Pot Shop Owner Faces Possible Criminal Charge After Profane Diatribe Against Police Officer


70 thoughts on “Pot Shop Owner Faces Possible Criminal Charge After Profane Diatribe Against Police Officer”

  1. Free speech? Disorderly Conduct? Mmm, no.
    Interfering with the duties of an appointed law enforcement officer? All the way. As hard as lawfully possible.
    Hate cops all you want… no individual citizen gets to decide how they perform their jobs. Got a problem? Take it to court.

  2. Her speech may be protected but she was interfering with a police action and should be charged with that.

    1. It appears that they may be within the limits of the Right of Way. This wouldn’t be on her property, he should have arrested her for interference of an officer, hog tied and gagged her for the ride downtown. This IS the left, time is coming.

  3. Seems the pot shop lady may be selling some other substances, and getting high on her own supply.

  4. How that officer kept himself from slapping her in the mouth, which she truly deserved, is a testament to the quality of his character, and training.

  5. I think she was obstructing a governmental function, a misdemeanor in some jurisdictions. See Kentucky Revised Statute 519.020. A traffic stop can turn deadly in a heartbeat and she was distracting the police officer with her horrid conduct. Her presence was clearly a physical interference. I would have told the driver put on his seatbelt and quickly put her in cuffs.

  6. A spirit of lawlessness has descended over the land. This foul-mouthed tirade is just one of many examples. The attack on the Atlanta police training facility is another:

  7. The police are presumably considering a charge of disorderly conduct.

    With all due respect to Professor Turley, and as an avid First Amendment fan myself, I think this might constitute disorderly conduct. It was not just the profanity or challenging of the police, which alone are protected. But she was up in his face with screaming and giving him the finger. All of that that convinces me her speech was “fighting words” which are not constitutionally protected, and, as such, this could be a valid disorderly conduct charge.

    1. J Hawker,

      The Gateway Pundit seems to always have the best & most timely news for me along with Banned.Video & Infowars from people that still have the balls & love the original concept of America!!!

      The Real News today is from very pretty gal that basically tells the NIH/NIAID/FDA/CDC/HHS Evil Dwarf Dr Fauci to ph’k Off! LOL;)



  8. Agree. While there is no reason to vocalize “contempt of cop,” neither should it be a crime.

  9. If you abused another citizen like that it would be assult and you could be criminally charged. While I fear the special powers cops have can and are often abused, it is just as wrong for the courts to single cops out for abuse that other citizens would not have to tolerate. Also germaine is who initiated the interaction. A motorist pulled over by a cop should have more leeway because the cop is free to walk away and the motorist is not.

  10. Ironic that she isn’t being arrested for possession and sale of a controlled substance (marijuana) that remains illegal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia but they’re considering arresting her for except using her Constitutional right to speech.

    1. It’s all those silly Bill of Rights, you know like that 10th amendment issue, states, Citizen’s Rights vs US govt’s very limited & directed Con authority questions the Fed Govt es to ignore.

      But none of all that type stuff will matter much as the US is currently in near free fall collapse as the social contract has been broken. The Southern Border is Wide Open, Chinese Dope, Child Sex & organ trafficking, enough illegal from a 140 or so 3rd world sh*thole that’d swamp a boat & our Govt is sending billions of US Taxpayers dollars to a back of Fa*ggot Pedo Nazis in Ukraine to protect the US’s Illegal Bio-Chem weapons Labs they’ll let Bill Gates other Insane Billionaires, FDA, NIH, NIAID, CDC agencies etc., k*illing injury millions of more Citizens & Cats & Dogs Sleeping Together. 😉

      Mean while Cops, Active Duty military & Smaller Biz’s/Farms, Ranchers, Energy & Food possessors are being Ph’d over in Mass. Is anyone left that’s so stupid they can’t see why like the Cops in Austin Tx are Quitting/Retiring in Droves as the Commie Marxist Pedos take over power in Austin like, NYC, Chicago, LA & other blue State crapholes?

      So some Biz Owner runs around Sqwaking like an ole wet Hen, why should I or a nation full of millions give a crap about any of this type stuff. The lady should just publicly apologize to the cop a bit. Many of the state’s leaders & SoS should Apologize big time for running Rigged Media,Elections & Resign. And the Supreme Court should Apologize to every Citizens for Deny a Hearing of at least 20 States Case for using the Fake Un US Con Construct that the States “Lacked Standing” for the court.

      And that’s why DC & the Courts Crapped their pants when on J6, 2021 a Million & a half Peaceful Unarmed Citizens Assembled Asking for their right to petition the government for redress of grievances over the clear Fraudulent Nov 3 elections.

      1. In Contempt of America & it’s Owners, the Citizens!

        Sentence 1st, Non-Corrupt Trial maybe much later.

