FBI Faces Criticism Over Release of Photo of Classified Documents on Floor

When the Justice Department filed its opposition to a Special Master, there were a number of elements that immediately stood out. The first that I noted was the most important: the allegation that the FBI believed that Trump or his associates “likely” acted to obstruct their investigation. Such public statements are always serious in a criminal case because they can commit investigators to the path of prosecution. I also later noted the curious inclusion of the now widely known photo of classified files that has been widely published. I warned that the photo could leave a misleading impression that this was how the documents were found by the FBI, which has occurred. I then asked why it was included as Attachment F. At best, it seems superfluous. At worst, it could be staging. That debate is now raging on cable programs and the Internet. Update: the photo came up in the hearing after the Trump counsel called it “perfectly staged” but there was no ruling on the Special Master.

As I mentioned earlier, the photo was entirely unnecessary. The attachment is referenced only once in noting that documents had covers with classified markings. That point has not been disputed and the court hardly needs a picture of these documents to establish the point.

Then there is the picture itself. I immediately flagged the danger of people misreading the photo because the photo did not state whether this was a picture of how the documents were found as opposed to placed by agents. That fear was quickly proved valid as various people assumed that Trump or his staff had left classified material strewn across the floor.

Putting aside that anticipated confusion, there remains the motive in the inclusion of the photo. Since I fail to see the need for this single photo, I have said that it appeared included for public consumption. Some on the left have insisted that it is “ludicrous” to suggest such a motive despite a series of leaks from the government as the Justice Department was in court demanding absolute secrecy.

The only textual reference is found on page 13 and simply says

“Certain of the documents had colored cover sheets indicating their classification status. See, e.g., Attachment F (redacted FBI photograph of certain documents and classified cover sheets recovered from a container in the “45 office”).”

Other basic facts in the filing did not seem to warrant such photo support. Yet, the reason for the concern is not simply because the photo was superfluous. It was also the photo itself. The documents were laid out for the photo and evidence marker with a box that prominently featured Trump’s collection of framed Time magazine covers. (Trump was previously ridiculed for his hanging of faux Time covers in his resort).

It is possible that the FBI was showing that these files were intermixed in that box with the framed Time covers.  If so, that is an appropriate combination if it is being used not to show the covers as cited in the text but to show the commingling of documents raised in other parts of the filing. We simply do not know.

It is, also, entirely possible that the placement of the documents next to these Time covers was not intentional. However, a great number of photos were taken of the scene from individual documents to boxes to the storage room. Of all of those documents, the Justice Department selected this photo even though some of the covers had to be redacted. This was the only photo that the Justice Department wanted released into the public docket.

When combined with the leaks from the government, there is a reasonable concern that the photo was included not for the court but for public consumption to help frame the public debate. It is striking to see so many pundits on the left expressing shock that we should doubt that claims or representations of the government, particularly after the documented history of bias and false statements by Department officials in related Trump investigations.

In the end, this is not nearly as important as the affirmative statement that agents believed that obstructive conduct had occurred. Yet, with the objections to the leaks from the government, such concerns are magnified when the Justice Department is resisting the release of any information from its prior filings. That control of the framing of the public record is a huge advantage that the government has used in prior cases.

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  1. RE: FBI faces criticism: I’m an advocate of ‘draw and quarter’. Absent that, all the yada yada is but airy persiflage. Give me outcomes which have teeth. Thus far we’ve nothing but wrist slapping. A few hands in the bucket would serve.

  2. About Dual Roles

    Professor, once again: You see all this as discussions of legal matters. Others as the use to legal system to damage a politician in labeling him toxic. In some of my previous contributions I came up with various examples that DoJ – after months or years of investigations – didn’t find any evidence of criminal wrongdoing in marking it as conspiracy theory:

    Iman Awan [1], who and four others worked for House Democrats as IT specialist from 2004-2017, were barred from their computer networks on 2/2/17 and a criminal investigation (private server, laptop, emails) started. After 18-months investigation uncovered no evidence that Iman Awan stole equipment or illegally accessed or transferred information or violated any other federal law related to House systems. On 8/21/18 Tanya Chutkan, who was appointed to DC district court in 2014 after a 95-0 senate vote, explaining the sentence in the bank fraud case: “There have been numerous allegations […} accusations lobbed at him from the highest … levels of the government, all of which have been proved to be without foundation by the FBI and tDoJ […} an unbelievable onslaught of scurrilous media attacks to which he and his family have been subjected, […} as well as harassment and threats.”

