Justice Department Accused of Taking Attorney-Client Material at Mar-a-Lago

Fox News is reporting that the FBI seized boxes containing attorney-client privileged and potentially executive privileged material during its raid Mar-a-Lago. When the raid occurred, I noted that the legal team had likely marked material as privileged at the residence and that the collection could create an immediate conflict over such material. Now, sources are telling Fox that the Justice Department not only took attorney-client material but has refused Trump requests for a special master to review the records.

The request for a special master would seem reasonable, particularly given the sweeping language used in the warrant. It is hard to see what material could not be gathered under this warrant.

Attachment B of the warrant has this provision:

“Any physical documents with classification markings, along with any containers/boxes (including any other contents) in which such documents are located, as well as any other containers/boxes that are collectively stored or found together with the aforementioned documents and containers/boxes; b.. Information, including communications in any form, regarding the retrieval, storage, or transmission of national defense information or classified material”

Thus, the agents could not only take an entire box if it contained a single document with classification markings of any kind but could then take all boxes around that box.

It is not surprising that dozens of boxes were seized.

Given that sweeping language (and the various lawsuits and investigations facing Trump), it would seem reasonable to request a special magistrate. That is why the reported refusal is so concerning. What is the harm from such a review? The material is now under lock and key. There is no approaching deadline in court or referenced grand jury.

Moreover, many have accused the Justice Department of using this search as a pretext. While saying that they were seeking potential national security information, critics have alleged that the real purpose was to gather evidence that could be used against Trump in a prosecution over his role in January 6th riot. I have noted that such a pretext would be deeply disturbing given the documented history of Justice Department officials misleading or lying to courts in prior Trump-related investigations.  The continuation of such subterfuge could be disclosed in a later oversight investigation.

The use of a special master could have helped quell such claims of a pretextual search. Conversely, the denial of such a protective measure would fuel even greater concerns.

The refusal to take this protective measures is almost as troubling as the sweeping language in the search warrant itself. We need to see the affidavit that led to this search warrant. I am not going to assume that the search was unwarranted until I see that evidence. However, in the interim, Attorney General Merrick Garland could have allowed accommodations for this review to assure not just the Trump team but the public that the search was not a pretext for seeking other evidence like January 6th-related material.

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  1. Jonathan: We thought you had the day off? No time for a BBQ or hiking when there is so much breaking news about the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago. Now you demand a “special master”? Why? Because Fox News, your employer, is now alleging the FBI also walked away with docs protected by the atty/client privilege. You say “many have accused the Justice Department of using this search as a pretext”–to presumably seek “other evidence like January 6th–related material”. Beyond Fox and you who are the “many” who are making this claim? The next thing you will claim, along with Trump and Fox, is that the FBI actually “planted” evidence to justify charging Trump with violations of the Espionage Act.

    You are not the best authority on the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago. Immediately after the search you made the false claim the DOJ/FBI did not bother to serve Trump with a subpoena before getting the search warrant. You had egg on your face over that one. After the facts showed a subpoena was served you then doubled down by arguing the FBI should have gotten a SECOND subpoena! Your arguments against the search have become more bizarre. There is no evidence the FBI also took docs covered by the atty/client privilege–let alone on the “pretext” to seize other evidence against Trump. Now I am not an attorney. But as I understand it, when a search warrant is executed and the FBI comes across other evidence of crimes–evidence in “plain view”–they can take it. Rather then pre-judge we should wait and see exactly what docs were actually taken from Mar-a-Lago.

    The argument about alleged “attorney-client” privileged docs is just a diversion. David Laufman, a former DOJ employee involved in investigating other cases security clearance violations, says the sensitivity of the top secret docs retrieved by the FBI presents a serious problem for Trump. Among the docs retrieved were those containing “Sensitive Compartmented Information”. which requires the highest level of clearance. Not everyone with a “top secret” clearance is authorized to review SCI material and it must be done in a secured government facility. Laufman says: “The fact that he [Trump] had SCI material out in the wild, so to speak, at risk, is particularly stunning and particularly egregious” and an “exceptionally grave danger ” to national security. Why in the world would Trump want to take SCI material and store in his private residence? I have my theories but I leave those for another day.

