Massachusetts Woman Charged with Assault with Dangerous . . . Bees

[Hampden County Sheriff]

Rorie Susan Woods, 55, is not the first woman accused of assault with a deadly weapon but she is certainly among the few to use bees as that weapon. That is what police are alleging after Woods allegedly met them (as they came to enforce an eviction order) with a swarm of angry bees. She was at the scene as an anti-eviction protester.

On Oct. 12, deputies arrived at the home. They reported that Woods arrived later and had several manufactured bee hives hooked up to the back of her SUV. When she then arrived, she began releasing the bees.

As police and neighbors were stung by the angry bees, Woods put on a professional beekeeper suit to protect herself and was reportedly seen carrying what appeared to be a “tower of bees.”

She then moved near the entrance to the residence to obstruct the eviction efforts.

She was eventually arrested and pleaded not guilty to four counts of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon; three counts of assault by means of a dangerous weapon, and a disorderly conduct charge.

The disorderly conduct charge is obvious.  The assault and battery with a dangerous weapon charges are novel. Yet, 100 Americans die each year from bee strings. It is also well within the definition of a dangerous weapon.

Here is the standard jury instruction in Massachusetts for determining if there was a dangerous weapon used in a crime:

To prove the third element, the Commonwealth must prove that the touching was done with a dangerous weapon.

A. If the alleged weapon is inherently dangerous. A dangerous weapon is an item which is designed for the purpose of causing serious injury or death. I instruct you, as a matter of law, that ______________ is a dangerous weapon.

If the alleged weapon is not inherently dangerous. An item that is normally used for innocent purposes can become a dangerous weapon if it is used in a dangerous or potentially dangerous fashion. The law considers an item to be used in a dangerous fashion if it is used in a way that it reasonably appears to be capable of causing serious injury or death to another person.

For example, a brick can be a dangerous weapon if it is thrust against someone’s head or a pillow if it is used to suffocate someone. In deciding whether an item was used as a dangerous weapon, you may consider the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime, the nature, size, and shape of the item, and the manner in which it was handled or controlled.

If a pillow can be a dangerous weapon, thousands of bees are clearly within the definition even without anaphylaxis.

We have some footage of past Bee trials that may give a foreshadowing for this prosecution:

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  2. I wonder if they were regular honey bees or Africanised honey bees. If the latter, maybe BLM (Bees Lives Matter) will protest the city outside of the police station. Don’t burn things, though. Bees do not like the smoke. It puts them to sleep.

  3. The judge said “Don’t worry about a thing honey.” Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Stop me before I make a stinging comment again.

  4. For all you sport fans who like to bet. It’s not the Yankees Vs the Astros.

    It’s the Murder Hornet Vs the Praying Mantis. There will be a winner & loser. Place your bets.

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  6. As a person who has a severe allergy to all bee stings, I appreciate the authorities taking action.

  7. The bees are innocent. .. and they most likely resent being compared with bricks and/or pillows.

    A little ‘smoke’ .. . and they are happy as larks..

    *’Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.’ ~ Mohammad Ali

  8. Inspector Clouseau interrogates the bee keeper, gardener & baker on suspicion of murder

    1. True. Unlike most other bees and wasps, a honeybee has a barbed stinger. After it stings something, the only way to free itself is to rip its abdomen and guts out. Which means when it stings it is sacrificing its own life for the good of the hive. It has to be VERY angry or perceive the threat to the hive as extreme to sacrifice its own life.

      This dude is collecting a huge swarm with no protective gear and only got stung twice.

      1. 1 million American men sacrificed their lives in the Civil War for…

        “Crazy Abe” Lincoln’s impetuous and myopic “Reign of Terror,” inspired by Karl Marx.

  9. Fortunately, no one has died from anaphylaxis related to this case.

  10. I’m waiting for it to become illegal to harbor bees, (as they are now up there with the AR 15 as a dangerous weapon of war), anywhere on your property and PETA to protest against cruelty to bees – you know this is coming…

  11. Obviously a great deal of jurisprudence rides on this case. Was there incitement of the bees or were the bees free agents who were simply released and in an orgy of exercising their new found freedom took umbrage at the obviously overwrought law enforcement attacking their friend or co-conspirator. Much honey (in the way of fines) could be riding on this case. A very sticky trial is likely.
    Great video support.

  12. LOL – That was fantastic Bee Trial footage !!!
    It reminds me of the time I hired the Team at Morgan & Morgan.

  13. She arrived after the sheriffs… she was not there before they arrived. Hauling a trailer full of hives

  14. Please correct the errors in this post, Professor. It was NOT her residence. Here in Massachusetts, she is a well known long time protestor against evicting people. The judge bailed her on personal recognizance and she was back protesting the next day at the same house… without the bees

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