Are Reparations Part of the American Rescue Plan? Cities Say Yes and Plan to Use Federal Funds to Support Reparations Efforts

There is an interesting fight brewing in Congress after various cities indicated that they may not only pay reparations but use federal pandemic funds for such payments. There has been a long call for federal reparations with various Democratic bills introduced in Congress. BET founder Robert Johnson has called for $14 trillion in federal reparations. However, cities like Providence, Rhode Island are not waiting. They insist that federal reparations funds are already effectively approved as part of their pandemic relief.

We have been discussing how California’s Reparations Task Force has presented a bill for $569 billion for reparations while cities like San Francisco have a reparation board demanding $5 million per eligible black resident.

Other cities are saying that the federal government can foot the bill. They are relying on massive payments of federal money under the American Rescue Plan (ARP). They insist that Congress put so few conditions on the money that they can use it for reparations.

The $1.9 billion dollars in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was passed on a loose mandate to encourage economic stimulus and deal with the economic and health effects of the pandemic and ongoing recession. Advocates are arguing that the pandemic exacerbated the lingering effects of slavery for the Black community. Every Republican (and one Democrat, Jared Golden of Maine) voted against the Act.

FOX Business reported that Providence, Rhode Island has already dedicated $10 million in pandemic relief toward creating the Providence Municipal Reparations Commission to address “racial equity.” Likewise, officials in Shelby County, Tennessee (where Memphis is located) voted to spend $5 million to study the possibility of a long-term reparations program. The county said it may use pandemic funds for the effort.

Other cities are moving forward with reparation task forces, including most recently Boston. As in cities like San Francisco, the Boston reparations will cover not just slavery but more “recent” housing and economic inequities. Mayor Michelle Wu declared “For four hundred years, the brutal practice of enslavement and recent policies like redlining, the busing crisis, and exclusion from City contracting have denied Black Americans pathways to build generational wealth, secure stable housing, and live freely.”

Likewise, this week, Washtenaw County in Ann Arbor, Michigan approved its own commission based on reparations approved by cities like Evanston, Illinois. It was described as “An evolution of an exploratory committee led by the Racial Equity Office, the Advisory Council on Reparations will be a perpetual body of Commissioner appointed subject matter experts representing relevant sectors.”

Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) introduced a new federal reparations bill that would create a new federal commission similar to those of states like California. It is supported by Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL), Ed Markey (D-MA), Bob Casey (D-PA), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Mazie Hirono (D-HI), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Ben Cardin (D-MD), Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), Tim Kaine (D-VA), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Alex Padilla (D-CA), Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Tina Smith (D-MN), Chris Coons (D-DE), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and Patty Murray (D-WA).

Some 190 organizations now support federal reparations including the ACLU and Amnesty International.


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  1. Essentially all nations have practiced slavery in the past, including the African tribes who sold the black slaves that came here and elsewhere in the first place. Slavery in the US is a relatively very small part of its thousands of years history. Blacks are lucky to be here and owe a debt to America. Only in America have Blacks come to relative prosperity with many accomplishments, esp in the Performing Arts & athletics. Most black greats that we applaud could not have arisen in sub-Saharan Africa that never developed their own written languages. They were possible only because of the freedoms & opportunities here.

    In fact, trillions of dollars in transfer payments already have been made to African-Americans in the form of welfare benefits and racial preferences. A war against Southern secession was largely fought to end it at great cost. There’s no one alive in American that owes any reparations for long gone slavery. This whining for reparations is a pure scam for suckers. Indeed, only Whites are asked to make reparations for slavery because those demanding it know that only Whites would be chump enough to even consider it.

  2. This is why I contend that certain members of the so-called ‘community of color’ contend that the designation ‘POC’ be reserved exclusively for those whose roots are in Africa. By dint of same, they should be not only be required to provide a provenance in order to be eligible for reparations, but that their forebears were indeed held in servitude. Not by complexion alone. Provenance and documentation was required by the German Government for survivors of Nazi concentration camps in order to be eligible to apply for the German Government’s post-war pension benefits program. The tax payers of Rhode Island have what they voted for.