    Now, Trump supporters, including those at Fox, claim the top secret docs Trump took were all :declassified”. There is no evidence Trump took any steps to declassify any docs he took–let alone the docs marked “SCI”. That would require a very thorough vetting by many levels of government. This again is a diversion and lacks any credibility. It is even more absurd to argue that as a private citizen Trump could “retroactively” declassify official docs. But even if some of the docs had been declassified Trump was not legally entitled to remove them to his private residence. This was a violation of three federal statutes–including the Espionage Act. This is the part you don’t apparently want to discuss.

    1. Dennis:

      An FBI agent pled guilty to changing a CIA email that exonerated Carter Page, completely reversing its meaning, in order to get a FISA warrant on false grounds.

      Both the FBI and the NSA spied on the Trump campaign, and administration, and then lied about it.

      The FBI already had intel that Hillary Clinton was going to fabricate a Russia hoax in order to distract the public from her email scandal. They proceeded with the investigation, and went to extreme measures to destabilize Trump. Agents even exchanged text messages talking about taking Trump down.

      The FBI refused to allow Trump’s lawyers to observe what they did inside Trump’s residence. Since the FBI already has a proven track record of lying, taking illegal action, and abusing power in order to strike out at Trump, no reasonable person would take their word for it that they acted above the law.

      Since Trump’s lawyers were forbidden from observing, and since the FBI has a history of altering that email, then of course people will suspect that any evidence was planted.

      You seem eager to dismiss charges of attorney-client privilege, for no other apparent reason than it does not fit your narrative.

      The president has the authority to declassify material. Trump was already cooperating with the National Archives, had handed over material already, and the FBI had already inspected the room in which he kept important documents. These boxes were packed up and sent to Mar-a-Lago by the General Services. This claim that an armed raid was warranted is patently false.

      Please explain to me how Hilary Clinton could lie about an illegal server in her house, which she used instead of the closed State system. This meant that State did not have a single communication record unless she gave it to them. She kept Top Secret information on this server, and backed it up to the Cloud, which made all of it available to hackers. While under subpoena, she wiped the server clean with Bleach Bit, erasing thousands of emails. Some of them were recovered on Huma’s laptop, which was in the possession of her convicted sex offender husband, Weiner.

      Hillary was not raided by the FBI.

      Trump cooperated with the National Archives. He didn’t lie about having material. Not only was there no reason for this, but Trump was treated very differently from Hillary Clinton, whose actions were far worse.

    2. Mr. McIntyre……before you tell someone that: ‘..You are not the best authority..’ on a matter.. why not look in the mirror and realize that your counterviews hardly qualify as coming from an authoritative pedestal. This is a forum for opinions We see that your vantage point seems to echo a certain black &. white Bias.. again.. hardly a source of ‘authority.. e.g., You Proclaimed: ‘This was a violation of three federal statues…’ yet.. in Reality, this certainly has not been proven anywhere.. unless you count the pulp dogma of the radical Left wing tabloids & pundits as proof…….. or how to you know that an argument ‘..is ‘just a diversion…’ ? etc.

  2. When a piece begins with “Fox News is reporting….” you know it’s partisan spin. There are some simple rules in the practice of law, which Turley knows. Since even before I was licensed, every file I ever worked on at an “attorney’s notes” or similarly-designated separate file that contained privileged materials, which included notes of interviews with witnesses, notes of conversations with clients, notes from hearings, including comments about credibility of witneses, memoranda regarding the facts and applicable laws, research materials, letters to and from clients, telephone message slips, photographs, videotapes and the like. Everyone knew that documents and things placed in this file were NOT subject to disclosure in discovery. I don’t know of any lawyer or law firm that doesn’t segregate privileged materials. WHY wouldn’t the army of White House attorneys we taxpayers paid for have been segregating privileged materials all along?