        Judge John Roberts, just where is your mind at today?


        JUDGE DENIES Non-Violent January 6th Defendant Time to Review New Evidence Obtained by Speaker McCarthy – Trial For NYPD Retired Policewoman Starts Today DESPITE HER PUBLIC DEFENDER’S PLEA FOR MORE TIME
        by Cara Castronuova Mar. 6, 2023 7:45 am469 Comments

        Jury selection starts today in the trial of Sara Carpenter, despite her attorney’s plea to the judge for time to review the previously undisclosed video that Speaker McCarthy promised to make available to January 6th defendant’s attorneys. Carpenter’s lawyer argued that she should be allowed to view the potentially exculpatory footage before her trial and requested a continuance of 60 days to do so.

        Judge James Boasberg

        The Dishonorable U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg admitted the request from Carpenter is “certainly not a frivolous request by any means”, but sided with the prosecution regardless. Boasberg violated Carpenter’s Constitutional Rights by turning down her request after lead Prosecutor Michael Graves asked the judge to ignore her plea in a “Government Response to the Motion.” Boasberg complied with the prosecution, denied Carpenter’s request and ordered the trial start this week minus the footage.

        Alarmingly, this man is actually set to become Washington D.C.’s chief district court judge and replace the equally unethical Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell. According to legal experts, Boasberg’s decision regarding the footage will not age well and can help Carpenter in her appeals and possibly a Supreme Court case.

        Boasberg’s justification for his unlawful ruling is that delaying trials for Jan. 6 defendants (like Carpenter) to allow time for them to revi
        ew the new trove of Capitol and police surveillance video released by McCarthy’s office for exculpatory evidence could “derail dozens of trials that are set in the next few months.” Boasberg implied the inconvenience the court will encounter having to wait to get the footage to defendants to review supersedes their Constitutional Right to a fair trial.

        Mere inconvenience and delay of trials DO NOT SUPERSEDE THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS. More……..


        1. The issue is not getting more time to review this “new evidence”.

          The evidence is not new.
          It was available on J7 2021.

          What it is, is potentially exculpatory.
          Therefore it is a Brady violation by the prosecutors.

          The proper action by the judge is to sanction the prosecution and
          To dismiss the case.

          If prosecutors wish to refile – they can start over from scratch – providing those defendants that have not yet been convicted with access to ALL potentially exculpatory material.
          That is how justice is supposed to work.
          That is the requirements of our constitution.

          With respect to those already convicted – a thorough brady review is mandated.
          If – as is likely, the prosecution failedto provide exculpatory information to the defendant,
          then the judge must at LEAST grant a new trial. And at worst dismiss the case entirely with prejudice.

          We are along way from reviewing much less digesting the evidence – that has existed – yet denied to the public and to defendants since J7 2022,

          But a clear pattern has been emerging for a long time.

          Democrats, the Left, the DC and Federal Prosecutors, the J6 committee have been selling a gigantic lie.

          It is clearly evident that:

          There was significant federal involvement in J6 – including officers engaged in instigation, as well as crimes themselves.

          To at least some extent – and it appears to a very large extent the Capitol Police were encouraging peaceful actions of protesters.
          That they took down barriers, opened doors, apparently even gave guided tours.

          That todate – as is typical of the media, the left, and democrats – we have been provided with a very carefully curated collection of evidence regarding January 6, that significantly misrepresents the event.

          It will take a long time to sort through and decipher the real import of the 41,000 hours of video.

          It is not possible to say at this time exactly how large the scale of the lie/deceipt of the left, the media, democrats has been.

          It is possible (though unlikely) that the video we are seeing now does not accurately reflect the totality of the event.
          It is far more likely that the claims that J6 had more than minor isolated violence will prove false.

          But “speculating based on available evidence” – it is likely that J6 as a whole was about 100 times less violant than antifa actions in Atlanta last week. That J6 was larger but overall far MORE peaceful than the Kavanaugh protests.

          Regardless, it is already self evident we have been lied to.
          And that some, many probably MOST of those prosecuted and convicted thus far have been ACTUALLY INNOCENT.
          And that All or nearly all are at worst guilty of far less than they were charged with.
          And that no one at J6 was as violent as many Kavanaugh protestors – all of whom had all charges dropped.

          There is todate no evidence of any protestor doing anything as egregious as taking an axe to a senators door.
          the DC police dropped those charges and even returned the axe.

          It is self evident right NOW, that all pending cases must be delayed. All in jail must be released.
          That law enforcement must re-assess who and whether to prosecute any of these cases.
          And in those instances they chose to ptosecute – they MUST provide the defence with all exculpatory evidence.
          It already appears near certain that thereare very few instances in which anyone Tresspassed.
          You can not tresspass when you are invited in.

