Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We started the day with our annual Turley Turkey Bowl — running over 50 years of unbroken tradition. I am cooking our usual two turkeys: one on the grill being smoked and one in the oven.

Our Turkey bowl always features the Bears against Washington. I proudly coach the Bears. Unfortunately, this year went like much of the regular season. Washington won 6-0. However, the game was not without its controversies.

For example, Chicago put the ball under a baby and his mother walked to the end zone — a textbook NFL play. To our utter disgust and shock, Washington showed no concern for this innocent infant as they ran down the mother and touched them both out. It was like watching dingos at work on Australian outback. There is no decency left in sports. Both teams ultimately retired to an over-flowing table of donuts, hot chocolate, and other culinary delights.

Today are making our usual array of smoked and regular turkeys with an apple corn bread stuffing. We also have fresh-made cranberry, gravy, baked spinach, Waldorf salad, mashed potatoes, and other dishes. We also have an assortment of freshly made pies, including my favorite pumpkin pie.

So best wishes for a wonderful holiday from my family to your family. So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

39 thoughts on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!”

  1. Sounds like fun! Our family gobbled up a whole 20lb turkey yesterday – along with other dishes made from recipes passed down from generation to generation. The young people have added a fancy mac & cheese to the mix which I begrudgingly have to admit was delicious. I love our purely American holiday of a wonderful meal with friends and family specifically to give thanks for all our blessings – especially those hard won freedoms we enjoy and should not take for granted. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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