      1. Indeed Mr. Romo! My ancestors arrived long after slavery was abolished. Moreover, two of my grandparents were forced into exile by the Holodomor in Ukraine… when do I get reparations from those blood-thirsty Bolsheviks and their Ashkenazi tribe?

  3. And then in 20 years comes the next generation of blacks wanting a “re-do” because they have not been lifted out of poverty.
    How do these wave of insanity keep sweeping over America! From hula-hoops to woke to free money based on who can tell to saddest sob story about slavery.

  4. Great! And then descendents of former slaves can pay reparations to the descendents of the 400,000 Union soldiers who died setting them free.

  5. I think you all should check out what international law says regarding reparations. Countries and societies paying reparations for harm they’ve caused goes back centuries. This isn’t a new concept created by “Demonrats” to destroy the country.

    It’s pretty hard to comprehend how people that have no issues with Nazi Germany paying reparations to it’s victims having a major issue with the United States paying reparations to it’s victims. 10 years or so in the 1930’s and 1940’s doesn’t at all compare to 400 years of rank oppression and 250 years of free labor. Check out the UN resolution of December 16, 2005 regarding the governing law in this matter.

    In this particular case, it may well be the persistent blinders of racism that are keeping ALL PEOPLE OF AMERICA from becoming one and allowing the countries enemies to use race as a perfect divide-and-conquer tool.

    1. The United States didn’t exist 400 years ago. Go get half from Great Britain first. Then go to Africa for their initialization and participation in the slave trade.

    2. Do you really believe that stealing from taxpayers to give to a select group is going to make harmony and peaceful coexistence?

    3. Interesting is the weak light you shine on the efforts of a nation state to attempt the wholesale industrial extermination of the entire Jewish population of the continent of Europe and elsewhere they infected, along with other sociopolitical, cultural, ethnic, and physical misfits not to their liking, and to pretty much succeed. Had Hitler prevailed, the same would have been extended to the rest of the planet and its lesser entities in their mind’s eye.. It stands on its own merits, as do others, and has no comparison to any other such efforts in the history of human civilization in the practice of invasion, conquest, enslavement, and subsuming by of one entity by another. As to conclusions reached by the United Nations, they’ve never been worth the paper printed on. They sit on their collective fat asses and pontificate ‘tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!>”

    4. I would suggest that you gain a grasp of reality.

      Please cite an instance in which any form of compensation has ever been provided by one person to another or one group to another when more than a full generation has passed.

      We are atleast 5 generations for slavery.
      While a few of the last victims of the Nazi’s are still alive.

      Has the UK compensated the Irish for 500 years of enslavement ?

      Have african tribes compensated the descendants of slaves accorss the world for enslaving their ancestors ?

      Are the egyptions compensating the israelites ?

      The nonsense you are describing is not happening because it is impossible.

      The UN does not make law. There is no real “international law” That is what the victors in a war call what they do to the losers.

      There is no international government.

      If you are talking about racism in the US today – YOU are the racist.

      You are living in the least racist country in the world in the least racist moment in human history.

      Perfect ? Certtainly not. But the best humans have ever done.

      About 350,000 slaves were transported from Africa to the US – during that same period almost 30M africans were enslaved.
      About half – nearly all male, and neal all castrated eunichs were sent to the mideast.
      They have no descendants. No one to collect reparations from.
      Who do the people of the mideast owe reparations to ?

      More than 12M were sent from Africa to South America. Are they getting reparations ?

      Well over a million went to the caribean – how about them ?

      As we are talking about reparations – there is no one alive in the US that was a slave. There is no one alive in the US whose parents were slaves. The descendants of slaves in the US are among the top 1% in standard of living in the world. pretty universally the grandchildren of slaves outside of Africa are doing substnatially better than descendants of those in africa that enslaved that.

      The Black Panther is Fantacy Sci-Fi. There is no Wacanda. Africa is the most impoverished part of the world – and has been since long before the time of christ.

      Africa is the largest and most resource rich continent in the world. Long before the Europeans built their first ships – Africa had everything necescary to be the worlds first and greatest superpower.

      That did not happen.