    What’s most glaring about today’s little piece is the fact that Turley isn’t commenting about the latest damning fact: back in June, Trump’s attorneys signed a document swearing that ALL classified materials had been turned over in response to the subpoena. Turns out, that was a lie. In fact, it appears that there may still be more privileged materials at Mar A Lago even after the search on Monday. The biggest question of all is: why? What business did Citizen Trump have taking such documents in the first place? What was he planning to do with the documents? Another question: who has he given copies to? Who has had access? No Trumpster has ever accepted my challenge to justify taking this material in the first place. And, the alt-right media are lying about Obama taking documents: the National Security Administration shot that one down.

    Now I see where “Lin” got the BS about “privileged” materials–another Fox fairytale. Problem is, back in June when he was served with a subpoena (which was after he was politely requested to return documents he shouldn’t have taken) Trump never objected that any materials he wrongfully took were privileged or not subject to being reclaimed. The time to object to a subpoena on the grounds of privilege is when it is served. The government didn’t subpoena any privileged materials, either. If privileged materials were co-mingled with classified materials, that’s Trump’s fault, but I doubt it because the sands keep shifting. First, the story was that Trump didn’t have any classified documents. Next, the story was that if classified documents were found, the FBI must have planted them. Third, the story was that Trump was cooperating with the National Archives, and that the “outrageous raid” on his “beautiful home” was not necessary because he would have given them back (which is clearly not true: before the search, he failed to turn them over in response to a request, and in response to a subpoena his attorney falsely swore that all of them had been turned over). Fourth, the story was that everything classified was turned over in June. Fifth, the story was that by virtue of taking documents, they became de-classified because of some nonexistent “standing order’ declassifying them if he took them. That’s a lie because declassification is a process with a paper trail that doesn’t exist, Trump cannot “declassify” documents after Jan 20, 2021, and documents regarding nuclear matters are NEVER declasified. Now, the story is that privileged documents were taken. One lie after another. Yet, the disciples still believe.

    Turley is lamely trying to bolster the Fox narrative that the search was just a “pretext” for the J6 committee, and that, somehow, Trump has some right to demand to the Affidavit. Why? It turns out that the informant’s tip was correct: Trump WAS holding classified documents AFTER his lawyer verified that all of them had been returned. He will get the affidavit if and when he is charged, but another inconvenient fact Turley left out is that in response to Trump complaining about the search being somehow wrong, the Trump disciples attacked the Cincinnati FBI office, which wasn’t even involved with the search–it was the Florida FBI office. One of his loyal subjects is now dead. They also are going after the Magistrate Judge who signed the warrant. His synagogue had to cancel weekend services due to death threats. Breitbart released the name of at least one FBI agent who was involved with the search, whose life is now in danger. The gist of today’s piece is that, somehow, Trump was wronged, but the facts don’t fit, there is a clear pattern of lies, so Turley turns to implications and innuendo, demanding to see the Affidavit, which could put other peoples’ lives in danger, all while ignoring the simple truth that Trump got caught stealing classified documents and has been making up one lie after another to justify what he did. Turley is also feeding the Trump disciple rage machine. One person is already dead. How many more will die, all for the ego of someone who stole documents after losing an election either to use to show off what a big shot he is, or to sell to the highest bidder?

    1. Natacha: Couldn’t have been better stated–especially the part about how attorneys take pains to segregate atty/client privilege docs. Doesn’t make sense that an attorney(s) working for Trump would allow “privileged” docs to be co-mingled with other docs they knew were being sought by the DOJ/FBI. Turley is just throw up mud and hoping something will stick.