    Sometimes it adds, if we connect persons involved in a case:

    * Tanya Chutkan, her husband Peter Krauthamer, an associate judge at DC Superior Court since 4/12 and her mother-in-law contributed to Obama’ Presidential campaign.
    * Before Tanya Chutkan was appointed, she was a partner of Boies, Schiller & Flexner. This law firms lawyer Karen Dunn worked for Huma Abedin (private serve, private domain, Anthony Weiner laptop). David Laufman, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (ditto). I was always puzzled why law enforcement didn’t question her knowledge: A person who uses the domain huma@clintonemail.com frequently, and should heard about Justin Cooper and Bryan Pagliano at least vaguely.
    * Despite having declared bankruptcy, Awan has acquired the services of DCs power attorney Chris Gowen who worked as much as everything what is related to both Clintons. .

    If GOP likes to flip Congress after midterms, they need VOTERs who support their agenda and not leader who play defensive. It’s just hypothetical because they never do that:

    A GOP Majority in the House could establish a Select Committee to investigate the political bias in justice systems:

    * Why did Département of State not notice that private server and various private domains were used during Secretary Clinton whole tenure?
    * Why did DoJ neither found criminal wrongdoing in “Midyear Investigation” nor in Awan family cases?
    * Why did DoJ intervene in 2020 Presidential Election by suppressing evidence that Presidential candidate Joe Biden covered up quid pro quo by WFP-USA ?

    [1] https://libertyunyielding.com/2017/11/15/awan-family-got-favoritism-pakistani-govt-2009-claimed-intervention-rahm-emanuel/

  3. The Trump legal team has now filed its response to the DOJ’s opposition to the appointment of a Special Master. It can be read and downloaded here: https://www.lawfareblog.com/trump-issues-response-justice-departments-aug-30-filing-opposing-special-master. They say that the DOJ is attempting to evade the PRA by importing a criminal enforcement mechanism into it. [p 6, 2nd paragraph] They also write that they see the review of the Special Master as preliminary to a decision by them as to file a motion under Rule 41a to challenge the warrant and search. [p 5]
    They also note with disapproval the actions of the DOJ in facilitating review of the records by “the Intelligence Community” before the judge has had the opportunity to appoint a Special Master. [p 8]

    1. Alternatively, BACK to the future of the “FUNDAMENTALLY PRESERVED” United States of America.

      Immigration law on January 1, 1863, required immediate compassionate repatriation for reasons manifest in this video.

      The express original intent and law of the American Founders and Framers:

      Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795, 1798 and 1802 (four iterations for clarity and resolve)

      United States Congress, “An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,” March 26, 1790

      Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof…

  4. Older Americans remember another cult growing up. In this cult event a member of Congress was killed. Although reading about it, Americans didn’t really get it until color photos were printed in magazines.

    That unit was termed “Jonestown” led by the Reverend Jim Jones. The photos from this cult created the widely used phrase “drinking the Cool-Aid” meaning a leader or movement that fools it’s followers.

  5. Ahhh, poor baby trump, he looks like a slob. Please.

    Trump had previously asserted in a legal filing to a judge that he did not have any classified material at has mar a logo castle. The picture clearly shows trump and his lawyers lied. When you lie to a judge, is that called perjury?

    1. It depends upon which judge you lie to. When you lie to a mid level BigLaw associate and partisan hack whom Trump elevated to district judge status with the thinnest resume of any judge in the entire judiciary (including art. 1 judges), and who appears confused about basic points of procedure and law, it’s miraculously transformed into a Perfect Response.

        1. The transgender movement is infamous for telling straight and lesbian women to shut up and keep sweet. Don’t voice an opinion about our gender. Don’t complain about the obvious unfairness of biological men competing in women’s sports divisions. Don’t speak up about feeling unsafe when a man in combat boots and a beard, who claims to be transgender, gets bunked with you at a battered women’s shelter in Canada. Don’t complain to the Wi Spa that there’s a man in the women’s locker room exposing his genitals to young girls.

