Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to everyone on our blog! We rang in 2023 at home in McLean, Virginia after returning from Chicago for Christmas.  New Year’s Eve is also my wedding anniversary. Twenty-five years ago,  Leslie and I eloped in Old Town Alexandria after dating eight years. (We used my high school ring to seal the deal). Once again, we will celebrate two anniversary dates. I count the anniversary as our 33rd while Leslie insists on counting this year as our 25th anniversary.  (She takes a purely contractarian approach to the calculation in going by the date on the marriage certificate). We toasted our anniversary and the New Year (as we did 25 years ago and every year since) with a bottle of Schramsburg Cremant.

Yesterday, Leslie and I returned for the first time to the little French restaurant that we went to after deciding to elope on New Year’s Eve. As we waited for our appointment, we went to Le Refuge in Alexandria. We went there yesterday and nothing had changed . . . except a couple who are now 25 years older with four kids.

On New Year’s Day,  we will follow tradition and make the Bowl of the Wife of Kit Carson Soup with wasabi Bloody Marys. My father, Jack Turley, first introduced the soup to our family in Chicago, which is a Mexican turkey soup. (He claimed that the spicy soup was the cure for any hangover).  I have a smoked turkey that will go into the soup today.

I will be giving the summary of our year on the blog later, but I wanted to wish everyone a safe and joyous New Year in 2023. It has been a record year with our rapidly expanding community. We have over doubled the size of our blog in the last year, including an over 300 percent increase for months like December. I cannot thank you enough for contributing to our daily dialogue on issues great and small in our society.

Happy New Year to everyone on our blog.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you – we also hit 25 years of celebration this year (although we had a full-scale ‘do at the Naval Academy chapel, where my dad happened to be stationed when I married a grad) and it is something to be thankful for. (That, and the kids – we have three, and, as of last year, a son-in-law. SO great.) May you enjoy at least another 25 years, and thanks for all of your insights.

    1. So what does he mean…he eloped? That’s a loaded phrsse..he eloped! What does it mean? Or like woman is it meaninglezz?

  2. Congradulations JT on you and your wifes special day . Thanks for letting me post my thoughts and wishing everyone here a great New Year .

  3. oldmanfromkansas,
    Most people take this time of year to reflect, make resolutions of things that they might improve on in their lives.
    And it appears some like to double down on past not so healthy practices, proving to the rest of the world of their mental illness.


    Even the Japanese, under the faux dictatorship of royals and monarchy, appreciate freedom, free enterprise and free markets, as they reject “central planning” and the principles of communism.

    Will Mr. Toyoda “awaken a sleeping giant?”


    “It’s been a little while since I devoted a Capital Letter to looking at how things were going with electric vehicles, a central planning project within the broader central planning project that is the western world’s response to climate change/crisis/chaos. The short answer is that things are not going particularly well. The danger that the attempt to push buyers to pick EVs will represent a disaster for consumers, the economy, workers, and for the West (geopolitically), continues to be all too real, something that will be of no great surprise to those who have studied the failures of central planning in the past.”

    – Akio Toyoda, Toyota Motor Corp. President 

    1. I will gladly follow Akio Toyoda and Adam Smith’s approach to successful markets. This forced compliance to the Green agenda is going to be a disaster down the road. Hopefully, we will soon revert to a more sensible approach to climate challenges. Happy New Year Jonathan! I look forward to your non partisan and intelligent commentary.

  5. Thinking back on the year that was 2022 and what to expect in 2023. Does anyone know what became of the investigation into the illegal and unethical leak of the Dobbs decision?

    Transparency being the left’s version of a one way mirror, we can make an educated guess as to the forces responsible.

    1. The Chief Justice just gave an end-of-year report and didn’t mention it. I suspect we’ll never find out. As for “what to expect in 2023,” here’s a list of projections covering all areas of the world, by James Howard Kunstler. He may be on the money, or way off mark, you be the judge. But at least he does give the reader a lot to think about.


  6. Thank you, Dr. Turley. Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Good health & happiness in 2023 & always

  7. In the last few years I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the percentage of Americans who now follow the British custom of saying “Happy Christmas” (possibly due to the popularity of Downton Abbey, but that’s just a guess). In that spirit, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry New Year!

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