      As to the death threats against the judge who approved the search warrant, the guy who tried to breach the FBI office in Cincinnati and the armed protesters outside the FBI in Phoenix, I think we are entering some really dangerous territory. And now the NY Times/Insider are reporting that Trump sent a cryptic veiled threat, through a third party. to AG Garland with this message: “”The country is on fire. What can I do to reduce the heat?” Now, you can interpret the message several ways. Trump could be saying: “Mr. Attorney General: My supporters are up in arms over your unwarranted search of my home. Perhaps, we can sit down and discuss ways to avoid further violence”. Or, maybe, and I prefer this interpretation, Trump is not too subtly telling Garland that unless the AG backs off on his investigation further violence might ensue. If I were Garland I would ignore Trump’s veiled threats and carry on with the DOJ’s investigation. But I would urge the AG to beef up his own personal security. Trump is acting like a Mafia Don whose back is against the wall. If he was willing to encourage his supporters to storm the Capitol no telling what he is prepared to do to keep from being indicted.

    2. Natacha, remember when Hillary Clinton signed a document acknowledging she was trained in how to handle classified information, and was aware of the penalties should she mishandle it? Remember when she signed her exit documents, claiming she had turned over all State communications and materials? Only, it turned out, she’d lied. She had an illegal server in her house, had thousands of emails she’d never turned over, and then she wiped the server clean with Bleach Bit. She also broke her phones and laptops with hammers while under subpoena.

      The attorneys signed a document that to the best of their knowledge, all classified information had been turned over. The president can declassify anything he wishes. Trump was cooperating with the National Archives. As had been stated previously, General Services packed up his office in a rather haphazard fashion, and sent everything to Mar-a-Lago, where it went into storage. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who lied about her server, and then lied about wiping it (“Do you mean, did I wipe it with a cloth?”, Trump showed the FBI the storage area, which they inspected. His people handed over 15 boxes of materials. Unlike Hillary Clinton, when they discovered more information in February, he didn’t destroy it, but turned it over to Archives.

      Is Hillary Clinton above the law? Because based on Clinton, Trump could have scanned everything, backed it up to the Cloud, wiped the server storing digital copies clean, and then shredded all paper, and nothing should happen to him.

      Or, are you saying that Hillary Clinton egregiously broke the law, and got away with it?

      This raid makes Watergate look tame.

    3. When a blog begins with Natacha’s name you know it’s a partisan hack job.

  3. You can’t have Charlie Brown taking another run at the football without Moore Lucy.

    Thanks for playing.

  4. It was as suspected – a ruse to gain access to Trump’s private residence and fraudulently look for dirt on him.

    This makes Watergate look so tame.

    Imagine if the FBI had tossed Obama’s house, and rummaged through Michelle Obama’s closets, seizing information protected by attorney-client privilege.

    Complaints fall on deaf ears. If we don’t hold them accountable, if people don’t go to prison or lose their jobs over this, then America has devolved into a Lenin-like totalitarian Leftist government.

    It doesn’t matter if a Republican gets elected to the White House, when Democrat activists control most of the 3 letter agencies, and are willing to abuse their authority to target Republicans.

    FBI agents were willing to lie about the Russia Hoax, knowing all along Hillary Clinton devised it to distract the public from her email scandal. An agent altered a CIA email that exonerated Carter Page, completely changing its meaning, in order to fraudulently obtain a warrant from the FISA court. Then there was the NSA’s spying that they lied about, the unmasking, the harassment of General Flynn. Now they’re making up excuses to toss Trump’s house to get information they could never have legally acquired.

    What are we going to do? Scold and shake our finger at them? Write a strongly worded letter?

    The only way to stop this abuse of power is for Republicans or Libertarians to get the House, hold the Senate, get the White House, and then fire everyone. We need to clean house in the FBI and NSA, and the current Congress will never do that. It was a mistake for Hillary Clinton not to face charges. It emboldened Democrats, who learned they can fabricate a hoax and put the country through hell, without consequence.