          We women are supposed to smile and clap politely as men break all records in women’s sports divisions. We’re supposed to get changed and shower next to men with male genitalia, without complaint, because the man’s feelings matter more than every woman or girl he might encounter in a changing room.

          Lesbians who object that if there is no definition of a woman, then it’s impossible to be homosexual. How can you be attracted to the same sex if a man can be a woman? They’re denigrated as TERFs and kicked off advisory boards.

          Women are losing their spots on athletic teams, and losing their jobs, for voicing an opinion on their own gender.

          Don’t say what you think, ladies. Far Left men will punish you.

        2. “IN FULL FORCE AND EFFECT, JANUARY 1, 1863”

          Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795, 1798 and 1802 (four iterations for clarity and resolve)

          United States Congress, “An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,” March 26, 1790

          Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof…

    2. Trump’s position is that he declassified all documents he had in his possession during his tenure as President, as is his prerogative. A president can declassify whatever he wants.

      1. Trump’s lawyers haven’t asserted in any of their filings that he “declassified all documents he had in his possession during his tenure as President,” and they said that Trump agreed that if a Special Master is approved by the judge, that person should have TS/SCI clearance, which would be totally unnecessary if there were no classified documents.

        That a President CAN declassify documents does not mean he DID declassify these documents. Trump’s a well-known liar. Let him say it under oath, where there are legal consequences if he’s lying.

        1. That a President CAN declassify documents does not mean he DID declassify these documents.
          Their is no need to make the declaration of the Presidents plenary power to declassify. The Magistrate judge already rejected that power when he approved the raid. No charges yet to defend against.
          The govt uses the Classified document meme in all of its media propaganda. Only adds the “but” classification has nothing to do with the charges. Never explaining that, with out the classification issue, all they have is a PRA squabble. The PRA being, civil law, not criminal, we have to wait for DoJ to make a move. Trumps team is waiting for actual charges. No need for defense filings until there are criminal filings.

          1. None of the alleged crimes are “a PRA squabble.” By the written statement of one of his lawyers to another court, he often had guests in that office, and it appears that he had NDI unsecured in that office.

            Again: his lawyers were the ones to ask for a Special Master and THEY agree that that person should have TS/SCI clearance. According to you, they’re severely narrowing the pool for no reason at all.

          2. If the President does not notify the government that items have been declassified, how would they know that the items are no longer classified when they’re asked for them in a FOIA request?

            1. ATS, where in the law does it dictate the manner or time frame of notification? Where in the law is any punishment dictated?

        2. “Trump’s lawyers haven’t asserted in any of their filings that he “declassified all documents he had in his possession “

          That wasn’t necessary. He declassified the documents. The lawyers have nothing to do with declassifying documents. Why do you believe everyone has to prove things to your satisfaction? How does one satisfy a liar and a trickster? How does one satisfy an entity that doesn’t exist? You are advocating pure foolishness.

      2. Karen: I’ve been waiting for more from media (and/or comments herein) about Kash Patel. I believe he was interviewed by DOJ. The fact that there is silence about him tells me that his responses were not helpful to DOJ.
        Here is a sampling :
        I have no opinion of him or his assertions, but the silence about his statements is interesting

          1. From the link. Typical cr-p from ATS.

            “said a person close to the former President, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal matters.”

            More worthless anonymous comments like we got from the WaPo and NYT. With time they became proven lies. That is what ATS is always offering us.

            1. Your objection is that she quoted a CNN article. God forbid that a journalist quote from an article.

              Notice that you present zero evidence that the quoted statement was false, much less a “proven lie[].” You simply hand wave about other reporting that you allege — without evidence — was “proven lies” (not simply that it was false, but that it was a lie). This is typical of you: all hat and no cattle.

              1. “Your objection is that she quoted a CNN article.”

                No. My objection is the use of persons speaking anonymously, whether quoted or not.

                You gave a link, and I gave you a quote from the link that shows it to be trash. I don’t have to prove an anonymous statement false. That is the type of cr-p you held onto during the Russia hoax, Steele Dossier, and everything that followed.

                During the last number of years, you have lied and deceived. When looking backward we note that you were wrong on virtually everything Trump that was significant. You were wrong more than right on everything else, and that is a generous statement of mine. You pulled this garbage of ‘prove me wrong’ continuously. That, plus your blame of others for your almost daily errors, is why I call you Anonymous the Stupid.

