to storm state capitols in protest of Covid restrictions. Those of us with foresight envisioned a January 6th scenario incited by Trump.

    1. Anonymous, I agree that those on the far right and ANTIFA are cut from the same cloth. However, it should be noted that you condemn the actions by the first group and dismiss the actions of the second group. Were their any lives lost in Michigan like there were in Seattle and Minneapolis. I think that the FBI should investigate any law breaking by either group. However, I do not believe that the FBI should pay for Molotov Cocktails in order to entrap the rioters in Seattle. In effect this is exactly what the FBI did in Wisconsin when they paid for their transportation and weapons. It would seem that you would be outraged by such actions by the FBI but your not.

      1. STOOGE: the subject today concerns Governor Whitmer and threats made to her by militias. I don’t think ‘anyone’ should be tossing Moletov cocktails at anyone but Russian troops in Ukraine.

        1. So then Anonymous, do you at long last condemn the actions of ANTIFA in Seattle. You can do it. Just say “I condemn ANTIFA.” You could make history. One more point. The day before yesterday you said that you never call anyone a STOOGE. Rather than raise your voice you should improve your argument.

          1. STOOGE, I condemned the actions of Bernie Bros in Seattle and Portland back when that story was still current. This isn’t a ‘long last’ condemnation. Almost all my liberal Facebook unfriended me that summer.

            1. Almost all my liberal Facebook unfriended me that summer.

              REGARDING ABOVE

              Said Act Blue paid troll stated he was blocked by all gay men on Grindr because he was creepy, whiny, beatchy and girly. He has no friends. He trolls on here to spin tall tales about dreams he will never see

              1. REGARDING ABOVE:

                Jimmy and Thinkthrough are both The Blog Stooge. And the Blog Stooge seems to enjoy special status on this blog. For reasons that are endlessly baffling, Turley prefers The Stooge to real commenters.

                1. REGARDING ABOVE:

                  You have to wonder if ‘anyone’ at George Washington University ever looks at these comment threads. If Turley let’s a creep like The Stooge harass the commenters, how reputable can Turley be as an academic??

            2. Anonymous, please say the words now. “I condemn ANTIFA and I condemn the rioters in Seattle. “ While your at it why don’t you say “I condemn the actions of the FBI when they paid the expenses of the Governor Whitmer kidnappers.” Condemning the Bernie Bros is not the same as condemning the actions of ANTIFA. A-N-T-I-F-A, see it’s not so hard. That is unless your a card carrying member.

    2. In the grandest tradition of protesting the govt for the redress of their grievances. This action is exactly what the Constitution protects.

    3. Are you in favor of arresting people for acting legally? What significant laws were broken? None, based on what I read.

      This is the type of normal garbage you post. Not bright.

      1. Also, the point of the fable has nothing to do with this story. The point was that the person who took in the wounded snake knowing that it was a snake, nursed it back to health, so when the snake did what snakes do, which is bite people, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

  4. You have an potentially explosive combination of problems that may lead to some increasingly violent actions. The Justice Dept, FBI are tainted by their anti Trump actions and the presumption of bias in the minds of large numbers of citizens. Not to even get into the intelligence agencies.You have lenient DA’s in many jurisdictions who seem to have a revolving door attitude about truly violent offenders. There is a deteriorating belief in the efficacy and honesty of the Federal Law Enforcement. You have an open door policy on the border that not only moves massive numbers of unvetted people into this country, repeated episodes of criminals coming back after being expelled, increasing corruption on the border at the behest of drug cartels and a total catastrophe of fentanyl drug deaths. I fear that this cannot continue and there will be a violent explosion by the citizenry if this continues.
    While the people in Michigan found innocent or with no decision were not angels, the actions of the feds here gives real pause as to what happens in the future. How brazen will they be. How bad does it have to get before citizens take action, especially if the elected officials do not act as their jobs require them to act. How will you act if you think you are the at the point of a political / criminal action. Will you resist or go along meekly. .
    Remember that the revolution started when just a small unit of Redcoats were sent to confiscate cannons, firearms, and gunpowder at Concord. That episode took 8 years to resolve.

  5. Jonathan: Talk about being “beguiled”. You have been beguiled by your paycheck from Rupert Murdock into taking positions that defy logic. Early on in confirmation process for Judge Jackson you joined Ted Cruz and Fox in demanding Jackson recuse herself in the race discrimination case against Harvard. Jackson did recuse even though she took no part in Harvard’s admission policies. Now you take the position that Clarence Thomas should not haver to recuse himself in any cases coming before the Court relating to Jan. 6. That’s a bizarre position to take now that the evidence clearly shows Thomas’ wife was deeply involved in the Jan. 6 conspiracy to overturn a lawful election. If Thomas refuses to recuse in these cases he has crossed Rubicon. As the longest serving member of the Court he is no longer a neutral arbiter and, if he refuses to recuse, will be participating in decisions directly involving his wife. In every other court of the land a judge would be required to recuse. Clarence Thomas is the reason the judicial code of ethics needs to be applied to the Supreme Court.