          Given that Tresspass is not only the most common charge – but also a required element to many other charges
          absent evidence that a specific individual forced their way in, personally breached barriers, or personally witnessed bnarriers breached, that charges of tresspass can not be sustained, and that charges where tresspass is a required element can not be sustained.

          My guess is that atleast 95% of those “charged” so far are ACTUALLY INNOCENT – COMPLETELY

          1. John,

            The J6 case is an absolute FUBAR, I’m not sure how to unscrew it.

            A good start would be for Prof Turley to Apologize to the J6’ers. I, others feel he was very very wrong.

            And in less there’s some violent crime case I haven’t heard of All of the J6’ers should be immediately released from the Gulags.

            Further that there’s more then enough evidence that the prosecutors should be at least charge with multiple counts of kidnapping & the use of a fire arm while in the commission of a felony & be held in custody if a prison, outside DC like West Texas, in solitary confinement just like they did to the J6’ers. Maybe after a couple of years their cases can be decided. ……. it was good for the goose……..

            I’d push for the same treatment for the Judges & others but just the above is a nearly impossible task.

            I’m not sure if people like Prof Turley & CJ John Roberts & the members of the Supreme Court can look into a mirror & say to themselves that they a currently have the cognitive function left to be self aware of what is happen around them that they can act with confidence for the interest of American Citizens & even their own families interest?

            But if the War Mongers keep pushing Russia none of it will matter. I have zero doubt Putin will do what he’s warned he’ll do, hit the button. Some US leaders I hear have been moving closer to Nuke Bunkers in the US. Like the VP, others, COG. Idiots currently would rather wipe everyone out with a Nuke or Bio-Chem Attacks then be forced to surrender their Dictatorship of their New World Order.

            1. I am no more going to make up law to jail judges, police, prosecutors, than I am willing to allow the left to make up law to jail Trump, J6 protestors.

              We must stick to the law we have NARROWLY read.

              The J6 defendants were denied by proseutors and judges access to this video.

              That is NOT a crime. It is however unconstitutional, and a violation of their rights.
              It is a Brady violation. I would love to see the prosecutors and judges fired, impeached, removed, ….
              Unfortunately that is not going to happen.

              In fact even getting justice for most of these defendants is going to be difficult.

              Anyone that went to trial has a clear Brady violation.

              I beleive that Brady violations are still allowed when there is a plea bargain – but someone needs to check the law.
              There is very little grounds for the appeal of a finalized plea bargain.

              I would also note that in one of the massive warped aspects of our justice system – the claim the defendants must raise is against their DEFENSE council. Nearly every instance of misconduct or error on the part of Judges and prosecutors is in our Caselaw an error on the part of DEFENSE counsel – it was purportedly the Job of the Defense to force the issue, and the error is their even if they did force the issue and lost.

              This is a major flaw in our system – because the failure to attribute errors by prosecutors and judges to prosecutors and judges prevents accountability and change.

              I think many of the J6 defendants may also have a S1983 Civil rights claim – that is a Civil claim for damages.

              The can claim damages for unlawful incarceration as an example.

              But all of this will take years – possibly a decade.

              I would hope that some decent Tort lawyer would file a mass torts claim – a class action against the Feds, and DC courts.

              You do not get change unless someone is held accountable.

              WE also have to get past this nonsense of holding Judges in high regard.

              I thought my local judges were aholes 30 years ago. Those today are nearly unanimoulsy incompetent morons.
              My county leans pretty far right – and the entire county government – county commissioners, courts, etc are corrupt bungling incompetents.

              The one and only one saving grace is that incompetent and corrupt conservatives are far less dangerous than incompetent and corrupt progressives.

              I can absolutely count on the fact that local government will NEVER increase taxes. That would get them all run out of town on a rail.
              That fortunately means the amount of corruption is limited to playing arround with the relatively small amount of taxes they do steal.

              Even that can not be counted on when left wing nuts are in power.

              That does not make them good.

          2. BTW: For anyone interested Alex Jones & Owen Shroyer will go live tonight at 6:50 CST on the Infowars.com & the MadMaxWorld.TV for phones covering the Tucker Carlson Tonight release of more J6 info/footage.

            1. Thanks Oky.

              “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

              -George Orwell, 1984

              1. We can tell that we’re over the target when the ChiComs Marxist McConnell, Schumer, Biden’s handlers & other jumping up & down yelling; Get Tucker Carlson Off the Air. We Can’t Allow him to Show the Public More of the J6 Capital Videos as it Ruin Their ‘Mocracy & Insurection against the US Citizen’s Govt.


  11. The police should just charge her with anything and everything.

    The good citizens of Moses Lake should find her guilty on all counts, in and outside of a courtroom.

    In centuries past, this might have meant “taring and feathering.”

    What the heck are the people in Moses Lake doing?

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