                1. “My objection is the use of persons speaking anonymously, whether quoted or not.”

                  I’ll believe you mean that when you also object to Trump claiming “people are saying …,” without naming anyone.

                  “During the last number of years, you have lied and deceived. ”

                  I haven’t been posting here for yearS, and I don’t do either of what you claim. Once again, you project your own behavior onto others.

  6. The DOJ, FBI, IRS, ATF, Biden and his administration have ZERO credibility.

    Staged photos are suspect and hurt credibility. Especially given the FBI history with Hillary, Hunter and Biden.

  7. If you believe the FBI, DOJ or CIA are filled with America loving citizens I have swamp land to sell you. These people drank the swamp water Obama fed them during their job orientation. If President Trump died tomorrow the communist democrats would have to find another scapegoat to distract their unemployable low IQ masses with

  8. Jonathan: What is notable is why the DOJ chose to display a photo of docs recovered at Mar-a-Lago with its filing in opposition to Trump’s request for a Special Master. The DOJ filing and the photo would not have been necessary had Trump not made his request. It was a strategic mistake by Trump’s lawyers. It opened a Pandora’s box and practically invited the DOJ’s response to show Trump’s obstruction in secreting top secret material in his office.

    You and Fox contributor Byron York claim the FBI has somehow misled the public into believing the docs photographed were scattered all over the floor, instead of placed their for an evidentiary photo–the normal procedure during an FBI search. In a tweet yesterday you twisted yourself into a pretzel in falsely claiming the photo could “leave an obviously misleading impression that secret documents were strewn over the floor when it appears the work of the FBI”. Yes, the FBI placed the docs on the floor to document they were recovered from Trump’s office–where they never should have been kept. The photo was not “misleading”.

    You and Trump supporters are doing back flips to try to muddle the waters surrounding the search. SD Gov. Kristi Noem went on Fox and bizarrely claimed the docs depicted in the photo were actually “planted” by the FBI. The claim that the FBI planted or manipulated the docs in Trump’s home is all the rage on Fox and other right-wing conspiracy theorists. It won’t work.

    At this moment the judge in FL is considering Trump’s request for a Special Master. I doubt the judge will be influenced by the spurious claims claims by Trump’s supporters about the photo.

    1. JT’s post quotes the DOJ filing as saying the photo was of documents “recovered from containers” so it was clear that the FBI did not find the documents on the floor like that. Any reporting and commentary on the photo should reflect those facts.

  9. I could with minimal effort recreate these ‘damning photos’ myself with stuff I bought on Etsy and a passable knowledge of Photoshop. Are there any adults left in the American Democratic Party? That is a serious question. The FBI has certainly proven itself a joke. I have not heard a single word about actual policy since, ‘cash for clunkers’ from the dems. I don’t even get angry anymore, I just shake my head. Nobody is buying it, Biden (Obama). Spare us, and yaaaaawn. No, this is not what most of us want for our country, and that will be born out in November, no matter how insidious the DNC becomes. Pretend that doesn’t matter all you like. The signs I see from modern young people, as my wife is a non-woke teacher and in her classes kids can actually be honest: the days for all of this are numbered, these kids are fed up, too, and they are not the pliable nothing people became used to with millennials. And nobody outside of the permanently deranged gives two poos about season two of ‘January 6th’. Spare us, already. We are done with you, and you are not influencing diddly. It’s your own fault. You all went way, way too far with COVID, 2020, 2016, even the 2008 recession, ad nauseam.

  10. If this was done by Republican AG John Mitchell and the corrupt COINTELPRO team of the 1970s against a former president, what do you think the reaction would have been then? The public would have been calling for Mitchell and the FBI to be put in jail, that’s what the reaction would have been. The political animosity against former POTUS Trump has colored the integrity of people who do and people who should know better. What a disgrace for USA. I would be afraid to ask if they could sink lower.

    1. Jeffery: Did you osmose too this? Due to forthcoming whistle blowers, there will be some purging and cleansing karma to come up on the DOJ, FBI, NSI, et als. Just saying. Begin about Sept 9 or there after. Not a profit just intuition.