    But recusal is not the only problem for Clarence Thomas. He has become a partisan political player in this year’s election. Last Friday, after a week in the hospital, he was first seen at the Court having his photo taken with Herschel Walker, the Trump endorsed GOP candidate for the Senate in Georgia. Walker supports Trump’s lie about the 2020 election. The Walker campaign immediately posted the photo. This is the first time a Supreme Court justice has implicitly endorsed a political candidate. No wonder polls show Americans have come to view the Court as too “politicized”. Clarence Thomas is the poster child for what is wrong with the Court. In light of all this do you still stand by your column of 3/28?

    1. Hey Denis, we understand your obsession with repeating the same things everyday but we would appreciate your opinion an the FBI paying for a crime to be committed. We know that you and the FBI favor the same party but we would like to know what you think of the entrapment tactics used by the FBI. It’s just not obvious wether you approve of such tactics. We know that you are loathe to call out your comrades in arms but we would appreciate any defense of the FBI you might have instead of your attempt at obfuscation. Then again, it may be that you have lost the ability to think about the subject at hand.

      1. Thinkitthrough: Actually, I do know quite a bit about the entrapment tactics employed by the FBI in the past. As a young university student in the early stages of the Vietnam War I joined a campus group organizing to protest the war. That was when most Americans couldn’t find Vietnam on a map. At the end of one night’s meeting I was approached by a little “grandmother” type. She asked me to give her a ride home because it was late. A week later I was visited by two gum shoes from the FBI. One agent examined all the books on my bookshelf while the other tried to get me to name names and work undercover for the Bureau. I declined. A month later FBI agents visited my parents. They were told I could get into a lot of “trouble” because of my anti-war activities. It was the FBI’s tactic of intimidation. But, under J Edgar Hoover, when intimidation didn’t work, the FBI turned to entrapment as a tactic–to encourage and even finance the commission of crimes to try to decapitate the leadership of the anti-war movement. It didn’t work. The movement grew over the years and finally forced Nixon to get out of Vietnam in 1975.

        The FBI learned a lot from that earlier failed experiment and now is very careful about crossing the line into entrapment. Time will tell whether they crossed the line in the Whitmer case as two other defendants are re-tried. And, no, I don’t approve of entrapment whether used by the FBI or any other government agency. You don’t prevent crime by creating it. And upon what basis can you claim that “you and the FBI favor the same party”? Based on my personal experience with the Bureau that’s ludicrous on its face! So it appears you are the one attempting “obfuscation” by attributing to me views I don’t hold. Think it through before commenting next time.

  6. I presume lawyer poster here Silberman helped concoct this plot as a method to cleanse the planet of Trumpists.

  7. If the GOP is successful in the midterms remove all the 1/6 “investigators” and really find out the truth. I’ll bet you’ll find government agitators right in the heart of the action and why Epps is off the hook? While they’re at it give Ashley Babet her due, I realize we didn’t riot, loot and burn buildings over her death but she is due an inquiry.

  8. Never forget the $1.5 trillion taxpayer funded “War on Drugs” that produced more illegal drugs- it literally destroyed the American Justice system along with the 4th Amendment warrant requirement.

    This foreign style justice system created a popular saying: “a prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich” meaning anyone can be prosecuted for almost anything – not tethered in any way to actual lawbreaking. Maybe fix this first.

    After $1.5 trillion in wasted taxpayer dollars, maybe we should try James Madison and Alexander Hamilton’s justice system?

    1. Ashcroft, I agree that the war on drug money was mostly eaten up by the unscrupulous. However, I would like to know your opinion on the acquittal of the two defendants due to their entrapment. Please tell us if you see any danger in the FBI paying for a crime to be committed. Do you think this is a serious matter?

      1. re: Thinkitthrough

        I usually trust juries. Most of us armchair quarterbacks spend 5 minutes studying these cases. Jury members invest hours, days or even weeks studying every detail and every vantage point plus the actual laws governing that unique trial. Jury members are also somewhat vetted and under oath as a juror.

        As one who has served on a jury before, this is real life – someone’s life can be totally destroyed or irreversible damage. Although I”m a fan of the Governor Whitney myself, the jury must have determined the abuses by government officials far outweighed the threat. Would that event had even happened at all without federal agents manufacturing those circumstances? The jury apparently didn’t buy it.

