President Bites Agent: Book Claims Biden Insisted Secret Service Lied About Dog Attack

“It didn’t happen.” According to published excerpts, President Joe Biden is denying an account of the Secret Service about an agent being attacked by his German Shepherd, Major, at the White House. The statement from the President raises some interesting legal questions after he effectively called an agent a liar about an official report on one of many bite incidents with the Biden dogs.

If the quote is accurate, the criticism could not only be viewed as defamatory but another unfounded attack on the integrity and veracity of federal employees by the President. This should not be dismissed as some sensational “President Bites Agent” story. It raises long-standing concerns over the lack of recourse for agents endangered or abused by protected individuals. Indeed, the controversy raises some of the issues litigated during the Clinton Administration over the status of Secret Service agents.

The book, “The Fight of His Life,” by author Chris Whipple details Biden’s continued mistrust of the Secret Service and his alleged avoidance of saying anything in front of agents. Biden has long had tense relations with the Secret Service, particularly after female agents complained about his exposing himself to them by insisting on swimming in the nude.

The book claims that Biden has his own “deep state” conspiracy theories. Biden reportedly views the Secret Service as essentially the enemy within, suggesting that it is populated by “MAGA sympathizers” due to the fact that the service “is full of white ex-cops from the South who tend to be deeply conservative.”

However, this is a major escalation in that reportedly strained relationship. Some of us previously discussed the problem of the Biden dogs (including his other dog Champ) biting agents, attacks that would ordinarily lead to liability. In one eight-day period, agents were bitten every day. Indeed, outside of the White House, the Biden dogs would qualify for strict liability under the common law as displaying a vicious disposition.

Under the common law, the Bidens could claim that Major and Champ were entitled to “one free bite.” The “one free bite rule” is a commonly misunderstood torts doctrine — suggesting that you are not subject to strict liability until after the first time your dog bites someone. In fact, you are subject to strict liability whenever you know or have reason to know of the vicious propensity of your animal. That can be satisfied by conduct such as frequent snapping or aggressive behavior.

The Biden case is more analogous to  the infamous case from San Francisco involving lawyers and dog owners Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel. They were found both criminally and civilly liable after their two Presa Canario dogs killed apartment neighbor Diane Whipple. Various neighbors complained about the dogs. The dogs had not bitten anyone but were known to be aggressive. That was sufficient.

Accounts from the prior biting incident indicate that Major had been displaying aggressive behavior, including barking and charging at White House staff and security. Major’s “vicious propensity” was known or should have been known to the Bidens.

Yet, after the prior incident, White House press secretary Jen Psaki called the injury as “minor” and insisted that Major was just “getting acclimated and accustomed to their surroundings and new people.”  He was then sent away to Delaware with Champ. It was the equivalent of a politician going into “treatment” at the height of a scandal. Major was later returned to the White House but proceed to “acclimate” himself on the limbs of Secret Service agents.

The White House failed to disclose the incidents and only partially confirmed past attacks when pressed by the media.

Now Biden is quoted as saying that he does not trust the Secret Service and believes that one agent is outright lying about one attack by Major. The President is quoted as saying “Look, the Secret Service are never up here. It didn’t happen.”

The incident was reported by the agent and photos were taken to document that attack. The President’s denial of the location ignores the confirmed attack itself. Other agents complained about the disregard of the agents by the Bidens in the repeated attacks, including one agent who reportedly insisted that the president personally pay to repair a ripped coat after one attack on March 6, 2021.

Agents are quoted as being angry when then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed one attack as an agent triggering Major by suddenly appearing in the private quarters.

There is a difference, however, between being callous and being accusatory toward agents. President Biden went further in claiming that the agent was lying.

It is not the first time that the President has refused to consider evidence and categorically denounced federal officers. Last year, Biden publicly declared border agents guilty of whipping migrants despite a videotape refuting the allegation. He promised that they would be punished. The agents were later cleared of all of the whipping allegations, but the Biden Administration still sought to punish them anyway.