    2. Turley criticises the release of the photo claiming that it appears for public consumption.

      I am fine with the public release of the photo, the FBI needs to work towards restoring public credibility.
      Unfortunately this photo does not do that and may damage it.

      Trump has claimed repeatedly that he declassified any documents at MAL.
      This photo does not refute that claim.

      The fact that it also includes Trump’s time magazine covers is actually harmful.

      Why were those taken ? They are clearly personal property.
      It damages the FBI to have taken so many things that clearly are personal and not evidence of a crime.
      It undermines the claims that NARA was entitled to any of this.

      Specifically addressing the classified document covers – so what ?

      Trump’s attorney’s and aparently others are claiming this is staged.
      Is it even real ? How do we know that this was from the MAL search ?
      Normally we would trust law enforcement. But after more than 10 years of shenangins
      it is going to take ALOT to convince many people that the FBI/DOJ are not manufacturing evidence.

      I would further note that DOJ/FBI are close to destroying their own case here.
      The titles of classified documents are classified. The control numbers of classified documents are classified.
      I have not scoured the photo, but DOJ/FBI took a risk in publishing this of violating the espionage act themselves.
      Photos of things that are classified are themselves automatically classifed.

      Regardless, what is needed is sufficient information about what these classified documents are to assess whether it is likely Trump declassified them.

      If as is increasingly certain they are tied to the Collusion Delusion investigation – Then it is the DOJ/FBI that is engaged in obstruction.

      Again – large portions of the country do not trust DOJ/FBI right now.
      They need to ACT in ways that restore that Trust.

      NYT suggested that it is likely here will never be an indictment and prosecution.
      I suspect they are right. But the profile of this is enormous. If DOJ/FBI do not procede, and if they do not persuade – not merely a jury and the courts by a super majority of people that they have acted with integrity – the damage is to them – not Trump.

  11. When you have so many MAGA nuts who won’t believe that Trump can do anything wrong, then more proof you give them the better. The photo was also needed to counter Trumps lies.

    1. So equality under the law does not matter anymore?? All that matters is countering “so many MAGA nuts” and “Trump’s lies”? What has happened to this country? Is there a shred of integrity left in belief in a shared law?

      1. How would “equality” be served by not attaching a photo to a filing?

        Are you under the impression that something was done here that is not in compliance with the same protocols used for other civilians? If so, what was done differently?

        And don’t say “But Clinton..” Protecting both Clinton and Trump wouldn’t make them like every other civilian, would it? True equality would be recognizing that their status as civilians should afford them no different a process than you and me. Agreed?

    2. Sammy . . . how does the photo help prove anything? Given the arguments made by Professor Turley, doesn’t the photo lend credibility to the belief that the DOJ and FBI are acting in bad faith?

  12. Doesn’t make sense that a guy 6’3″ and a large waist would be working with papers on the floor. And there were magazine photos of him when he was working in Trump Tower I think before he won in 2016 and it was interesting to see that he had a credenza on the left hand side of his desk with several piles of papers stacked so he could easily reach them. They certainly were not scattered all around the place. I also would like to know if he is believed to have packed those boxes up himself. That was a busy day for him but even if it hadn’t been, I doubt very much if he packed up his own transfile papers. Not his style.

    1. The General Services Administration does it.
      The whole thing is a ruse and a red herring.
      Clinton and Obama have tens of millions of documents.
      Clinton was declared to have absolute power in declassifying his potus papers by fed court.
      It’s all fake and a scam.

  13. The colorful graphic cover sheets are paper clipped, not permanently attached. Is it possible they were added by the FBI, perhaps to add drama to the photo op or so they did not inadvertently mix them in with unclassified and/or attorney client privileged papers?

    Paper clips are a curiously insecure way to attach TOP SECRET/SCI classification notices. One might expect a more substantial method for such highly secret docs. It also seems incongruous that a clutch of highly classified documents would be in a box whose sole other contents were framed copies of magazine covers. More staged photo op?

  14. This should be the final nail in the coffin for Garland’s ludicrous and phony outrage are the professionalism of his agents and Department being questioned.
    They leak like a sieve, agents have to be fired for bias.
    But it’s unpatriotic to even question them.