        Historical note: Alexander Hamilton – who largely designed the American Justice system – wanted “juries” to be an “obstacle to success” of prosecutors. In a “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” justice system the “burden” of proof is on the accusers or prosecutors – not the accused.

        FBI agents are mostly honorable constitutional officers but they swear an Oath of Office (Title 5 US Code 3331) as a supreme loyalty oath as a condition of retaining that authority. Their motto even includes “fidelity” to that supreme loyalty oath. Apparently the jury didn’t buy it either.

        1. Anonymous, I agree with your assessment of the jury. May I top it off with the probability that some of the members of the jury were Democrats.

        2. Anonymous the Stupid thinks hours trying to make a judgment that fits his narrow ideology. When the facts don’t work, he chooses deception, lies, pretend friends and pretend authority.

  9. Was a Whitmer presidential ticket being considered by the DNC? Whitmer/Boy Mayor? Harris/Whitmer?

    How about no.

  10. Trump wants to be able to fire federal employees at will.

    100% yes to that. First EO he should sign. Then fire the entire FBI and raze the building.

    And move on to the Education Department. Fire them all.

    Then move on to the next bloated, corrupt, incompetent federal agency and fire them all.

  11. Turley– “While the government announced that it had foiled a large conspiracy, it turned out that most of the conspirators were actually FBI agents.”


    I believe I said here months ago that this looked like another setup along the lines of the attempted, and failed, prosecution of the Hutaree Militia.

    I think jurors used to have a presumption that federal law enforcement was honest, upright and clean–I certainly once thought so–but now ordinary Americans are beginning to suspect they are little more than taxpayer financed gangsters whose every word under oath is suspect.

    Rethink the January 6 ‘Insurrection’. Phony.

  12. Chris Wray should resign in disgrace. The FBI’s stated top priority? Investigating and focusing on “domestic terrorism” and the threat of “white supremacy.”

    We can assume now that all of it is being plotted, manufactured, set up, and carried out by the FBI plots and schemes as they go about framing innocent men. With zero accountability.

    The FBI should be abolished. Garland should also resign in disgrace. Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters are being hunted and framed by a corrupt DOJ. What a dangerous path we are on as a country.

    “Secret police (or political police) are intelligence, security or police agencies that engage in covert operations against a government’s political opponents and dissidents. Secret police organizations are characteristic of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. They protect the political power of a dictator or regime, and often operate outside the law to repress dissidents and weaken political opposition, frequently using violence.”

    1. Funny how a white supremacist just shot up the subway in NYC….OH WAIT??!!!….Funny how this happens the DAY AFTER Biden talked about Gun control. Now the installed NY Governor is as well. Criminals DON’T follow the millions of laws they have on the books now, why would another law STOP them??? Maybe if Progressive DA’s actually did THEIR jobs and kept these criminals in prison instead of giving them slaps on the wrist…..we wouldn’t have to worry about this.

      1. Hey Wen Bars, the assailant must be a Black White Supremacist. You jump to make the narrative in your mind come true. It turns out that the suspect is a black man. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/crime/brooklyn-shooting-subway-explosion-sunset-park-b2056391.html. I guess your temptation to smear a white person just couldn’t be resisted. Your training at the woke academy is starting to pay off. Apology to the readers??

  13. Reminds me of of FIB informants taking part in Klan murders in North Carolina in the early ’80’s.


  14. It would be of interest to go back to the fall of 2020 and thereafter to see how the mainstream media continuously reported on this Whitmer story.

    1. Are you even attempting to imply that the corrupt FBI that functioned while Trump was in office took ANY orders from him. It does appear, more and more as facts unfold, that most of our alphabet agencies are run by agenda driven lefties. Your sad attempt to place blame for the clusterf*ck that was the 2020 election on Trump is pathetic at this point.

    2. Anonymous the Stupid, under the Trump administration, the FBI lied. The DOJ prosecuted American citizens for crimes they didn’t commit or were process crimes committed by many where Trump supporters were charged and Clinton supporters weren’t.

      ATS, you like to make Sammy the dumber half of your persona.

    3. Yeah, the same FBI that was trying to overthrow Trump in collusion with the Dems was taking orders from him. 🙂

    4. Sammy: yeah, we believe that like we believe in “Putin’s price increases” like we are hearing about today. Psaki would be so proud of you. The FBI had (still has) utter disdain for Trump and only a complete fool would believe otherwise.

    5. Sammy, there were FBI agents who tried to get Trump out of office. I know that you have no knowledge of these agents. To better inform you their names were Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe. I guess because these two agents served during the Trump administration that Trump must be responsible for the attempt to remove himself from office. I hope this post will leave you more properly informed. Geez.

    1. Oh, it has a moral compass, so to speak, and that is the creation of a progressive socialist state and the abrogation of our constitution.

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