Now the President is calling an agent a liar about one of the numerous dog attacks by Major (who was later shipped away to be housed with “friends.”). It is a clearly defamatory statement since he is alleging that the agent not only lied but then filed a false report. The statement also impugns the character of other agents who documented in the incident.

The Secret Service is not some Praetorian Guard serving at the pleasure of the First Family or their pets. During the Clinton Administration, I represented former Attorneys General in opposing claims by President Clinton that agents could not give evidence against him under a “Secret Service Privilege.” The courts agreed that they remain law enforcement officers, not some personal body guard.

The only recourse for agents in the Biden biting incidents was to file for medical or leave benefits. The President, however, has impugned their integrity and professional reputations. If he told another person (as reported in this book) there is “publication” of a defamatory claim. Moreover, this is not an opinion but a stated fact that agents are “never up here” and thus the incident could not have occurred.

The Bidens know that it is doubtful that any agent would sue over their treatment. These are professionals. It is up to Congress to exercise oversight authority to guarantee that they are also not be treated as the chew toys of privileged pets.

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  1. Secret Service agents were bitten eight days in a row by biden’s dog. Look it up, it’s in the news.
    Just think about that.
    That’s the level of irresponsibility of the biden regime.

  2. Mr. Magoo wouldn’t know one of his dogs from the other. They are just stage props for his fake administration to show how “normal” and “family centered” he is. Why any agent would take a bullet for this guy is beyond me. The agents lives matter too. They are actually doing their job, and Biden* isn’t.

    1. This guy Bryson Gray is talented. Check out his lyrics:

      “the president’s son is a crackhead. but you’re the smartest guy he knows that’s what your dad said. is he the real president or a jack led. why is everyone that voted for your dad dead? you know what’s really wild your own son calling you a pedophile. why you called that by your own child? whoa.”

      1. I love Bryson Gray! He’s on Jason Whitlock’s, podcast pretty often. Along with Royce White, shameless Michelle.
        Give Jason Whitlock a listen on IHeart and YouTube. You won’t regret listening.

  3. No disrespect to the SS agent, but there are bigger stories out there. For the year, stocks are down 20% (worst year since 2008 financial crash), but at the same time defense contractor stocks are through the roof (Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin up 16%, 41%, and 37%). Same companies sponsored a dinner for the Ukrainian Government in DC. Literally 100 billion ($100,000,000,000) of our hard-earned money is going to a military campaign that has the world on the brink of a hot nuclear war . . . all the while homelessness, crime, 40-year high inflation, and an uncontrolled (or, cartel-controlled) southern border confronts the working drones (you and me) whose money is going to these companies. Ugh!

    1. The money isn’t hard-earned. The U. S. just prints more. So your money is worth less and less. China understands perfectly, but Ukraine is the only issue on which Democrats and Republicans agree.

    2. As is all too common there is more insight in the comments section here than on the “mainstream” media. The other night Fox had Oliver North on gushing over how everything was OK because most of the money stayed inside the US through “defense” production. But like all the others he failed to note that Russia’s ability to wage war is sustained by way of sales to our “trading partners” China and India among others. And how about our “NATO ally” Turkey? It seems “free trade” has fostered a system with never-ending wars (Yemen and Libya to name a couple) financed by economics where you can’t do anything about biological and chemical war from China.

  4. speaking of Democrats as groomers….bad news for gay straight Democrat Andrew Gillum, caught with a gay hooker and a prostitute. What is it about Democrats and drugs/sex/videos? Gillum was supported by all Democrats in Florida….but of course they did cuz groomers gonna groom


    Federal judge rejects Andrew Gillum’s effort to throw out federal corruption charges

  5. Joe says the Secret Service guys are white guys from the south and smell like the Trump voters at Wal-Mart. Spoken by one of the truly elite. So much for being all down homey. What a fony. Their have been some on this blog who write of George Santos being a Republican fony wile the commander in fony sits in the white house. Which fony has more influence? Which one should we have more concern about? Fony no body or fony Commander in Chief?

