“Enjoying It Too Much”: Democrats Overplay a Simple Adjournment Vote and Elect Kevin McCarthy

For those of us who have worked in and around Congress for years, last night’s final election of a speaker in the early hours of Saturday was nothing short of an extended Nascar race, particularly if you come to watch the cars crash. The evening had everything from gallows humor to a virtual wrestling match on the floor.

It finished as unpredictably as it began. Kevin McCarthy fell just one vote short of winning as tempers boiled over and the GOP sought an adjournment until Monday. The Democrats then overplayed their hand by gratuitously seeking to prolong the pain by opposing the motion. Then something unexpected happened…

…the holdouts changed their votes.

At midnight on Friday, after twelve hours of grueling deliberations and votes, there was no reason to force the GOP to continue to vote except to enjoy the sport and spectacle of the moment. It was gratuitous and peevish and it produced the opposite effect on the GOP ranks.

It was reminiscent of the scene in True Grit when John Wayne stops Glenn Campbell from spanking Kim Darby — not because she didn’t deserve it but because “you are enjoying it too much.”

The opposition to adjourn clearly was too much for the holdouts watching the glee of the opposition.  Popcorn is one thing but prolonging pain is another. The holdouts agreed to vote present to give McCarthy the win.

Some Democrats seemed stunned by the reversal of fortunes with Rep. Dean Phillips (D., Minn.) rising to nominate Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and saying, “I rise to say, ‘Wow.'” Opposing adjournment for fun is like staying too long at a dinner . . . you can get stuck with the check.

The moment seemed to galvanize the GOP and McCarthy and others quickly changed their votes to oppose their own motion and join the Democrats. They then elected McCarthy as the 55th Speaker.

The moment should not be lost on Democrats. It is one thing to prolong the punishment but you cannot enjoy it so much that you supply the missing unifying catalyst for the opposing party.

The 118th Congress is now in place and will reconvene on Monday. Things are likely to now move fast and furious for the new majority. There is likely to be a shortage of popcorn in the beltway.

150 thoughts on ““Enjoying It Too Much”: Democrats Overplay a Simple Adjournment Vote and Elect Kevin McCarthy”

  1. Hakeem Jeffries…. a picture perfect representation of what “constipated” looks like if it walked amongst us

  2. Rather than popcorn, which implies rather traditional family and capitalist values, I would invoke that the dems were drinking to much Kool-Aid as in their lock-step allegiance to the election denier and incompetent Hakeem bordered on a politburo mentality.

  3. I’m not sure any of this is true, regarding the D’s.

    They seem to have cut a deal in advance to take no part in this.

    Remember, they could have screwed the Conservative R’s at any time by simply having a bunch of members *not* be in the chamber when a vote occurred, or by voting present. McCarthy needed only a majority of votes cast, not a majority of the total of 435 seats. So, every D that abstained or absented themselves got McCarthy 1/2 a vote closer to the threshold.

    By doing this, all of the concessions that McCarthy made to the conservative R’s would never have needed to happen. Which, you’d think the D’s would have much preferred, yes?

    So, why did they sit this out? They actually whipped their members to remain in the House and vote for Jeffries on every ballot. This helped Matt Gaetz and the conservative R’s get the concessions they wanted. And, D’s did this consistently through all 15 votes.

    I don’t think they missed any opportunity or overplayed their hand, or whatever you want to call it, at the very end. Rather, they had a deal in place to stay out of the R’s drama from before it started and they kept their promise. What they got out of the deal, we do not yet know.

  4. This entire post is bogus. The holdouts changed their votes that night because not all Rs would be in town on Monday and they wanted to vote “Present” so they don’t vote for McCarthy yet he still gets elected. Had nothing to do with the Democrats.


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