      The West is not responsible for the problems of the rest of the world.

    5. Smit, first off, the UN doesn’t run the US. Second, all the money we have will not make people of America become one as long as we have race hustlers.

    6. Almost 40 years ago my wife and I returned very late saturday night from a friends wedding.
      My wife had to get up early Sunday as she was the organist for a church 3 blocks down the street.
      But she did not play that Sunday because before she made it to the church she was abducted off the street and assaulted for over 3 hours.

      The next several years of our lives were hell, but one thing we learned was that “there is no reparations”.

      Other people may wreck your life.
      But only you can fix it.
      No amount of money would have made up for what happened to us.

      But over time with great effort we put our lives back together.
      My wife went to law school. She graduated Suma from one of the top 5 law schools in the country.
      She nearly got a clerkship to a supreme court justice.
      She clerked for a federal judge.
      And she became a public defender.
      She is one of the top criminal appelate attorney’s in our state.
      Soon she will retire and start her 2nd carreer – working in Restorative practices in prisons.

      It is YOUR life – YOU own it. No one else.

      Whatever bad thing has been done to you – no one else can fix.

      If you are unhappy, miserable, oppressed – only you can fix that.

      If you beleive that reparations – even if possible would accomplish anything.
      would make your life better – you are a fool.

      Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, the abiltiy to solve the problems in your life rests solely with you.

      Until you figure that out you are likely to be miserable.

    7. Did you miss the Civil War? There was a debt paid in blood. Equivalent to what would be 7.5 million dead today (plus the equivalent of about 2 million more civilians–almost all in the South–who died as a consequence.) The accumulated profits from all the years of slavery (invested in the South) were incinerated in the war and the South reduced to less than an “LDC”. Take your claims to the descendants of the “Yankee Traders” who had gotten rich off their end of the slave system (textiles) who got richer still off the war as they dominated manufacturing and even more spectacularly wealthy off the post-war expansion west from the new transcontinental railroad. (Ironically those descendants are many of the present day Rich Liberals whose ancestors were the orginal “Robber Barons”–if Harvard would like to give away their endowment, let them).

      And did you miss “Affirmative Action”? It has dominated all federal and then the rest of government and now even corporate personnel practices since the 60s. A new Black Government Class was constructed, their one-party systems run the cities. They ran them INTO THE GROUND: Exhibit A is the catastrophic failure of the urban schools, which routinely spend 2-3 times the national average per pupil and have the WORST test results in the country. (Washington DC itself the worst case with Baltimore close behind). I think there should be reparations for all the white guys who got excluded so the “minorities” (an Orwellian mind control term now that they are the actual majority in the ciites and have been for years) could get paid big money and benefits while they mismanaged just about everything they touched. Look up the “Ghost Ship Fire” in Oakland California for a particularly egregious case, but undeneath that you have systemic, sloppy, hideously expensive “close enough for government work” cultures.

      Reparations is Avoidance Behavior. Anything but facing up to obscene lack of results and accountability for their own misterable, systemic failure.

    8. How about all the Irish slaves? What about all the whites who gave their lives to end slavery? What about Angela Davis who is black finding out her great granddad owned slaves.

    9. Laughing at 400 yrs of rank suppression…sip some more kool aid….and you must be drunk saying 250 yrs of free labor….get your self educated and stop yapping from below the waste backside !

  6. The insanity of these reparation thefts…it is what it is. So many leftists drunk on so much spending …they simply can’t buy enough votes or fleece the taxpayer enough either. The biden – obamma plan of divide and divide more whilst robbing the treasury is working flawlessly. Dems , progs , leftists have no shame.

    1. If the Left keeps pushing tribalist policies, I might come to agree with her. I’m not interested in living in Rwanda.

  7. Blacks should be PAYING reparations! Untold amounts of money has been paid to house, feed and educate black children their fathers refuse to support, to arrest, prosecute and imprison black criminals and to shutter or rebuild buildings blacks have burned. Americans have paid tenfold for slavery… just having them in society destroying traditions and values is punishment enough.