    1. Karen S: all Fox has to do is ALLEGE that there were no grounds to “toss” Trump’s home, and you believe that the search was “fraudulent”. There are NO facts to support this. What happened was: Trump was asked to return documents he shouldn’t have takne, so a small handful were returned. Because they knew he didn’t return all of them, he was given a subpoena, which netted 20 boxes of materials. The FBI did NOT publilcize this. His lawyers verified that all classified documents had been returned. An informant advised the government that this was a lie, so the National Archives sought a search warrant, which Trump was informed of before it was served, as were the Secret Service and his lawyers. More classified documents were located and returned. The FBI did not publicize the search nor the subpoena–Trump did, and he’s using it to fund-raise (for what?–he’s not an official candidate, so he can spend the money on whatever he wants). The latest tale is that Trump issued a “standing order” that automatically declassified any paper he took. No such order exists, and that’s not how the declassification process works. There’s a paper trail created. No such “standing order” or paper trail exists, so it’s just another lie. Now, it turns out there may still be more of them hidden at Mar A Lago. There’s no “pretext” here–Trump intentionally stole classified materials he had no right to possess, he was asked to return them and only handed over a few, was subpoenaed to return them and lied about fully complying, and because an informant correctly advised the FBI, it was forced to seize them. The FBI intentionally was low-key: they waited until he was not home, they dressed casually, didn’t wear logo windbreakers, and notified his attorney and the Secret Service in advance. Lastly, he makes up a lie about “declassifying” documents. Because Trump has no semblance of anything resembling morals, we must assume the worst. A risk assessment has been requested by a Congressional intelligence committee. We may never know how many copies Trump distributed to Putin, Kim Jong Un or other dictators that he admires and defends. How many times did he pull out “Top Secret” documents and display them to show off to Mar A Lago guests about what a big shot he thinks he is? When North Korea conducted missile tests, Trump held a classified briefing in the presence of guests at Mar A Lago, which has been recorded. He has no sense of propriety, and thinks he can do whatever he wants to. Tell me, Karen S.: what was Trump doing with these papers in the first place? They aren’t his property.

      There was NO “Russia hoax”. Russia did help your hero cheat his way into office. No one “spied” on your hero, either. No one is “making up excuses to get information they could never have legally obtained”. The documents clawed back by the government were and still are the PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES. Trump’s possession of them was criminal, as was his repeated lying about returning and declassifying them. You have to wonder why the pattern of lying and the ever-changing story. Instead of looking at this objectively, you believe the Trump victimhood yarn and whataboutism false accusations against Democrats.

      Once again, you do not speak for “we” or “our”. The only one abusing power is Trump. The only one creating hoaxes is Trump.

      1. I could dissect what Ms. Natacha wrote here, or anywhere, ad infinitum, however just the last line here is indicative of the ‘new’ radical revolutionary Myopic Left Bias.. (..MSNBC specialty…) which makes Classic Liberals look like Conservatives… This last line points to a view that is blind to the larger Reality at work in this world: “The only one abusing power is Trump. The only one creating hoaxes is Trump.’ Words which are totally unconscious re: the Reality that DC is full of professional Power abusers, most of whom make Trump look like a Saint (to those of us who have lived and worked inside DC for decades…) Hoax spinning is a DC past-time (e.g., the entire Steel Dossier-Russia Collusion-Mueller Investigation was a Mammoth HOAX…) and when one hoax does not work, a bigger one is spun… Political wisdom to see this is an acquired skill…Good Luck on your journey to hopefully get there…..

  5. Jonathan,
    * The “attorney” is the White House Counsel
    * The “client” is POTUS (not Trump personally)
    But I’m glad to see Trump confessed to stealing the White House’s “attorney/client” material as well as stealing the White House’s “executive privilege material” as well as stealing TOP SECRET and classified documents.

      1. Come on, FishWings. Turley doesn’t even like Trump, and he voted Democrat in previous elections. It’s not right to go on someone’s blog and then troll.