  6. “… female agents complained about his exposing himself to them by insisting on swimming in the nude. …”
    That’s nothing, They should be glad they don’t have to change His Depend™ Incontinence Underwear.
    We can soak up his Incontinence, but We can’t his wipe-out up his Incompetence.

    I don’t think He’s gonna make to the end of his term, Dems will want to play the Kamala Card.
    This Presidency has absolutely been a total waste of Our Time. WE can’t afford to waste anymore of it.

  7. Joe Biden’s comments about “white ex-cops from the South” was racist and bigoted.

    Being white is not a character flaw. To imply so is racist.

    Being from the South is not evidence of racism. To imply so is bigoted.

    Joe Biden also owes a public apology to the mounted Border Patrol agents, and their horses, who were falsely accused of whipping and trying to trample the mob of illegal immigrants at Biden’s open border. How dare he impugn their honor! The agents were riding with split reins, not whips, and they did not strike anyone with them. The horses didn’t put a hoof out of line.

    For shame, Joe Biden.

  8. Joe Biden has lied about his son dying in Iraq, getting arrested with Nelson Mandela, protesting for civil rights, being raised Puerto Rican, that he would never mandate the vaccine, that he graduated in the top half of his class, his first job offer was to work as a plumber, that he visited the Tree of Life Synagogue, that he visited Iraq and Afghanistan twice as president, that he awarded his own uncle the Purple Heart as VP, that Sen Boggs appointed him to the Naval Academy, he never spoke to Hunter about his business, that gas was $5/gallon when he took office, he travelled 17,000 miles with Chinese President Xi Jingping, among just a few whoppers.

    Joe Biden’s word should just be ignored. After he’s sued for defaming the Secret Service agent his GSD attacked.

    The dog, Major, should have officially been deemed dangerous after the first bite, and been removed from the White House. When Animal Control deems a dog dangerous, the dog must be muzzled and leashed with a bright orange leash, any time he leaves the property. The fencing must be inspected. There must be no further bite incidents for the next 3 years, after which the dangerous designation can be petitioned to be removed.

    Instead, Biden lied about the problem, and kept a dog in the White House that was clearly too nervous, with fear aggression, to live in such a high traffic environment. If this were any other dog, he would be in danger of getting put down after so many bites.

    Joe Biden was not a responsible dog owner. Major is too nervous to live there. Joe Biden also did the Secret Service a disservice, by exposing them to dog bites. Those men and women put their lives on the line to protect every president. They deserved better than to be repeatedly bitten by the First Dog.

  9. Anything and everything is Turley’s excuse to keep pushing unmitigated BS on the deplorable cult Trumplicans. Of course, that is what is he paid to do.

    1. FishWings, as they say in the sports world. You couldn’t hold Turley’s jock strap. We’ll pay more attention when you present your credentials that give you the right to pontificate. I too pontificate but I will assure you that I do not consider myself on the same intellectual level as the good Professor. On occasion I disagree with Professor Turley but I show respect in doing so. You on the other hand have no such respect of the proper decorum. The only taste you have sir is in your mouth.

      1. I have no respect for keeping willfully ignorant people, willfully ignorant. Turley has lost credibility with his employment at FOX, and he is now nothing more than a vehicle for mainstreaming right-wing talking points. There once was a time where Turley acted the professor of law and order, those days are lost and gone forever.

        1. I have no respect for keeping willfully ignorant people, willfully ignorant.

          That’s called projection. You’re notorious for never providing anything factual to counter JT’s “talking points.” Nothing. Zilch. Nada. You don’t even rise to the level of willfully ignorant. Willfully ignorant people at least attempt to demonstrate they know something factual. Damn.

          1. Nobody can prove any truth or fact to a trump supporter, so even attempting to is nothing but folly. If you could talk sense to a trump supporter, there would be no trump supporters.

            1. Nobody can prove any truth or fact to a trump supporter,

              A lot of people try. But when their truth is countered by the truth, then everyone benefits. In your case, you don’t even try. You’ve neither added to debate, nor have you benefitted from watching a debate. You don’t have the courage to even try.