    1. Hmm, Chief, I think you should check out what international law says regarding reparations. It’s pretty hard to comprehend how people that have no issues with Nazi Germany paying reparations to it’s victims having a major issue with the United States paying reparations to it’s victims. !0 years doesn’t at all compare to 400 year. Check out the UN resolution of December 16, 2005 regarding the governing law in this matter.

      1. “. . . what international law says regarding reparations.”

        Or since you live in the United States, you could consult the U.S. Constitution.

        1. No international law or the worthless UN overrides the American Constitution. Either stand with the country or get the hell out while you still can.

      2. The Human Rights Council has a lot to say on matters such as this, but it behooves us to understand who is on the Council. Quick and uneducated answers do not solve problems or provide for good discussion.

        Let’s take one and then you can tell us if that nation is one which should be trusted regarding human rights.


      3. International law ? Honestly ?

        There is no such thing. Nations make laws.
        The US flouts what is purportedly international law all the time
        Is someone going to arrest Biden ?

        It is likely that the US blew up the Nordstream Pipelines – an act of war.
        Is anyone going to do anything about it ?

        Need I go on ?

        “International law” is what the victors in a war impose on the losers – nothing more.

      4. Where is Germany paying “reparations” ?

        In many instances through traditional civil courts nations and people within nations have been forced to return property they stole – to the actual owners of that property.

        Are the armenians being compensated for the genocide against them during WWI ?

        Are the Irish receiving reparation for their enslavement by the english for 500+ years ?

        Can you give me a single instance in which conduct more than a generation ago was EVER compensated for ?

        UN Resolutions are not law. The UN is not a government, or governing body.

        1. “Where is Germany paying “reparations” ?”

          John the story of reparations between Konrad Adenauer and Ben Gurion is extremely interesting especially when combined with the attempted assassination of Adenauer. It demonstrates considerable statesmanship along with the political intrigue of not knowing who the assassin was until decades later when all but one were dead. If I were a writer, I would find that story to make a great play with valuable lessons.

      5. Your psuedonym claims to seek truth – even truth you do not like.

        Yet, your comment fails trivial reduction ad absurdem.

        What is your limiting principle for this reparations nonsense ?

        A generation ? two ? five, five hundred ?

        How are you going to establish some limit ? Or are you going back to caine and able ?

        We have statutes of limitations on crimes. Even civil claims must be made timely.

        There is a reason for that – we can not make a system that works otherwise.

        Atleast two of the women who Accused Kavanaugh have recanted admitting they never even met him.

        It is damn near impossible to make credible claims for event 30 years ago, much less 200,
        And it becomes impossible to defend against claims with age.

        Numerous people have pointed out that the vast majority of americans do NOT descend from slave owners.
        And that many blacks descend from slave owners.

        We have courts to adjudicate dispuites between people.

        We expect those that actually harmed someone to make whole those they harmed.

        But we require that the actual harm is proven, and that it is proven that the harm came specifically as a result of the acts of another.

        You can nto do that.

        When you can not do that, you are no longer talking about legitimate acts of government, but tyranny and theft.

        Before you start trying to change the world willy nilly – actually step back and contemplate exactly how your plans could go wrong.

        There is a reason that governments must change slowly.
        Because most change FAILS – often catastrophically.

        We have change within the free market – because those suffering as a result of failed change are those who brought about that change.
        Because individuals in a free market can easily mitigate failure and learn from it.

        Governments MUST be conservative – because most change results in failure and government is an institution that we can not allow to fail.

  8. It’s been 5 generations since slavery ended and reparations only means you want to do a wealth transfer from my grandchildren and great grandchildren to people who were never slaves.

    Even more absurd is black taxpayers will also be paying reparations, and I’m sure the IRS will tax it as income. Maybe they can invest the taxed reparations and use that money to pay eparations to people who have not been brn yet.

    The fact this nonsense is being discussed shows we’ve gone in to kook kook land.