    1. The psycho feminazis have arrived.

      The communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO) Deep Deep State Swamp is consumed by sheer terror.

      Next it will release the Kraken, the children; where’s Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg?

      Whatever will the dependent parasites do without assistance and affirmative action, their source of sustenance being other people’s money and enterprises.

      Wait, that sounds a lot like communism: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” – “her” needs are exponentially more hysterical and incoherent, oh, and worse than his.

      Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.

      The American thesis is Freedom and Self-Reliance – the pursuit of happiness resulting in the creation of wealth sequentially accretive to the nation – not parasitism and dependence.

      Which eastern liberal communist re-education camp were you assigned to?

    2. “The “attorney” is the White House Counsel”

      *How* do you know that?

      *How* do you know that there are not numerous, privileged attorney-client documents? Or that some or all of that communication is not with his personal attorneys?

  6. While I can understand the legal basis and need for the FBI to return Attorney Client privilege documents from Trump’s personal attorneys, I don’t understand the legal basis to return Executive privilege documents when those are apparently government records and legal advice that should be in the possession of the government under the Federal Records Act. Any legal insight on this issue? Thanks.

    1. Keep in mind:
      * The “attorney” is the White House Counsel
      * The “client” is POTUS (not Trump personally)
      Which means Trump is also confessing to stealing the White House’s “attorney/client material”

      1. “The “attorney” is the White House Counsel”

        And your evidence for that is?

  7. Jonathan,
    1) Where is Trump’s required Court filing requesting the court appoint a Special Master? (that you claim he did).
    2) Where is the Court ruling denying him a Special Master? (as you claim they did).
    3) DOJ would’ve filed for Special Master “under seal” – which is the same way they filed for Special Master in Giuliani’s warrant.
    Basically, you have no idea if a Special Master was there, and you have zero proof to support any of your claims about Trump filing a request for Special Master & no proof to support your claim the Court denied him. You give sloppy & unethical legal takes.

    1. Exactly! Trump would have had to file with Court requesting a Special Master (and Turley provides no such document). And there’d be a Court ruling if the Court denied Trump (Turley provides no such ruling), and finally, as was the case with Giuliani’s warrant, the DOJ filed a request with the Court “under seal” requesting & obtaining a Special Master during the FBI search. And again, Turley has no idea if any such “under seal” request was made, even though he pretends the DOJ didn’t.

  8. With all the 1000’s of negative reports against the mRNA injections at this point you’d have to be a phk’in Idiot to take any shot from those evil aholes!!!

    BTW: Among wins of others, the Air Force troops won in court the Right to Refuse the Bug Juice Death Jabs.

    Ph Biden/Austin/Milley.


    West Point cadets COVID vax religious exemptions denied en masse, given a day to respond

    “Feels like another attempt to isolate and pressure cadets into getting the vaccine over a weekend where they will be limited in their ability to consult with attorneys or medical professionals,” said attorney R. Davis Younts.






    Aug 14, 2022
    World Alternative Media
    World Alternative Media


  9. I am beginning to believe Ivanka Trump was pushed down the Stairs as a warning to Donald, by the Deep State Mafia.

  10. And, now we learn that Clinton officials worked with the archives and the DOJ to drive this never before seen raid of a former president’s home.
    This wasn’t about 2020 but yet again about 2016.
    Not to mention lawyer/client comms.

  11. If Trump runs in 2024, he now has my vote. We have to fight this government/media tyranny.

  12. We can’t have a country like this. Every top Democrat has some tie to criminal activity, but there’s never any move to do anything about it. The Right gets smeared, lied about, framed, persecuted, and attacked, relentlessly. This thing must be broken up, because increasingly, it’s not worth having around anymore.

    1. The Deep Deep State Swamp hates Trump because he won’t be bought and dance to its tune.

      Real President Donald J. Trump prefers the Constitution and Bill of Rights as a great American.

