Colorado Springs in All Its Winter Glory

I have spent the last few days in one of my favorite spots: Colorado Springs. This trip I was able to return to Pike’s Peak, visit the Royal Gorge, and hike around the Garden of the Gods. This is an incredible place and an inexhaustible source for great hikes and incredible sights. While I was here for a speech, it is a great location for those who want some outdoor recreation and exploration.

Walking around Colorado Springs, you can encounter wildlife in a variety of parks.

The trip to Pike’s Peak (my third time) was great. It was brutally cold but clear. The views simply could not be beat:

We later visiting the Royal Gorge (about an hour from Colorado Springs). It is an incredible experience, particularly on a windy day. The whole bridge sways and bounces in the powerful winds. It is amazing to stand in the middle and experience these winds.

Our trip culminated with a sunset hike around the Garden of the Gods with its spectacular rock formations. We even saw a large herd of big horned sheep. Here are a few more pictures from this glorious trip to Colorado Springs.

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  1. Thank you for the great photos. Hopefully you got to spend a little time in Manitou Springs….It was such a treasure years ago. I hope it is, still.

  2. My son graduated from the Air Force Acaemy over 8 years ago. He loves
    Colorado Springs and so do we. A great city and place to hike – once you get aclimated to the altitude.

  3. Other little-known but glorious natural wonders in the immediate area of the Broadmoor include Helen Hunt Jackson Falls and Cheyenne Canyon.

  4. Thanks for great piece on “The Springs”…grew up there in the 1950’s…with about 10% of today’s population…difficult to imagine a more idyllic place at that time…horses…hockey…Broadmoor Hotel, Cheyenne Canyon etc…huge snow storms one day and sunny and mild the next…

  5. My family has a long history in Colorado, though I am partial to Crystal, myself. 😊 Such a beautiful state. Thank you for sharing, Professor.

  6. Great photos of The best of Colorado Springs, and why I live here! Katherine Lee Bates wrote her poem America the Beautiful inspired by the view from Pikes Peak. Can never go wrong with a hike in Garden of the Gods any time of the day.

  7. You’re welcome to live here Professor when you retire. Perhaps we can get you to run for Governor? Or just enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

  8. Jon I travel to Colorado Springs and Beaver Creek every year and your right lovely area and lots of good hiking and sights. Try the Falls in Colorado Springs and the hiking trails of the Broadmoor. Suggest you drive from Colorado Springs, the back way to Beaver Creek, wonderful sights and little travel but not sure how it is in the winter for driving, some isolated stretches of road and mountains.

  9. Beautiful pictures. I hope to get there someday. Colorado Springs is also the birthplace of the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division. That Division was born from an idea of two Austrian skiers during WW II. They felt that US troops could be trained in mountain warfare, under extreme winter conditions, to oust the Germans from their heavily fortified positions in the mountains of Northern Italy. That training area was Colorado Springs! The idea was successful and the Division ultimately helped to bring the war to a conclusion in the spring of 1945.

    1. Visit the remains of Camp Hale just north of Leadville. Not much of the camp is left but surroundings are beautiful.

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