    1. The millions always goes to task forces to”talk”.- every time Dems are in power- ( usually bc of fraud) and more Democrats pocket funds & high salaries for family members on these task forces.
      Last year Trump said ( and no MSM picked it up – I include foxnews as main stream sham media)
      Anyway Trump said – I paraphrase – all Americans could have a very nice life if govt did what was right.
      But instead- they put us against each other. And by the damn way- it’s democrats who ruined the black family starting in the 60s& destroyed black wall street.
      Why aren’t Dem leaders held accountable? But no MSM Hollywood & Dems decided to follow the Marxist playbook of decimating the black family – gender bending mutilation of children and murder 1 million babies a year- half of which are black. Yes black Dem leaders esp women and black pastors have convinced even black Christian women to murder babies is an act of love.
      Trump did more for black people than any other president and Dems lie about it. Because they need an underclass to protect.
      They can’t have healthy black families. And as far as I can see- this is permanent. 80%of black kids don’t have a dad*and urban black kids read and write at kindergarten level. Zero read at grade level.
      So reparations?
      How much money will it take to educate and instructions on child rearing and family?
      Zero bc trillions have been spent and things are worse.
      Whites don’t feel responsible.
      I laughed when I read angela Davis? just found out her family came over on the mayflower. Her family owned slaves. So her white slave owning side owes black people reparations – right?

  9. The aclu supports it….off the dead back of Diane layne….mr Stewart and Mr jordon…..all dead in county jail! Before charges proffered! . Meanwhile the o oh hope me sledinger…with a count sheriff died suddenly. Followed up by a red judge who says killer jailors are immune. Please explain to me…how innocent people are not killed in jail?and how democracy actually works? Vs still home syndrome! So to the federal judge ….if ppl are missed Mrs layne…Mr Jordan ….And mr Stewart did in jail…..the constituation ….doesn’t matter. The ppl should correct it….why do we have a constitution? Something like Schlesinger oathed too.. But he didn’t go along with elmore county road we how dead that got him.!

    1. Meanwhile the own ppl Jolene about guns fired and home about skill you all. Bc they don’t take it serious they kid. But a grievance at root means a non biased. His ppl nock at the job the biased d do.ans d he wonders why his counselors can’t keep
      . Another he needs realtors. The fourth s something and my brothers took an oath to it. So kiss t ass. fuuck yonder be major patton

      1. Individually, I recognize and understand all of those words, just not in the order in which you wrote them.

    2. No matter a red judge after told half the truth said the sheriff is immune. Obviously he didn’t know about do layne..Stewart or mr jordan. If a judge knew about them..he might decide different.but defined is dead.

  10. The Israelite slaves were out of Egypt before the ink was dry on their release papers.

    But then, they had the capacity, acumen and gumption sufficient to the task.

    1. No. They’ll just demand more because we let them live free of charge. You can’t fix ignorance with money.

    2. Nope. Nothing will change the attitude until the lying traitor liberal fu€ktard commie politicians are run out of DC on a rail and all those in power are willing to tel the truth, get people off the dole that have been led into generational poverty by the Dems they so revere, and get everyone back to work, side by side in this country. No division.

  11. Affirmative Action ‘Was’ Reparations

    The whole concept of Affirmative Action was to compensate for past wrongs. To ‘level the playing field’, as the saying goes. In that regard Affirmative Action has been highly successful. Today it is hard to imagine a management team composed of only White males. Yet the vast majority of managers ‘were’ White males when President Nixon signed Affirmative Action into law.

    Affirmative Action has also given a huge boost to women as well as minorities. The whole country has benefited from Affirmative Action. Therefore Republicans could convincingly argue that Reparations was covered 50 years ago; that cash settlements now are unnecessary.

    The problem is that Republicans have long argued that Affirmative Action is ‘reverse discrimination’. And ‘because’ they have argued this for so long, Republicans can’t possibly come back now and say Reparations was settled. In this regard Republicans squandered the chance to stop this Reparations madness.

    1. The singular American failure has been and continues to be the Supreme Court; the communist American welfare state has been unconstitutional since 1860.

      Secession was and is irrefutably and unassailably constitutional; the American Founders and Framers seceded from Great Britain as West Virginia seceded from Virginia.

      The Supreme Court must have stopped Lincoln’s “Reign of Terror” dead in its tracks, nipped it in the constitutional bud, by deciding secession fully constitutional and not prohibited.