        2. So Fish Wings always bloviates but he never provides any link to support his claims. He’ like a stuck needle on an old 78 rpm record that just repeats the same sound over and over again. Fox a Newsa, Fox a Newsa, Fox a Newsa, Fox a Newsa. On and on he drains his cup.

          1. Thinkitthrough: people like FishWings, who come on here for little else but to express hatred for others, are the very definition of a troll. FWIW, my practice is to not feed them.

        3. FishWings:

          What are you alleging that Professor Turley is keeping people ignorant about?

          By contrast, Democrats have willfully kept people ignorant, through the censorship of factual stories injurious to Democrats, such as the Hunter Biden laptop scandal involving a pay to play scheme with Joe Biden and foreign nations.

          The Democrat hegemony in power in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, and the public education system kept its consumers and students ignorant, through its control of access to information.

          It’s ironic that you accuse Professor Turley of keeping people ignorant, simply because he chooses to write about factually correct stories that he finds interesting.

          1. Wow! Karen S. gets to use her big word “hegemony” again. She has yet to explain away or defend the 187 minutes when the faithtul were hunting down Mike Pence to hang him, smashing windows and doors, invading the Capitol where they urinated and defecated all over the place, defaced the John Lewis Memorial while her hero sat, mesmerized at his power and glory, and she still insists it was a “family friendly” event. She doesn’t understand irony. Turley doesn’t “choose to write about factually correct stories he finds interesting”–he’s part of the Fox spin machine.

              1. Karen S tries to pretend she is educated and knowledgeable about science, politics and many other things, but her writings prove she’s just another gullible disciple. She defends Turley, but it’s clear to anyone regularly viewing his blog that he is just a Fox echo chamber. He ignores the truly important political stories about Trump, his taxes, his lies, etc, to come up with ways to attack Biden and/or stir the culture wars.

                1. Poor, poor Gigi, losing yet again.
                  Karen S. owned your looser butt.
                  But you still hold to your TDS, that no one cares.
                  Meanwhile, Biden admin continues to crush the lower and middle class with Bideneconomics and Biden inflation.
                  The Biden admin pushes us closer to WWIII or even nuclear war.
                  Under the Biden admin, I would not be surprised if China launched a invasion of Taiwan and our Biden reduced military would fail with their SJW priorities.
                  When we have such a weak military and leadership, just look at the Biden admin lead Afghanistan mess, no wonder our enemies see this as a grand opportunity to take action.
                  Our so called allies like the Saudis, Turkey, Egypt to name a few of the 14 like countries are applying to join the BRICS, as they see the Biden admin as a losing bet.
                  The Biden admin will be the demise of the USD and the petrodollar.
                  Prep for it.

                2. Karen is smart. You don’t like that because when you compare yourself to her, you have less than nothing.

            1. You know very well there were several hundred antifa infiltrators performing most of those egregious acts, and the ones identified have never seen the inside of a jail

            2. No one was going to hang anyone on J6

              This is an absolutely ludicrous statement by the left.

              The protestors did not come with guns. If they had the outcome would have been different.

              All consequential violence in this country for decades has been from the left.

              J6 was tamer than the Clinton violence in DC before Trump’s inaugural.
              There was violence, arson looting.

              It was tamer than the Kavanaugh protests – where a protestor took an Axe to a senators desk.

              If you can not live in the real world – why should anyone listen to you ?

              I would note, that we now KNOW that the FBI,DHS, DNC, Biden campaign, Democrats, media and social media conspired to immorally and possibly illegally rig the 2020 election.

              We listended to 4 years of Horseschiff from YOU about russian intereferance. In 2020 the Federal Government interfered in a US election to get rid of the sitting president. In time of war, that would be treason. It is certainly illegal and corrupt.

              That alone justifies every single act on January 6.

              You do not get to lie and cheat and steal and election without consequences.
              Every single J6 protestor should be pardoned and released immediately.

              And those in Government that were conspiring to rig the election should be jailed.

              Nor should anyone trust ever again those like you who shilled the Collusion Delusion nonsense while turning a blind eye to actual collusion – both in 2016 and in 2020 to Rig the election against Republicans.