  15. Avoiding or distorting direct discussion of the nature of the indefensible ex-president requires a lot of mental energy similar to deep investigation of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Short term: Merrick Garland and the Georgia D.O.J. will take care of things. That crimes were committed is pretty much a slam-dunk. We shall see. Long term, history’s verdict will be unflinching, if there is a long term and something as quaint as “history” persists. Some people are easily distracted by messy papers on the floor and I am sorry for all those who gullibly swallow Trumpian propaganda, who need Truth Social for some “reality.”

  16. Perhaps what we will need at some point is the ability to make citizens’ arrest regarding members of the federal intelligence community. Because our entire federal law enforcement’s ability to enforce “equality under the law” has been undermined.

  17. This should be unacceptable and people should be arrested, right now today, who leaked this “photo.” The problem is we cannot ask the obvious question: “where are the police?” Because we don’t have a U.S. federal government law enforcement organization, that is not now beholden to a U.S. intelligence agency – even the DOJ itself, along with FBI intelligence agency are all caught in the same “noble cause corruption” trap – of conflating intelligence values with law enforcement values. The only hope at this point would if there was a way to make the U.S. Marshals Service an independent agency. No nation, whatever it may believe about its level of “representative democracy” can last long without a shared, common, equal law, and an law enforcement that works based on “equality under law” values. USA could get there, but it is so so far away today.

    1. The photo wasn’t leaked. It was part of a legal filing in court as a response to Trump’s lawyers motion for a special master.

      1. Then we need to call for charges against whoever filed this, and any court officials who allowed it to be in any part of the public record.

        1. Do you think it’s possible that former President Trump could have done something wrong? Could it also be possible that he’s lying about it to get his people riled up? Until you think this is possible, you’re lost. Wait until stuff resolves. If he’s done nothing wrong, then the evidence will speak to that.

          I do think it’s possible that he has done something wrong. I also think it’s possible that he’s just sloppy and irresponsible. It’s also possible that he thought he was doing the right thing and he just messed up. I also think it’s possible that his flailing about it truthful and, in fact, he has done nothing wrong. Despite my belief that DJT will do whatever he can get away with and he values himself over all other things, I hold out the belief that any of these things can be true. Because I’m not a brainwashed moron and I wait for things to unfold.

          A better leader, a better man, a better human would have calmly stated the facts and worked with those trying to enforce the law rather than blustering about.

          1. Chargers for what? The same charges a sailor had placed against him for taking a picture on his ship for his girlfriend. He served time in jail.

            If the pictures were of classified documents they are guilty of the same thing once they were released to the public.

            When they realize those documents were declassified, they can drop the criminal charges and fire this people for taking pictures (and releasing them to the public) of documents they thought were classified.

            1. It is not illegal for FBI agents to take photos of the cover sheets for classified material or redacted material recovered in a search. Do you understand the differences among (a) unredacted classified documents, (b) cover sheets for classified documents, and (c) redacted classified documents?

              1. They took photos of what they considered TS documents and published it.

                ATS, do you understand that according to them the files were classified? We can use your logic and say that proves the files weren’t classified because if they were they wouldn’t have published the picture.

                You are such a putz.

                    1. They are allowed to take pictures because it’s part of a criminal investigation. It’s evidentiary photography for use in court. It’s not illegal.

                      Obviously you’re too stupid to understand.

                    2. “They are allowed to take pictures”

                      Yes they are, but not supposed to do so in such a casual way.

                      They released pictures of classified documents to the press that were dressed up for political reasons. Deal with reality, not with the craziness that floats in your head.

                    3. Show us where any law says that cover sheets are classified.

                      BTW, you’ve been arguing that these documents were all declassified by Trump, but now you’re calling them “TS documents.” You can’t have it both ways.

                    4. The documents are not classified, but the FBI wished to believe they were. If that is what they believe, they should have treated them accordingly.

                      ATS, your mind is wandering from one place to another. You are unable to put all your facts together because you are a giant contradiction.

      2. Wow all the cheer leading to “Get Trump”, after you “Get Trump” will the border be secure? Will our citizens stop dying from Fentanyl? Will you solve the inflation problem the Dems caused? Will people still have their heat and cooling shut off to “save energy”? Will there be peace in Ukraine?
        Will the supply chain crisis come to an end? How about that recession? The fuel prices? Will the murder rates come down, how about all the drug and homeless camps?
        The answer: No

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