      The entire communist American welfare state is unconstitutional; start at Article 1, Section 8, and the absolute right to private property (if it’s not absolute, it doesn’t exist, and it doesn’t exist in the Communist Manifesto).

      1. yeah, it was the “deep deep state” that forced Trump to steal 42 boxes of TOP SECRET and classified documents, and keep them in a golf club where Trump, and anyone, could grab them and sell them to foreign countries. Yeah, did Trump did that espionage. Espionage is the opposite of being a “great American” who “prefers the Constitution.”

        1. Lucy, it’s only a matter of time before the trump cult on this blog will say it was Antifa who “planted” all those papers. The one thing trumps cult hates more than anything is anti-fascism.

          1. RE:”The one thing trumps cult hates more than anything is anti-fascism…” Antifa are nothing more than street thugs, no better than the Nazis Sturmabteilung who, for some inexplicable reason, have not had the full weight of local law enforcement brought to bear on them when they are in the act.

          2. FishWings, ironically, Antifa engages in distinctly fascist behavior, such as assaulting those who disagree with them, or based on skin color, and total intolerance of free speech. They’re Brown Shirts.

            Just because a movement claims to oppose fascism does not, actually, mean it’s really fighting fascism. The original Antifa was created by Socialists, an ideology responsible for the death and persecution of millions.

            1. RE: ” Antifa engages in distinctly fascist behavior..” Well writ. What I said!!

        2. Funny, I haven’t read about Trump being charged with stealing 42 boxes of TOP SECRET and classified documents or any other crime. Can you provide a link to the charging documents? Interestingly Trump was the only person on the face of the planet who could declassify such documents, and his lawyers claims that’s exactly what he did. You just man, lib! lol.

        3. Obergruppenfuhrer Loosy Less, Sista, did you get your fair share of affirmative action and assistance today?

          “Free stuff” and free status, don’t leave home without it, right, Loose?

  13. Who “packed” the boxes delivered to Mar a Lago? Was it another “Alexandar Vindman”?

    Anyone saying “I’ll reserve judgment until we let the process play out” is literally an idiot — the kind of idiot that is “useful” to the Dems. Wake up and smell the covfefe. I mean, really.

    1. RE:”Who “packed” the boxes delivered to Mar a Lago? Was it another “Alexandar Vindman”?..Oh puleeeze don’t tell me THAT!! Vindman’s twin brother was one more ‘patriot’ too many!

  14. The communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) throw Real President Trump in prison.

    He wins ’24 by a landslide from his cell.

    He pardons himself and moves into the White House.

    Real President Donald J. Trump and the new Congress impeach and convict every last member of the Deep Deep State Swamp, including the 7th Floor, the Company, Kevin McCarthy, Lizzy, Hills et al.

    Let’s get this party started!

      1. Tele, think logically. When would someone plant evidence? With observers or without observers? Take it one more step, they lied about the FISA warrants, Steele Dossier, Russia hoax, set Carter Page up, and more. Considering what the FBI has already done do you think planting evidence is beyond what they would do?

      1. Very interesting; you seem so smart.

        I promote the “manifest tenor” of the Constitution.

        You’re terrified of it.

        Start here: The affirmative action you so rely on, female divorce law bias, and “assistance” are unconstitutional – Congress has the power to tax for ONLY debt, defense and infrastructure, aka general welfare (all fare well) as water, roads, post office, (archaic?), sidewalks, public lighting, electricity, post office, police, fire, natural gas, waste pick-up, sewer, internet, telecom, etc.

        And Congress has the enumerated power to regulate ONLY money, commerce and land and naval Forces.

        As tough as it is for dependents and parasites, read it; it’s called American freedom not fascism.

        The American thesis is Freedom and Self-Reliance.

        The American ideal is the “pursuit of happiness” in freedom, and wealth creation, not charity and begging “alms for the poor,” which is noble on Sunday at church.