              FINALLY – given that it is PROVEN that tens of thousands on the left acted immorally in 2020, and that hundreds acted illegally,
              Why should anyone beleive that you did not ALSO commit election Fraud ?

              Once the ends justifies the means, once you have crossed moral lines, nothing you say can be trusted.
              There is no reason to beleive once you have committed one immoral act you will not committ others.

        4. Seems to me, based off the volume of readers and posters on this site, the good professor’s credibility is alive and well.
          That and all the speaking engagements he is invited to.

    2. FishWings:

      What part is BS? Are you claiming that Major did not bite anyone? Are you saying the Secret Service was lying about getting bitten by Biden’s dog? Or do you take issue with a true story because it truthfully criticizes Joe Biden?

      1. Most people don’t care about a dog bite or the “Hunter Biden Scandal”. Most DO care about: 1. Trump stealing classified documents and lying about returning them and then fundraising over his theft; 2. Fomenting an insurrection because he couldn’t lie, cheat or bully his way back into power; 3. Trump’s foreign bank accounts–especially the Chinese ones, that he held while he was stinking up our White House, and which were NOT disclosed–another reason to hide his tax returns and lie about them being under audit, which they weren’t; speaking of lies, he didn’t donate his “presidential salary” in 2020–he made NO charitable contributions; 4. Trump’s tax returns and the reason he fought so hard to stop them from being disclosed, because they prove he’s a lousy businessman. All of the businesses he started and runs consistently lose millions of dollars every year. The only money he makes is from investments he inherited from his father ($500 millions of dollars worth), and from “The Apprentice”–a phony reality TV show, in which he plays a successful self-made billionaire–what a crock!. He created hundreds of fake corporations that generate no income–only millions of dollars in alleged “losses” that he uses to shield income from his passive investments he inherited from his father. He was convicted of tax evasion in the 1980’s in NY State for doing this, but kept on doing it anyway. Then, there’s the millions of dollars in alleged “loans” to his children that many suspect were not loans at all–they were gifts the he lied about being “loans” to avoid paying gift tax. Then, there’s the fact that he somehow got the IRS not to follow protocol and audit his taxes while he was stinking up our White House. People voted for this fool in the mistaken belief that he is a savvy, successful businessman, which is one big, fat lie. You are incapable of perceiving the truth because you are a faithful disciple to alt-right news. You believe any attack on Biden because you are gullible, all the while ignoring the truth about your orange hero.

        1. “Most people don’t care about a dog bite or the “Hunter Biden Scandal”. “

          You live in a very small world with a lot of crazies.

        2. More successful than you, he used the law democrats installed for their fat cat friends— what he did was exactly what anyone with common sense would do, egan vs navy was the case that stated a president only has to say the docs are declassified and that’s it—- end of story bub, his Chinese investments were frozen during his administration, he was the greatest president we’ve had since FDR with a great economic recovery and 7 peace deals between bitter enemies not including ending the Korean War. You’re the typical bitter, self loathing liberal who knows down deep the resident is a demented pedophile that had absolutely no chance of getting the most votes ever, a fool unable to draw more than 20 in a crowd while Trump had hundreds of thousands of supporters just in the last few weeks braving cold to see him, losing all the bell weather states and only 450 counties in the whole USA. You cheated by hundreds of thousands of votes especially in the battleground states so keep being bitter, clueless you

          1. You really, truly, don’t know what you’re talking about. Trump inherited a booming economy from Obama that he proceeded to trash into the worst recession since the Great Depression–10% unemployment when he finally vacated our white House. Now, it’s 3.6%. Started a trade war with China because, stupidly, he thought that if he increased the cost of goods by imposing tariffs, it would discourage the Chinese. They just passed along the higher costs to us consumers, which helped drive inflation. Then, there’s the shortage of computer chips that drove up the cost of cars, appliances and other goods that require computer chips. Biden got the Chips Act passed which will create incentives to domesticate computer chip production and create good-paying jobs.