      Richard Nixon could not sign affirmative action into law because affirmative action is irrefutably antithetical and unconstitutional.

      Richard Nixon could not “claim or exercise” dominion over another person’s private property; he could not compel the hiring of any individual.

      An example is the owner of a private property enterprise having sole power to hire any person, and having the sole power to decline hiring any person.

      The Supreme Court MUST have struck down affirmative action by the exercise of its power derived of the doctrine of Judicial Review.

      Judicial Review in the United States

      The legitimacy of judicial review and the judge’s approach to judicial review are discussed.

      The doctrine of judicial review holds that the courts are vested with the authority to determine the legitimacy of the acts of the executive and the legislative branches of government.

      – Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

    2. There’s no evidence Affirmative Action has benefited anybody least of all minorities. Instead it has advanced people without a corresponding amount of training. Those boards hire people so there can be a different face on their corporate literature. They also have diversity and equity as token words. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been extorting corporate America for decades. It’s a game and the people most hurt are the minorities. Merit has become a dirty word. So sad.

      1. The resident communist party political officer assures there is at least one African in every scene on TV and in movies.

        No evidence, you say.

    3. Affirmative Action is not reverse discrimination. It is discrimination. I was a victim of it. Determining outcome by skin color is racism. Those who support it (affirmation action) support racism. That makes them no better than a plantation owner with slaves.

      1. BINGO!


        Complete a job application; effecting affirmative action is the purpose of the race/ethnicity box.

        Discrimination is a natural, God-given and fully constitutional right and freedom – an American discriminates when he leaves his house in the morning, deciding to turn right or left.

        In freedom, actual Americans always win; affirmative action negates that axiom artificially, antithetically and unconstitutionally in favor of the program’s designated beneficiaries.

        Artificial discrimination and reverse discrimination are unconstitutional.

        Society is constructed and established according the natural and God-given desires and demands of the citizens of that society.

        Dictatorship and forced “integration” are unnatural and Marx-given, constituting the forcible oppression of natural and God-given desires and demands of the citizens of that society.

    4. “Affirmative Action has also given a huge boost to women as well as minorities.”

      Using race as a criteria is racism.

      Using sex as a criteria is sexism.

      This illustrates, yet again, that D’s are the party of racist and sexist policies.

      “The whole country has benefited from Affirmative Action.”

      Sure, if you consider tribalism, and the destruction of individualism, beneficial to a culture.

      1. All women ever needed was to be considered on equal terms. They did not need a “thumb on the scale”. They have been half the medical school classes for decades.

        Interesting aspect of the whole “underrepresentation” schema: recall when Larry Summers was driven from the presidency of Harvard for saying some dumb things about women and the more demanding sci/tech fields: IF he had simply walked around his own campus he would have seen plenty of females in the biology/life science buildings. Yes a shortage in the “hardware” engineering departments, apparently a result of voluntary choice.

        I can tell you this: in 1980 if you looked at the graduate-level engineering departments at Cal-Berkeley, it was striking how ethnically segregated they were: Chinese/Japanese/Korean in Electrical, middle easterners in Mechanical, “south Asian” (India, Pakistan) in Chemical. ONLY in Civil did you find a preponderance of white Americans (and also the only significant female component, the rest of engineering was “guy city”.) Later in the early 1990s the Daily Cal student newpaper let it slip that there were NO African-American students in the EECS (electrical/computer science) division. This was a product of a dysfunctional, low-standards K-12 system that had pervaded California since the 60s, NOT racial discrimination. Today the facts of this matter are treated like a State Secret, the bureaucratic imperative to “keep up apperances” prevents any dis-aggregated demographic information from being released. The Board of Regents have lowered standards for admission to Get the Numbers they like, but the dirty secret is this will NOT do a thing about the departmental/divisional level self-segregation: EECS and the others are tough to qualify for admission to the majors so the Regents can brandish their numbers but “underneath it all” you will find the “special admits” crowding into the “Mick” majors like Ethnic Studies. No matter they can still get hired at the DMV or EDD! They’re supervising!

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