        Incidentally, “breaking the glass ceiling” is criminal breaking and entering, and criminal trespass.

        “breaking and entering”

        Breaking and entering is defined as the entering of a building through force without authorization. The slightest force including pushing open a door is all that is necessary. Breaking also includes entering a building through fraud, threats, or collusion. To constitute entering, it is sufficient if any part of the accused’s body is introduced within a building.

    1. Unless he hangs himself in his cell while being watched 24/7 like what’s his face.

    1. I remember some old movie plots/scripts. That while one group raided the Hotel & lite it on fire the other group of outlaws were robbing the bank on the other side of town while everyone was distracted.

      Besides Biden’s/Dims/Rino’s latest Tax Scam, what else was stolen from the US Citizens recently?

      I think we need more Sheepdogs. 😉

    1. I wonder if they got any of the discussion along the lines of “Well why don’t we just tell them we gave it all back and sign documents to that effect and then just keep what we want.” ?

  15. SPERRY: FBI Agents Involved in Trump Raid are Under Criminal Investigation by Durham For Abusing Their Power in Trump-Russia Probe
    By Cristina Laila
    Published August 13, 2022 at 2:20pm
    Gab Share
    Gettr Gettr

    Recall, investigative reporter Paul Sperry was suspended from Twitter earlier this week after he revealed the FBI may have had a personal stake and searched for classified documents related to Spygate.


  16. “ I am not going to assume that the search was unwarranted until I see that evidence.”

    Oh but he’s already assuming a lot. It’s funny that trump supporters and his allies cite suspicion of unnamed sources as not credible and here we are citing unnamed sources assuming they are credible.

    We have already seen the lengths to which trump will lie and conceal. Turley is as usual enabling those efforts. He’s not even analyzing the seriousness of the TS/SCI documents found and the fact that there was an effort to keep them and there was extreme negligence in keeping them stored as they were. Remember, Hillary Clinton was excoriated for being negligent with classified documents and every Republican wanted her in jail. Trump had far, faaar more sensitive top secret documents that he had no right to have. Stolen documents is a very serious problem and Trump is certainly facing felony charges.

    Turley is a law professor and he’s making big assumptions instead of dealing with the current facts and providing a legal analysis of the implications of Trump illegally keeping stolen documents from the national archives. They don’t belong to him. Why isn’t Turley talking about the presidential records act and why Trump can’t keep those documents.

    Furthermore Turley hasn’t explained why would the DOJ need to issue a subpoena again when trump refused to comply? Nothing in the law says multiple subpoenas must be issued before a search warrant can be issued.

    1. WELL, IT APPEARS THAT ‘SVELAZ’ HAS PSYCHIC POWERS !! ‘ ..reading here, we see the ‘powers’ to know that ‘Trump had ‘..far, faaar more sensitive top secret documents’ and ‘stolen documents’ than Hillary…!!. .. Can you please share further your divination of exactly what either of them had..? ..to even have a clue about what Hillary took.. ..besides thousands of ‘classified’ emails ??? ….or to know exactly what Trump or any President had in his papers or what qualifies as ‘illegally keeping stolen documents’ ..? ..such great clairvoyance,, and right before the midterm elections, too……..!!

        1. …so ‘the warrant’ describes what Hillary ‘took’ in her days as well… giving you the power to make the comparisons you pulled out of thin air……..oh… excuse me… we never found out one iota of detail on Hillary… but yet we should take your sweeping statements that Trump is so much more a criminal….. sounds like an MSNBC BIAS………

    2. Prof. Turley is using the Barbara Walters tactic in referring to the anonymous some or many who are making accusations against the FBI without merit.

      1. The FBI, deserves the accusations because of prior behavior towards Trump which Turley has pointed out. Are you living on a deserted island// or under a rock? Or are you just a liberal?

        1. Turley is supposed to be a lawyer, so no, the FBI does not deserve Turley’s unfounded and unsubstantiated accusations.

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