            The bank accounts I wrote about are not “Chinese investments”–they are bank accounts, and weren’t frozen at all. Trump is the worst occupant of the White House ever. He did NOT broker any “peace deals”, either. The Abraham Accords were nothing more than the written, formalization of TRADE agreements between Israel and Bahrain and UAE, who were NOT “bitter enemies” of Israel–plus, they were already trading. This was hyped up into the lie that it was some kind of miraculous end to conflict between Israel and Palestine, which it wasn’t. There has been no formal end to the Korean War, either–another hyped-up lie. In Afghanistan, Trump agreed to turn loose 5,000 Taliban and pull out all but 2,500 of our 14,000 troops–so the Taliban quickly took over, leaving our Afghanistan allies in the lurch–he never even involved them in negotiations, so they just gave up. And, he never arranged for either an air or land base, which if we had either, would have facilitated withdrawal of our troops and allies. He insulted our EU and NATO allies, too–Biden has healed these rifts because he is respected internationally and is talented at bringing people together and getting things done. Biden got passed an Infrastructure Act that will create thousands of good-paying jobs, the CHIPS Act, Veterans’ Health Act, COVID Relief Act and the Inflation Reduction Act–all in less than 2 years time! What did Trump accomplish legislatively–a massive tax cut that mostly benefitted the ultra-wealthy, and which drove our national debt to record levels–another driver of inflation. Trump even praised Putin’s invasion of Ukraine–calling it “savvy”, “genius”, and he tried, but failed, to get Russia back into the G-7, and he publically sided with Putin over his own American Intelligence agencies in Helsinki–an American President turning against the agency heads he appointed and praising a former KGB officer–how unthinkable! Trump was a massive failure as a leader, and when you look at his tax returns, it becomes clear that he hasn’t a clue when it comes to business because he only makes money from the investments he inherited from his father and “The Apprentice”–a reality TV program premised on the notion that he’s a very successful businessman, but his businesses all lose massive amounts of money, year after year. His “deductions” are sketchy, at best–claiming millions of dollars given to his children as “loans”, and tripling the asking price of a worthless parcel of land no one would buy–taking it as a “loss”. And, in 2020, he made no charitable contributions, so he didn’t “donate” his presidential salary, either. Another lie.

            You claim that Biden had “no chance” of getting “the most votes ever”, but EVERY poll predicted he would win and Trump would lose (again–he really lost in 2016). Trump never pulled even a 50% approval rating in 4 years’ time–which is a record in the history of presidential polling. Trump began planning his “Stop the Steal” lie long before Election Day because he KNEW he would lose, which he did. There’s no proof of any of the claims of voter fraud, either. Suspended attorney Giuliani is in the process of getting disbarred over telling lies about nonexistent voter fraud. All of these things are proven facts, so you can call me names and accuse me of things till you turn blue in the face, but facts are facts, and your claims about Trump’s alleged “successes” are false. In 2020, 26 of the Secretaries of State who certified Biden’s victory were Republicans. Trump lost because most Americans can’t stand him, he botched the pandemic, causing it worse than it had to be and causing unnecessary deaths, he destroyed our economy, insulted our allies and made a mess of everything. He won’t get another chance.

            1. NUTCHACHA,

              May we eliminate illicit, inequitable and unconstitutional affirmative action now…

              or do you still need it,

              along with balance of your charity and redistributionist benefits package?

        3. 1.Presidents cant steal documents IF there was a crime, indictment would already be filed
          2. 100’s charged, lots already sentenced. Not a single insurrection accusation.
          3. Corporations doing business require bank accounts in those nations.

          These talking points are drifting from silly, to stupid.

    3. Pathetic people like you, FishWings, are not only ignorant, you are misinformed, disinformed and uninformed. It’s really gross how brainwashed you are.

  10. What’s the big deal. This is not the first time the Biden administration has released the dogs on their enemies. The pups in the White House had real fangs that had to be dealt with. There was another canine attacker that was proven to be toothless. Here Jan 6. Here boy. Good Jan 6. What a good boy. Most expensive damn dog I ever saw.

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