DePaul Students Seek to Ban Student Religious Group As “Non-Affirming” of LGBTQ Rights

We have often discussed DePaul University as a school with a long record of speech suppression, including cancel campaigns targeting journalists. Now the students are pushing to ban a new student group because it does not support LGBTQ rights.  The group is “non-affirming” of LGBTQ rights and apparently must be made a non-entity by the university. petition demands the banning of a group called Vessel because it favors sexual restraint and calls itself “non-affirming” of the LGBTQ agenda.Hundreds have signed the petition, which declares:

“DePaul has a wide variety of religious groups on campus, but one in particular called Vessel is outwardly promoting that they are ‘non-affirming’ to the LGBTQIA+ community because of religious beliefs and claiming that it’s a ‘sinful’ lifestyle.”

It is an ironic moment for the Catholic university given the church’s religious position on homosexual sexual activity as a sin.

On an Instagram page that was later removed, Vessel posted a Q&A exchange, including a query of whether the group was “affirming of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle.” Vessel responded “We are non-affirming. This means that we do not agree the LGBTQIA+ lifestyle is supported by biblical text.”

I can understand why many students are offended by the position, but this is part of a diverse academic environment. There are many groups espousing support for such rights and lifestyle choices. That is the very essence of higher education in allowing a diversity of viewpoints and passionate but civil discourse.

Vessel told The DePaulia that they have tried to have such a dialogue:

We have reached out to those who have raised issues with our group (none of these people have attended or attempted to attend a meeting) in order to promote conversation and understanding, but none have followed up on this.

DePaul needs to reaffirm a commitment to free speech and a diversity of viewpoints. There is no need to endorse the views on either side. This is another effort to silence rather than debate those who hold opposing views.

Polls show that both faculty and students are now fearful in sharing their views in class or on campus due to this environment of intolerance. Faculty and administrators today are destroying higher education with their crackdowns on speech and viewpoints. A recent survey of students at the University of Wisconsin found that almost sixty percent of students are afraid to share their opinions in class due to the intolerance on campuses today. It is only the latest such poll on how the orthodoxy and intolerance of higher education is having a chilling effect on student speech and class discussions. Notably, this is almost identical to earlier polling at other schools.

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) has released a new survey of nearly 1,500 faculty members at four-year colleges in the US. Ideologically the survey of college faculty is consistent with other polls and surveys in showing that over half of the faculty nationwide is afraid to speak freely in the current atmosphere of intolerance and orthodoxy. What is most striking about this and other surveys is that the number of conservatives on faculties is comparably very small. Yet, even liberal faculty now fear backlash for speaking freely in classes or on campus.


60 thoughts on “DePaul Students Seek to Ban Student Religious Group As “Non-Affirming” of LGBTQ Rights”

  1. You think these students and faculty would be as concerned about this if it the group in question was a Muslim group? Me neither.

  2. 2,000+ years later Christians still persecuted for their beliefs – this is scary – do not see where the Christians are going after the others for their beliefs ? We are in a Dark Period in Western Civilization

  3. “A recent survey of students at the University of Wisconsin found that almost sixty percent of students are afraid to share their opinions in class due to the intolerance on campuses today.”
    I believe that’s true for all ages of adults in America publicly today as well. They are not only afraid, they are stealthy so as to save their own employment, positions, possible raises, local activities, social lives, etc.
    Speak up, get noticed, they take your job, your bank account, your credit cards, your personal business, your friendships, some of your family, your future prospects, your fundraising capability, and sometimes your freedom. If they don’t SWAT you the government might.
    The crisis isn’t just on campus.

  4. Well, then DePaul students are bigots and “non affirming” of people to have their own religious views.

    Please, could these people show up to a mosque and try this cancel culture?

  5. What Rights are these Queer folk being denied? Demanding someone accept beliefs that are contrary to their own is not freedom it is tyranny.

    1. Totally agree. I was speaking with a young woman the other day about all this. She was born in Romania just after Ceceuscu was toppled. Her siblings remember the despot’s reign of terror. They immigrated to America, so here is what she knows most. She is so frightened for America because of what she calls “stupid young people who have no clue of what it is to starve.” I spoke with her for about an hour and it was so enlightening to hear her perspective. It’s not an unusual one for immigrants or children of immigrants of parents who lived in the Soviet Bloc. Apparently there was a survey of Millennials who, when asked if they could only take one item with them if they had to flee, answered their iPhone/smartphone. Certainly not a generation that could defend America. Quite the contrary. They are the generation being used to destroy the country from within.

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